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Updated 1 June 2014

As per the policy announced in March, comments are now closed. If something significant occurs regarding Thrive (which is unlikely), they will be reopened.

Updated March 2014

It has now been nearly 2 1/2 years since the release of Thrive. The film has failed to achieve any significant cultural resonance and is now generally regarded as a curiosity in the conspiracy theorist underground. In the past 2 1/2 years and the thousands of comments that have been posted on this blog, the majority in the first few months after the film’s release, there has been more than ample opportunity for discussion. Most comments that are posted now, both pro and con, are repetitive. It is unlikely that, barring unforeseen developments, anything significantly new will be said about the film, pro or con, that hasn’t already been said before.

Consequently, new comments are now being vetted and approved only sporadically. An automatic spam filter remains in place but the filter is no longer being actively checked for false matches. On June 1, 2014, comments will be closed permanently.

200 responses to “Comments Policy”

  1. Sarah says :

    I spent the better part of a morning looking over your material. To attempt to discredit every single aspect of Thrive was my first clue; my second was the amount of time you have spent on this website (very nice, BTW).

    If there was any way to prove this, I would wager big money that you make your living discrediting people that go against the status quo.

    My son is a journalist/researcher for a right-wing rag and was approached to do this very thing for another issue currently chafing the mellow of the powers that be..

    Hope it’s worth it to you.

    • muertos says :

      I’m not paid anything, by anyone, anywhere to write this blog and I’m sorry you think that I am. Also, I’m not associated with the “right wing” in any way. My politics are solidly left-liberal-progressive.

      • tavisabragg says :

        Highly doubt the above statements after reading through your website.

        You consistently contradict yourself and your messaging is rather weak, overall, I’m going to watch Thrive after this and form an opinion myself.

      • Mike I says :

        hi, i will only speak on 1 issue, lets say chem trails. What they are , im not sure but i state this a fact. When I was a kid or lets even say 14 years ago when i moved to N california, THERE WERE NO TRAILS AT ALL IN OUR SKY. Yes there was an contrail here and there but as we are not in a flight path for any major city ,it was rare.Now I can sit and watch planes lay a trail, WATCH them turn around and lay a trail .Soe times I see 3 or 4 planes at a time and up to 20 lines at once.What they are doing or the chemical makeup I cant say, but they are not passenger jet as there is no major airport within 5 hours by car an I can see them turn around over the pacific. this is a fact!

      • muertos says :

        Air traffic in the sky has increased and/or air traffic patterns have altered since you were 14. Okay. Is that in any way unusual or unexpected? What does this “fact” prove?

      • Mike I says :

        your a smart a$$ but at least you responded. You should read more closely. I said 14 years ago when I moved to N cali,not when i was 14. I was raised in houston by a major airport and never saw chemtrail patterns we see today. NOW as I also explained I live in a area where there is no flight path or major airport that can recieve big jets. As I stated I can sit here and watch jets,3 and 4 at a time ,lay a trail, go out over the pacific and u turn and lay a new trial, fly inland a few mile and repeat. I have also seen a single contrail ,thin and quick to disappear ,right next to a chem trail ,super wide and sitting in the sky for long periods. What it proves is something ,unrelated to passenger flight trails is going on.Im not gonna guess what or conspire to know but It is a FACT ,there are not passenger jets flying patterns for hours at a time.

      • Channel Boss says :

        What is your motivation for starting this blog?

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Channel Boss: Somebody has to debunk the lies expressed in the Thrive Movie. Since the false information there might mislead someone into supporting candidates like Ron Paul who do not actually share their political views, movies like this can indeed be destructive. (Note: I am not necessary attacking Ron Paul, but I think anyone will agree that it is wrong for candidates to gain support based on false information).

      • Alex says :

        “My politics are solidly left-liberal-progressive” That’s a good joke! Have you heard the other one about the wolf and the fox?
        Now seriously, just the fact that you’re claiming that and after having read some of your posts (especially the one about World Government and the EU) I seriously think you’re either a paid liar or mentally challenged. Same goes for the reasoning you use in your posts. You either can’t see how it flawed it is or you’re being paid to express it.
        I personally didn’t like the movie Thrive, at least not most of it. But just the fact that there’s a website devoted to debunking it, it makes me think there must be something about it that’s really worth it.

      • David Hutchinson says :

        No they are not sir…with all due respect. If you even understood the principles….in thrive..these aspect and structural observations about the American empire are NOTHING new. Read Noam Chomky, or Michael Parenti…for more insight. Your attempt while laudable…it laughable.

      • Alexander Thomas Trainor says :

        We see right through you. Let people form opinions for themselves. Go home you pompous tool

      • Alexander Thomas Trainor says :


        Left and Right are just two wings to the same plan. A true intellectual would not rigidly define their beliefs with a left to right paradigm. Be an individual.

      • Wyboth says :

        Alright, you fucking roast, you’re quite the delusional one. I’ll bet you think that because Muertos denied being paid by someone it proves that he is. What if he isn’t being paid? Is he supposed to say yes? It appears to me that there’s nothing he or I can say to convince you he’s not a disinformation agent.

        Another thing, how is Muertos forcing his opinion on anyone? Go back and read his articles again, you obviously didn’t understand them. And your view of politics is also severely misguided. Most intellectuals are democrats; fence sitting isn’t something an intellectual person would do for long, especially with all of the nonsensical noise coming from the right.

      • Sarah Lee says :

        This is a joke right….

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Hi Sarah,

      Gee, I’m sorry you’re such a terrible mother, but at least you cop to it — unless of course you blame his father for your son’s fascist leanings.

      But look at it this way: too far to the right leads to fascism; too far to the left leads to totalitarianism. So then, it’s “pick your poison!”

      On the other hand, if you really want to THRIVE, then let’s keep playing at the tug’o’war between the left and right over the middle. It’s fun and nobody dies.

      On that note, I wonder if you’d like to comment on this recent comment made by a feminist criticizing THRIVE because it’s still way too patriarchal. (Its spot in the queue is #33 out of 34.)

    • Eaton Pickles says :

      My sentiments exactly. And yet nowhere on this website do I find any pertinent information regarding its author(s). I find though this is becoming the sad truth of the internet, that they are paid shills, sock puppets and general disinformation agents everywhere – they personally don’t care about any particular ethical and/or moral stance for either end. What they do care about is being effective at controlling whatever the information is.

      They don’t care whether you believe in their debunking website, and/or in the credibility of another *idea, and/or in creating fan-fare/redirection of fans to what they want you to evaluate. I think that sums it up by not producing credentials, definitive information regarding the authors – oh and even drawing attention to the dissident bizarre comments 😉 You’re spot on Sarah 🙂

      • anticultist says :

        Wow you are another ted loon who thinks this site is ran by a paid shill, how stupid can people really be ?

        Your silly links to wikipedia are of no consequence, since Muertos has already laid out over a dozen or more times in clear English that he is neither paid, hired or working for any government/academic body, or financial establishment when it comes to writing this blog. It was all done out of personal interest and of combating the stupidity of thrive and its followers.

        This would have been clear to you had you even read the posts he has made and his comments.

        In fact this stupidity of yours is even addressed in the FAQ at the very top of the blog, how you could have missed it is just another example of how people post here without actually reading anything.

      • ihatenexus2013 says :

        Satanist Aleister Crowleys’ ‘spirit guide’ looked a lot like a small grey alien.
        Crowleys’ followers included L.Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology. Hubbard tried to raise the ‘anti-Christ’, failed and started Scientology instead.
        Hubbards’ followers include Duncan Roads, editor of Nexus magazine
        which publishes every conspiracy theory under the sun. Especially UFO/alien conspiracies. Marcus Allen/UK Nexus is notorious for it.
        If the ‘aliens’ are real and evil, then how does Roads explain Crowley
        and Hubbard being led into ‘black magic’ by one of these evil aliens?
        It cannot be just me who finds this ‘conspiracy’ bizarre. Either Nexus
        is a fraud published BY NWO conspirators, or Roads is a liar and a fraud
        working directly for the forces of darkness to mislead the rest of us.
        Either way, this conspiracy theory explains who is in league with whom and why.

      • anticultist says :

        ” Either Nexus
        is a fraud published BY NWO conspirators, or Roads is a liar and a fraud
        working directly for the forces of darkness to mislead the rest of us.
        Either way, this conspiracy theory explains who is in league with whom and why.”

        What a totally unrealistic dichotomy you just proposed. Neither of your options are found in any reality that is observable by evidenced facts.

        Both possibilities you supply are ridiculous, new world order or satans little helpers, sigh come back to reality your family probably need you.

    • Alexander Thomas Trainor says :

      Hey Sarah, I think you should give Ole Muertos some ice for that BURN!!!!!!!!!!

    • DaveNYUSA says :

      “My son is a journalist/researcher…”
      My condolences.

  2. Treok Walker says :

    . When I was 20, I wanted to know how almost every country on the planet could be in debt and who are we in debt to. Banks print money, and sell it to us. That is called wage-slavery
    Banks and corporations are making billions of dollars off the resources that belong to all humans, and you are here trying to debunk whether there are alternative energy sources, or whether there are other life forms.
    You sound like a joke.
    Our governments spend so much money on military, on oil companies, on themselves, while most people on the planet have very little, and you have nothing to say about that, because you actually think they are doing their best to help us.

    Get a life. Join the Human race.

    How about reading “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins. I wonder what kind of bullshit you way say to de-bunk him?

  3. Treok Walker says :

    Just read your piece on global domination.You are an example of how the agenda is working you fool. The elite are rich, and you are supporting them. See, it’s working, they don’t need to stop movies such as this as long as fools like you exist.

    • Vasper85 says :

      To be fair most of John Perkins writings are anecdotal and I’ve read both of his books, not his last one “Hoodwinked” though.

      You have to ask yourself that if it is really true what he says then why is he still alive? Because he wrote a book? If “they” could off Roldos and Torrijo then they could very well make Perkins disappear as well, book or no book.

      You want to get a feel for corruption then I would suggest Howard Zinn’s works.

      • Phil Phillipson says :

        “Howard Zinn?” What are you talking about? I really think some people believe their own B.S (or are paid to spread it). If you want to look at corruption look at our government and stop there, don’t go any further because that is the root of most (or all) of our problems in society. This is likely the most idiotic website I have visited in a long time and I am kicking myself for even happening upon it. I don’t even know why I’m replying to this. However, since I took the time to write it, I guess I will post it.

  4. bernie says :

    Looked at most of the site some good points. David Icke being one there may have been a better choice though there was no reference to his understanding about reptilians. In his defense there have been many writings on the subject before. One by Robert Morning Sky “The Terra Papers” in the early 90’s after
    publishing and speaking around the country on the subject there were at least two attempts on his life so he no longer speaks in public on the subject. Also who was that speaking serpent in the bible any way? How about that federal reserve bank system what away to do business if you can get away with it.(oh but they do) Are all crop circles made by humans? If just one is not then who and that for.Now 9-11… If you are truly a seeker of the true
    they you must look at a new book by Phillp Marshall airline capt. ratings on Boeing 727,737,747,757,and 767 “The big bam boozle” web site
    Let us know what you find if you look… on the blog..

    • Treok Walker says :

      Bernie,,,Muertos isn’t interested in the truth, only conspiracy theories, so good luck having any meaningful conversation with him

    • ihatenexus2013 says :

      Bernie, mate, you are being conned.
      Nexus magazine brought Robert Morning Sky to Australia.
      Yes, he spoke about ‘lizard people’ way before Icke ever did.
      Nexus editor Duncan Roads is a Scientologist.
      Scientology was founded by L.Ron Hubbard, a satanist and
      disciple of satanist Aleister Crowley. Crowleys’ spirit guide
      LAM (or Lal) looks just like a small grey alien. If Crowley,
      a drug addicted bisexual who drove the people around
      him insane or to suicide, was under the influence of small
      grey aliens, then how does Nexus magazine explain the
      Crowley-Hubbard conspiracy, especially since Duncan and
      Catherine Roads are Scientologists?
      Who wins the planet if we all give the conspirators (Nexus)
      the credit for exposing the NWO conspiracy Roads and his
      fellow Scientologists are jamming the Net with?
      Beware the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Scientology.
      They are the enemy pretending to be our friends and allies.

      • nexuseditor says :

        Duncan Roads here, owner and editor of Nexus Magazine since 1990 – and this is public knowledge.
        The person above is either a paid disinfo agent, or mentally deranged. Nobody can accidentally come up with so much rubbish and spin like this.
        So for the record:
        – I have never been a member of the Church of Scientology (COS)
        – nor has my wife
        – the COS hate me, and hate my magazine. Their staff are banned from talking to us.
        – I have total distaste for the COS, and am KNOWN for opposing them
        – Nexus Magazine is NOT owned by New Era Publications, it is owned by myself and my wife. Check the ABN in any issue, its on page two.

        The owners or moderators of this website should be ashamed for letting a total retard spread such outrageous lies and slander – especially when it would take about 5 mins to reveal you are being played as fools.

        Duncan Roads
        Owner, Editor
        Nexus Magazine

      • conspiracykiller says :

        Hey Duncan, the policy on this blog is let everyone have their say. As you have seen you are able to come here and publicly denounce the person above you. Even though what they said was clearly deranged and delusional, it reeks of someone with a personal vendetta against you or your magazine.

        There is no need for anyone here to feel shame about allowing a nutjob speak their mind. Nutjobs who post crazy made up stuff are frequent here, so the post above yours is nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to the cranks that comment here. ‘ihatenexus’ is clearly a troll or someone with a personal vendetta, either way they’re not being taken seriously by any person with skeptical worldviews here.

  5. Treok Walker says :

    In Thrive, they talk about the corruption of the FDA, and drug companies, so, debunk this you government troll.

    • muertos says :

      Where’s your evidence that I’m a “government troll”?

      • Sonya says :

        You have not shown your face to the public. Your full name please!!!!??? Where you are from where you went to school…etc. Foster was not scared of you! ANd still is not because he is real.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Hey Treok, I just found evidence from Glenn Beck that you ARE anti-semitic because you ARE anti-Zionist. So try to debunk this statement he made to a Jewish community center in Brooklyn:

      Cloaked under the guise of a belief in civil rights, many today will say, “I am not against Jews, just against Zionism.”

      “Well,” Beck started, “being anti-Israel, and being anti-Zionist, is anti-Semitism.” He also noted the irony of the fact that it was actually Dr. Martin Luther King who coined that saying and mindset.

      Plus, because Martin Luther King said it first, then that means that you are not only antisemitic, you’re racist as well.

