Gambles Fire Back, Accusing Thrive Critics of “Disinformation Campaign”

Foster and Kimberly Gamble, the husband and wife team behind the conspiracy theory movie Thrive, have issued a statement firing back at the ten signatories of last week’s letter, people who appeared in the film but who have now disassociated themselves from it. The signatories include progressive leader John Robbins, who knows Foster Gamble personally, and who also gave me a statement regarding his views on the conspiracy aspects of the film, and Adam Trombly, the inventor whom the film claims created a “free energy” device. The full text of the statement was posted on this blog as a comment by one of Thrive’s official spokespersons. It’s also available on the “Thrive Movement” website.

The disappointing and fatuous statement by Mr. and Mrs. Gamble attempts both to minimize the controversy and to belittle the signers of the letter and critics of the film. Most notably, Mr. and Mrs. Gamble accuse John Robbins, the driving force behind the disassociation letter, of engaging in a “disinformation campaign” to discredit the film. The statement also makes clear that acceptance of the conspiracy theories advanced by Thrive as literal fact is a prerequisite for being taken seriously in the discussion of “solutions” that the makers of the film say they wish to engage in.

Because there are also parts of the statement that may be addressed to me and to this blog, I thought I would present my comments regarding it here. If you’d rather see the statement in its full form, without my comments interjected, either click the link to the comment above, or go here to the statement on Thrive’s website.

“Disinformation Campaign”?

“As those who have seen THRIVE know, we are committed to a bold inquiry into what is really in the way of our thriving – and to offering much more than just a tweak to our fundamentally flawed and failing system.

One of our core approaches in making THRIVE was to hear from people with differing points of view and to go for vital information regardless of the political affiliations of the source. That way we could do our own informed and critical thinking and glean the principles and facts from which true, just and lasting solutions can be created.”

I remain skeptical that anyone connected with Thrive engaged in any sort of sustained effort at critical thinking. Indeed, as this blog has shown, the makers have engaged in very little critical thinking. In order to reach the conclusion that aliens built various large works of ancient engineering, for instance, you must first accept a totally counter-intuitive assumption about the capabilities of ancient civilizations as compared to our modern world. Similarly, you have to turn off large portions of your brain to even conceive possible the bizarre “Global Domination Agenda” which a centerpiece of Thrive’s message.

“We encourage a transparent, respectful, informed and constructive dialog that can address the specifics of any differences some of the pioneers in THRIVE might have with us. Although the letter of dissociation raised no specific issues, we understand from John Robbins’ articles and the correspondence that he wrote soliciting others to participate in his disinformation campaign that the objections range from ET presence, to naming the reality of the Global Domination Agenda, to validating Zero Point Energy, to adhering to the Principle of Non-violation. Wow, not much of a movie left after eliminating those taboo inquiries!”

Setting aside the “disinformation campaign” accusation for the moment, I observe that Mr. Gamble is employing a common tactic among conspiracy theorists—labeling critics of conspiracy theories as people who are reluctant to discuss “taboo” subjects. This is a pretty transparent diversion. I don’t reject the Global Domination Agenda conspiracy theory because it’s “taboo” to accept it. I reject it because it is totally unsupported by evidence and also because it’s contrary to logic. I don’t denounce the idea of ancient astronauts because it’s “taboo” to admit that aliens built the pyramids. I reject it because aliens did not build the pyramids, and there isn’t a shred of evidence to suggest that they did. This has nothing to do with anything “taboo.”

The “disinformation campaign” comment is astonishing. Does Mr. Gamble really believe that John Robbins, who (Mr. Robbins told me) he has known for many years, is deliberately spreading false information about Thrive and soliciting others to join him? Really? I can’t even imagine, if this is what Mr. Gamble really thinks, why he supposes Mr. Robbins would do this. I’ve been accused many times of being a “paid disinformation agent” out to trash Thrive, and I’ve even joked about it. But it’s easy for Thrive supporters to make that accusation about me. Here’s Foster Gamble accusing his personal friend of that. How deep do you have to be in the thrall of conspiracist ideology to believe that your friends are spies out to destroy you?

“Decades Doing Our Homework”?

“We encourage everyone reading this to watch THRIVE and determine for yourselves if you agree that there is enough evidence to warrant additional dialog – about a covert agenda, about revolutionary new technologies and about bold strategies for achieving true liberty and justice for all.

We spent decades doing our homework on these issues and stand with complete integrity and clarity behind the facts represented in THRIVE.”

If Mr. Gamble and his team spent decades researching Thrive, they certainly missed a great deal of relevant information. It doesn’t take decades to find plenty of evidence, for instance, that crop circles are man-made. It also doesn’t take decades to research a historical event such as the Gulf of Tonkin affair, research which would have clearly indicated that the Gulf of Tonkin incident was not a “false flag” operation, as Mr. Gamble asserts in Thrive. I run this blog in my spare time. If I found all this information refuting the assertions in Thrive in my spare time in a mere five months, how come Thrive’s researchers, whoever they are, fell down on the job so badly?

The key part of this section of the statement is Mr. Gamble’s doubling down and going for broke. He says he stands behind Thrive’s facts. That’s extremely unfortunate, because countless matters he asserts as facts are untrue, misleading or taken out of context. Yet it seems Mr. Gamble is unwilling to admit that Thrive has any significant problems.


