Who Wants Me Dead?

When you criticize a quasi-religious belief system as deeply held as conspiracy theories, you’re going to make some enemies. I’ve had my share of comments on this blog that are critical, and a handful that are downright hostile. However, some cross the line into truly disturbing territory. There is at least one Thrive fan out there who thinks I should die as a result of writing this blog. Yes, that’s right–because I criticized an Internet movie, this person thinks I should be killed.

It’s a shame I have to create this page at all, but I can’t stand idly by and not call out the people who cross the line. Hopefully this page won’t be updated very often. I have no doubt that many and probably most Thrive fans are civil and respectful people. Unfortunately that’s not the case with everyone.

Who Wants Me Dead? Entry #1.

A commenter who signed his name “As$hole” posted the following comment early this morning.

[Cursewords redacted so as not to trip profanity filters]

“You are a f*cking idiot! May you rot in hell and die you bastard whore. Eat sh*t and die.”

The IP address of this person has been logged. I do report death threats to law enforcement.

This page is modeled on the “Who Wants Me Dead?” page where Mark Roberts, the “Obi-Wan Kenobi of Debunkers,” exhibited the various death threats he collected while debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories and especially the conspiracy movie Loose Change, which in fact was a progenitor of Thrive.

I really hope I don’t ever have to update this particular page again, but if warranted, I will.

161 responses to “Who Wants Me Dead?”

  1. The Locke says :

    Maybe threat of getting a visit by the police will keep some people from making such threats in the first place, although some might be either to arrogant or unstable to care…

    • Joe says :

      Here’s a clue, which is you’re not worth killing. Nobody wants to kill little pathetic you. So, cut the melodrama. You probably posted your own death threat, that’s how pathetic your life has become. Get a life.

      • Jenn says :

        Seriously…you think that is productive Joe?? It sounds like your incredibly closed minded and cannot take in possible reasons and facts that contradict whatever your supporting. You tell him to get a life?? I tell you to grow up.

      • Jake113 says :

        Actually,i’ve had many death threats,why ? because i debunked some li’l whine baby,tin -foiled nut sacks’ theories,keep believe the bullshit hype from your butt pirate lover Alex Jones and David Ike “the dyke”… 9/11 wasn’t and inside jobby job and obama isn’t the fuckin’ anti -Christ !!!!

      • richardtrombly says :

        As you point one finger , three more point back at you, “little joe” . grow up.

      • Nunya says :

        I couldn’t agree more! How dare you shatter something that we as humans can finally believe in! I see that you have “many followers,” which is why you started this blog in the first place, right? To make fun of THRIVE for not growing…..This is basic Good vs. Evil. One day, you will regret ever starting this blog.

      • Anastasio says :

        @ Nunya:

        “One day, you will regret ever starting this blog.”

        Is that a promise Nunya?

      • Phil says :

        Hahahahhahahhaha! So true…My thoughts exactly.

  2. Linbaden says :

    Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of our military / CIA knows that BlackOps and PsyOps exist and have existed for a LONG LONG time, and there’s little to gain from trying to convince the brainwashed sheeple (like yourself) and those that read the junk on your so called “debunking” site that 9/11 was the biggest lie perpetrated on the world since … well all the other CIA / Wallstreet / Illuminati / manufactured events. Uhh … wake up sleepy head. Time to rub the dirt out of your eyes. C’mon … you can do it punkin’!

    • Antonio M says :

      “Anyone with even the most basic knowledge of our military / CIA knows that BlackOps and PsyOps exist and have existed for a LONG LONG time…”

      Oh yeah… Because that’s the first thing you learn in school about the military… “Today we’re going to learn how the military doesn’t protect your freedom and liberty as much as murder innocent people and blame it on terrorists…” Stop spouting b.s. and do some actual research so that you actually know what the hell you’re talking about (science fiction movies and video games don’t count as research, by the way… PsyOps, my a$$)… Just because you say it’s a lie doesn’t make it so… Have some respect for those people who lost their lives just for going to work in the morning…

      • Antonio M says :

        P.S. For your information, ‘sheeple’ is not a real word… Dumbass…

      • Mr. Anon says :

        During the 1950s, the military did some experimentation with PSI. I think that’s what “PsyOps” refers to. However, the program does not exist today.

      • Sheed says :

        Why would the education establishment that’s controlled by the same people that are trying to obtain total global dominance tell millions of people what the military is really used for? Protect against terrorists? Are you kidding me? The US military is the most powerful force on the planet, especially some middle eastern countries, the only reason we are over there is oil and to establish military bases to further extend the control over other people.

      • boswell says :

        “Why would the education establishment that’s controlled by the same people that are trying to obtain total global dominance tell millions of people what the military is really used for? ”

        You think the new world order is in control of teaching regulations and learning outcomes ?
        What a silly world you have concocted for yourself.

      • eLiot says :

        You have a respect for people who gave up their life to follow orders from someone else and go into other countries to make peace by the war?

    • Jake113 says :

      really now ?LinBaden, I have many family members and friends both in military/marine corp, and navy,they laugh at people like you,because they know what really goes on,they are there witnessing the real truth,for one,quit whining about the military comin’ to rip us from our homes and rape our wives bullshit,we are not going to concentration camps,our president isn’t a fuckin’ evil dictator and NO !!!! we are not going to die,i’ve been researching this shit for about 15 years,i’m not stupid,i’ve done my research,i’ve written blogs on what the military really says,all the training that’s going on is for fucking riot control and YES Terrorism,judge Katheryn Forest Banned the NDAA section 1021 “where it states indefinite detention” it is Unconstitutional and she and the supreme court will NOT”regaurdless of what the BIGWIGZ want,lift that ban.so honestly…please..quit balling,we’re not slaves,we’re not sheeple.. if that were the case we’d have seen it all fall down four years ago 🙂

  3. TomaszKapler says :

    What amazes me is how recent this discussion is!
    The documentary is typical in its extreme irresponsibility.

    But the first little bit, special effects are really cool and
    the scientific-imaginary insights are awesome, could
    be reproduced with a healthy message and well should!

    You Sir, please glorify the process/structure framework (the “breathing” of a “skeleton”) that together make a quanta (“bundle” of wholeness) in order to make up for your bad Karma, or I will have to come over there and kick Your ass (but not to death).

    Seriously (I am just kidding about “kicking your ass”), that kind of thinking actually helps the planet imho by self-containing ideas about the world, which is, imho, the objective way in which the film blatantly fails. “Universal energy”!?! this type of thing should be condemned compassionately, as well as random references to the Jewish “vehicle”, respectively for the individual and his society.

    We have no way to integrate these “waking up” experiences, and time is running our, or is it.

  4. Mr. Anon says :

    Reading the comments on Mr. Roberts’ site honestly makes me sick. Muertos, you are under no obligation to tolerate these threats on your site, and I hope this poster was just an isolated troll.

  5. LW says :

    Jog on!! Is this some justification for not revealing your identity? How can you be taken seriously about this stuff if you hide behind a curtain continuously. If you know so much, then come out of the closet and join the most important discussion of our times instead of just debunking THRIVE. Which, by the way, must take a LOT of your time given the amount of content on this website, are you sure you are not being paid?

    • muertos says :

      Lee, are you, as a member of the Thrive team, suggesting that I’m a “paid disinformation agent”? And if so, is this the official position of the Thrive makers and Clear Compass Media?

      • LeeW says :


        This and my previous comment are not official remarks from THRIVE or from Clear Compass Media for that matter – they are remarks and invitations from me, my own person, Lee Waterworth, age 29, from England. You’ll notice I have absolutely no problem with my identity being known…

        I (ME) cannot wrap my head around why you insist on going by a pseudonym.

        I’m not naming you as anything, as I have no information about who you are and hence, you have no credibility to me. As a result, every option about who you are and what your motivations are, currently lie on a big table.

        One thing that appears certain – you are devoting a lot of your time to this blog and believe in its value. Why then, I must ask myself, are you not prepared to reveal your identity so that the readers of your blog can research you as much as you continually suggest they research Foster and/or THRIVE? Credibility is of the utmost importance to this discussion – a discussion I believe to be the most important of our times, as do you, clearly, otherwise you wouldn’t be spending so much of your “spare time” on it. I wish I had as much spare time as you do! What’s your secret? The 4 hour work week?

        Again, I (ME) suggest that if you want to be taken seriously in this conversation, it’s time to lift the veil and become as transparent as Foster is prepared to be. You’re clearly passionate and devoted to your cause, so come on out and take this pseudo public conversation to a real level.

