The Next Conspiracy Movie: The Trailer for Thrive, Debunked.


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Dealing with conspiracy theories is like playing whack-a-mole. Every time you hammer one down, another one pops up in its place.

Just as we are witnessing the terminal decline of one so-called activist organization based on movies about conspiracy theories, another one appears to be rising. Yesterday, November 11, was the worldwide “premiere” of an Internet-based movie called Thrive. Yesterday morning I didn’t even know about it. But a lot of people have sent me links and messages about it, and given its splashy roll-out and the aggressive promotion that’s been put into the film, I can tell right away that I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time over the next few months dealing with Thrive and its fans.

Thrive is basically Zeitgeist 2.0. It’s a slick Internet film that pushes conspiracy theories and advocates for a utopian future that is—and I am not making this up—based on free energy technology given to us by extraterrestrials. The makers of Thrive have taken another page from the Zeitgeist playbook, by seeking to turn the hoped-for popularity of the Thrive movie into a “movement” (see their website). The film and the embryonic group around it seem to be the brainchild of one Foster Gamble, who believes in UFOs, ancient astronauts, free energy and the Illuminati (though he does not use that exact term). What does he want? Well, right now, he wants you to buy the movie for $5 online. I’m sure he’ll want something else after that, but let’s start with that.

The moment I started watching the trailer for Thrive I knew we were dealing with some serious crackpottery. Conspiracy theory media has come a long way in the last ten years. Zeitgeist blazed the trail, followed by Desteni’s low-tech but effective (and now defunct) strategy of proselytizing via YouTube; then came Garret LoPorto’s “Wayseer” thing (which I haven’t yet debunked), and now, Thrive. These are slick  movies designed to appeal to frustrated young people—and also designed to induce them to believe in conspiracy theories. One of the people prominently featured in Thrive is arch-conspiracy theorist David Icke, who believes that shape-shifting reptilians secretly control the world. The Thrive Movement website contains a section called the “Global Domination Agenda” which vomits forth all sorts of conspiracy theories including Trilateral Commission, HAARP, FEMA camps, 9/11 and the Georgia Guidestones. If Thrive attains the popularity its makers obviously hope for, it is going to be a serious and troubling gateway drug for conspiracy theorists, the same way the Zeitgeist films were.

This said, you don’t even need to hear me explain why Thrive must be debunked. It must be. Stupidity and distortion on this order cannot be allowed to sit out there unchallenged. Therefore, this afternoon I put together what I believe may be the first debunking material on the Internet specifically targeted at the Thrive movie.

I have not seen the entire movie. (I don’t want to give conspiracy theorists any of my money, and in any event I’m quite sure it will show up free on the net very soon). This article debunks the trailer of the film, which runs 3 minutes, 39 seconds. As you can see, there’s plenty to debunk. Because the trailer is freely available on YouTube, I’m going to go ahead and embed it in this video just for the ease of accessing it. I realize I’m running the risk of increasing the visibility of what could turn out to be a very damaging film, but I think it’s worth it to show what it is I’m debunking.

As you can see, there’s plenty to debunk. Now, without further ado, I give you…Thrive!

The sources I’m relying on appear at the end of each section.

0:09 — Foster Gamble

Foster Gamble is a documentary filmmaker and formerly CEO of MindCenter Corporation. He has been active in issues involving pesticide spraying and an organization called “Stop the Spray.” A graduate of Princeton University—in what field I do not yet know—he is related to the Gamble family (of the corporation Procter & Gamble). (section “How is Foster related to Procter & Gamble?”)

0:30 – V = 2π2Rr 2 Torus

A torus is a geometric figure. It’s defined as a surface of revolution generated by revolving a circle in three dimensional space about an axis coplanar with the circle. In most contexts it is assumed that the axis does not touch the circle—in this case the surface has a ring shape and is called a ring torus or simply torus if the ring shape is implicit.