      • treok says :

        hahahahah Hollywood Tomfortas is such a pathetic excuse for a human, just spreading hate and lies. God, it must be terrible to be you HT.
        I am against corrupt governments, including the United states government, and the Israel government, and the french government and the canadian government and the english government, and the english monarchy, and most of the Untied nations governments, but most people I have met in different countries, i love as brothers and sisters. It’s just the corrupt few that are in control of governments that I have a problem with, but of course you support the corruption, and you support the violation of human rights by supporting the corrupt activities of the american and israeli governments.
        You keep accusing me of being a racist, and i as I know that is not me, the only place I can guess that comes form is you. You are no doubt a member of some white supremist group, otherwise, where is all this hate filled ranting of yours coming from.
        I have no interest in Christianity or zionism or islam,,,,only in Humans and human Rights for all people, including palestinians, who you probably call terrorists.
        Evidence that you are a government troll? Your writings are all the evidence any of us need you fool. Its so obvious, and whether you are actually employed or are just stupid enough to be doing this for free, makes no difference. You probably are doing it just out of your own ignorance and hate and anger. So, there is no need of evidence, you sickness is totally obvious Brother. You can’t hide behind accusations of others being racist.
        hahahahahah. you are truly a lost soul, and so, here I am, a true loving human, giving you the little bit of attention you need, to let you know, that humanity awaits you, while I know you will probably live out your pathetic angry life right to the bitter end exactly the way you are now……but there will always be an angel putting loving ideas in your little pea brain, and closed heart.

      • Treok Walker says :

        Oh yeah HT, I forgot about the top Israeli government official that said that any time any one criticizes Israel and their practices toward palestine, that they label them anti-semitic in an attempt to discredit them, even though they know, they are not anti-semitic. I will look for the clip for you.

      • Treok Walker says :

        Cat got your tongue, hollytroll trollfortas

  6. Treok Walker says :

    Here is Shulamit Alori, a former Israeli minister, saying that calling someone anti-semitic is a trick the Israeli government always uses when someone criticizes Israel.
    You are busted Hollywood. You are pathetic government troll, or just another mindless brainwashed fool. I’m Glad to have PROOF of you sickness, so here is the link….

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Way to go, Treok! You really nailed me on that one. OMG, I feel so naked! You’ve shined the light of truth on me and like a good roach I need a new dark place to hide and also like a wounded animal I need a secret place to go and lick my wounds.

      But before I disappear, I must congratulate you on your perspicacity, Treok! You know I dearly wish that I were able to tell you why I’m here, but I know you’ll appreciate the fact that I can neither confirm nor deny whether I am actually a government operative or even a gov’t troll as Foster Gamble himself suspects. As you might gather, such information is classified.

      But I can engage in hypotheticals, though, because I know that you are astute enough to “read between the lines,” as it were. Did you know that there are two distinct types of gov’t agents that are assigned to monitor social phenomena like the THRIVE movie? One group addresses the contents of the movie directly, while the other group operates much like baseball scouts do, you know, the guys whose job it is to recruit new talent for the major league team.

      Of course I can neither confirm nor deny that I and muertos belong to either group — or even that we are working together (that would be a conspiracy) because that information is also classified, but let me just say Treok, that if I were such an agent, I would be sending a glowing report on you and your talent up the chain of command to my superiors.

      Finally, just consider that under the Obama administration, the greatest growth industry is the expansion of government jobs. Great security and great benefits. I know you’ll make the prudent decision if you are ever contacted by a representative of such an “industry” and offered a position.

      • muertos says :

        Hey, Hollywood, did you get your check this week? Mine’s late, and last week they withheld too much for the Bohemian Grove fund. I tried to call the Illuminati Payroll department, but the recording said the hold time was like 45 minutes. I tried to call Mr. Rothschild’s office but his secretary said he was out ruining the European economy today and wouldn’t be back until Monday…

      • Treok Walker says :

        Here is Shulamit Alori, a former Israeli minister, saying that calling someone anti-semitic is a trick the Israeli government always uses when someone criticizes Israel.
        \ PROOF of your sickness, so here is the link….

      • Idiot Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        “Finally, just consider that under the Obama administration, the greatest growth industry is the expansion of government jobs. Great security and
        great benefits.”

        And all this time I was under the idea capitalism and competition were good things but in reality working for the ever increasing government seems to be the way to go… sure that will end well for all of us.

        You really are a disgrace to humanity.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Hi Treok,

      Assuming I were a career gov’t troll, I might also be on assignment to monitor other blogs that discuss THRIVE and I just posted this comment on a blog connected with the Reality Sandwich folks who did a recent interview with Foster Gamble.

      I copy it here for you, Treok, because I need to find out how savvy you are about government operative/troll strategy and tactics. Again if I were hypothetically writing a recruitment report on you for future hiring, this is a question you need to answer correctly.

      Your humble hypothetical future PsyOps Handler,


      Is THRIVE itself part of the conspiracy?
      Hollywood Tomfortas — Feb 25, 2012
      Greetings Mark & Rae,

      It is a signature of Psychological Operations Warfare in the military and paramilitary to “play both ends against the middle.” Another way of describing this strategy is “divide and conquer.”

      I read your assessment of Foster Gamble above and would like to ask you if you might consider the possibility that Foster Gamble himself is a very successful gov’t disinformation agent whose movie THRIVE is itself a potent weapon in the PsyOps war that is raging in the USA today?

      A good place to start your research is here at a blog site devoted to debunking THRIVE and all its ostensible conspiracy theories and pseudo-science.
      [link to muertos blog inserted here]

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Here is Rae’s reply from her blog.


        no thanks Friend

        Rae Liera — Feb 25, 2012

        I perused your blog. You and I are light years away in political ideology, philosophy, understanding of the nature of reality, and understanding of the facts. You feel to me to be completely inside the beltway. I’m definitely not buying what you’re selling. You’ll have to go elsewhere to peddle your status quo notions, Friends.

      • Kindred says :

        Foster’s not a troll. I know him, have known him more than 12 years now. He works to make the world a better place. Simply because he believes in that. He’s a good soul, doing good work on the planet. He is shining a light on truth, that is all. ‘Conspiracy’ theory is another way to shoot down people who are revealing the truth. Unfortunately. The world needs help and fast, from whatever angle it is coming. If Thrive wakes people up, then it has served its purpose. Wake up. Time is short. Wake up.

  7. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Hey treok,

    What do you think of this message I just posted on Rae’s blog? See, now that you’ve exposed me on muertos’ blog, I feel a lot freer to let it all hang out a lot more.



    Fear of Low Sales Resistance?
    Hollywood Tomfortas — Feb 25, 2012
    Hi Rae,

    First of all, I’m not selling anything. Perhaps you are projecting on to me a fear that you have a low “sales resistance” and might buy something you don’t want.

    I’m actually responding to what you wrote above.

    First, you stated that you had not yet heard anything critical of Foster Gamble. So I provided you one link to inform you about criticism of Foster Gamble.

    Secondly, you expressed a strong belief in conspiracy theories. I wonder how far you are willing to project such beliefs onto our present world situation — including Foster Gamble’s agenda?

    As for your assessment of me as someone “inside the beltway,” you are quite spot on — if you include the Pentagon as being within that boundary.

    And on that note, our main interest is not so much in the message of THRIVE itself, but in the attitudes toward Israel that the viewers of the movie express on the Internet.

    If you get the feeling that you are being watched, please let me reassure you that you are not being paranoid at all.

    • Treok Walker says :

      Finally, some truth comes out of the fascist psychopath HT.
      You’ll be watching millions of freedom loving people HT, and you can watch, jail and kill million, as the likes of you have always done, but when we die, we have a clean conscience, unlike your kind. The old excuse, “We were only doing our job” wont ease your pain at having wasted your life.

      • muertos says :

        Wait, do I understand this correctly? Because Tomfortas doesn’t like an Internet conspiracy movie called Thrive, now he’s a fascist psychopath guilty of killing and jailing millions? How does that work, exactly?

      • Treok Walker says :

        OH WoW…Muertos!! You Can’t deal with my Proof that I wrote about below, so you ignored that, I guess because your IQ is less than 90, so no point talking to you anymore,(you will be relieved , but not as relieved as I am) and now you try to defend HT who is sounding pretty insane, so enough with this waste of time. Good luck with your pathetic lives.
        Humanity is awakening, and many of us wish to see us all Thrive, and you fools actually think a plane hit the pentagon, and are happy with the Economic Slavery system that we have, and have no ideas to contribute to creating a better world for everyone. You have chosen not to evolve.
        You are sad excuses for humans.

        Muertos, the article you directed me to is just more rhetoric. You mentioned none of the facts I brought up. I guess you think that by wasting my time with a bunch of drivel, that I will leave your site, and stop putting truth on here. of course, you are correct, eventually I will leave you to your delusions, but first…..
        Interesting isn’t it, that in your joke of an article,, you say there is no proof 9/11 is an inside job, and yet, I wrote about 2 things that are blatant proof, and in your normal way of ignoring truth, you don’t respond, and you direct me to an article of yours that says NOTHING AT ALL about the truth that I presented.
        You aren’t interested in truth at all. No wonder you call me a 911 truther, I didn’t call myself that, but you are obviously bothered by the truth, and try to turn into some kind of insult or label like conspiracy theorist.
        I presented you with facts, and you come back with nothing.
        Surely, any one else reading your comment will see it for what it is. Nothing at all. Rhetoric. Misinformation. All the things you accuse Foster Gamble of. You are the one with the agenda. You are the one avoiding the truth.
        I gave you proof that the official 911 story is obviously ridiculous, and so of course you have nothing to say. What could you say, except to try to distract from my proof, and so you send me off on a wild goose chase to your childish article, that says NOTHING about my two main points regarding a steel building burning and collapsing in on itself, and there being no plane at the pentagon, and the absurd “OFFICIAL” story of the plane doing impossible things, and then disintegrating.
        Grow up Muertos

      • muertos says :

        Treok, if you read my blog addressed to a 9/11 Truther, you may have seen a link to another article ( which sets out why, for the most part, arguing with 9/11 Truthers is largely pointless these days. (I made an exception in that case, obviously, for the reasons described therein). Consequently, I’m not going to waste time and space on my blog rehashing with you tired Truther tropes that were debunked years ago. If you’re too lazy to find refutations of the idiotic items of “proof” you posted–refutations which have been widely available since 2005, if not before–there is no reason why I should try to do your research for you.

        If you choose to take this as an absolute vindication of your unsupportable positions as a 9/11 Truther, you’re more than welcome to. I’ve been refuting Truther crap for the past seven years. Not only do Truthers never have anything new, but they refuse to acknowledge that all of their arguments have been discredited time and again, in many places, by many people, for many years. You want to draw me back into a debate that was settled seven years ago. You’re perfectly welcome to continue posting comments here about how wrong you think I am, and that’s fine. The facts, as always, speak for themselves, and the facts indicate that 9/11 was not an inside job. Whether you accept that conclusion or not couldn’t be less important to me. Thanks, as always, for your comments.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Hi Treok!

        You ever watch a crime drama on TV where there is a kidnapping? There’s always the scene where the kidnapper is on the phone with the police making ransom demands and the cop tries to keep the kidnapper on the line long enough to trace the call and locate him?

        Well, something similar has happened here Treok. You see, you have finally made enough comments on muertos’ blog that we were able to track down your location and thus are now able to monitor you and keep your whole network of friends and fellow activists under close surveillance.

        And please don’t think that because you live in Canada that you are out of reach of our intelligence operations. After all, the guys who founded Google, Sergei and Larry, as well as their inner circle are — to a man and woman — all internationalist Zionist Jews who fully support Israel no matter what Israel does and national boundaries mean nothing to them. Naturally, Google is our greatest secret government asset — all the more powerful because it’s so ubiquitous and out in the open — like the water that fish swim in. People are completely clueless about the comprehensive dossiers that Google has already collected on them and made available for all our security and intelligence agencies.

        But Treok, I admire your spunk and so I am going to make you a bold proposal. Rather than continue our electronic surveillance of you and your friends, I am going to offer you an opportunity to join our agency. We know that everyone has his price and I’m sure we could negotiate a compensation package that would be acceptable to you.

        I’ve put the word out on our network and we have selected one of our most charismatic Canadian operatives. He calls himself Barry and when he is working undercover, he hangs out posing as a homeless man in downtown Victoria, BC and he knows many folks at the Cool Aid Society. When he is not undercover, he has been known to consult with Elizabeth May, the Green Party leader. Barry has a wicked sense of humor and irony, so many times, he will trek East and visit the Abkhazi Garden where he likes to engage people in conversation about chemtrails and point out how the silver/white nano-particles of Aluminum and Barium Oxides are falling on this beautiful garden and slowly poisoning it. He then whips out some talcum powder and shows them.

        Now, what I could do Treok, assuming you are open to our offer of employment, is to set up a meeting with Barry because he would then become your handler in Victoria. But to honor the occasion, I will tell him not to meet you at the Abkhazi Garden, but rather drive just a mile West down Fairfield Road so that you could both rendezvous in — where else — HOLLYWOOD Park!!!! And once you seal the deal — just behind the home plate area of the Little League baseball field — you can both raise a toast to me, Hollywood Tomfortas (who will then be paid a nice bonus for recruiting you! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, Treok, I’ll owe you and definitely buy you a few beers when I finally get to see you in BC.)

        Oh and Treok, just one little reminder. When you ride your bicycle to Hollywood Park in Victoria, don’t forget to wear your bike helmet. You wouldn’t want to be detained by the authorities while on your way to become one of them now, would you? (Your police file and interrogation video from 2008 is quite amusing, but I won’t embarrass you with the details here.)

        Finally, I hope you’ll indulge me in a little bit of punny fun. I know it’s a groaner, but I can’t resist. So, Treok, if you join the agency, I promise not to tell anyone else about it. We’ll keep it all under wraps. And then you know what? It becomes our own little . . . Victoria’s Secret. ;=))) Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

  8. Treok Walker says :

    what kind of cash are we talking about HT?

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Well, I’m not familiar with the Canadian government employee classification system, but I imagine it’s very close to the US system. Now in the US system, the lowest grade employee is hired at GS-1 level at Step 1. Now that’s a base salary of $17,803 per annum for a 40 hour work week. Now there is a Locality Pay Adjustment added to the Base Salary which is 21.81% for the Seattle area, which is closest to you. That would bring your total salary up to $21,686.

      However, the above GS schedule is for competitive positions but yours would be in what is called the “excepted position,” characteristic of intelligence service agencies. There you would not be bound to a 40 hour work week, and the pay would be contracted hourly as calculated upon a 40 hour work week times a 50 week year which would be 2,000 hours per annum. Dividing 2,000 into your total salary would yield an hourly rate of $10.84.

      Doesn’t sound like much but there are other non-financial benefits which would make it worth your while. Plus there are opportunities for special assignments and travel, for example, infiltrating THRIVE Movement action groups in other parts of the country.

      Of course, you will have to pass a battery of many diverse tests, all of which are painless. They involve several types of brain scans such as fMRI, CAT, and PET as well as physiological examinations and psychological stress testing with a comprehensive psychiatric profile and score that will evaluate how well you would fit it and if you have the right temperament for this type of exciting work.

      • Treok Walker says :

        Sounds somewhat intriguing HT, but I’m not really sure you are on the up and up, so how about a little proof, comrade.
        I posted the video on my bike helmet video for anyone to see, so the fact you saw it means nothing. However, you mentioned my police file, so how about sharing a few details so that I know you aren’t just some clown who is going to send me to a park to sit around while nobody shows up, and are actually in the loop.

