What This Blog Is:

This blog is an effort to investigate and expose the errors of fact, distortions, and incorrect statements contained in the conspiracy theorist documentary film Thrive as well as assertions made on the “Thrive Movement” website and by Thrive Movement supporters.

The central argument of the movie Thrive is that technology and processes allowing so-called “free” energy exist and are being suppressed by various conspiratorial forces. As I hope this blog will demonstrate, this central assertion, as well as many others made in the Thrive movie, cannot withstand objective scrutiny from the standpoint of factual analysis or logical reasoning.

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  1. hoop says :

    Thank you for all the work on this site. It is very important.

    • Daniel says :

      Is there any chance that conspiritulist ascertions are themselves a “false flag” operation? they seem to fit the bill.

    • Stephen Griffin says :

      There is information in this movie that, with the data available to me, I do not fully agree with i.e. UFO’s. Having not experienced this phenomena how could I agree? So what?

      Some of the films points are subjective due to them either being wrong or because science has not yet caught up i.e. free energy, I do understand however Teslas work and story and I know there are people all around the world working on it.

      Do I trust big pharma, multi nationals, food production, the monetary / financial system, military industrial complex, energy companies, do I feel politicians have my best interests in mind, NO I DONT and this is very well explained to the laymen and those interested can follow up their research on the internet.

      The question is WHY do I have to agree with all this film for it not to be credible.

      Is Gamble a illuminati uncover agent? Maybe, I don’t know him personally. Is the blindfold over the girls eye a bad idea, yes it is. Did I research (over five years) nearly all the films content before seeing it and had come to the same conclusions, YES I DID.

      If you maintain an open minded but skeptical mentality you will move closer to the truth. Thrive the movie is just another path on that road which I believe has more open road than dead ends.

  2. free energy says :

    You, and the Oil Companies, Nuclear power companies, etc…., are right.

  3. Fairies Godmother says :

    This movie really hit a nerve, yeah?

    • Attila Oláh says :

      You’re pretty much right.

      Still it’s not the film that pisses me off (hat tip to the guy who’s making a living by selling it to the “believers”), but the number of my friends who blindly believe, and then they try convince me by “arguing”, i.e. citing the author.

      *hits his desk angrily*

      • Sonya says :


      • anticultist says :

        Sonya there is nothing left to say other than you are a fucking idiot.

      • mario says :


      • Neo says :


  4. niki says :

    Foster Gamble made a beautiful movie, and I am amazed how this became a movie for conspiracy in your version. I am also surprised that the maker of THRIVE DEBUNKED blog is unwilling to stand up and use your true name and background behind this elaborate accusation.

    So who cares what you say or publish here? What credibility do you bring to the table?

    • muertos says :

      How can a movie that alleges government conspiracies about UFOs, crop circles, and free energy suppression, and which incorporates figures like David Icke, not be viewed as a conspiracy movie? Indeed, the movie is almost nothing but conspiracy theories, one false theory piled on top of another.

      Who cares what I say or publish here? You, for one; you took the time to make a comment expressing your opinion.

      • missy says :

        The problem with your “debunking” is there is nothing that you have said that proves that any of Mr. Gamble’s theories are incorrect, you have simply stated your own personal beliefs and theories based on things you have read and/or heard. We know who he is, where he comes from and how he came to his conclusions. As for you? I guess we should just take your word for it. Your so angry…why?

      • Whyte Man says :

        You did not answer what credibility you have. What makes you all knowing on this matter.?

      • KX Russell says :

        one false theory piled on top of another.

        I am surprised that you, as a History major, use presumption as the basis of your argument. From that I can so far myself, as to presume that your entire conception of reality is a presumption & not factual at all.

        Again I would strongly suggest you read David Bohm & Fritoj Capra.

      • muertos says :

        I am surprised that you, in 15 comments (and counting), haven’t offered a single substantive factual critique backed up with evidence to explain why I’m wrong or why you think your delusions of a “Global Domination Agenda” are correct. All you’ve done is read my Twitter, post some things about it and posit that it totally explains my worldview, why I oppose Thrive and what I believe in. You suggest some vague New Age feel-good books but you haven’t offered a single fact or a single piece of evidence that indicates I’m wrong. Your entire argument is that I’m somehow doing wrong by criticizing Thrive because the people who made it have good intentions. Well, gee whiz, I have good intentions too, but I don’t see anyone here, including my supporters, arguing that my good intentions should immunize me for criticism on my facts.

        So, do you or do you not have a concrete factual objection to something I’ve posted? If so, what is it, and what is your reliable, testable and verifiable evidence in support of your assertion? Please be as specific as possible. Thank you.

      • NonFiction says :

        “missy says : February 12, 2012 at 11:49 am
        The problem with your “debunking” is there is nothing that you have said that proves that any of Mr. Gamble’s theories are incorrect, you have simply stated your own personal beliefs and theories based on things you have read and/or heard.”

        Missy, did you even go look at the photos that prove that Trombly was showing pictures of another inventor’s device when he was making his wild claims? And now he has been forced to admit it and the photos were taken off the Thrive website…but other pirated photos are still there.

        Theories don’t exactly matter when you are flat out lying about the facts, now do they???? Stop worrying about opinions when the reality is right in front of you that they LIED. Even if I agreed with all of their theories, I would not want liars on my side. How about you? Some of their points are valid, but their lies only serve to discredit the truth along with the lies. Think, girl, think.

      • scott says :

        everything you know is wrong, go look it up

      • Filip says :

        Umm… didn’t they have prominent figures in the film speaking about conspiracies, not to mention someone who actually walked on the moon, people who were in the military, government, etc. You don’t trust them because they are old? Or was it the clothes they wore?

        Noooo, wait, you don’t beliiiieve in conspiracies! Heck why was the word “conspiracy” even invented?

        Seriously though, you should rename your site to Thrive Sucks. “Debunked” is kind of a loaded word to use against a film with so much credibility. The Thrive Movement website contains a sparkle of more information I’m afraid than your watered down blog so…. yeah…

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Filip, many of those people were quoted out of context. Greenspan’s quote about the Fed for example. Edgar Mitchel in particular wrote a letter explicitly denouncing the movie.

      • Muertos Mom says :

        Muerto I wish you the best in life and ask one thing. Please ask yourself if you are conscious. I would say you ask yourself at least twice in a row and then sit in that moment. You clearly missed the point of the film as the veil over your eyes and mind only make me fight harder for you.

      • anticultist says :

        You should try to remove the veil from your own delusional head and take a look at the real world. The crap in that movie is embarrassing and if you believe in it, you ought to quit sitting in the moment and get off your arse and do something realistic.

      • Wyboth says :

        @Muertos Mom Aside from the obvious fact that you’re not his mother, you should ask yourself if you’re conscious. I’d encourage you to read the articles here. They explain entirely how Thrive is a load of bullshit. As for the point of Thrive, it was to fight an imaginary group of people with imaginary scientific knowledge, if you didn’t already know.

    • Attila Oláh says :

      Clearly, adding his/her name would be a game changer, huh?

      • Joe says :

        I think that if anyone who does responsible research on a topic whether it is arguing for or against something, why aren’t you putting your name on it. After all, it’s credible work right?

    • Frances says :

      I so agree with those who insist you Identify yourself, and give us your credentials. Who are you to opine you are more believable than those you debunk? Personally, I think you are wrong anyway. Go away!!

    • Jerry Anders says :

      I must say I certainly agree with you Niki…..I have asked this same question as I have listened to Nassim Haramein speak and accept questions; I also know he has published some articles with an Elizabeth Rausch (if I have spelled that correct) and if one has concerns about him, they certainly can’t about her as she has an incredible bio, worked for NASA, the US government for over 30 yrs, down work at Berkeley University etc). Now if someone like Elizabeth is involved with Nassim, I have to wonder who are these blog founders that take questin with him?

    • sansome2012 says :

      I agree. Most people who are critical of conspiracy in general do not realise how much they are operating on programming. An unwillingness (due to fear and or this programming) causes us all to fail to see what we are really up against. To make a logical argument without all the facts/truth (that is seldom revealed in an elite controlled education/media system) is to fail at the first hurdle. Crap in crap out is the formula sadly. This is where people need to free themselves from the restricted thinking and memes (of the order “Witch”, of which provided much control of dissident forces in the past). This is not to say that this movie is correct 100% in every assertion, but the general principles of control and suppression are at work and have been for some time. The authors of this blog are merely playing convenient games and do not offer proper analysis of what they are disagreeing upon. Debunking is a cheap trick, following truth is much harder, but will be worth it in the end.

    • Lanny Matt Hackney says :

      I agree with nikki. Who is writing this blog really, and why do you hide or purport a pseudonym? WordPress is a mere minor comparative to wikipedia in its credibility to most people on the internet. Even if there is an iota of false claim or reality or truth in thrive, who are you to push corporate thinking in a blog against it? Who is paying you to make this blog? I assure you that all this effort here is not of your free will or just cause you are bored. There is money flowing in this authors pockets continuously by some entity backing you. No one person does anything for free in this modern society, and you are a liar to yourself if you try to make people believe you write all this elaborate collaborative text for free. But in fairness you are entitled to your opinions, but alleging things backing them up with wikipedia and hiding your identity ruins your credibility and your reader should have some sense in knowing that. I do not wish to offend but merely put what i think on here, but know this I am not a Thriver, although Thrive never used wikipedia to back up its claims.

      • sebastian says :

        To Lanny Matt – Amen bro!!

      • Anastasio says :

        “but know this I am not a Thriver, although Thrive never used wikipedia to back up its claims.”

        Oh but what’s this?! (taken from Thrive ‘Fact Check’)


        “Supreme Court in Israel Funded by Rothschilds Fact: The “All-Seeing Eye” over-sees the Supreme Court complex in Israel, designed and funded entirely by the Rothschilds. (read more)
        Dorothy de Rothschild financially supported the creation of a new Supreme Court building in Israel.


        “Supreme Court of Israel”: http://en.WIKIPEDIA.org/wiki/Supreme_Court_of_Israel

        Well look at that -Thrive using Wikipedia to back up its claims!

        Amen to the double standards indeed bro!

      • a rational person says :

        oh man u are a nut…you really think somebody is paying the guy who runs this blog? really? wow man, u are really, really, really far gone…i mean, how fucking paranoid do u have to be to believe something like that…and it’s not backed up with wikipedia you asshole, have you read anything else on this site? hell you can debunk most of the shit the nutbags say with common sense…but even more, u got a video showing how people make crop circles…a video actually showing it…and u nutbags are all up in this guys shit saying “oh but wheres the evidence that humans make crop circles”…jesus christ this shit makes me sick, that people believe this bullshit…now u think the government is paying people to write this blog…i dont give a shit who this muertos clown is…but i can tell you who lanny matt hackney is, a nutbag…u made that really clear. hope u enjoy embarassing yourself. cheers

    • pedro sallazar says :

      And also ask youself, If this is a stupid and nonsense idea, why make such a large post to debunk it? They are saying that the popularity of this documentary is in decay, but i dont think so. I think this site is a fake.

      • Joel T. says :

        The reason to debunk it is that people believe in it, and such belief is harmful. It is the same reason that people debunk anti-vaxxers: stupid nonsense can significantly harm society.

        Also, given that you were able to post on this site, that indicates it is not fake. Perhaps what you meant was that you think the arguments are false? If so, do feel free to reasonably expand on your point.

  5. Paul says :

    In general I agree with your good work. However this comment about your anonimity is interesting. The name MUERTOS saunds macabre to me.
    stil I find it alarming that some of my smart and well aducated friends sometimes astonish me in how easely they believe conspiracie stories. Isn’t it more interesting to start investigating or analising this phenominon instead of trying to debunk all of these stories one by one?

    • muertos says :

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s unfortunate the low threshold at which people start to believe material such as this, which I think portends an unsettling lack of critical thinking out there on the web. As to my name, “Muertos” has been my handle on the net for 12 years now, so I don’t see that changing.

      • bla nli says :

        you ain’t very opened to chenge. if you look at your name, the fact that you didn’t change it for twelwe years , “you said it” and it should tell you kinda live in a box. cheers! take care and pay more attention to yourself. thank you

      • KX Russell says :

        For those who don’t know Muertos means THE DEAD in Spanish or THE LIFELESS. I think that this is a subconscious admission to the blog writer’s actual spiritual state.

        His real name is “Sean M.” & he is most definitely bias against “conspiracies”. He goes to the University of Oregon. Got accepted to George Mason University.

        He is into heavy metal music, all things Norwegian, hates Ron Paul, loves Joe Biden, loves to drink, loves notorious hate-monger anti-religion critic Andreas Heldal-Lund, loves pro-centrla bank Alexander Hamilton, is into pro-zionist leaders like UK PM Cameron & Israeli PM Netanyahu & President Obama, likes atheist comic Sarah Silverman but surprisingly enough likes the Dalai Lama.

        That should all of you what you need to know about this cat. Though to his credit he has very good taste in food & wine. Cooks & drinks the way I do so he can’t be 100% bad, just misguided.

      • muertos says :

        Wow. You read my Twitter. What a magnificent piece of detective work! Now you’ve got me totally figured out. There’s nothing more to know about me, nothing at all. I’ll just go ahead and delete this blog then, m’kay?

      • AeolusRIder says :

        “hates Ron Paul, loves Joe Biden”

        Really? Loves Joe Biden? Really? I’m trying to wipe the grin off my face as I was trying to take you seriously.

  6. V D Havre says :

    I can’t find any details as to who you are on this blog. Unfortunately that discredits you somewhat. Be great to have a bio, some regular podcasts, etc so that people know you are a real person and not just a paid troll.

    • muertos says :

      I am aware that Foster Gamble has used the term “government troll” or “paid troll” to refer to critics of the Thrive movie. I challenge him, or anyone, to present a single shred of evidence that the government is paying people to criticize his movie.

      In the FAQ, I address the issue of whether I’m paid to write this blog (the answer is, no, I’m not).

      • hoopmov says :

        Muertos, i have exchanged some correspondence with an interviewee from Thrive regarding his experience during and after dealing with the movie. I would like to share that conversation with you without showing the public. How is the best way while protecting both our contact info? Sorry for posting in a thread—not sure how else to contact.

      • muertos says :

        Thank you for your suggestions. I may change the title but not the link, as the link has already gone out on Twitter, Facebook etc. Let me think about the best way to word it.

      • muertos says :

        Please email me directly at muertos@gmail.com. I won’t disclose anything that you specifically ask me to keep private.

      • V D Havre says :

        You address that you are not paid. But this cannot be substantiated without us knowing who you are, in any way. As far as we know, you are simply Muertos… a cartoon face with no photograph or picture. If you claim to know so much about this film, and as you are spending so much time debunking it, then I think it’s time to take off your mask so that we can study you as closely as you are studying Foster, who has been nothing other than open and transparent in terms of laying out who he is and what he thinks. Only when this happens can I start to seriously look into what you have written. I urge you to take off the mask and uncover your REAL identity.

      • rogerglewis says :

        Check out Cointelpro. Start with the Andrew Marr interview of Noam Chomsky its on Google and You tube.
        Critisism of the present system is srtill allowed so lets talk about the Federal Reserve, The revolving door of Washington and Wall street and money in politics what chomsky calls the Shadow of Corporate business ( I.e Politics).
        The thrive Movie the zeitgeist movie The Money Masters,Catherine Austin Fittts, Solaris report. Inside Job. Golem xiv blog of David Malone , Author The Debt Generation.
        Conspiracy Theories are totally unnecessary to demonstrating the problems with our current broken Financial and political system.
        The occupy Movement and the work of grass rroots local media such as Kboo in Oregan check out Steppin out of Babylon interviews across so many issues by Sue Cipriano.

        Google can be your freind if you make a framework for understanding some of the issues addressed in movies such as Thrive. Consider the questions asked the questions do not disappear by branding the questioner a denier or a non believer a flat earther or Tin Foil hatter.
        This sort of arguemntis familiar with anyone that has considered the climate change debate ( The Anthropogenic part?) this is science and politics not Church. Read some philosophy try several different flavours and learn to thuink critically.

        Should the Fed be private is there an alternative money system to ‘dent based Fiat money. Thats a question worth asking and exploring how the present system might be omproved if it turns out that it is closer to the best available system.

        The business of Debunking and promulgating consopiracy theoruies ios a silly distraction from the issues the issues are real. Peak Oil, ALternative Energy, Tjhe theory of the Electric Universe, Modern Monetary Theory, Maurice Cotteral on Gravity ,

        I am not anonymous my comment is linked to my gravatar which has many links to interesting and credible viewpoints. Ask questions and check and double check answers always read the talk sectiion behind Wikipedia articles, just for fun check out Media lens or Aljezehra for their version of what you see on your TV news or in your Newspaper.
        Think for yourself and find out about these different things don’t let some one else tell you what to think!

    • KX Russell says :

      VD Havre I did you the service of finding that out for you a wee bit; look at my post “KX Russell says : April 7, 2012 at 7:41 am”

    • KX Russell says :

      I posted some details on my KX Russell says : April 7, 2012 at 7:41 am post….

  7. Marcus Palmer says :

    In recent studies,Christian scientists, non-religious scientists,and Theologists have concluded that,utilizing the bible and its many references throughout history and its list of Adam&Eve’s descendants that mankind must be no more than 12,000 yrs old.Why is it that we’ve found fossils of men from 13,000+ yrs old? C. Dating isnt completely accurate, but there are fossils 100,000+ yrs old.

    I’m not trying to debunk any religions,or prove science completely right,but this does bring up an interesting question to those who take the Bible literally.Obviously, most stories in the Bible are not supposed to be taken literally,but instead just pose with a moral background.Religion,in a lot of ways,gives simplified answers to those really sticky questions.But the fact is we fight with rage over who is right and wrong is just completely barbaric.Religion should just thrive to get us to be better ppl,help each other out,and feel secure in life.Simple as that.

    How old is mankind?NOT the EARTH

    • Dave Miller says :

      While not a bible reader, I do agree it offers a process toward morality. As to the history of humans, I could believe that we were visited from another galaxy. I could see the Immaculate Conception due to an alien impregnation.
      Knowing the lack of current technology, the star could represent a spaceship.

      We know that ancient cultures followed and revered and feared the sun, moon, planets, comets, etc..

      References in Vedic texts, Dead Sea scrolls, the Koran, etc. indicate that something came out of the sky. A meteor doesn’t bring visitors. Hieroglyphics, cave drawings including Aboriginal art indicate meetings with other beings. Add to that,places like Stonehenge and Easter Island and we have a complexity that still baffles today.

  8. bla nli says :

    bull shit bag of crap like i said everything is bulshit today i can’t trust myself snezing because of the fear that i might shit miself. scarcity tell ya sum? every piece of shit movie/documentary/video/cartoon its there because you fear and you crave them you degenerates sick. thank you bless you all

  9. Stephen says :

    I am a recent viewer of THRIVE and a grateful proponent of Foster’s message. Nonetheless like a good academic I like to see through both lens of the binoculars and so thus read the majority of your blog. Here are my two cents: Believing in the incredible, inasmuch as it might be easy to credibly debunk Gamble’s theories according to your personal suppositions are still unfavorable towards instilling gratefulness and motivation. I would suggest you might bravely reconsider seeing the facts for the future and rely rather on your intuitive powers by meditating more…..then maybe a realization will dawn on your deathly name. You see Muerte, you completely missed the point of the film. Regardless of its contents, where are your personal discoveries, illuminations and actions to embolden our humanities terribly misconstrued notions perpetrated by mass media’s mystique of falsity? Please, open up that calcified heart by at least putting any dubiousness on the back shelf for a bit so as to seek the actual truth, hard to find that it might be. Knowledge is not wisdom, but as close as you are to seeing through the delusional cloak, first there is amble room to perhaps meet Foster and have him personally explain directly why much of his life has been spent unveiling, explaining and now broadcasting an amazing message, no less soon to be realized. I can recommend reading David Wilcock’s very relevant information. blessings and peace….you are not far from uncoiling more than you think is out there.

    • muertos says :

      Observing reactions of Thrive fans to this blog, it is interesting to me how people who claim to be all about love and understanding suddenly start becoming awfully judgmental as soon as you don’t agree with the conspiracies that they advance as true. So I have a “calcified heart” because I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, then?

      As for sitting down with Foster Gamble, I’d love to do exactly that. I’d like to ask him where he got some of the erroneous information in his film that he proffers as matters of fact, and if he can really feel good about maintaining that certain matters are factual (such as the ludicrous “Global Domination Agenda”) despite the evidence and logic that indicates they are not true, and the corrosive effect that such conspiracy theories have on critical thinking and reasoned public discourse. More than anything else, that is the conversation I’d love to have with Mr. Gamble.

      Thank you for your comment.

    • AeolusRIder says :

      Very Interesting and what a difference a year makes. Unfortunately, I am unable to take muertos seriously mainly because he remains anonymous. He/She makes interesting points however, considering the current state of affairs with this current administration, one has to also expect that diversions exist if only to keep people on their heels. If one is not concerned about the IRS, DHS, or even the State Departments power of suppression and misinformation then they need to re-think their positions. Truth has a tendency to will out even if it takes years.

      Speaking of David Wilcock, I found his presentation concerning the possible existence of a brown star and NASA’s imaging of how the entire solar system is being energized. Good stuff. You see, it is not just the earth that is warming up, but our entire solar system. Now why is that?

      • anticultist says :

        Climate denial, pseudoscience belief, and paranoia about government officials all in two short paragraphs. I often admire the capabilities of conspiracy theorist retards to merge so many conflicting and diverse beliefs into one statement. You guys never fail to spew multiple retarded beliefs in one commen.

        Dependable stupidity it’s what we have come to expect from you retards.

  10. russ says :

    Interesting blog, looks like you have a lot of good points to counter this movie. It would make since that there are, dare I say it, conspirators out there with the sole purpose of releasing material to thwart the efforts of honest people who attempt to awaken others to some of the more accurate problems in our world, and make them all seem like “conspiracy nut jobs.”

    However, I would like to know your position on a few things:

    1) The GAO audit of the Federal Reserve (the first ever audit of the Fed) found that the Fed loaned out over $16 trillion dollars to US banks, and numerous foreign banks, at 0 interest in the span of 3 years (2007-10).

    2) The $600 trillion dollar derivatives bubble (or $700 trillion.. or even over a Quadrillion.. depends on where you look). And the fact that these derivatives are mostly owned by 4 US banks.