This shape appears several times in the video. Presumably something about this shape is related to the idea of free energy derived from alien technology.

0:36 – Floor mosaic in Ephesus, Turkey

This is a common pattern in floor mosaics throughout the Roman and Byzantine era. Ephesus was an important city in the Byzantine Empire in the early Christian era. Without seeing the full film, it is not clear what significance is being put on this design.

0:44 – Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut

Edgar Mitchell was a NASA scientist who walked on the moon in February 1971. During the mission he claims to have had a spiritual experience that he described in terms of “Savikalpa Samadhi,” a type of Eastern mystical experience. He believes in ESP and founded a think tank to investigate psychic phenomena. He has been a long time believer in the Roswell conspiracy that claims a UFO crashed in New Mexico in 1947 and alien bodies were recovered from it. NASA has gone on record denying that his claims are true.

0:49 – John Callahan, Senior FAA Official

John Callahan is a former FAA employee who has gone on record as claiming that the FAA has covered up incidents involving UFOs. He is most closely associated with an incident where a UFO was seen from a Japan Air Lines flight in November 1986, which he helped investigate. Callahan claims there was a cover-up of this incident but the corroboration of his story is sketchy at best.

0:55 – Osiris Temple, Abydos, Egypt

Another appearance of the “mysterious” pattern. Coupled with the Byzantine mosaic, this is intended to surprise us that the same shape is employed in two ancient cultures. How surprising is it really, though? The shape is a series of interlocking circles. How special is that? Would it take a genius to come up with that shape? Is it implausible to believe that two people, thousands of years apart, might have the same idea for a pattern of ceremonial artwork?

1:00 – “It’s burned into the atomic structure in some extraordinary way!”

I don’t know the story behind this claim, but this is extremely unlikely. Have atomic analyses been done on the artwork in temples from Abydos, Egypt? My (admittedly perfunctory) searching didn’t turn up anything. My suspicion is that this claim is simply false.

Nassim Haramein, Cosmologist, Inventor

Nassim Haramein is a New Age writer who has dabbled in topics involving “unified field theory,” which also pops up associated with Gamble’s name. He gives lectures on metaphysics and something called “the Schwarzchild Proton” that has absolutely no acceptance among mainstream physicists. Haramein evidently claims to be a “physicist,” but I cannot find a specific record of a Ph.D. in physics. He does not list a Ph.D. on his own website. He does not appear to be a real academic. I also found material associating him with various “Ancient Astronaut” theories.

1:09 – Crop Circles

Crop circles are not extraterrestrial, they are not amazing, they are not mystical, and they are not hard to make. They are a fraud, and were debunked a very long time ago.

1:11 – “Free, safe energy!”

Gamble gushes about “free, safe energy” supposedly from aliens. Free energy is one of the most common delusions out there, and there are many debunkings of it. It doesn’t exist because it violates fundamental scientific principles.

1:18 – Adam Trombly, Physicist, Inventor

Adam Trombly is a pseudoscientist who is closely associated with “free energy” devices, most notably something called a “Closed Path Homopolar Generator,” which is—you guessed it—yet another free energy/perpetual motion device. He is also a conspiracy theorist who claims his invention was suppressed (of course). Trombly is billed as a “physicist” but I cannot find any indication that he has a Ph.D. in physics.

Note how the “technology” is shown in this part of the video. It’s obviously a computer generated image superimposed on the table in front of the panelists. But note, in the studio, lights have been shone on the faces of the men to make it look like the thing on the table is emitting light. This is a very curious deception.

1:27 – Nikola Tesla

Conspiracy theorists and pseudoscientists love Nikola Tesla, because he was working on a lot of weird stuff that could theoretically lead to lots of nifty science fiction machines. Consequently, if you want a machine that does X to exist, all you have to do is say that Tesla invented it and that the invention was suppressed, or that it’s an extension of something Tesla invented. After all, he died in 1943 and won’t be able to dispute you. Tesla’s theories, which I presume here are asserted as the scientific “basis” of Gamble and Trombly’s free energy devices, have even been used to explain the nonexistent “beam weapons” that some more extreme 9/11 Truthers like Judy Wood and Abraham Hafez Rodriguez claim destroyed the World Trade Center towers.