  9. Treok Walker says :

    HT, if you come up with some proof, so I can join your ranks, can you give me some pointers on how to debunk this video someone sent to me, because it looks pretty solid,
    Thanks for your help Comrade,

  10. Treok Walker says :

    oops,,,here’s the link……!

  11. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Hey, Treok! Are you trying to mess with muertos’ mind? The link you gave is Woody Harrelson’s answer to THRIVE, which he calls ETHOS. The section you noted has the same message of THRIVE about the Federal Reserve and about electing Ron Paul. And Woody rounds up the same usual Jewish banker suspects as Foster does.

    But now look at how muertos is pulling his hair out over all these alleged documentaries coming out. He can’t debunk them all, you know, so you just had to rub it in with ETHOS!

    As Thrive itself imitated Zeitgeist, others are already trying to imitate Thrive. The next conspiracy movie that seems to be trying to break into the mainstream is called Ethos, narrated by Woody Harrelson (another familiar face in New Age circles). I haven’t seen it yet, but it appears to be more of the same, supposedly diagnosing the economic and political problems of the world from a New Age and conspiracist viewpoint. I, for one, am probably not going to be re-enlisting to debunk Ethos. After three years of debunking Zeitgeist and who knows how many more still to come in refuting Thrive, I simply don’t have the time, attention or effort left to re-up for yet another campaign of endless battles with Ethos’s conspiracy believers.

  12. Treok Walker says :

    Hey HT,
    Not trying to mess with anyone, I’m just trying one LAST time to find out how it is you are OK with money being sold to the U.S or Canadian Government, when our Governments’ could (and should in my mind) be printing the money., and giving it to us. No interest charged. SERIOUSLY, why is a bank making money from printing money.. Does that really make sense to you, or is it so scary to think about,
    I guess I CAN see how that could scare someone,….. so, Hollwood Tomfortas, I am sorry that I have been harsh on you. I didn’t realize you are afraid, as you come off like a bully, but HEY! isn’t that what they say about bullies,
    so I’m sorry if you are afraid to admit that it’s POSSIBLE, that our system isn’t actually here for us. Maybe your government isn’t ACTUALLY here for you. Have you EVER EVEN considered that. What if you stopped calling people racist. Maybe that’s what it is. The fear. No, I’m not taking psychology 101 HT, just wondering why such attacks from you on people asking questions, You defend this monetary system that YOU have no comment on, just name-calling, or telling a woman she is being watched. I can see why some others on this site have accused you of working for the government, because you are so crazed about it, and then of course, people leave this site, and don’t came back, because there is no conversation happening. I wonder what your conversations are like in real life HT, or I guess like most of us, you hang out with people with similar ideas that we have a utopian life right now.

    Maybe I am a simpleton,(sorry to my friends, not saying you are of a similar mind 🙂 ) maybe MY IQ is the same as my age, but I don’t think we need people making billions of dollars from owning banks and oil companies, that’s MY opinion, nothing anyone can debunk. No conspiracy to me, just basic facts of how and who prints money, and how different people receive money, and land and resources.
    So HT, as others are probably wondering, like I am, if you don’t have stocks in a federal reserve or something, PLEASE TELL US, WHY DO YOU SUPPORT THE BANKS SO STRONGLY. You aren’t part of the banking families, so why so much stock in defending their theft of OUR money, Hollywood. AHA!!! FOSTER GAMBLE He IS part of the big family circles, and he isn’t the one defending it, You are. How does that make sense? It’s almost funny. AHA, Foster is an awakening human, and like me at 20, not interested in how the “normal” people lived, HE wasn’t interested in following his corrupted family values. Their Values were basically “Money over all else”.
    No offence HT, but I bet at 20, you were thinking about making a lot of money, Probably how you could make a lot of money. That’s your trip in life, that is where you are at, so, I wish you the best, and hopefully, one day you will see the financial system for what it is to many of us, monetary enslavement, but if you want workers, then I guess You Love our system, , but I had big questions, and FOR ME. I saw a corrupt economic system. You see something else.

    Maybe Hollywood, you are like a friend I know, that thinks we need lots of military and police to protect us from others. But that friend never called me anything like a racist,, just said they thought we needed protection from warlords and tyrants. I said, “our Government, they are the warlords and tyrants, (The canadian one, but of course I would include the untied states. and many others.)
    Maybe you have a good idea, or maybe you don’t about living in peace with others HT, but it doesn’t look like it, so, You just call people names. Ghandi was called names, Dr. Martin Luther King jr was called names, so, you can call people anti-semitic, and conspiracy theorists, but obviously there is no point in talking,
    I’m 47, and I’ve never been called a racist. That’s so laughable to all my friends that I showed your letter to on Facebook. (They said, wow, that guy is weird, and let’s face it, these are my friends, and I’m not normal, but for them to call you weird, bordering deranged, says something to you)Some people associate my ideas with Marxism or Communism or maybe like some call Peter Joseph, a utopianist, but why do my ideas make you so angry that you call me anti-semitic, and You told some woman that she is being watched.
    So, I’m sorry to project this, and it may just cause another round of name calling from you, or doubt you will have anything intelligent to say in response to my letter.
    Your wrong about two things HT, first, that “Everybody has their price”. Not surprising you said that if I’m correct about you at 20 years old thinking ‘Money”.
    The funniest thing you said was “””People are completely clueless about the comprehensive dossiers that Google has already collected on them and made available for all our security and intelligence agencies.”””
    ACTUALLY, many people on facebook (I guess you don’t have an account) say that it is tracked by the CIA, or similar agency, (and THE FUNNY thing is, if you weren’t claiming to work for surveillance, you’d be calling it a Conspiracy theory), and so, people are not clueless, and I WANT YOU TO KEEP WATCHING me, HT,,,why do you think I have a Facebook account at all???, so that one day maybe the brainwashed people doing the surveilance will see enough “awakening” stories and posts and beautiful ideas and Truth about how things are run, and Beauty about how things could be run, and compassion, and Love and Sharing, that you and your coworkers, will start living from your Heart….
    Hey, One last thing to share with you before I go HT, maybe you’ve seen it on my facebook account, (Oh yeah, your not one of my friends, why don’t you send a FB friend request) The link is a short video on Ayahuasca ( I can’t wait to see how you debunk Ayahuasca or this doctor) and maybe you have already debunked/attacked it on the Reality/Sandwich site. I don’t care, I’ve never tried it, but it looks like maybe the only thing that will help You as it helped the doctor in the video.
    Good luck my Friend,
    Probably the last time I write, so I trust you will learn all you need to about being a caring thinking helping human, by watching me, and many others, that are good examples for you. We are ALL like children,when we get angry, so I’ll be gentle on you like you are 2 year old, and say, no Holly, we don’t hit people. Try this medicine. “The connectedness of all things”

    • muertos says :

      You’re certainly jumping to a lot of conclusions here. Where have you seen anyone who opposes Thrive express total acceptance of the “banking system”? Where have you seen anyone who opposes Thrive state that they think the government is always right? Where do you get off assuming that, because I expose the factual errors, distortions and lies in conspiracy movies like Thrive, that this must mean I whole-heartedly support without question every action taken by government and economic agencies?

      The problem with conspiracy nutters such as you, Treok, is you’re guilty of totally binary thinking. Nuance is something that completely escapes you. I’m not surprised that you think this way, as all the reasoning you’ve exhibited in your comments here has been extraordinarily shallow. It’s unfortunate that you approach complex problems with this degree of myopia. It’s especially unfortunate, if you’re indeed 47, that you haven’t learned in all those years that life is a bit more complex than your simple reductionist categories. But then again, Thrive is a very simplistic, simple-minded, dumbed-down movie that presents every issue it discusses in a shallow, two-dimensional, knee-jerk manner. The profound naivete and lack of intellectual curiosity behind the questions asked by the film demonstrates both the lack of critical thinking exhibited by its makers, and, more disturbingly, the contempt it has for its own audience. This is part of why movies like Thrive and Zeitgeist are so incredibly offensive to the intelligence. Movies like this don’t want to make you smarter, they want to make you stupider, because only by shutting off large sections of your brain can you swallow the half-baked ideology proffered by these films. It’s sad to see someone of your years as well as your obvious desire to improve the human condition taken in by this nonsense.

      I hope that in the future you might someday be able to see the world from a broader and more rational perspective.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      OMG! Treok my son! Surely you must be psychic!! I mean, how did you know that I have been craving an ayahuasca trip for the past decade? I’ve been shying away from it for two reasons. First I have a childhood phobia about throwing up, but more importantly, even though I live in LA and there are periodic ayahuasca parties here, I have shied away from them because the vibes were just not right.

      But in listening to this medical doctor from Houston above, as well as visiting the website and treading the article on Reality Sandwich, I might just spring for this trip to Peru.

      What’s sold me on it was reading this paragraph about the healing ladies, the curanderas who are in it for the healing, whereas so many of the male shamans are in it for the money as well as coming on to the naive young ladies from the US or Europe.

      In the often male-dominated world of curanderismo, it was refreshing to learn the center had six curanderas, maestras fresh from jungle towns around Pucallpa in the Shipibo heartland, women shamanas whose core focus was healing, not chasing the money that nowadays was part-and-parcel of the packaged shamanistic experience.

      Anyway, lest we go off topic here, I want to suggest to you muertos, that you consider taking this ayahuasca retreat down in Peru. I checked out the prices and flights and the 12 day retreat would cost about US $2,000 and a round trip flight from the USA would run US $1100 – $1700, so you could swing it for about 4 thousand bucks.

      See, muertos, my biggest criticism of your attitude here is that you are not Fortean. (In the sense of Charles Fort). You see, you are meticulously careful to keep yourself somehow immune to the craziness and irrationality of all the THRIVE defenders who show up here. And yet, if you were truly Fortean as a skeptic or a debunker, you would not be terrified of being infected by the insanity; rather, you would appreciate the fact that all the nonsense and pseudo-science and irrationality you vainly fight against here is really a projection of your own inner psychic state coming back at you from all these crazies — all of which I’m sure would leave a tell-tale race on an fMRI of your brain.

      I’m not saying that you have created the reaiity of these THRIVE crazies, but I am saying you continually create the reality of your reactions against these THRIVE crazies, and that has you ever on the run.

      Look muertos, there’s still hope for you. You wrote at the end of your most recent conspiracy theory shift piece that you felt like a dinosaur in trying to fight against the irrationality. Yes, you are a dinosaur, but you are a living dinosaur. You hold up James Randi as a role model, but Randi is already a dead dinosaur in the quixotic and silly battle against pseudo-science. In fact he is so dead to the world that I would classify him as already a fossil.

      So too, Karl Popper and all the Popper-azzi who worship him like some rational god. And as the late Carl Sagan wrote, we are in that demon-haunted night and there’s a long night ahead of us.

      You know you took the name muertos, very likely because you have a deep inner fear of death. But I don’t think it’s fear of your physical death; rather you fear the death of your rationality because it is simultaneously your very ego-identity — just as that fMRI study of the tempero-parietal junction (TPJ) showed.

      In short, you fear the death of your ego identity if you were to allow yourself to be infected by the “virus” of pseudo-science and other THRIVE claims.

      So let Treok here become your intellectual ayahuasca here.

      Failing that, I urge you to read the late great philosopher of science at UC Berkeley, Paul Feyerabend (1924-1994) who would be at the very least, an epistemological ayahuasca trip for you.

      Remember, you have nothing to lose but your ego identity. And you will find, like Narcissus seeing his reflection in the pond, that it was just an illusion all along, a Cartesian illusion.

  13. Treok Walker says :

    Here’s another great man, you said you aren’t interested in Muertos, Aaron Russo, Hollywoood movie producer that made a move called ‘AMERICA; FROM FREEDOM TO FASCISM” and he was called a conspiracy nut, just like you call me.
    His movies, and others aren’t an insult to intelligence, you are the one with all the insults. As I have said, you have no original ideas, only name calling. You are the one acting in a shallow manner, obviously very afraid to admit that your government is not your friend, and so, nobody can get past your fear.
    No point talking with you Muertos, so, I leave a message to HT, and you get involved with your nonsensical name calling again.
    Here’s Aaron Russon, who you have to ignore, because his intelligence is light years beyond yours, I guess that’s why you said in another post, you are not discussing him, but I’m sure you can come up with a few names to call him….

  14. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Hey, Treok, what say we take our vaudeville show over to Foster Gamble’s blog and stir up his saccharine cadre of New Age sycophants? God, they’re all so mind-numbingly boring! You can call me a fascist psychopath and I’ll call you back a Jew-hating neo-Nazi and give the Hitler salute. I’m sure they’ll kick us both off, but at least we’ll bring some needed comic relief to the moribund proceedings over there.

    I’ve already been stirring up trouble and I just answered a hopeful lady from Canada who demanded I come up with solutions to the word’s problems. Check out this exchange:

    Honestly I really can’t believe that at the very basic principal someone is trying to “debunk” the Thrive movement.

    muertos on his blog is not trying to debunk the THRIVE Movement. How could anyone possible debunk a movement? Rather, he is trying to debunk all the ludicrously false and fantastical claims — both scientific and historical — that are presented in the THRIVE movie as fact.

    Does the theme not resonate with these debunkers? Is it so hard to believe that there is a group of people trying to make the world a better place?

    Why do you imply here that the debunkers are not trying to make the world a better place? How incredibly arrogant of you!

    If there is some untruths ( I haven’t seen the debunking the thrive movie) but to think that there are people out there that don’t get the idea of a common good.

    Where do you get the arrogant and elitist idea that people who debunk the THRIVE movie don’t get the idea of the common good?

    Tmas do you offer up any suggestions or solutions to the obvious downward spiral that we are in?