“We welcome meaningful dialog and otherwise consider it dangerous to undermine the millions of us who are standing up to expose the covert global scheme amongst the elite and their secret societies and intelligence agencies to destroy the economies of countless nations, take over their resources, and kill whatever leaders or people don’t play along.”

This is also classic conspiracy theorist paranoia. Anyone who opposes conspiracy theories is not only wrong in their eyes, but “dangerous.”

This part of the statement appeals to one of the central conceits of conspiracy theorists—that they’re privy to some sort of special knowledge that the rest of the world refuses to accept, and that knowledge will supposedly “save the world.” In this case Mr. Gamble is painting Thrive fans as an army of noble millions fighting the good fight against evildoers who destroy economies and kill people. Conspiracy theorists tend to love movies like The Matrix and V For Vendetta because they underscore this basic and very simplistic narrative. The real world is far more complicated than this, unfortunately.

Oh, did I mention that the “covert global scheme amongst the elite and their secret societies” does not, in fact, exist? I did? Oh, sorry. Just don’t want that to get lost in the shuffle.

“Hit and Run Communications”!

“Further hit and run communications are of little interest to us, especially as it distracts from time better spent with motivated solutions groups forming all over the world who are awakening to the agenda and taking actions based on integrity and freedom rather than staying confined by outworn and deceptive political polarities.”

Mr. Gamble is here saying that he has more important things to worry about than, say, the credibility of his entire movie. Well, no matter. The purpose of this blog is not to motivate any action by Mr. Gamble; nor is it, as some have suggested, to “troll” Thrive fans. The purpose of this blog is to expose the general public to the reality of the serious factual and logical problems with the movie Thrive. That purpose will continue to be served whether Mr. Gamble is paying any attention or not.

“We encourage those who have publicly dissociated to offer their best information and solutions rather than spending time trying to undermine ours.

Each of the pioneers in THRIVE were invited because their expertise in a particular area had been helpful in our gaining an understanding of the bigger picture that includes, but vastly transcends, their sector of expertise -or anyone’s political affiliation. We clearly state this in the movie:

“The people in THRIVE do not necessarily agree with the themes, statements, claims or conclusions presented in the film or website, nor does their inclusion imply our full agreement with all of their views. The people interviewed have each contributed in some deep way to our understanding and we are grateful to them all.””

Again, the statement seems preoccupied with political affiliation. Yes, I do oppose the libertarian aspects of Thrive, as John Robbins has stated that he does; however, speaking only for myself, this is not my primary disagreement with the film or even in the top five. Though I find Thrive’s politics fulsome, if it was just a piece of libertarian political propaganda I probably wouldn’t care that much about it. It’s the conspiracy angle that concerns me. Although conspiracy thinking is becoming increasingly interwoven with libertarian political thought, at least until the last few years conspiracy beliefs cut across the political spectrum. I think this has much less to do with political affiliation than Mr. Gamble suggests here.

Thrive’s Millions are Coming! Or Are They?

“We are encouraged by the millions of viewers, thousands of self-created screenings, the hundreds of THRIVE Solutions groups forming to get on with what’s needed now – informed and leveraged action. People from all over the world- Greece, Poland, India, Portugal and more have voluntarily translated THRIVE into their languages to get the important information to their cultures. THRIVE is now translated into 18 different languages and we hear from people all over the world about the value THRIVE is offering in their cultural transformations.”

People from all over the world are viewing my blog, too. Aside from the U.S., Canada and Great Britain, today alone I had page views from Israel, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Brazil. Given the hits that show up from Google Translate it is also clear that Thrive Debunked has been translated into other languages also. This demonstrates to me that this blog is a clear success: many people are discovering the debunking at the same time as they discover the Thrive film for the first time. Therefore, they’re able to evaluate its claims side-by-side with the facts and logical arguments that refute it.

“We also are moved by the healings being reported in families, workplaces and communities as millions are getting the bridge between worldviews and beyond unnecessary and dangerous divide-and-conquer illusions. The new conversation, about what is really going on and solutions with human rights as primary, is, fortunately, unstoppable.

As stated in the book “1984”, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” There is a well-informed, nonviolent revolution brewing and we welcome constructive contributions from everyone ready to participate.

Foster and Kimberly Gamble”

Time will tell, but as hopeful a chord as this part of the statement sounds, I’m skeptical. Changing the world takes a lot more than just showing a movie to like-minded people who agree with it. The “Thrive Movement,” if such a thing can even be said to exist, isn’t doing much other than organizing screenings and discussion groups of fans who get together to talk about the movie. The problem is that this type of thing has been done before—with exactly zero effect. Here Thrive is emulating another group that organized itself as a fan club for a conspiracy movie, that being the infamous Zeitgeist Movement. Although the Zeitgeist cult is largely dead, there are still dwindling groups of supporters who meet occasionally to spin grandiose dreams of their “Resource Based Economy.” They have accomplished exactly nothing in the real world, except the promotion of conspiracy theories. Zeitgeist is different than the Thrive Movement in that it was, at least at one point in time, a real movement, with an identifiable leader, strict ideological guidelines and orthodoxy, and an organizational hierarchy. Even if a group can be said to be coalescing around Thrive—again, I’m skeptical this is even happening in any meaningful sense—it has none of these characteristics. If Zeitgeist can’t do it with a strong leader and supposedly an identifiable policy direction, I doubt very much that the fans of Thrive will be able to succeed where the Zeitgeisters failed.

That brings us to the next point:

What “Solutions,” Anyway?

