World Domination Conspiracies–Debunked!

By SlayerX3

This article presents more on the “Global Domination Agenda” at the heart of Thrive and why the assertions in the film related to this conspiracy theory are ridiculous.

Global Domination Agenda and the New World (lack of) Order

Roughly at 1:05:00 we have Mr. Gamble giving a speech claiming the secret agenda of the banking elite is nothing but “total global domination.” Gamble states for the Global Domination Agenda to work the powerful elites would need to have total control of key sectors of society. Such as the money (Central banks and such), natural resources, energy (save “free energy”), health (save natural alternative medicine) and the media. He also alleges that the US government is hell bent on controlling the internet (more on that later, but I have to add thanks to the democratic process it has failed to do so). Gamble also adds how the PATRIOT Act (won’t argue much with this but the PATRIOT Act was hardly effective), surveillance and RFID chips (useless for anything but control of inventory and pets).

He alleges that the Big Brother police state isn’t coming, it has already arrived. In a bait and switch argument he states the members of several wealthy families, such as the Rockefellers, Rothschild and so forth, are part of a secret group. Supposedly, while most of the members of these families are not aware of this, the headmasters are pulling the strings without their knowledge.

Gamble then proceeds to drop some names of royal family members and high influence people to make a point, implying they are the headmasters behind the global domination agenda. People like the David Rockefeller and Queen Beatrix of Netherlands. Needless to say this falls more under speculation and guessing than verifiable fact.

One of the pieces of “evidence” he brings to make his point credible is the symbolism of the Eye of Providence (A.K.A the “all seeing eye of God) used on the U.S. $1 bill, in Masonry images and by other justice and intelligence agencies worldwide.

The problem with this kind of argument is the blatant use of unfounded implications. The Eye of Providence is a quite old symbol which is mostly used to represent religious zeal, like a shepherd watching over his flock. The Eye of Providence is used in the same manner by groups heavily influenced by the Christian church (especially regarding the Holy Trinity).

Mr. Gamle also shows several companies using eyes on their logos–conveniently forgetting that most of the examples he listed are from audio-visual companies like CBS and AOL.

Gamble claims one of the uses of the this information is to promote anti-Semitism by labeling the Global Domination Agenda as “a Jewish agenda.” Perhaps the irony was lost to Gamble, but having the overtly anti-Semitic David Icke as a key figure in Thrive and then drop this gem on the viewer was a little too much for me to bear. Given how much anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories tend to overlap, this is ironic.

Later both Gamble and Edward Griffin speak about how after the secret elite consolidated their wealth they aimed for the next big thing: power. The power to rule people and their freedom as they see fit under the premise of “we’re more intelligent than you and we know how you should live better than you.”

After that there are several clips from politicians like George Bush, Gordon Brown and Henry Kissinger using the phrase “New World Order”.  This is another case of quote mining. Muertos already talked about this in this blog.

One of the reasons why this footage has been carefully edited is to change its meaning. Showing the clips in full would only undermine Gamble’s statements because it would show that the New World Order phrase refers not to the Global Domination Agenda but about economic plans and free market trade (Henry Kissinger) and the state of the power balance post Gulf War (George Bush). The “New World Order” is not about creating one single governmental entity to rule the world as Gamble implies in Thrive.

Next the movie gives us this quote from Pope Benedict: “There is urgent need for a true world political authority.” In a rare case of quote accuracy in Thrive it turns out the Pope’s quote is legit, but it doesn’t mean what Gamble wants you think it means. The Pope’s quote is completely against the Global Domination Agenda and the elites, and it condemns the accumulation of  wealth and criticizes the ways globalization can be badly directed. In fact the Pope says this can “lead to an increase in poverty and inequality, and could even trigger a global crisis”

Here is the full quote:

“There is a strongly felt need… for a reform of the United Nations Organization, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth… there is urgent need of a true world political authority.”

The rest of the quote and the context is in this link. The pope wasn’t defending the creating of a super state, but the re-management of the UN and other groups like the FMI to help the redistribution of wealth and lessen poverty. This is a much more benevolent goal than anything Thrive suggests, and it is the opposite of the what the elite would want.

After abusing the Pope’s quote, Mr. Gamble alleges the world is moving towards a more militarized and authoritarian rule. He conveniently uses footage from North Korea and Pakistan trying to make you think about the worst places to live on Earth.

In reality the world has been advancing by leaps and bounds against militarization. The European nations–with a special mention of Germany–have shrunk their military capabilities. The Arab Spring has led to the downfall of dictatorships in North Africa and Middle East. Even countries like Myanmar (Burma) have taken measures to depose their military rulers in favor of reforms to open the way for a civil government (I’d also like to add this may not work as it is under process in a unstable region).

There is a clear picture of how people worldwide do not want to have a military or a militarized government.

Conspiracy theorists are (mentally?) challenged

Kimberly Gamble later makes an “observation” about how bringing up conspiracy theory topics is a “socially challenging” and whoever does is prone of being ridiculed.

This wouldn’t be the case if conspiracy theorists didn’t show/make use of:

  • Misquoting, just as Thrive does (Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush).
  • Quote mining, just as Thrive does (see the quote from Pope Benedict).
  • Circular logic, unfounded accusations, mass guessing, selective editing, and trivializing.
  • Failure to understand the laws of nature (physics, math, biology and chemistry). Thrive does this too by relying on people like Nassim Haramein whose reputation is built on wildly inaccurate conceptions of physics.
  • Failure to provide conclusive and observable evidence.
  • Dismissing rebuttals and criticism as “trolls” or “paid disinformation agents.”

Gamble reflects to the current state of the world where there is a major disparity between rich and poor, there is an use of power to keep the plebes in control and debt as a form of slavery.

Now there is something interesting in Thrive, actually a characteristic shared by most if not all conspiracy theory movies and “documentaries”: it is completely American centric, it was aimed towards the American population and nowhere else.

Mr. Gamble cites the US’s history of armed revolt and free speech as a hurdle to the Global Domination Agenda, completely ignoring the rest of the world, including totalitarian countries and/or bankrupt countries where the Global Domination Elite (if they existed) could implement their plans easily and without much trouble.

Maybe I’m overreacting as I write this–I am not an American–but for Gamble and crew it seems that USA is (most of) the world and if you subdue the USA you’ll be able to do with the rest of the world. This completely disregards all the countries and populations that have an anti-western and/or anti-American sentiment. The world is a place where no one agrees with anyone. Thrive focuses on groups that have power and influence in USA and Europe but not anywhere else. In the USA last case of real armed revolt was during the Civil War 150 years ago. In the Middle East and South Asia cases of armed revolt are occurring this very year, South America is virtually starting its second generation of people who have not witnessed the authoritarian dictatorships we faced in the 20th century, with most of the able bodied population having vivid memories of what it was like and they don’t want it to come back (I myself was born at the start of the democratic governments that succeeded the dictatorships in my country).

Even if the Global Domination Elite had seized control of the continental USA they wouldn’t be any better in much of the world considering that some countries have made resisting western powers a tradition, and they have been doing that for generations.

Pushing for a global currency  and the global tax

Global currency

There are a few problem with this. First at 1:25:00 Gamble states the US dollar is being devalued, more correctly was being devalued, as it is regaining strength in face of other currencies like the Brazilian Real, the Chilean Peso, the Russian Ruble and even being almost toe to toe in value with the Euro.

Second the I.M.F one currency wasn’t meant to be used as Gamble implied to be. First, it isn’t meant to be used as a daily currency for citizens but as a reserve for countries to avoid the fluctuating exchange rates. Currently the US dollar is used as the reserve currency for governments worldwide. An I.M.F. currency would lessen the dependency of USA as a provider of currency and it would shield other countries in case of any crisis or economic problems in USA.