    To offer a solution means that there is a problem. But since I don’t believe there’s a problem, then no, I have no solutions to offer. As for suggestions, I suggest that you learn to enjoy the plunge. This is human devolution in exhilarating chaotic destructive action. You’re right to call it a spiral. Airplane pilots know it as a “death spiral.” Once it starts there’s no way to break out of it. But not to worry: it gets better ;=)

  15. Treok Walker says :

    Hey Hollywood,
    Thanks for the invite, but I’m embarrassed to have joined this ridiculous site, making myself one of the Three Stooges with you and Muertos.
    I see others are wasting their time as I have, attempting a real dialogue with you two.
    Muertos comes in with the conspiracy-nut name calling, then you come in with the anti-semitic name calling, just as the Israeli Minister said you would, and of course, you ignored that link, as it debunks You.
    Your intelligence is apparently far above Muertos(I guess he is a Private, the first round of attacker, and you a Sergeant), and Far above your intelligence is One of the men mentioned in Thrive, whom Muertos hasn’t debunked yet, and you have yet to call anti-semitic, New York State Teacher of the Year, John Taylor Gatto. Better for me to read his books than your infantile comments, my little brother. Thanks to Thrive, I found out about Mr. Gatto, and bought 3 copies of his book, “Weapons of Mass Instruction” to share with parents.
    I think Hollywood, you fall into the category described by the 26 year old son of an oil executive when he said to a panel reviewing an oil pipeline plan…
    “”Based on my experience, what I learned was that the global system of infinite growth attracts men and woman of a certain… level of understanding, a certain type of person who will be attracted to the ideals of the current economic measurement that coordinates the global psychology of things, and a type of person who externalizes themselves and detaches from connection, and so whole-heartedly believes in their reality, their perception of things, that they project their fears out onto everyone else — and their ego becomes the driver, blindly leading them down a path of self-destruction. AND THEY ARE PEOPLE OF HIGH INTELLECTUAL PROWESS, BUT HAVE UNFORTUNATELY YET TO DEVELOP THE DEEP WISDOM THAT WE ALL POSSESS WITHIN US AS HUMAN BEINGS.”
    That kid has a brain and wisdom Hollywood, you just have brain. You could put it to use in reading a book(trilogy) I loved that is 800 pages long,(but I doubt you could make it past the foreword) called “My Big TOE(theory of everything) by Thomas Campbell. He is a nuclear physicist, that says he has non physical friends, and that the point of life is to lower our entropy. We can lower our entropy two ways, by being more loving, or more controlling.
    Evolve, becoming more conscious, loving beings, or do as you stated Hollywood, de-evolve, which is done by being more controlling, like those in power.
    I have chosen the path of no religion, biggest conspiracies going, never interested in them at all, but interested in Humanity, not a christian, but love the messages of Jesus. I guess Hollywood, you would call Jesus a Jew hater for throwing the money lenders out of the temple, and your type killed Jesus two thousand years ago, and here you are still defending the banks and our corrupt money system, because you have given up, and think we are in a death spiral, which we are, but some of us haven’t given up.
    I’m a sports fan, and I don’t leave a game with two minutes to go with my team down by 3 touchdowns, or in the bottom of the 9th with 2 outs , and down by 4 runs.
    And whether this planet’s beauty get’s totally destroyed by the likes of you and Muertos, you are correct, it get’s better. I evolve, and one day, leave this life and planet for a more evolved one, and you de-evolve to leave this life, and come back to this planet, or one in worse shape.
    Life is just a game Hollywood, the goal, to become a more Loving conscious being, so, it looks like I’m winning and you are losing my little brother. But as you’ve said, that’s no problem, you get more chances after you’ve blown this one, because in life, as you said, “Once it starts there’s no way to break out of it” so even in so-called dying,( We don’t die, just leave our body, and move on) there is no escape.
    Consciousness is everything. It is evolving. We get to choose to evolve, or kinda fizzle out. Happy fizzling Hollywood and Muertos.
    I guess you two have work for ever with all these shows coming out regarding the corrupt banks, from Aaron Russo’s, America: from Freedom to fascism, to the Zeitgeist movies, to Ethos, to, Oh Canada the movie, and the list keeps growing, as Consciousness keeps growing. You can’t stop Consciousness any more than you can stop the planet from spinning, but just like Cypher in THE MATRIX, you two are happy to help the Agents, so long as you get to be in the pod, and have the illusion of the good life.
    Adios Amigos.
    Enjoy the dark side, and remember, if you ever choose Love, the lightside is always happy to recieve you, but, many can’t handle the reality of it, and so, stay in the dark for the paycheck, or other benifits.
    I now go back to my regualr life and leave you to attack Jesus and other Lovers of Life.

  16. NonFiction says :

    I skimmed through the movie Thrive, and was struck by some interesting points.

    Yes, the globalists are screwing all of us. We know that. At least, anyone who has paid attention and can think past “Mommy, why can’t I have another cookie?” knows that.

    Yes, they are suppressing forms of energy which threaten their control of money. Not everyone knows that, but I do, having personally witnessed it many times in my life. Do the math, and try not to vomit while you think like the globalists: if it is cheaper to suppress you than it is try to control a potentially un-taxable energy source, then they will suppress you. Also, not all the scientists who have had their patents classified know that if they spend money they don’t have for an attorney to file a claim, they might get some compensation. Or killed, whichever seems easier to the boys in power at the time. So precious few of those whose patents are classified have ever filed anything.

    So Thrive is very seductive for those who already know these things to be fact. Therefore, I listened to see if I could identify an agenda. However, I was stopped cold by one point that I could not get past. Adam Trombly.

    I have observed over the decades that people will throw any amount of money at entertainment, smoke-and-mirrors, someone who talks a good line. But show them something REAL, and they run scared, tail between legs. Thrive interviews Trombly, but not the scientists who actually built the devices that he talks all new-agey about. And while Trombly is talking about “his” generator, he is showing stolen digital photos of a device that he had nothing to do with designing or building, and is not even really a “generator” for electricity (according to the inventor, it was built to test an effect, not to produce energy per se). Want proof? No problem:

    While you are there, take a look around the site and see what folks are doing on their own, without funding, and staying away from all the agencies and controllers. The technology is out there, but real scientists are paranoid after they have been slammed to the ground a few times. The only safe avenue left to them is to offer parts and pieces (of what could be complete new systems) to existing large companies to improve the efficiency of what they are already manufacturing. In other words, sneak it in, in a non-threatening manner.

    Otherwise they risk being 1) viciously slandered by self-proclaimed “experts” at universities who are totally owned by industry, and want to discredit new technologies at all costs if they are too efficient, and/or 2) taken over, as it appears just happened to Defkalion after a successful LENR (“cold fusion”) demonstration.

    I cannot imagine that Gamble was incapable of contacting any of those scientists to interview someone who really knows what they are talking about. So why pick a flake like Trombly? Almost as if they wanted to discredit the actual advanced work being done in hyper-efficient (nothing is “free”) energy, and make it all look like a conspiracy theory.

    Why, when the truth would be more convincing?

    Like my favorite author once pointed out, the best way to lie is to tell the truth unconvincingly. Is that what we are seeing here?

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Yo Non Fiction!

      I moderate a Yahoo discussion group where Foster Gamble himself has been a subscriber for 14 years. I just posted this on my Arthur Young forum. I can guarantee a response from Foster about it. Stay tuned.

      Hollywood Tomfortas,
      Thriver to the Stars!



      It’s a shame that you didn’t have sense enough to vet these wacko people before you immortalized them in your film. Looks like your energy hero Adam Trombly may actually be a classic conniving New Age huckster like so many other mother-hucksters you did and did not include in THRIVE.

      Hmmm, sniff, sniff! Is that a lawsuit I smell off in the distance?

      I hope you sell a lot of DVDs, Foster, you know how greedy those lawyers are!!!



      Global Energy Systems
      the world’s most advanced energy technology
      exclusive hydrogen on-demand production system

      Correcting the Record

      Adam Trombly, Thrive, and the Homopolar Generator

      A new movie has been produced by Foster Gamble, called Thrive. In it the
      filmmaker interviews Adam Trombly about suppressed technologies. Trombly talks about a generator that he and Kahn developed, but the generator that he shows in the photos (both on his website and in the film) are NOT of his closed path homopolar generator, they are photos of a device invented and built entirely by David Farnsworth in 1996. Farnsworth was also the man who invented, designed, and built the solid state generator with the 54:1 output ratio that was shown working by Farnsworth & Trombly to the U.S. Congress in 1989 right before Adam went and spoke to the United Nations.

      How do we know this? Farnsworth is one of the consulting engineers who sometimes works with GES, and he has graciously agreed to allow us to post a few of the original photos of his generator taken with a Polaroid in his lab in Oregon. To help you compare them to Trombly’s photos, we have also included one of them below. There is a world of difference between those who can and do, and those who only talk and build their own egos. The GES team is real.

      We can only presume that Gamble, the filmmaker, does not understand the
      situation. If a man will tell a “small” lie, then how can anyone believe
      anything they say? Such behavior only harms the credibility of the real
      alternative energy science community.

  17. NonFiction says :

    I can hardly wait! 🙂

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Wait no more! Here is Foster Gamble’s response just posted on the Arthur Young forum. I seem to be his “go-to-scapegoat” for unloading his fears, anxiety and rage.



      You have apparently not done any meaningful due diligence on this guy, on David Icke, on the Global Domination Agenda or on my integrity.

      Yet you continue to spew toxic innuendo with your classist, racist and now “cult” accusations.

      You have acknowledged that you have no solutions to offer, yet you devote much time to undermining anyone who does.

      [He quotes me from an earlier post]
      To offer a solution means that there is a problem. But since I don’t believe there’s a problem, then no, I have no solutions to offer. As for suggestions, I suggest that you learn to enjoy the plunge. This is human devolution in exhilarating chaotic destructive action. You’re right to call it a spiral. Airplane pilots know it as a “death spiral.” Once it starts there’s no way to break out of it. But not to worry…

      Apparently you want to take as many as possible down with you.
      You have not answered my repeated questions and your offerings muddle and distract what might otherwise be interesting and fruitful interactions.

      This might be just an unfortunate series of episodes — as happens on many sites when the trolls and haters destroy any purposeful threads by infecting a comment board with their negative and substanceless tirades…scaring off authentic, constructive contributors in the process…except for the fact that you took on the responsibility of curating this site. You called it elsewhere, “my Arthur Young” group.

      Speaking personally, I am embarrassed for Arthur with what you have been doing here – not just to me and to THRIVE, but to courageous investigators, whistleblowers, inventors and so many others as well.

      From what I knew of Arthur, I believe you dishonor his legacy and he would be horrified.

      When you showed a glimmer of authentic inquiry and open minded engagement, the interactions blossomed.

      When you do the type of vicious attacks you have been posting recently, the group enters awkward and prolonged silences.
      I know you like to characterize yourself as “stirring the pot” and “baiting” people to get conversation going. But it is not working.
      This is not the humor or wisdom of the court jester you like to project yourself as.

      When you crap in the punchbowl, you might get some attention, but it doesn’t make others want to stay at the party.

      I have sought honest and informed feedback all my life, but I am not getting any value out of what you are doing.

      I find it empty and hurtful and I have had enough. Thanks to your behavior, I am sad to say that participation with this list no longer aligns sufficiently with my purpose or path. I have a lot more empowering and effective things to do than to keep encountering your tone and intention.

      Unless I see real signs of authentic engagement and kindness by Tuesday night, I will unsubscribe from this list at that time.

      Good luck with your own soul-searching,


      • NonFiction says :


        What did all that gibberish mean, or have to do with what you posted about the generator? Please tell me it isn’t so…

        ??? He actually pulled out the “racist” card in response to the stolen photos? That is “authentic engagement”? In what dimension, pray tell? “Cult”? Where did that come from? Was this actually posted in reply to the post that you quoted above, or something else entirely??? There appears to be no connection whatsoever. My head is spinning from such a severe case of acute logic withdrawals, if in fact this is not some absurd mistake. Maybe it’s a remote-control contact hallucination. Good grief.

        See, this is exactly why I have issues with these folks. How’s this for genuine kindness – they have yet to respond to the man whose photos were used. But I guess that would not align with their purpose. I think soul-searching is in order, alright.

        This indicates worse things about motives than what I would have guessed even in a cynical moment. Very, very sad indeed.

  18. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Whoa, Non Fiction! You need to understand the context and history here. First of all, the only reference to Farnsworth and the generator is in Foster’s opening sentence.

    You have apparently not done any meaningful due diligence on this guy, . . .

    So consider yourself and Mr. Farnsworth and GES to be . . . officially and completely . . . blown off!

    Everything that follows is the resumption of our ongoing “blood feud” that broke out last September when Foster announced on the forum the trailer for THRIVE and I criticized him for putting David Icke in his movie. He and I have a personal history that goes back 31 years and you could say that we are expressing the nastiness of a deep “sibling rivalry” because our “father” is the late Arthur M. Young (1905-1995) the inventor of the Bell-47 helicopter (in 1947), founder of the Institute for the Study of Consciousness in Berkeley, and the man from whom Foster Gamble got the idea of the torus. Perhaps you might consider me as Foster Gamble’s “evil twin brother” separated at the birth of THRIVE.

    As for your photos and acknowledgement, I can guarantee that you will get no acknowledgement whatsoever from Foster and his gang. That’s why I brought up the issue of a lawsuit. If you have a Procter and Gamble fortune to spend on lawyers, then by all means, sue the bastard! But short of that, you don’t exist in the universe or is it the dimension of the THRIVE movement.

    In the meantime, I suggest you bring yourself up to speed by reading all through this blog, both articles and comments. Start with the article “Who is Adam Trombly?” and then read “Who is David Icke?”

  19. NonFiction says :

    Thanks for clarifying that, because for that to be a response to the post about the generator would be certifiably psycho. What a relief that it is only borderline nuts. 😀

    Pretty humorous for HIM to say that anyone else has not “done any meaningful diligence”, when he is the one promoting a man who offers stolen photos of someone else’s work to prop up his credibility. If it were not so sick and twisted, this would be funny.

    I, on the other hand, know far more than I am free to say without infringing on the privacy of others. I will say that the Myth vs Reality on that webpage with the photos is highly appropriate. 🙂

    So the option that the movie is deliberate misdirection is looking more probable all the time. Another circus act to direct the anger and frustration of people who are only just now starting to wake up.

    The left-brainers will categorically reject the movie, thereby negating the validity of theories contained therein which are actually correct, and the right-brainers will respond like outraged groupies whenever facts are questioned. Those of us who use both hemispheres just stand back and smell an agenda.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Non Fiction,

      I like what you say about left vs. right brain. I’m actually doing neurofeedback out here in LA-LA Land, so it’s highly ironic and amusingly appropriate that you should make these distinctions.

      I also realize the restrictions on your freedom of public expression. So here’s a plan. I would like you to join the Arthur Young Yahoo group where you can then directly confront Foster Gamble himself about the claims of Trombly in the movie.

      Also since I am the moderator, I will then have your own e-mail address in order to approve you as a member, so we can have a private e-mail exchange about the cast of characters involved in this melodrama.

      here is the forum page

      Click on [Join This Group] and I advise setting your option to [No e-mail. I’ll read it on the web]

      • NonFiction says :

        OK, done. I warn you, I have a wicked sense of humor and have been known to ask really uncomfortable questions when the topic gets controversial and folks tend to react instead of think. For some reason that makes people feel threatened, can’t imagine why. 😉

        I also spend large amounts of to-the-wall work time away from my computer, so will be a random poster.

  20. NonFiction says :

    Hi folks, me again. The effluvia is striking the rotating cooling device…check the latest information on the GES website from Farnsworth himself (I think he’s getting irritated) about Trombly and the generator:

    Then go look at the company’s Photos page. Somehow they look a lot more serious and authentic than Trombly. 😀

    Foster told the yahoo group some nonsense about how the “two inventors” are “sorting out” details, to “achieve clarity”, then goes on to insinuate slander against Farnsworth (personal attacks in lieu of facts, the most tired old tactic in the book). But Farnsworth said as of last night that no one has contacted him, so what Foster said is not even true. Not even a decent brush-off to sound good to his friends. I’m not favorably impressed.

    My question:
    If the invention that Farnsworth and Trombly collaborated on and showed to Congess was a solid-state generator, why haven’t any of these people questioned why Trombly is trying to claim credit for a device of Farnsworth’s that is OBVIOUSLY not a solid-state device??? That was my first question when I saw that photo….so it doesn’t take a genius to see the truth here.

