The Second (Partial) Debunking of the Full-Length Thrive Movie.

This is Part II of the first debunking done on the full-length Thrive movie. There will be additional debunking material that is more detailed, both on the full movie and on various individual aspects of it, posted later. This debunking is not by me, but by gabrieltech, who will (we hope) be a contributor to this blog. If you missed Part I, here it is.


Dr. Jack Kasher, Lane Andrews and James Gilliland

Little is known about these two (Kasher and Gilliland). They continue to claim a correlation between torus and energy control and transportation in UFOs, with Lane Andrews (supposed alien abductee) showing with sketches and drawing of the shape and pattern of the UFO. I’m sure she was chosen because her deception of the UFO was the only one from all alleged abductees that matched Gamble’s torus obsession along with James Gilliland who also described a similar UFO encounter to Andrews and of the two is the only one I whose information I could find on-line. He runs a website dedicated to alien encounters and the footage from his ranch sightings.

Some talk with Dr Kasher about the age of earth and the possibility of an earth like planet containing intelligent life existing, and faster than light travel.

Daniel Sheehan:

Nothing special about him besides his connection to Greer’s Disclosure project. In his brief appearance he tells how no politician likes to touch the extraterrestrial life theme because it’s a “world view” challenge instead of the political suicide of being associated with conspiracy groups.

Free energy and torus:

This part starts with Nicola Tesla’s works, and mistakenly relates it to free energy and radiant and how his work and financing was shut down by J.P Morgan and later had his laboratory burned and ostracized for his goals of implementing unlimited energy for everyone.

First, the free energy claim.

A few of Nicola Tesla’s works were related to wireless energy ( and electro static induction,  methods to transfer electrical energy without the need to use wires. The power itself came from conventional electrical generators, it wasn’t free energy and neither was generated by his devices.

Second, J.P Morgan sponsor shut down.

The project J.P Morgan was sponsoring wasn’t related to energy but communications the Wardenclyffe Tower (the wireless power transmission served only for demonstration purposes), a wireless radio communication tower. Morgan withdrew his support for the project after failures and delays after changes in the main project resulted in undesired effects.

Tesla laboratory burned down.

While this indeed happened and was due to Tesla’s works it’s not about the reason Gamble leads you to believe. During Tesla’s time there were major patent wars between Tesla and several other inventors, the most notable being Thomas Edison.

This competition often ended with one inventor sabotaging each other’s labs and inventions, in when Tesla’s lab was burned down he was working on his Tesla generator and liquefaction of air, after the event a competitor in Germany Carl Paul Gottfried von Linde filed a patent for the same process Tesla was working on.

Tesla ostracized.

This part is an outright lie. Even after Wardenclyffe Tower and his lab being burned Tesla remained a respected scientist and filed several patents up until his death in 1943. His deeds are still remembered and his contribution to science are respected.

There is nothing relating those incidents to free energy.

Free Energy “suppresion”

This bumps into another conspiracy theory, but instead of 9/11 and New World Order we have free energy being suppressed (In my opinion it’s a convenient way to shrug off failure by just saying, “hey my generators worked, it was the government that confiscated everything !”).

Adam Trombly:

Mr Trombly is a common name in free energy circles an enthusiasts but none of his works or machines have been proven to work on their own. (Trombly’s profile and his Homopolar Generator)

He talks about how his device resonates with earth magnetic field to generate power and how such device could bring power to anywhere on earth. Despite claiming his generator works as a fact, Thrive has shown nothing but CGI representation of the generator instead of a real life working one.

I couldn’t find references and pages about the federal raid and the alleged confiscation of his devices. The only places where I could find this were “free energy” forums, and sites that linked me to once again Greer’s work.

[Muertos comment: this is a telltale sign of a pseudoscientist. Any scientist or inventor with a radically new machine or process would be canvassing the legitimate scientific and engineering community in the hopes of attracting investors to help him bring the process to market. If the inventor won’t show you what he invented, especially if you want to invest money in it, chances are there’s nothing to see.]