It is noteworthy that the major promoters of the global currency idea were China and Russia (two countries that aren’t keen of depending on USA), while the idea of an I.M.F. currency was completely rejected by USA in front of a stable and strong US dollar.

The movie talks about a single day-to-day global currency only in the realm of “what ifs”, as it would be extremely challenging to impose one, not to mention practical and ideological problems this would bring.

For example, to adopt a single currency the other countries would basically have to adopt the debts of every other country using the same currency, regulate how it is being spent and distributed in a world wide scale and face the resistance of people who are against it in said countries.

And there is no global digital currency being implemented nor has any country or major group pressured for its creation (unless you count PayPal as one).

Of course I assume Gamble was referring the latest G8 and G20 Summit in 2009.

Global tax on carbon emissions

Gamble cites the possibility of a global tax on carbon emissions as one step towards a single global government and tyranny. (For Gamble any kind of tax is bad, mmm’kay? He hates any tax, anywhere, by anyone, any time, for any reason).

The chances are, if you’re living in the European Union or in California, you’re already paying the tax.

Gamble obviously has a few misconceptions about it. First it wasn’t imposed on any country, it was a suggested implementation for countries and state/provinces to adopt.

For example, a few  states in US adopted the tax (like California), while several other countries decided to implement it. In most cases this implementation was voted in by the country’s population representatives in their respective legislatures.

Second, the money doesn’t go to a global central bank such as the I.M.F. It goes to the country’s own reserves. In other words the money collected with this tax stays in the country.

Third, there is no global police enforcing its implementation nor has the G8/G20 or U.N. ever proposed one to enforce this policy. Neither U.N., NATO nor any other entity k has either the legal power to impose the policy and the support to do so.

So what is this “carbon tax” you hear Gamble complaining about?

The carbon tax is a value imposed on a fixed quantity of emitted carbon dioxide resulted from industrial activity/power generation. The same way you pay for the litter/gallon of water or the KW/h of power your house uses, industries would pay for the amount of carbon dioxide emitted during their activity. For example 12.50 U$D per ton of CO2.

The main idea behind the carbon tax is to hit industries on where they feel the most, their pockets. By making inefficient and dirty energy generation methods more expensive, it gives more motivations for said companies to either adopt more efficient and clean methods or to invest more in clean energy (like free energy? har har). Of course the initial price will be reflected upon the customers, but this would also pressure the same companies as they would risk losing customers to companies that did make the investments and provide cheaper and cleaner energy. This also makes alternative energies like wind, solar and nuclear more attractive, by lessening the cost gap between those and fossil fuels.

There is also the idea of a cap and trade system, where governments set a limit of how much industries can pollute. Those who keep their emissions under said limit can sell their difference to industries who can’t.

False Flags, Lasers from the outer space and FEMA death camps.

Following this, Gamble and David Icke talk about crisis or disasters that would be created or used to implement measures that follow the GDA by manipulating the media and the facts to suit their needs. In other words, a larger scale “false flag” operation, which my colleague Muertos has already debunked.

Its also worth mentioning that there are several cases where the media goes exactly against the government’s interest, for example while Fox News was in support of the Iraq War, CNN wasn’t.

Once again Thrive is quote mining and using selective editing to get its point across.

Gamble later claims the US government has the legal power to arrest and assassinate US citizens at will, but without providing any examples or occurrences of this happening.

Then Gamble mentions Radio Frequency Identification chips (RFID) as a tool to keep constant check on every citizen.

For some reason he implies those can be used to track anyone anywhere on the globe with pinpoint accuracy. Well, this is not the case. RFID chips aren’t GPS (Global Positioning System) transponders. There’s a difference. Even the relatively large active RFID tags (which carry their own power source) have a limited range which can go up to a little more than a 100 feet (approximately 33 meters) with the smaller, passive RFIDs having their range limited at a few feet. They are also useless if there isn’t any active scanner looking for them, are they are prone to suffer interference from other chips and can be easily tampered with.

The only things RFID chips are useful for is to make it (arguably) harder to falsify and easier to verify documents (this is a really good thing), keep stock control in warehouses and to keep important information at hand for security concerns. While animal chipping is common to keep track of pets, human chipping isn’t. There isn’t any government or companies forcing its citizens/customers/employees to use sub-dermal RFID. It is offered as an option by some companies and yet there aren’t many people actually using it.

Not to mention those chips can be relatively easily destroyed, have their information altered or decrypted (thanks to the low processing power and limited information storage).

Gamble states that these chips would be used to track citizens and use orbital lasers to assassinate dissenters from orbit. This is so ridiculous as to be almost funny.

He claims the name of the project is “Full Spectrum Dominance.” While there is a program called Full Spectrum Dominance, it is a military doctrine which calls for winning battles by using land, air, sea, space and cyberspace to control all elements of the battle. It has nothing to do with RFID chips or controlling dissenters against the government. Absolutely nothing.

This is by far one of the most unfounded and absurd statements Gamble has made in Thrive. What makes it even more absurd is how Gamble seems to be the only one to know about this, since a project of this size would fall on the radars of many other countries opposing the US and be certainly leaked at one point or another by people inside. If this plan exists, why hasn’t Iran said anything about it?

And even how Gamble claims it will be used is absurd. A laser satellite is even less subtle than a predator drone flying above its target or a sniper waiting to take his shot, not to mention extremely expensive, prone to error and easier to fool.

Besides, if the US had this kind of technology it would certainly be put to better uses such as a defensive ballistic missile shield or a tactical and strategic weapon to be used on enemy assets, not on angry YouTube commenters or armchair tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists.

Besides, any amateur astronomer would be able to verify the presence of these satellites with a powerful scope and a computer.

If there is an award for the single stupidest claim in Thrive, this should win it.

The FEMA camps

I’d give a good chunk of time to debunk the F.E.M.A. camps if that hasn’t already been done to death everywhere else. But this falls under the same problems of most conspiracy theories: there is hardly any evidence supporting its existence, most of the “evidence” is either edited to look like it’s suspicious and strange when in fact it isn’t.

The F.E.M.A. camps started to become popular again thanks to ultra right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. It’s also very popular with far right groups who hate the government.

Here are some links debunking the conspiracy theory of F.E.M.A. camps.,2933,513024,00.html (Even Fox News doesn’t believe it!)

Rockefeller quote

“The social experiment in China under the chairman Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history” – David Rockefeller

Unlike some other quotes in Thrive which are just made up, this gem was actually said by David Rockefeller in an article in the New York Times.

But after reading the article I drew the conclusion that Rockefeller was talking about the differences of philosophy between the West and China about the reforms China undertook during the 50’s through early 70’s and how it would fare against the Western economy after opening up its borders to foreign products and investments. It has nothing to do with conspiracies.

Here is the link with the article, in case you want to draw your own conclusions.

As usual, Thrive is wrong. What else is new?

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102 responses to “World Domination Conspiracies–Debunked!”

  1. dailydisorder says :

    Slayer, You rock, and your name is X-y.

  2. Jeffrey Newell says :

    thanks for using my website as a source.

  3. Joe America says :

    You folks are going to allot of trouble to debunk something that isn’t real. Your bloviantion and all the effort behind this site only gives credence to Gamble’s assumptions, which, by the way, are right on.

  4. Mr. Anon says :

    Thank you so much for this debunking. Because GDA theories are unfalsifiable, conspiracy theories like to make up their own “evidence”. I think one of the shortcomings of Muertos’ original article is that it did not debunk many of these so-called pieces of evidence. I think this is one of the most crucial debunkings on this site. Great point about the Arab Spring being a counterexample. One additional thing I might recommend is having a short section debunking the “North American Union” that Gamble brings up. It is utter baloney, but I think a quick debunking would be helpful. Again, thank you, Slayers X.