        Or continue to hide behind your veil until you identify someone who is willing to do it for you.

        Just sayin’

      • muertos says :

        Lee, your obsession with the issue of my identity tells me that you have no substantive rebuttal to any of the facts and rational arguments presented on this blog as to why your boss’s movie is deceptive, misleading and not worthy of credibility. If you could refute any of these arguments with substance or facts, you would be doing that–not trying to throw stones about who I am.

        Who I am doesn’t matter at all. This blog is not about me–it’s about your boss’s film. The arguments are meant to stand on their own. Whether it’s me making them or someone else, they should be judged on their own merit. I’m a private citizen. It is your boss who chose to make himself a public figure by releasing a movie that permanently associates his name and his identity with baseless paranoid conspiracy theories. He made that choice; not me. I speak for the viewers of Thrive, the ordinary people who have seen this film and are concerned that the messages it presents are very questionable. Your boss made the choice to invite that criticism–neither he nor you can shy away from it.

        The focus of this blog has always been on the merits of the film and the credibility of the people behind it. It has never been, and will never be, about me.

        Why are you trying to change the subject? Why are you trying to divert attention from the gaping factual errors and logical deficiencies of your boss’s film? Why are you trying to steer the discussion toward irrelevant subjects?

        The answer is very clear–you have no answer to my criticisms except to attack me personally. Just sayin’!

      • richardtrombly says :

        The hate mail and accusations are a clear reason to not reveal one’s identity in debunking frauds, charlatans and well bunk. The people that follow thrive are basically religious cult-style conspiracy theorists and their belief system is fanatical and they can be dangerous.
        Thanks again muertos…

    • StevenCorbett says :

      @LW. Some people are just passionate about not seeing such terrible mis-information brainwash people, something to be commended I might add. You don’t have to be paid to be passionate, well unless you have trouble getting sex ;).

    • Linda Hoyt says :

      I don’t understand why these two debunkers are hiding their identity, which was what I began looking for after slogging through about a third of the debunking message which I found confusing and not very well put together. Had a lot of trouble following all the stuff in it but one thing is for sure, I had heard a LOT of the stuff in Thrive way before the internet was even established – like many years ago!

      • The Locke says :

        Why do you want to find out their identities? What would be the point in doing so? It almost sounds kind of stalker like…

      • Wyboth says :

        @The Locke
        He thinks they’re government agents, so he wants their names to see if they are.

      • The Locke says :

        Doesn’t surprise me…

      • Jake113 says :

        well,sometimes people choose to hide there identities simply because they don’t want pissed off people researching them and or attempting conflict,hurt or even finding out there home adresses,simple as that.if he don’t want to reveal his TRUE identity it’s because he feels he don’t need to get attacked over debunking conspiracy theories,look at the Fitzgerald murder,the kid was an extreme loony bent on BELIEVING that he was always being followed,watched and the government in his eyes were gonna kill him,well he went nuts after being hit by a car in Beijing after thinking he was being followed,then in the hospital,he kept wanting to talk to “none other than Alex Jones”,and guess what ? the dude killed his own father in front of his mother and admitted to it,then when Alex Jones had a run in with the police about it,Alex denied everything and kept lying to his viewers,so i guess that’s a good example of a nutjob and just how far someone could go thinking there government and NWO elite are after them

  6. Sonya says :

    Hey all people on the comment thread. Did you ever stop to think who is writing this debunked page?…At least Foster Gamble says his name and did not hide…Ever wonder if we actually researched the guy writing this stuff we might find just as much negative information as he is spouting out about the Gambles?…This is the biggest farce I have ever seen. PUT YOUR FACE OUT TO THE PUBLIC!! COME ON! Or are you scared that you will no longer have a blog to write if people found out who you are?

    • Linda says :

      I definitely agree Sonya! The Thrive film has an entire site dedicated to answering debunkers bunk. The two debunkers should look at it.

    • Joel T. says :

      No, can’t say I’ve ever wondered that, just as I’ve never wondered if Muertos is actually Elvis, The Doctor, or Jesus Christ. But man, what if he was?! That’d be awesome!

      Actually, that “The Doctor” idea might be onto something. He’s clever, a champion of reason, and clearly has two hearts if he can put up with such crap.

  7. Sonya says :

    The simple rebuttal here is if I had the chance to do some sleuthing on you I would find a great deal of information that I could use against you. Why else would you hide?…Foster did not hide his name. That is why you found so much information on this…He did not hide any of the information he found. He has an entire site dedicated to his research. You are upset at your peers for believing in Foster. Not that he is creating a dangerous subject matter. He is making people think. Funny I see such activism against Foster but you are totally fine with our future leaders watching Jersey Shore and going to ecstasy ridden music festivals…I mean I see more danger in that than having the population have a clear subject to think critically on. Get over your Ego. I am sure that if I was to ever have you in a therapy session I might send over the psychiatric emergency team on you due to this paranoid slander. Show your face. Be transparent. Because you are only proving that this is a direct disinformation attack.

    • muertos says :

      Thank you, Sonya, for providing a very vivid demonstration of a phenomenon I’ve noticed many times in the months since I started writing this blog–that when Thrive fans are unable to refute the factual and logical arguments I present about the film, they begin to shriek, wail and warble about who I am and try to make the argument about that instead of about the film and its very serious problems.

      You’ve also demonstrated something else I’ve observed–that the #1 reasons Thrive fans want to know more about me is so they can scrutinize my life for evidence that I’m a “paid disinformation agent.” They’ll never find it, of course, because I’m not paid to write this blog, but that won’t satisfy a single one of them–even without any evidence at all they’ll continue to trumpet that I’m an agent of “disinformation” and I’m just out to get Foster Gamble, etc., etc. Since this is the inevitable outcome, what do I have to gain by playing ball with them? Absolutely nothing–and, as you can see from the death threat posted on this page by one of your fellow Thrive fans, I have a considerable amount to lose.

      So let me ask you. What evidence would satisfy you that I’m NOT a “paid disinformation agent”? Even if there was a total absence of evidence, would this dissuade you from your obvious belief that I’m a paid spy? No, it would not–nor would it satisfy any other Thrive fan.

      The truth is I really don’t care if people think I’m a “paid disinformation agent.” In fact I find it funny that so many people do. The people out there who are ready to examine Thrive and its claims rationally and logically–the true audience at whom this blog is aimed–see very easily from behavior such as yours exactly how far gone down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole many Thrive fans are. That in itself tends to discredit the film. If fans of the movie can’t tolerate disagreement without shrieking that critics are “paid disinformation agents,” doesn’t that tend to show that the core audience of Thrive is (A) not very rational and (B) not very interested, as they claim to be, in coming together to find solutions to the world’s problems?

      So, thank you for demonstrating these points so cogently. And be sure the firewalls and anti-spyware software on your computer is up to date. I may be sending your IP address and logon details to the CIA database in Quantico!

      • Linda says :

        Muertos – the Thrive website has addressed all your concerns and questions on their page – check it out!

      • JayJ says :

        you seem to be the only person even mentioning the “paid disinformation” “spy” bs, not one of the fans has mentioned it untill you did, plus for a person who values logical reasoning and facts i have not seen you present one other than to flame down everyone who posts against your views, pot calling kettle black here. I AM NOT A THRIVE FAN but i DO conisder you a fool and ill informed attention seeker, forgive me for not posting my personal information seems to be the trend with flamers on this site (i wont even bother to read you o so well thought out reply so dont reply with one)

      • Wyboth says :

        Actually, no, the Thrive fans were the first ones to pull the paid disinformation agent argument out of their hats. Also, maybe if you actually read Muertos’s articles, you would see that he values logical reasoning very highly. Muretos doesn’t flame down the Thrivers, but quite the contrary. Basically, Muertos writes a well thought out article debunking one aspect of Thrive, and then a Thriver comments: “YOU SUCK YOU STUPID DISINFO AGENT!!!” Who’s the one flaming here?

      • Willa Centanni says :

        I think your “BIG BROTHER”!!!!

      • anticultist says :

        Doesn’t matter what you think, you believe stupid shit.

    • isis8star says :


  8. XXXXX says :

    Wow…. this site and the creator(s) claim to be debunking while referencing Wikipidia. You have got to do better than that if you want to be taken seriously.

    • SlayerX3 says :

      If you read the articles you’d know why we’re using Wikipedia and you wouldn’t be making this statement, along the wiki we give several other sources and links.