John Bedini: (his website has a page that links to Rife, but more about Rife soon)

His devices descriptions in Thrive fill the category of perpetual motion machines: “a device that generates more energy than it takes to run them.”

[Muertos comment: that is impossible given the laws of physics as we know them to be.]


Bedini still sells models and blueprints of his devices on-line and still has a company selling his inventions(some of which have been dismissed by the skeptic  James Randi (

He later claims Bedini was intimidated into stop advocating free energy, he doesn’t say by who and which organization, certainly he implies the US government is involved.

After showing videos with poor quality of free energy machines working Gamble’s appeals to his authority for the veracity of such concepts and their real applications.

John Hutchinson (This video fails at physics forever)

Another hoax passed as truth by Thrive and Gamble. I won’t waste my time trying to debunk this because it was already done.

But long story short, Hutchinson is credited in free energy circles to have created the “Hutchinson effect,” in which he used a series of Tesla coils and other electromagnetic equipment to resonate with objects in a testing table making the “defy” gravity and levitate. Needless to say no other scientist has been able to replicate the same results in a controlled environment using the same type of apparatus Hutchinson used.

His lab raids are only discussed free energy forums and other conspiracy theory sites, including David Icke’s forums, and somehow he becomes related to 9/11 “anomalies”. (tying the he Hutchison effect to 9/11)

[Muertos: absolutely no reputable scientist or researcher would allow their work to be attached to 9/11 conspiracy theories. Witness what happened to Steven Jones. In addition to his work being incapable of being replicated, the 9/11 association alone is enough to declare Hutchinson completely untrustworthy.]

Eugene Mallove:

Mallove gained some notoriety for advocating room temperature fusion also known as cold fusion and he is the creator of infinite energy magazine.

Cold fusion is considered by the scientific field as pathological science where experiments are made to trick people into believing false results. The history of cold fusion is ridden with false positives, measurement and theoretical errors and several attempts to replicate the results claimed by Martin Fleischmann were met with negative results.

[Muertos comment: Steven Jones, former BYU professor who later gained fame as a 9/11 conspiracy theorist, got his start in the late 1980s pushing cold fusion theories. Funny how these conspiracy people keep a tight circle, isn’t it?]

So far there has been no device able to create and manipulate cold fusion, and unlike what Thrive wants to make you believe, it wasn’t because of lack of attempts either, as major universities and research institutes poured money and time researching cold fusion.

Mallove was murdered in 2004. Gamble’s tone implies that he was also victim of suppression, but reason of his death was due to troubles he had with Chad Schaffe, who along his fellow Mozzelle Brown (Brown had prior criminal records) beat Mallove to death after finding Mallove was throwing away Schaffer’s parents’ belongings after their eviction.

After the presentation of the suppressed “inventors”, Trombly and Greer talk about the military and major energy groups suppressing the free energy inventors and how free energy suppression is hand in hand with UFO suppression due to their supposed technological links, and implications of how free energy would shift the wheel of power from major energy corporations.

A few more pictures and videos of supposed working free energy generators are shown along with Brian O’Leary’s comments.

Gamble claims that instead of “smashing things together and trying to control the explosion” free energy relies on “blending and dancing with what naturally it is” with the common denominator is that they mimic the torus energy shape (news flash: every electromagnetic generator does).

Gamble couldn’t be less specific when describing how free energy devices work, and later implies why corporations and governments force us to rely on dangerous and polluting energy sources, declaring there are no other clean and cheap energy sources.

Right after this, Gamble, O’Leary and Gamble’s wife have a brief speech about the benefits and the importance of free energy and alternate technologies.

More material from gabrieltech’s debunking of Thrive will be posted at a later time.

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36 responses to “The Second (Partial) Debunking of the Full-Length Thrive Movie.”

  1. dan says :

    I’m currently directing a documentary about a device that will convert any carbon-based material (human waste, motor oil, metal shavings etc) into a gas. When the gas is burnt the emission is Oxygen. The engineers I am working with feel that they are scratching the surface of cold fusion but they are extremely worried about the risks but are working very hard to completely understand how to control what his happening. One of their team members is a former DOD member and has strongly cautioned them that the government will do what it wants if it deems their invention dangerous so it will be interesting to see how this works out. I’m in the middle of some crazy stuff right now but until I saw these things with my own eyes I would not have believed it.