    3) The (suppressed?) history of inventor Nikola Tesla (who invented the radio, laser, light bulb, as well as free energy devices according to some).

    I ask these things because I think it is of vital importance that you admit that there really are some seriously major issues that reveal what appears to be a very high levels of corruption within our current government and corporate power structures.

    I will myself admit that I have not looked at your entire website, and if you have already answered some of these questions, I apologize.

    • muertos says :

      Thanks for your comment. Quoting figures on the Federal Reserve or alleging government corruption does not make the conspiracy theories advanced by Foster Gamble any more likely. Since you haven’t seen the entire site, I would suggest you start with this article which may be responsive to these issues: https://thrivedebunked.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/global-domination-agenda-debunked/

      As to your claim that there are “conspirators” out there thwarting the “efforts of honest people,” please provide a specific example of this, as well as documentation to back up your assertion. Please be specific.

      • stratoblaster says :

        Carlyle Group (Bush/Bin Laden shared business)
        World Bank
        Trilateral Commission
        Goldman Sachs
        Enron (secret energy task force meetings with Cheney)Ken Lay dead
        lost freedoms (patriot act)
        Defense of America Act (lost freedoms)
        lost Posse Comitatus

        “No WMD’s here, under here? nope not over there” (loose translation of Bush on film joking around)


        just a quickie list re: specific examples of conspirators out there thwarting the “efforts of honest people”

        I’m paying attention

  11. TD2012 says :

    I think I’ve posted this elsewhere but I just wanted to reiterate: really great job on this website! You’re so thorough and calm — unlike my initial reaction upon seeing the film, which was to boil over in anger. (Anger at having a message I believe in sullied by New Age/pseudoscientific pablum. With friends like these….)

    Anyway, you’re efforts are much appreciated.

  12. Jazel says :

    Do you believe that humanity deserves a better way of life, than what is being offered to us now?

    This is just my opinion, but I think those that are “well off” could give a rats hoot about the average or low class person. Could this be what spikes the conspiracist vs non-conspiracist “battle”? I have seen this lower class be labelled as having no work drive, or as hippies, lazy, etc. Now I have busted my ass off working, having had 2 jobs for most of my working career thus far. I have even went to college to “better myself” and get that good paying job. Where has this led me? Being broke, in debt and asking myself “What is the point if I cant even enjoy life?” Honestly, movies like Thrive give me hope. Even if you or whoever else doesn’t believe in crop circles ( I do think there are things that have to be seen in order to believe it) or 9/11 being rigged, etc, the big picture is being missed. Look at the end goal Thrive is trying to reach. Sustainability (solar panels, wind power, this is somewhat “free energy” isnt it?), people being HAPPY.
    Sometimes I think maybe the myths about 2012 (the world ending) should just happen. We are all so greedy, so cruel to each other. Just look at this blog or any other blog and there is always criticizing, condemning, name calling. I believe a lot of this roots from stress. That is why Im saying to look at the big picture. Get rid of the stress. Anyone who cares to respond, please remember this is just my opinion. Each to their own.

    P.S. Ive seen in previous posts you ask for examples. This is mine.
    Long story short, going to school put me in severe debt. I went to my bank and asked for a loan, basically to consolidate my credit and make my monthly payments more affordable, which makes perfect sense, to me at least. What does the bank tell me? I am too “high risk” and they cant give me a loan. Even though I hold a steady, full time job. Why? Because I don’t make enough money (even though I would clearly be able to afford the new monthly payment). So who is in control of establishing the wages and why isn’t it high enough to cover the minimal cost of living? On one side we have a hard working, good hearted person making $1500/month (if even for some) and other the other we also have a hard working, good hearted person making $10,000/month. Doesn’t make sense to me.

    Good blogs by the way. Some good discussions have been started.

    • muertos says :

      I am sorry for your economic hardship. Most people have some form of economic hardship these days. I certainly do, as do most people I know. However, why should this translate into belief in paranoid conspiracy theories?

      Please tell me, what “hope” does Thrive provide? I see Thrive’s message as essentially nihilistic, bleak, and demoralizing. Here is what Thrive is attempting to teach its audience:

      –Human beings are too backwards and stupid to create anything magnificent or lasting, like the pyramids. Therefore, aliens must have done it.
      –Human beings are too stupid and greedy to solve their own problems. Therefore, aliens will rescue us with magical technology that drops out of the sky without us having to do anything.
      –People have no responsibility or consequences for their actions. Pursuing heedless self-interest, as advocated by the objectivist and Libertarian political thinkers that Foster Gamble enshrines as visionaries, will transform the world into a magic utopia.
      –People have no responsibility to each other or to the common good. Taxes are theft; government is inherently evil; there is no such thing as a social contract or a community spirit to reach social justice. It’s all about unbridled, unfettered self-interest.
      –Everything that is wrong with the world is the fault of someone named Rockefeller, Rothschild or Morgan.

      Do you really think these are hopeful, positive messages? Do you really think that belief in conspiracy theories, and fostering hatred of people who supposedly created these situations, is a viable blueprint for a better world? Instead of believing in conspiracy theories and hating people who supposedly create them, why don’t we use logic, reason and rationality to reach our own solutions to improve the quality of life for people on this planet? Why do we have to believe in paranoid conspiracies, magical technology and benevolent aliens in order to embrace hope and work toward positive solutions?

  13. Chiel Mulder says :

    He, who speaks and judges,while hidding his or her identity is actually only making meaningless noise..
    Something like Anonymous.


  14. Jonas Zev Amberger says :

    In a matter of minutes, I went from a hopeful but uninformed believer ( why not ? ) to remembering that all shared information must be analyzed with intelligent discernment.
    Thank you for the wake up call. Who are you?

  15. danny says :

    cheers for this site. clears up everything that they dont in thrive. got me thinking straight again after a week of thinking ive been lied to.

    could u please check this site and tell me if this this is bullshit aswell, as i am not much of a researcher.

    • muertos says :

      I don’t know. I’ll look into that article, as I’ve never heard of that machine before now. I suspect there’s more to the story than the article is telling us, but I’ll look into it when I get a chance.

      • danny says :

        cool. deep down i hope the story is true,being australian and all, but it just sounds way to good to be true.

  16. duggy dugg says :

    there are dozens of issues..all are important to one degree or another, especially to those most directly affected.  One issue, debt,  affects us all either directly or indirectly…the national debt is our debt…not the government’s…you and i pay endlessly on the public debt…15 trillion and growing like kudzu !

    Criminal bankstards bribed the third private “central” bank into parasitic existence in1913.  The criminal syndicate,aka the fed, was deceitfully named the federal reserve bank association to fool the then public into thinking that this private counterfeiting cartel was,  in fact, part of the u s government. The IRS was also foisted on our forbears to collect taxes to pay for this wealth confiscation fiasco..

    The fed counterfeits dollars and loansharks the notes to us via the complicit treasury ..gov”t throws the money away…then you pay….

    Fed counterfeits and loansharks bux to gov”t…gov”t spends/wastes bux…gov”t comes to you to pay for the bux….plus vig  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If gov”t printed american dollars  , that egregious $15 TRILLION PLUS debt would not exist!!!!!!!!!!  We would not be paying income taxes that never get closer to paying down the debt…the citizens’ debt. ..your and my debt…

    The argument in favor of this ginormous ripoff goes like this: “oh, if we let gov’t print the dollars, we would have inflation!”  good grief….the fed prints dollars. ..the fed is answerable to no one..nobody..no agency  ..the fed prints trillions whenever it feels like it…and we don’t have inflation   now?   “oh no” say the sleeple..”house prices have fallen way down”…………to which i reply that yes house prices went up in a bubble and dropped back somewhat but are still above 1970 prices…food costs more than prior years…gas cost 25c in 1956 now it is $3.50 / gallon..

    The national debt is strangling us. .richest nation on earth and our economy is tanking…if we don’t stop the criminal families who own the fed, the other issues won’t matter much..supply chains break down….services vanish…jungle law ensues….
    Search how to abolish the fed and play that clip…

    End the fed…end 10% fractional reserve banking..demand public / single payor campaign financing….SET UP A STATE OWNED BANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jerry Anders says :

    Who are YOU? I think this is an interesting topic but no where on this site do you indicate “WHO YOU ARE” in writing this? I know who the THRIVE people bios are and I have actually heard Nassim speak so I have a face and open opportunity to question his ideas……but who are you and what are your bios for reference. Thank you for your blog!

  18. J. Trombly says :

    First of all, let me introduce myself. My father is Adam Trombly. I was physically present for many of the 11 years that my father worked daily with David Farnsworth. I answered the phone at my home when David would call at least once a day to have “conversations” with my father that were obviously very intense and technical and that from my end definitely did not sound “one-sided.” I was physically present when David Farnsworth showed up at our family home and stayed for over a week to work on projects with my father. David came to our family home after returning from a trip with my father where they did physical demonstrations of the Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator in New York before a speech my father gave at the United Nations, and in Washington DC at the Senate Banking and Finance Committee Hearing Room. That was June of 1989. The demonstrations were real and well received.

    When I was touring Colleges in the Pacific Northwest with my father in 1995, we stopped by David Farnsworth’s in-law’s home in Forest Grove, Oregon where David Farnsworth tearfully apologized in person to my father at the dinner table in front of his ex-wife, and his in-laws. He apologized for abusing his relationship with my father, and not giving proper credit to my father, and he apologized for never sending the instruments that he was supposed to share with my father. David said that half of the equipment that he had in his possession should be with my father and he was sorry he had not sent it. He asked for forgiveness and asked for my father to work with him again. He asked me to be a witness of this conversation.

    The claims that David Farnsworth is making are false. His contention that he and my father never worked together is absolutely a lie. David Farnsworth and my father Adam Trombly appeared numerous times side by side as partners on CNN and in numerous business negotiations and physical demonstrations of their technologies. David Farnsworth is a brilliant engineer, but paranoid– perhaps as a result of his substance abuse problems which I have witnessed with my own eyes. At one time he disclosed using crystal meth while I was standing in his motorhome/lab. David Farnsworth is not representing the facts correctly. His lies are an insult to my father’s work and legacy. This blog is an insult to a lifetime of work dedicated to providing the world with a clean and safe source of energy. This attack does not serve anyone’s future. I would be happy to testify to all of the above information in a court of law. In fact, I am considering calling my lawyer after reading this!
    The last time I spoke with David Farnsworth he called me directly when I was College and he asked me for money because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent at the trailer park where his motor home was parked.

    Please remove these lies from the internet and provide my father with an apology!

    • muertos says :

      J., thank you for your comment. As I stated in my article reporting the allegations, my purpose is not to adjudicate either the truth or falsity of Mr. Farnsworth’s claims on this blog. I cannot do that. As you’ll see in that article I have invited your father to comment on these matters and in fact I encourage him to do so. Whatever he chooses to say, I’ll gladly post here, without redaction or editing of any kind. He certainly has a right to refute these allegations and I hope he does. I have also invited him to present evidence that proves beyond all doubt that the machines he claims to have invented actually work, that he and not Mr. Farnsworth created them, and that they do exactly what the movie Thrive claims that they do. I’m more than happy to present that evidence in its entirety here on this blog. I’ve been very clear and open about that and I don’t know how to be fairer regarding that than I already have.

      I won’t deny that I am a skeptic of “free energy” and “zero point energy,” and of most of the claims presented in Thrive. However, being skeptical of something is not doing wrong to anyone–in fact, it’s a positive good. My position regarding these claims has always been the same: show me the evidence. If these claims can be proven, let’s prove them beyond all doubt. Prove that my skeptical attitude is unwarranted and incorrect. I’ll be very glad to admit I’m wrong, because frankly I hope that I am. If your father has invented a device that can solve the world’s energy problems in one fell swoop, I certainly won’t stand in the way of that device being proven, replicated and the technology disseminated to the people who need it. If your father can prove that his machine works, not only will I not stand in the way of him doing so, but I’ll help him. But the key is that it must be proven. On matters of this importance we can’t afford to just take anyone’s word for it–not Mr. Farnsworth’s, not your father’s, not Foster Gamble’s, and not mine.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Nice try, Adam, trolling as your own daughter. But we are still waiting for your responses to the Ten Questions that Foster Gamble posed to both you and David Farnsworth. David’s responses are published on this blog here, though at another location which I link you to here.


      Muertos is more than happy to put your responses to the ten questions up alongside the answers that David Farnsworth has already provided.

      • muertos says :

        I do not go so far as Hollywood does here–J., I take you at your word that you’re Adam Trombly’s son or daughter. My offer stands. I’m willing to publicize whatever response Adam Trombly wishes to make to these allegations. I invite him to present his evidence here that either proves Farnsworth wrong, verifies the claims about the machine in Thrive, or both. I really would like to have Adam Trombly’s input for the sake of a complete picture of what’s really going on here. Again, if I was only interested in trashing Thrive or Mr. Trombly, I would have nothing to gain by making this offer, and Mr. Trombly would have nothing to lose by accepting it.

    • NonFiction says :

      If there is a more classic admission of guilt, I’m not sure I have ever read it.

      When you are caught with no facts on your side, and no reply that cannot be easily proven false, then you change the subject and resort to personal attacks.

      Farnsworth laid out factual and technical corrections to what was shown in the movie – they reply with mudslinging. Foster, are you reading this??? Is this not exactly what I told all of you they would do if in fact they are in the wrong??? {head slap on desk}

      Even the “facts” above are regurgitated straight out of The Little Green Book by James George, and at his age he did not bother to get all of his dates correct; instead of referencing the Congressional Record, he just wrote the book from memory.

      This is not even a good try at a response. But it is a wonderful admission.

      • rogerglewis says :

        is this not something of a distraction. Cause and effect and all of that. Return to the core issues the dialectic here reveals to us that a machine was presented to Congress it had energy advantages the development of the machine was for what ever reason obstructed by government agencies.

      • NonFiction says :

        @rogerglewis The problem is, when something is presented mixed with lies, it discredits the truth that it might also contain. If Thrive is not interested in being accurate, their entire film is in question. However, there are real devices out there – but this is going to make it even LESS likely that they will ever reach the public. Correcting those errors is crucial, and Foster should know that. Where’s the integrity?

  19. rogerglewis says :

    On Pure energy systems and their suppression it seems that the Burning of Nikola Telsas Laboratory wasn’t ordered by JP Morgan? why would he do that afterall he didn’t have a virtual monopoly on Copper in the US did he?


    On other suppressed or marginalized difficult to patent stuff this guy is very good value.


    With respect to FInance Government and other issues Foster Gamble highlights as important, there are a number of widely based sources in links on my Gravatar.
    Economania the Mensa economics portal is a great non political and intellectual analysis of the money creation system of Debt Based Fiat Money. Altenratives to the highly centralised and global model of business and government are postulated by sites like Government by Contract or Panarchy based on the Swiss Canton Model.


    Switzerland and free energy one must obviously mention.


    The metaphysical and the empirical are viewpoints on life the universe and everything for those interested in the Aesthetic or Romantic take philosophically google Matthew Arnold or John Ruskin for the Empirical view take a look at Hobbes or Locke.
    Empiricism in short provides explanations but not always reasons and it is reason that sets the human being apart from other animals ( so the reasoning goes.) It is in our reason that our Souls and virtue reside and a search for authentic truth within ourselves and the search for the good life and the problem of knowledge are the stuff of Ontology and epistemology.

    Dare to Know?

  20. rogerglewis says :

    This is a very good introduction to Zero Point energy for those interested.

    Has anyone got a link to a good site debunking the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

  21. rogerglewis says :

    Hi Non Fiction, I read Mr Gambles reply to the correspondents or disputants on the machine in the thrive film, I thought it seemed very reasonable.
    Popularist films such as Thrive or Zeitgiest or the Money Masters or The Secrets of OZ even Chomskys Manufacturing Consent can not and will never provide a complete ordered package prodcut of what we could call the truth of the matter. There is in effect no such thing as an absolute applicable to all situations there are al’ways the situations we can not concieve of, its the Truth Knopwledege Belief Venn Diagram. When Rhetoric or political interests are presented through rhetoric comes into play looking for an authentic dialectic pursuit of a common experience or reality in a situation requires open communication and an open mind. Always an open mind. thats very important, we live in a world of constructs some are conviemnient others are not constructive to everyones interests.
    Of its sort I found Thrive a worthy FIlm with authenticity and honesty thats not to say I agree woith all of its conclusions.

    Nice to be chatting must fly getting Children off to School.

    • NonFiction says :

      I found it quite the opposite. I am more inclined to find that it lacks honesty than to disagree with all of the conclusions. There is no reason to show pirated photos, credit the wrong inventors, or make wild inaccurate claims about devices. I do have an open mind, just not one that has fallen out. I see how this kind of behavior affects the real alternative energy scientists, and therefore it is part of the problem.

  22. rogerglewis says :

    Hi Non Fiction,

    We pays our money and takes our choice I suppose.
    On alternative energy there is a lot of ignorance and sometimes one could be forgiven for wondering where are the Woods and where are the trees, the idea of something being hidden in plain sight is very rleevant to a lot of these issues. I like Noam Chomsky’s idea of creating a framework within which one can look for the necessary connections to give context to ideas and concepts.
    I started researching transplanting an Electric motor into my own vehicle yesterday inspired by this article in Gizmag.


    It reminded me of this Sue Cipriano Interview.


    On questions of Truth and Science, lies damned lies and statistics we live in the age of spin sadly we ignore the most impiortant spin of all a Giant Magnet tilted at 23 degrees in a vast electrical field we call it the Earth?

    The Electronic universe is I think an idea who’s time may have come it is not popular as it is not possible to put a meter on it. Ruskin posed the question of the Doctor confronted with the Pamnacea of all ills today we say Turlkeys don’t vote for Christmas.

    Good luck and heres showing solidarity to the Alternative Energy Scientists, Inventors, Alchemists, Nut Jobs , Dreamers and Visionaries out there. Dare to know and think out side the box.

  23. Jackey says :

    I’ve no grudge towards you but am simply accepting the fact that “There is always someone out there to say NO when you say YES”.

    I accept that 😀

    Your site is full of negative expression and energy. Hope you wake up soon.
    Also, don’t forget to remember that You’ve been officially brainwashed since your childhood. All those theories and laws, just think about it. If you wholeheartedly believe it, you are brainwashed.

    Before you point out anything as lies just because it’s not proven doesn’t mean it’s a lie. All different thinkers in the world were quoted as liars, mad, or crazy person in the history.

    But anyway, hopefully soon everyone gets awakened.

    • muertos says :

      I see. So I’m “officially brainwashed” because I ask for facts and evidence before believing in something? If it’s “brainwashing” to require evidence to support a conclusion before treating it as proven, why is that a bad thing?

      • Jackey says :

        muertos, don’t take the term ‘brainwashed’ offensively. I didn’t really mean that way. But that’s how you are programmed, how I was programmed? We are taught to question everything and at some point it’s a positive thing. Being curious and inquisitive, that’s a human instinct right? Obviously, but insulting some ‘food for thought’ stuff for your own tease??? How can you prove your body is made up of 53 trillion cells? How can you prove there are dark energy and billions of stars out there?
        How can you prove your love to one of your dead family members?
        Of all, I challenge you to question your own existence.? If you don’t even spend a minute to question your own existence and own self, how could you get what’s going on around?
        Sometimes, your own consciousness is enough to seek proofs and facts to.
        I still hope people break their shells and start thinking out of the box.
        I wish you have an awakened subconscious mind very soon.
        I used to be an educated moron, not anymore. 😀

      • muertos says :

        Oh, OK. You call be “brainwashed” and suggest I’m an “educated moron” but I’m not supposed to take it personally. Thanks for clarifying that. You still haven’t explained what’s so wrong with asking for evidence and proof before believing in something. Thrive is full of falsehoods and incorrect statements. Foster Gamble, Adam Trombly, Nassim Haramein, David Icke etc. offer no evidence for their extraordinary claims, and yet you somehow seem to think I’m being unreasonable by not taking the truth of these claims on faith and instead asking for evidence. And terms like “awakened subconscious mind” mean absolutely nothing. Where are the facts? Where’s the evidence? And why I am I “programmed” or “brainwashed” for asking for them? What’s so unreasonable about insisting upon facts?

      • Jackey says :

        I’m responsible for what I said, I’m not responsible for what you understood.
        Thank you.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Perhaps I can approach this to you at a different angle than Mr. Muertos has, Jackey. Muertos writes his blog as a skeptic. What he does is investigate suspicious claims and request evidence when necessary.

        I am sure you agree that skepticism is often healthy. We should not buy claims just because a well-speaking man says so in a movie. Considering that Mr. Gamble makes several extraordinary claims in this area, such as free energy (which violates the laws of physics as we know them), it would be unusual for someone not to be skeptical.

  24. Jackey says :

    I’ve long ago believed there must be billions of habitable planets right here in our own galaxy, my consciousness whispered then.
    And, oh well guess what?? scientists just discovered it today and hit the newspaper claiming what I believed decades ago.
    “20 billions habitable planets in our galaxy”

    • Mr. Anon says :

      First, I’d like a citation. 20 billion habitable planets is very large indeed, and implies one inhabitable planet every two square light years, which would mean every solar system on average has at least two. This is a large assumption, and I am skeptical of it.

      Second, many of these predictions are based on the Drake equation, which is based on many variables and assumptions. Even liberal assumptions for it yield at most 2000 intelligent civilizations in our galaxy.
      If that seems rather large, keep in mind that the galaxy is HUGE (200,000 light years). It would take extremely long periods of time for such civilizations to travel.

      Third, we don’t need to prove that intelligent life exists in the universe. We only need to debunk claims that such civilizations have reached Earth and that they utilize “free energy”.

      • Jackey says :

        LoL, look at yourself and look around. Do you think we need to debunk anything? They’re already here , that’s “us”.
        I’m laughing at that last statement 😀

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Heh, nice catch there.

  25. Steve Kroschel says :

    Good Day to you ~
    I am one of the researchers involved on a production of a feature film called “The Grounded”, based upon the 2011 Nautilus award winning book “Earthing”.
    We”re seeking an interview with you about your opinions on “Thrive”, and particularly the crop circle phenomenon.
    Since you have some very good points, and make a lot of sense, and present an interesting point of view, we believe your sequence would bring a certain balance.
    Please let us know if you are interested in an interview; and /or would like additional details !
    Steve Kroschel / co-producer “The Grounded”

  26. KX Russell says :

    muertos says : April 7, 2012 at 3:04 pm

    “Wow. You read my Twitter. What a magnificent piece of detective work! Now you’ve got me totally figured out. There’s nothing more to know about me, nothing at all. I’ll just go ahead and delete this blog then, m’kay?”