      • IOD says :

        So there are two people running this blog then huh? That is a direct contradiction to what the mysterious “Muertos” has said… Or was this the royal “we”? Either way, come out come out wherever you are. Theoretically, if anything in Thrive is true, you’ll be the ones who are just fine in the end 😉

      • muertos says :

        I am the administrator of this blog. I alone make the decisions about what’s covered here, when, and which articles see the light of day. That doesn’t mean I don’t have contributors like SlayerX3, or that I don’t accept input on what happens here.

  9. SlayerX2youareatool says :

    Stop cupping the balls of the dick that is fucking the American people. Did you really report someone to the police for telling you to rot in hell? What a bitch, you should take their advice.

    • SlayerX2youareatool says :

      The 2 in my name should be a 3 but was changed without my permission

    • SlayerX3 says :

      Actually I don’t even care about death threats, for me they are the statements of people who feel threatened by diverging opinions and contesting statements directed to their creed/belief/opinion and resort to intimidation and threats to throw their point across, showing a complete failure to engage in a civilized and rational discussion.

      • Rehsab Thgir says :

        Dude, we’re rubber gloves if you are going around cupping hundreds of millions of balls. You don’t know where they’ve been.

      • Antonio M says :

        Grammar Alert!!! It’s “wear”, not “we’re” which stands for “we are”… Unless you’re trying to say that you are a rubber glove…

      • Rehsab Thgir says :

        Indeed, little one. I should not post after all-nighters.

      • Linda says :

        From your picture (facial gasmask) it looks like you are ready for the shit to hit the fan…are you sure you don’t believe what Thrive portends?

  10. Jordan Goldmeier says :

    I really enjoy this blog. In fact, I think it’s a real shame that Muertos isn’t paid for it. Then again, if you take away Clear Compass Media, Thrive website donations, media kit, DVD sales, and affiliate program Foster Gamble doesn’t really get paid either.

    Two things interest me. The first is that Peter Joseph Merola of Zeitgeist fame goes by the pseudonym “Peter Joseph.” While I realize that Zeitgeist and Thrive are two different movies by two different people, the conspiracy world from my (admittedly limited) vantage point doesn’t seem at all bothered by Merola’s deliberate anonymity. In fact, his supporters seem to praise him for protecting his family. And there’s at least one Wikipedia editor who seems bent on preventing anyone from updating the Peter Joseph article to include his real, last name. None of this matters, of course. I found lots of information about Muetos by reading his blog(s). It’s called research; and it’s really, really easy.

    The second is the common meme that anyone who disagrees with Thrive (or any other conspiracy theory) is clearly a listless consumer of junk media (like Jersey Shore) forever stuck in a self-inflicted trance of ignorance and unwavering acceptance toward the status quo. That this is the go-to response to any opposition, speaks volumes to the degree to which Thrive supporters have fully embraced their message of Human spirit and resolve. Also, every time a Thriver makes an emotionally charged, unresearched comment a torus dies.

  11. P. Yushin says :

    Aloha, we don’t want you dead, but we want you to be more conscious and inspiring to the people. Instead of wasting your energy on this blog, please create something inspirational for humanity. Thrive was a great, positive, conscious, and uplifting movie. Thank you and Mahalo.

    • Antonio M says :

      He is being inspirational… He’s helping to save humanity from the ignorance of you conspiracy nut, whack-jobs…

  12. John Reed says :

    Dear Muertos,
    I’m sorry to see that you’re getting these unsettling threats. I do wonder if some of that energy is being attracted in by your handle, “Muertos”. What’s up with that? I actually initially dismissed you out of hand just based on the shock effect of that unfortunate screen name. Only when I went back and read you posts did I realize that you’re a serious critic with a lot to say, and not just a troll with an off-putting handle. Try something a little less macabre.
    John Reed

  13. Dougal Macqueen says :

    Put your head back in the sand, I will wake you when we evolve beyond your stupidity!

    • Antonio M says :

      “I will wake you when we evolve beyond your stupidity!”

      …and, obviously, you’ve got plenty of intelligent things to say, right?… Dumbass…

  14. DerekNC says :

    First opinion. That wasn’t a death threat. And if your police are anything like any of the police I’ve met, they looked into the users ip at most, and then laughed about your ‘pussy’ call in. I put that in quotations because most of the policemen i’ve met are trained, drilled, and used to the machoism mentality. Judges recieve death threats every week Police are often threatened just trying to get some drunk into a car and on the internet? We are all trolls. I’ve been told to drop dead before, and heard to my face that someone wishes I would die. They happened to be female and I earned those comments by being a dick. Food for thought?

    Second opinion. A torus or whatever mr. gamble wants to call it? Is merely the definaation of the force that binds the universe together. Some researchers have called it the cosmic web, religions call it god, and atheists have no opinion since it couldn’t possibly exist. It’s the feeling you notice when your car breaks down and your walking down the highway unsure what to do and just as you think that all you really need is some help, a complete stranger stops and asks, ‘Do you need a lift somewhere?’ These are not coincidence. Do i believe in conspiracy theories? Not for the most part, conspiracies have to be simple in order to work. The more elaborate a lie becomes the quicker it falls apart, it needs some basis of truth to hide itself within. While mr. icke calls them alien reptiles, I prefer to see them for what ‘they’ actually are. Humans without a shred of humanity left in them. They do exist, they are not unicorns, or faeries or trolls under a bridge, they are men in prison who kill and rape because they wanted to. Drug dealers who killed someone that owed them money, crooks like bernie madoff who value money and influence over integrity and hard work. And those are the least intelligent of the grouping because they were all eventually caught. The ‘reptiles’ I am afraid of are the ones who hide their face so well in public that you believe them to be as good as the parents that raised you. Or value them as a friend. Whether you want to believe in the type of person that would sell you into slavery to make 5 dollars is irrelevant, because they’ll exist regardless of what you choose to believe. Is perpetual energy possible? Yes it is, the technology being suppressed notion is very familiar to me and I believe that wholeheartedly, read augusus busch and the windmill electrician society, or read about nikola tesla and learn as I did that thomas edison and his corporation General electric were ruthless, scheming, and cruel. Notice also that most of these rich men who created such ‘wonderful’ systems did so in the late years of their life. Perhaps in attempt to buy their souls back. Rockefeller is known to have used his control over the company, lobbyists, and insider knowledge to bankrupt potential competitors in their start up phases, as well as buying up the public railroad system so that he could let it run into the ground. For the simple reason that he could sell more oil if everyone drove a car. Greed is prevalent. And greedy men scheme constantly on how to gain more of whatever it is they want. Good men do the same. Is global warming real? Yeah, I’d have to say that it is. Just because a gas like carbon dioxide isn’t visible to our eye doesn’t mean it disappears into the sky. Read about astronauts and their return home from space and the pure oxygen environments, almost every single one of them describes air on earth like breathing gel. Thick, hard to get in and out of the lungs and unpleasant. Eisenhower and Kennedy have both warned against the military industrial complex. Because it’s like guarding your children with a wolf. Yeah…other dogs and wolves won’t ever come by…sooner or later your going to get bit by your ‘loyal’ pet. Money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s just the branch by which it spreads and becomes more consistant. And if you’ve got some comments or research to hit me with? Go for it. I can also find obscure interviews and contradictory statements all over the web. But if conspiracies aren’t real……tell me how this guy was able to do this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifJG_oFFDK0

    • Lee says :

      Mr.Derek we don’t deny the existence of conspiracies. Events like Watergate or Tuskeege Airmen experimentation prove that conspiracies can and do exist. However just because they exist doesn’t mean that we can just blame the world ills on them. That is the danger of movies like “Thrive.” It blames conspiracies for things which are actually caused by the darkside of human natures, and that is not productive or useful.

    • manumele23 says :

      well said Derek, sobering Ron Paul link…..

    • JG says :

      I’m sorry, but I’m not sure why you’re so impressed by Ron Paul’s supposed “predictions.” There were many loud voices (some louder than Paul’s) previous to troops entering both Afghanistan and Iraq who argued then as they do now that the United States would find itself in sanguinary and indefinite conflicts while reaping few benefits. Such a “prediction” should not be credited to Paul but should be understood as a reaction by many Americans to past conflicts including those in Vietnam and Korea. The same can be said about the Israel-Palestinian conflict: Paul’s predictions aren’t novel, they’ve been argued in some form or another over the last sixty years. Finally, inflation rates have not skyrocketed since 2002; in fact, they are near historic lows. Additionally, 2010 was the first year in many that saw real deflation. The only real “prediction” that has come true since 2002 is the increase in the price of gold. But that increase is a well-understood phenomenon called a “flight to quality.” If were to say, “at some point in the future, the US economy might find itself in a recession and gold prices will likely go up,” have I really made a prediction? No: I just made a general statement about what we already know happens IN an economic recession.That’s not really a prediction. If Paul says, “a recession will happen in the future,” he is merely describing what we already know about our economy: recessions happen. That’s no more a prediction than saying “it will storm in the future and people will prefer umbrellas.”