The problem with Thrive’s “solutions” is that they are illusory, and in more ways than one. For one thing they aren’t clearly defined. The various “solutions” flogged on the Thrive website are all extremely vague and general. (I actually agree with many of them, but they’re still vague). Bank locally. Support independent media. Take part in “critical mass actions.” These sound terrific, but what do they really mean? What specific action are the Thrivers supposed to take to achieve these goals? That’s never defined, and Foster Gamble isn’t making any concerted effort to define them. And, as the experience with the Occupy Movement last fall demonstrates, getting a group of like-minded folks together and hoping that they work out for themselves what sort of specific goals they should pursue doesn’t tend to work very well. Successful grass-roots activist movements have never functioned on this model, and they never will. You’ve got to have someone in charge. Foster Gamble doesn’t seem to want to be in charge, which is fine. But expecting that a headless, leaderless group with no defined goals will accomplish anything in the real world is more than a little naïve.

Secondly, the point of Thrive is not really to push these “solutions” anyway. The point of Thrive is to make an ideological statement. The movie was created to animate belief, not action. It was created to advocate belief in New Age religious beliefs and conspiracy theories. I believe that the lip service given to the “solutions” is an add-on to mollify audience expectations. Thrive represents incremental progress on a very long road to legitimize and advance a certain belief system. If Thrive does end up “changing the world,” it will only be so because it leads to something else down the road. I discussed ideas along these lines in an article I wrote for my other blog about how the conspiracy world has changed.

But, let’s just assume for the sake of argument that I’m wrong about all that. The very troubling thing about Thrive is that the “solutions” its adherents say they advocate aren’t solutions to problems that we have. For example, as the Gambles’ statement indicates, Thrive fans fervently believe that crushing this “Global Domination Agenda” is a matter of paramount importance. But the “Global Domination Agenda” does not exist. They want to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. In the meantime, take a real problem that does exist—anthropogenic global warming, for instance, which I happen to believe is the single most crucial problem facing the world today—and most of them deny that it’s even a problem! Foster Gamble has made statements to the effect that he believes global warming is some sort of hoax. This, despite the absolutely overwhelming and conclusive scientific evidence that it’s happening, and that man has caused it.

So there you have it. Even if you can get past the vagueness of Thrive’s proposed solutions, it turns out they’re fired up to solve problems that don’t exist, and they deny the existence of the number one world problem that really does exist. Add to this the fact that the Gambles’ statement indicates that they’re not even really interested in talking to anyone who doesn’t, as a factual matter, accept the truth of the conspiracy theories pushed in Thrive, and you begin to see why this doesn’t work as a realistic means to move forward to solve world problems.

Conclusion: Why Am I Writing This Blog Instead of Making the World a Better Place?

This question is asked me often by Thrive fans, and you hear an echo of it in the Gambles’ statement: that somehow taking the time and effort to criticize Thrive is a waste of time, because instead you could be “making the world a better place.” This view is quite disingenuous.

For starters, I am making the world a better place by criticizing Thrive. Since the very beginning I’ve believed that this film, with its numerous deceptions, errors and incorrect statements, is on balance a bad thing. Belief in factually baseless conspiracy theories is a bad thing. This article I wrote last week explains why. My program for a better world is a world in which people think critically and rationally, and act on the basis of evidence and logic. In that world, conspiracy theories would not survive for long.

Secondly, none of the readers of this blog know what I am doing, and what I have done for a good many years now, to “make the world a better place.” The readers of this blog don’t know this because I haven’t told them, and I haven’t told them because this blog is not about me. So the readers of this blog don’t know that I have contributed large amounts of money to numerous charities and nonprofits. They don’t know the work I’ve done, and continue to do, to expand opportunities of higher education for kids from poor families—a cause I feel is especially important—or for children with cancer. They don’t know the work I did, personally, with my own two hands, to try to reduce wastewater emissions in the city where I used to live—a program that cumulatively cut toxic urban runoff by a total of 50% in three years. A few years ago I was the chief executive officer of a local activist organization that was estimated by the American Red Cross, during the year I was in office, to have been responsible for saving 21,000 lives. They don’t know the work I’ve been doing to increase historical understanding of global climate change. They don’t know about the kid in the Philippines, previously almost blind, who can today see because of something I did.

I hesitated to write the above paragraph because, as I said, this blog is not about me, and because I don’t wish to be seen as entering some sort of pissing match about “who’s done more.” I know that Foster Gamble has pursued many legitimate projects for positive change, such as his work on trying to limit pesticides, and I think that’s great. Nonetheless, I mention my own activities here for no other purpose than to demonstrate that I require no lectures from Foster and Kimberly Gamble, nor from any other Thrive fan, about what I should be doing to help “make the world a better place.”

I appreciate the Gambles’ desire to help. But, in my humble opinion, they’re not helping. Thrive is not part of the solution, it’s part of the problem. This was the reason the ten signed the disassociation letter. I commend them for having done so.

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63 responses to “Gambles Fire Back, Accusing Thrive Critics of “Disinformation Campaign””

  1. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    I just posted this comment on the John Robbins Santa Cruz article:


    We welcome meaningful dialog and otherwise consider it dangerous to undermine the millions of us who are standing up to expose the covert global scheme amongst the elite and their secret societies and intelligence agencies to destroy the economies of countless nations, take over their resources, and kill whatever leaders or people don’t play along.