If Tesla appears in a “documentary” about free energy, be skeptical…be very, very skeptical.

1:29 – Steven Greer, M.D. – Director, the Disclosure Project

Steven Greer is a conspiracy theorist and self-proclaimed UFO abductee who claims he has had contact with aliens. He has offered no proof of these claims. The “Disclosure Project” is his own idea, an organization he started mainly to accuse the government of covering up UFOs. Not surprisingly, Greer has appeared many times on the Art Bell radio program. Art Bell and Whitley Strieber are buddy-buddy.

1:38 – “The single largest industry in the world—energy!”

The energy industry is not the single largest industry in the world. According to the World Bank, it’s tourism. Sorry, guys.

1:44 – “The suppression of UFO phenomena…”

No evidence to support this claim. I suspect that the full-length movie will contain the word “Roswell.” Just to get a head start, I’ll go ahead and post some links to debunk that.

1:51 – “An elite group of people…”

Oh, you mean the Illuminati? Not that shit again. How many times do we have to debunk this ridiculous conspiracy theory before people will understand that the Illuminati do not exist?

2:02 – Deepak Chopra

I’m not surprised Mr. C. (I won’t call him “Dr. C” because I’m not sure his Indian doctorate is valid in the US) is popping up in a movie like this. You know him. Alt quackery, health woo, all that sort of thing. In case you need to educate yourself as to why Chopra is not a very good source of scientific and medical information, I’ll post a link to debunk him.

2:09 – “Connect the dots!”

Conspiracy theorists love to “connect the dots.” It’s the only thing they can do, because there’s no direct evidence of their claims. This is a false methodology used by conspiracy theorists to bamboozle people into thinking “this can’t be a coincidence!” It’s also what passes for reasoning behind the Illuminati and puppet master type conspiracy theories, which Thrive seems to traffic in quite heavily.

2:10 – Bill Still, Author, The Money Masters 

Still has written books bashing the U.S. money system and grinding his ax against the Federal Reserve, which most conspiracy theorists hate. He gives a patina of legitimacy to the usual hysterical anti-Fed arguments you hear circulating in conspiracy theorist, Libertarian and Ron Paulfanboy circles. Oh, did I mention that Still is running for president in the Libertarian Party? Does that surprise you?

2:13 – Federal Reserve conspiracies

What pan-conspiracy film would be complete without alleging that the Federal Reserve is a private corporation bent on controlling all money in the US? The usual crap from anti-Fed people, made recently popular by Ron Paul and his gang of right-wing fringe followers. The Federal Reserve is not a private corporation, it is subject to law, and it is audited. But facts won’t get in the way of conspiracy theorists’ damning of it, so why should this be different?

2:18 – Alan Greenspan, no one can overrule the Federal Reserve

Doing a search for the text of this quote brought up an explosion of anti-Federal Reserve crazy. It’s going to take days to weed through it all and I’m not sure I want to do it, so I may be lazy and let some debunker come to my rescue with the full text of Greenspan’s comments. I’m 99% sure that this quote is taken egregiously out of context, because that’s what conspiracy theorists do, and if they attach as much importance to something as they seem to have for this quote, the chances of it not being taken out of context are almost zero.

2:16 – Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of US Department of H.U.D.

Catherine Austin Fitts was Assistant Secretary for Housing in 1989-90 under the first George Bush. She is also a Wall Street banker. She currently works for an investment advisory firm called Solari, Inc. I suspect she’s being taken out of context too, because browsing her résumé it seems she’s way too sane to voluntarily participate in a nutty conspiracy theorist documentary.