  21. R Morlan says :

    What is quite comical is your repeated need to state that, I this, and I that…
    What makes what you have to say any less non sense then what you claim Mr. Gamble is saying, and by the way, He is not alone, do you debunk Deepak Chopra, David Icke, and the others? It is quite sad to see such mindless dribble with such passionate effort just wasted….
    Perhaps, you should consider what you are really saying…
    Are you one of them, that would turn in their own grandmother, because her worldview differs from yours, i think you might!
    How very disturbed you must be to believe that you will be spared from their plans for you! You will not…
    Time is short my friend, you would be better served to focus on survival, and not your false allegiance to the corporate families…
    As Mr T says…” I pity the fool”

    • NonFiction says :

      None of my comments were about anyone’s world view – in fact, I even agreed with most of them. My problem was theft and lies. How is theft of photos a worldview? How does lying help to wake people up? Grow up.

      At least the photos are off their website, now they need to complete the job of taking them out of the movie.

  22. R Morlan says :

    Discussion is required to learn however, to take a piece of information, like you have done about the legitimacy of a machine, and to ridicule the entire message of Thrive, seems to be childish to say the least…
    Why do you not want humans to thrive?
    regardless of Foster Gambles message, the other have bee stating the same message for years, where were you then?
    You seem to put a lot at risk just to slam something you don’t agree with, yet I find to be absolutely the most important thing I have ever seen.
    And I am a network engineer, with status and intelligence, so tell me that I am duped by Mr. Gamble but not by the TPTB?

    • NonFiction says :

      You like to create strawman arguments? That will not work with me. I never said any of the things you are assuming here, only that Trombly showed stolen photos and lied about what the devices in the photos actually do and who invented them. He is no more credible than TPTB, and in fact plays into their hands when he acts in such a disreputable manner. THAT is what ticked me off. Please learn to read before you make accusations that make you look silly. 🙂

  23. - says :

    Why have you gone to such great lengths to discredit Thrive? Who is paying you? The website makes you seem like a grumpy, bitter old man. You sound like Steven Barrett, who gets paid to be a professional skeptic with regards to alt medicine.

    What will you do if you are proven wrong? Will you make a public retraction? Or will you pretend you are still right? Most likely, you will search for something new to try to debunk.

  24. R Morlan says :

    Thrive can’t be debunked!
    Only humans are ignorant enough to allow an unnatural construct called society, with its dogma academics, metered energy grid, metered fuel source, fictitious money and divide & conquer tactics of warfare and religion that is a plague upon life itself.
    No other creatures!
    We think we are so smart, we are morons, following idiots!
    There are a few awaken souls that try to help us but, we try to destroy them as well.
    Perhaps we don’t deserve to exist on this planet.
    But people like the person who runs this attack website, would damn us all, for their deluded satisfaction, which is their own demise…SO BE IT!

  25. R Morlan says :

    This site is worthy of DoS attacks by Anonymous!
    Fight fire with fire right?

    • muertos says :

      You think I should be censored, do you?

      • Rehsab Thgir says :

        I rather doubt that Anonymous would opt to become the personal army (Rule 65) of a something that is akin to Scientology in nuttiness. That said, I liked R’s comment at 4:08. It was pretty funny with the internal contradictions; but the grammatical errors were the embellishment that made it truly great.

  26. R Morlan says :

    Your right!
    That’s what freedom is isn’t it?
    The two opposing sides of expression…
    That which one would spend a lifetime defending, another would spend a life time attacking…Touche’
    You are untitled to your opinion, as are we all.
    It’s just unfortunate that we can’t agree that the real enemy is those that lie to us, and design a prison where we are our own guards!
    The cosmic shift will have to be my voice, and perhaps those that cam awaken will, and then we can fight the good fight, and free ourselves of enslavement by the few for there profit and illusion of power. Every dog has his day!

  27. R.Morlan says :

    I also strongly agree, time is very, very short, awaken, wake up!
    All you really need do is take the approach that its a safe probability to say to yourself, I could be wrong, am I willing to defend a beleif that may lead me into oblivion? Wake Up, Wake Up! When the cosmic clock stokes midnite time is up! At the very least, discover the fraud perpetrated against you, the foundations of science are but, 1 side of the coin, the other side is hidden from you perhaps, research Dr. Walter Russell will help you learn that. Unlock yourself from the chains of enslavement, find your true self, and you will be free!

  28. Sonya says :

    Thank you to all the supporters of Thrive coming out against this guy who is either paid to do this and create a stir, or this guy who has no life and dedicated our tax payers money (because he probably does not have a job living on welfare) so he can type away at something that could remove his comforts and welfare paycheck…either or.

  29. amiledanummib says :

    Good bye, considerate alternative other 🙂

  30. anticultist says :

    The comments by paranoid delusional’s and politically biased noobs are priceless.

    I love how the entire comment section is littered with the rantings of crazy people, hell bent on accusing anyone that disagrees with their insanity as being government agents.

    The shit is so funny, it is hard to believe so many people are this crazy.

  31. haber says :

    thank you for all your efforts that you have put in this. Very interesting info. “Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.” by Clive Staples Lewis.

  32. TSnow says :

    This website is shinanigans. Trying to “debunk” information you do not agree with is immature and rediculous.

    • Rehsab Thgir says :

      Ridiculous is spelling ridiculous incorrectly. And nothing was ‘tried.’ The debunking was achieved.

  33. Jay says :

    ha ha ha. . you don’t fool anybody buddy. we all know who’s interests you serve no matter how many times you say you work alone. what’s funny to me is watching your paradigm sink. that’s about all I have to say about this comical blog and i’m smiling the whole time. laughin atcha’…… : D

    and yes you are a ‘paid disinformation agent’.

    • Rehsab Thgir says :

      I happen to know he is not. I, however, am. Who could say no to $250k a year?

  34. Your Blog is utter nonsense says :

    sorry to burst your bubble but free energy devices are starting to hit the market .

    besides that your ignorance is astounding, do you really believe that there has been no suppression when it comes to alternative medicine and free energy?

    imagine the implications, corporations would drop like flies.

    and to say that Mr. Gambles Utopia would be disastrous is ignorant and not well thought out, he is not giving all the answers but he is atleast opening peoples minds to new ideas and opportunities.

    instead of wrongly debunking such an informative Documentary, why don’t you do some research into blueprints for a better structured society? much more beneficial than you erroneous dribble.

    there are even many quotes throughout history stating corruption and lies within the highest ranks, yet you defend them?

    (It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning -Henry Ford).

    and somehow you have the nerve to claim that there are no conspiracies, proving how little time you spend on looking at how the world is run and why things are the way they are. you are clearly one who is closed minded (probably have no interest in the philosophy either judging by your complete ignorance and pure ‘logical’ thinking which can only get you so far).

    & conspiracy theorists don’t claim the world is utter shit, we have just come to the realization that it could be so much better without the lies and manipulation by those in the highest order.

  35. Future White Hat says :

    Hmm if we “FOLLOW THE MONEY”, what are the incentives/motives in trying to debunk Thrive? Let’s say if even 50% or 25% of what is being said in Thrive is true… isn’t the author of this website trying to preserve status quo? And thus, WHO BENEFITS MOST from such actions?

    Just using basic common sense & critical thinking can help “debunk” this website. Don’t get me wrong, I dont agree with 100% of Thrive or ANY MATERIAL, but I’m all for healthy skepticism and I do my own research as well.

    Putting wikipedia links are not helping, it’s well known that anything popular can be subverted by governments, alphabet agencies, etc.

  36. Future White Hat says :

    Well, so far only this website has been “DEBUNKED” instead of “Thrive” if I look at all the comments from people here 🙂

    Talk about backfiring

    • muertos says :

      Oh it has, has it? How exactly has this website been debunked? By the lunatic rantings of conspiracy nutters who argue with me in the comments? Provide a specific example of something presented in the comments that has “debunked” this site.

      • Your Blog is utter nonsense says :

        Everything has been debunked from your pathetic site, from free energy to you thinking there aren’t any conspiracies . wake up little boy

      • Mr. Anon says :

        On the contrary, I just debunked your free energy claim through a grand total of 30 seconds of Googling.

        Tell you what: find me a peer-reviewed paper that demonstrates that cold fusion is commercially viable and easily obtainable.

  37. Bladecrimson says :

    Just curious what credentials are required to assess someone as a ‘paranoid delusional’ or a ‘Politically biased noob”?
    I solely disagree with this debunk crap because its stupid.
    To debunk information you provide facts proving the stated information is false. So to debunk Thrive, one needs to provide a proven fact about each alleged false information for each explanation.
    I believe some people are so destroyed by the fact they have been duped and everything they thought they knew , and were so smart, were lies…
    SO they begin their quest to debunk that which stole their fantasy!

    • Mr. Anon says :

      From the dictionary:
      “Debunk: expose the falseness or hollowness of (a myth, idea, or belief)”

      If you look through this blog, several claims in Thrive have been proven false. Thrive claims that the Gulf on Tonkin attacks and the World Trade Center attacks were “false flag operations”. This is demonstrably false. Thrive claims that complex crop circles cannot be manmade. Muertos has proven that completely false. Thrive claims that “Free energy” has been suppressed by the government. This can be shown to be false. Thrive claims that a group of wealthy people directly control the world. While impossible to prove wrong, it does not make sense logically.

      • Bladecrimson says :

        To entertain the plausibility of what your rebuttal, where is your proof that the alleged false flag operations were indeed accurate as stated by the government. I can give actual plausible proof that Google and the INTERNET are under control of The Information Awareness Office (IAO), established by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Who coincidentally, are overseer’s of Facebook and many other information mining facilities. We have proof that the Government lied about health related experiments performed on unwitting Citizens.
        Or proof that the Fractional Reserve Banking System (The FED) is not a government institution, and is actually a foreign operated bank in possession of the United States currency, which by constitutional mandate is a crime. Or perhaps the Governments lies about Nuclear Tests performed in the 50’s & 60’s, Or the use of Depleted Uranium sold as ammunition…
        The list goes on & on…
        The point is there is no media source you can use to debunk Thrive since all the sources except Thrive are contaminated! You will need do your own research and post he findings…The scientific method you hold as debunking the Thrive message. Use it to disprove it is all that we can ask of you. Do not state sources other then your own independent research based on your observations not others reported claims…
        Far is far, right.

      • Bladecrimson says :

        Thrive claims that a group of wealthy people directly control the world. While impossible to prove wrong, it does not make sense logically. In response to your interestingly inept logic, here is why it is proven correct.
        At the end of November 1910, Senator Nelson W. Aldrich and Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Department ([Special Assistant of the National Monetary Commission)] A. Piatt Andrew, and 5 more of the country’s leading financiers (Frank Vanderlip, president of the National City Bank of New York, Henry P. Davison, senior partner of J.P. Morgan Company, and generally regarded as Morgan’s personal emissary; and Charles D. Norton, president of the Morgan-dominated First National Bank of New York. Joining the group just before the train left the station were Benjamin Strong, also known as a lieutenant of J.P. Morgan; and Paul Warburg, a recent immigrant from Germany who had joined the banking house of Kuhn, Loeb) arrived at the Jekyll Island Club to discuss monetary policy and the banking system, an event that led to the creation of the current Federal Reserve. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, the 1910 Jekyll Island meeting resulted in draft legislation for the creation of a U.S. central bank. Parts of this draft (the Aldrich plan) were incorporated into the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. On November 5–6, 2010, Ben Bernanke stayed on Jekyll Island to commemorate the 100-year anniversary of this original meeting.The Conference was the first official confirmation of the revelations made initially in 1949 by Ezra Pound to Eustace Mullins in his work Secrets of The Federal Reserve and later reported by G. Edward Griffin in his book The Creature from Jekyll Island.

  38. areiann says :

    It’s funny that you are attempting to debunk something you know nothing about. Here is my suggestion, you need to do some serious meditation, just so you can start finding your lost humanity and get in touch with your soul. There is more out there in the world, in the universe than you can ever know. It’s big and it’s more amazing than you can ever dream. There is an old saying it goes like this, “Truth is far stranger than fiction.” It is true in every sense. I have been given a gift to see more than you can know. You have the gift also. It’s time to shut down this waste of time site, and find yours. May you find yourself on your explorations.

    • Anastasio says :

      Good heavens! Who are you really areiann? Mark Twain back from the dead? Of course not! Because if you were you’d have remembered this other gem: “With ignorance and arrogance, success is assured” before laying your unabashed “I’ve made it!!” story on us – with it’s arrival virtually punctuated by the accompaniment of a fanfare no less! You’re certainly not of the modest variety are you? Lucky for you we’re too unenlightened to realise that though!

      “There is more out there in the world, in the universe than you can ever know. It’s big and it’s more amazing than you can ever dream.”

      And yet, here you sit glued to your computer like every other mere mortal, poking fun at someone on the internet because you don’t class them as enlightened as yourself. An elitist to boot, how charming! I’m sure this duality just adds to the ‘quirkiness’ of areiann’s personality no doubt!

      Whereas Roy Batty’s similar soliloquy before his time of passing could be viewed as just a ‘fitting piece of monosyllabic dialogue’, areiann’s Twain-inspired, insightful prose truly opens our minds to the vastness and magnificence of the universe beyond what any astronaut or astrophysicist could possibily convey in the limited vocabulary of our humble English language.

      It’s big and it’s amazing.

      Truly the most profound statement I have heard on any blog, anywhere. There is surely not a dry eye in the house and no amount of tissue will quench this cataclysm of tears, you puller of heart strings you! You fomentor of epiphany, you harbinger of paradise!

      You truly have transcended yourself this time areiann. Job done.


      • blade crimson says :

        What a petty piece of propaganda…
        A mind set to pick on flaws of others is a homogeneous contrived bleak mind indeed!
        Perhaps, this is the part Twain referred to as the more he got to know people, the more he liked his dog…
        All a human being can ever expect is to be a good observer, unfortunately, many are disillusioned by the fiction of their own greatness, unaware that everyone thinks they are the unique correct world-view of reality and all others are stupid.

  39. Idiot Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Why is it the same one or two people replying to everyone who says how good
    this film was?
    I take it you are VERY worried if we think for ourselves we’ll see what BS this entire blog is? I dare you to shut-up and let someone else make a reply to a comment instead of jumping in and the very first thing you do is insult. Too afraid of letting people think for themselves?

  40. WillD says :

    @muertos – one final note before I depart this site. At the top of this page you suggest that you have successfully completed your mission of debunking Thrive “the vast majority of our work in debunking the film is completed”. I’ll leave you with these questions. Firstly, how do you know that Thrive has been debunked? What measures of success do you use to assert this? Secondly, don’t you think you sound [read] a little fanatical about your mission on this site? That perhaps readers like me, might think you have an agenda too? And that we might give you less credibility than the Gambles because of your determination to debunk their ideas?

    • Lee says :

      I’m not Muertos but i share his animosity against conspiracy theory so please allow me to answer your question.

      First, we know it has been debunked based on how unpopular and rejected Thrive is. Even the people in the movie (Except David Icke) have disowned it.