    Whoa, Foster & Kim!!! You guys are not only “doubling down” on your beliefs with powerful “thought-terminating clichés,” you’re also starting to make death threats against all those who dare disagree with you. Well, since you guys are so “solutions-oriented,” I guess it won’t be long before you come up with a “final solution to the anti-THRIVer problem.”

    Your citing of George Orwell’s 1984 is also quite telling. I remember the famous slogans in the book: “War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.” — all expressions of “Newspeak,” where the opposite of one word is actually used to define that same word. You are doing something remarkably similar here with the phrase: “There is a well-informed, nonviolent revolution brewing . . .”

    You’re actually using the word “nonviolent” to mean “violent” here, just as Orwell in 1984 used the word “war” to define “peace.” You know damn well that there is an extremely high correlation between social/political revolutions and violence, and thus you incorporate “Newspeak” here to describe your revolution as “nonviolent.” That way, when the inevitable violence finally does come to your enemies — all those who dare criticize THRIVE — you can act as innocently as Pontius Pilate and wash your hands of it, — you, of course could not possibly bear any responsibility for whatever violence might arise out of your nonviolent THRIVE revolution.

    George Orwell himself might be proud of your upgrading his 1984 Newspeak to 2012.

    • muertos says :

      Hollywood, as wrong as the statement is in the part you quote, I disagree with you that it contains a veiled threat–or at least, the threat doesn’t come from the Thrivers. I think Mr. Gamble saying “it’s dangerous” means that by not accepting Thrive and endorsing whole-heartedly its conspiracy ideology, a person chooses to side with the “Global Domination Elite” and that’s dangerous. I don’t think it’s intended to be a warning that Thrive has an intention to hurt anyone. I don’t think they do. But the statement evinces a disturbing view that anyone who doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories is an “other” who’s appropriate to lump together with the malefactors they accuse of ruining the world.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :


        We are at the very beginning of a slippery slope here, and it will be a long slide down before the actual violence erupts, but I think if you read what I wrote about the use of Orwellian Newspeak and apply that to the way Foster Gamble propagandizes, you will understand why I consider it a death threat to those who criticize THRIVE. I suppose I should make a temporal qualification and call its present stage embryonic, but it’s a zygote that’s already been fertilized.

      • Sonya says :

        This guy moderates his comments. He also hides behind his own veil (this blog) ….Has the writer of Thrive debunked actually come out and said hey this is who I am?…NO for all we know he is a CIA agent or government disinformation campaign.. Black and white this is the most untruth I have seen.

      • anticultist says :

        LOL Sonya you are truly delusional.

      • Sarah says :

        I have counted at least six comments you posted accusing Muertos of hiding his identity. I’m starting to think you are the one hiding behind a pseudonym to stir up controversy. No, wait, that’s conspiratorial thinking. I will not accuse you of anything until I have proof.

  2. Mr. Anon says :

    Muertos, have you heard of the card game “Illuminati: New World Order” ( It’s not entirely relevant to the topic at hand, but I have to play it sometime!

  3. ML says :

    (I actually agree with many of them, but they’re still vague).

    This is your statement about the solutions being put forth in Thrive. Good to hear you agree with most of them. They are far more useful than your debunking of what Thrive presents. If you put as much energy into pursuing just such solutions and advocating for others as you do trying to tear down this film and its producers, it is certain to contribute more effectively to the critical challenges we face. Get constructive rather than deconstructive and then see how many people start reading your blog around the world. And encourage, and even challenge, those who are dissociating to put forth their solutions to stand the test of scrutiny as have the Gambles. We’re at the threshold of martial law, systems collapse, complete loss of privacy in the hands of those who control the very mechanisms that allow us to hold this conversation, and you’re putting this much energy into questioning the motive of Thrive. You might want to investigate the multi-billion dollar surveillance center being built in Utah and start criticizing that… while you can.

  4. Fede says :

    THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS. Please, keep doing it. YOU are helping the world be a better world. Thank you, in the name of those who understand you, and in the name of those that are still delusional. You are actually helping both.

  5. LeeW says :

    Here is a more recent response to John Robbins’ latest article Standing for a Thriving World (and challenging the Movie Thrive) from Foster Gamble and Kimberly Carter Gamble. Please take a moment to read. Thanks Muertos.

    • muertos says :

      Thanks Lee. I’m working on a response to this extremely disappointing, evasive and misleading statement by the Gambles yesterday. It will be posted as a separate blog article.

      • LeeW says :

        Happy scribing Muertos.

        There is no evasion on our behalf, and if you think that there is, as we say in the article, “We invite any and all of the dissociate pioneers to step forward and engage in a direct public discussion with us about anything that THRIVE actually says stands for.”

        We will be more than happy to engage publicly in this conversation with anyone who would like to. As we have said many times before, we think this is the most important conversation of our times and we will be happy to devote time to it.

  6. Nic says :

    Wow, what a load!!! Do you really believe any of that??? So tell me, since you obviously know, who did build the pyramids???

    • a rational person says :

      uhhh…the egyptians built the pyramids. what, u think it was aliens? hahahaha hahaa ahaha ahahahha ahahaha ah ahahahah ahahahaha haahahahahaha hahah ahahaahaha…wow, if u believe that u are a nutbag pure n simple…i mean, this shit is extremley retarded…aliens building monumets? there ain’t no fucking aliens, sorry to tell u…u probably believe 911 was an inside job too don’t you…wow, i feel sorry for you conspiracy loons someetimes…it must suck to be that stupid, crazy and ignorant…grow a brain

      • Michael says :

        People that resort to name calling and posts that have no grammar are not looked upon in any respectful way. Tighten up your stuff and maybe someone will take YOU seriously.