      Look, I’m not saying Paul is ignorant. He’s made many prescient statements over the last few years worth commendation. But what I’ll never understand is the cult of personality that surrounds his every word. Why is it important that what he says constitute “predictions”? Paul never mentions an elite global agenda (rather he finds that what will happen will be the result of bad policy) so why do his words validate the existence of conspiracy theorists? Finally, Paul is still a politician at the end of the day. Some of his top campaign contributors are Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and Northrop Grumman — the Air Force’s top 3 defense contractors (http://www.opensecrets.org/pres12/contrib.php?cycle=2012&id=N00005906). How then is he any different from other Washington politicians? How do you know that Paul hasn’t already been bought and sold by the military industrial complex? — he certainly doesn’t have a problem accepting their money, which, according to you, is how evil spreads. I’m wondering, how do you know that Paul isn’t just another paid pawn whose only interest is pocketing the large sums of money his franchise brings while pretending to fight a deliberately manufactured and ultimately unwinnable war created by his elite overlords? It follows that since nobody has shut Paul down, he is clearly working for the elite global agenda…right?

    • Antonio M says :

      “religions call it god”

      Who the hell do you think you are? What gives you the right to reduce the Almighty creator to some fictional creation of the God-less heathens who have the audacity to call themselves scientists… I feel sorry for you on Judgement Day… It will definitely not go your way…

    • Linda says :

      Derek – You are COOL and should have a blog of your own. Thanks for all of your input – it was helpful to me.

  15. Alastair says :

    Sorry, but your logic doesn’t hold up. Nothing was debunked on this blog.

  16. Alastair says :

    Comments are certainly not where the official argument takes place and they are moderated and the presentation is one-sided. If you want to change that, open up a forum. It’s not your responsibility to do so, but its ridiculous for anyone to believe this has debunked anything.

    • muertos says :

      Alastair, let me repeat the question. How many comments have you attempted to post that I’ve either edited or disapproved?

      • The Locke says :

        Doubt he will answer the question…

      • Alastair says :

        Let me repeat my answer. It is a one-sided presentation with moderated comments.

        Here’s a perfect quote explaining why your one-sided debunking fails:

        “I believe that a couple of ordinary yahoos from rural England, with no advanced training in engineering or mathematics, working with boards, measuring tapes and other simple tools, can and regularly do create magnificent, geometrically perfect crop circles on a regular basis. In fact, I can prove that they do. But Foster Gamble and Nassim Haramein do not believe this. They believe people are too stupid to figure out how to flatten some wheat stalks and throw some magnetized particles around to fool the gullible.”

        This statement does not acknowledge any of the finer details, such as the fact that it’s very obvious which are man made and which are not. The man-made ones have broken stalks, obviously flattened down by a board. And there are footprints. The others leave behind magnetic particles, there are no footprints and the stalks are not broken, but magnetically bent and woven together to grow in this same pattern. Furthermore, the example shown in the movie was created in a matter of hours during a rainstorm and even under these muddy conditions, still no footprints. Big difference wouldn’t you have to admit?

      • muertos says :

        You claim that the fact that comments are moderated is a major defect of this site…yet you can’t point to a single example of where comment moderation has limited the discussion regarding Thrive or its ludicrous assertions.

        The incorrect information you post about crop circles isn’t even worth commenting on very much. For some reason I can’t understand, the idea that crop circles are made by human beings is deeply offensive to woo and New Age believers. They simply reject any evidence or argument that demonstrates that reality, and instead circle the wagons around the same false ideas like the ridiculous notion that human beings can’t put magnetic particles into a crop circle.

        The crop circles article is the one that has generated the most heavy debate on this blog. You need only browse the scores of comments there to see how vociferously woo believers reject anything that impugns their quasi-religious belief in the supposed paranormal origin of crop circles. As those people are inaccessible to anything in the way of rational explanation, it’s pointless to challenge them. They want to believe that Zorky and Bloopblop from the Pleiades are out there in their flying saucers pressing designs into wheat fields, and they’ll go to their graves believing that bunch of crap. This blog is written to reach people who are still capable of rational analysis and who are investigating the claims made in Thrive with a true critical and analytical mindset. You do not seem to be one of those people, so it stands to reason you’d reject anything I say out of hand. It’s OK–I’m used to it.

      • Alastair says :

        Alastair says : June 3, 2012 at 7:27 pm
        “muertos says : June 3, 2012 at 6:48 pm
        You claim that the fact that comments are moderated is a major defect of this site”

        The fact that I can’t reply to you properly proves the point. After 2 reponses, the comments do not show a reply button any longer and I must break out of the threaded reply format (as I am doing now) to reply once more.

        So, stop harping on this red herring, please. It’s a tedious position intended to fool the stupid, I can only guess. Unless you really are this stupid?

      • muertos says :

        You’re the one who brought up this “red herring,” so you can’t back away from it now. You assert that every single claim I make on this site is invalid because I moderate comments and because WordPress’s comment reply platform is not as convenient for you as you’d like. Yet you can’t point to any instance in which either my moderation or the site comment feature has squelched the content of how badly you think this site sucks.

        I have a hard time understanding why you assert this.

      • Alastair says :

        “woo believers reject anything that impugns their quasi-religious belief in the supposed paranormal origin of crop circles”

        ^ this kind of talk proves nothing. Weave me up a magnetic crop circle overnight and we’ll talk. Until then, piling up all the pseudo-scientific jargon your heavy metal head can muster only serves to puff yourself.

      • Alastair says :

        Let’s see if links are supported in your moderated comments…


        I look forward to your selective point rebuttal filled with fallacious argument tactics. It’s okay, I’m used to it.

      • Alastair says :

        “the stalks are bent not broken, we found molecular changes, magnetic changes…” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxY98buBw2o < Fox News report of all things. All this is old news to people who've been paying attention over the years. Skeptics who pretend to be thorough are oblivious and selectively choose which points they will falsely argue. Debunking is not done with fallacious argument tactics, though.

  17. Alastair says :

    “The Locke says : June 3, 2012 at 5:55 pm
    Doubt he will answer the question…”

    Uh, yeah, probably because it’s a red herring meant to detract from the obvious fact that my statement is utterly factual.

    • Mark Robert Pullen says :

      Thanks for the links Alastair. Very much appreciated and duly shared with others seeking something resembling logic in this whole new period of confusion, consideration and contemplation.
      I just hope others were patient enough to wade through the pointless comments aimed at distracting or raising passions.
      Muertos, if you really are a crusader for the truth, then as well as shopping for a new and fulfilling life you should also go back to your initial research and reference Alastair’s link as the most rational explanation given to date. the blokes with boards thing… you’re having a laugh aren’t you?

  18. Alastair says :

    The simple facts are that almost everything in Thrive has been known publicly for at least a few decades and there are numerous credible sources to back up each claim… important claims, one and all. The interesting thing, however, is that Gamble (hm, wouldn’t he be an elite?), much like Alex Jones, goes “all in” with it (also known as “full retard”). Why would he do that? Why would he interview David Icke and Nassim Haramein? Doesn’t it just make it that much easier to ridicule? Would any intelligent person really do that? Would Steve Jobs do that? If I want to prove that free energy exists, am I going to go “full retard” with it and start talking about UFOs and if I want to point out that the Federal Reserve is a scam, is David Icke really the best face to make that case? These things are all true and it was intentionally presented in a way that nobody would believe in the end. That is not to say David Icke’s “Reptillians” are true; I don’t believe that one bit. David Icke is another example of the same thing. I’ve already given up, I suppose somewhat like Woody Harrelson’s character in that ridiculous 2012 movie. I’ll have the last laugh, but it won’t be very funny… it’s really all I can get out of it, though. Enjoy your illusion for however long you’ve got. My guess is by 2020 things will be quite a bit different, but the real hell on earth won’t start until our children are middle aged, so live it up.

    Paragraphs are for sissies.

    • Antonio M says :

      “Paragraphs are for sissies.”