    KX says: April 7th 2012 @ 11:29 am EDT

    Um m’kay that would be freakin awesome man thanks on deleting your blog. Oh & thanks for the kudos bro, appreciate it. I am sorry that there was nothing more to learn. I was just getting into it.

    • A.M. Turing says :

      Kx Russel wrote – “Oh & thanks for the kudos bro, appreciate it. I am sorry that there was nothing more to learn. I was just getting into it.”

      So, what was the point of digging through his personal life? What did that accomplish other than to reveal little tidbits of what he does with his time. How would you feel if someone took the time to dig into your personal life?
      Are you that butt hurt over him disagreeing with your dogmatic viewpoints that you had to take the time to investigate his personal life? You clearly have some serious issues.

      • KX Russell says :

        Are you seriously asking me this? A person has their entire life online open to everyone to see & you now imply to complain about “privacy”? Dude get real.

        Here is a person sort of “hiding” behind this identity ripping on people who are out in the open. This is typical of people on the internet, hackers & debunkers. They never come out in the light of day.

        Sean has my email that has MY name & my website. I am out in the open. The people who made THRIVE are out in the open. You want to be critical? Come out in the open. You want to rip on other people’s lives & ideas? Make your ideas known.

        Sean doesn’t present his ideas at all & neither do the debunkers. ZZZZZ.

        The people associated with THRIVE are tying to make the world a better place. Watch the film & see the end game: Change the world. Make it a better place.

        Debunkers always doubt themselves so feel COMPELLED to get others to doubt themselves. That is all this is… so far.

      • Jackey says :

        @A.M. There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not sneaking up into someones life. It’s called ‘Internet’ and there are privacy settings to fiddle with. If the so called ‘someone’ has public account, that means ‘public’ right? I don’t see anything wrong here. The moment you type something out there on the internet, someone is gonna see it.

        Thrive team is not there to make money selling DVDs. Some of you folks blatantly accused them of doing so. Guess what, treat yourself, go and watch it for FREE, yeah, no more money making but creating awareness. The founder is billionaire himself and just like Buddha at certain point of his content life got the enlightenment, the founder of Thrive must have been intrigued by something for doing good or spreading awareness for us ‘human'(forget about boundaries, races and religions), yes we are one and we are human.

        Thrive is not compelling and forcing you to believe what he has to say, rather it’s a nice story telling in a very convincing manner which forces us to think differently than the way we are programmed.

        And, if some guy pops up spreading negative reviews and contradicting baseless each and everything on the documentary, we certainly want to know what this guy is up to and what’s his intentions are. He cries it’s his view and he has a right to put his view, I agree. But when he wants to do it behind the curtain, eye brows get raised. That’s as simple as that.

        PS: and if you are assuming that I’m somehow related to this other guy called Russell whom you may think I’m favoring, you are very wrong, I’m not and just like I don’t know you, I don’t know him/her as well. I was writing these words based on my true conscience.

  27. A.M. Turing says :

    KX Russel wrote – “The people associated with THRIVE are tying to make the world a better place. Watch the film & see the end game: Change the world. Make it a better place.”

    So is digging up information on people part of this change and “making it a better place” that you speak of?

    I agree with you that people do put out personal information out on the internet, whether knowingly or unknowingly. ( In fact, more than they should ). But does this make it OK to do what you just did? Perhaps you feel justified by believing that Muertos may be hiding something, which many other Thrive supporters believe based on their responses. But considering some of the people that have posted here, I think the last thing he would want is to have some internet kook harassing him day and night. Anyways, I leave you with your obsession with Muertos.

  28. A.M. Turing says :

    “There is nothing wrong with it. It’s not sneaking up into someones life. It’s called ‘Internet’ and there are privacy settings to fiddle with. If the so called ‘someone’ has public account, that means ‘public’ right? I don’t see anything wrong here. The moment you type something out there on the internet, someone is gonna see it.”

    It really depends on how far you take this. You could do a basic google search and find some general information on a person. If you’re really good at it, then you can find some detailed information on the person. There is a difference, however, between curiosity and obsession. I just wonder how far Russel will take this? I think it could be dangerous if, say, Russel ended up posting Muertos true home address, and then some mentally/emotionally unstable individual decides to look him up. Considering a couple of nutters have posted on his blog in the past, that’s a possibility. This is the real issue I have with this. If he wants to continue with his info search and gather it in one place, then I’m sure he will continue to do so. I personally wouldn’t do this, but that’s just me.

    And I know that you’re not speaking for Russel. I appreciate your honesty.

    • KX Russell says :

      @A.M. Nice attempt to try & twist this around.

      Read this blog. Some posters wanted to know who he was. “Muertos” refused to divulge anything so I just did one search on him & BLAM there was his twitter page. It is PUBLIC. It is open. I am not some ANON/LULZER going around hacking private info, (though if I wanted to be a complete idiot & criminal I supposed I could).

      I went thru the list just to see what kind of person he is. I shared that info here & “Sean”/”Muerto” could have DELETED my post but he didn’t.

      I put it out there so other posters would know that he is a progressive left winger who subscribes to at least a dozen debunker groups. He subscribes to a few anti-religion “haters” (my word). He seems to be a History major college student who is going tot he East Coast to get his Ph.D.

      All of this tells me a lot. Having grown up surrounded by people like that it gives me a very good idea. And i have noticed that nowhere have I read on here him coming forth with any ideas nor has he expressed his world view. i think because he is afraid that someone might do to him what he is doing to others. The golden rule apparently doesn’t apply here.

      As I said I gave my real name & my own blog. I am not here hiding my identity pushing a hidden agenda unlike just about everyone else here who is here under a pseudonym.

      If you want to debunk something I would say actually KONY 2012 would give you a better shot of debunking a movement with a secret agenda.

  29. Jackey says :

    I really find it offending if someone is to dig into my personal information and publish it to anywhere on the internet without my consent. That’s really low life activity.
    I support to the point where information on internet is easily accessible to anyone. But if someone misuses it by publishing it anywhere for his/her own tease or to create some sort of problems, that’s sickening. I just read something in the beginning of this page by the same guy and I apologize to ‘Muertos’ if he thought I’m supporting that as well, I’m not. As long as, I can see your information if it’s public, that’s okay but misusing that information is a crime. I’ll never ever support it.

    • muertos says :

      My Twitter is public. I put it out there. Twitter does have a “make your tweets private” function, but I don’t use it. It’s easy enough to find information about almost anyone on the net. If someone reads my Twitter account to learn more about me, that’s fine. I really have no problem with it.

      What amuses me–and my response to KX, as you see, is deliberately sarcastic–is that people think who I am is such a vitally important issue, so they see it as some sort of “victory” by looking me up and noting things about me that I haven’t volunteered on this blog. As I’ve said before, who I am doesn’t matter. It’s the facts and arguments presented on this blog that are relevant. That’s what the discussion should be about. Are the assertions made in Thrive supportable or not? That’s the whole game for me.

      Most people who respond to my debunking arguments by wanting to drill into my personal life are interested in one issue: whether I’m being paid to discredit something they believe in, or whether there’s some other factor out there that they can use to disqualify the things I’ve said. Let’s be clear, I’m not accusing KX of taking that approach. I’m just observing that this is often the reason people are interested in me. I’m not a “paid disinformation agent,” but the people who believe I am would never be satisfied by any evidence I could provide to the contrary anyway (or any lack of evidence in favor of that conclusion), so I stand nothing to gain by openly giving them anything to work with. The whole thing is just silly.

      Anyone who does think I’m a “paid disinformation agent” is welcome to register their opinion on a little poll I provided for just that purpose: https://thrivedebunked.wordpress.com/2012/03/26/poll-is-the-creator-of-this-blog-a-paid-disinformation-agent/ As of today, approximately 20% of the respondents do believe I’m being paid to discredit Thrive. Who knows how many more are scared to answer for fear that my reptilian Illuminati overlords will hunt them down through their IP addresses if they choose to vote!

      • KX Russell says :

        Muertos I do believe that you are genuine guy & not a internet spawned identity like I have run into on the net that wildly goes off attacking anything that is not status quo. I saw that you were reluctant to reveal who you were so all i did was google your blogger name & saw the twitter account & went thru it get who you were & your viewpoint.

        I can say that your reality for the most part is not mine but hey that is life. I can see that you & I have a few aesthetic things in common in terms of coking travel & food.

        I started to watch THRIVE with a very skeptical eye. I watched to see where certain things would tie in to discredit the entire thing for me. I was surprised that that never happened. i was even expecting a religious tie in in the end but he sort of passed that off with a African American female Buddhist monk who refrained from ideology & talked about finding that inner voice to guide your to a better life.

        I am definitely one who applies LOOK DON’T LISTEN.Being almost 50 & having lived around the world I can say I have applied that to this sort of segment of life that THRIVE represents.

        I am sure one could really nit pick & work real hard to discredit any little thing this movie says. I see this stemming from TWO viewpoints:

        1) Partially a view that the world has not evil in it & what you see is what you get;
        2) If the world really had remarkable things like this we all would have heard about them.

        Well Sean sorry but this is incorrect. There is evil & data DOES get suppressed.

        I have no problem with different points of view. I have no problem with you coming up with different solutions What I do have a problem with is when good people with good hearts are trying to push forward a better life & someone like you not only tries to stand in their way but also tries to dismantle what they are doing.

        Sorry but people like that always have an agenda & something to hide. If you say you don’t then write an entire blog about your solutions to solving the worlds problems. Then we will see how we are maybe more alike or perhaps we can spend all day dismantling your crazy ideas.

      • muertos says :

        KX, if you haven’t already read it I strongly recommend you read this article where I address the whole issue of why I can’t give Thrive a pass on its spurious facts in favor of acknowledging the “good people with good hearts [who] are trying to push forward a better life”: https://thrivedebunked.wordpress.com/2012/01/28/should-we-give-thrive-a-pass-on-facts-and-instead-praise-its-message/

        As for my “crazy ideas” about how to solve the world’s problems, here’s a particular one that I have: I think we would have a stronger country and a better world if people would stop believing in baseless conspiracy theories. Conspiracy theories corrode the ability of people to think critically about the problems that face them and their society, and they misdirect valuable energy toward imaginary or exaggerated threats instead of getting people to focus on real-world problems that could have real-world solutions. This blog is literally an effort to implement this “crazy idea” about a better world. And you know what I get for my trouble? People coming here saying I should be trying to work for a better world instead of debunking conspiracy theories. Not that it bothers me; whenever you attack a religious belief system, as conspiracy theories generally are, you’ll engender controversy. But I’m just using this example to show you that your facile dichotomy between those who “work for a better world” and those who don’t (in your view) is totally illusory.

      • KX Russell says :

        muertos says : April 7, 2012 at 9:55 pm
        Conspiracy theories corrode the ability of people to think critically about the problems that face them and their society, and they misdirect valuable energy toward imaginary or exaggerated threats instead of getting people to focus on real-world problems that could have real-world solutions.

        Should We Give Thrive a Pass on Facts, And Instead Praise its “Message?”
        …”that crop circles are of extraterrestrial origin, that Adam Trombly has invented a working “free energy” device, and that an insular group of conspirators control the world. These things are not true, and many other claims the movie makes aren’t true either.”

        KX RUSSELL
        1) Crop circles I guess one could say has “not been proven” either way I will say that it is MY CRITICAL THINKING that says these circles are indeed the work of an off planet source having witnessed them & having watched videos of them being made;

        2) Again regarding Adam Trombly you get into a “He said/She said” argument. Nothing conclusive either way. Having personally dealt in advanced technologies being suppressed I would lean more towards Trombly;

        3) The insular group controlling the world I KNOW for fact does exist having witnessed it several times in several places in the world.

        So saying that “these things are not true” is YOUR hypothesis.

        The real value in any piece of data is can it be evaluated & assigned an importance. & if evaluated as truthful & relevant can you then use it to solve a problem by locating a real cause & thusly having found the real cause work out the program to unravel the situation.

        I have found that the Insular group controlling the world to be valid & I have been able to execute entire programs in handling problems based upon that data.

        The fact that Gamble did get those things right that I know personally are correct opens the door for me to listen to him more.

        The fact that you so brazenly dismiss it as untrue when i know that it is shows me that either
        1) You can’t look, perceive acknowledge & utilize data properly
        2) You are unwilling to have your basic paradigms challenged unless you get it from one of your official data confirming sources (who would that be? The AMA? The CIA? NBC? CNN? Just guessing)
        3) think that the only world you can know is what you perceive through your body’s 5 senses or what you are told to perceive by some authority figure.

        I think you are in for a tough life or at least the next few years….

  30. Jackey says :

    but, hey, for every ying there is yang right?? without that there is no balance.
    I’ve nothing personal against the blogger here but just having some healthy discussion, … he let the door open for criticisms which I think is good for good 😀
    Seriously, the only reason I supported the documentary is because it talks about human race, not race and religions, it talks about people not banks and corporations. and it even instigates possible human potentials. Though sounds so superficial it feels good, and those are the things we can only dream of right now.

  31. KX Russell says :

    muertos says : April 10, 2012 at 7:44 pm
    “I am surprised that you, in 15 comments (and counting), haven’t offered a single substantive factual critique backed up with evidence to explain why I’m wrong or why you think your delusions of a “Global Domination Agenda” are correct.”

    You are the one presenting your supposition as fact which is in any arguable laughable. You have not disproven anything for that matter.

    muertos says
    “All you’ve done is read my Twitter, post some things about it and posit that it totally explains my worldview, why I oppose Thrive and what I believe in.”

    I did that obviously b/c you would not reveal to anyone here who you are & what you believe in. And still you only attack other viewpoints & still hide your own. My experience has shown that only cowards do that or people who have something to hide. At least you owned up to the Twitter page & didn’t try to censor my post.

    As far as i can tell you view the world in a sort of Newtonian/Descartesian humanistic mechanical way where the news media is the bastion of truth & integrity & other people’s spiritual views are worthy of bashing.

    muertos says
    “You suggest some vague New Age feel-good books but you haven’t offered a single fact or a single piece of evidence that indicates I’m wrong.”

    And here you miss the point: I don’t care about that. I am trying to get you to OPEN YOUR MIND b/c it is fairly closed right now. The “New Age” books are far from that. They are written by respected Scientists like Physics professors the late David Bohm (who discovered the Bohm Aharonov effect & taught @ UC Berkely) & Fritoj Capra (who teaches at the University of Vienna) & Rupert Sheldrake who is a Cambridge Biochemistry PhD. These book represent evolutions in thought. And the fact that you are so dismissive of some the 20th & 21st centuries great minds shows me indeed you are closed minded.

    muertos says
    “Your entire argument is that I’m somehow doing wrong by criticizing Thrive because the people who made it have good intentions. Well, gee whiz, I have good intentions too, but I don’t see anyone here, including my supporters, arguing that my good intentions should immunize me for criticism on my facts.”

    My argument has been is that YOU provide nothing but opinion here & then try to pass it off as fact. For myself I don’t need to prove anything. I have been busy living life & experiencing it & so have many of my like minded friends. We have been changing this world whether you are aware of it or not. You can try to pass yourself off as some sort of expert but those of us who do know just laugh about this. You think the world is one particular way but it is not.

    When I lived in SE Asia I saw who was running the gold & drug smuggling. When I got cancer I saw which MD got me a vaccine that got results & which MD had been physically attacked. I have been witness to government attacks to shut down different organizations who were fighting to bring truth to hidden crimes. And you think that b/c CBS & CNN did not report it it is not true. THis is not a personal attack but merely a statement of fact that to think that is actually delusional.

    muertos says
    “So, do you or do you not have a concrete factual objection to something I’ve posted? If so, what is it, and what is your reliable, testable and verifiable evidence in support of your assertion? Please be as specific as possible. Thank you.”

    WHat is it exactly you would like some sort of concrete evidence upon?

    • muertos says :

      You say I’ve provided nothing but opinion–obviously you haven’t read much of this blog. I provided facts to demonstrate that crop circles are made by human beings, thus refuting one of the main contentions in Thrive. I provided facts to demonstrate that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was not a “false flag,” thus refuting Foster Gamble’s error on this point. I provided facts to demonstrate that ancient structures such as the pyramids were constructed by ancient peoples, not by extraterrestrials. But even if I hadn’t done that, what you don’t seem to understand is that it’s up to the believers in these various conspiracy theories and similar wild claims–free energy, the “Global Domination Agenda,” UFOs, extraterrestrial technology, etc.–to provide facts to validate these claims. This is a point that conspiracy believers would rather not acknowledge–that nothing can be regarded as proven until and unless there are facts to support it.

      This blog is about whether the claims in Thrive are supported by facts or logical reasoning. This blog isn’t about my religious or spiritual beliefs, about whether CNN reports the news accurately, about who smuggled drugs in Southeast Asia in the past, or about New Age charlatans like Ouspensky. This blog is about whether the claims in Thrive are supported by facts or logical reasoning. What I hear you arguing is that I have a “closed mind” because I ask for evidence and critical thinking before I believe bizarre and nonsensical fairy tales like a “Global Domination Agenda” or magical free energy devices. Your argument seems to be that it’s inherently unreasonable and unfair of me to ask for evidence before believing these things. I’ve challenged numerous supporters of Thrive who make the same argument to explain why it’s unreasonable and unfair for me to do this. Not a single one of them has ever come up with a coherent answer. If you can, you’re absolutely welcome to, and frankly I’d like to hear it, because I’ve never understood that position in the first place.

      • KX Russell says :

        muertos says
        “provided facts to demonstrate that crop circles are made by human

        Sorry Sean but this is just false. You have over 5000 circles on Planet
        Earth some of which have been videotaped being made of something flying & using a technology not easily duplicated.

        muertos says
        I provided facts to demonstrate that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was not a “false flag,”

        Well it is hard to beat Robert McNamara on video tape saying that the G of T NEVER happened. So again incorrect.

        muertos says
        “demonstrate that ancient structures such as the pyramids were constructed by ancient peoples,”

        Sorry but people 5000 to 10,000 years did not possess the technology to do even half of this so again your suppositions are incorrect. Go look Goblecki & Puma Punta & Macchu Pichu.

        muertos says
        This is a point that conspiracy believers would rather not acknowledge–that nothing can be regarded as proven until and unless there are facts to support it.

        The list is endless on this.
        all sorts of tests have shown & hundreds of scientists have signed on to say that the purported events of 9/11 are not what they seem;
        Come to Laughlin NV where I own property & ask around town about April 2010 & November 2008. You will hear stories of what people saw. Like Ducks walking up to a house & hiding behind a vehicle for a hour silent & unmoving while a UFO was over the marsh lands.
        Or Dr Roger Lear’s patient from whom he removed a metal object that when metallurgist test showed that the metals in the object could have only come from a star system closer to the center of the Galaxy & were not native to this solar system.
        Read John Perkins book Confession of an Economic Hitman

        The fact remains is that you have chosen to attack a movie & actually an entire movement on Earth & have not provided anything but yer opinions whereas there are plenty of facts to show you the rest of what anyone of us is talking about. And this brings me to more of the conclusion that you are just another person working for the darkside & pretending to be some sort of proponent to stop fraud when indeed it is the other way around.

        Calling Ouspenksy a new age charlatan just shows me how uneducated you are showing yourself to be. The man was a Greek & Hebrew scholar.And the fact that you do not reveal your lack of spiritual awareness of belief just adds fuel to that fire. And yes THAT has everything to do with it. That is what YOU don’t get.

        It has to do that a person who cannot fathom any other reality then the one on his TV or that only his bodies eyes tell him tries to be a critic of people who have not only other senses beside the physical but have experience in all the realms you deny. The truth is is that you are in serious trouble & don’t know it.

      • muertos says :

        It’s clear that you have no interest in even considering any fact or reasoned argument that doesn’t confirm and support your predetermined conclusion that everything is a conspiracy. No wonder nothing on this blog has reached you–if, for example, after reading the “false flag” article which contains a documented admission by a North Vietnamese official that the attack did happen and still thinking “I haven’t debunked it,” you’re utterly lost to any sort of rational analysis. You do represent the perfect example of the target audience member to whom Foster Gamble is trying to sell his movie, however. In that sense you’ve confirmed quite a lot of the hypotheses I’ve formed about who is most eagerly buying the ideology that Thrive is selling and why they’re so resistant to anything in the way of reason.

  32. KX Russell says :

    muertos says : April 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    It’s clear that you have no interest in even considering any fact or reasoned argument that doesn’t confirm and support your predetermined conclusion that everything is a conspiracy.

    Funny Sean that is what everyone is saying about you & your blog.

    muertos says : April 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    No wonder nothing on this blog has reached you–if, for example, after reading the “false flag” article which contains a documented admission by a North Vietnamese official that the attack did happen and still thinking “I haven’t debunked it,” you’re utterly lost to any sort of rational analysis.

    Guess you decided to believe the communists vs the man who was Secretary of Defense of the United States who refuted that. I guess you are the one who only believes the data that fits into your world.

    muertos says : April 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm
    You do represent the perfect example of the target audience member to whom Foster Gamble is trying to sell his movie, however. In that sense you’ve confirmed quite a lot of the hypotheses I’ve formed about who is most eagerly buying the ideology that Thrive is selling and why they’re so resistant to anything in the way of reason.

    No Sean it only proves that the sort of people who are debunkers only sit at home & read books & watch pre-programmed TV that tells you what the truth is as opposed to going out & living life & finding what is true & how real life really works.

    I have a pretty high IQ & I have quite a few extra-sensory abilities which I have demonstrated to several people. I went to a pretty good school where I studied stuff most people would consider “left AND right brained” (though I personally don’t bother with too much stuff like that). I have run my own biz for several years & made some good money so I know my ability to analyze data & project growth is very good. I have lived in several countries, speak a few languages & been around the world a few times. I know who I am & where I am going & have a pretty good sense of what is to help other people & try to improve conditions for my fellow man.

    All the things that THRIVE are discussing are things I have been looking at for the past 30 years. For me it doesn’t introduce a lot of new data but ties things together. At this point you remind me of this passage in the Matrix:

    • NonFiction says :

      Forget debating Thrive’s conclusions…if their facts are all wrong, who would even want them to be on your side??? This whole movie was an attempt to discredit everything contained in it by being so stinking factually inaccurate. Wake up.