      • a rational person says :

        the only reason i come to the stinking shit pool that is the comments section of this blog is to laugh at the idiots who believe thrive. it’s pure entertainment for me.

        look at the people who come here. i mean, just look at them. conspiracy nutbags…new agers with their vibes and crystals…scientologists…anti-semites…it’s like a circus side show. really, thats what thrive is. it’s the bearded lady, the fat man and the sword swallower.

        the problem is these nuts convince themselves they’re doing something important by watching a dumb movie about conspiracy theories and a purple spinning space donut, instead of watching a geek side show with the bearded lady and the sword swallower.

        so when people with this puffed up sense of self importance who wallow in this shit come here and start fighting, what does it turn out they believe in? 911 inside job, aliens built the pyramids, nassim haramein is a great visionary, free energy, little green men from pluto, crop circles, and lizard people.

        don’t u lecture me, hoss…you sound like just as big a nutbag as any of the other stupid fucks who come here. welcome to the pig trough. snort snort snort, hahaha hah ahah ahah ahah ah ha ha

  7. Mark says :

    I agree with nearly all of your critique of the Thrive nonsense, but it is true that the Gulf of Tonkin was not the attack that Lyndon Johnson claimed it was.

    One way of polluting the mental environment with conspiracy nonsense is to mix truth and lies together so they cannot be untangled. The BS in “Thrive” has nothing to do with the historical record that the Gulf of Tonkin incident did not really happen the way it was sold to the public. Unfortunately, only two Senators dared to point this out and the rest of their colleagues were either swept along by the jingoism or were too scared to stand up to it. Remember the Reichstag Fire.

  8. Tony says :

    I have researched the free energy subject for over a decade and know it to be a genuine working solution that could radically change the world if it wasn’t for the greedy corporations and their cronies. Why are you the author of this nonsense so opposed to this movies contents? What do you stand to lose??

  9. Me You says :

    You guys are high. Conspiracy theory of not. You need to look at the effects of the situation. And they are steeling your freedom. Live free, think for yourself. Sheep fucking bitches.

    • anticultist says :

      The only sheep bitches I see are conspiracy theorists who have not researched the oppositional views to their beliefs,and who shout claims they have no evidence for which are given to them by uneducated internet retards. People who believe the claims of Alex Jones, David Icke, William Cooper, Michael Ruppert, G Edward Griffin etc…They are the only sheep that truly exist on this forum.

  10. james says : there’s no political move towards more central power,I think that needs researching..the few super rich are or are not getting richer while the real value of money goes down?..accident or design?..this also needs looking at..there is never smoke and no fire..politicians are millionaires backed by billionaires overseen by trillionares

  11. Erik says :

    All I have to say is you have 34 comments here and one version of thrive on YouTube has 4.1 million views and over 17000 comments. To say you basically disagree with the movie as a whole which is my understanding by your comments throughout the article, I say is ignorant. For people to totally dismiss this movie and its points is sad because you are most likely considering your lifetime in this country. Look back at history and the information brought forth in this movie and tell me that its not a possibility. Either way, the solutions presented will develop a better world and ultimately what we can conceive as a much better way of life for all than our current situation.

    • Wyboth says :

      So you’re saying that Thrive is right because it’s more popular? Sorry buddy, that’s not the case. I think that you were also saying in your third sentence that you can’t disagree with Thrive if you live in the US, and that history proves that Thrive is right. This is just too stupid for words. Give me an example of how history has proven Thrive is right, and explain to me how because you’re in America you can’t disagree with Thrive. And I don’t think that Thrive will help humanity. It will do nothing.

      Burden of proof, my friend. Get it or forget it.

      • Michael says :

        You don’t have to agree with the movie but if some of that info dose not hit home with you then you can just stay on your side and continue to be lead. I will choose to push for green energy and freedom to get access to non GMO food as well as organic natural things to put in my body. I will also spread the word. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe in helping make things better as well as creating a group of folks that want to help out!

      • anticultist says :

        “You don’t have to agree with the movie but if some of that info dose not hit home with you then you can just stay on your side and continue to be lead.”

        Nice manipulation of words there, in other words, if you don’t believe the movie 100% then you are just a sheep being led by a shepherd, Totally buffoonery and nothing but bullshit. People here who disagree with thrive are no less free than you are, no less led by their leaders than you are, fucking hypocrite.

        “I will choose to push for green energy”

        Who says the people who disagree with Thrive aren’t pushing for green energy too ? Totally manufactured claim you are making without an inkling of the wishes of anyone here.

        “and freedom to get access to non GMO food”

        Evidence that GMO is bad would be useful, however there is none, you have none, and can’t provide any peer reviewed and medically backed evidence to make this point valuable.

        “as well as organic natural things to put in my body.”

        What like shark testicles, henbane and poison ivy ? Those are natural.

        “I will also spread the word. You don’t have to be a conspiracy theorist to believe in helping make things better as well as creating a group of folks that want to help out!”

        No you don’t, but you have to be a conspiracy theorist to support the bullshit claims in Thrive and spread them as some kind of factual gospel.

  12. Michael says :

    You have no proof that a ” Global Domination ” isn’t an agenda. None. I am not saying that it is but you can’t say that it isn’t. You have no idea.