      Actually, paragraphs are for intelligent people with a healthy respect for the English language… It’s clear that you are neither intelligent nor respesctful… Speak intelligently and back up your statements with facts, you ignoramus…

    • StevenCorbett says :

      Oh Alastair, you were doing soo well until you wrote ‘Paragraphs are for sissies”, so sissies are people that like to get to the truth and don’t like single sentences taken out of context?. Guess I’m a sissy too then :). FYI Nassim is one of the biggest pseudo-science fraudsters out there, when I saw his face pop up in the movie I did the worlds biggest facepalm. But I shouldn’t of been surprised, pseudo-scientists tend to stick together, especially when they’re pushing products to sell to the public 😉

    • Bruce Campbell's Chin says :

      Dude, you got the same first name as me. You bring shame on Alistair’s worldwide with your stupidity and your belief to follow a lie. SHAME ON YOU!!

  19. Alastair says :

    And, speaking of “thrive”… I don’t know if links are allowed, so just Google the following: “Scientists say America is too dumb for democracy to thrive”

  20. Alastair says :

    “muertos says : June 3, 2012 at 6:48 pm
    You claim that the fact that comments are moderated is a major defect of this site”

    The fact that I can’t reply to you properly proves the point. After 2 reponses, the comments do not show a reply button any longer and I must break out of the threaded reply format (as I am doing now) to reply once more.

    So, stop harping on this red herring, please. It’s a tedious position intended to fool the stupid, I can only guess. Unless you really are this stupid?

    • Kip says :

      And now for something completely different…
      Hello, Seems like were here for an arguement. No we’re not! Yes we are! See we’re arguing. Are not!!
      Thank you Monty Python for such great insights into our humanity.

      We have things to do. Things to produce with our hands. Ghandi was not a pacifist. While he was non violent he was active and he realized that wasting time arguing was time lost to producing. Producing goods that sustained he and his family without using British money or British industry. Plant a garden avoid fossil fuel usage and turn off the computer more and most of all figure out how a producer and not a consumer. Thanks.

  21. Bob Dole says :

    LMAO this guy’s debunking and attempting to paint Libertarians as the Enemy shows WHO he is really working for. In case he is not aware, this country was founded by libertarians and the WHOLE FKN Idea was to use libertarian values mixed slightly with socialist welfare to create a balanced and healthy state. It also happens to be one of the most successful versions of democracy available. BOO @ the site promoter, he really is a sad little turd living in a fantasy Disney world. This guy would support wall street and bankers before lending a helping hand to the people that really need it. Truly disgusting propaganda. One needs look no further than Noam Chomsky’s lectures on Libertarian ism verses the current system to see that this site is 100% fraudulent and attempting to convince people to continue playing the current game. Which is a game, it is simply slavery advanced. Think about it, when minimum wage won’t even feed someone, let alone pay their rent, you really think that’s free? PFfft… Gimme a break.

    If I ever meet the guy that promotes this site, I will be giving him a solid military style punch in the nose. That is ALL he deserves.

    And btw, BAFTA award winning documentary film maker “Adam Curtis” sides with Thrive and is a personal friend with Mr. Gamble, I’ll take my advice from one of the world’s most respected and foremost political historians, over THIS brain-dead felch digesting scum-bag any day.

    • Bob Dole says :

      Also, there are videos on youtube, of “PROFESSIONAL” crop circle making teams, one needs only view a few of them to realize THESE are the real con men, they could barely make a SMALL crop circle, with 30 men, an entire night, and all they spelled out was “debunked” and it WASN’T even symmetrical. LMAO, considering over half my town witnessed a UFO event 3 years ago that left most of them convinced that “jesus” was returning, I saw it with my own eyes, you can be a skeptic all you want, but it doesn’t change the truth and people will know soon enough.

      (The UFO’s that were seen for 2 days, by over 7 thousand people, were round shimmery orbs, very large, AKA they were thousands of feet in the sky, yet looked bigger than a full moon, they did not change color, or do any patterns, just sat in the sky for about an hour moving side to side very slowly, and then we saw them basically Jettison into space, at breakneck speeds, so fast it seemed to burn an arc into your retinas. I mean, I stood alongside senior citizens and college students, and physics students were telling me that it was “impossible” and their professor even commented that he had no logical explanation.)

      When you see one, maybe you’ll get it.

      • Sarah says :

        Does AKA have a meaning other than ‘also known as’? If it doesn’t, you used it incorrectly. If it does, I would love to know it.

    • JG says :

      Oh yeah, Chomsky and Gamble are like the same people. Just look at these quotes!

      Noam Chomsky on weatherizing homes:

      It would also have the effect of reviving one of the main collapsing industries, construction, and overcoming a substantial part of the employment crisis. It will take inputs. It will take money from, ultimately, the taxpayer. We call it the government, but it means the taxpayer. But it is a way of stimulating the economy, of increasing jobs, also with a substantial multiplier effect (unlike bailing out bankers and investors), and also making a significant impact on the destruction of the environment. But there’s barely a proposal for this, almost nothing.

      Now, Gamble on global warming and taxes:



      • Bob Dole says :

        They essentially say the same thing, Chomsky also believes the global tax on carbon is a scam, what’s ur point dude?

      • JG says :

        Can you really not see the difference? Gamble argues that the hype surrounding global climate change is largely manufactured and used as an excuse to tax the human race into enslavement (tax bondage?). Chomsky, on the hand, has stated that the IPCCs estimates on climate change are woefully conservative and that corporations (and governments) have deliberately engineered doubts (the kind that Gamble believes) about climate science to prevent global regulation of their industries. In other words, if Chomsky doesn’t like a global tax on carbon, it’s because he thinks it doesn’t go far enough. They may both be libertarians of a sort, but their visions for the direction of this country couldn’t be more at odds.

    • muertos says :

      My new favorite comment! I’m a “brain-dead felch digesting scum-bag” because I refuted an Internet conspiracy movie, and you want to punch me in the nose.

      Thanks for demonstrating how compassionate, caring and full of love Thrive fans are, by physically threatening their critics and accusing them of eating shit. I’m sure Foster Gamble is very proud of your seminal efforts to defend his movie! Maybe he’ll invite you to his ranch in Santa Cruz and you can share your celebration of peace, love and goodwill toward all.

    • Antonio M says :

      If you don’t like working for minimum wage, then maybe you shouldn’t have spent all those school years smoking pot in the yard… The type of job you get is entirely up to you if you are willing to do the work to get it, unless you’re to lazy due to THC intoxication… And speaking of getting high, maybe your redneck town would see less “UFO’s” if they weren’t on so much booze and drugs…

      P.S. Save up that welfare money and get a dictionary… Because you have no idea what “jettison” means…

  22. tolerant to a fault says :

    Have you seen the new website, “THRIVE DEBUNKED DEBUNKED”? Its all about an anonymous web spammer ranting pseudo-thoughtful nonsense with an arrogant attitude and emotional drive. Don’t bother, its as boring and useless as the website it debunks.

  23. Geraldo says :

    Maybe a counter US destabilization campaign. A Lot of complaints come by RT (Russian Television). I don´t know, for sure…

  24. Tonic says :

    Someone telling you to “eat shit and die” is not a death threat you over- sensitive, self opinionated fool. A death threat is when someone specifically states that they are going to come after you and kill you. If you want to go criticising other people then you better get used to getting it back. What goes around comes around!

    • muertos says :

      Oh it isn’t, is it? I guarantee you that if someone opposed to Thrive sent Foster Gamble an email with this exact content, it would definitely, 100%, no question be considered a death threat.

      I like to think that I do not sink to the level of Thrive fans in their vitriolic allergy to anyone who thinks differently than they do. I continue to rely on verifiable facts and logical reasoning to make my case. If you’d like a closer look at the tactics Thrive fans use in their responses to me, I suggest you take a look at this page:

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Hasn’t one frequenter of this blog, Hollywood Tomfortas, actually been reported by Gamble to the police?

  25. Stuart Anderson says :

    Hi Muertos,

    I really like your blog, keep up the good work. The web-based avalanche of New Age bullsh*t and Conspiracy Theorising is really becoming quite annoying. You are performing a much needed public service for humanity. Thanks for your efforts, you are definitely an inspiration. I too swallowed a few New Age / Conspiracy / UFO type beliefs in my teenage years. Fortunately I was able to extricate myself from these false beliefs. with good mental heigene, (logic, cross-checking, use of reliable sources, Occams Razor, etc) and a disciplined approach to learning gained from studying science and mathematics. My hobby is geometric dissections, (but there is nothing ‘sacred’ or mystical about my mathematics).

    If you need someone to help with debunking research I’m happy to help.