  5. Mr. Anon says :

    I simply do not understand how a carbon tax could be part of a Global Domination Agenda. In almost all New World Order theories, oil companies play a crucial role as they are, after all, very influential. A carbon tax would reduce the oil companies’ power and empower the wind, solar, and biofuel industry, which will help stop Global Warming. Oh wait, Global Warming is part of the conspiracy as well!

    • SlayerX3 says :

      Oh Crap, now that you mentioned I accidentally skipped on part between the quotes and the carbon tax and the GMO corn part.

      I’ll see if I’ll address this part on this page or in another article.

      • SlayerX3 says :

        Just a quick preview of what I may add in that part.

        The European Union is unified but its members agree to disagree. The Greek bankruptcy showed deep flaws within the EU and how much the rest of the countries disagree with France and Germany on the austerity measures.

        The Afrian Union is hardly unified. The religious, political and ethnic differences have generated at least one civil war or a war between two African countries at least once per decade. To make things worse all the states of the AU are virtually powerless to resolve conflicts within the continent.

        Now there is a joke. The American Union, including the South and Central America. There is something the Far Right Wing in the US and the Left Wing in the rest of American can agree to never want.

        The closest things we have are NAFTA (US, Canada and Mexico) the Mercosul (Majority of South America, Central America doesn’t have formal members).

        And these are only free trade treaties, which end up involving a load of slap fests with taxes, tariffs and importation restrictions within the member states. Something like a American Union would be loathed by the Central and South American nations for nationalistic fervor and bitterness against USA’s policies regarding the region in the past.

  6. Mr. Anon says :

    One conspiracy theory in the movie that did not even make logical sense is why the Global Domination Elite would suppress free energy? Why not seek to control it, by paying off inventors to work for them. Free energy would allow them to fuel their death stars and HAARP earthquake makers.

  7. Dan25 says :

    Who ever wrote this blog and spent many hours trying to dismay it is a feeble blind sighted individual. Thrive has the potential to awaken the many from this repressed corporate state we live in. What did JFK say in his last speech? Why are people needless dying? Why did America go to war with Iraq? etc etc.

    • JG says :

      How does Thrive actually awaken us from corporate slavery? Before answering with “you are a feeble minded yada yada,” take a moment and reflect on what you think Thrive actually does. Now consider these facts:

      (1) The Thrive Movement was created by, is funded by, and endorsed by a corporation called Clear Compass Media, LLC (that “C” stands for…you guessed it! Corporation).
      (2) Thrive has a store to support…its corporate interests!
      (3) Donations to Thrive are not tax deductible because…it’s a corporation!
      (4) Thrive, despite having argued that tax is slavery, chose to become an LLC to receive favorable tax treatment…as a corporate entity!
      (5) You can advertise on Thrive because, AS A CORPORATION, they don’t mind taking money to promote other corporation’s products.
      (6) Thrive’s main venue of distribution YouTube means they are using….A CORPORATION…to send out their message.

      This blog, on the other hand, is written by a graduate student. He has no ads and makes no money if the site becomes popular.

  8. Juliano says :

    I do not trust ‘Thjrive’ and it LOOK S as phony as a typical US evangelical TV host, How~everrrr. This article which claims there is not thrust by elites for control of Earth…? You are freakin kiddin me? Please watch this video from someone who talks sense:
    You only have to look at the plight of indigenous peoples round the world; you only have to try and find out about OUR indigenous history which was crushed and suppressed even further back and what is happening is the ongoing oppression to see that the mindset destroying the Web of Life is the same one from way back on its path to destruction.

    • dailydisorder says :

      I have the utmost respect for Dr. Vandana Shiva; however, not all GMO’s are evil. Food containing GMOs should be labeled. We ought to know what we’re buying, but each technological implementation needs to be independently evaluated. Certainly there is a tendency of personal greed to override the interests of the planet; however, I see no convincing evidence of any organized mass conspiracy by any elite group of people. Their own greed would suffice to keep them from cooperating with each other enough to prevent such a conspiracy.

  9. Juliano says :

    OMG you are *so* naive!

  10. StevenCorbett says :

    Spell check: In the section which reads “And even how Gamble claims it will be used is absurd. A laser satellite is even less stubble than a predator drone flying above its target or a sniper waiting to take his shot, not to mention extremely expensive, prone to error and easier to fool.”. I assume you meant subtle, and not stubble. I’m not sure how hairy predator drones are but, yeah :). Great blog btw, bringin a little sanity to a world of conspiracy nonsense.

  11. sly says :

    I don’t get how you debunked anything?

    Your not showing any facts all your doing is repeating what was said on t
    he film and just adding your own lame comments that don’t hold any facts….

    Sounds to me like you need to do some real research and stop misleading people…


    • SlayerX3 says :

      The problem with this part of Thrive is the complete absence of evidence.

      Gamble makes several claims without stating from where he took the info, not showing sources and failing to provide anything but his word.

      As well he makes several statements that behave more as assumption than evidence and those assumptions are downright absurd. Most of his cases are a filled with logical fallacies (correlation does not equal causation) and corroborate the viewer by showing half-truths (global tax and GPS trackers) and providing manipulated information (FEMA camps and global currencies).

      Gamble relies too much in absurd interpretation of events and fact bending to suit his goals.

      We may not give the documents proving that “no global tax doesn’t exist nor does the FEMA death camps” to effectively debunk those. We instead provide what happened and show how the facts were misinterpreted and bent.

      “Sounds to me like you need to do some real research and stop misleading people…”

      Point me out where I’ve done this.

    • G says :

      You sir, are absolutely spot on. This blog has done precisely no debunking other than (credit where credits due) exposing some irresponsible quoting on the film maker’s part. You have simply wasted a lot of your time, and now mine, by writing a rather long rant in which you lash the opinions of the film maker holding up you own opinions as justification. By your own measure you are just as bad as the film maker and not even half as humble.

      • a rational person says :

        you, sir, are absolutely a nutbag. the “new world order” doesn’t exist and this article proves it. if you’re too dumb or deluded to see that, it ain’t my problem.

      • lets be skeptics says :

        I can’t help but feel like Thrive and this site are one in the same.
        Personally I think any push towards questioning the world around you is a good one, so long as the push can keep it’s momentum so that the person can question even the original ideas that got them to question in the first place.

      • Wyboth says :

        @lets be skeptics There’s nothing wrong with questioning things. It’s just that Thrive goes completely overboard and demands a total reboot of scientific knowledge, believing that it all must be wrong since it doesn’t allow for free energy. That’s going too far. If something’s been scientifically proven, then there’s no need to question it.

  12. bavarianilluminati says :

    Damn, just sitting through that 2 1/2 monster of a video is a chore. I admire your efforts.

  13. Dawson Lodge says :

    “The New World Order is not new, and it is not order.”
    quote of Franklin Roosevelt

  14. Juliano says :

    It it is true that Thrive was released on 11/11/11 this is THE biggest clue it is coming from the ENEMY!