      • KX Russell says :

        According to whom? You? Other debunkers? People who have a vested interested in creating an argument against everything in the film? The waking up need is your court I am afraid.

      • Jackey says :

        we all don’t know the jack about what we’re talking about. We’re just making assumptions, esp. debunkers and conspiracy theorists as well.
        Regarding crop circles, nobody knows who the heck is doing that. So called conspiracy theorists get to play their thought on it and then debunkers start on. I don’t know who created those but I know that was not man-made. There are some man-made ones trying to replicate this phenomenon, it’s a joke. As per the subject of UFO, they’re real. If you think that’s fake just because you’ve not seen one, then you’re not real, you are deluded and most probably you’re looked at as the confused or abnormal one in your inner circle.
        What would you say to those who have facts and proofs, check the link below( Get ready for next version of it real soon):

      • Jackey says :

        Everyone loves youtube, researchers/scientists/teachers/students/entertainers/businesses/even you… everyone loves youtube. It’s obvious why conspiracy theorists be left.
        Youtube is real. Real life education is right there. Factual information or referral source of information can be found right there. It’s dynamic way of expressing one’s thought process.
        Had I given the non-youtube link to sources, I would have gotten the answers ‘all conspiracy theorists love internet’. anyway, I don’t believe 9/11 is a insider job. Whoever believe it are whackos. Let them deal with it. But denying the fact about these flying saucers is very surprising. They’re real. A mexican fighter footage several years ago dismayed mexican officials. It can’t get more real than this. We’re all hanging on this rock called ‘earth’ amidst this vast space full of different advanced civilizations.

    • stratoblaster says :

      You dissed Ouspensky???
      Oh man
      that’s really revealing you unfavorably
      you’re missing out

      Try a bit of ” In Search of the Miraculous ”
      who cares what he is/was, I have no idea what you’ve read or decided or why but that information is valuable, a major help for human development, and understanding our place in the Absolute (or whatever you want to call the Everything)

      Kudos and thanks to ole Beezlebub mr G.

      anyone I discuss it with (who’s read it) agrees, very inspiring and use-full, and insidiously potent. You’ll need some will (and guts, balls, ovaries) to really get anywhere with it but…

      after you’ve read it (Please do)

      really work on keeping your attentive omniscient observer presence awake for more than a couple minutes…seconds even.
      not just meditating or chanting or fixating…daydreaming, thinking….but

      Dissolving into the Whole with full attention

      realizing what is essential in you that connects with everything

      a worthy effort

      You’re a stimulus/response machine (not an insult)
      So am I
      This is our challenge
      To learn our octave
      To pull the bowstring and see the arrow go where we aim, and not curve off into space…..

      I experiment with you with pokes into your premises in this blog over in the crop circle section.
      911, Tesla (I was wrong! he didn’t invent AC), clean energy….
      you get mad. insulting. superior, everytime. predictably
      I was sarcastic a bit, that turned up the heat

      according to Ouspenski (Gurdjieff, actually)

      we’re mechanical
      until we learn to shift into an open “higher” awareness (vibrationally)
      too woo woo?

      I’m still working on it, trying to be there as much as possible
      I can get there but so far, its a challenge to stay

      being patient… then
      slipping back to habit….then remembering again
      getting frustrated…(I can recall the last time I awoke clearly but what just passed since then?) I was asleep in motion

      again being aware


      I’ll even venture it’ll make you a better skeptic blogger


      think about the title change…..k?

  33. Jackey says :

    Thrive Effect: —–>>>>>>
    Iceland forgives mortgage debt of its population..
    (We need more government of people to follow the suit, not government of bankers/corps)

  34. Janet says :

    Who are you and why should we believe what you say when you won’t even reveal your real name? How about a little transparency?

    THRIVE is a great movie. Everybody should watch it!

    • muertos says :

      Janet, as I’ve stated before in comments, I don’t want this blog to become about me. Despite the fervor with which Thrive fans want to make it about me, I want the articles here and the facts and arguments presented in them to stand on their own. It couldn’t be less relevant who I am. This blog is about Thrive, about its factual veracity (which is seriously compromised) and about the persuasiveness of its arguments about what’s going on around the world (clearly, as I’ve demonstrated, not very persuasive at all).

    • LeeW says :

      I too would love to know who Muertos is… I have been asking this same question for some time.

      Apparently, everyone is supposed to just accept what he has to say without knowing anything about him, his history or his motivations. I’m glad that he doesn’t think it’s important.

      At least Foster is prepared to be scrutinized on every level.

      This speaks volumes to me!

      Makes me wonder if they are looking for a “face” for the blog.

  35. Sonya says :

    MUERTOS, I think that you should have an actual conversation with Foster. Have you even reached out?…Do you even know this man you have dedicated the last few months of your life discrediting?…You should try and make it to one of these screenings that have a Q+A session without the mentality of attack. Open your mind…

    • muertos says :

      SONYA, I think that you should learn to spell and not use your caps lock so much.

      Foster Gamble can contact me at any time he wants to. My email is muertos@gmail.com.

    • Jackey says :

      All CAPS is considered yelling. I would stop that as well.

      Despite what was written up against Thrive movie, I still consider this is just his opinion. I’m a Thrive movie supporter and I don’t really think his words would change anything about my love towards the movie. Who are we to change a person’s thought? Let them have a freedom of their own imagination, agreeing it or not is on every other of us.
      But for more of us, it’s sounding more like defamation than debunking out of some personal vendetta, who knows? I could be wrong.
      I call myself Thrive follower, the movie which talks about love and brotherhood and just because someone is criticizing it, I can’t go and attack that person verbally or in written form. That’s me forgetting who am trying to become.
      Let’s end this hatred, and share love. Let him have his peace of mind.

  36. Darren Knorr says :

    “The central argument of the movie Thrive is that technology and processes allowing so-called “free” energy exist and are being suppressed by various conspiratorial forces. As I hope this blog will demonstrate, this central assertion, as well as many others made in the Thrive movie, cannot withstand objective scrutiny from the standpoint of factual analysis or logical reasoning.”

    I outlined the opening statement of this blog, to counter its assertions with Fact:

    Cold Fusion, as a new emerging, scientific phenomena is currently being engineered, validated and commercialized as a viable Ultra clean and cheap energy source.

    Here is a link to direct information that put’s this blog’s bias into perspective, in that one can ask why recent developments into Cold Fusion are not being addressed?


    Follow the link and listen too the radio show and logically track down more info on Cold Fusion…

    WE are seeing the birth of a technology of staggering importance in both is disruptive and remediating potential!!

    The Thrive web site places a link to the PESN New Energy Blog.

    In the US atm you cannot get an Patent application that involves Cold Fusion, through to completion and approval.

    It is stated by the Brillouin Team, via the above link.

    Defkalion, a Greece company, is developing Cold Fusion reactors, has just allowed 10 teams to test their claims, and we are now waiting on the results of validation.

    Follow the link and follow the logical questions that fall out from that, or the above Blog mission statement is meaningless in the context of your attempt to stand on the ethics found in factual motivated reporting and investigation.

    If you side set the significance of the above information, you will have exposed a profound blind spot in your awareness….LOL


  37. *facepalm* says :

    I find it strange that people automatically assume distrust in the world powers and governments turns you into a ‘crazy, paranoid conspiracy. theorist’. It shows your true ignorance. do you REALLY trust your american government and believe they are looking out for your well being??? Perhaps you are the one that is guided by false facts, fabricated evidence and lies. Open your eyes buddy

    • muertos says :

      When did I ever say that I trust world powers or governments?

      • Zachary Jakobs says :

        Still with all the things that have happened it would certainly lead one to question whether or not it can really just be from an ineffectual government and a corrupt capitalistic society that is turning into something from one of Ayn Rand’s wet dreams. Surely that’s a part of it, but things get a little… suspicious some times.

  38. Zachary Jakobs says :

    Actually Muertos, I had a friend that created a sort of free energy device (I’m not sure how exactly it works, so granted this isn’t a very credibly account) but from what I understand it was some kind of crystaline generator where it’s energy output increased exponentially in relation to it’s size. It actually worked! I’m just saying this so that you don’t just blow off perpetual motion or free energy devices.

    Suppression of that kind of stuff has been known to happen before, or just a complete aversion of development of more feasible technology. Look at photovoltaic cells and batteries! We were developing electric cars in the 1890s, and then as soon as the oil industries began domination the energy market we switched right on over to internal combustion and almost all research into furthering electric tech halted. Then in the 40s (or was it the 50s?) we created the first photovoltaic cell, and then we basically sat on it (besides it’s use by NASA) for nearly 30 years. And even now we are not investing enough money or time into development.

    You get what I’m saying? I just don’t want you to wantonly dismiss EVERYTHING in the film because some of it is far-fetched. Like, the aliens bit, probably just speculation, as there is no conclusive evidence, but it *might* be true, you don’t know for sure.

    Speculation is perfectly acceptably denial is not. Just keep that in mind. Unless you can prove stuff wrong, don’t dismiss it as false. Unfortunately this is kind of like the “Ancient Aliens” crap where according to Georgio A Tsoukalos (with his crazy hair and wild, and fun to listen to theories [that sound like they came straight out of Stargate]) “The only way for the Ancient Astronauts Theory can be disproved, is if they come to earth and tell us they were never here.”

  39. chasingimagination says :

    I think you are doing a great service. There are just a lot of people out there who will believe all sorts of theories because they see the state of the world they are in and they need some sort of an explanation – take blaming the ‘devil’ or ‘witches’ for all the evil. Or blaming another religion or race. Now its ‘the government’, ‘the illuminati’, ‘the Rothschild’.

    Keep up the good work. Trolls on your page will never beat you. They don’t have relevant facts to back them up.

    • muertos says :

      Thank you! I receive so few positive comments, I should acknowledge the ones I get.

    • stratoblaster says :

      RE: the disinformation agent poll:
      I’d vote but I don’t much prefer reptiles….
      (tho I did fall temporarily in love with a snake)

      birds, yes
      cats, definitely.

      Bees are really cool too,

      its getting brighter round here.

      I’m going to suggest this blog would be better if retitled:


      I humbly suggest
      that it pursue truth with fact based evidence
      that it not bash anyone or resort to cliched generalized derogatory terms
      that it avoid any baseless dogma or bias or editorial opinions
      that the tone of the population remain in the realm of courtesy and mutual respect
      that sarcasm is not encouraged (unless punishingly witty) No! Wait …who said that? .shut up, huh? oh….. :^&*%

      We all want this life to be grand
      We all would like to know whats really going on
      We all want clean energy


      We can do it people, yawp!
      get over your personalities and ego squabbling
      just get the information out

      inventors: your time to make $ has passed

      If over unity devices or even anything more efficient than what we currently use exists:

      (yes caps shouting)


      Provide access to better information or
      GET OUT OF THE WAY (shouting louder)

      cmon quit with the drama

      LETS DO THIS (sorta loud)

      Tho it’s apparently factually challenged, Thrive means well, esp at the end,

      it’s up to all of us
      its simple
      it feels good

      WELL WISHERS WIN (so loud you feel it)

      I want humanity to survive on earth until the sun goes super nova
      why argue about that?



    Hello Muertos,

    There is a conspiracy going on and that is one against the most beneficial plants to mankind, CANNABIS!!

    I appreciate your work and time you have put in but you have to admit, looking at was is happening to the world and the injustice and inequalities that are going on that there more going on than what we are ‘told’. I believe there are a rise of conspiracy and conspiracy supporters as more and more people are coming to realize what is going on all over the world, however i believe the real reason why we are in the state we are in is the brainwashing we have undergone about cannabis and not utilizing it at all. What alot of people believe about cannabis is in opposition and alot of the times EXACTLY CONTRARY to what scientific evidence and fact states.

    Cannabis (Hemp, Marijuana, etc.) can heal the world, it creates environmentally friendly, bio-degradable, with alot more environmentally friendly processing procedures, structurally superior, more durable, longer lasting and at a better land-crop yield, with alot less pesticides literally EVERYTHING; basically everything: plastics, rubbers, clothing, fabrics, bags, shoes, (all which is stronger and more durable then cotton), rope, canvas, paints (environmentally friendly), PETROL (for cars, yes it can make ridiculously more petrol then corn does, also is more environmentally friendly then the current methods used and would not cause the wars which it is causing), paper (at 1/4 the land which is being used today, on top of that forests take decades whilst cannabis takes months, paper also more stronger and durable), concrete, shampoos, conditioners, soaps, moisturizers, food (the hemp seed has more protein then meat and fish, also has health essential fats), cooking oils, and the list goes on! And this is industrial hemp, which you can’t get high off from smoking it! The fact that this was all pretty much known before the intense demon-isation and negative propaganda of cannabis (aka Marijuana), and the ill-legalization of growing hemp, even though the uses of hemp was known thousands of years ago, really points to the fact that there is a sinister power enslaving the population. Now on top of all this, the cannabis with cannabanoids in it (the molecule responsible for getting you ‘high’) has been found to cure cancer, Alzheimer, glaucoma, chronic migraines, depression, schizophrenia, etc. (the list goes on and on). It grows easily in nearly all conditions (it IS a weed) also cleanses the soils of heavy metals and radioactivity and absorbs a lot more CO2 then crops grown now. Yet none of this is reported in mainstream news. All this is backed up by real and solid FACT and EVIDENCE, not just further conspiracy. On top of that it is an experience which empowers thinking and encourages asking questions. WHY DOES NO ONE KNOW ABOUT THIS? Because we have been brainwashed to think marijuana is baaad mm-kk. That’s what our parents were brainwashed into thinking and that’s how we have been, this is the true fact that we all have to wake up to!

    And the people that do know how much cannabis can do, a lot don’t seem to realize how much it’s illegal status is negatively effecting us, it is taking away our individual independence, as we cannot grow our own fabrics, foods, plastics, provide our own oil and energy, we become a slave to the big corporations, having to work our lives away just so we can keep up with inflation and the enslavement to oil, and stress and continue to give our money and power (ie. time from our lives) away.

    I wonder what your views are on the topic of cannabis? Did you know about all the things it can do, at the fraction of the environmental cost, with infinitely more sustainability and better socially (in the sense that everyone can (more or less) provide for themselves locally, with no one providing the one answer (as is the case with oil, and many other industries which hold monopolies)) than the methods used to provide the products used today??

    It would be absolutely fantastic is you could address this issue, and look into it as I believe it is the root cause of every conspiracy theory. Even a criticism, or debunking the power of cannabis would be great as I have yet to find anything being able to prove that the claims of what cannabis can do is untrue.

    Thanks for your time, this video may interest you, it is from a user on youtube who has taken time to put together video’s which shows the usefulness of cannabis. In this video he debunks thrive using cannabis, showing the growing cannabis can essential provide the free energy and utopia which thrive describes.

    Keep up the skeptical work, always good to have a different point of view.


    Whoops here’s the link: exposes Gamblers background and facts, show how cannabis technology which was known decades and centuries ago can solve alot of the world problems:


    • muertos says :

      Myles O’Howe has already been to this blog several times to spam his various cannabis conspiracy theories which are extraordinarily bizarre. He also compared me to a Nazi because I said I didn’t care whether marijuana is legal or not. Thanks for your comments, but I have absolutely zero interest in this issue.

  42. Juliano says :

    I ALSO try and expose the new age and their disinformers whereever I can which is how I found this blog. BUT that doesn’t mean I agree with ALL this blog-owners assumptions either. I see right through David Icke and his paranoid ramblings, and I notice the author of this blog site presents a fairly good BIO of David Ickle so people can get a handle on his part, and where he is coming from.
    SO, I tried to find the same about the owner/author of this blogsite ‘Thrive Debunked’ (a film I also have misgivings about btw), but cannot find ANYthing. I clicked the ‘about’ button–nothing. So, until I get more information on this person, I am very suspicious. He or she claims that have denunked the globalist agenda, and judges those who ‘believe’ in it to be–in one place I read–“right-wing libertarians”. So I am curious just what is YOUR bio–if you are reading this? Why the mystery about yourself, and your background. I understand thatr a lot of what you are doing by debunking is part of what your about, but we want more. What do YOU think is reality, etc? I KNOW just how cunning these elites are, and how they back BOTh sides of a ‘conflict’, and so I don’t see why we should just trust YOU (who we cannot find out about) just because you are ‘against the New Age agenda’. So….who ARE you please?

  43. Matthew says :

    Hey man, you must understand there is no absolute truth. Whats your take on the Skull and Bones secret society? You ever looked into that? Do a little research you might be quite surprised.

    • muertos says :

      I’m curious, why do you assume that I haven’t done any research? In fact it is the research I’ve done on numerous conspiracy theories–including the Skull N Bones society (which is mainly a drinking club)–that has convinced me the theories are false.

      • Juliano says :

        …LOL, a ~drinking club~?…so thats IT is it, in your opinion. ?? we can all stop worring huh. Are you the owner of this blog? If so where is your bio so we can have a look about you?

      • Rui Viegas says :

        @ Muertos… Have you seen “Inside Job”? Many of the protagonists behind the global financial issues we are going through are exactly the ones on “Thrive”. While much of the “Thrive” movie has a systemic interdisciplinary approach, where many assumptions are interrelated, it’s funny that the characters and their interrelationships are very similar to others presented by different documentaries.
        Plenty of info on the Web about “free energy”, and the successful attempts to suppress its implementation.
        I do not fully agree with all the approaches presented in the movie, mainly their view on climate change. While Cap & Trade is actually being intensified as a policy to enrich a few, I believe that climate scientists are not involved in such conspiracy. Again, politicians and corporations are the ones finding a way to enrich a few at the expense of many… as usual.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Rei Viegas, I don’t think you understand the scientific concept of falsifiability and peer review. Now, before you play the Galileo Gambit, Galileo could test his predictions, and his research was verified by other astronomers (in fact, he was actually interpreting the research of other astronomers).

        I’ll leave Muertos to address the claims about the financial crisis.

      • Rui Viegas says :

        @ Mr Anon,

        I which my name was “Rei” Viegas (“King” Viegas in English… LOL). I am an academic, so I understand the peer review process. This is why I admit that the movie actually uses many ‘assumptions’ in the establishment of the relationships proposed. Those assumptions are ‘likely’ to be wrong, or ‘likely’ to be true (‘mostly likely’ in my opinion). That’s how we establish a probability of a hypothesis, which is very difficult to propose or assert when socio-economic and political interests are involved in such complex relationships. So its not even accurate to use the concept of falsifiability in this context.
        Another theory may be that some of that some of this “free energy” technology was positively tested and actually suppressed to protect humanity. Just think about the invisible mass that exists around us, and the potential energy it represents (E=mc2). This “free energy”, associated with improved Tesla’s wireless transmission technology, may indeed represent a terrorist threat, just to give an example.
        There’s plenty to go on about this, as it is so complex. The next one to get some money out of it will be Dan Brown (LOL), with a book probably entitled “Suppressed”, where the bad guys are the corporations and institutions, with a final twist at the end, as the one presented by myself in the previous paragraph. Hummmmm… I may write that book myself! ($$$)
        Two things are for sure… “Free energy” exists, but I’m not sure about the technology’s existence to actually use it. Also, whoever said that the theory behind the use of “free energy” goes against the Laws of Thermodynamics should go back to basic physics.
        I still recommend “inside Job”, and suggest that one sees and researches the similarities concerning power relationships. It’s all about power…

        Good luck,

        Rui Viegas

        PS: Thought of the day… “Common sense is not that common!” (Voltaire)

      • Mr. Anon says :

        The energy in the form of matter is not what the free energy proponents shown in the movie (such as Adam Trombly) claim to tap into. Trombly claims that he “taps into Earth’s magnetic field” in a way similar to Gamble’s glorified “toroidal motion”. If you look at this blog’s entry for Adam Trombly, you’ll see that there is reason to be skeptical at his claim that he is being suppressed.

        In other words, while you raise the interesting point about energy technically being all around us, the free energy advocates shown in Thrive do not claim to access that.

  44. Anastasio says :

    @Rui Viegas

    Given the context and your numerous mentions of Tesla, I’m guessing the kind of ‘free energy’ you refer to is the type known as ‘Radiant Energy’. Tesla obtained a patent for its utilisation back in 1901, and you can view it here:


    It never has been suppressed, been subjected to a secrecy order or withheld at the pleasure of conspirators unsigned at any point in history. Every budding inventor has the veritable blueprints and means from the very man who gave us his word that this ‘energy’ is obtainable in voluminous quantities everywhere.
    A further observation; to link Tesla’s idea of radiant energy with his wireless transmission technology is a blunder most often made by those whose knowledge of the man begins and ends with “the web”. Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower was coal-powered, not ether-powered. And had he of built his transmitter at Niagara (which he didn’t and he would live to rue that oversight for the rest of his days) it would have been hydro-powered.
    Ironically enough, Tesla’s autobiography that clears up a lot of this misconception is available as an ebook for anyone and everyone to hear his thoughts as he wrote them in 1916; though I imagine it makes tough reading for anyone who wants to believe that he was kept down by whoever.

    Naturally, when it comes to the esoteric topic of the invention of free energy technology, I am not above criticism myself when it comes to relying on the web for an education to this end. Therefore, looking to PESwiki (perhaps the most reliable source that attempts to cluster all known cases of free energy suppression) I can see that out of the 59 or so cases (not all of them indicitave or even related to suppression) I can see maybe two or three relating to radiant energy, and one case that is very much unsuppressed:


    Discounting the cases of Tesla (he was in no way shape or form suppressed by any entity other than his own ego), and Bedini (who has already been mentioned and questioned on this blog) will leave us with the curious case of Moray. To say Moray was “successfully suppressed”, as you have it, means he must have been successful in his implementation of utilising radiant energy. Yet all we have is an absence of credible evidence, unless you count a lot of web pages that say a lot of anonymous people said they saw his technology work as credible evidence. I wouldn’t therefore discount the possibility that Moray was successful, but to leap the proverbial blunderbuss and state that he was successful and was then stifled as consequence makes no sense to me at all, common or not.