    I wonder what Mr. Gamble’s intentions are in making this movie? What does he gain? Its certainly not to get 5 bucks from people, is it?

    • muertos says :

      Thanks for your comment. Instead of making a documentary about your machine, why don’t you build a working prototype, demonstrate it out in the open, and then allow other scientists to duplicate its function so it can be proven that it does what you say it does?

      People who claim to have “free energy” machines–like Adam Trombly in Thrive–always have one excuse or another for why they won’t do this, but it’s the only way to be sure that what they claim to have invented is truly real.

      • Dan says :

        The project I am involved is nine years old and has 4 proven working iterations of the unit.

        It is definitely not my machine and I wasn’t asking your advice on what to do about it.

        Do you care to answer my question about Foster Gamble’s motives?

      • muertos says :

        I don’t know enough about Gamble yet to discern his motives. Perhaps he wants to duplicate the (dubious) success of Peter Joseph Merola of Zeitgeist in forming a “movement” of some kind. People who make conspiracy movies sometimes are after financial gain, or they want to be seen as influential, or they honestly think the conspiracies are true and they think “waking people up” is a good idea. Gamble might be proceeding from all, some, or none of these motives. We just don’t know yet.

      • Gary says :

        I too have my doubts about Thrive, and I would like to state that “free energy” as a buzz word is ridiculous. And Adam Trombly is likely bending alot of truths. But perpetual energy machines are impossible, not because of lack of energy, but because of friction. It is a basic rule of Electromagnetism that if you run a wire through a magnetic field it will produce an electrical current within the wire. You can also look to the actual laws of physics regarding the Piezoelectric Effect (Non-conductors, such as crystals and some ceramics, when stretched or compresses produce a charge) as ways of providing energy for such machines. People proposing “free energy” and “zero-point energy” are optimistics or downright liars, but the technologies they produce frequently would be no less useful to the world as a whole. Imagine a unit next to your home that, while connected to ground power, would give you massively increased efficiency on the energy you use. Simply using a magnetic rotary engine started and maintained by a significantly smaller amount of power would allow everyone to use a massively smaller amount of energy. People narrowly seek to whole heartedly debunk or back many peoples’ claims at free energy, but look at what they are making. Free energy or not, if I can start an engine with a battery and maintain it running by running some energy produced from the engine back to the battery for charging I will. Of course this wouldn’t be perpetual based on physics, but would you rather replace that battery based on face value energy usage, or would you rather supplement it with a small electromagnetically supplemented machine to extend it’s battery life. I don’t care how you look at it, look at the numbers, massive improvement or mild improvement, it’s still an improvement. Don’t be idiots people. Check your facts and test something you don’t trust, but look at every aspect of something and keep an open mind.

    • anticultist says :

      News for you Dan, a documentary will not save the world, it won’t fix any energy issues, and will not be believed by anyone who needs to see it working. Science doesn’t work on watching videos as evidence, get your so called 4 proven prototypes to people who can ascertain their authenticity. Excuse me for not taking you on your word, but the internet is full of liars, cranks and fakes so if you are legit prove it.

    • TH says :

      proof, proof, proof…

    • raphael says :

      dont forget the yeast rises the buble create the pocket of space and the sponge result…789+987=1776.. its anumbers game in this created world.. we live the numbers are always on tiem..item-time=47 jesus=74 total=121=11×11=121 may 1st ..3/4 just throowing stuff in the air as games people play create the resulted of there action. when i play dice i choose my own numbers

  2. Robert Dobbs says :

    “The project I am involved is nine years old and has 4 proven working iterations of the unit. ”

    Prove it.