  15. Juliano says :

    You’ve got to be familiar with the occult codes they use, and the number 11, especially when it is multiplied is their definite signature. The number 11 is encoded all over the 9/’11’ event even the DAY number. AND it is also involved in other ‘events’ and sacrificial rituals they are involved with. So for Thrive to come out on that blatantly obvious though ‘hidden’ numerological date is really exposing where it is coming from.
    Now, some debunkers try and dismiss the numerology, and claim it is ‘coincidence’ (hmmm HOW many can you have?), or they will often quote a Nazi psychologist who reckons you can have a ‘disorder’ where you see patterns which aren’t there, lol, but if you take the time to study the whole series of the two videos I am going to link you to which takes you not only into the numerology, but the astrological significance of 9/11 you should get a grasp of what I mean. This subject is not something you can just glance at. It deserves you not believing or disbelieving me, but taking it upon yourself to give time to trying to understand what is being shown, and finding out for yourself, and in this way it will be a deeper learning curve:

    To find out about ’11’ etc, just Google ‘9/11 occult 11 numerology’ and also checkout William Ramsey’s Prophet of Evil (which is about Aleister Crowley’s influence on 9/11 and his occult numerology connected to the very flight numbers): William Ramsey – Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order – Part 1 of 2

    Do you believe in magic (1/5) (POWER, POLITICS & MAGIC SERIES/ Esoteric Symbolism & 9/11)

    Do You Believe in Magick? The Occult significance of 9/11. pt 1

    • The Locke says :

      The 11/11/11 date was choosen because they (along with a lot of other people) thought it was important. It’s made up in peoples’ mind because they see a pattern in the numbers, and therefore see it as important and spiritual for some reason,when in reality there is nothing special about that date.

      • Juliano says :

        First question: Are you with the Thrive people yourself? How do you KNOW why they picked that date? Second question–have you looked at what I recommend you read and watch?

      • The Locke says :

        !st answer: Hell no I’m not with Thrive!

        2nd answer: It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that they choose that date because they thought it was special.

        3nd answer: I did read what you wrote, and I still think it’s BS. I didn’t watch videos. I don’t care about the videos that contain this new age BS.

      • Juliano says :

        “!st answer: Hell no I’m not with Thrive!

        2nd answer: It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that they choose that date because they thought it was special.

        3nd answer: I did read what you wrote, and I still think it’s BS. I didn’t watch videos. I don’t care about the videos that contain this new age BS.”

        It’s obvious I have hit a nerve with you.

        Look–if you don’t look and listen and question and just pre-judge you don’t learn.

    • JG says :

      So Juliano, I’m in one of those weird positions because while it’s good that you reject Thrive, you’re reasons are just as bad as the malarkey movie itself offers. So I’ll try to answer some of the stuff you bring up. Firstly, I’m unaware of any debunker who has claimed that conspiracy theorists suffer from a pattern recognition disorder. If you look through this site, I don’t think you’ll find any skeptics here – in the blog articles or in the comments – quoting a Nazi psychologist. Consider that you probably heard this from a conspiracy theory site. Know now that it is not true. Personally, I really have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never used a quote from a Nazi psychologist nor will I ever need to.

      I don’t think the release date of Thrive was a coincidence, far from it. I think Foster Gamble thought the release date was memorable, and chose it to add emphasis to the importance of his work.The trouble I have with the idea that it is the signature of the occult is that this really makes no sense. If I were a secret organization, why would I deliberately release my work on a date that at least some people in the population – people who want to work against me- are aware that it is my signature? If I wanted to covertly pass my ideas off as truth, I would avoid my placing any signature on my work at all costs. Why would I want someone to trace it back to me?

      So what ARE the chances of November 11th? Pretty good, actually. If I were to pick a release date at random, the chances I’d pick Nov 11 of any year (11/11/xx) is 1 in 365. Those are great odds. In poker, you have worse chance of being dealt a flush, a full house, a four-of-a-kind, a straight-flush, and a royal-flush. And here’s the real problem with that odds argument: people are dealt royal flushes all the time. The chance of a royal flush is considered really rare – you have a better chance of winning some national lotteries. But people do get dealt royal flushes – and someone wins a Mega Millions jackpot, sometimes twice a week (that’s 1 in about 176 million). For every event that you ask “what are the odds of the his happening by coincidence?” consider that much rarer events with much worse probabilities happen all the time, every single day.

      • Juliano says :

        I don’t think I said I had been saddled with the ‘opinions’ of the Nazi psychologist in THIS thread. No, I meant in other places with other debunkers I had noticed they would pull him out of a hat to explain away stuff I was presenting.

        So, could it be just a coincidence that the movie Thrive was brought out on 11/11/11. Of course! I am sure many things were brought out on that fateful day of 9/11 also, and that could be used to try explain away the USE of that date, and the number 11 etc etc by the criminal false flaggers. But this is why we need to find other correlating patterns which bring out a deeper picture going on.

        Now there is substantial evidence which connects Jewish Zionists with being the criminal network which covertly staged the 9/11 attacks, and as stated this numerology, and astrology, based on the Kabbalah and Hermetica is ALSO all *over* 9/11. So does Thrive mention Jewish involvement in the troubles of this world or does it divert attention away from them would you say?

      • The Locke says :

        Oh… you’re one of those types of people… I see any type of discussion with you is pointless and meaningless.

  16. Juliano says :

    oh—so you call what we have ‘discussion’ do you? lol

  17. Dan25 says :

    Have you been able to debunk crop circles yet? And what about the the flower of life? Have you debunked that also? What about JFK’s Speech?

    Why would global elites want to surpress free energy?!!

    Because it’s free?!!? And as Steven Greer said “it’s someones 2 trillion dollar piggy bank’?

    Free energy exist!!! debunk that?

    • JG says :

      Yes, yes, and yes. All of those article – especially crop circles – have been addressed on this blog. Really, if you want to search for answers, google is a good place to start.

      • Dan25 says :

        It’s pretty obvious that your clutching at straws! Extraterrestrials do exist and the majority of crops circles are of some extraterrestrial doing! THE FLOWER OF LIFE is fare more significant than this weak blog.I don’t understand your reasoning why your trying to debunk a documentary that is actually doing some good in a world that failing the majority????

        Think you should have a look at the ‘The Flower of life’ and have a think.

        Because I don’t buy your skepticism/failed view.

      • dailydisorder says :

        While Thrive does contain a few helpful suggestions, even a blind squirrel finds a few nuts. Thrive also perpetuates paranoia and non-productive fairy tales that will distract people from putting their efforts into activities that might really make a difference.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Dan25: I advise you to read Muertos’ article on the matter. Many of the most complex and mysterious crop circles have been accounted for. If those have been proven to be man-made, there is no reason to believe any circles are alien-made.

        Muertos has also debunked ancient aliens and the flower of life. Go to those articles and post your objections in the comments there.

      • Juliano says :

        why cannot you provide link? I just Googled, but cannot find a link to anything. Let me ask you about Muertos’s ? Is he a scientific materialist would you say? Does he for example think there are ANY *genuine* UFOs, and non-human beings, and encounters?

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Muertos debunks crop circles in the article here:

        You can read through that for links to other sources and such.

        As for whether he believes in aliens or not, that is a matter of opinion and personal belief, but currently there is no reason to suggest alien encounters are the cause of these events. If you look through this blog, the main reason Muertos tries to debunk a lot of this alien-related stuff is because Thrive asserts that the evidence is so “obvious” that the only reason it isn’t being talked about more is because of suppression. If you are a follower of David Icke, of course, the suppressors are aliens themselves, which makes things more complicated. But that’s another story.

  18. Joel says :

    Well, one thing for sure, regardless, America is becoming militarized and that doesn’t mean its for the good of the people…

  19. Juliano says :

    I am omn a completely different trajectory of research at the moment so I cannot give as much attention to this CC inquiry as it needs–ie., delving into my CC file etc. Just to say off the top of my head that I agree that these hoaxers can do quite intricate CCs—However, I have heard reports of people claiming to see lights in the sky etc and then a CC suddenly appearing. Now, are we to dicount these reports of part of a conspiracy, or …..? I recall that these crop-cirnles hoaxers had satanic like names, and one was connected with MI5 (this is vague at the moment but I have this info in my file. its just I am too busy to find it right now)—oh what the hell, I just digged it out: “A new investigative documentary by Richard Hall, an electrical engineer, provides very strong evidence that John Lundberg and his team Circlemakers (aka Team Satan) are funded by Britain’s MI5 as a disinformation campaign to obscure the genuine phenomenon.
    The six part documentary titled: CROP CIRCLES THE HIDDEN TRUTH can be viewed on you tube. Perhaps some other interested party can embed the link.”