      Second, if we come across a bit fanatical it’s because we’ve been conspiracy theorist ourselves. Both Muertos (IIRC) and i were both truthers so we know how wrong belief in conspiracy theory can be, hence why we want to save people from becoming conspiracy theorists.

      Third, our credibility comes from the evidence we put forth. OTOH where are the evidence put forth by the movie Thrive?

      Speculation and mispinterpretations of ancient symbols are not evidence.

  41. Darealtruth says :

    Muarta`s and Foster are both working together for blinding you all thats it have fun being foold 😀 after a long day the enjoy a coold beer together with the Rothschilds & some aliens i dont know

  42. Rob says :

    I would thoroughly enjoy an explanation why the Thrive producers are duping us, what they have to gain by doing so, and why anyone would support aristocratic families that hide behind their wealth and think that more fractional reserve banking is what the world needs?

    • Wyboth says :

      For Thrive, they’re either so stupid that they believe the ludicrous crap that they’re proposing, or they’re in it for the money. If they’re in it to “wake up the world,” they have nothing to gain. Otherwise, they’re gaining money. As for the aristocrats, money as well. They’re not satisfied with their current 2 billion dollar private jet, so they want a new one, this time with cup holders. They could care less about the financial status of the rest of the world.

  43. James-TruthSeeker says :

    So, You, one person, have decided that there is no truth to any conspiracy theory and now spend what seems to be a huge amount of time trying to debunk every single aspect of the Thrive Documentary. Well, sir, Mr. Gambles site has independent facts backing up their claims, while on this site, I have yet to find any fact based debunking other than your very strong OPINION that there can be no truth to any of it simply because it is a conspiracy theory. You know some conspiracy theories get their start because someone noticed something very wrong and true. They are labled conspiracy theory in order to discredit anything they say. There have been many world leader that have been outspoken about their desire to see a one world Government come about. That is no secret. David Rockefeller’s famous leaked audio from Bilderburg, Henry Kissinger was very outspoken about it. George Busch Sr. Many more. To simply state that the claim is ludicrous is wreckless and one sided. I have spent many many hours researching many conspiracy theories, looking for truths on both sides of the spectrum and while many are BS, many more have come up where the facts much more support the theory than the debunking. What really turns me off on this site is the lengths you have gone to to discredit every step of thie video. I wonder why you would work so hard to debunk every single issue without a whole lot of to back it up. I wonder…

  44. Rob says :

    So by your own admission and system of checks and fail safes you have identified yourself as a idiot, asshole.
    Let me tell you why.
    DARPA runs the TIA (Total Information Awareness) Office of the United States government, which is incidentally interconnected globally to the U.N. and many other organizations. You can research the validity of that…

    Meaning that any information you acquire from the Information Portal, which coincidentally is monitored via DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) technology at both MAE East & MAE WEST Network Hubs is subject to subjective perspective slanting, either your aware of it or not.

    There are secure channels of information that can be verified and fact checked for truth that circumvents this network. They require a deep comprehension of physics and cosmology to understand. The Truth is out there in an untainted version, if you know how to access it.

    Most people never heard of Internet2 – Google it.
    It’s rare that most people understand the dynamics of the universe and that Energy + Information = Matter

    The Information aspect of the principle I describe is also a communications technology, although it is poorly understood by humans, it is a pure information field that can not be violated. Meaning it offers Truth when accessed.

    You getting my drift here, you are caught in the illusion of the game my friend.
    And those inside playing the game have little truth about what is really going on!

    • Wyboth says :

      I researched DARPA and the TIA, and DARPA did create it. But there is no evidence of a connection between TIA and the UN. Also, DPI checks for any malicious files containing viruses, spyware, and that kind of stuff. But that’s all they do. They don’t do any “perspective slanting.”

      What are you talking about when you refer to “The Truth?” Be specific please. You could be referring to several things, so please clarify.

      I googled Internet2. It’s a technology company owned by private colleges. Don’t see how that has to do with anything.

      Matter, as I understand it, is anything with mass and volume. It does have to have energy, since in Einstein’s equation, E=m*c^2, the only way to have no energy is to have no mass, and to have no mass means that it is not matter. But what do you mean by information? As far as I know, information is facts known about something. Are you suggesting that if you don’t know anything about something then it doesn’t exist? I can disprove that. For example, I didn’t know that the tower at 30 St Mary Axe in London existed until I saw it when I was visiting London. If I knew nothing about it, it shouldn’t have existed. But it was there, so obviously the idea that it doesn’t exist if you know nothing about it is false.

      As for your second-to-last paragraph, I again don’t know exactly what you’re referring to. Please specify.

      Overall, that wasn’t a very well-composed comment. You didn’t explain yourself very well, you started with a GDE-ish sounding argument, then switched track to a pseudo-quantum physics argument, then went back to GDE, and you left a lot of things to question. I’d recommend being more specific and staying on topic, or at least clarifying exactly what your point is.

      • rlmorlan says :

        OK – I like you – research Agenda 21…
        Listen, your rebuttal is bunk! The quantum field is information, space defines matter, energy and matter are interchangeable. Read about Neutrino’s and Human Design @ I’m trying to help you. But you must take a step with me if we are to walk together here…
        Research Dr. Walter Russell & the work of Dr. Michael Persinger there is a lot your glossing over and I don’t know why. Do your own research but, be objective to the results.
        Google DPI or Wiki it your wrong about it, and I2 – Internet 2 is a network.
        Your not using very good analytical common sense here my friend and why would you not want to gain some insight…

      • Wyboth says :

        I looked up Agenda 21. It’s the UN’s agenda for the 21st century. I know you’re trying to push me towards thinking that this is the GDA, but I know better. If you actually look at what it’s saying, none of it is related to controlling the world. It’s all about trying to help the poor, restore the environment, help the discriminated, and advance technology.

        I’m reading the “New to Human Design” article on Jovian Archive, and it sounds pretty new-agey, but I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and see what it’s about.

        I just read the “How does it work?” article, and I drew a connection between the “Bodygraph” and Astrology. It mentions that the bodygraph is calculated using your birth date, time, and place. This reminds me of how horoscopes are calculated, by using the position of planets at the time of birth. I already know Astrology is bull, so I’m not getting good vibes about this.

        I’m partway through reading the “What Drives Us” article, and I read that attraction to what we are not is not healthy. I disagree. I point to the fact that in marriages, people with opposite Myers-Briggs personality types tend to work better together than those with the same. They cover each others weaknesses, working together to lift each other up. Back to reading. Just finished with the second part of this article. I think they tried to fuse philosophy and science here, when they said that the throat is our center, and everything moves towards it. I see how important the throat is socially, but I would neither say that the throat is our center physically, nor would I say that everything is centered around it. I’m getting worse vibes about this website now, seeing as they’re bending science. I’m just about ready to call baloney on this site, but I’ll give it one more chance. Anyways, I remembered you wanted me to look up neutrinos on this site too, so I’ll do that now. Back now, and the only information I could find about neutrinos on the site was on the “New to Human Design?” article, where it claims that the science of the bodygraph is based on neutrinos, but fails to explain how. It also uses the loose term information that I asked Rob to define. I’m hearing all of the same drivel from this site as I heard from conspiracy theorists, and this site hasn’t cited anything, so I’m calling baloney. I’ll move on to the next thing you talked about.

        I’m in the first stages of my research of Russell, and I read that mainstream scientists didn’t accept his theory, which is usually a bad sign. But, I’ll withhold criticism until I know more. Back now, and I found one of his claims. It says: “Light does not travel. The light and heat which appear to come from the star or the sun has never left the star or the sun. That which man sees as light and feels as heat is the reproduced counterpart of the light and of the heat which is its cause.” It comes from his book, “The Universal One.” I’m going to try and find this online to see what his evidence is for this. Back again, and I found his book on Amazon for $100! Yipe! Not going to pay a hundred bucks for what seems to me like a phony book. I can’t find it online either. If you have a copy, please tell me what his proof of this is. It should be on page 30. Found another claim. He says that nuclear power plants will cause global climate change because they emit too much heat and pressure. But I know that nuclear power plants don’t add to atmospheric pressure, and the heat emitted is negligible on a global scale. He’s looking pretty much like baloney to me, but I’ll give him one more chance. Okay, found my last bit of info on Russell. He was apparently a new age fanatic who believed that humans are all connected spiritually, and any action done to one man is done to every man. He also said that the great awakening of man was supposed to happen in 1946. These are pretty wild claims, and there’s no evidence behind them. I call baloney. Moving on.

        I’m in the process of researching Dr. Persinger, and surprisingly, he doesn’t look like baloney. What I’ve found so far is actually pretty interesting. He conducted an experiment with people who had temporal lobe epilepsy and those who didn’t. He generated an artificial magnetic field around the temporal lobes of the subjects. They all reported feelings of euphoria. He also said words like sex and God, and some neutral words like table. The normal patients had the strongest reactions to the sexual words, and the TLE patients had the strongest reactions to the religious words. He even did a test on Richard Dawkins, who didn’t react much to religious words. This is all very interesting, but I don’t see how this applies to neutrinos or anything. Anyways, I’ll research DPI and Internet2 now.

        Looking at DPI now, and I’m seeing the same stuff from last time. I think you’re trying to make me think that DPI is the GDE’s way of tracking you, but I’m not jumping to that conclusion. Done researching it now, and there’s nothing to suggest it’s the GDE’s way of tracking you. All that it does is look for any viruses or copyrighted files you might be uploading or downloading.

        For Internet2, you seem to want me to think that this is a network of conspirators or something. There’s no evidence of that, however. It’s just a network of colleges and companies working together for scientific research.

        So, to sum up:

        Agenda21: Not the GDA. Baloney.

        Walter Russell: Baloney.

        Michael Persinger: Not baloney, not relevant.

        DPI: Not a government spy program.

        Internet2: Not a network of conspirators.

        I look forward to your response.



  45. rlmorlan says :

    My friend, I’m excited that you take the initiative to to the research in uncharted area’s however, I do believe you jump to unwarranted conclusions about concepts that run against mainstream ideologies prematurely before you get all the information. To verify the validity of the push you think I’m giving you. I am a Electrical Engineer who has worked in the Communications Industry for every large corporation you can list, who has recently switched over to energy technology. – Please view my resume – profile on linkedin…

    I was once like you and took the presentation of soceity, science and politics at the face value of what is presented to us via main stream media and academics. All my life there has been a splinter in my mind that something is wrong and I have endeavored to discover just what that is.
    Agenda 21 is a U.N. mandate that is applied to federal, state and local government under the guise of what you speak of however, I would point out to you that studies indicate that the Earth can support no more then 9-10 billion humans, and we are rapidly approaching that, Agenda 21 was constructed with this idea and lays out the need, with subterfuge, that de population is crucial to survival…Have a look at what the Georgia Guide-stones say.
    Human Design is a system that describes how dark matter/energy within the quantum field underlies atomics and the mutation of form via atoms and the information of energy. The information is facilitated by the Neutrino stream that is emitted from stars. Solar systems are the mechanics that encode DNA that is there purpose. And incarnate life into biological vehicles for the emanation of consciousness to arise and be experienced. I know it sounds new age and metaphysical but, it’s really not, only misunderstood science.
    Human Design is based on the Zodiac only as far as star constellations not personality fortune telling, it also incorporates I-Ching, The Chakra System and the Kabalah. If you keep an objective mind to absorbing this material you will discover some truths. It describes a process to identify that the culmination of the life you know is via conditioning through the years of 1-7. Everything you filter experience with was incorporated in you then by others, your name, your favorite foods, your culture, beliefs and prejudices…
    It works to help you understand that you were never given the opportunity to be realized as your true self and establishes an awareness of that.
    The body-graph takes considerable study to comprehend, more on that later…
    The reason Dr Russells concepts were not accepted by mainstream science is that it would require all the science books ever written to be discarded and some falsely accepted constructs about modern science to be discard, they (scientists, professors, academia) are not willing to call themselves duped!

    Internet 2 is a highly evolved communications platform that replaced DARPA’s initial ARPnet (Internet) that was designed by the military industrial complex to connect government labs with university science and technology projects to create weapons technology. The Internet was abandoned by this high level organization for the new network that is 100% fiber optic and use’s advanced networking technology not available outside military applications.

    I’m not making this stuff up…I’ve done my homework as you but, have allowed my conditioning, and the risk of that i was duped most of my life by lies to control the world I live in for war and profit. We won’t even talk about the corruption of the banking system right now which was adopted unconstitutionally by the government in the 1930’s. The U.S.was to control and make its money, not a private banking cartel, and Thomas Jefferson said that if we ever let banks have that control, it would mean enslavement to debt.
    Which we have seen.
    All I can ask of you is to keep up the research, put what you think you know on the back burner, and keep an open mind to new constructs, don’t worry about they seem fantastic, because we know little about the forces of nature and science merely identifies these theories as ‘Phenomena’ with little understanding. The reality of the truth is that the universe is weird and fantastic at best and the human mind needs a new paradigm to comprehend it…

    • Anastasio says :


      “Agenda 21 is a U.N. mandate that is applied to federal, state and local government under the guise of what you speak of”

      Firstly Robert, Agenda 21 is not a mandate. It has not even been ratified in the USA – a country where food production outweighs the population. It is a non-binding and voluntary action plan, which means it cannot progress into law. It has also been banned in Alabama, which speaks largely of its authority as a lawful requisite.

      “I would point out to you that studies indicate that the Earth can support no more then 9-10 billion humans”

      Can you cite these studies? I can of course find many articles on the internet that say the same thing, but why lend more credence to these ‘studies’ over the studies/estimates that predict a sustainable world population from between 30 to 100 billion?

      Bear in mind that Malthus has been wrong for the last two-hundred years and studies of such type are not the most reliable material to construct an argument or showcase one’s ‘enlightenment’.

      “and we are rapidly approaching that, Agenda 21 was constructed with this idea”

      If you’re suggesting that Agenda 21 was constructed on the premise that our planet cannot sustain more than 9-10 billion humans, then I would like to see a cite for that also. I would not contend that the statement is wrong but I think it is in everyone’s best interests that you separate your facts from opinions. Don’t you?

      “and lays out the need, with subterfuge, that de population is crucial to survival”

      Well of course Robert! Again you echo what Malthus has been saying for the last two-hundred years! It is no revelation that the world ultimately needs to adopt a 0% growth rate for the sustainability of humankind. Is it not common sense? Why should a step in that direction of sustainability carry the stigma of ‘subterfuge’?

      And what are we to make of your use of the phrase ‘depopulation’?
      Should we be thinking more along the lines of Auschwitz rather than Jìhuà Shēngyù Zhèngcè?

      Please, elaborate.

      Here in the UK, a closely related argument hit the headlines recently when our Prime Minister suggested that those planning to have more than three children could expect no further financial support from the government:

      Would you label this an example of depopulation subterfuge?

      Where do you actually stand on the issue Robert? You seemingly agree that the world cannot be sustained past a population of 9-10 billion yet you label the UN’s move to tackle the issue as subterfuge?