  3. The Locke says :

    Free energy in a sense is possible! But how is that possible? By building one of these free energy devices? Well, if they showed how to build one these machines (which apparently they do not) then the only REAL way to get free energy is by placing solar electric panels on your roof and in your yard, and by putting up a windmill in your yard (if local codes permit). This is of course assuming that these things can generate enough electricity that you can power your home without needing to be hooked up to the power grid.

    Instead of talking about a device that has no proof of existing, just a theory on how such a device would work (and a non-working theory at that), and that the technology is allegedly being suppressed, they should instead be focusing on real renewable energy sources, and making them efficient enough that a house, or a building, could stay lit up like a Christmas tree all night without needing to be plugged in to the power grid.

    • Robert Dobbs says :

      That isn’t free energy. It will cost money for all of those solar panels, paying someone to install them and convert your home’s traditional energy input over to the solar panels and windmill. Oh, and the windmill will cost money too. If anything ever goes wrong with the solar panels, the windmill or the wiring in between, it will cost money to have it repaired.

    • Muertos Is Plant says :

      Free energy is a bad term. There is no free energy it always comes from somewhere. you can’t make it from nothing. That said I would like to propose that everyone ask themselves… Where does the energy come from that a permanent magnet uses to attract and repel matter? what is it? is it static? is it dynamic? what does it consist of? If you cannot answer all of these questions I suggest you get to studying. The force is there. It is observable. Can anyone answer all these questions with verifiable data?

      • raphael says :

        check out your corners lll or lll or llll=LLL=36 CREATION CORNER 3 OR 4 AS TE FOURTH BREAKS TRINITY LEFT RIGHT 1X, X1 9/11 THIS WEEKEND NV. HH

  4. Professor Pious says :

    Unfortunately most of the information in the links here on Adam Trombly traces back to Trombly’s own projectearth web site. It seems most information on Trombly available on the Internet has simply been copied from his web site. He claims to be:

    “an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling”

    yet not a single academic degree is mention from any accredited institution.

    The The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 does allow the government to impose “secrecy orders” on certain sensitive patent applications:

    However Trombly has not published the two written gag orders he has claimed to have received. Furthermore, inventors with secrecy orders imposed on their patents are entitled to compensation from the government due to lost revenue: (Constant v. United States, 617 F.2d 239 (Ct. Cl. 1980))


    Trombly makes no mention of ever having sought compensation from the government for his inventions. Of course, if the invention never worked in the first place, and the gag orders were imaginary, why would he? Trombly’s web site contains a review of his “Homopolar Generator” by a Bruce E. DePalma:

    As one might expect, DePalma was also a well-known “free energy” researcher, whose research never produced a device that produced excess energy. Here’s a short biography of DePalma:

    De Palma studied electrical engineering at MIT, leaving without a degree around 1958. DePalma worked in weapons electronics at General Atronics Corporation in Philadelphia following his under-graduate years at MIT before returning the Boston area for a job at Polaroid in Cambridge MA. In the mid-1960s he also obtained a teaching assistant position in the laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton, the renowned inventor of stroboscopic photography.
    Coincident with his return to Massachusetts, he became infatuated with psycho-active drugs and believed the mind altering effects he perceived opened an entirely new way to pursue the study of physics. Unfortunately, this experimentation led to problems with his academic and corporate relationships and by 1970, he left both to strike out on his own and begin the full-time pursuit of free energy machines that occupied the rest of his life. While he was thought to be quite brilliant by the many students he recruited to assist him, his addictions to hashish and LSD colored everything he wrote and conceived, and invariably left within a few years when it became clear that despite his most sincere efforts, nothing he ever postulated could be scientifically verified. Undaunted, he recruited more as needed, invariably assisted by his willingness to share his psychedelics with the newcomers.”


    That leaves us without any credible verification of Trombly’s free energy homopolar generator, except Trombly’s claims that an Indian scientist named Paramahamsa Tewari had taken up the research.

    Thankfully Gary Posner has some fact-checking here:


    “According to FTP, a variation of the “N Machine” [Homopolar Generator] was already in full operation. Thus, on September 21, 1990, I wrote to B. Premanand, founder of the Indian Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:

    ~I would like to know if the Indian government has in operation a power generator that produces more energy than it consumes (i.e., a perpetual energy machine). This claim is being made repeatedly on the “For The People” radio program (heard on 7.520 MHz. internationally from 2400 to 0200 hours UTC).