    • Wyboth says :

      @Juliano I just suffered an aneurysm from sheer stupidity.

      • Juliano says :

        Typing silly put-down sentences is not really contributing to any intelligent conversation. Such as that is resorted to when you haven’t anything worthwhile to say.

      • JG says :

        Oh please, Juliano. You don’t like being called stupid but have no problem saying Jews are part of a criminal network? Hows about you practice what you preach and stop accusing groups of people of being criminal and satanic?

        These days, I’m not really so surprised by how much conspiracy theorists can accuse people of heinous and terrible things on no evidence but can’t take being any name themselves.

      • dailydisorder says :

        @JG good point. That’s what scares me about these conspiracy people is they villainize certain groups, and it becomes guilty until proven innocent. It’s almost as hard to prove innocence as it is to prove something doesn’t exist. Such paranoia leads to closed minds, prejudice, and persecution. It’s poison.

      • Juliano says :

        “Oh please, Juliano. You don’t like being called stupid but have no problem saying Jews are part of a criminal network? Hows about you practice what you preach and stop accusing groups of people of being criminal and satanic?

        These days, I’m not really so surprised by how much conspiracy theorists can accuse people of heinous and terrible things on no evidence but can’t take being any name themselves.”

        Do you believe in the official story of 9/11? yes or no?

      • Wyboth says :

        @dailydisorder I agree with both of you, conspiracy theorists are hypocrites. Maybe if they could see themselves fabricating their theories, they might get what we mean. But even then, they might be so hard-headed that they still won’t understand why we think they’re hypocritical.

      • JG says :

        @Juliano. I don’t believe in an “official story” for what happened on 9/11 because the only people who believe there exists an “official story” as opposed to a “true story” are conspiracy nuts.

        And I certainly don’t believe a criminal cabal of secret Jews nefariously coordinated the attack on 9/11 and then used their powers to make it look the attacks were financed and carried out by an Islamic terrorist network. For one, I was raised as an orthodox Jew in communities that were heavily Zionist. I no longer consider myself Zionist and these days and I’m more or less an atheist. But I’m no stranger do dumb antisemitic remarks by people who think they know the community better than me. If there does exist a secret cabal they certainly never let me on it. Maybe I just wasn’t cool enough?

        As for the numbers 9 and 11 appearing throughout the Kabbalah and Hebrew numerology? Not even close. Whoever told you this, ask them to supply you with the relevant texts and citations. My Hebrew isn’t great, but I’d be more than happy to help you translate to show you what they actually say (and mean).

        Or maybe you shouldn’t waste your time. Both of us know that it doesn’t matter how much evidence I can show you to the contrary. You believe that 9/11 was an inside job, that crop circles are real, that aliens exist because it’s become a religion for you (and you’re clearly not very intelligent). I’ll only ask that you consider this: do you think calling groups of people “criminals” and “satanists” helps or hurts the ability for Humans to make a better world?

      • dailydisorder says :

        I’m not Jewish and I don’t believe 911 was an inside job, either. I don’t think it’s fair to judge Juliano’s intelligence, though. Just because someone is mistaken doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent. It takes a lot of intelligence to string together a bunch of “out there” ideas. Sometimes I think the more intelligent someone is, the more likely they are to fall prey to conspiracy theories, but truly, I researched the 911 conspiracy theories, and while I see where there was some sad lack of communication in our intelligence departments, I can’t conclude that it was anything more than ineptitude on our part, and maliciousness on the part of the people who claimed responsibility. Building 7 was the last thing I researched. It had significant debris fall on top of it and had a hot fire burning in it for hours. The structure of those buildings were designed to be cheap and light. That’s why they collapsed in on themselves. There were no rigged explosives. It wasn’t an inside job or a setup by anyone other than those who claimed responsibility. To confuse us so much as to blame it on other enemies of Al-Qaeda could make Al-Qaeda all the more successful; however, part of the beauty of freedom is that people are free to buy into such wacky ideas. In that sense, just the fact that we are still free to believe whatever we want means we’re still free. The danger of such freedom is when it’s taken so far as to smear the reputations of innocent people. When it’s taken that far, it starts to interfere with their freedom to practice their own religion free from terror and oppression. That’s where it’s got to stop. As my English teacher once said, I’m free to extend my arm in any direction I please as long as it doesn’t come into contact with anyone’s face. Where someone else’s starts is where I need to stop.

    • JG says :

      How much are they paid? Are they hiring?

      • Wyboth says :

        We have an opening in the conspiracy theorist eradication department. If you join now, you get a secret turbo jetpack. It gets 48 miles to the soul.

  20. Juliano says :

    lol JG…ALL you have given me are a pile of words which although are meaning what your meaning don’t really have much meaning regarding the investigation of 9/11. Please if you dive into this very complex subject have some meat.
    “Both of us know that it doesn’t matter how much evidence I can show you to the contrary.”
    Well that’s just it, apart from this diatribe I know not what your so-called evidence to the contrary is accept you buy that laughable B-movie 9/11 script of the 19 hijackers dodging the biggest military security in the world—-yeahhh riiight. IF you are an orthodox Jew surely you have some wit and sense of irony…? To through that BS. I am not against ALL Jews as you suggest. I am against Jewish Zionist CRIMINALS. I was brought up knowing Jewish people—I love Jewish comedy–best in my opinion, LOVE Joan Rivers, really admire Jewish song-writing skills from times past, and all of that culture’s contributions to American culture. So please don;t do the ‘anti-Semitic’ card trip. I see right through that.
    As for 9 and 11.Even MY mouth dropped open when I heard this. I am familiar with those numbers cropping up a lot in this cabals doings (and I am not JUST saying it is JUST Zionist Jews, but also born again Zionist Christians, and this thing is international. Elites invested in globalization) even in architectural measurements etc, and of course the very date of that day. But in a video 911 Truth ~ Experts Speak Out Shyam Sunder, NIST: “The measurements have indicated that tower one collapsed in about 11 seconds, and tower two collapsed in about 9 seconds. This essentially is the rate at which free fall would happen.”(I nearly fell off my chair when I heard this!!) start at 0:49:00

    So there again we have those numbers. IS this so hard to get our heads around? I am sure you’ve heard of Edward Bernays? In his book Propaganda, and in recorded interviews he brags how there is a hidden elite who take it upon themselves to covertly manipulate the minds of the ‘masses’. The ‘occult’ is just taking it that one step deeper is all. The term actually means ‘hidden’!

    • dailydisorder says :

      They chose 9-11 because of our emergency phone number system. One took 9 seconds to fall and the other 11 seconds to fall? What a sad coincidence. That, I hadn’t heard; however, I don’t think fate is “in on it”. Did you ever read all the coincidences between the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations? We will always find patterns where ever we look, but we must be careful not to add 2 and 2 to make 5.