  46. Matt says :

    Ive been reading your page here for the last few nights, & while you seem quite intelligent, there is not very much, “fact checking” going on. I am not nearly as involved in some of these issues as you, but even I, could do a better job discrediting some of these conspiricies. I would really like to see you put some actual, “facts” in some of your re-buttles. I was really hoping to find some decent counter-arguments to some of Danikens writings, but your biggest argument is that there is no facts to support his theories, but that is why they are called theories. Many of his theories are based on facts and artifacts, and some theories, (definetly not all), have proven to be more accurate over time. I dont know what, “Thrive” is but you appear to have some sort of vendetta against it, and it is one more topic where your only re-buttle is that it is not based on fact. I guess i would just like to see a little more facts in your arguments, and not just saying that their theories are not facts, because we already know that.

    • anticultist says :

      Speaking of facts.

      Would you care to provide exact theories of Danikens that have proven to be true which would be of any significant proof of alien visitation ?

      You sound like one of those fly by nutters who thinks they have the answers to all of life’s mysteries, but has only read a few anecdotal stories.

  47. liberty reserve says :

    This is the penalise Comments Policy Thrive Debunked journal for anyone who wants to attempt out out most this substance. You observation so untold its almost exhausting to fence with you (not that I really would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new protract on a matter thats been cursive roughly for life. City personalty, but eager!

  48. Music For Well Being says :

    Seriously…If you can’t see the world and its socities are rapidly decaying and that the initiative of Thrive is to better this….? and you are making an effort to discredit what they stand for…? It seems you have other interests.

    For the record:
    Here in Europe it is humming like a bee hyve. It connects the dots with 21-12-12! Gatherings and viewings are organised everywhere, not necessarily giving notice of that to the Thrive organisation. There is much going on in the world as reaction to Thrive that you cannot see from behind your computer!

    Thrive was the beginning. The wake up call!
    We are working on the foundation The Gambles have layed out for us, of which everyone should be thankful (That is, if you want things on this earth improved).


  49. john says :

    Your blog is a joke M8, in the intro you cliam that alot of people send to your blog a statement and yet we see for the most part only you, and 2 trollers, your blog therefore is a fail just as your trolling back and forth with these other clowns, some where after the first quarter of this blog i got tired of the meaningless trolling and how you your self responded like a hurt 8 year old if any thing in this world needs to get done i know you three clowns would never help with our worldly problems get off your arses and contribute to society in a meaniful manner instead of acting like idiots

  50. BY: Joshua Shanholtz says :


    • anticultist says :

      Check the crazy above me

    • Wyboth says :

      Wow… you are a disgrace to Christianity.

      • ihatenexus2013 says :


        The NWO enemy is Scientology / Nexus magazine / L. Ron Hubbard / Aleister Crowley. Crowleys’ ‘spirit guide’ (Lal or Lam), looks just like a
        small grey alien. If a satanist like Crowley was under the influence of
        ‘the dark side’, then so were his satanic disciples like L. Ron Hubbard and his gnostic disciples Duncan Roads, Marcus Allen of Nexus magazine UK, Alex Jones and many, many other complete and utter ‘NWO’ nutters.

      • anticultist says :

        No ihatenexus2013, not only do the NWO not exist, neither does your imaginary demi god satan. What an incredible waste of energy and life you are leading with this nonsense.

      • Wyboth says :

        I can’t even make sense of this shit. It’s like you took evil deities, conspiracy theorists, and the NWO, threw them all in a blender, and set it to liquefy. Maybe you accidentally threw your own brain in there as well.

  51. Rob says :

    I wonder if you would also like to debunk NASA and academia itself in their discovery that wormhole portals actually exist and are electro-magnetic in nature, not gravitational, and that it backup suggestions made by Thrive.
    It also seems to give credibility to The Electric Universe theory of cosmology…

    • anticultist says :

      First how exactly do lines of magnetic flux that traverse through space inevitably to collide with near orbital objects, confirm the BULLSHIT claims made in thrive ?

      Science fiction writers for the last 6 or more decades have discussed worm holes, and this is nothing specific to any author, decade, establishment or person. It is an imaginary idea based in popular mythology. So Thrive itself, which I believe mentioned wormholes [which are not the same as these things at all] has no claim of authorship or intellectual right to take any credit at all.

      These things even according to NASA so far have nothing to do with travelling in space quickly, or collecting energy from the universe for free. They are only observable magnetic connections between our sun and our planet, that is all. Any further claims added to it, or imagined by you or any other person are simply imaginary. NASA themselves have ade zero claims as to what they are going to use them for or what exactly they can be used for, if anything at all.

      Quotes directly from the page you posted:

      ” favorite theme of science fiction is “the portal”–an extraordinary opening in space or time that connects travelers to distant realms. A good portal is a shortcut, a guide, a door into the unknown. If only they actually existed….

      It turns out that they do, SORT OF”

      “We call them X-points or electron diffusion regions,”

      “In the late 1990s, NASA’s Polar spacecraft spent years in Earth’s magnetosphere,” explains Scudder, “and it encountered many X-points during its mission.”

      “They’re places where the magnetic field of Earth connects to the magnetic field of the Sun, creating an uninterrupted path leading from our own planet to the sun’s atmosphere 93 million miles away.”

      “Most portals are small and short-lived; others are yawning, vast, and sustained. Tons of energetic particles can flow through the openings, heating Earth’s upper atmosphere, sparking geomagnetic storms, and igniting bright polar auroras.”

    • anticultist says :

      “It also seems to give credibility to The Electric Universe theory of cosmology…”

      No it does not. It only points to magnetic connections from the suns obvious magnetic behaviour to our own planets.

      It gives no credibility at all to any hypothetical claims like an electric universe.

    • Frankie says :

      It doesnt. Stop putting your shit and misinterpreting NASA findings. You are just staining an otherwise awesome scientific agengy.
      Electric universe? seriously? What else? is someone else going to come up with a fire universe? what about a water one. Dont try to impress us with bullcrap.
      Study some actual astronomy. Read some Carl Sagan stuff or Stephen Hawking, instead of conspiracy nitwitesque shit.

      • ihatenexus2013 says :


        Moon landings conspiracy theories are published and promoted by Nexus magazine. Nexus editor Duncan Roads is a Scientologist, his ‘master’ L.Ron Hubbard is a satanist and Scientology founder. Hubbards ‘hero’
        was satanist Aleister Crowley. The forces of darknes, deception and lies
        want you to believe that the Moon landings did not happen. The control
        of information is the control of people. You work it out.

      • Wyboth says :

        @ihatenexus2013 Shut up. Please.

  52. Your master says :

    Actually it does, but with great knowledge it is often too complex for small minds…
    Your character is becoming of such a website as yours, no class.
    I think I’m done here, no need to reply

  53. Wakham says :

    Re: Whomever produced the statement that this was an excellent web site really needs to get their head evaluated.

    • Wyboth says :

      You’re the one who needs your head evaluated. You have everything backwards. You think fabricated, paranoid conspiracy theory movies are the shit, while rational, coherent articles are baloney. Do you realize that you’re a laughingstock to the rest of us?

      • godschild18 says :

        Why can’t you disagree without trying to offend? What has your comment added to the well being of the planet and other kingdoms. I agree with the Wakham statement. why don’t you ask why he thinks like that? why I think like that? Instead you answer in a very dismissive manner
        Respect and dignity is what is missing in the world … meanwhile we are watching the mess and doing very little… Writing books about it is not dealing with the issues..
        Walking ones talk is a tremendous effort and very few are willing to do it.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        “the planet and other kingdoms”

        Other kingdoms ?

        You sound like you have just finished watching a medieval discovery channel special. From whence did thine kingdom cometh ?

    • anticultist says :

      But only an academic expert and a psychological trained person could do such a thing, and ironically all conspiracy theorists deny such people warrant any value.

      If they did then they would be taking the same mental health professionals advice advice to quit doing the drugs, quit believing stupid shit, and to stop reading amateur hack websites written by conspiracy theorists without checking the evidence that their claims are truth.

      So at least it is good that you value mental health professionals, I advise you go and see one for your cancerous belief in the paranormal and conspiratorial.

  54. Angie Colaianni says :

    You’ re just a close minded person. Since i opened mine i haven’t felt better. Crazy things are possible, I am not bat shit nuts. I’m content knowing the world is changing. I hope something happens in your lifetime that leaves you in such awe you will leave behind everything you know.

    • anticultist says :

      Closed minded you say ?

      Ever seen a ufo ? I have

      Guess what i didn’t believe it was aliens from another planet, I withheld my judgement on what it was and let my curiosity in the natural world and science explain it to me.

      People like you are so quick to think that skeptics are closed minded, when in fact we are just people who are not gullible and have experienced whit you would give your left arm to have.

      Get lost

    • ab says :

      Be careful with your open mind. It might fall out of your cranium.

  55. Blade Crimson says :

    Please, are you doing glorifying yourself yet? Your probably going to tells us all how fracking is safe too cause science says so…When Corporation can buy Academia and control Governments with their corporate media public relations lies, how can you know what to believe, do you do the experiments yourself? You call you self a skeptic, based on what? Because you like to debunk? Debunking means replacing said information with factual information, where have you done this. As for your professionalism, your as foul as a common low life thief when people don’t agree with you, Why don’t you just put up the facts instead of the personal attacks of a 12 year old pissed of little boy?

    • anticultist says :

      Who exactly are you addressing ?

      This blog has numerous entries by its owner [who happens to no longer post here] where information is presented and disputed through presentation of facts and information. I take you haven’t bothered to read them all since you are here on the comment policy section of the blog ?

  56. Blade Crimson says :

    “and the vast majority of our work in debunking the film is completed” And who is we you refer to, Are you part of some valid organization? Where is the data, the facts that you have debunked?

    • anticultist says :

      Yeah we are part of the non crazy element of society, the non conspiracy theorist nut bag group.

    • a rational person says :

      oh jeezus. another stupid nutter who comes here shrieking “but u haven’t debunked anything!!!!!!” it just shows these stupid fuckers are in total denial when someone gives em evidence of something they don’t want to see. instead of change their sick beliefs, they just ignore the evidence. lot easier that way isn’t it?

      hey hoss, start by clicking on the page “site index start here” and u’ll see a long list of topics that the guys who wrote this blog debunked. off the top of my head i can tell u he debunked “ancient aliens” and “gulf of tonkin false flag,” you should also go to the nassim haramein page, but be careful not to fall into one of the 500 new assholes that the debunkers tore that haramein clown.

  57. just a guy says :

    a good friend sent me the thrive link the other day and asked me several times to watch it. as soon as i saw david icke’s name show up, i knew it was conspiracy nut job stuff, but i did find several of their ‘top 10’ solutions to be steps that i already take and things that i think help improve society.

    banking locally
    buying and investing responsibly
    keep the internet fair and open
    support independent media
    support election and campaign finance reform
    support renewable energy (free energy is hogwash though)
    i’m kind of undecided about GMO stuff, but i’m not a scientist.

    i told my friend i thought he should take those steps as well, and only commented that i disagreed with a lot of what they say. i didn’t slam or insult him as he is a good friend. he has a caring and positive nature, is someone who i feel for and is someone who cares about and helps me be more introspective. he’s into astrology, re-incarnation and numerology as well, but he does help me look at personal issues from a new perspective, which is very helpful. he doesn’t say “well, this number means that…blah blah blah”. he reminds me to try and look at things differently, to examine why i have negative feelings or responses to things. do i think he’s crazy? well, i think some of what he believes in is, but i’m a christian myself, and i’m sure some people think that’s crazy as well.

    i am glad my buddy didn’t have to pay $5 to watch that tripe. as long as he’s not giving any money to them, i’m happy to let him believe those things. i used to often argue with people about topics like these, but i’ve found i’m a lot happier with a live and let live attitude. if i encounter someone who simply must argue these things over and over again, i don’t interact with them. my current roommate is a great friend who i’ve known for 15+ yrs and i love him dearly. he has a phD in statistics, so he’s certainly no idiot. but he also doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed. you know how we stay close friends? we don’t talk about it, as it doesn’t really affect him or me.

    david icke and reptoids, sheesh.

  58. Blade Crimson says :

    I find it rather amusing that somebody can judge what is nut bag material and what is not. Just because something may resonate or not with your belief systems doesn’t actually determine it’s validity, since beliefs are not tied to any factual data, you just believe what you believe…The reference to the academic man who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, good example, there is imperative evidence they existed, as there is plausible evidence that of ancient aliens and giants, and lost cities, even a hollow earth. A wise man accepts that his academic education is part of social conditioning. He seeks to keep and open mind to the plausibility of everything in a universe we we are only able to observe and classify things as phenomena, like electricity…When you think to highly of your opinions, there usually wrong…

    • anticultist says :

      “since beliefs are not tied to any factual data, you just believe what you believe”

      Wrong, some of us inform our beliefs based solely on what can be evidenced and what can not. I don’t believe something UNLESS there is credible and verifiable evidence supporting it.

      “as there is plausible evidence that of ancient aliens and giants, and lost cities, even a hollow earth”

      Lost cities sure, we have archeological evidence for them turning up all the time.

      However, hollow Earth, ancient aliens and giants are quite literally the stuff of paranormal superstitions and claims with no supportable evidence.

      “The reference to the academic man who doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, good example, there is imperative evidence they existed, ”

      This just shows how someone who has a belief system so entrenched that even evidence would not sway him from his rigor mortis. This is not the actions of a scientific mind, it is the actions of a superstitious mind.

      “A wise man accepts that his academic education is part of social conditioning. He seeks to keep and open mind to the plausibility of everything in a universe we we are only able to observe and classify things as phenomena, like electricity…”

      Which is exactly how science and true scientists operate, the mind is open to change providing the evidence is strong enough to support the change.

  59. Blade Crimson says :

    The truth as for the actual evidence of it often lie beyond the reaches of the conditioned people who populate society, since society is conditioned to ‘believe’ the propaganda of academia, corporate media and what is popular opinion. If you take the time to investigate and research you can find some evidence for many things not popular opinion, and when you rely solely on propaganda sources you will come to conclusions as you have just stated, that you know, for a fact certain things are untrue, unproven and fiction yet you did not participate in the expeditions, not do practical research in the field, you take the opinion of the propaganda machine because it is your conditioning to do so. Don’t make statements about things your not qualified to judge. A nut bag is someone who ‘Believes’ they are privileged to information that others are not, even though they information form a unquantifiable source. The truth is beyond websites, fox news and the academic institutions that teach corporate conditioning. The world is run by insane personalities that are systematically destroying the only place they have to live, where is the sanity in a civilization that allows it and is brainwashed by advertising and marketing to but things to make them feel better and ignore reality?

  60. Blade Crimson says :

    Also, your reasoning about ‘Belief Systems’ Is entirely false. Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. Which is contrast by Knowledge- a familiarity with someone or something, which can include facts, information, descriptions, or skills acquired through experience or education. It is important to not that Education via Academic Institutions are not reliable sources of truths but, are systems of propaganda designed by corporate agendas that often fund the institutions to represent the corporate viewpoint, same with science, again funded by the very same corporate agendas to represent their viewpoint. Leaving beliefs tied to faith in a system of information that is always biased to a corporate agenda.
    Truth a (1) : the state of being the case : fact (2) : the body of real things, events, and facts : actuality. When you control the money, you have the power to slant the truth about anything the way you want it. But that does not make it true, just accepted.