  26. Keith says :

    Just speed read your blog and just wanted to say thank you for your time and efforts on debunking ‘thrive’.
    I am involved in the plant sacrament world in which many new age/ conspiritual people are also attracted. Over the years I have listened to almost all the widely known conspiracies and wondered about their authenticity. Having been on a spiritual experiential journey for over 24yrs I have experienced things that science cannot as yet explain and so that has possibly led me to be somewhat tolerant of some such conspiratorial theories. However I have also seen how people will believe anything that is put in front of them if it apparently explains how we got to be in the mess we appear to be in and how supposition is common place and seems to work on most people. I have found myself in difficult positions with friends over the years and I agree that the new age/conspiritualists is almost becoming a ‘new religion’ and as an insider ,as it were, I have seen my popularity decrease as I don’t subscribe to most of the fantastical theories that seem to be prevalent at this time. I would like to educate people further and your blog has helped immensely. Much gratitude!

  27. Tony Koch says :

    This website is a complete waste of time.

  28. Sydney says :

    You’re a dick

  29. Kyle says :

    It’s funny how ignorance, breeds ignorance in this world. in your section where you bash David Icke’s theory on social programming, you state “His theories have no backing”, and you state there are no facts to back his position. Problem is, there are no facts to back your’s either. You give none. On one hand maybe the fact that nothing but thin air is the backing for our money, which is controlled by (obviously) very rich families. It’s no mystery that they have fought hard to eliminate the Gold Standard (many times in fact), and that much of the global economic problems, are IN FACT, based on debt, which was created (to be profitable) by these people. Yes, these are facts. People are ridiculed/ostracized for believing that this global elite control of money is some sort of conspiracy towards Global Domination.. yet if you’ve paid any attention to a thing in life called Greed, it’s pretty simple: more is better, and there is no end to more. It’s no copnspiracy; it’s human nature: Man’s desire to have more. If David is wrong; it’s as simple as the concept that people, are merely (on the large) scared to “think different”. People don’t want the responsibility of being a leader so they follow. It doesn’t take a social programming agenda to get people to wake up and work hard, for next to nothing, for decades. There is no conspiracy, there are only men, who are greedy, who take the natural next step towards more. If you can’t see that, then you too, are asleep.

    • Wyboth says :

      Oh sweet Jesus, another “different thinker.” Look. We’re not afraid to think differently. That’s not the issue. The issue is that conspiracies have no proof that they exist, and many of them are ridiculous, so we can only say that someone made them up. What would happen if we followed them and organized movements and such, only to find out that it was wrong, and that we were all wasting our time? Especially when that was the obvious conclusion in the first place? Come on, people. Don’t assume something is true until proven false. Be scientific.

    • Ed says :

      He posts a pretty solid fact: the fact that Icke’s claims have no fact backing them. What more do you want? A selection of things that aren’t backing Icke?

  30. . says :

    running from the truth are we?
    its one thing when your average citizen doesnt believe things that force them to re-examine their dogmas. but a website, and seemingly most of your time dedicated to argue against many proven facts. thats pretty wild, and what got me to typing.
    we can simplify it for all of you:
    you are either part of the solution, or part of the problem.
    good luck.

    • Wyboth says :

      Running from the truth? No, I’d say more like explaining it to those who misunderstand it.

      You seem to think that Thrive contains material that should make everyone have some kind of epiphany. It doesn’t. Rather, it lures gullible people like you into believing it so that it gathers a sort of cult following. The rest of the sensible people reject it. But that riles up all of you people because you believe that it’s so great, and you think that the only way we can’t believe it is if we’re some sort of disinfo agent. We just laugh at you because you’re so ridiculous.

      Proven facts? Puh-leeez. More like gilded beliefs. Time and time again, this blog has shown that many of Thrive’s “facts” are completely fabricated and hold no water in the real world. But, once again, you people get PO’d and stick the disinfo agent label on our foreheads.

      So, period, I’d like to ask you to re-read the articles (if you ever read them in the first place) and re-evaluate your faith in Thrive. If you use reason, you’ll soon find that Thrive’s bastion of truth in your mind will all fall down. But I doubt that will happen, since you won’t re-read them and you won’t use reason and you’ll just reply to this flaming me and calling me closed-minded and a disinfo agent. Too bad.

  31. tjmartin66x says :

    Well… if I were you I might be generous and suggest to the hate authors that they consult Louis C.K. on the proper way to “suck a bag of dicks” ….

  32. cvcena says :

    Wow I’m really amused at this page seeing people throw mud at each other…. Don’t you guys have a job or something?

  33. David says :

    free energy exists.

  34. Albert E says :

    So we live in a civilised democracy and our schools teach us all the truth, and our scientists and Drs are all stalwarts, and our lawyers and Legal system is pretty damn good? Hmmm. We don’t fight phoney wars and Government is well intentioned? …Interesting world view you seem to have. But I’d be a raving looney conspiracy theorist for questioning your world view? Please lets have more of your world view…a film maybe. I mean something that tells us there’s nothing that needs to change..except to rid ourselves of irrational people who disagree with your world view?

    • anticultist says :

      Big strawman argument you just created there.

      Make up claims no one actually made, then shoot them down, then pat yourself on the back for destroying an argument no one made.

      You should at least address the points actually made rather than the made up ones in your last post.

  35. Albert E says :

    And as far as I am concerned, you need to say what it is you stand for, regardless of whether Thrive is nonsense or not. Then we can all see why it is you make your criticisms and from what standpoint. It is easier then to decide whether your views are worth anything or carry some weight.

    • anticultist says :

      I stand for no tolerance regarding stupid claims with no evidence to back them up. I stand for no tolerance for conspiracy nut cases coming here saying stupid shit. I stand for no tolerance for people who refuse to learn when shown they are wrong.

      I don’t need to justify anything else to you however, you are just some internet dude passing through. What you think about me is of no consequence to anyone. Plus I have stated my case hundreds of times on this blog to multiple randoms goons who just pass through talking smack, if you want to know anything about the people who regularly post here and what they believe just read the blog posts.

  36. Albert E says :

    Sounds like you have created a strawman too..to cast your slings and arrows at. Yes just a dude like you…no more or less important. Nice.

    • anticultist says :

      The Straw Man fallacy is committed when a person simply ignores a person’s actual position and substitutes a distorted, exaggerated or misrepresented version of that position. This sort of “reasoning” has the following pattern:

      Person A has position X.
      Person B presents position Y (which is a distorted version of X).
      Person B attacks position Y.
      Therefore X is false/incorrect/flawed.

      there you go, no excuse to get it wrong anymore.

  37. Albert E says :

    Ha ha ha. Yes but seems you may need a lesson beyond primary level logic and semantics. You see you appear to start with the questionable premise that you are always right, and that is an argument made of straw and made for burning in my humble opinion.

    Furthermore you do not appear to be clear on what you stand for at all, you merely criticise and create the strawman argument that all conspiracies are wrong and not based on evidence. Then in circular form…you are always right..because Conspiracy theories cannot be right…can they…

  38. Albert E says :

    Anyone that feeds a fiction is irrelevant. It’s all a matter of perspective. This who have eyes to see see, those who do not always scream the loudest about how right they are. My opinion is very vallid to those with eyes to see. You avoid offering us a view of what you see, just what you don’t see. Why should anyone listen to you. Waste of time.

    • Frankie says :

      We have eyes to see, but we will not look nor hear arguments with no support. When dealing with reality and hard facts, you cant have the luxury of saying that “it’s a matter of opinion”.
      As long as you have some credible data to support your opinion, we will see. Otherwise we can’t take you seriously.
      Good evening.

      • anticultist says :

        This dude isn’t smart enough Frankie, he doesn’t even know what a straw man is, even when shown its exact usage and structure. For some reason he thinks paragraphs of words with zero substance are meaningful.

        His first post was unadulterated sarcasm and egotistical straw man tactics in order to create the illusion of intellectual authority. All this from the mind of a peon who thinks creative thinking is a substitute for facts an evidence.
        His second post was asking what those who doubt the conspiracy theory narrative we believe, and if they refused to administer his demands immediately they would be cast aside.
        His third post was a ‘No you !’ post, as if a child had been called a nasty name and it got upset for being chastised by it’s parent. With an additional paragraph showing complete lack of understanding another human beings points and comments about their stance, in order to further an argument position that does not exist.
        Hi fourth post was an egotistical claim of being in the know and of superior access to secret knowledge others can not see, what you and I know as apophenia and opinion. All this then raised to the plateau of being a more important vantage point for him to snipe any actual intellectual and factual claims.
        Even after all this was addressed and shown erroneous he still posts paragraphs of bull shit in the hope some other unimportant internet user might pass along agree with his beliefs, irrespective of them being completely asinine and wrong.