    • anticultist says :

      “You have no proof that a ” Global Domination ” isn’t an agenda. ”

      Reversing the burden of proof is not how it works, if someone makes the claim there is a global agenda without evidence it can categorically be ignored and thrown away without evidence.
      If the evidence provided is anecdotal, or flimsy all that needs doing is to show the evidence supporting the claim is of no value.

      “None. I am not saying that it is but you can’t say that it isn’t. You have no idea”

      Wrong, we can categorically say it’s false because there is no evidence supporting the claim, it’s how the real world works. You don’t just say something might be true when there is no evidence for it, unless you think backwards to logic.

  13. Brob says :

    It’s amazing how people are so hateful. The people against thrive who are saying awful hateful things to others is, in its self, proving one of thrives messages right. That we must learn to live together with compassion for each other if we wish to evolve and progress as a species. Thrives authenticity, true or not, what is being said in crude ways isnt doing anything but making either side look totally ignorant. Based on this artical and the comments, neither side can be considered more valuable in information because both sides are only spitting cuss words and strongly OPINIONATED reasons one way or the other and that is the truly sad part. As far as the thrive being liegitament I’m going to have to say legit. And I know where I have stepped foot on this blog, most that will read this will call me a conspiracy therist and tell me that thrive has no facts or evidence and the same loud, opinionated statements and insults others have been getting but I have to say, I just stumbled onto thrive just tonight. The way I came across this film was because I have been paying much more attention and asking a lot more questions since I have recently become a father and realized that I am leaving my daughter, to raise her kids, a world that is being eaten up. A world with so many preventable disasters happening everyday that my daughter or grandkids could fall victim to. So I began to ask why. And figure out what’s the best thing EYE could do to make a better living for my offspring. Over the past few months, what I first thought the best thing to do was, was actually not even close. This is not the place to get into that right now. My point is, I started learning things that I thought could not be true, things that could only be conspiracys but I kept digging and learning more and more and I have read a lot on both sides. So what I’m saying is, your argument is stating that thrive is bs because there are no facts or proof, that maybe true but there is a shit ton of evidence. I know because I followed it all the way to here. And I’m still not sayin this is absolutely true, I’m open to anything that makes more sense for specifically anything or any other reason an so far everything points to an elitist control. More points to that then anything else. I believe that because I followed it here. And here the only thing I get in counter to that argument is name calling and strong opinion. That seems to be the main argument on the other side of this ‘conspiracy’ name calling and strong opinions. When the conspiracy argument draws countless lines that all lead to the same place. Countless lines. Stated in many ways. Drawn out so clear that the only argument those who deny it can make is ‘bunch of dumb shit, conspiracy nut bags’. Now that’s not a very intellegent argument, is it?

    • a rational person says :

      thrive is lying to people and deliberatley spreading wrong information.

      how is that nice? how is that productive? how does that help us “evolve and progress as a species”?

      if someone lies to me, they are not trying to help me. theyre trying to hurt me. if someone lies to me u bet ur ass im going to call them out on it.

      what dont u understand about this?

      • Mr. Anon says :

        I tried to read through his post, and I literally could not find anything of substance. Apparently this man has the time to write such a long-winded post that contributes so little. These are the types of people who support Thrive, I guess.

    • Wyboth says :

      Well, I understand that the arguments that Thrive makes may seem legitimate, but for things of this type you have to fact-check them before you believe them. Is it possible that Thrive is right? Yes, it’s possible. But is it also possible that it’s misleading or wrong? Yes, that is also possible. So, how do you know whether it’s right or wrong? The easiest way is to fact-check it. If what they’re saying is backed up by evidence, then it’s more likely true. But, if it isn’t backed up by evidence, and there is evidence against it, then it’s most likely false. You absolutely have to fact-check things in the conspiracy world, otherwise you might end up falling for something that isn’t true. Even if you get a gut feeling that it’s right, fact-check it anyways. This blog has already done a thorough fact-checking of Thrive, and has found that it isn’t legitimate.

      • a rational person says :

        hey wyboth, whadaya wanna bet that brob believes 911 was an inside job?

    • Mr. Anon says :

      TL; DR?

      Would it kill these guys to use paragraphs?

  14. Mother Earth says :

    Can I trust YOU to tell me the NSA is figment of my imagintiin? Or that a humans tiny little carbon footprint should be taxed? Or should I BELIEVE what I know tht BP oil got a mere slap on the wrist for polluting my oceans. Nuclear waste seeps into my rivers! People getting sick!

    Karma is coming.. stop killing the earth.

    • boswell says :

      Saying Muertos is killing the Earth is as stupid as your belief in the New World Order, both of them are untrue.

    • a rational person says :

      @ mother earth : wait, werent you just complaining that this comment got blocked?

      u really are a fucking nutbag. you probably believe 911 was an inside job too.

  15. Randall Rhodes says :

    The international banking cartel conspiracy theory is a model for how power works in the real world. Conspiracy theories cannot be laid to rest just by stating “it’s not true” any more than quantum theory can be laid to rest that way. If you provide another model–a theory- which is more accurate, complete, verifiable and self-consistent then you can supplant it as the accepted truth until… a better model comes along…and so on. You cannot claim to adhere to the scientific method if you say “That theory just isn’t true.” There is no negative axiom for proof .. there is only inconsistent or incomplete. The idea that the BIS and IMF are benevolent bureaucrats serving the world for ultimate good is as silly as Lord Kelvin believing that heavier than air machines will never fly.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      You cannot claim to adhere to the scientific method if you say “That theory just is true.” with no sound corroborating evidence that goes beyond reasonable doubt.