    Some of these stories of suppression are rather tongue in cheek; David Farnsworth has graced this blog with his presence, mostly to rag on his best chum Adam Trombly, but also to tell of some quite frighful accounts of lab equipment being stolen, beatings, death threats being made to his family home in the middle of the night for working on overunity generators etc. You know, the usual kind of obstacles a free energy inventor systematically comes up against in his daily grind.The funny part is, for me at least, is in spite of all the threats, he states quite publicly and without any trace of ambiguity, that he still continues to bulld and be in possession of overunity generators!
    Brave pioneer? Complete lack of self-preservation? Full of crap? What ever we decide, I think we can both agree that suppression in this case was anything but “successful”.

    Dan Brown’s take on ‘the suppression of free energy for the benefit of mankind’ as by precedent would likely sell a few million books and earn him a few million in doing so; providing you don’t beat him to it,
    But what I would look forward to reading the most, is the part where either of you write in/out the small non-sequiter of the advent of nuclear physics, and the ensuing decimation of Japan, the Cold War and the Chernobyl disaster.

    As for now, I guess it’s all eyes on the so-far-unsuppressed Ismael Aviso.

    • Rui Viegas says :

      @ Anastasio

      Not once I mentioned Tesla, Moray, or any other “free energy” scientist, so don’t put words in my mouth! What I said with GREAT certainty was that “Free energy” exists, but I’m not sure about the technology’s existence to actually use it. Also, whoever said that the theory behind the use of “free energy” goes against the Laws of Thermodynamics should go back to basic physics. That’s it!!!

      Whenever a few go against the masses, they are called of conspiracy theorists. History has shown that everybody asks for change, but only a few are responsible for actual progress. Change is automatic, but progress is not.

      Just one example. Magnetic fields can be used to dramatically improve the efficiency of energy use. It’s plain common sense. Joseph Newman, for example, is fascinated by the laws of the gyroscope and how the energy matches the conductor in a magnetic field. He has manufactured a motor that works on these principles and produces a running river of energy. The system flows so that you get more energy output than you put in. Over 30 experts — physicists, nuclear engineers, electrical engineers/technicians — have tested Joseph Newman’s energy machine (also known as the Newman Motor/Generator) and have signed Affidavits that it performs as indicated.

      Besides the potential for further development and integration of these “free energy” technologies into daily lives, I am a great supporter of renewables. In 2008 I came across some news about “New Solar Power Material [that] Can Capture Every Color of the Rainbow”. The article suggests that this technology “opens the door to the development of a new generation of hyper-efficient solar cells”. This was 4 years ago, and I don’t seem to get any updated information about this, ANYWHERE!!! Weird… Would you be so kind and find it for me?! Cheers…


      Rui Viegas

      • Lee says :

        Mr. Viegas (I assume you’re a man), if you think “Free Energy” does not violate the law of thermodynamics then it isn’t us who should return to science class. BTW your example of Joseph Newman is not only wrong, the reality is very much the opposite. The National Bureau Of Standard have tested and conclude his machine does not work like he claimed.

        “NBS report short-circuits energy machine – National Bureau of Standards”

      • Rui Viegas says :

        @ Mr Lee (I also assume you are a man)

        The Law of Conservation of Energy is undoubtedly correct when it shows that more energy cannot be taken out of any system than is put into that system. However, that does not mean that we cannot get more energy out of a system than we put into it. A crude example is a solar panel in sunlight. We get electrical power out of the panel but we do not put the sunlight into the panel – the sunlight arrives on its own. This example is simple as we can see the sunlight reaching the solar panel. If, instead of the solar panel, we had a device which absorbs some of the energy which Quantum Mechanics observes and gives out, say, electrical power, would that be so different? “Free Energy” technology is not a closed system, thus YOU return to physics class.

        Hummmmm…. The NBS (now the National Institute of Standards and Technology – NIST), which happens to be a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce, a department of the United States government concerned with promoting economic growth. The origin is very “trustworthy” for the purpose in hand. LOL


        Rui Viegas

      • Lee says :

        Mr Viegas your example of solar panel is wrong. The energy put in to solar panels isn’t just from the sun but also from moving the panels so that it can follow it, and if no energy used on that effort the panel would be useless when the sun position in the sky changes.

        BTW you may hand wave away NBS report all you want but they’re not the only people who showed it’s bunk. Here are other article from independent sources:

        “The Error Machine of Joseph Newman” by Tom Napier

        “Commentary: Crackpot Inventions” by James Randi

        “Is it possible to build a machine that generates more power than it uses?” by Cecil Adams

      • Anastasio says :

        @Rui Viegas

        I’ve put words in your mouth?! I can assure you that I do not conduct my business by the monicker of Edgar Bergen! And even if I did, my smorgasbord of talents does not subsume the of art ventriloquism Mr Viegas! If I were to “put words in your mouth” I still would not be so presumptuous to point you out as the ‘dummy’ in this locking of antlers, though I am certainly obliged (and not without regret) to draw attention to the span of your active memory:

        “Plenty of info on the Web about “free energy”, and the successful attempts to suppress its implementation.”

        Now, why an ‘academic’ with an assured familiarity with the significance of ‘peer review’ would refer us to broadly anecdotal web material as proof of anything is a question for another day.
        However, acting on your advice in researching the ‘free energy’ that you unmistakeably refer to, the most publicised information on the web I could find does indeed point to the technology of Tesla, Moray and Bedini as being key players, not to mention numerous other ‘free energy’ scientists! Which cases of ‘free energy’ suppression are you referring to if not these? Surely the suppression has not been so successful as in to wipe the names, events and dates from history? (and possibly your mind?!)

        “Not once I mentioned Tesla…”

        “This “free energy”, associated with improved Tesla’s wireless transmission technology, may indeed represent a terrorist threat, just to give an example.”

        Of course you didn’t mention Tesla! Surely you only inadvertently *thought* his name into my head while waxing on about ‘free energy’ and suppression in the same sentence! There is after all, a world of difference? Perhaps I need more familiarisation with my mother tongue or even a date with my optician.

        Or perhaps you can admit I that I acted on exactly what you had said?

        Of course this is beside the point, and I’m still very receptive to any evidence you might have of the ‘successful suppression of free energy implementation’. (And we shall come to your definition of ‘free energy’ in just a minute!)

        “Just one example. Magnetic fields…”

        I won’t say anything to the case of Joseph Newman other than you are an academic who is apparently familiar with the peer review process! As electromagnetics is “plain common sense” to you, then perhaps you can speak more eloquently than anyone else here to John Blanton’s critique, or any of the numerous critiques, of the Newman Motor? And maybe you have an answer to why the government seemingly refused to grant him a patent (after testing his motor) rather than to “steal and classify”, as according to their usual, alleged modus operandi?

        Also, let’s not forget this statement of yours:
        “The Law of Conservation of Energy is undoubtedly correct when it shows that more energy cannot be taken out of any system than is put into that system.”

        Does it not show that you stand in defiance of the thirty or so experts that apparently signed the affidavit?

        Ok, I lied; I had plenty to say to the case of Joseph Newman! Maybe you can tell us what your intention was in going to PESWiki (or the like) and reiterating a story from there that you apparently don’t believe yourself?

        “Also, whoever said that the theory behind the use of “free energy” goes against the Laws of Thermodynamics should go back to basic physics. That’s it!!!”

        I think that we have established that certainly isn’t all you have said. ‘Free energy’ as taken in this context of overunity (see your own submittal of the Newman Motor for review) does indeed defy the tenets of thermodynamics, and you yourself have said this to be “undoubtedly correct” in response to another contributor.
        But your semantic buggery of the phrase “free energy” only illustrates your deft underhandedness in trying to discern ‘freely available’ from ‘freely produced’ post hoc; despite the fact you appear to be intermingling the two and confusing yourself more than anybody else.

        “However, that does not mean that we cannot get more energy out of a system than we put into it.”

        As we do already know, the laws of thermodynamics do not concern themselves with whom or what provides the energy, but rather how it is processed and converted. Regardless of whether it be the sun, the ether, the gas man or in true Romanesque-style, four men at each corner of your letica who power your transport, energy is converted and invariably lost to a system, in the same manner all over the known universe and regardless of “we” and our involvement at the input stage. It does kind of go without saying.
        Your unusual tendency to call the hypothetical input “free” is of course an empty play on words that ultimately speaks nothing of anyone’s schooling in physics. It’s all in the wording isn’t it? The ambiguity of the word ‘free’ is not a firm platform for an argument.

        Looking to your “crude analogy” of a solar panel we would do ourselves anything but a favour by dismissing the question of expense that is incurred when providing the apparatus to receive sunlight and convert it to electricity – but I’m sure no one here is contending that the sun’s rays aren’t free to feel upon your face! In a similar vein to solar rays, oil, gas and coal is also ‘freely available’ and does indeed “arrive on its own”, albeit in slightly longer time frame than eight minutes.
        Where it both definitions of “free energy” stop being ‘free’ is in the conversion process – and who’s really to say that the cost of utilising radiant energy won’t be costly or even exceed the benefits?

        “The article suggests that this technology “opens the door to the development of a new generation of hyper-efficient solar cells”. This was 4 years ago, and I don’t seem to get any updated information about this, ANYWHERE!!! Weird… Would you be so kind and find it for me?! Cheers…”

        I presume that you are not Verruca Salt and likewise you can safely presume that I am neither your father nor do I work at Ohio State University! It is not uncommon for scientists or inventors to gush about their own work, but having spent more of my time on this response on a busy day at work than I should have done, I will refrain from your earnest supplication.

        But if your concern is as genuine as you would have us believe, then I would urge you to contact the team directly regarding the progress of their project:

        Ohio State University
        1739 North High Street Columbus,
        OH 43210, United States
        (614) 292-2295

        Now don’t tell me that never crossed your mind?

      • Rui Viegas says :

        @ Anastasio

        Wow… so many fancy words. Your thesaurus is really powerful. LOL

        My dear father is no longer with us, so your last paragraph is actually unfortunate.

        As any good arrogant skeptic, besides being provocative, you cherry-pick small portions of the text and then disrupt any line of interrelated thought. Very good.

        And yes… I am a concerned citizen, and I hope for o better future for everyone! Thankfully, there are more like me, and less like you!

        There is mass everywhere, thus there is energy everywhere – the time will come when accessing this free energy from our surroundings will be easily achieved. Not because of people like you, but because of people like me!!! I hope it won’t affect your smorgasbord of talents, nor your business. I don’t know many brainy words, but all my purpose comes from my heart!!! Again, and thankfully, there are more like me, and less like you!

        Your smorgasbord of talents may actually explain something that happens here on earth. I’m originally from Portugal. At one exact day of the year, and only that day, we put one bread inside a plastic bag, and close it. In one years time we open the bag, and the bread is there in the exact same condition, but hard as a rock. If you repeat the bagging process with another bread, but you bag it at a different day of the year, when you open the bag in a years time, it will be in decomposition state. Can you explain that??? If you can, please provide me with the peer-review on such study.

        For people like you, who think that physics is established, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe correctly states that “all intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again.”
        There is much to learn, not with people like you, but with people like me.


        Rui Viegas

  45. Observer says :

    What’s amazing is the effort to debunk a rather harmless claim while the claims of dogmas and doctrines of the Abrahamic and other religions continue to inflict thousands of years of harm to humanity are still not debunked. Where is your energy to debunk the Bible, the NT and all the rest of these god-delusional books that thrive on poverty and child abuse? Think a bit further…who would draw a “flower of life” in 100AD…or 100 years in the common error calculation of time. And Why? The end result is that the drawing of the ‘flower of life’ is found everywhere in the ancient world, just as all varieties of the swastika which is nothing more than the perception of stars during the seasons of a solar year. Looking forward to seeing you debunking Bible NT etc. Thank you.

  46. Dimitri Lubricus says :

    Just watched the Thrive Movie for the first time having been aware of it for a long while without having the inclination to see it. I thought it was an attractively visual and well produced documentary which seems to have brought together many of the memes being popularised and propagated by the numerous alternative media outlets all over the web.

    The vast majority of the material was familiar to me as I knew it would be having watched such films as Zeitgeist(s), Kymatica etc, however what finally motivated me to take a look was a comment made by a woman called Rosie Koire who has done an incredible amount of research into Agenda 21 aka UN Agenda for the 21st Century.

    While I welcome questioning, critical thinking and skepticism (which is why I have come here immediately after watching the film) I would like to know the extent to which the author of this blog (and anyone else here) has investigated and researched Agenda 21.

    I feel it is important to familiarise oneself with all aspects of this UN plan for global sustainable development as it has become increasingly apparent to me that the process and implications of it are alarmingly close to what is portrayed in this movie.

    While I would not call myself a ‘Thrive believer’ I definitely think it has an element of value in highlighting important subjects that everyone should at least be questioning. Unfortunately like all these documentaries they serve as vectors of misinformation, intentional or not.

  47. Mac says :

    Man, I got to your blog through a link on Facebook by some Gnostic Radio Host.
    I was wondering if you’re ok with that, or moreover, if you associate your ideas with ‘The Gnostics’ in any way.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      I would peg Muertos as more of an Agnostic than a Gnostic — but what do I know?

  48. Zeus says :

    Have any of you figured out the muertos is more than one person? This is amazing. You all wonder how one person has the time to do all this. To disseminate misinformation at this rate. You accuse muertos of being “paid”. In actuallity someone’s bills and living expenses can be settled anonymously. These people are highly organized and have been masters of disinformation for centuries. Give it up. All you are doing by posting here is ASSISTING meurtos in this campaign of lies and deceit and misdirection. If no one posts then he is only speaking to himself. No one hears. No credence is given to the lies. All you do by posting is giving THEM an opportunity to call all of you crackpots and delusional misfits.And which helps in tearing down the credibility of the people who are trying to enlighten the world. Keep the faith. Keep spreading the word of truth. Stop wasting time on these types of people. And stay true to your heart and mind.

  49. Who Cares says :

    All of you are missing a crucial point here: Muertos is a nobody, and you’re giving him way too much attention. He is no better than a chimpanzee demanding to proof that Galaxies exist or that Gravity exists. He will sit there and demand ‘evidence’ for his entire life. He is a pseudo-skeptic. He craves attention, he loves his anonymity, and you’re feeding his dumb ass by continuing to respond to his inane, meaningless posts.

    There are to this day people who think Einstein (name anybody prominent who revolutionized some field) as a hoax/fraud/liar/thief/manipulator/etc.

    Muertos will act smart and claim that he doesn’t think Einstein is a fraud. As if you understand any of his theories. Are you going to claim that Tesla was a fraud? He is a living legend among electrical engineers. He is to electrical engineering, what Newton is to Physics. Are you going to deny that he invented devices that could harness free energy?

    Please deny it. You’ll already destroy whatever kernel of credibility you might have had.

    Are you going to deny that the Rockefellers control much of American (and international) affairs via their funding and organizations? Are they just benign, ambitious people, who have garnered the sinister envy of a few crazy conspiracy theorists?

    Please. We know you’re dumb. At least pretend not to be. Just pretend at least.

    • Who Cares says :

      BTW, when I stated that Tesla is a living legend, I didn’t intend for it to imply that he’s still alive of course. I intended it metaphorically, i.e., he continues to be relevant and idolized to this day by electrical engineers, so in that sense, he still ‘lives.’

      • Anastasio says :

        It’s a shame your obvious intellective discomfort in your own usage of humble metonymy isn’t the only clue that incriminates you of being a complete and utter fuckwad.

        In the interest of your own credibility I’m quite looking forward to you offering just one example of Tesla going public with a ‘device’ that was proven to “harness free energy”.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Bravo, Anastasio! I have always admired your skills at encoding and especially linguistic encryption using just the English language. But you have outdone yourself here.

        I know you, of course, realize this, but the other readers do not, so please allow me to address them.

        Do you realize, other readers, that “fuckwad” spelled backwards is “dawkcuf?”

        And, that because this word cannot generate anagrams besides its obvious syllabic flip “wad fuck,” that it was then crucially important in breaking the Enigma code during World War II?

        Again, hats off to Anastasio for his consummate mastery of informational linguistics.

        I can only hope for you Zeus and you, Who Cares, as well as other idealistic Thriveteers who visit this blog, that you will all end up in the same FEMA camp, I mean, campus, where Anastasio will be holding court.

        I will end here, because it’s possible I’ve said too much already.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Stop! What if you are both right? Zeus is correct that the MIC (Muertos Intelligence Consortium) comprises a small cadre of rather obsessive-compulsive disinformation agents. And you “Who Cares” are also right in your judgment that Muertos is a nobody — exactly what the MIC wants you to think.

      Now consider this: whether you consider Muertos to be a big Intel somebody, or just a douchebag nobody, the fact remains that both of you have commented on this blog, thus identifying many things about your respective personal selves, starting with IP address and moving to the built-in “social apps” here that track your personal data and send it to the agency that desires this info the most, namely, FEMA.

      See how it works? You come here to get the latest disinformation from Muertos, and he, in turn, I mean the MIC in turn gets real good information from you. Sounds like a win-win situation to me, but then again, I may be a member of the MIC, so I would have an obvious “conflict of interest” in making statements here, especially any that call attention to FEMA.

      • Anastasio says :

        Admittedly Tom, your Enigma Code analogy passed under my all seeing eye. ‘Fuckwad’ was merely a reflection of the slow-but-sure cultural imperialism that has been steadily creeping into the NE vernacular of Scotland.

        Sit around long enough in a Starbucks around these parts at lunchtime and you’re sure to catch a sound bite of pure eloquence delivered in that shameless, incongruous faux-American-twang-learnt-straight-from-Jackass (and usually from someone undertaking their obligatory college course in Anti-US-Everything) such as; “Dude what are you talking about? America’s foreign policy like totally blows!!”

        And in spite of my bemusement at these paradoxical irrationalities and the unnecessary adoption of American slang in British day to day speech, it seems, in the most sanctimonious fashion, that even my ‘mastery’ of language is not completely inoculated against such linguistic pathogens.

        Hence ‘fuckwad’.

        You and your country have a lot to answer for Mr Mellet! (although being half-Irish you are of course only half-responsible). Not only have you given us a world recession, the Illuminati/NWO, chemtrails, fluoridation, the suppression of free energy, modern day enslavement, Foster Gamble, Suzanne Taylor etc etc etc but you have affected the only thing I hold dear to myself; my very parlance! The Auschwitz of all crimes! (normally I’d hold this grudge against you, but then I guess us Brits would all be speaking a Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages if it wasn’t for you guys’ help in World War II)

        To cut a long story short Tom; you have sat me here on this pedestal and I cannot accept credit for being the man you think I am.
        Put the humble orator back on the floor with the rest of the proletariat where he belongs.

        Heartfelt thank you all the same.

        Of course I won’t deny that my post has been effective in highlighting just how little value people place in words and what they actually say about them.

        Let us take these two pearls extracted from Who Cares’ rejoinder for example:

        “As I said: Smell my scrotum nice and deep, seal my scrotum scent in a tube, and take it down to your family in that hole you’re dwelling in underground. Perhaps it will enlighten you no-goods yet.”

        “You of course, do not know this, which is why I sit here, on my throne of wisdom, and kindly ask you to catch a whiff of my scrotum.
        It may yet prove to be the source of your enlightenment.”

        Now apart from Who Cares’ ostensible obsession with the lack of hygiene in his own nether region (and my being in uncomfortable proximity with it) there is actual meaning to this poet’s obscured profundity – and not one that necessarily need be buried in metaphor.

        If the stench from Who Cares’ scrotum is enlightenment i.e. his words of wisdom, his Throne of Wisdom most likely being a toilet (a place of retreat where Who Cares might spend his time tackling the challenging articles of a 20-pence tabloid or wiping bogeys on the tissue dispenser, you know, all that sage-like stuff they get up to) and his scrotum his brain or perhaps even a mouthpiece that gives voice to his words of ‘enlightenment’, then is he not trying to tell us that everything he is saying is a load of balls?

        Granted, had Who Cares slipped the metaphor a couple of inches further round his anogential crevice then he could have enjoyed the charming euphony in telling us he’s talking out of his arse, but alas, this is a learning curve and these things come slowly.

        The saving grace is that Who Cares can now pass metaphor without simultaneously sucking the poetry out of it with accompanying clarification.

        The stabilisers are indeed off the tricycle, thanks to Anastasio.

  50. Who Cares says :


    You’re an idiot. Free energy has existed since the beginning of our cosmos. In fact, it’s called ‘dark energy’ although it’s poorly understood by theoretical astrophysicists…

    There is only one energy in the cosmos, and all others are manifestations thereof (including, for example, the energies provided by the sun, etc), and it’s a perpetuum mobile. Free energy will always exist, even after this present cosmos is dismantled and a new one is built.

    It’s one of the most basic facts of life.

    You of course, do not know this, which is why I sit here, on my throne of wisdom, and kindly ask you to catch a whiff of my scrotum.

    It may yet prove to be the source of your enlightenment.

    Sitting there crowing on your dungheap, is not impressing anybody (that goes for your also, muertos).

    I have plenty of scrotum stench to go around for you and muertos — believe me. Just inhale my scrotum. Inhale it in deeply. Be at peace. Be one with our cosmos. Absorb my essence. Yes — sniff it in.


    I love it when dickflops like you and muertos come out of your little holes every now and again, to steer humanity clear of the latest ‘superstition’ and ‘farce’ that somebody has supposedly produced, with the aim to protect those poor, deceived souls, who may end up falling for the evil traps lurking about — how disastrous for us petty fools!

    I truly love it.

    You have done this throughout history. Our entire human cultural history consists of peasants like you, lifting up your wooden hoods covering the holes in the ground you dwell in, to scream at the top of your lungs “ALL YE FOOLS, BEWARE OF THE LATEST DEVILRY LURKING ABOUT! HAST WE NOT SUFFERED YE AND THY ILK’S PROGENITORS IN ABUNDANCE? CLEAR THESE PLAINS ALREADY, SO THAT WE MAY SUFFER OUR PRESENCE IN SPADES O’ LESS. VANISH FROM THESE HOLES ALREADY! ‘TIS OURS!”

    Proceeding with crawling back into your holes and shutting those wooden hoods once you’re satisfied the area’s cleared — only to crawl back out again, once another imagined Devil lurks about.

    But you’ve achieved nothing throughout history. Not a single idea has been put forward by you, not a single invention, not a single act that’s developed mankind’s consciousness or improved our conditions for the better.

    You’re nothing but a petulant and assinine group of armchair critics. You’re parasites, preying on people’s souls, with no contribution in return.

    You’re good at picking. Picking faults and failings. Picking your noses. Picking your assholes. Picking on people and their ideas.