      • Frankie says :

        I used to have faith and hope in these guys, but it’s always dissapointment and more dissapointment. Following the comments, i have seen how much they fail to just get it.
        Maybe they use their twisted logic (if it can be called that) to believe whatever their balls wish. Probably gnomes. Hell, some UFOlogists believe in some Spring heel jack guy that looks like batman and threw gas at women.
        Hell, what they heck has the world come to??!! why are people believing in batman boogeymen, and in a bunch of crap of that sort?
        Anticultist, if you know any conspiracy theorist, ask them about mothman, most likely they will believe in that jackassery. I just wish these guys would just peacefully get it, and move on with their lives. They believe in everything improbable, in everything that is contrarian, more accurately. Some real things are fantastical, like the moon landings and what hubble can make, but these people disbelieve the moon landings, and instead marry with beliefs of reptilians and hollow earths. They hail the moon landings as too improbable, while believing in more preposterous bullshit.
        It just blows my mind. I wonder how someone so stupid can even write on a blog. And i dont mean to be condescending, or a snob. I mean it for real, WHY?!
        Besides speculation on these guys cognitive capacity, I need to get something straight to all conspiratards here: I understand all this shit about respecting opinions, but when you make a claim that is so far away from reality and show it as of it was fact, you cant expect to have your opinion respected. When dealing with reality, present facts, and evidence. No bullshit.

        Geez.. perhaps I am engaging in wishful thinking by hoping they get it someday.

      • a rational person says :

        frankie, conspiracy nutbags will never get it.

        conspiracy theories are brain corroding nonsense. once this shit gets in your head u’re lucky to have any brain cells left.

        look at the stupid fucks who have commented on this site the last few weeks.

        “jay” is a member of the zeitgest movement who worships peter joseph and keeps checking back to see if this blog is deleted because it’s a “CRIME” to say that 911 was not an inside job.
        “eatin pickles” (pickle fucker) is a hate filled jew hating nazi anti semite who thinks eustace mullins is the cats meow and spammed this blog for a week because he couldn’t tolerate someone disagreeing with him.
        “stratoblaster” is a fucking loon who thinks darth vader blew up the world trade centers on 911 with lazer guns from space. PEW! PEW! PEW! *you are in command now, ADMIRAL piett!*
        “dave” is a fucking nutbag who thinks anyone who disagrees with thrive is a “paid disinformation agent”.
        “zach” has been spamming this blog for over 6 months even tho muertos owned him when he tried to claim that it was up to people who say free energy doesn’t exist to build their stupid tinfoil and tinkertoy machines to prove it doesn’t exist. then he had the gall to say he was being rational.
        “alan” has been spamming this blog for a year, says nobody has any right to criticize conspiracy nutbag shit until they say “what they believe in” even though he (alan) seems to beleive 911 was an inside job and may believe in lizard people.
        “alan e” uses stupid arguments about how great it is that other nutbags believe what he says, and if all the rest of us would just become nutbags too we’d see how fucking brilliant he is, but until we do, fuck off and die.
        “foster gamble” is a tired old man who pissed away $7 million of his own money to make this piece of shit movie which is so bad that even the people interviewed in it jumped ship and called bullshit on it, and yet he thinks that muertos is a “paid disinformation agent” and that his movement is going to change the world even though nobody cares about it anymore.

        these are the kind of people who are supporting thrive…and it’s not like these are just run of the mill people…this is the “best” they have. no one defending the movie is any smarter or more sane than these fucks, because if they had anyone smart or sane defending thrive, theyd sure as hell be shouting it from the rooftops and doing their best to keep these insane nutbag fucks locked up so they couldn’t spoil their brand (& their meal ticket).

        thrive is a “movement” of nutbag conspiracy theorists. and this is what u get when you let nutbag conspiracy theorists do anything…everything they touch turns to shit, and they get laughed at by the real world, which is exactly what should happen because these fucks don’t have any clue how wrong and crazy they are.

      • Frankie says :

        Rational person, they are like Midas, but they touch stuff and it turns into shit.
        Dont forget how pickle fuck and delaney wrote really incoherent shit. i couldnt make any sense of it. And i totally agree, Foster Gamble is just an old man with nothing else to do besides believe in flying shiny donuts and reptilians. This shit has one of my friends mesmerized, and its so painful to see him, a really intelligent guy, who is studying computer engineering, straight As, and believing in Thrive… I hope its just a passing curiosity, as it is with smart people.
        These guys are already Thrive itself. They eat thrive, breathe thrive, and fuck thrive. They cant prove we are disinformation agents, or that there are reptilians on the white house. All they have is ridiculous videos of Bush’s eyes moving around, and thats all. Pure bullshit. Only they can believe it. I cant believe they dont understand how a camera can captire eye movements and make it look like a reptile’s eye, but i guess we are disinformation agents… whatever.
        Other people are worse, they think evolution is a lie, becuse they havent seen monkeys having baby humans. Whenever i hear such idiocies, i feel like making silly sounds with my tongue to mock them, because seriously, they deserve that.
        Others say the big bang theory is a weird theory, and I am very sorry for them, for they are college professors….. I wonder if the examiners were drunk or were just lazy.
        I havent read any of David Icke’s books, nor do I want to, but I bet you he uses Carl Sagan’s writings of the reprilian complex as “evidence” for his woo woo. I hate it when they twist what respectable writers say, because people get bullshit on their brains and live on with that unaware that it is shit. They go to parties and whatnot, and brag about this “interesting” book they read about aliens, and everyone else may believe them, or laugh at them. But this shit is viral, its intellectual cancer, and as silly as it sounds, the only therapy is skepticism and critical thinking.

  39. anon@fuckyou.com says :

    For Those who understand,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    no explanation is possible.
    This guy is one of those who does not. I feel sorry for him. Debunk your sole and tell me that you don’t have it.

    • a rational person says :

      “for those who understand, no explanation is necessary.”

      well, that sums up thrive pretty well…a totally bullshit movie that people decide to believe just because they want to believe it, not because its true. actually it isn’t true but people believe it anyway because they want to!

      anyone who thinks like this is a fucking nutbag.

  40. NaDDaC says :

    Haters… haters everywhere! I have to say, honnestly, that I’ve not watch the entire thing so I can’t comment on all the stuff you’ve “debunked”. Don’t get me wrong here, but your blog, and the way it’s written, feels to me like a personnal vendetta against those Trive guys. In fact, by almost just discrediting that film and their participants, you don’t bring much water to the mill. I can’t either comment on how you (or they) are wrong but I know something for sure. There’s plenty of misinformation out there. School teached me how Columbus discovered Americas, later to know that some canadian archeologists found Vikings remains that dated before his travel. Another example is the Newtonian way of thinking before all that quantum stuff pops up. I think you can get my point by now and I don’t have to launch a blog on it. There’s many theories and hypothesis who seem far fetched and who don’t get the attention/time needed to investigate or refute them correctly. I suppose that the fact that most scientists don’t want to be involve with your debunking stories, it’s because they’re aware that those types of confrontation are not science friendly and don’t bring much progress in the field. In my view, the world needs more crazy ideas than rigid-dogmatic ones. Finally, to the others who are simply bullshitting you, I’d like to say that it doesn’t bring much progress either..! Please be kind of my english writing skills and have a nice day!

  41. A guy. says :

    I don’t think you should die, but I think you are providing a disservice to humanity. All thrive does it promote peace and unity among us, and you are spending way too much of your own time to try to destroy that. I never read any of your posts, because they are extremely long and probably filled with bullshit with a lot of double talk (kinda like how our politicians feed us BS). The funny thing is, all these debunking sites are extremely long posts to the point where it is work to read it all. Thats the thing about videos like thrive and the service Infowars does, everything they report on just feels like it is the truth. The world as it is described by the media makes no sense. I saw that as a child before I even knew what conspiracy theories were.

    I think you should try joining the good guys instead of throwing fuel on the fire the cabal are fanning.

    • a rational person says :

      wow. you are one of the biggest fucking morons who’s posted on this site in a long time. u believe in ridiculous conspiracy theories because they “just feel like it is the truth”. but u are TOO FUCKING LAZY TO READ A BLOG THAT EXPLAINS WHY THEY’RE NOT TRUE because “it is work to read it all”?

      you fucking lazy bastard! how the fuck do you think you’re going to understand how the world works WITHOUT DOING A LITTLE FUCKING WORK???!?!!??! what, u want everything just handed to u on a silver platter is that it? wow, i feel sorry for your mom, having to wait on your lazy ass all the time.

      jeezuz christ, this shit fucking pisses me off! stupid fucking conspiracy nutbags, lazy ass bastards who won’t get off their fat video game playing asses EVEN TO READ SOMETHING ON THE FUCKING INTERNET!!!!!! never mind actually reading a BOOK or GOING TO COLLEGE, but now they’re so lazy they won’t even read articles on the fucking internet becaus “they are extremely long and probably filled with bullshit”.

      fuck u, asshole…srsly, fuck you. what a fucking waste.