    The machine is supposedly a magnetized gyroscope, located on the west coast of India in a city that sounded like “Caroa,” which is supposedly south of an old Portuguese colony that sounded like “Doa.” If I heard correctly, a German company that sounded like “Gadori” may have actually built it.~

    Although Premanand’s letter of reply never made its way back to me, mine did reach him. I was quite surprised, and delighted, to discover that, as a result of my letter, he had devoted nine pages to this subject in the April 1995 issue of his group’s Indian Skeptic newsletter (in which a copy of my letter was reproduced). Premanand wrote about his efforts to track down Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, who, according to a 1987 Indian newspaper account, had demonstrated his machine in Hannover, Germany, before an audience that included 1,500 scientists from around the world. His Space Power Generator (SPG), one of about twenty-five similar machines presented at that conference, supposedly extracts power from the vacuum of space. Though the prototype was said to have been built at the Tarapur Atomic Plant in India, Premanand could find no one in the Department of Science & Technology of the Indian government who knew of Dr. Tewari or his SPG.

    In a June 21, 1994, letter (reproduced in Indian Skeptic ), N. A. Janardan Rao, Vice President for R&D and Technology Development of Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. in Bangalore, wrote (to the author of a 1994 Indian newspaper article), “Many years ago I had corresponded with Dr. Thiwari [sic] and he had sent me a small book written by him on this subject. I then proceeded to actually design and fabricate a free energy machine. We incurred an expense of more than one hundred thousand rupees and 8 man months in fabricating this unique device. Subsequent testing showed that there was no free energy as claimed; an infinitesimal electrical output was detected which could be attributed entirely to Faraday’s law” (emphasis added).”

    So Trombly’s device was indeed the basis of a design for a free energy device that was actually built and…surprise…never worked.

    Interestingly enough, we see the “free energy – extraterrestrial” link being promoted in 1990 by the long discredited Richard Hoagland in the writeup by Gary Posner linked above. A search of the thrivemovement web site turns up no mention of Hoagland.

  5. Robert Dobbs says :

    That doesn’t really sound within the financial means of most people.

  6. Mark Richards says :

    Do you think it’s fair to lump Steven Jones’s work on Muon-catalyzed fusion in with cold fusion? Fair enough uCF was called cold fusion before Pons & Fleischmann came along but Jones was contributing to a perfectly respectable field of Physics totally undeserving of your scornful “pushing cold fusion theories” characterisation.

    • muertos says :

      Honestly it was Jones’s later rebirth as a guru of the 9/11 Truth community that made me extremely skeptical of the entire idea of cold fusion. His shoddy and deceptive claims on 9/11 indicated that he’s willing to overlook serious scientific and logical errors in order to reach a predetermined conclusion. If cold fusion in some form has some scientific validity, let it be proven beyond all doubt by legitimate scientific means–controlled experiments with results capable of being replicated. To my understanding, neither Jones nor anyone else has been able to do this. This smacks strongly of a pseudoscience, and the fact that a noted 9/11 Truther was once associated with the field frankly doesn’t help its credibility.

  7. Chad says :

    The search for a reliable method of producing energy from renewable resources is more urgent today than ever before. Did Nikola Tesla truly invent a “free energy device”?

    • Anastasio says :


      There is no evidence to suggest that Tesla built a ‘device’ that could function without an external energy source.
      Tesla relied on fossil fuels and renewable energy to power his inventions, so the short answer to that question is no.

  8. DiscoPro_Joe says :

    Here’s a simple question to ask those who make conspiracy claims about free-energy machines and government suppression of them:

    Where are the black markets for these devices, and where can I buy one?

    Obviously, any time governments try to suppress goods and services, underground markets of them will exist. One can buy crack, heroin, meth, pot, hemp, porn, sex with prostitutes, unauthorized downloads of free music, movies, and software, cheap immigrant labor, and delicious raw milk.