2:30 – David Icke

David Icke is probably the most influential conspiracy theorist in the world, even more so than Alex Jones. He is also insane. He believes that the world is secretly controlled by Jews reptilian shape-shifting aliens, and that the Jews aliens have secret bloodlines, rituals and symbology that they advertise so the whole world can see. Just browsing some of Icke’s stuff leads to two inescapable conclusions: first, that his elevator is not going to the top floor, and second, that he really, really, really hates Jews reptilian shape-shifting aliens.

Any supposed “documentary” that quotes Icke or uses him seriously as a source is automatically disqualified as reliable in any way, for any reason. Icke is absolutely radioactive. His hate-filled conspiracy moonbattery is the ideological basis (if you can call it that) for the Desteni cult.

2:36 – Rockefellers

This belongs in the “Illuminati” category. Here we’re shown pictures of influential people with the name Rockefeller. From this you’re supposed to infer that Rockefellers control the world. My guess is that in the full-length movie the Rothschilds are probably added to the bunch, and I’m confident enough that the words “Bilderberg Group” will appear in the full-length movie that I’m going to go ahead and add a debunking link for it.

2:52 – Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D., Evolutionary Biologist

Dr. Sahtouris is the first person in this movie who actually has a real, verifiable Ph.D. Too bad I can’t quite figure out what it’s in. (I assume biology). Anyway, she lectures on evolution of humanity and how to create a better future. Given that she, like Catherine Fitts, sounds completely sane, I suspect that her inclusion in this movie is somewhat unwitting. Another clue that tells me this is that she appears to believe in global warming. While global warming isn’t mentioned in the Thrive trailer, I would lay odds that most of Thrive’s target audience believes that global warming is a hoax. Most conspiracy theorists do. I do not think Dr. Sahtouris is a conspiracy theorist. Indeed she looks like a very nice person, which makes me wonder what she’s doing in this movie.

3:01 – Paul Hawken, Founder, Natural Capital Institute

Paul Hawken is a California businessman and environmentalist. He advocates for socially and environmentally responsible business practices (and I certainly agree with that). He hosted a 17-part series on PBS about running socially responsible businesses. Again, another sane person who makes me wonder if he was told he was going to be in the same movie as David Icke and Adam Trombly.

3:04 – Kimberly Carter Gamble, CEO, Clear Compass Media

Kimberly Carter Gamble is the wife of Foster Gamble. On the Thrive Movement webpage, she quotes David Icke, not an auspicious start: “Having the courage to risk stepping out of what David Icke calls the “hassle-free zone” is the quality I am most proud to have mustered in this life, and it felt great to infuse the clarity and compassion that come from that process into the story – and production – of THRIVE.” But does she believe in reptoids?

3:10 – Martin Luther King

Some shameless self-promotion here by inviting the comparison between Thrive and Dr. Martin Luther King. I hate it when conspiracy theorists do this. When Peter Joseph Merola of the Zeitgeist Movement compared himself to Martin Luther King, it drove me berserk. I have a dream that people would stop comparing themselves to Martin Luther King.

3:12 – angel Kyodo williams

To my surprise, the title card identifying angel Kyodo williams, despite its odd capitalization, is correct—she really does write her name that way. Ms. williams is a Zen Buddhist and wrote a book trying to make Zen accessible to African-Americans.

I am, again, virtually certain that Ms. williams does not fully understand the views and background of the people behind Thrive. I seriously doubt that a person who is obviously a dedicated activist for African-American issues would consent to be in the same movie with David Icke (who as you remember really hates Jews reptilian shape-shifting aliens) if she knew about the baggage he carries. This makes me skeptical of the disclosures that were done during the making of this film.

3:15 – Amy Goodman, Host, Democracy Now! 

Democracy Now! is a radio program on the Pacifica radio network, dedicated to progressive causes. I’ve never listened to the show, but browsing their material there seems to be a lot of stuff I agree with. Amy Goodman was arrested along with two other reporters at the 2008 Republican National Convention despite having committed no crime. The charges were eventually dropped.