      Without the evidence the scientific theory allows you to completely ignore any such claims. Hence why We can say the conspiracy doesn’t exist.

      Also this:

      “That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence” – Christopher Hitchens

  16. thomas says :

    It is easy to criticise any conspiracy based ideological movement and pick holes in its arguments.

    I have seen the Movie and agreed with some but not all of the arguments however, the bulk of the movies contents can be found as claims with support from other websites as can a lot of the arguments from the thrive website.
    Have I joined and placed comments on or emailed thrive “yes I have”.
    I have noticed the Illuminate and Mason or occult symbolism as have others pointed out.
    I have also wondered why the Taurus is in a lot of ways similar to the Pyramid with the central point described as the individual as opposed to the Mason all seeing eye at the top.
    However, this was an attempt to break away from the current and age old system of governance.

    Trying to shift some of the control and relevance on the average person, rather than telling us we are at the bottom of the food chain. Unfortunately thrive does not on their web site have clear blog and comment space allocated but they do answer emails and check responses.
    As for the claims that the information is disinformation. From my own research I can tell you that what I believe is in facts and facts that can be supported with documented research are available for anyone that wishes to dig deep at least for now. The problem with certain information is that the average Investigative reporter can not always get all the facts nor can the people claiming one side of the argument against another, some things were clouded in secrecy, lost over time and too hard for even the most brilliant people and research groups to uncover.
    The credibility with thrive lost its way when the donations and support as memberships was presented as it immediately seemed like a get rich quick scheme for profit on the gullible minds of those that wanted a better world to live in.
    Unfortunately, money is required to keep any movement alive. That is the way the world works.
    The disinformation claims work both ways here, and to use the crop circles as an example, I have seen a lot of documentaries and although some were found to have been MAN MADE. Others were NOT so how did the others get there and whom or what made them. The man made crop circles were clumsy and the investigators have easily identified the fake ones?

    How do you explain the others and how many people using what techniques and devices would have to have air support or satellite images to work in the dark to create almost perfect shapes.
    No room for error as it would be noticeable. The higher magnetic and radiation readings on the soil samples and the ground do not validate people using blocks of timber with string or the lack of tyre marks. Tractors, cars, vehicles and Helicopters are noisy and require either infra red or lights for night vision so that method may be ruled out of the equation and the sheer expense would make this a very expensive hoax, moving people, machines and air craft at night time to create crop circles would surely be noticed by the farmers or local townspeople and as people often can not keep secrets someone would surely spill the beans and boast about doing this.

    UFO’s, Moon Bases and NASA? I believe we have technology that the average people are not even aware about. So if I believe this on the basis of my personal experience in employment with various fields, I am sure there are others that have valid reasons for their claims as well.
    We need to pull our heads out of the sand and look around, ask questions and try to be logical and clever when we reach our conclusions and never box our selves into a certain conclusion as we will find that down the track more information will become available.
    We have to be critically open minded as these days technology exists to make the impossible seem like it is the real deal when we are dealing with photos, film and media documentation.
    Some hoaxers are very skill full and clever.
    As far as the alternate renewable energy and the political wealth based power bases are concerned.
    These are 80% to 90% accurate. This is the way the world works and it has been designed this way.
    So call it destiny or a pre program that we are trapped in like the Matrix effect.
    We discredit the Da Vinci code as it has been found to be biased and structured in a particular way.
    However, some also place the Bible Codes in to the same basket.
    These can be manipulated and codes can be found in other books. However, there may be valid concepts behind these and if we examine the probability of hit and miss it is very intriguing and baffling?
    The Torah, and Jewish scripts may not all be from the same source as there were stories that existed in other scriptures and ancient writings.

    Here is the question, why did the British ask for young code breakers just to help M I 6?
    Perhaps the code breakers were being recruited to try and break some ancient codes? It is a coincidence that historical events were predicted with some accuracy including assassinations and wars? Could we get such information in such detail from other books like the Quran?
    Perhaps the Indian Vedas or Sanskrit or even Buddhist texts?

    As for the Global Climate Change!

    We can use the Moon or Lunar movement to predict Volcanoes and Earth quakes with an 80% accuracy.
    10th Oct 2013 heat wave, caused by what? Climate change?
    Look at the Solar Flare activity 9th and 10th Oct class M SOLAR Flare.
    Lets blame this on the Pollution and emissions that cause the required carbon for plant growth and our Oxygen that we as animals need to breathe to survive.

    Another conspiracy? From which side from the Carbon Tax and Global money derived from this or from the people that ask why is the Antarctic freezing over while the IPCC uses the Arctic as the example for Global Warming with falsified facts designed to promote one agenda?

    Could the global elite know something we do not? After all money buys information and information is power. It all depends on how you use it!

    • Anastasio says :

      You forgot to include 911. Your comment just doesn’t reach that shit-house-rat depth of c.r.a.z.y. without 911 in it.

