Free Energy Fracas: Adam Trombly Attacks Me (And Thrive)—But Is There a Silver Lining?

Adam Trombly, the inventor who appears in the movie Thrive and who the film asserts created a “free energy” machine that has been supposedly suppressed by conspiratorial powers, has made a lengthy statement on his website responding to this blog, to me, and to allegations made against him on this blog by one David Farnsworth. Mr. Farnsworth is another inventor who claims Mr. Trombly stole from him the photos of the supposed “free energy” machine that appears in Thrive. When I presented the questions raised about Mr. Trombly and his work, I pledged that I would offer him a chance to respond fully and completely on this blog. Today I make good on that pledge.

The statement by Adam Trombly does not defend Thrive unequivocally. In fact, I was told yesterday that Adam Trombly has joined the nine other people interviewed in Thrive who recently signed an open letter disavowing the film and maintaining that its contents and approach were not appropriately disclosed to them at the time their participation was secured. Mr. Trombly’s essay doesn’t state that he signed the letter, but he’s certainly now on record as having expressed criticism of the film. This is a surprising development and a positive one, in my view. In fact, as you’ll see at the end of this article, I think there are several issues on which Adam Trombly and I agree. Thus, while certainly this article is going to include plenty of conflict, there’s a silver lining too.

There are a lot of issues here, and I’ll get to them all in my own comments, but first, I’m going to present Mr. Trombly’s statement in its entirety. My own comments regarding it will appear after the text of the article.

Adam Trombly’s Essay: “Really Correcting the Record”

Before I address any other issues I must address the individual who hides behind the pseudonym Muertos. I will henceforth call him only Pseudonym. He has collaborated with others to attempt to defame and slander my name, my character, and my work. He has attempted to stir up a mob mentality against the movie Thrive and most of its participants.

Most of the people who appear in Thrive are good human beings who care about the future of this planet and unlike Pseudonym, are attempting to do something positive about it. Pseudonym and his allies are a dull spearhead of the forces attempting to

undermine fuel and pollution free forms of electrical and mechanical energy production.

Pseudonym criticizes Foster Gamble for his fact checking but he himself posts the utter nonsense of David Farnsworth without any fact checking at all.

It is strange to me and my friends and colleagues that I should have to write this narrative.

I harbored no angst against my former friend and co-worker David Farnsworth. I did feel sadness about the decision I was forced to make (over ten years ago) to no longer work with the mercurial Mr. Farnsworth. To say that David has been episodically unstable would be a profound understatement.

I realize in retrospect I over compensated in my accommodation of David. I actually loved him like a brother and wished the world could one day see his real gifts beyond the tornadic blur of his troubled soul. There is good and genius buried in him no matter what he says about me. There is also an incredible and destructive schism in him.

He signs off on the last email I received from him prior to this recent set of new attacks by calling me “old friend”. You can imagine my chagrin when he began publicly flailing against me once again a few weeks ago. I thought that by removing a photograph, which he suddenly objected to after it had been posted for over twelve years on the Project Earth website, David’s concerns had been assuaged. Alas, this was not the case. The “other David”, as we used to call him around here, reappeared with a vengeance.

In the process David cited some witnesses he said would corroborate his claims. The first person he cited was Elizabeth Rauscher who needs his nonsense no more than the rest of us. I would not even mention her name regarding this unpleasantness but for the fact Mr. Farnsworth left me with no choice.

I am very grateful to my friend Patrick Flanagan for putting me in touch with Elizabeth Rauscher just two days after David’s latest tantrums began. She did not and does not corroborate the claims David made against me when he cited her and her deceased husband Bill as witnesses providing prima facie against my person.

It had been too long since she and I had last spoken. She is now and always has been a leading edge thinker and genius of remarkable breadth.

It was RJ Reynolds III who gave me my formal introduction to Elizabeth and Bill in the early 1980’s. This was during the time right after he hired ten top professionals to test the voracity of my scientific arguments in their related fields, while I visited his (and his brothers’) twelve thousand acre estate at Devotion, North Carolina. As the result of ten days of oral examination, these men unanimously recommended that Josh take the next step, which he called, “a life endowment”. Josh announced that I was the first “RJ Reynolds III scholar” to receive this stature since Andrea Puharich. His brother Will Reynolds joined him in generously supporting Project Earth.

The original proposal I had written to Mr. Reynolds stated, among many other things, my belief that there are real ELF electromagnetic precursors to earthquakes to which certain biological organisms were sensitive. I wrote that these “signals” might be generated by pressure changes that appear at a lock on a seismic fault and cause the piezoelectric constituent minerals to express current in such a way that the electrical polarity of the ground proximate to these locations would actually change from positive to negative. I wrote that this might be detectable by instrumentation and not just by the symptomatic fight or flight syndrome observed in certain species (including many humans) prior to quakes. (This is very abbreviated.)