    • a rational person says :

      911 was an inside job? what u fucking smoking man…jesus christ, how fucking stupid do u have to be to believe that bullshit? u know these clowns are conning u…david icke, guy’s a nazi who believes in lizard people…alex jones, a fat farting idiot…dylan avery said he was wrong about 911 u know…yeah, the stupid ass kid who made that retarded loose change movie…”oh but buiding 7! buidling 7!” u scream and shout, but that shit was debunked years ago…yes, years ago..but tards like u still believe it and u got no fucking idea how stupid it makes u look. “911 inside job”…jesus chrisst that shit is retarded…u nutbags drive me to drink…srsly…donald trump…charlie sheen…fat bitch rosie odonnell…fat bitch roseanne bar, yeah howd her campaign for president turn out, genius? i dont like obama much but hes a hell of a lot better than somebody who thinks darth vader blew up the wtc with his space beam lasers like some of the fucking loons i see posting on this site…

  21. Juliano says :

    might be confusing the video link—the time approx you can hear the quote about 9 and 11, is 41:51

    • Juliano says :

      forget the ‘start at 0:49:00″. That was for my reference which I inadvertently copied here

    • dailydisorder says :

      I would not believe the fall times, anyway, unless I was timing them myself from the video of an independent, reputable source that did not know the question I was trying to answer. Otherwise, things could be manipulated to support the author’s twisted conclusions.

    • Juliano says :

      “just to be cool” etc? HOW do you actually know this or are you making it up?

      • dailydisorder says :

        To me, it’s obvious. I suppose I could claim it as divine insight bestowed upon me by aliens, and some would more readily believe me, but I don’t need such an excuse for my own common sense. I’ve worked with the marketing and movie industry enough to know that they don’t just release stuff whenever it’s done. Everything is orchestrated and considered for maximum effect. It’s all part of the production, and “Thrive” is just that. It’s a production as much as “As the World Turns” – another Proctor & Gamble production.

  22. Juliano says :

    dailydisorder ” We will always find patterns where ever we look, but we must be careful not to add 2 and 2 to make 5.” with respect. Gp tell that to a good professional detective and see what they say in response. let me know? I am serious.

    • dailydisorder says :

      It depends on where you are. In Italy, a person has to prove their innocence, but in America, we have to prove guilt. Detectives work towards building a case where ever it is tried, so in Italy, the suspicion of guilt is enough to condemn someone. Are you from Italy? The difference between our views may be a cultural one. If there’s any other explanation possible, we must not discount those possibilities. You have asked us to watch so many videos. Have you ever heard of the “umbrella man”? Check this out. It’s fabulous – 6 minutes, 36 seconds. Let me know what you think.

    • Juliano says :

      Ahaaaa “everything is orchestrated”? “Considered for maximum EFFECT”—[emphasis mine] Well yes. We agree on that. But cool for WHO? What kind of ‘effect’? I mean look at this critical info about makers of Thrive: “First of all Proctor and Gamble is one of the largest corporate manufacturers of chemical-ridden cancer-causing personal products in the world. ..P&G is one of the world’s worst animal-rights offenders perpetually torturing and murdering thousands of innocent animals for their unnecessary experiments.,,P&G makes an average of $68 billion per year and does hundreds of millions of dollars of business with the Pentagon and Department of Defense. They lobby to block bans on animal testing, distribute GMO products like olestra, produced the first implantable microchips and financed Hitler’s Third Reich.” Like I sad—-11/11/11? Cool for *who*, and ‘cool’ in what context? As in ‘we are laughing at you sheeple cool’?

      • dailydisorder says :

        I realize that Thrive is a hypocritical production if you look at P&G history, but I think you’re giving them too much credit, and not enough acknowledgement that Foster Gamble is a trust fund child that is just trying to make his way in the world spiritually, like all of us. Money doesn’t make that any easier. If anything, it can make it more complicated. This is his religion. He thinks he’s on to something. He’s genuinely trying to enlighten people, but you’ve made your own religion that is strictly for the purpose of opposing his, and in the process, you actually build his up into a big, heinous monster when really all it comes down to are just people’s ideas.

  23. Juliano says :

    “The danger of such freedom is when it’s taken so far as to smear the reputations of innocent people. ”

    So what about smearing possible innocent Arab peoples innocence, never mind using 9/11 as the pretext for unprecedented pre-emtive war where they go and drop blombs on innocent men women, and children!!— number one.

    Number two–could you tell me THE source you can cite which has enlightened you the most that 9/11 was not an ‘inside job’ please? If it is more than one source please provide list, and let me know names of people you trust who have informed you 9/11 was how official story is stated by….well by officialdom?

    AND 3rd, if there are sources you can cite, do you know if we can see these expert debunkers faces? That may seem strange request, but if my memory serves me, when forum ‘skeptics’ have mentioned certain sites they are assured has completely debunked ‘9/11 myths’ the people that author these sites, I cannot see their faces.
    People in 9/11 truth like Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin (intelligent people who do NOT have “wacky ideas” may I add.) *show* themselves, talk in public, and so you can see them, hear how they speak, their tone, be aware of body language and demeanor etc. So WHO are the people seriously questioning the ‘9/11 truth myths’ you know of who put themselves out there for public scrutiny like these people do of 9/11 truth? Thank you
    And ALSO please remember that it is not ONLY myself that wants answers to serious questions about 9/11, but people who have lost people on 9/11, so I would ask you to respect them also, and not call them names and say they are having “wacky ideas”. Thank you

    • dailydisorder says :

      Bin Laden claimed responsibility. I see no reason to doubt that it was him and his minions. They’ve traced all the hijackers back to al-Qaeda. I completely agree that not all Arabs should be condemned. Of course. Not all Arabs are part of al-Qaeda. The people telling you what happened during 9-11 had their faces all over the news, but you obviously don’t believe mainstream media. You think it’s all lies. It’s all part of this impenetrable wall of conspiracy of which you’ve built your world. The majority don’t live there. It’s you, and a few others that the rest of us do refer to as wacky. I’m sorry if that term offends you. I was hoping it would suit you better than unintelligent. I don’t think you’re unintelligent. Just different. I know you will not let go of the conspiratorial world you live in. You need it, and that’s okay.

      • Juliano says :

        …lol, sigh, ohh have you got some catchin up to do. The first reponse from the REAL Usama bin Laden was that he had nothing to do with 9/11 and he rightly knew it was false flag: “Neither I had any knowledge of these attacks nor I consider the killing of innocent women, children, and other humans as an appreciable act. Islam strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children, and other people. Such a practice is forbidden ever in the course of a battle. … I have already said that we are against the American system, not against its people, whereas in these attacks, the common American people have been killed.

        Interview with Karachi Ummat (28 September 2001)”

        He is the cabal’s bogey-man and of course they were going to fabricate his part on 9/11 along with their fictitious ‘al Queda. Dig—these are the “NEW ENEMY” (post Cold-War) which will justify their love for continuous war profiteering.

        9/11 CONSPIRACY: THE BIN LADEN TAPE IS A FAKE! “Is the famous “confession video” genuine? Despite Bush’s insistence that the tape is authentic, America’s top academic Bin Laden expert has finally gone on the record, joining numerous other experts.

        “It’s bogus,” says Professor Bruce Lawrence, head of Duke University’s Religious Studies program.”

        “The people telling you what happened during 9-11 had their faces all over the news, but you obviously don’t believe mainstream media. You think it’s all lies.”

        …..The Zionist Jews OWN mainstream media? I am investigating they are deeply involved in the false flag of 9/11. Do the math.

        “You think it’s all lies. It’s all part of this impenetrable wall of conspiracy of which you’ve built your world. The majority don’t live there. It’s you, and a few others that the rest of us do refer to as wacky. I’m sorry if that term offends you.”

        Well I am informing you that others who also are asking questions which have been REFUSED by your beloved officialdom have lost their loved ones in 9/11, and I am sure would not be happy with you calling their distress to find the truth “wacky”. This is last time I will remind you, if you persist I will just put your lack of empathy down to ignorance, and hardness.