As with several other respectable names here (Fitts, Hawken, Sahtouris, williams) I wonder what she is doing in a conspiracy theory movie.


Assuming the full-length Thrive movie follows the general pattern of the trailer, I think we can see a basic road map emerging as to how the full-length film and the movement it hopes to spawn can be debunked. I’m starting early, on only the second day that Thrive has been out, in the hopes that the movie will attract some attention from debunkers who can tag it with the facts and expose the errors and misstatements contained in it, which, as you can see from the trailer alone, are considerable. I’d like to say I’m looking forward to seeing the final film, but the truth is, I’m not. I have a feeling it will make me very angry. In any event, it seemed that some people out there thought it appropriate that I take a look at it, so here it is. I’ll be keeping tabs on this movie and this organization and may post updates later on.

Thanks for reading.

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33 responses to “The Next Conspiracy Movie: The Trailer for Thrive, Debunked.”

  1. Nik says :

    Although I haven’t seen the movie, I don’t agree with this debunking because this guy is just making baseless assumptions on something he didn’t even see and stereotipical claims such as “Most conspiracy theorists do”. And one more thing, Zeitgeist addendum and moving forward are not conspiracy theory based movies. Take a look around the world and see how many protests and occupation movements are happening simultaneously. Go debunk some real world problems instead of just labeling stuff and think you just gave a solution.

    • anticultist says :

      Just because there are nut jobs occupying the streets under the false premise of conspiracy theories does not make any valid point about this debunking being incorrect., btw the NYC occupy has David icke doing public speaking there. I think that suffices to prove they are Conspiracy theorists or at least hold that world view also.

      • Rehsab Thgir says :

        Dave Icke is a shithead. That someone either let him talk or invited him to talk (who at a leaderless group speaks for the entire group and calls in speakers to officially represent them?) does not mean the Occupy is a group of conspiracy hypothesists. To suggest otherwise is an informal fallacy. If you really want to impress me, you will tell me what informal fallacy you made.

      • Leo K says :


        All the writer did was state his opinion on the trailer. I see little to no facts that actually disprove anything within the trailer.

        After sifting through many of the posts on this website it became very evident to me that the writer has no substantial scientific background and the majority of the posts are personal attacks which attempt to discredit people within the film.

        I stumbled upon this blog while researching the people that appeared in the film and am now more interested in viewing it than I was before.

        I’m willing to bet the reason the author listed everyone who appeared by name was to attract more traffic to this website.

    • The Locke says :

      The problem is is that this film is not giving any real solutions, just making claims that either at best can’t be backed up, or at worst, completely false. It could have been a great film if it didn’t talk about UFOs, crop circles, NWO like conspiracy theories, alien cover-ups, and technology suppression, and instead of talking about unlimited energy technology that probably doesn’t, and most likely can not exist, they could have talked about actual renewable energy sources (i.e. wind, solar).

      • CrimsonCorona10 says :

        Excuse me, but did we watch the same final 40 minutes of he Thrive film?
        I do remember him specifically offering practical real world solutions to all of these socioeconomic, geopolitical, ect issues.
        Unfortunately it required the average person to actually educate themselves about their community, their government, and keep elected officials responsible.
        Supporting local farmers markets, take part in private community supported banks ( I don’t remember the actual term), and regulating a more effective free press.

    • David Chen says :

      I agree. Regardless of which side you take, this article is completely biased. It labels, gets emotional, is condescending, and dismisses evidence by glazing things over. It violates nearly every single rule of any debate and analysis book. For example, basing an argument wholly on character assassination has been shown to be logically unsound. And the debunking ideas here are about 4 generations behind every updated debate on these subjects.