      • Thomas says :

        I have left that out.
        Perhaps because I was watching the coverage live and asking what the F. It took me some minutes to accept that this was actually a news broadcast and not a Hollywood flick. Why? Because I have served in the Special Forces and have spent over 20 years doing Security and Investigation work. It seemed very strange that a country with so many Security, Intelligence and the most sophisticated military could and would allow this to happen and as such I have researched and made my own conclusion.
        I have seen the news articles recently regarding the 911 prisoners accused and that have admitted some under torture that they have been responsible. While the Al Kaida has never to my knowledge admitted responsibility would they not bloat about this?
        Iraq may have been the first intended scape goat? Check Susan Lindiaur former CIA Asset and author of Extreme Prejudice.
        Why was there NO official or Criminal enquiry on 911?
        Why keep people locked up for years without due process and criminal proceedings in a court?
        How does Kerosene melt steel frames of a building as the fires would have to have been over 1200 Degrees to do that?
        What happened to building 7?
        Was it hit by an air plane or taken down? (in case you do not know, “taken down” refers to demolished using explosives.)
        Have you ever seen a structure demolished using explosive charges?
        What caused the explosions in the lower parts of the twin towers like the basement as reported by some of the fire-fighters and rescue personnel?
        Is it possible that there was prior knowledge?
        Did you read about the the Mosad or Israeli secret service and other Intelligence community warnings?
        How did the FBI loose track of the suspects while they were doing surveillance?
        Why can we not access the Air plane/s that hit the 911 buildings passenger list and keep getting ISP blocked messages if we try?
        So many questions. So much research to do but does it really matter to the families and victims now from the tragic and do they or we need to know?
        Very slack security and no air Force Jets to intercept the air craft due to military exercises?
        Yes there was one that has been reported as trying to intercept what happened and where is the pilot now?
        Is this true or fact or just fiction and a misprint?

        I will let you make your own conclusion.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        There we go, the crazy-o-meter just hit 10. Thanks for the laughs and the tears Thomas, hope you get well soon buddy.

  17. ShillExposer says :

    You claim there is no global domination agenda. Where is your proof? If you cannot categorically prove this to be fact then it remains a possibility. Making black and white statements without supporting evidence is dis-information.

    • Joel T. says :

      No, we claim that the claims of a global domination agenda are without evidence. The evidence for our claim, then, is the lack of evidence for the GDA claim (for a more in-depth discussion, see ConspiracyKiller’s link).

      In short, we are forwarding the Null Hypothesis (in essence, that things, it doesn’t matter what specific things, are unrelated until they are proven to be related).

    • Spoon says :

      It’s amazing how not a single person who believes in a Global Domination Agenda understands the concept of Burden of Proof. If you make outlandish claims, the only way your claim has any weight or value is if you have solid evidence of its existence. It is not up to those who don’t believe in a GDA to disprove their existence. If there is no proof for it in the first place, there is nothing to disprove.

      It would be unscientific to say that there is absolutely no possibility that a global domination agenda exists, but given the complete lack of even decent evidence of a cohesive unit of people taking control of the entire world and how illogical the very existence of such a group would be, it is highly unlikely such a group exists and giving any weight to such idea is a waste of energy. Anything is possible, but believing in such an unlikely idea is unpractical for making any real difference in this world at all. It would be considered chasing shadows.

  18. D says :

    I just would like to say I respect your approach to the blog and using some very logically reasoning. I also did not waste my time reading the whole blog because you have constantly declared a lack of information…. First, direct yourself to the website, and then consider how it is even possible to put that massive amount of supportive referencing into a documentary which clearly goes over way too many subjects already. It’s very brushed up and lacking information. But it also directs you to the website, which if you’ve actually gone that far( which I would respect your opinion for not, since I did not read your whole blog), it’s extremely informational, detailed, and constantly encouraging new sources to further the understanding of the problems in our world and what we can do to help change this into something better. Thank you for your help to the world. I just believe mr. Gamble is very frustrated and his emotions have gotten the best of him at times because he is trying to do too much and it could never be enough to make a serious impact. Which I’m sure is a huge reason he lashed back on a good friend who he just wanted to share the opinion of change and not of everyone’s extremely specific judgements on a documentary that covers too much… In ‘movie’ standards. I personally have spoken with him and he is frustrated and just wants this pain and lack of information to change… I am also a close friend with his step-son(wife’s kid, no doubt haha), his name is Kyle Theirman. And he is doing some amazing stuff under Surfers for Change in the fight against GMO foods. I also know everyone I know has been largely affected by their attempts to better our situation as Earthlings either by doing great things to help heal this Earth, or by claiming it as completely conspiracy and not caring to make any changes. I know by reading some of your blog, u have made great efforts yourself, and I greatly appreciate that. I am a poor kid from a single parent mother who is a teacher and is still paying off student loans and just making rent in good old Santa Cruz, California( so maybe I’m consider rich, with a lack of food and support) and right now I would just love if everyone stopped trying to debunk the things(and people) that are clearly making an attempting to change this world for the better and spread information( information that may not be all 100% true) that has been hidden from the general public for reasons not clearly understood. I have more to say but I figure you might not really care at this point. But let’s try to stop debunking and help each other clear up miss information. Cause we all know something isn’t right in this worlds current situation, and information on ways that really could make a serious change are extremely suppressed (tesla just to name a single man). Sorry if this is at all offensive and sorry for not reading the whole thing. I barely got through high school, due to stress, and college has becoming financially unrealistic, so my literature and editing (or whatever the fuck you wanna call it) is complete shit. But I hope u feel what I’m saying if you’ve made it this far. Feel free to reply. I’ll probably consider reading the whole response 🙂 cheers

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