    • Juliano says :

      You seem very sure about things, and I know you think I am —but I am not in this respect: I KNOW there is definitely something going on–regarding the occult symbolism–but cannot say with complete certitude what. I am assuming that it is a form of magick. I can deduce by how they use propaganda–which is to control peoples consciousness—that they also are using occult means to do the same. So of course if an influential film is released which chooses such a date which involves that number that is all over 9/11 AND WW1 etc etc, then you can be sure I am intrigued and will not just think it some haphazard ‘cool’ move.
      Apparently Foster & Gamble say:

      “One of the painful ways this information has been used is by people who want to promote anti-semitism. They wrongly call it a Jewish agenda and continue the ongoing racism which undermines and destroys so many lives. This is definitely not a Jewish agenda. It has been documented that central bankers funded both sides of WW2, including some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews.”

      Since when has a tyrannical oligarchy cared about the ‘people’. Do OURS care about our youth? No on many levels–they push sugar, salt, fat saturated food and dring products at our little ones for profit; they seduce struggling youth to join their profiteering wars whereby the become psychological and physically and spiritually abused and damaged, and of course killed, and they do false flags against people roasting them alive and crushing them to small fragments and then dumping them on dump-sites called ‘Fresh Kills have these fiends got one SICK sense of humour or what?
      So point is their message in this film is playing the ‘anti Semitic’ card , and diverting attention away from Jewish Zionist involvement in world’s major problems just like the real criminals behind 9/11 where also occultism abounds and most likely is being used to hypnotize people so they cannot see what is in front of their faces.

  24. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    JG wrote:
    For one, I was raised as an orthodox Jew in communities that were heavily Zionist. I no longer consider myself Zionist and these days and I’m more or less an atheist. But I’m no stranger do dumb antisemitic remarks by people who think they know the community better than me.

    JG, I’m intrigued that you were raised Orthodox Jew. I would guess in NYC, maybe Brooklyn? I was born and raised irish Catholic in upper Manhattan, up near Yeshiva University. I had a lot of Jewish friends in that neighborhood.

    I am also trying to steer the conversation gently back to the topic of this blog, which is the THRIVE movie.

    So, did you know that a still very devout Orthodox Jew, originally from Brooklyn, was asked by Foster Gamble to be in the movie to explain the torus? He happily said yes to Foster, but then when he discovered that David Icke was going to be in the movie, he bailed out.

    You might like him and his work. His name is Stan Tenen and his field of study is mathematics, especially topology. He applied topology to the forms of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet, showing each letter as a shadow of hand gestures made according to the topology ultimately inherent in the torus form,

    The real meaning of the torus is shown by Stan to be expressed within the 11th and 12th verses of the First Book of Moses, Genesis, Chapter 1.

    . . . the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself . . .

    Here is his website:

    • Juliano says :

      The Book of Genesis is written by a patriarchal elite, and in it they blatantly denigrate the far more ancient Great Cosmic Mother and Goddess which the writers demote to mortal woman ‘Eve’, who they blame for corruption of ‘mankind’ and Nature, and they have the male birth her, which is totally unnatural but is what androcentric mindsets put in their myths.

      Using the the written Word, they try and denigrate ancient images which have always symbolized nature and the body and our natures and our dynamic interelationship with nature, and life, death and regeneration as being sacred.

      But in the biblical story the ‘God’ *curses* the Serpent, the Tree, the Woman, even Nature (he ‘has’ to because the Goddess IS Nature!) and FORBIDS “his” slaves access to the Fruit of Inspiration—psychedelic inspiration, and this prohibition carries on to this day with their so-called “war on drugs”–which of course includes natural growing psychedelic vegetations, and substances.

      So BOTH orthodox religion and their esoteric lore seek to control consciousness and hide and keep their secrets to a small elite inner-cabal—-the “chosen ones”.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        To quote Muertos, you are astonishingly paranoid.

      • JG says :

        @Juliano, did you realize this is the 11th anniversary of 9/11. OMG, just like you said…11! That has NWO written all over it. I know the naysayers just think it’s a coincidence that 11 comes after 10, but you and I know the truth when we see it!

      • Juliano says :

        lol why am I paranoid? I would rather say the writers of Genesis and similar myths are paranoid, no?

  25. dailydisorder says :

    Some stuff is repressed, sometimes, and the press, because it’s mostly owned by corporations, isn’t usually completely free. The firing of Jane Akre by Fox was pretty much a case in point – . To this day, I hear stuff about Monsanto. The Russians recently banned American GMO corn because of studies that say it causes cancer. As far as energy goes, it depends on what you’re doing, but as far as power plants go, I heard from a reputable source that coal is still the biggest bang for your buck which is why there are still so many coal burning plants in China. It’s a dirty business, and hard to replace but the solar technology is making leaps and bounds, particularly with the recent developments of dark state technology. It all needs to be taken on a case by case basis. Sure, there are small conspiracies, but no mass conspiracy because you can’t get enough people to cooperate and keep things secret for that. The most recent that I’m researching is Burzynski – the movie. He claims the FDA has tried to stifle his findings, but he’s been largely successful at pushing his craft, which some people claim is quackery. I don’t recall this film mentioning him, though, so I guess that’s off topic. I’m just talking about conspiracies in general.

  26. Michelle Kathryn McGee says :

    An excerpt from The Transcript, by yours truly:

    “Conspiracy theories are our egos tapping us on the shoulder with the thought ‘there must be more than meets the eye.’ The only remedy for this mental trap is an acceptance of the universe as unified, coherent in some way.

    Stories are not conflicting. Differences among people and preferences are not real differences, just differences in the specific stories they use to heal the challenges we face to differing degrees.

    Fear has sway with people, that’s why it’s used (think of certain marketing), not because ‘the fearmongers have evil egos!’ lol The influence they carry is just out of whack with a paradigm of healing. ”

    The Transcript in its entirety can be found at the site listed below for me.

    Thank you friends, for this Thrive debunking site. I just found it and am glad to see such a cool community and such joyful inquiry and connections transmuting from the Thrive lavapit!

  27. The Real Hidden Agenda says :

    I haven’t had a chance to go over your whole site, just a portion of it, which I came across by chance.

    So are you saying that you believe there is no such thing as a New World Order agenda,Secret Societies for the elite, or Global Domination etc etc. Or are you mainly voicing tour opinion about the above mentioned documentary and the person/people based in it?
    Or you just flat out think that anyone that believes in these type of theories are of the paranoid delusional types?
    I believe that the world is not that innocent, and that anyone, in any position right up to high level Goverment roles,can be manipulated by wealth, power and greed. But rather than labeling it as a hidden agenda of the world elite, World Domination or part of the New World Order, i prefer to simply call it as…. Corruption.
    Greed begets Corruption, and that, can make even some of the most honest people to be able to commit some of the most atrocious acts, in order of financial gain.
    Thank you.

  28. Brent says :

    If it was so much bunk
    Why so much effort on debunking?
    There’s is more truth than fiction here
    And if you had a point make
    Who would be debunking you?
    Debunk keshe foundation now

    Transition is the key
    Happy trails!

  29. says :

    Most of the conspiracy theories mentioned here are promoted by Nexus magazine of Queensland, Australia. Nexus has a hidden agenda.

    Owner/editor of Nexus, Duncan Micahel Roads is a Scientologist and a 25 year
    long supporter of Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

    They shared common goals like destroying Christianity/Judaism and other
    religions seen as competition for the cult of Scientology. Israel and America were also on Gaddafis’ ‘enemies list’. Common enemies makes Scientology and
    Libya allies.

    The methodology for destroying these enemies is the ceaseless publishing of
    “conspiracy myths” which are designed to undermine these common enemies.
    To that end, we have seen countless articles published by Nexus and New Dawn magazines, among others, which seek to destroy our belief in science,
    government, society, religion and reason on which our culture is founded.

    This explains why Nexus publishes conspiracies which target America, Israel,
    Christianity, capitalism, academia, science, Judaism, democracy,
    liberalism and a host of other cultural and historical bulwarks of Western democracy.