    Why are there no free-energy devices on the black markets? Simple…it’s because they either don’t exist, or they don’t do what the conspiracists claim.

    Oh, and by the way…bear in mind that there are about 200 countries spanning the globe. Even if these machines were real, and even if the U.S. government (and most others around the world) had magical “superhuman” capabilities in completely stamping them out, there’d still most likely be a handful of countries that wouldn’t. And those few nations would suddenly gain a huge economic advantage over all the others because of this wonderful “free energy.”

    Where are these burgeoning countries with the bastions of free-energy paradise? Again…the answer is nowhere, because these devices don’t work.

    But wait…take a look at nighttime satellite photos of East Asia, showing urban lights. Wow! Look how dark North Korea is! Maybe the North Koreans all have free energy.

    • Jared Boice says :

      That’s a little over simplified. First of all, the reason there’s a black market for illegal substances is because they’re typically imported by the CIA! However, not to start a new conspiracy-theory topic, the science in question behind free-energy technology is likely not common enough to create out-of-control markets. It took years for the soviets to follow-up Hiroshima and Nagasaki with their own nuclear tests because the knowledge was not yet widely available. Markets under such conditions are easier to control.

      However, I do expect that to change

  9. Jared Boice says :

    As a supplement to my former post, consider just a few properties concerning the geometry in question:

    “A multidimensional matrix in which the vertexes are everywhere the same and equidistant from one another.” – Buckminster Fuller

    borrowing from someone else on the net:
    “The Isotropic Vector Matrix contains Fuller’s Vector Equilibrium and the Merkabah (3D Star of David). Among other attributes, the Vector Matrix describes the geometry of “Closest Packed Spheres” and has the inverse properties of a sphere (for geometrical support). Made up of exactly 64 tetrahedra, the object becomes one of the most significant geometric objects in the mystical discipline of Sacred Geometry.”

  10. You suck! says :

    Here is where you fail:

    “[Muertos: absolutely no reputable scientist or researcher would allow their work to be attached to 9/11 conspiracy theories. Witness what happened to Steven Jones. (((In addition to his work being incapable of being replicated, the 9/11 association alone is enough to declare Hutchinson completely untrustworthy.)))]”

    You’re either not a real skeptic or you’re a hack! With history rife with examples of government gone wrong, you sit there and crow about how crazy Steven Jones is for his (correct) belief that thermite was used in the buildings. You’re either an idiot, or you think your readers are.

  11. Randy says :

    Anyone with a shred of common sense can see that the distinct difference between crop circles that have indeed been made by people with boards and those that are from an unknown origin. If they are all made by humans why is that no one has ever caught them in the act? Look at the human butterfly for instance. For people to have gone out within 3-4 hours of darkness, leaving no tracks in or out and building hundreds of circles all geometrically perfect without breaking a single plant in a work on art that gargantuan…. Come on people…. It also doesn’t take a genius to come to the realization that in the vast size of this universe WE ARE ALONE… Look at all these high ranking NASA folks, military personnel, and government officials who have come forward and said that indeed we are not alone. I guess they’re all lying for attention right? The attention of being looked at like they’re not wrapped too tight….. When I read some of these comments it deeply saddens me to see people still so brainwashed by mainstream media and governments… You’re in for a rude awakening very soon…

    • Mr. Anon says :

      Once again, for every “unknown” crop circle, there is a circle with equal complexity that has been accounted for and proven to be made by humans. There is no reason to suspect aliensdidit.

  12. h-wave says :

    I lold at the Bedini part…So many people replicated his monopole engine(including me)

    • Mr. Anon says :

      Please elaborate/show some evidence. Bedini’s machines would be impossible according to the laws of Thermodynamics.

  13. Joe says :

    Nice of you to sit on your fat arse and tell us all what we should be thinking yes? Thank fuck most people aren’t blinkered like you, if they were, we’d all still be sitting in cave banging 2 rocks together. Careful with those rock chips, there pal, or should I say taleban. They love people like you.

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