      Someone who actually studies these subjects or even studies “conspiracy theorists” would be able to know the subtle details in these debates. For example, free energy devices have never claimed to get energy from nowhere or to violate thermodynamic principles. They simply do not know where it comes from or they get it from a source outside the classical Newtonian system. It has actually been proven that there is energy in the vacuum of space. See Casimir Effect. Of course, you can argue that it looks unlikely from most scientists standpoints that the energy is able to be harnessed. And list the reasons why. THAT would be a logical and objective point… and a start of a worthy debate.

      You know what though, I actually I appreciate some of the detail here; this article offers quite a lot of good counterpoints for someone who is new to these subjects, so as long as the reader is objective, I think it could be very useful.

    • Donut says :

      You can’t just put links from the web and say everything is debunked. Fuq u

    • edward says :

      you admit you have not seen it ? so how can comment against either ?

      • muertos says :

        This article is outdated; I have, of course, seen the movie many times by now. This whole blog is about various aspects of it.

  2. muertos says :

    Which statements that I made in this blog do you believe are factually incorrect, exactly? Which arguments that I make do you believe are logically faulty, and how are they faulty?

    Zeitgeist Addendum and Moving Forward both not only repeat conspiracy theories advanced by the first film (albeit they spend less time on them), but both proceed from an essentially conspiratorial worldview and a set of incorrect assumptions that the world is controlled by conspiratorial forces. That plus their connection to the first movie easily qualifies them as conspiracy theory movies.

  3. Paul says :

    I’ve never seen a single person that says free energy is impossible actually make the stuff. Conversely I’ve never seen one that made it say it’s impossible.

    I think there’s some nuggets of truth in this movie, but it’s also laced with leading assumptions and “this is true, this is true, this is true, now I’ll say this and you can assume that’s true also” kind of games. Still, it is worth a watch, even if you do need to be guarded about what you accept.

    • CrimsonCorona10 says :

      I agree with most of what you at saying. And I would aside many debunkers to consult the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry for tips to make their posts, critiques, and discussions wih other users more concise and less together in cheek.

      Anyway, you need to consider who pays for scientific research. Food, Inc draws all the necessary lines to why our Food industry is so messed up

  4. Graham says :

    1. The Federal Rederve is privately owned – True

    2. The CFR exists and controls US govt
    – True

    3. The shadowy Trilatetal Commission exists – True

    4. 911 was an inside job – True

    5. The CIA deals drugs – True

    6. Banks create money our of thin air – True

    7. Saddam had no WMDs – True

    8. False Flags are used by govt to start wars – True

    9. Oil companies perpetuate oil dependence for profit and power – True.

    10. Profit motived GMO Franken foods are bad for humans, Eco system and Enviroment – True

    11. Profit motivated Drug companies treat symptoms and not causes – True

    12. The Rockefellers control the evil Chase banking group that received bail out money – True

    13. Goldman Sachs is a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity – True

    13. The Bank of International Settlements which directs and control major central banks is privately owned for profit – True

    13. Jews dominate central banking – True

    14. Jew Rothschild said he cared who nade the laws as long as he could create the money – True

    Thrive points out all the above directly or indirectly, plus more. These are facts not claims. Thrive seeks to have you go and look. Ask questions.

    The conspiracy is the disinfo of the detractors. It makes no difference as conspiratorial name calling has more of the sheep put up their heads and take note. More sheep are doing so daily as they awaken from being sheeple. The elites are in danger. The awakening has began.

    • muertos says :

      1. The Federal Rederve is privately owned – Half true. It’s subject to public oversight.

      2. The CFR exists — True — and controls US govt — False.

      3. The shadowy Trilatetal Commission exists – True, but it doesn’t have the power conspiracy nuts think it has.

      4. 911 was an inside job – False.

      5. The CIA deals drugs – False.

      6. Banks create money our of thin air – Not true in the sense you mean it.

      7. Saddam had no WMDs – True.

      8. False Flags are used by govt to start wars – Not really. The 1939 Gliewitz incident had no real effect, and there are no other documented examples.