    You’re also good at picking your timing. When the world collapses, you’re nowhere to be found. You’re inside your holes. But WOE to anybody who dares make a contribution of some kind to the world — then you crawl back out and start your favorite hobby: Picking.

    How about you stay behind in your lightless caves, pick your (and each other’s) assholes, and never show yourselves again? If the world does collapse, don’t worry — it would have done so already: BECAUSE YOU LOT ARE COMPLETELY USELESS, SO IT’S NOT AS IF IT WOULD HAVE MADE AN OUNCE OF A DIFFERENCE ANYWAY!

    As I said: Smell my scrotum nice and deep, seal my scrotum scent in a tube, and take it down to your family in that hole you’re dwelling in underground. Perhaps it will enlighten you no-goods yet.

    • Who Cares says :

      *improved our conditions for the better = improved our conditions for the future.

    • Who Cares says :

      *assinine = asinine

      • Anastasio says :

        @Who Cares

        Yes yes and what a fantastic tour de force in psychological projection that was Who Cares!
        And still you are utterly incapable of offering just a mere whisper of affirmation that Tesla created a device that could “harness free energy”; my only Thrive-related bone of contention with you.

        Let me thus refer you back to an example of your own standards:

        “You proceed to enlighten us (who are so backward), and if you fail to provide the enlightening information, you sniff the scrotum. It’s that simple.”

        Well, it certainly looks like you have a few scrotums to sniff champ!

        Let me know when you’re done and then we can get back to the enlightenment.

    • Anastasio says :

      Yes Who Cares, I am an a ‘idiot’. But that will change.

      Soon you’ll know me as ‘the biggest fucking idiot you ever met’.

      So, when you’ve quite finished tea-bagging your keyboard, how about you show me where Tesla harnessed ‘free energy’ with a device?

      • Who Cares says :


        Stop wasting time with worthless keyboard bashing. You truly are a useless cretin, and don’t you ever forget it.

        As I pointed out previously: Point out your website (or the website of somebody else), which purports to advocate practicable solutions to a number of problems. We both know that you will not do this (as it doesn’t exist), which brings us back full circle:

        Sniff my scrotum.

        And you may sit there and type away again, but the fundamental feedback loop entails the same consequence: Show us your enlightening proposals, or shut your dumb, insignificant face, and proceed to sniff my scrotum.

        Do you understand how this is a closed feedback loop? It’s extremely simple, chimp. You proceed to enlighten us (who are so backward), and if you fail to provide the enlightening information, you sniff the scrotum. It’s that simple.

        What part of this closed feedback loop do you fail to comprehend, little dunce boy?

        Cut out your bullshit philosophy, and get back to the basics. You’ve been irrelevant all your life. Nobody gives two fucks about your meaningless opinion (not to mention the opinions of the individuals typing on this blog, including Muertos, yep, that includes me).

        There are already quite a number of people who take the documentary seriously enough to actually investigate and discuss the issues it raises — and that in itself proves superiority over your worthless internet blog ramblings.

        You can sit here all day and write 10 acute essays about how and why Thrive is a bunch of bollocks. The problem is, nobody but you and Muertos will care.

        What’s it like going through life, advocating an ‘idea’, that nobody cares about (and never will)?

        Does this make you feel inadequate?

        I am sure it does.

        How about you do something that’s a little more challenging than sitting on your dumb, constipated ass and dribbling shit on another pseudo-debunking blog, created by a self-proclaimed pseudo-debunker with no credentials and no accomplishments to his name?

        Give it a try, numbnuts…

        If it’s too challenging, you can always come back for more scrotum sniffing. We all need to take baby steps…

    • Michelle Kathryn McGee says :

      Dear purveyor of Divine scrotum inspiration,
      You are so generous, but really isn’t it you that needs a smell of divine beauty like that of your own scrotum? You seem truly livid that God did not prefer to make you a Dog so you could lose yourself in scrotum sniffing. Are you as hard on yourself as you are on others? Be god or be a dog, but trying to be both is clearly a frustration for all.
      – michelle

  51. Obama Michelle says :

    Who is the owner or blogger on this website?

    Why so secretive?

    Show yourself so that we can have a face to give credits to.

    This is a face-less blog shares the same modus operandi as how New World Order Puppet Masters play their game. Faceless puppets pulling the strings from the back.

    This blog must be sponsored once by those NWO families as usual.

    It bears all their hallmarks….

    Sad but true story.

  52. African Sun says :

    I tend to agree with other commenters here. Please reveal yourself and show some kind of proof that you have the credentials to write such a blog.

    • Wyboth says :

      Nobody needs credentials to write a blog. Revealing your identity on the internet is a bad idea because it compromises your safety. And, as stated before, the “One World Government” does not exist.

      • a rational person says :

        wyboth i dont think u’re nuts…i was referring to “african sun” and “obama michelle”…i disagree with u because u’re too goddamn nice to these conspiracy nutbags but ur head is screwed on straight which is more than i can say for the retards who believe this thrive bullshit, or the sick jew-hating bastards like this juliano freak…i don’t know who this muertos clown is but id buy him a shot of whiskey if i knew him, hes got some fucking balls to take on these screw headed bastards. keep at em and maybe we can hammer em down and they’ll finally go away with their retarded “911 inside job” and “jews rule the world” theories…i need a drink

      • Wyboth says :

        Yeah, I realized that you might have been talking to “ObamaMichelle” after I posted my comment. The only reason I’m so nice to them is so that they might listen. I mean, sure I hate their guts and don’t think they should receive any mention in the real world because they’re so stupid, but I don’t expect them to listen to you if all you do is yell, although I’m not sure how effective a rational approach is either, since they are incapable of rational thinking.

    • a rational person says :

      i think u’re both nuts…”new world order”…u gotta be kidding me….i mean srsly, u believe in that bullshit? how fucked in the head do u have to be to swallow such a load of crap…u conspiracy nutbags are fucking up the whole country…like those nutbags who think obama was born in kenya…donald trump…asswipes like that…i mean, u realize how stupid u are, right? fucking nutbags…makes me sick to my stomach that anyone could think like this…”credentials” to write a blog…wtf you smoking man? jesus…

  53. Marco says :

    Thank you for creating this blog. Through doubt truth will manifest itself (partially al least).

  54. Juliano says :

    Hmmmm I am sure this thread MAY have been an intelligent discussion once. I forget. But all I am gettin in my email box now is trolling posts and lots of references to sniffin scrotums. WTF. The world is fukin burning and this is your answer…?

  55. mario says :


    • Wyboth says :

      Dude, if you have to be such a creeper, go to his twitter. It has his bio there. There was a comment here that copy-pasted it from his twitter, but I can’t find it.
      Oh, and please, for all of our sakes, don’t use my least favorite key: Caps Lock. It makes your comments harder to read and it makes you look like an idiot, not that you aren’t already one.

    • a rational person says :

      who the fuck gives a fuck? why would anyone care what this guys name is? i sure as hell dont give a fuck…the only reason youd care is so you can stalk him…admit it, that’s the only reason u crazy nutbags give a shit about this “muertos” fuck…i really don’t care…the guy has the right idea…all u conspiracy tards are fucking crazy…muertos is a fucking pussy because he doesn’t give u fucks what u deserve which is a kick in the fucking teeth…srsly the guy who said, if he was on your side, would you care if he don’t say what his name is, that guy was right…all u want is to stalk this fucker…admit it…u are a stalker…why the fuck do u even care? asshole…stupid conspiratard…u probably believe 911 was an inside job and the moon landing was fake…u stupid fucks, every single one of you should be deported to burma…im serious…u want to see what a police state is like, that’s a police state…don’t get me started

      • Juliano says :

        9/11 was an inside/outside job (IE it was planned and carried out in big part by Zionist Israelis and Americans with dual American/Israeli citizenship and Zionist Christians (eg Bush). Always ask yourself–like any good detective: who has the MEANS, the MOTIVE, and the OPPORTUNITY, and who does it BENEFIT. But I also think you are SO over the top you are being ironic lol

  56. a rational person says :

    so juliano, you’re an anti-semite too. wow. that doesnt surprise me…most of you 911 truth loons hate jews…SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL!…admit it, you hate jews…”inside/outside job,” wtf does that mean. u probably believe in david icke’s lizard men too. oh by the way that’s nazi propaganda too, david icke is an anti-semite right up there with bill cooper and eustice mullins…and further by the way, foster gamble loves eustice mullins…theres an article here on this blog that mentions it…muertos asked him why he likes mullins and he refused to answer…u anti-semites make me sick.

    • Juliano says :

      WTF does inside/outside job mean…? I just *explained@ it to you…? What part of it don’t you understand? I will go slow. I hate Zionists. Like the ones currently dropping bombs on innocent women and children, and the ones–including others–who support that horror. Don’t assume. I do not believe in David Icke and have many times severely critiqued him and his nonsense lizard theories, and views about nature. But IS he anti-semite or anti-Zionist? You do know difference? And by the way, ‘anti-semite is meaning anti ARAB also. But you Zionists have hijacked the term to justify your disgusting warmongering and torturing behaviour towards Palestinians and other Middle Easterners.

      • a rational person says :

        so you admit you hate jews. well thanks for clearing that up. SEIG HEIL! SEIG HEIL! INTO ZE GAS CHAMBERS WIT DEM! THEY DID 911!!!! listen buddy i dont give a flying fuck what israel does…i think the palestinians got a point, they didn’t ask for what happened to them…but hating jews because you think they did 911, thats sick and racist. all u conspiratards are the same. let me guess, you probably think “protocols of the elders of zion” is real…u do, don’t you? admit it, you think its real…ill bet you a million dollars and one nut that you won’t say plainly “i think the protocols of the elders of zion are fake”…guess who else won’t? your hero david icke!

      • Juliano says :

        Typical–holding up the ‘anti semite card’. God forbid we should criticize Jews for tyrannical behaviour. WUUU ‘you hate jews you hate jews booo huuu’….? GROW UP already!
        Do you AGREE with them dropping bombs on innocent little ones?

        Are you aware that there areJEWISH people who are also anti ZIONIST Jews? If not, wise up. You are thick, dont listen, and imgagine that putting lots of swear words in your ignore-ant, and uniformed, rants makes you smart. it does not. It makes you sound even more dumb.

      • Wyboth says :

        Juliano, please point me to a reliable aticle saying that Jews are bombing people and that Jews caused 9/11.

  57. a rational person says :

    will you or will you not say that the “protocols of the elders of zion” is a fake? you believe it’s real, dont u?

  58. Caroline Riser says :

    I can understand why you might want to debunk conspiracy theories that claim a secret cabal is running the world…. that kind of thing is pretty far out, but what makes me doubt your “pure” motives is that you equate the 9/11 Truth Movement with such conspiracies. The questions surrounding 9/11 are based on hard science, regardless of opinion polls. The film Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth features building and construction professionals, not crackpots… regardless of opinion polls, hard science is on the side of 911 Truth and not you, the debunkers. Americans cannot process the hard evidence because the conclusions are so troubling…and so most people just avoid making themselves uncomfortable. That does not, however, change the hard facts. I am now open to conspiracy theories because if 911 could be so orchestrated, and not be questioned despite overwhelming evidence of controlled demolition, I can only conclude that, yes, the media are no longer free. You simply cannot debunk 911 like you can aliens. There is physical evidence, video evidence, testimonial evidence… a mass of evidence. Your unwillingness to engage in scientific debate on that issue makes your entire website and your motives suspect. We are to believe that you have done all this work because “you care deeply”? Sure. The truth is more powerful than deception. Always has been, always will be. Thank you for your time.

    • Mr. Anon says :

      9/11 was not orchestrated by the government. See Muertos’ debunking here: http://conspiracies.skepticproject.com/articles/911/what-do-we-know/

    • a rational person says :

      911 conspiracies based on hard science? HAHAH AHAHA AH AHAHAH AHHAHAAH AHHA HAHAAHA AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!! srsly, u conspiracy nutbags make me laugh…hard science…wtf are u smoking, caroline riser?

      AE911 truth is a bunch of cranks and nutbags. richard gage is a fucking clown. most of the architects & engineers who signed on to that project don’t know shit about what theyre talking about. theyre just a bunch of nutbags who run around screaming “inside job, inside job!” which is why nobody pays attention to them for the past 11 yrs…because theyre a fucking joke.

      “u simply cannot debunk 911 like you can aliens”…uh, yeah u can.

      let’s look at some of your “hard science”…

      “towers fell at freefall speed”…WRONG
      “mathmatics prove collapse can’t happen like that”…WRONG
      “they heard bombs in the basement”…WRONG
      “jet fuel dont burn hot enough”…WRONG
      “bldg 7 wasnt damaged”…WRONG
      “no steel framed bldg ever collapsed”…WRONG
      “hijackers still alive”…WRONG
      “ntsb admitted they didnt know how it happened”…WRONG
      “towers collapsed in their own footprint”…WRONG
      “ends of steel beams shered off”…WRONG
      “they found thermite in the wreckage”…WRONG
      “larry silverstein said pull it”…WRONG
      “iron microspheres”…WRONG
      “directed energy weapons”…WRONG

      u 911 truth nutbags have been lying to us for 11 yrs now…so shut the fuck up already because the whole world thinks u guys are nuts. which u are.

  59. Juliano says :

    I agree. But you also cannot debunk aliens either—I saw you sneak that in (tut tut) 😉

    • a rational person says :

      fuck off, you jew hating nazi piece of shit…nobody cares what you think anyway since youre obviously an anti-Semite who believes the “protocols of the elders of zion” is genuine and 911 was an “inside job.” Why have u not admitted that you hate jews? it’s obvious you do….

      Tell us again how you think “procotols of the elders of zion” is a fake? because you won’t….I bet you $1,000,000 u will never say that no matter what…because u believe it’s real, just the same as david icke believes its real. anyone who believes “protocols of the elders of zion” is real is a jew-hating nazi son of a bitch. nuff said

  60. Gerald Alexander says :

    Rogerglewis said:

    “Consider the questions asked. The questions do not disappear by branding the questioner… Think for yourself and find out about these different things. Don’t let someone else tell you what to think!”

    This is the most profound statement made in this entire blog, so far and it is also the crux behind the entire “free speech” argument.

    THINK FOR YOURSELF! Consider these arguments, in addition to whatever interest you may have in the subject and utilize it all to fuel your own investigative process. If we all utilize such a logical medium for growth, there will be no need to “debunk” anything.

    We are all capable of critical (constructive or otherwise) thinking. There is no constructive need to try and shut down someone else’s ideas. Sharing our thoughts and beliefs serves nothing more than to increase our pool of resources, from which to make our own (hopefully) logic-based decisions.

    No one person has all of the answers. History has proven this time and time again, with each failed monarchy. All of the “great” individuals/heroes in our history have expressed such. They are given credit for their courage, yes, but the results garnered by their efforts, would not have been achieved without the support of the masses, not all of which agreed on every topic, but were able to find a common ground to address the common problems that they faced.

    When (not “if”) we decide to pool our resources and work together, we will find the needed solutions to our current social and economic problems. History serves as proof of this capability. It’s simply a matter of motivation. When we choose to commit our energies and resources to work collective, versus divisively, we will see the results that we all seek.

  61. Gerald Alexander says :

    While I may not wholly agree with the apparent intention of this blog, I do wholeheartedly support the author’s right, as well as responsibility to post it.

    As far as his decision to maintain his anonymity, I will refer to the beginning of my previous post:

    “Consider the questions asked. The questions do not disappear by branding (or identifying) the questioner…”

    The validity of the question is all that really matters. The person asking the question could die tomorrow, yet the question will still remain, as will the spirit of free will and the earnest efforts toward progress made by the act of questioning.

    “Question Everything.”

    I hope I do not need to identify the originator of the above quote, as it is irrelevant, when compared to the message behind it. If you choose to Google
    it, you will find a significant amount of history behind it, dating back thousands of years and spanning several cultures and civilizations.

    We would all be better served if such were taught in all of our schools, yet the majority of us are instead “instructed” to heed directions and follow a narrow range of established paths laid out before us. This restricts our ability and inhibits our desire to utilize free thinking, therefore molding us into a more docile and controllable tool for the enhancement of productivity.

    This systems definitely has it’s upsides, but as with all things in nature it has it’s downsides as well. The same is true with our society, today. We cannot reasonably expect to live in such seemingly endless prosperity, without it balancing out, eventually. “What goes up, must come down” and so with every other equal and opposite reaction. We have been burning the proverbial candle at both ends, for a very long time. Now we are nearing the end of our fuel supply (pun intended and on multiple levels).

    It’s time for a new paradigm and the only way to find it is to question.

  62. quarkt2 says :

    Ahanarov Bohm effect is a creation event, More energy out than in. – Richard Feynman

    You have not debunked anything. Your ignorance on the third derivative of position is obvious.

    The assertion that thousands of scientist can’t be “persuaded” to produce junk science was debunked with the climate gate emails and only bolster Gamble’s claims.

    You are an anonymous tool working for the man.

    • Lord Draconis says :

      No, I am an anonymous tool working for the man, well, the lizard actually. You know that unmarked Crown Vic that you’ve been noticing every time you go out? Me.

  63. Lord Draconis says :

    MESSAGE BEGINS———————–

    Shills and Minions,

    The Jig is up. The rebels have discovered out nefarious plans for planetary subjugation. 1000 years of careful planning and oppression, down the drain. I have informed the “Rothschilds” and the “Windsors” to pack it in. Not that Egg Queen Liz will mind, she hates shapeshifting and having to “age” at a human rate, she’s so vain.

    Soon our terraforming operations will cease and our plans for Pharmageddon will collapse. With our retreat to Glaxxon Prime (hopefully in time for Channukah), Earth will return to the pure, natural paradise it once was, with happy monkeys, living in peace, eating natural, vegan foods, dancing in circles and weaving baskets.

    Honestly, I shall miss all of my Shills and Minions. I shall miss the joy on your odd, little, fleshy faces as you received your PharmaLucre for evil jobs well done. Minion Smith, I’m afraid you won’t be receiving that new Range Rover this year. Perhaps you can go work for one of the other marauding species here, the hideous, insectoid Kthraakxx and their vast HFCS mines or the Invectrion Demipentium.

    Of course, we will dismantle the HAARP array. The Fifth Invader force have made us an offer and so look for that to be erected on Cydonia Planitia. They have some plan to take another stab at Teegeeack since Scientology is on the ropes.

    In any case, Lady Astra and the hatchlings and I will be just a slightly foreboding memory in no time. We’ve closed PharmaCOM Terrabase below Denver International. The tunnels have been sealed and I believe the stove is off. PharmaCOM Orbital will leave in search of new planets to subjugate. I hear Eminiar VIII is lovely, and not as cold as this little rock.
    Enjoy your “freedom” (and lack of dental care).

    Lord Draconis Zeneca, VH7ihL

    Foreward Mavoon of the Great Fleet, Pharmaca Magna of Terra, Monkey Master General of Mars, Grand Vitara of the Rim Colonies



    • a rational person says :

      hey asswipe, before you go back to the rothschilds secret moon base, can you tell them to cut my fucking paycheck? i’ve been trolling this site for a month spreading disinformation and insulting conspiratards, and i haven’t even been paid yet! this is the sorriest disinfo unit i’ve ever been a part of…when i was working jfk theories in the 70s at least they paid us on time! so tell george bush and david rockefeller to get off their lizard butts and sign the check…thanks hoss

  64. Jay says :

    Well I hope you all had fun here, so called “skeptics” which means “paid disinformation agents”. I reported this blog to word press for slander, spam and in appropriate content. This blog should not exist. Spreading lies and turning vs. the people. This is not freedom of speach. This is abuse. So I hope you had a good time spreading lies because hope fully this blog will be SHUT DOWN soon! All that money the government and oil comapnies paid you will be worthless and wasted!

    • anticultist says :

      LOL reporting a blog for providing the antidote to stupidity and then discussing freedom of speech in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Thanks for letting us know it bothers you that much though big balls. Jog on.

      • Jay says :

        What’s the real stupidity here? Refusing to accept that OUR WORLD IS DETROYING ITSELF and standing in the way of solving our problems. You slander TZM and Thrive and the truth seakers of the world. If I can do any thing to get this blog shut down I will. You are like Julian Cesar fiddling while Rome burns. How many billions have to die before you start looking for a solution?

      • anticultist says :

        You would be best off going back to your circle jerk, no one here cares what you believe or agrees with you, the real world is not an echo chamber for your delusions.

      • Jay says :

        1 BILLION PEOPLE are going to die of starvataion in the coming year. And its all because of the bankers who enslave us and the money system that owns every human beng on this planet. I’m doing something about it, I’m helping build RBE and spread the truth. I’ll talk to you when you join us. Anyway it doesnt matter because this blog will be SHUT DOWN in less than 24 hours so your stupid comments will be erased.

      • anticultist says :

        Unfortunately for you this is unlikely to happen, but even if it does, the entire blog is backed up and online elsewhere already big balls.

      • a rational person says :

        oh u gonna get this blog shut down are ya hoss? HAHAHHAHAHAHAH HAHA HA AHAH AHA AHAHAHAHAH!!!! hate speech!!!!!! a billion people dead!!!!!! oh man this is a banner week for conspiratards ain’t it…guess they’re all out of school so they swarm sites like this…man, what a nutbag

        this little scrote reminds me of this kid. hell it probably is the same kid.

      • anticultist says :

        LOL yeah I imagine Jays eyes going all over the fucking shop like that while ranting on here.

      • Jay says :

        Only a psycho path would laugh at the death of 1 billion people. You guys disgust me. Some day when we are in charge I bet you’ll be laughing.

      • anticultist says :

        /startdelusion Then makes the claim he will be in control of the world. /enddelusion

      • a rational person says :

        wtf? conspiratards trying to take over the world now? what is this shit? hah, ya right…good luck with that

        is this some kinda zeitgest thing, trying to take over the world?

      • anticultist says :

        Yup zeitards think they are somehow going to eradicate the government, banks and establish their own society and economy based on resource management.
        They’re fucking stupid in the head.

      • a rational person says :

        ha ha, that’s a bunch of loony shit right there…conspiratards aren’t smart enough to turn on a light switch without help, so i dont see em succeeding where genghis kahn, adolf h and napoleon failed.

        this zeitgest shit seems even crazier than thrive…wow…they believe in lizard men too?

      • anticultist says :

        The zeitgeist learning material doesn’t say anything about lizardy men, but some of it’s followers are thoroughbred cranks who suck up the last drop of every conspiraturd.