      • anticultist says :

        Exactly lol

        I couldn’t believe what I was reading, the dude is probably too fucking lazy or incapable of reading these replies to his mongoloid comment.

        ” I never read any of your posts, because they are extremely long and probably filled with bullshit with a lot of double talk (kinda like how our politicians feed us BS). The funny thing is, all these debunking sites are extremely long posts to the point where it is work to read it all. Thats the thing about videos like thrive and the service Infowars does, everything they report on just feels like it is the truth. The world as it is described by the media makes no sense. I saw that as a child before I even knew what conspiracy theories were.”

        LOL it doesn’t really get any more retarded than that !

        Doesn’t read the blog, makes an assumption on what its content in and comments about it lol.



      • ab says :

        This pretty much describes the majority of the conspiracy theorists. Too lazy to read an article, yet is attracted to videos and anything that is visually stimulating. Makes me wonder whether they suffer from ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

      • anticultist says :

        Nah they are just lazy fuckers with low intellectual abilities, no patience and from a generation that expect everything in life to be given to them freely, no questions asked and with nothing given in return.

        They are pretty much the bottom feeders of society.

      • Frankie says :

        anticultist, or to any person with critical tjinking skills: how do you convince someone that time dilation is real? It has been shown in experiment many times already, GPS systems have to be regulated so time dilation effects don’t cause miscommunication, and despite all this evidence, i know someone who refuses to accept it. I pointed out to that person that most of the scientific community, if not all of it, accept the existence of the effect, and that Stephen Hawking, Asimov, Sagan, Tyson, all accept its existence.
        The response of that person was that it doesnt matter if sagan or hawking accept something, because they could all be wrong and that time dilation sounds like “fantasy”.
        I went through pains of explaining that person how time dilation works, it was difficult, because i an getting the handle of it at the moment, but all i got was a chuckle and was told that until he sees it happening he will believe it.
        Yet, that person believes in the law of attraction, in telepathy, in acupuncture, in the bible (somehow at least), in ghosts, angels, auras, faith healing, etc. How can this be?! It is incredible that someone can believe in all that shit and reject something like time dilation, an effect that has been measured many times. And funnier now that i think so, that person called time dilation a fantasy, yet accepts as sophisticated realities such things as psychic phenomena..
        I have to admit i got acutely irritated with that person, and lost my temper.
        This is just another misconception many people have of skepticism, that it’s all about rejecting exotic and strange ideas by that virtue alone, when in fact many strange and outlandish things like time dilation exist: black holes, pulsars (just look at how the gravity bends space time to allow you to see both poles of the neutron star), gravitational lenses, etc. It is not about rejecting strange ideas, it is about looking at the evidence, credible evidence, and keep asking questions that the evidence may create. But with people believing in psychics but disbelieving in a scientific discovery makes the job more nebulous.

      • ab says :

        @Frankie – The Hafele and Keating Experiment of 1971 is the only one that comes to mind concerning the Time Dilation effect.


  42. sansome2012 says :

    Good point. Lets expect another “You are a f’ing moron and conspiracy loon.,..blah blah blah response from the Author…who clearly has no other means to defend his position than to rely on ad hominem attacks. Not sure who is paying this guy to waste such time writing pages and pages of drivel. But some people have wasted their reading it…and sadly .believing the drivel therein. Enough of this, far more intelligent debates going on out there and this author is far from intelligent. Goodbye redneck. Hope your worldview becomes less toxic soonest.

    • anticultist says :

      Author doesn’t even reply here anymore, nor have they used the you’re a f’ing moron approach. However, people who post here use that all the time.

      Anyway that aside, got an evidence to support your side ?

      Your little bitching comment about unfair treatment is hardly of any value.

  43. Alexander Thomas Trainor says :

    Author of Thrive Debunked:

    I agree with your rational skepticism but your generalizations of conspiracy theorists are appaling. Believe it or not, some ideas formerly thought to have been conspiracy theories have turned out to be true (Tuskagee Syphallus Experiment http://www.cdc.gov/tuskegee/timeline.htm, MK ULTRA http://www.michael-robinett.com/declass/c000.htm, Dr. Kings assassination http://www.nytimes.com/1999/12/10/us/dr-king-s-slaying-finally-draws-a-jury-verdict-but-to-little-effect.html)
    It is also important to consider that some conspiracy theorists dismiss Alex Jones and David Icke as crazy people and actually research the cold hard facts on their own. Saying that all conspiracy theorists devoutly process every bat shit theory is just plain disrespectful. You are right when you say that free energy and lizard man theories distract from important problems but there’s no reason to throw the baby out with the bathwater (i cant believe i just used that lol). All I’m saying is healthy skepticism should go both ways. Be skeptical of the tin foil hat brigrade, but be just as skeptical of the Mainstream Media. I’d also like to say that I find your anonimity quite pussy-esq (not sure if thats a word but it fits you well). Even though i share the same sentiment with you on the topic of the Thrive documentary, I think your “all or nothing” attitude is lazy and dismissive. Your lack of citations is laughably ironic considering how much you vent on the common conspiracy theorists’ lack of justification. I could probably dedicate a whole blog to your dickery, but i’ll leave you with this:

    I’m going to entice your mother then take her out for an extravagent evening of fine wine and dancing we’ll have a wonderful time and then I’ll never call her again.

    How’s that for a threat?


    I’m Alex Trainor
    And Yes that is my real name


    I dont know if you consider the evidence I provided on Dr. King since it came some middle-aged nutjob’s all capatalized multi font multi color illuminatoo-worldorder-lizardoverlord website. OH WAIT…. The article I provided is from the New York Times!

    If you think about reporting me to the authorities I swear to Hare Krishna I will send your mother a well-thought out birthday card every year for ten years and then NOT SEND ONE on the 11th Year. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH MUAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA

  44. N W Jackson says :

    Agree or disagree, threats are uncalled for.
    I have yet to make up my mind fully, at the end of the film he says ‘if we pick up weapons against them we will lose’, it would give them a reason to attack back. I would think threats would fall on the weapon side.

  45. skyride says :

    Forgive me for smirking that you believe “eat shit and die” is a death threat. The people who have threatened my life were certainly a lot more specific than that… Nevertheless, it seems like it made you feel scared, which I can empathize with.

  46. Jay Mason says :

    Truth usually wins out over time – however those who take the time to research it and identify it correctly have always been in the minority. Being in the minority is no litmus test on validity.

  47. Ben says :

    Even now I am a Thriver, I won’t wish you die. In my belief, Thrive is an inspirational movement to promote awakening and is against conspiracies. We accept different points of view upon a single event. And I still be doubtful for all matters. If some conspiracies are evident and on-going, may them be true, and we have to investigate into them.

  48. Paul says :

    Has anyone involved in this blog revealed their identity yet? I’ve read much information on both sides of the “issue”, this blog included, but without the ability to research the people involved I find it impossible to assign any credibility to the author/s. This blog is essentially akin to trolling.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      You don’t need to know the identity of the authors if what they are saying can be evidenced. That is unless you are wanting to harass them with private emails and dox them ?

      The authors of this site are smart enough to know that conspiracy theorists are not the most rational people on the planet, and to lend them details of your whereabouts is like putting your hand in the mouth of a tiger, at some point one of them is going to bite it.

      Either you don’t know how to assess information and use rational critical thought, or you do. There’s no other way round it.

      • Paul says :

        That sounds very much like paranoia to me mate. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t recall any news reports of hands being gnawed off by tigers over this stuff, to extend your metaphor. If you’re going to get involved in the first place you should expect to have to “out” yourself at some point; in fact, they should be out there at conferences debunking this stuff. They have some good points that would make some people think twice before blinding accepting some of this stuff based on one side of the story.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        Nah it’s just being sensible. When you have strangers sending you death threats in private emails you might see why the authors are careful.

        You might enjoy getting harassed though ?

        Feel free to post your own personal information here Paul.

      • Paul Keating says :


        If anyone would like to harrass me, feel free, you’d do well to scare me more than my missus.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        ha ha fair play Paul.

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