      9. Oil companies perpetuate oil dependence for profit and power – Partially true, but much more complicated than you suggest.

      10. Profit motived GMO Franken foods are bad for humans, Eco system and Enviroment – Controversial. Difficult to reach a conclusion on this.

      11. Profit motivated Drug companies treat symptoms and not causes – False.

      12. The Rockefellers control the evil Chase banking group that received bail out money – Gross and insulting oversimplification of what happened.

      13. Goldman Sachs is a giant vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity – False.

      13. The Bank of International Settlements which directs and control major central banks is privately owned for profit – False.

      13. Jews dominate central banking – False, and I do not appreciate anti-Semitic comments on this blog.

      14. Jew Rothschild said he cared who made the laws as long as he could create the money – Taken out of context.

    • The Locke says :

      The only actual “fact” that you posted on here was the one that Saddem had no WMDs. Other then that, only a few things are at best only partially true (and much more complex then you think it is), and most of the time, completely false, and with with those last two, shows that you’re not only ignorant of facts, but a bigot too.

      Also, I actually wonder whether or not you actually believe this conspiracy crap, or if you’re just saying this in a blatant attempt to justify your only anti-semitic thoughts and views???

  5. anticultist says :

    Oh my word Graham is clearly an anti Semite, those comments are really ugly.

  6. muertos says :

    Clearly an anti-Semite. Anyone who claims that “Jews run this” or “Jews run that” is seriously out of touch with reality, and in a very sick and perverse way.

    • CrimsonCorona10 says :

      Hold on a second. You said something about Graham oversimplifying the Rockerfellers’ involvement in the bailout.
      Your last statement seemed to have suffered from the same oversimplification.
      First we all need to understand the term “Jewish” and “Jews.” Nobody is referring to anyone who has ancestry from Israel or anyone (of non Israeli descent) who practices the Jewish faith.
      He is talking abou he various families who have been involved in one way or another wih significant historical issues and events. To further differentiate these “Jews” from the regular people loving ones you are thinking about, these groups of individuals have denounced heir faith and abandoned their people, their people being their genetic brethren and the human race as a whole.
      And even if he were an anti-semite, stating that a particular ethnic group dominates anything wouldn’t wouldn’t be racist or necessarily offensive. Unless you apply that undertone, which Graham did not.
      Let us not bring out emotions into this, we are all here to analyze and discern what is truth and what is not from this specific documentary and anything else people post on this site.

      • muertos says :

        “These groups of people have denounced their faith…” “Stating that a particular ethnic group dominates anything…” These statements play directly into the anti-Semitic conspiracy tropes that underlie a lot of ideology professed in the Thrive movie. Note that both of these statements are based totally on assumption–the assumption that Jews really do dominate banking and control the world, which is simply false. You’re trying to assert that this assumption is factual, and then rely on the supposed truthfulness as a shield against claims of anti-Semitism, when it is in fact anti-Semitism that underlies the assumption in the first place.

        Sorry, but this line of argumentation is not going to work on this blog, or in fact anywhere in the real world.

      • The Locke says :

        We know exactly what Graham meant. Please don’t try to sugar coat it.

        As Muertos said, “this line of argumentation is not going to work on this blog, or in fact anywhere in the real world”

  7. Crap Website says :

    What is the point of having a blog with comments when you are not allowed to have a realistic opionion? Well, sounds to me like Muertos is a Jew defending such posted claims (rubbish) at any cost.

    • muertos says :

      Thank you for your racist anti-Semitic comment. What do you have against Jews? And using the email for the Iron Sky movie ( as your posting email is pretty low. You’re going to give the movie and its creators a bad name, posting ugly racist garbage like this under their email addresses. I’ve alerted them to the fact that you’re using their email to post racist comments, and I don’t believe they will appreciate it.

  8. Tarini Lal says :

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get
    three e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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