        They mostly believe in the NWO and 911 is an inside job as a general rule of thumb, and that’s the majority of its members.

      • anticultist says :


        Jay says : December 28, 2012 at 7:48 pm

        “this blog will be SHUT DOWN in less than 24 hours so your stupid comments will be erased.”

        Anticultist says : December 30th 2012 at 3:00 am

        “orly ?”

      • a rational person says :

        i guess wordpress must be a bunch of disinformation agents too…OMG THEY DONT BELIEVE 911 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        wow…the nutbaggery on this site just gets worse and worse…every time i think these conspiratard buttfuckers can’t get any stupider, they get worse…like that sam scrote and his “operation northwoods” shit…no wonder i start drinking every time i see this god damn site…i am depressed

      • Jay says :

        I am trying hard to get this CRIMINAL blog taken down from the internet. I’ve filed reports with wordpress to get this blog taken down and I think they are going to do it this time. The trolls who wrote this blog have commited the CRIME of turning against the people. They have commited the CRIME of siding with bankers and the Rockefellers. They have commited the CRIME of spreading false propaganda and disinfomation. They have commited the CRIME of slandering peple who want to help. They have comimited the CRIME of laughing at the death of billions. They have commited the CRIME of spreading false hoods that 9/11 was not done by the us goverment. They have commited the CRIME of slandering the Zeitgeist Movement. They have commited the CRIME of suppresing free energy. They have commited the CRIME of telling people that there are no conspiracys. They have commited the CRIME of insulting and trolling people who just want to help make the world a better place.

        This blog is a CRIME and every one of the stupid trolls who call them sselfs debunkers is a CRIMINAL. Especially ‘muerto’ the CRIMINAL who started this blog. He is the worst CRIMINAL here except maybe anticultist. So I hope you enjoy posting your CRIMINAL comments for the next few days til word press shuts down this CRIMINAL blog. TZM forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • anticultist says :

        ha ha thanks for the giggles Jay. x

      • Jay says :

        You may think this is a big funny laugh laugh joke. But 10,000,000 people are going to starve to death on this planet tomorrow. And it is because of the Rockafellers and the money system. We want to end this system and bring peace to the whole world. You and ‘muerto’ don’t want peace and you don’t want people to have better life because the oil companys and the goverment is paying you. It is a CRIME to turn against the people. You are a CRIMINAL. And this blog is going down. TZM IS THE ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • anticultist says :

        Yeah Jay you posting on the internet with your conspiracy buddies is changing the world, keep at it son.


      • Arch Stanton says :

        Jay, do you watch Press TV by any chance?

  65. juliano says :

    and even though i do not agree with all you claim they are a part of. YOU are committing the crime of preventing free speech which your supposed enemies will fukin LOVE!!!

  66. Jay says :

    Every time I come back to this blog to see if it’s been taken down yet I am shocked by the comments I see. I can’t imagine more hateful people than the ones who post here. You people HATE the idea of anyone improving their lifes and the world becoming better. The only thing I can think of is that some of you must have had something to do with 9/11 becaus no real people could believe the things you say you believe. I showed this blog to my friend in TZM and at first he was as angry and shocked as I was that anyone could think the things you peope say like ‘anticult’ and ‘muerto’. Then he say “you know I think these people are going to join TZM soon.” I know it seems crazy. But he explain, you people don’t have anything you believe in. All you can do is tear people down and ridicole and complan and hurt people. But this is the last stage of deniel. You have no where to go from here. This is not how real people live. TZM is the answer you are looking for. We are going to end all the conspiracys that are oppresing the people. When we take power and there is RBE you will finaly have somthing in your life worth living for. Which you don’t now. So I say, welcome to TZM. Every person on this planet will eventually join TZM. Because it is the only hope for humanaty. WE ARE GOING TO SAVE THE WORLD. So I am sorry about my angry replys. I know you are coming to join us soon. JOIN THE ZEITGEIST MOVEMENT. We love all people. No matter what they beleive. And we will save this world from the horror thats coming. The Thrive movement people are just like us. They are waiting for you to understand the truth. But the truth is coming. Like Peter Joseph said. All the world’s a stage. Lets lift the curtain and CHANGE THIS WORLD. & I will be the first to welcome you.

    • Anastasio says :

      “The only thing I can think of is that some of you must have had something to do with 9/11 becaus no real people could believe the things you say you believe.”


      And I think your parents are wasting their money on therapy Jay. From my unqualified view point, I note a causal relationship between the amount of time spent at your computer and the general absence of common sense. Suggest that to your shrink next time you see him.

      Some people just aren’t mature enough to use the internet; it’s a sad fact of life. But still, it’s not good practise to stifle the freedom speech because we don’t agree with the content. Don’t you think so Jay?

      So tell us Mother Jay Teresa; what do you do to improve the world and lives of others?

      Apart from subscribing to cyber-movements of holier-than-thou, bleeding heart slacktivists that accomplish as much as the People’s Front of Judea, and sitting at your computer pissing and moaning at others all day with all the charming arrogance of a communist dictator, what do you Zeitgeist halfwits actually do?

      Name just one difference you have made to somebody else’s life.That shouldn’t be so hard should it?

    • anticultist says :

      Jay, I have an anti tzm blog you fool, I was commenting on tzm right at the beginning.

  67. Anastasio says :

    Let’s take a look at what conspiracy theorists are currently doing to ‘help the world’ and ‘improve the life of others’:


    The smug tone of the quoted you-can’t-pull-the-wool-over-my-eyes conspiracy theorist makes a strong case for the universal practise of eugenics.

    Seriously, what the fuck is the world coming to?

    We have fuckwits like Who Cares demanding that we all sniff his ball sack, Taz Delaney bloggin’ on acid and who has still to return from his bad trip to Edgewood, and pre-pubescent, misguided megalomaniacs like Jay telling us that this…THIS is the future of mankind?

    Jesus Christ, who needs LSD when you come here and drop a couple of tabs of the conspiritard vox populi?

    • anticultist says :

      Yeah crazy aren’t they man. I often reel in astonishment when I read some of the posts they make, it’s like someone in the nut house let the inmates get access to the internet.

      You gotta wonder exactly how little schooling they all got, because it seems to me like the majority of them are drop outs or low achievers.

      • Wyboth says :

        Let’s also not forget that it’s exciting being a conspiracy theorist. If you’re a dropout flipping burgers to stay alive, life is pretty bleak. Being “in the know” certainly does feel special, which is probably why conspirituality is so addicting.

        Also, I’m not leaving, just spending less time on. 🙂

      • Frankie says :

        I know a person here where i live who is into conspiracy theories, and evidently, he is a drop out, works at a hotel, and dropped out because he was scared of math clases at college. The guy is a great artist, but he has very low self esteem. Maybe the conspiracy theories, as you guys say, serve to make them feel better by making them think they have secret knowledge that only special people can get. In other words, to make their lives more exciting.
        Another possibility is that these people are fantasy-prone personalities. I have a little of that, but i keep the fantasy in famtasyland. I dont try to put it on the real world and science. But most of them look for fantastic theories.
        The person I know believes in anything that contradicts the mainstream. He believes the moon landings were fake, and also believes in reptilians, and has a very bizarre theory for UFOs: That they are created by wizards using black magic.
        Nothing could be more stupid.

  68. Slingshot says :

    Did anyone notice Foster Gamble’s clumsy attempt at taking advantage of Muertos’ movements on this blog?

    “Thrive Debunked seems to have been a paid operation that has finally given up. The author would never give his name, picture or bio and when challenged as a government troll, all he did was organize a poll to see how many thought so. Thanks for not buying into such shallow nonsense at such a critical time for truth. Regarding free energy, I have seen it multiple times. I have talked to inventors who had to shut down because their labs were raided and their lives were threatened. We are working very hard to match the best inventors with honest investors and safe and wise security and distribution plans. If these inventors were all hoaxers, why would the government be shutting them down? The liberation of boundless safe energy is coming soon. The shadow government has had it for years. How? They stole it from successful independent inventors. More than 5000 alternative energy patents have been suppressed by the US patent office alone.

    “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe. …it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.”
    – Nikola Tesla”


    • anticultist says :

      pfff hadn’t seen that, but how stupid of him to use that silly patent argument like dim witted chem trailers do. It’s a lazy trope that makes no actual point.

      • Slingshot says :

        He’s either legitimately nuts, or just saying the words to keep his following interested.

      • anticultist says :

        I would like to be cynical and say it was the latter and his manipulative and intentional use of bullshit to keep his followers. However, I have a feeling that it is the former and that he truly believes these delusions.

      • Frankie says :

        Anticultist: Why do you think with more certainty that he is a nutbag? The one who evidently is is David Icke… he really seems to believe them. But Foster Gamble seems more sane than Icke.
        Just look at them and you will see. Maybe Gamble really wants to make people buy his bullshit to get more money.
        Either way, how sad.

      • anticultist says :

        Nah see not saying he is a nut bag, I am saying h believes that what he claims is literal. You don’t necessarily have to be crazy to believe stupid shit. I think Foster is clearly a smart guy, but extremely gullible and misled. I see him as someone who thinks he is smart but has no ability to use critical thinking and logic to the requisite levels of his current intellectual level.

        See a lot of people don’t understand that critical thinking is a separate skill set that needs study alongside intellectual reading and knowledge. Foster is clearly one of these, and this is something that most conspiracy theorists are useless at, so it is not something he has to be embarrassed about or be singled out for. It is very common among CT land.

      • Frankie says :

        I understand what you are saying. I agree with you that critical thinking is a separate skill that needs to be fostered (pun intended) and developed. I mean, look at muertos. He used to believe in this kind of shit, and now he wrote this blog for our brains’ sake.
        And i dont like how people equate lack of common sense with being stupid. Those are usually people with common sense trying the glorify themselves. Of course there are complete nutbags here, just look at Taz Delaney’s comments. A clear lack of coherence, and repeats himself ad-infinitum. Clearly something is wrong there. But others respond appropriately and there is coherence in what they say, even though they buy into conspiracy “theories”.

        In my humble opinion, critical thinking should be thaught at elementary school, maybe beginning 3rd grade. It would benefit the world a lot.

      • Frankie says :

        I put “theories” in quotation marks because they arent theories, but wild fancies interpreted as fact by gullible people.

      • anticultist says :

        Like wise I used to be completely gullible and believed all manner of dumb stuff, once I began to take logic and critical thinking serious everything changed.

      • Frankie says :

        What stuff did you believed in specifically? I went as far as believing in witchcraft and elementals.

      • anticultist says :

        I was heavy into ufology, I also researched new world order stuff obsessively. I was always doubting them though, but when I started to get panicky about it all and scared, I realised that I had to do something about it, so I started to look at how well thy stood up to testing their accuracy and authenticity. Something which I had honestly never done before, I always just read the one sided claims and thought that I was doing my research. Having the nerve to tell others to do theirs as well, embarrassingly now though I was completely wrong about everything lol.

    • Frankie says :

      Now i see why the name anticultist. You are against cultish beliefs because they are of course false, and also because they can make people fearful, am I right?
      I remember the same happened to me with the belief in hell. I was scared of it, and I honestly didnt want to go there. But as you, I started looking if it was for real, and of course it wasn’t. It’s just another control tool used to make disenters fearful, so they go back to the cult called christianity.

      • anticultist says :

        Pretty much yes I got into believing stupid things and realised that it was all cult mind set that was causing people to act the way they do, I was always none religious, so falling into the cult mind set myself surprised me, hence the anticultist label.

      • Frankie says :

        I also find it a little troubling that abnormal psychology sorta pathologizes belief in ESP and psychic phenomena on their schizotypal personality disorder diagnostic, but they dont pathologize belief in virgins and gods and saints as well.
        They either pathologize all delusions or they dont. It’s a little unfair in my opinion.

      • Slingshot says :

        It looks like most of us can confess to an embarrassing past of believing in conspiracy theories. I’m not really ashamed or embarrassed about having believed in phenomena like the bermuda triangle, the piri reis map, etc or conspiracy theories like JFK and the moon landing.

        These ideas were always attractive and added a sense of mystery to life. It’s exactly because of my interest and subsequent research into them that led me to understand the true nature of the stories. At first I was annoyed at having accepted things that just weren’t true. Sad about the fact that there weren’t as many mysteries as I’d believed. But the fact is that there is a lot of satisfaction in knowing that science has become better at explaining things, and I am much happier understanding the facts rather than being suckered into buying a romantic fiction that is only packaged as fact.

        I maintain the belief that most of the conspiracy believers out there just needed these ‘wonders’ to make their lives more bearable. We don’t all sit on fortunes like Foster Gamble does, so my only way of explaining his position is a combination of boredom and a measure of wanting to do something that he may see as useful. It still doesn’t make perfect sense to me.

    • muertos says :

      I’m retired from debunking but I do cruise by occasionally to read some of the comments. None of them in the past few months have seemed even worth responding to. This one might not be either, but for what it’s worth, I have to say that what I feel most strongly for Foster Gamble when he says things like this is pity.

      There is nothing I could ever do to convince Mr. Gamble and his conspiracy followers that I am NOT a “government troll” or “paid disinformation agent.” Note the hollow reasoning he uses here: because I criticized Thrive, that proves I am a “government troll”; because I retired, and am no longer actively updating this blog, that also proves I’m a “government troll.”

      If I were to announce that my name is John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and I live at 1234 Main Street, Anytown, USA, that too would be construed as “proof” of me being a “government troll.” “At last!” they would gush. “That evil Mr. Schmidt! Now we know for a fact he’s a paid disinformation agent!” The only effect of doing this would be to increase, sharpen and focus the stream of angry denunciations thrown at me by Thrive’s fans, who would then be emboldened with a name and a face to hate and threaten as opposed to the mythical “Muertos” archetype, which never mattered much anyway.

      Although I’m no longer active in the insane, juvenile Romper Room of conspiracy theorists, even months later I still receive angry, accusatory and occasionally threatening messages from Thrive fans; I’ve also received messages phishing for details about me or goading me to pick up my sword and shield and return to battle with them. From this pointless activity it’s clear that, to Thrive fans, and it seems to Foster Gamble, I still matter very much. I find this highly ironic.

      And still, more than a year on, there is not a single shred of evidence to support any of the claims made in Thrive. The movie’s popularity continues to decline–the argument “Thrive is gangbusters overseas!” is unavailing, because Alexa.com and other sites measure traffic worldwide, not just in the United States–and the film and its followers continue to marginalize themselves as fringe believers of bizarre conspiracy theories who have nothing of value to contribute to discussions of politics, economics, science, energy policy or history. Thrive’s trajectory, whether its makers or its fans recognize it or not, is inexorably down.

      I told the truth on this blog, the absolute truth as I knew it to be and as I still know it now. I did it all in my free time, while working a full time job totally unrelated to blogging or the Internet, and I’ve never taken a dime from anybody for doing so. Those who are delusional enough not to believe the simple truth of these matters simply aren’t my problem. As always, don’t take my word for it; let the facts, logic and rationality speak for themselves.

      This is the end of my remarks on this matter.

      • Wyboth says :

        I completely understand. I’ve been through the whole process several times. Even when I point out to the person how incompotent their proof is, they just repeat themselves. It’s idiotic. Besides, the entire point of searching for a name is pointless. It’s not like you can do much with someone’s name. You might be able to find their phone number and complain to them live, but that’s about it. Outside of that, all they can do is shout “F you, ——!” instead of “F you, Muertos!” Once again, idiotic.

        Thanks for all of your debunking. I might buy your book soon, it looks interesting.

      • Frankie says :

        Thats true Mr. Muertos. I think its also werid that you still matter to them. Might it be that you, by writing this blog, hit a nerve and now they feel for ever offended and they want to still battle with you to prove you wrong? They cant, because you have proof and evidence for what you say.
        I guesa delusions can make people chase their own tail, and like you say, it’s a pity that Foster Gamble wastes his time with this bullshit, although I tend to think that he himself doesn’t believe this, that he just wants to keep selling his crap to people and get money, but I dont know to be honest.
        I dont know if there is a way of knowing whether one is a fraud, or a well intended but delusional person.

      • Claude Monet says :


        My God! Frankie where have you been? Mr. Foster Gamble is a multi-milionaire! So no point for him to mind ’bout the movie sales.

        I think he believes in “Thrive” and is a trustworthy guy.

  69. Claude Monet says :

    Dear Mr. Nobody,

    First, I would like you not to thank you for your senseless work. The Truth is not only out there, but also is inevitable. Million likes of you can do nothing about that.

    No matter how much money you have from the Committee, you truth will become an untruth (if you haven’t got a penny, you are more foolish as I thought – if you do wrong things, better find someone to pay you for your time!).

    Im realy sorry that you will be a garbage heap of history. Actually you are becoming it now. The 18st century science books are fool of moonshine, but they were mile stones in many ways, your work will be only usless moonshine.

    You can do just 2 things: produce more valueless rubbish or joins us and help to build the free and just better world. You haven’t got other choices.

    Best regards,

    Claude Monet

    • a rational person says :

      dear claude monet,

      you’re a fucking nutbag who believes in conspiracy bullshit. who gives a fuck what you think? you probably believe in lizard people and think 911 was an inside job. so you’re obviously nuts. you’re not “helping to build the free and just better world.” u’re fucking up the world, not making it better.

      you can do just 2 things: snap out of it and face reality, or fuck right the hell off.

      best regards,
      a rational person

  70. Bruce Campbell's Chin says :

    I posted the link to Thrieve Debunked in a closed group I am a member of in Facebook. A group which debates Science, Paranormal, Conspiricy Theories and Mysteries. I am a big fan of this site as I love studying the crazy unrational minds of conspiracy theorists and the many techniques they will try to get you to agree with them or to cast doubt within your mind.

    Anyway this site has caused much butthurt among several readers. They think (que’d alongside the other twenty million) that you must obviously be government agents (of the cabal).

    So I ask any of the debunkers would you like to join our group? There is another debunker from a known debunking website in there too.


    • anticultist says :

      Let them be butthurt, they’re obviously fuck wits if they think we are all paid trolls. There is no rational reason to go out of my way to get into a conversation with a fully blown retard who believes I am paid to laugh at the stupid shit they believe.

      Tell them from me, if they have evidence we are all paid for this then to show their evidence to you and your group, otherwise they can find the nearest bridge and jump off it for all I care.

  71. Thrill says :

    I am the most skeptical person I know; Muertos is a distant second. I can choose to learn from history or ignore it. I don’t need people stroking my ego or exciting my intellect to form my opinions. Regardless of whether the alleged of Thrive exist or don’t exist matters very little in the end; missing the forest for the trees. You cannot argue with experience because it is reality. The indisputable existence of a common inexplicable life force (regardless of what you label it) demands immutable laws be adhered to by everything. Planting a pumpkin seed cannot yield a thorn bush, it must yield a pumpkin or nothing at all. All I see here are those who water their seeds to varying degrees.

  72. Thrill says :

    You lack the power to effect anything, despite your grandiose delusions. Typical of an addicted self-pleasurer.

  73. Chris says :

    I found this site by chance, never heard of Thrive film, I look forward to watching it, the trailer looks very good.

    • a rational person says :

      it’s a circus geek show like the bearded lady or the sword swallower. it’s just a big bunch of lies, conspiracy theories and woo bullshit. not a single good idea in the whole goddamn movie. your time would be better spent staring at the wall.

    • AeolusRIder says :

      Here you go Chris. Watch this link also…..
      Make your own conclusions…


  74. Hans Aplast says :

    The earth is round debunked! Simple facts why the earth is flat.
    If the earth would be round….
    1. Fact: People on the lower side would fall off!
    1. Counter: There is some magic force that holds them to the ground
    2. Fact: Then they would still stand head down and that is clearly not the case!

    Conclusion: The earth is flat.

    See it’s easy to debunk new assumptions as long as you stick to an invalid model.

    I don’t know about the UFO’s and other stuff but free energy is real.

  75. John Florio says :

    I just saw the film and stumbled upon this website. What I find even more absurd than the film itself is that someone would actually take the time and effort to create a blog to debunk it. To me you are equally insane for even doing this. Whats the point? What can you prove by telling an insane man he’s insane? I’m not american or anglo-saxon maybe its a cultural thing.

    • anticultist says :

      Even more insane that you would watch the movie, pretend to have read the blog debunking the movie, and then comment asking why either existed after investing time with both of them.

      Go figure.

    • tofufighter says :

      I am not american or anglo saxon either but i’ve watched Thrive, read the blog, read the comments, and I have to conclude that if you’ve read through the comments, you’d have a better idea of how this “insane man” has managed to make his brand of insanity somewhat contagious. That being the case, I’m sure that, as a sane person, you can appreciate someone making an effort to minimise the spread of this level of crazy.

    • Anastasio says :

      @ John Florio
      “To me you are equally insane for even doing this.”

      “What can you prove by telling an insane man he’s insane? I’m not american or anglo-saxon maybe its a cultural thing.”

      In two mere sentences you manage to completely own yourself with your own confused, reductionist argument, Mr Florio. Plus, the author of this blog has not called Foster Gamble insane either.

      Double ownage.

      Seems like it’s maybe not such a ‘cultural thing’ after all, you daft racist.

  76. AeolusRIder says :

    Here you go mate. Some free energy in Australia. Be sure to watch both videos. Some interesting comments made there.


    zippiddy do dah, zippiddy aey my oh my what a wonderful day….. 🙂

    • anticultist says :

      Come back top us when you have bought one, built one and verified it actually works kiddo.

      You look like a retard spamming snake oil for sale.

  77. John Florio says :

    Daft racist? Mmmm. What made you draw that conclusion? Owned myself? Typical small penis frustrated intellectual talk.

    I never “pretended to read the blog”. I made a statement. It is my opinion that by debunking so extensively the thrive movement will only give its followers the idea that they are talking about tangible ideas. Instead every single concept/solution (to problems we all agree exist) in the film is blatantly absurd.

    There is little need to “prove” anything wrong. Sane people with functioning brains and very little knowledge will know better. The idea that the film can have a truly “dangerous” effect on the viewers is an insult to humanity.
    First of all the movement is pacific which is the first reason why this website is morally wrong. By debunking absurd concepts you will automatically become a conspiracy theorist yourself adding fuel to an insignificant discussion. You are becoming part of the problem not a solution.
    If for the author of this blog there’a a civic sense in this blog I would advise him to divert his energies on much more intrepid (and less pacific) movements. By believing that thrive represents an actual threat to progress is sad and in my opinion even more dangerous than thrive itself.