    This explains why Nexus publishes stories about:

    The “Jewish New World Order” conspiracy
    UFO / alien conspiracies
    Mind control conspiracies
    Doomsday conspiracies
    Secret service / spy / espionage conspiracies
    Anti established religion conspiracies
    Anti government conspiracies
    Anti ‘big business’ conspiracies

    among many others.

    They are all propaganda / lies / distortions and attempted mind control

    When they work, as they did on Timothy McVeigh, 168 Americans die
    at the hands of an alleged ‘patriot’ fighting against ‘the Zionist Occupation
    Government of the United States’. 19 of his victims were pre-school aged children.

    McVeighs’ contacts included Mark Koernke who wrote articles for Duncan
    Roads’ Nexus magazine which was a propaganda mouthpiece for Muammar Gaddafi who was a socialist dictator of a ‘revolutionary’ Islamic country who
    hated America and Israel. You do the math as to who was pulling McVeighs’ strings on 19th April 1995.

    Gaddafi was also cultivating Australian Aboriginal contacts in the hope he could source yellow cake uranium for a missile he wanted to launch from
    Trinidad toward the eastern USA.

    In July 1990, Trinidadian Islamic rebels captured the Trindadian parliament, the prime minister and a radio station. They were stopped before they could complete their coup but their objective was clear. Take control of Trinidad,
    turn it into an Islamic socialist republic for their mentor Muammar Gaddafi and then launch a surface to surface missile into America armed with an Australian
    Aboriginal-sourced uranium nuclear war head.

    Why? Gaddafi wanted to punish America for supporting Israel.
    Such an attack would have made him a legens among his socialist comrades.
    Gaddafi would become a hero to all Muslim/Arabic/ revolutionary / terrorists
    like the PLO/PFLP/Red Brigades/Moro Rebels/FARC/ IRA/ African nationalists and Russia/China/North Korea/Cuba.

    Ronald Reagan said Gaddafi wanted to create a worldwide Islamic ‘Caliphate’ of anti-Zionist, anti-American and anti-Western imperialist nations, well,
    hitting Washington with a nuke would have put Gaddafi right up there with
    Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Al-Hassad,
    Carlos the Jackal and Fidel Castro as an icon of the worlds’ ‘left’ or anti-capitalist / establishment opposition forces.

    And right there at his side would be his loyal propagandists Duncan Roads of
    Nexus magazine, Rashid Robert Pash of New Dawn magazine, the Church of Scientology and their cabal of rabid conspiracy nut jobs like David Icke,
    Christopher Monckton, Tom Cruise, convicted child pornographer Peter Allan Sawyer, the Australian League of Rights, the Confederate Action Party, the
    Citizens’ Electoral Council / Lyndon La Rouche, the British National Party, the
    IRA, the Moro Rebels, the Columbian FARC drug cartel, the anti-climate change lobby, the propaganda ministry of the revolutionary Iranian Islamic republic, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban and a plethora of their hangers on all
    desperately analysing to death every nuance of every world event and all
    of them desperate to ‘spin’ world history so that truth is a lie and their lies
    become truth.

    And that brings us back to their ceaseless publication of conspiracy theories designed to confuse, bamboozle, misguide and mislead the population of the
    world until we consciously, or subconsciously, adopt their values.

    A recent election in Colorado, USA, had voters choosing to support a
    proposition about a law which would see the government obliged “to
    track aliens who land on Earth”.

    Who do you think put that proposition on the voting paper?

    Yep. The Church of Scientology.


    Because proving aliens exist “proves” Christianity is wrong or false and that would motivate believers to leave Christianity and migrate to the “truth” of
    Scientology. No more Christianity means no more competition/resistance to
    the ‘god-like’ will of L. Ron Hubbard and his con-artist followers.

    These are the people is up against in the fight for truth, justice and

    Good luck. Live long and prosper.

    • sam says :

      I personally don’t believe in aliens and ufo’s and I find many of thrives arguments bad. However, there is no doubt in my mind that there are people working for a NWO, not in the interests of the common person.

      I will give you just a few reasons for my belief.
      1) reece committee investigation found that the rockefeller foundation has actively tried to alter education to make people more open to a NWO.

      2) Central Bankers like the rothschilds, jp morgan, and rockefellers. watch the “money masters” on youtube. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH CONSPIRACY THEORIES. JUST PURE FACTS. This will show you the amount of control central bankers wield, and the evil they have done.
      One example, the rothschilds actually funded both sides of the war with Napolean. In fact, central bankers sometimes purposely start massive wars to gain control of people. This is not an unfounded claim, as found in history and the findings of the Reece committee.

      3) False Flags, including operation Northwoods. All I want to prove here is that our government is CAPABLE AND HAS carried out false flags.

      4) Last point as of now is that our government is much more corrupt than people think. Our government is involved in drug and child trafficking. Not just corrupt individuals but actualy operations involving many people and resources.
      several examples of KNOWN drug trafficking iinclude
      1. operation fast and furious which happened in 2010
      2. iran contra drug scandal in the 1970’s
      3. operation amadeus, watchtower, pegasus

      One example of known child trafficking, though you can obviously find more on oyur own
      1. boys town nebraska scandal

    • sam says :

      keep in mind I’m not promoting the ideals of nexus or thrive because they might have bad intentions that I’m not aware of and because I also find some of their claims unfounded. I’m just presenting you facts here.

      Keep in mind that it is not only scientology that would want to discredit Christianity, catholicism, etc…
      The illuminati also has/had that same agenda. Proving their existence can be discussed if you want.
      However, the Rothschilds, with the help of Adam Weishaupt helped to set up the illuminati, with one of their stated goals to be a NWO, with one government and one religion. Thus, one of their primary goals was to get rid of the Catholic Church.
      Keep in mind, I have not said a thing about unfounded conspiracy theories.
      You can actually look these events up yourself in history books. Thats just my additional two cents on the NWO.

  30. Martin S. says :

    You claim that THRIVE is misquoting Kissinger. Tell me which quote you mean? This one?

    “I think his [Obama’s] task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when really a New World Order can be created. It’s a great opportunity. It isn’t just a crisis.”

    (64.000 hits on google)

  31. Nebuchadnezzar says :

    Suppose nobody really wants to sign on to the conspiracy bandwagon, because on its face it is crazy, but… there certainly is a lot of smoke. Obviously unparalleled greed and corruption. Obviously hidden government agendas. Obviously Orwellian government surveillance. Are there inter-relationships? You know what they say about the smoke and the fire.

  32. Negate says :

    “He alleges that the Big Brother police state isn’t coming, it has already arrived. In a bait and switch argument he states the members of several wealthy families, such as the Rockefellers, Rothschild and so forth, are part of a secret group….

    “One of the pieces of “evidence” he brings to make his point credible is the symbolism of the Eye of Providence (A.K.A the “all seeing eye of God) used on the U.S. $1 bill, in Masonry images and by other justice and intelligence agencies worldwide…..

    “The problem with this kind of argument is the blatant use of unfounded implications. The Eye of Providence is a quite old symbol which is mostly used to represent religious zeal, like a shepherd watching over his flock. The Eye of Providence is used in the same manner by groups heavily influenced by the Christian church (especially regarding the Holy Trinity)….”

    — It seems Big Brother A.K.A The Eye of Providence, A.K.A. NSA’s PRISM, has already arrived. Oops. You’re sayin?

  33. Boop says :

    so, this is before we heard about the NSA right????? And how some internet control bills have been implemented.. “US government is hell bent on controlling the internet (more on that later, but I have to add thanks to the democratic process it has failed to do so.” Give thanks to our great democratic process!! Oh thank the heavens! We say they can’t do these things so they probably shouldn’t… yet they still happen

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