    • anticultist says :

      “Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true.”

      I said:

      “some of us inform our beliefs based solely on what can be evidenced and what can not. I don’t believe something UNLESS there is credible and verifiable evidence supporting it.”

      Learn to read. I said some of us inform our beliefs through verifiable observation and evidence.

      Most people like you, use their gut feelings and instincts to informtheir beliefs, which is retarded.

  61. Blade Crimson says :

    Perhaps, you should take up your argument about the plausibility of the Earth having hollow cavities at the poles with Dr. R. W. Bernard, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Since you love documented evidence, as such, here some that makes the theory ‘Plausible’ since you have not gone there and brought back any evidence to debunk it! –

    I can do the same for Ancient Aliens in Peru, are giant Skeletons found by Archeologist, and many many other scenarios you would surely just label bunk with actually disproving them.
    I don’t think i need to post sources, you get the point …Remember, Science has the obligation to disprove the plausibility of a theory to discredit it, and then provide contradictory evidence to support the debunking of a plausible idea.
    That is science!

    • anticultist says :

      Perhaps you should try harder with what science actually is before quoting an out of date book author from 1964, who has no supporting evidence or peers for his theories, since he wrote them over 40 years ago.

      “In 1964, Raymond W. Bernard published The Hollow Earth – The Greatest Geographical Discovery in History Made by Admiral Richard E. Byrd in the Mysterious Land Beyond the Poles – The True Origin of the Flying Saucers. The book is out of print but available on the Internet. Bernard also authored Flying Saucers from the Earth’s Interior. His real name was Walter Siegmeister. His doctoral dissertation was entitled “Theory and Practice of Dr. Rudolf Steiner’s Pedagogy” (New York University, 1932). In his Letters from Nowhere, Bernard claims to have been in contact with great mystics in secret ashrams and with grand lamas in Tibet. He was, in short, another Gurdjieff. Dr. Bernard “died of pneumonia on September 10, 1965, while searching the tunnel openings to the interior of the Earth, in South America.”* Bernard seems to have accepted every legend ever associated with the hollow Earth idea, including the notions that the Eskimos originated within the Earth and an advanced civilization dwells within even now, revving up their UFOs for occasional forays into thin air. Bernard even accepts without question Shaver’s claim that he learned the secret of relativity before Einstein from the Hollow Earth people.”

      However if you really wanted to do proper study, you would have already known his theories were not taken seriously by academia or any of is geologically qualified peers. Nor have any of his writings made it to a credible journal that is accepted by any scientific body.

    • Wyboth says :

      “Remember, Science has the obligation to disprove the plausibility of a theory to discredit it, and then provide contradictory evidence to support the debunking of a plausible idea.
      That is science!”

      On the contrary, the claim-maker must provide the evidence for his theory in order to be taken seriously. That is called the burden of proof. Watch this video; it explains the burden of proof very well.

  62. Victor says :

    This blogger makes Foster Gamble look really good to anyone I would consider intelligent.

    The older I get the more I realize how lacking I am in intelligence but the fact that someone can get away with a blog like this is deplorable. Freedom of speech sure has its drawbacks.

    The arguments against thrive really are ridiculous. While Thrive does not quite nail it to my mind, Foster Gamble certainly has his heart in the right place. I would not agree with his religious views but his soul, I am certain, is also striving to please any deity and serve mankind and life on this planet.

    Thrive could accomplish its most important goals if mankind would embrace it.

    The conspiracies Gamble alludes to are all well established and no fingers need be pointed at Thrive.

    Thrive could only improve the plight of life on this planet while this blog may turn many, uninitiated in knowledge of the conspiracies of this world, away from the acquisition of important information and retard the all important awakening of mankind to the awful consequences of apathy in the face of the destructive forces in the hands of the greedy who are too bright for their own good and ours.

    One has no need of investigation to verify the claims of conspiracy theorists. While many theories may be false, we only need observe the nature of man in government, religion, the military, business, today’s families and in the cycles of complacency which lead to the vices of man and ultimately to the destruction of civilizations and we see clearly, that there is no way that a world on this awful path of self destruction, would be without these conspiracies.

    Anyone who will open their eyes and explore the history of man and civilization will see the history of conspiracies and know that there is no way that we are without them now.

    The main conspiracies are real. They are with us always. They will destroy us if they are allowed to. They are ancient in origin, Plato and long before him. They have left clear evidence, which is easy to come by. The perpetrators have not been all that shy. One truly has to be blinkered and naive or evil to deny the existence of conspiracies.

    Thrive is an important effort mankind can be proud of while this blog is an indictment, a reprehensible attempt to stifle attempts at feeding the hungry, educating mankind, housing the homeless, healing the sick and dethroning those who live off the misery of the vast majority of the population of the world.

    The true leaders of this world have ALL warned us that these conspiracies would come. The despots have cultivated them. The sheep have been used. The would be saviors have been martyred in fighting them. The day will come when mankind will know and salvation will come of it, or not. Its our choice.

    If someone were paying you, you would at least have an excuse.

    • a rational person says :

      “I realize how lacking I am in intelligence”

      well at least your long, stupid and completely pointless post got one thing right. if you believe in this nutbag shit, you definately are “lacking in intelligence”!

      • Daniel says :

        ahaha!!! Is that all you got? tough guy know it all? ”Nut-bag shit” thats some pretty intellectual lingo there buddy good luck with that…

    • Daniel says :

      I really enjoyed reading this, its consistent, honest, and logical.

      • Anastasio says :


        “ahaha!!! Is that all you got? tough guy know it all? ”Nut-bag shit” thats some pretty intellectual lingo there buddy good luck with that…”

        You’re replying to a post made over 8 months ago – you complete tit.

        Nevertheless, I’m sure a rational person would thank you for the bump if he was still around.

  63. brendon says :

    This website is a joke. wake up and stop living in denial. The clues are clear from all angles and sources, not just Thrive movement. Use your own judgement without fear and you will see clearer. It’s okay to accept that things are not how you wish them to be.

  64. Blade Crimson says :

    Some people are just committed to crazy, like the host of this idiot website. All he can do is attack thrive, when the message thrive is bringing is now coming to a social awareness in common people who have had enough.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      Why not just accept that you are socially dysfunctional and recovering from a breakdown, it would be more honest instead of believing you are part some movement changing the world.

      • blade crimson says :

        To answer your question, I do accept that the cross of planning is breaking down and revealing that the group authority is no longer viable and the genetic imperative that drives bio form evolution is ready to mutate once again to a individual survival orientation and upgrade human DNA to eliminate the repeating ‘Dumbass’ Person that can’t align with the cosmic forces upgrade. Consciousness no longer needs a vantage point from the ‘DumbAss’ thank you. So now as we prepare for the transition in 2027 to the orientation of the fire of the rising phoenix, all systems will breakdown and an age of no end or beginning will emerge eliminating the need for the Genetic Imperative all together, hence good bye homo sapience…We have had enough of that thank you!

  65. Rob Moitoza says :

    Where I agree “free energy” may be a pipe dream, the one question I have is “Who are you”? It would be helpful to have more information on both you and Foster before I could come to any logical conclusions. What is your motive? What is his? Thanks

    • Joel T. says :


      At no point did the creators of this blog ever claim to be authority figures, thus there is no need to vet their credentials. All they did was offer argument: the validity of those arguments remain regardless of who they are. A flawed argument doesn’t become valid because someone with the right credentials said it, nor does a valid argument become flawed because the wrong person said it.

      As there is no logical reason for needing this information, one can only conclude that any conclusions you would draw from the presence or lack of that information would be illogical.

  66. Rob Moitoza says :

    By the way, I wondered if the movie was a “libertarian” thing, but it doesn’t seem to be associated with Ron Paul does it?

  67. Daniel says :

    Hmm Is Meurtos a Paid agent? Idontknow Is he? Does it really matter? Maybe hes just another moron on the internet with an opinion. (There are a lot of those=) Why didn’t he go after zeitgeist or the hundreds of other films similar to this one? Why only this film? Surely he’d have something to say about all of the other prolife prohuman films. Now first of all you’d have to be a brain dead lunatic to think this film has some hidden agenda, dont we get enough of that in our mainstream pop culture (that is morally rapping us bytheway) I have seen THRIVE and then I read this blog. After reading this I watched THRIVE again, and everything about this movie is common knowledge if you dont already know the things pointed out in the film than no one can help you except you, Im sorry. It is also pro-human, pro-liberty, pro-life, I say this with the utmost confidence because I have done the research myself, it doesn’t take a scientist or a scholar to know fact, and to know that there REALLY IS NO PROBLEM ONLY SOLUTIONS. Now I know you may not like it seeing other people wake up and want to become part of the intergalactic family, And if your the type of person who believes government, school, television. and church are the only thing that is, was, and ever will be in existence, than your in for a rude awakening. You may not like the GOOD things in this world, let me ask what is GOOD to you? being fed brain garbage by the American education system? Television?, your phone? are those things good? or is it family, truth,health,liberty and being on the right side of history,( I dare you to bring something better to the table, go ahead challenge this point of view with facts quick because your left and right wing airplane is going down in flames.) In this day and age your on one side or the other, you either want War, Famine, disease, slavery, and authority or you want freedom, liberty, progress, humanity. IT IS NOT THAT HARD TO FIGURE OUT And NO freedom and liberty are not ”Buzz” words to throw around for you trendy Obama loving liberals out there For you college ”know it alls” your the biggest blindest suckers of all you paid 60,000 dollars for an education you could have had for 89.50$, now your flipping burgers because weren’t smart enough to figure out that you should have learned to work with your hands first. And to bloggers like Meurtos this is a wake up call you think just because your professors never told you the truth in your history class does not mean it doesn’t exist, did you ever stop and think that universities are part of that same agenda? Why would they hire open minded people? They wouldn’t that’s the point, It is people like you who doubt humanity, people like you dont like the truth or the family, It is people like you who doubt life outside of this planetary space, people like you who are cowards and afraid of ridicule and afraid of what your friends may think, but in the end its the people like you who write and blog all day who will save this place called earth, people like you who can stand up and blow the horn, people like you who can once again be on the right side of history. People like you who can love again. GoodNight Godspeed…

    • conspiracykiller says :

      “Hmm Is Meurtos a Paid agent? Idontknow Is he? Does it really matter? Maybe hes just another moron on the internet with an opinion. (There are a lot of those=) Why didn’t he go after zeitgeist or the hundreds of other films similar to this one?”

      No he’s not. He did go after zeitgeist and numerous other crank beliefs and movies. However he deleted that blog page years ago and quit ebunking. You are not only late to the party but you’re inappropriately dressed

      I’m not even going to read the rest of that fucking wall you typed. Learn some damn grammar, and learn how to make a concise point to debate instead of that crazy mindshit you threw up above., t’s not a costume party.

    • Anastasio says :

      It looks like Godlike Productions is missing one of their inpatients.

  68. Daniel says :

    I love the terms this blogger is using, debunked? I love how he can debunk crop circles and false flags in one paragraph considering the thousands of pages of declassified government documents on false flag operations. And the countless credible eye witnesses and whistle-blowers (pilots, police, military etc.) in the UFO spectrum not to mention the scientific evidence of crop circles ok truth is stranger than fiction we all know that. I mean what is this guy trying to prove and there are thousands like Meurtos spreading this crap like they have all of the answers that they know for a fact that nothings going on even though its right in front of your face. Ok its like this in simple terms, 2+2=4 Hes trying to tell me 2+2=5 when the facts are right in front of me 2+2=4, again hes trying to say that 2+2=5 understand? do i need to repeat it for you yuppy college kids. What Im saying is our government admits to blowing up building seven, they admit the Gulf Of Tonkin, they admit to the spying, the torture, secret arrests, the countless constitution violations, they admit to there atrocities and not just our government but all governments and you ask ”why dont we know about it surely it would be on the news” again another point to make is that the news is behind it all too, again NOT THAT HARD TO UNDERSTAND..Please for the love of god or space or whatever you believe clean the wax out of your ears grow a brain, create a soul, and resist your government in anyway shape or form without violence and we can beat these authoritarian scumbags YOU ARE HUMAN NOT A ROBOT..

    • conspiracykiller says :

      “pages of declassified government documents on false flag operations. ”

      Some of these so called false flags are addressed throughout this blogs entries.

      ” And the countless credible eye witnesses and whistle-blowers (pilots, police, military etc.) in the UFO spectrum not to mention the scientific evidence of crop circles”

      Hear say and anecdote does not a ufo or a crop circle make.

      “Ok its like this in simple terms, 2+2=4 Hes trying to tell me 2+2=5 when the facts are right in front of me 2+2=4,”

      Wrong way round buddy, you aren’t the one with the facts, you are the one trying to make people believe in magic.

      “What Im saying is our government admits to blowing up building seven, they admit the Gulf Of Tonkin”

      And you are wrong and a crank for doing so.

    • Anastasio says :

      I suppose Jesse Ventura would look like a man of science to a fuck wit.

  69. Jadiarocks says :

    I used to be skeptical, until 1988, my father, one of the first DEA agents in this country and a beyond heroic and honest to a fault,$ practical, rational man returned from an undercover operation through the Amazon jungle in a small airplane posing as a coke dealer. As they flew over an entirely remote area deep within the Amazon that had the appearance of a plot of grassland about 3 or 4 acres wide , low and behold there was a crop circle with intricate genetic codes, four separate species- nothing that even resembled anything my father he’d seen in medical school, ( he was also a doctor in his internship when he was recruited to the DEA) alien to anything to be found on Earth, they flew over it 3 times and photographed it, when they returned to Carascus, Venezuella they were told to hand over their film to an Air Force intrelligence officer by their team leader, and so they did. Explain to me how you can debunk this one, I would love to hear, I can tell you this much, no way any of your hoaxer pals pulled that off- not in your wildest dreams.

    • Anastasio says :

      Cool story, dad.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      You have to make someone believe your fairy tale with evidence first. I am not gullible enough to take your word for any level of truth.

    • Joel T. says :

      And, of course, a DEA agent totally would have had the scientific background to recognize “intricate genetic codes” (written in an alien language, no less) of four different species as encoded into a surface that, at absolute max efficiency, could contain merely 3-4 megabytes of information(1) almost ten full years before the general public would have known what a genetic sequence even was (and the general public still wouldn’t recognize genetic codes if they saw it).


      (1) An acre of grass contains about a million stalks. A single stalk can communicate 1 byte of data (bent=1, not-bent=0, or vice versa). Of course, this ignores all the encodable space that would have been wasted on pretty designs.

  70. godschild18 says :

    The sad part of this is that I totally disagree with lots of things in the film and \i also disagree with lots of things in the debunking site. Because \i am not paid to disentangle the stuff. I leave it the way it is.
    Both sides are just determined to confuse and the people that are behind both: the film and this blog are just big enormous egos, on a power trip.
    I thought that the blog would address the issues with more perspicacity, more subtlety and lots of citations, besides of lots Wikipedia.
    I don’t trust wikipedia either….

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