    Live and let live. Let them believe in secret messages from aliens, energy based on taurus’s and reptilians.
    I mean you can write a comment or two, maybe an article, but a whole blog? Unless there is a “personal” issue at hand what’s the point? Seriously?

    If he doesn’t believe gamble is coo coo than that might be the answer to my questions.

    • Wyboth says :

      Muertos doesn’t comment here anymore, so I’ll speak for him.

      Muertos used to be a conspiracy theorist himself, but he was snapped out of it because of another debunker. That’s why he wrote Thrive Debunked; he’s hoping that some people will be snapped out of conspiracy thinking like he was. So far, I’ve seen 2 commenters here who were cured of conspiracy thinking because of this blog. Sure, that’s not many, but it’s better than none.

      Curing conspiracy theorists wasn’t his only reason for writing, though. He also debunked because he enjoyed it. It’s difficult to describe why someone would enjoy debunking. I’ve debunked conspiracy theories and enjoyed it as well, so I can understand how he would enjoy it.

      Now, as for why not to leave them alone and let them believe their nuttery. I met someone a month ago named Austin. I was in the library browsing Reddit, when I saw him next to me watching Alex Jones videos. I confronted him about it, and he instantly raged at me. We had a long debate about 9/11 until I had to go. That day made me realize just how destructive conspiracy theories were. Here was a young man who had great potential to make a difference in the world, but instead was wasting his life away with conspiracy theories. I had been debunking before, but it wasn’t until I met Austin that I learned just how toxic conspiracy theories were. So, the reason why I won’t just let people keep believing in conspiracy theories is because I want to change people’s lives. If my message can get to someone before they fall down the rabbit hole, it will all have been worth it.

  78. John Florio says :

    You can’t generalize conspiracy theories as if they were one single entity. The world is made of events. Some have been covered up, some haven’t. You are treating your “patient” by giving him the same cure that made him sick and you have the presumption of having a truth that is truer than others. People believe what they want to believe and thats the beauty of it. You don’t debunk “conspiracy theories” in general. You have civilized conversations and discuss different points of view. these blogs are just meant to create useless oppositions. Debunkers vs. conspiracy theorists? Come on man….

    • anticultist says :

      You just sound like someone using relativism for the sake of being righteous.
      It’s a weak point of reference and your stance is transparent.

      Some truths are more truer than others that’s just the real world partner. Science is an example of how things can be truer than others, and that goes for anything based in facts and evidence.

      So your whole point is moot because you want people to just let people spread lies and untruths if it makes them happy. News flash, lies and untruths damage peopel’s lifes and that’s why peopel debunk this bullshit.

    • Wyboth says :

      Hey, if you don’t like arguing, don’t listen to it. I don’t see myself or anyone else here stopping just because one person doesn’t like it.

    • tofufighter says :

      John, I can see your argument that a comprehensive debunking of something ridiculous may give that exact ridiculous notion more credibility. Maybe, maybe not, but on balance I don’t believe that’s true in this case.

      You’ve described Foster Gamble’s stance as being pacific. Some people might agree with that, but other don’t agree that it’s as harmless as you suggest. Part of the opposition that Muertos has to Thrive is that it reinforces (perhaps unintentionally) anti-semitic ideas. You’d have to read the blog to see whether you agree with his arguments on that.

      Just like you, I didn’t think that many people would buy into many of the things that Thrive puts forward, but it seems I gave too much credit on that count. If you read through the comments of people on here who believe Foster Gamble, or better yet, go and read the comments on the actual Thrive website, you might understand better why someone would chose to oppose the ideas with quite as much energy as Muertos has.

  79. John Florio says :

    Let me say one thing:
    I read through the blog and I feel its author is 100 % on point with pretty much everything he writes. Definitely a bright individual. Regardless, I find this an ulterior reason for not comprehending his motives. There is something sinister about thrived bunked as there is in thrive movement. Its made of the same energy (allow me to be new age myself). I’ll explain myself.
    By creating a sort of “battle” against the movement will give the website the same dark (conspiratorial) vibe as the film. Articles showing how the film isn’t selling anymore or how their website is down in viewers are written for what constructive purpose? (Is there something personal?) You get that feeling of junior high school feuds which is far from mind opening. Reading the comments I get the same chilling sensation.
    When I said “I’m not american or anglo-saxon” I was pointing out the trend, which see’s america on top of the charts, of using blogs, youtube and social networks to spew hatred and create constant separate factions (ex. debunkers vs. conspiracy theorists) which will rarely bring to something positive.
    In some occasions the author of the blog tries to reach out positively to gamble but the vibe in general is harsh and highly confrontational. If I was gamble I wouldn’t respond either.
    Like I said there are so many (real and dangerous) movements that can be attacked with the same fervor. In this case we are shooting on the red cross.
    By truly believing in the dangers of thrive you are buying into the same paranoiac ideas advanced in the film.
    This website appeals to all those people who “thrive” on the world of conspiracy theories (believers and non) and does little to bring positive dialogue to the table. The comments are the best example of how futile the conversation is. paranoid arrogant egomaniacs going at each other. What will it bring if not ulterior conspiracy theories? (ex. the author of the blog is paid by the c.i.a.? – he’s an agent, why doesn’t he tell us who he is?, I bet you he’s a spy, etc.)
    Isn’t that what the author is trying to fight? If he is then I agree he should but his face and bio and instead of creating thrive debunked he should enlighten us with some personal beliefs and ideas, which rarely come up here.

    Wyboth’s explanation to muerto’s need for creating this site is the best example of what I’m saying. He clearly bought into this site to deal with personal repressed stress and not to enlighten or “cure” anyone. The word cure is itself delusional. You need to be healthy to cure my friend.

    • anticultist says :

      If you knew anything about conspiracy theorists you would also know that giving them access to your personal data is pretty much like assisting your personal suicide. Granted it’s an extremity and a rarity, but conspiracy theorists are not known for their sensitivity and rationality, and have been known to target and threaten, and even hurt people they perceive as oppositional to their beliefs. Just consider the slim possibility of that and you will understand why Muertos, and most other non professional debunkers prefer a little anonymity.

      The debunkers who go public out of necessity are those who are paid to lecture, run businesses selling information, magazines, videos etc.. Muertos is not one of those, he has a profession outside of debunking, which was a hobby of his for a good many years. In fact I would submit he used it as a method for transition, since he used to be a conspiracy theorist himself, and it helped him balance out some of the psychological damage he may have inflicted spouting bullshit to people. I look at this and his other posts he made over the years as some sort of debt he owed to himself to balance out the insanity.

      Now you may have some point that it fuels the coals and creates tension and segregation, it’s quite possible that is correct, since we are all aware of the backfire effect on people’s belief systems here as it’s been mentioned and discussed by the debunkers here. The important thing you have forgot to consider however is that an unchecked and ignored problem does not make it go away and does not fix it. If there is a problem it MUST be targeted by those who know how to fix it, or by those who know what the problem is in the first place, and conspiracy theorism is a mental defect, it is a problem in a person’s worldview started by an inefficient way of thinking and irritated by their existing beliefs. These things if left unchecked can turn people into fanatics and cult members, and they become a danger to themselves, their families and normal functioning society.

      It’s all well and god you coming here and inferring there is no need to react to this stupid million dollar movie franchise, but you ignore that it speaks it’s lies to hundreds of thousands of people, and could in fact turn your own next door neighbour into a drivelling idiot who hates you for burning coal, oil and using the banking system. Before you know it you have a basket case next door plotting to confront you and annoy you for your actions which he perceives as killing him and his family.

      That is the path this paranoid delusional belief system takes its believers on.

  80. John Florio says :

    I guess thats why I said its a cultural thing I have a hard time grasping. I myself am Italian and maybe we have a more cynical anthropological approach to such bullshit. Regardlessly I think that generalizing issues and putting labels (debunkers, conspiracy theorist, etc.) is a very simplistic way of resolving problems. Its the same kind of problem that arises when doctors tend to classify different complex mental (or characterial) issues under one name. (Ex. bipolar, a.d.h.d. etc.) . Its a great limit and it places people in large vague mental ghetto’s which kill individuality and create monsters. But thats a more complex question…….Regardlessly I think its something the web does as well and I think it happens in america more than anywhere else. Mine a pure anthropological analysis. I love many aspects of america just analyzing this one which scares me greatly.

    • Anastasio says :

      “Daft racist? Mmmm. What made you draw that conclusion? ”


      Your attempt to tie inane irrationality to race, or culture as you would have it (race is a man-made, social construct typified best by one’s culture, one could argue) undeniably demonstrates ignorance, and perhaps intolerance for the incessant cultural imperialism that pervades the world through various forms of media, I suspect

      You are twice guilty of this (it would seem bullshit is now a cultural thing) and your apparent ignorance of the effect of your very own words smacks of subversive bigotry, hence my mostly facetious comment “daft racist”; which was inspired by some fine British comedy.

      The conclusion drew itself John; I merely took a moment to draw your attention to the drawing of it. You can take the time to understand the actual implications of your words and curse me or thank me, or you can keep entertaining us with your wit; wit such as:

      “I myself am Italian and maybe we have a more cynical anthropological approach to such bullshit.”

      It seems the more you type, the dafter and more racist you sound, John. I can see a pattern developing here.

      Of course the Italian culture would differ from American culture in various ways, but consider that an Italian-American would also differ culturally from a Mediterranean Italian. Both might share a strong aversion to bullshit, or perhaps not. As a matter of interest, in which country do you reside John?

      Please expand on your above quote and supply cites to confirm it and explain the relevance of it all.

      “Owned myself? Typical small penis frustrated intellectual talk.”

      Whatever research you conducted to correlate dick size with intellect is probably best kept to yourself at this stage.

      Yes John; owned yourself. Consider that the closing lines of your first comment here asked “what does it prove to call an insane man insane?”, or something to that effect. The question is irrelevant, rhetorical and of little value as Muertos had not actually called Foster Gamble insane. A strawman fallacy no less. Standing the question by itself I’m sure you can now see why it was probably a complete waste of your life writing it. To then contend that only a culture of inferior intellect would ask this question, is a complete waste of our time trying to entertain your bigoted views to that effect, and then to ask the question on the back of calling Muertos insane, is a first class example of owning yourself and a comical conclusion to your irrelevant musings here.

      So, is calling an insane man a cultural thing or not John? Because your initial post smacks either of irony or hypocrisy. Take your pick.

  81. John Florio says :

    You’ve created from your first answer to my post a very useless confrontation. I brought many different issues to the conversation which you have completely ignored. Instead you managed to extrapolate (and misinterpret) only what YOU wanted to read between the lines. This approach for me is that of a paranoid person and of a conspiracy theorist, which I thought is was what we were trying to “cure” here. “This guy is a racist”. There you go. A label after reading 5 sentences. My point sadly proven. Racist against who is hard for anyone to understand. Luckily not everyone is on your same page. I want to thank the other three gentlemen who have responded in a very intellectual way. (I might not agree with some answers but they are civilized) – Your approach, (the lines, the quotes, the vague concepts, the paranoid accusations) have proven part of what I think: anti thrive can become the same delusional conspiracy, just in different forms and directions.

  82. John Florio says :

    To deny that different cultures have different approaches to conspiracy thinking is itself a bias and self centered point of view. To call me a racist for asserting this is simply absurd.


    tofufighter says : May 22, 2013 at 7:57 am

    I am not american or anglo saxon either but i’ve watched Thrive, read the blog, read the comments, and I have to conclude that if you’ve read through the comments, you’d have a better idea of how this “insane man” has managed to make his brand of insanity somewhat contagious. That being the case, I’m sure that, as a sane person, you can appreciate someone making an effort to minimise the spread of this level of crazy.


    The fact that as a non-american I would take the time to watch the film, read this blog and start a discussion (along with the fact that I try to speak your language) probably points out to the fact that I might not be as bias as you think towards your culture. I don’t undertand why you took my comments (which were clearly not diffamatory but simply slightly provocative) as a total condemnation of america. I study cultures, speak 7 different languages and travel the world extensively. (Typical of a daft racist). Observing social aspects of different cultures (positive and negative) and then talking about them is something cultured people do everyday. If this was a blog about the Syrian uprising I would be critical against Bashar al-Assad and would have opinions regarding muslim culture. (positive and negative) – That wouldn’t make me a racist. If we were talking about Berlusoni and Italians I would sound so critical that you would think I was a self hating italian.

    This perception you have that I am attacking your culture, as I expressed before, is a sign of paranoia and delusion. Nobody else saw what you saw. I ask myself why.
    Regardlessly this conversation about racism and my bigotry has taken a completely different route from what my initial intentions (and provocative questions) were. I was asking why a bright mind, such as Muertos’ would attack so consistently such a weak and coo coo movement (thrive).

    I am satisfied with the answers I got even though I still don’t agree with them. Intelligent and cultured people such as Muerto should be fighting against real enemies and not Don Quixotian windmills, in my opinion giving them more power instead of taking it away. It was a very simple point of view. Maybe Muerto does have other social agendas. Who knows. He’s not around to answer unfortunately.

    When Wyboth answered that the intention is to “cure” conspiracy theorists I brought a different point of view to the table: not everyone is the same. To classify a genre of thinkers as conspiracy theorists is bizarre simply because some events have been covered up and some haven’t. I find it belittling towards human kind to generalize such vast concepts with simple one dimension labels.

    Some thrive followers might not believe in the thaurus but might like the idea of no taxes. Others might believe in global domination by the rothschild family and not believe in small government, etc. etc. etc. I don’t think you can define conspiracy theorism as an illness. I find it sad. We are people with different beliefs and we all see how certain aspects of a globalized world affect us both negatively and positively.
    To debunk the more absurd concepts is legit. (time consuming but legit). To mock the movement and consider them sick is plainly sinister. I hope Muerto doesn’t believe this. I would automatically lose some respect, unless he elaborated that concept in a very convincing way.

    Yes I did say that this kind of generalization and labeling is common in america. Having lived in 4 different continents (america as well) I will take my risk and make that assertion. This doesn’t make me bias. I can tell you that italians tend to be more cynical towars conspiracy thinking (I live here) – that chinese are generally more used to not asking many questions (lived there) – probably due to the fact that they have lived under comunist regimes for so long, etc. etc.
    Different cultures inevitably have different “trends”, analyzing them is what I do.

    Anastasio your approach to these discussions reflects a lack of curiosity towards the matters being discussed. You come off as a pompous arrogant individual with truly not many bright concepts to bring forward. This is present in all of your comments on this blog. Get out of your brain, you might find some interesting points of view if you put aside ego and delusions.

    • Anastasio says :

      “To deny that different cultures have different approaches to conspiracy thinking is itself a bias and self centered point of view. To call me a racist for asserting this is simply absurd.”

      Only, it didn’t quite happen like that, did it John? And that’s not what I’m denying.

      You said “Anglo-Saxon” and “American” both of which I’m sure you know, are broad concepts and bear many cultures and mixed genes therein – ‘Americans’ especially not being as homogeneous as your insinuation allows.

      You could also use ‘interests’, ‘access’ and ‘awareness’ instead of approach.

      You inextricably connected ‘conspiracy thinking’, or rather the inanity of calling an insane person insane, to race entirely of your own volition and I merely objected in the name of decorum. Why the prolonged and irrelevant rant that addresses everything but this point?

      Nationality, let’s be clear, is clearly an issue to you and an important factor in your argument, John, otherwise, why bring it up constantly? You might argue that my tactics are to dismiss and reduce your points to mindless racism, but that’s exactly what it is John! Your arguments read as one baseless, non-sequitur following another, stopping only to remind us that you are Italian, and other times to remind us you are not American! So forgive me if I have yet to address any of your other points before bringing this one to a conclusion.

      “The fact that as a non-american I would take the time to watch the film, read this blog and start a discussion

      Who seriously gives a flying fuck whether you are American or not John? I’d be more impressed if an Eskimo took the time to watch the film and then find a blog on which to argue about the unnecessariness of confrontation. It is still completely irrelevant whichever way you look at it.

      “(along with the fact that I try to speak your language)”

      Try to speak it? Who are you trying to fool John? You speak English far better than some of the native speakers here. Go and read some of Rodney Simpson’s posts if you want to see what busting an verbal aneurysm looks like.

      “This perception you have that I am attacking your culture, as I expressed before, is a sign of paranoia and delusion.

      My culture? Is Anglo-Saxon or American a culture? Does my name sound particular Germanic or American (presumably WASP American) to you? Tell me, what is my culture? How can you attack it if you don’t know what it is and, ergo, how can I become delusional or paranoid about you attacking it? I might comment on the inflated sense of self one has because he is Italian, but it speaks not to my culture.

      “I don’t undertand why you took my comments (which were clearly not diffamatory but simply slightly provocative) as a total condemnation of america”

      I didn’t and I don’t.

      “This doesn’t make me bias. I can tell you that italians tend to be more cynical towars conspiracy thinking (I live here)”

      How many and more cynical towards conspiracy thinking than whom? Where are your statistics? Are Italian-Americans included?

      ——————————————————————————————————–“Nobody else saw what you saw. I ask myself why.”

      Again what is the relevance? I am probably the least perceptive and intelligent person here, but still John, I recognise that your claims need just a little more base than your Italian background. The clientèle here is made up of different cultures, age groups, interests etc. Why not look there for an answer?

      “Regardlessly this conversation about racism and my bigotry has taken a completely different route from what my initial intentions (and provocative questions) were.”

      And regardless still, you and I stand at the same juncture we first met on the issue of whatever it was you were pretending you didn’t understand and then wrote off as a cultural difference, all there in your initial post, and still no nearer to conclusion.

      Your coy interpretation of this blog, your reduction of the blog to an illogical anomaly and then purporting it’s existence might be typically Anglo-Saxon or American, is purely your own fantasy.

      With the international language being English, it’s easy to presume that everything spoken in English is a trait of the American (and Anglo-Saxon as you put it) culture. The fact you and I are having this very debate proves that it is not.

      “Anastasio your approach to these discussions reflects a lack of curiosity towards the matters being discussed.”

      Nice try and I hope it gave you the satisfaction you yearned typing that. But in reality, we have discussed only your first post and I have voiced my indifference to moving on until we have resolved it.

      “You come off as a pompous arrogant individual with truly not many bright concepts to bring forward. ”

      Fortunately I’m not trying to win any awards for being a popular guy on the internet, and the bright concepts I do have are not wasted on daft racists but rewarded in the work place.

      As for arrogance, well, it’s not me classifying other people by what they type on the internet.

      This is present in all of your comments on this blog. Get out of your brain, you might find some interesting points of view if you put aside ego and delusions.”

      For a guy who apparently can’t understand the existence of this blog you sure have a lot of interest in reading it and commenting on it. Have fun continually walking all over your first post and demonstrating your obvious indifference to debunking blogs.

      They are only as vivacious as the community that participates in them after all!

  83. John Florio says :

    This conversation is going nowhere.

    • Anastasio says :

      Of course it isn’t going anywhere, John. A conversation that begins with inventing your own strawman fallacy (one you pretend you don’t understand) which you then try to pass off a trait of the Americans and Anglo-Saxons can only take one real direction; downwards. Racist or not, your ill-thought out insinuation literally stinks of ignorance. I appreciate you have since expanded on your initial comment to give us the idea that America is Top of the Blogs for proliferating hate speech, based presumably on your experience of browsing predominantly American sites, but you still haven’t addressed your strawman and why it qualifies as a mostly American/ Anglo-Saxon phenomenon?

      The problem I have with your first comment has a lot to do with the pattern of pantomime we see recurring on this blog, usually with first-time posters claiming to have “only just just watched the film and then stumbled across this blog”, which is ultimately unimportant, yet contrived and suspicious all the same. The subsequent and aniticpated chiding of film and debunking together is perhaps more telling of a lack of curiosity towards the issues presented, as it inhibits further discussion and analysis from those of a different perspective to Foster Gamble. Whether I agree with this blog’s content or not, I enjoy reading through most posts offered here from skeptic and believer alike; it has little to do with who’s calling who insane or to where one’s family tree can be traced back.
      When two groups stand diametrically opposed to each other, labels, unfortunately, are a fact of life, and if you feel you must convince me that you don’t have nouns for things in Italy then perhaps it’s best if you leave the stage now. Labels are not the problem nor an issue in the greater scale of things though John; it’s what passes in the narrative between those labels that we discuss here.

      Though you might claim you do not recognise or understand the importance of this blog, I think we can both agree that equilibrium in the availability of information is paramount in an age where, as you quite rightly pointed out, much of today’s conversation is narrated on social media, ergo, one’s influence can easily permeate larger strata of credulous society when given free reign.

      Therefore, if Foster Gamble produces a film containing some pretty harsh and damning accusations against people who do actually exist/ have existed, then a rebuttal is perhaps not necessary in your view, but it is definitely expected that people will have something to say in their defence, on their behalf.

      Calling bullshit out and writing a blog to archive the catalogue of Gamble’s errors does not in anyway put Meurtos in the same light as the conspiracy theorist, regardless of whatever vibe you’re picking up, otherwise your philosophy makes no accommodation for disagreement, from which of course change is borne.

      In essence, this blog exists for the very same reason and motivation as the CICAP; diagnosing insanity has nothing to do with it, and neither does race, creed or culture.

      We’re just everyday people from all walks of life shooting the shit, John. Don’t act so bemused.

  84. John Florio says :

    Still going nowhere (unfortunately) because I would have liked to here Muerto’s

  85. jules says :

    you are a grade AAA twat. Its rare than anything gets AAA these days but you qulaify well done.
    Who are you son of Rothchild
    If anyone cannot see that this is the world works by following the money trail then you are a compleet moron or worse a f*ckin shill, Which is is?

  86. jules says :

    Bad spelling
    Its obvious to all that this is the way the world works by folowing the money trail. By trying to debunk this you are either a Moron or a shill , which is it?

  87. Initiate says :

    This Thrive Movement is about to explode in a good way (grow with funding)

    • conspiracykiller says :

      And implode in a bad way (shrink with stupidity)

    • Joel T. says :

      No no no, you misunderstand: the only way the Thrive Movement can explode in a good way is with candy. As its a cancer on the intellectual landscape of the nation, growth would be bad. Candy is good, though, and all the lollipops might get the Conspiracy Theorists to shut up for a while.

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