Josh responded, “Do you know Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise? If not, then I need to introduce you to them because I believe that is exactly what they have discovered.”

My time with them in the 1980’s was a period of remarkable learning and exploration for me. I am forever grateful. As anyone who has followed Project Earth over the last few decades already knows, I have always stated that Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise discovered the use of extremely low frequency spectrum analyzers for the forecasting of earthquakes.

I was sorry to have to disrupt her day or that of Patrick with the vacuous fiction portrayed by David Farnsworth in his “For the Record”. David fails to realize that there actually is a record and his brazen lies about me do not stand up to the witness and witnesses of history. Nobody wants to be drawn into David’s self-serving and self-generated maelstrom.

David has claimed that I have a pathetic memory. However, his recounting of events either stems from a pathology, drug abuse, or it is intentional fraud. It is beyond my purview to say either way. I am not a psychiatric clinician.

Regarding the famous picture of the magnetic motor:

Dave sent me the picture (which he admits to) after I asked for it to post on the Project website (which he denies). You see, at that moment, we were friends and coworkers. He scanned it and freely sent me the digital scan. We published the photo.

He stated nothing about a “copyright” or anything stating that this was his and only his technology until shortly before the release of Thrive. TWELVE YEARS LATER. Very curious, don’t you think?

David scanned the Polaroid(s), he sent the scan(s) and we published it (not them). What could be simpler to understand than that? David posing, glaring into the camera holding two Polaroid’s convicts him of misrepresentation. He has the originals in his hands! No one stole a thing! Pirate a Polaroid? Get a life.

The Project Earth site stated clearly that this photo was not of a Closed Path Homopolar Generator.

The first actual generator I worked on would have never been successfully designed without the brilliance and extremely hard work of the then young Joseph Kahn. I have always said this. It disappeared from a warehouse/laboratory in an industrial park North of LA shortly after Project Earth Co-founder R. Buckminster Fuller’s death.

In its final embodiment I redesigned the liquid metal brushes as a refinement to the original Trombly/Kahn design. I called the new brush design the Micro-Turbulent Magnetohydrodynamic Liquid Metal Brush. It created micro-turbulent vortices, which acted as tiny pushing bearings and assisted the rotation of the rotor. Prior designs, including the initial design that was used in the first Closed Path Homopolar Generator design, could actually create a back torque on the rotor.

After the theft/confiscation of this generator in 1983, I never worked with a Closed Path Homopolar Generator again.

I next worked with the late Marcel Vogel of IBM to whom I was introduced to by Lee Sannella, a dear friend and an early champion of Project Earth after Bucky’s death. Marcel was a genius of considerable stature in the scientific community in spite of his lack of complete “credentials”.

He was a lead scientist on many of the basic Patents filed by IBM for things like the Liquid Crystal Display, the Hard Drive, the Floppy drive, etc. He was one of the most productive scientists in the history of IBM. Thomas Watson, Founder and long time Chairman of the Board for IBM, called Vogel, “One of the most creative individuals I have ever had the privilege to know. He has produced more basic Patents for our company than all but one other individual.”

It was an honor to work with him.

That work occurred years before I met David. My task with Marcel was to work on the first Piezo-Ringing Resonance Generator. This was a very different device than the one David and I worked on. This device was designed to use actual quartz crystals. However, it was fundamentally based on the same principle as the device David and I demonstrated in New York, Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and other venues. I know that the principle utilized in these technologies could one day provide a brighter tomorrow.

I told David about Piezo-ringing resonance theory and reduction to practice early in our working relationship. We discussed the concept, settled on a simple design and shortly thereafter he called me and asked me to come to Oregon. When I arrived he had a case of newly wound Piezo-ringing-resonance coils. Coiltron, Inc. had beautifully wound them at no small expense.

I asked Dave where the money to create these coils had come from and he told me he had acquired it from an investor named Pete Karkonan. I don’t really know much about who Pete Karkonan (sp?) really was but he poured a lot of money into the work.

To the best of my knowledge he provided funds for David’s first HP 3561a and several other instruments as well. I never knew where some of the funds came from. I was somewhat baffled that this man (David), who said he was “completely broke” around the time he introduced himself to me at and after the 1988 Tesla Symposium in Colorado Springs, had managed to acquire so much costly electronic equipment, which he had housed in a nice home on the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Pendleton, Oregon. His wife at that time was named Tina and she was a member of the tribe. She was always very hospitable.

Things progressed rapidly in 1989 and by early June David and I took off for physical demonstrations in New York and Washington D.C. in a motor home filled with newly acquired and/or leased scientific instruments and a veritable forest of antennae. Senator Timothy Wirth of my home state of Colorado in cooperation with Friends of the Earth had arranged for the D.C. demonstration. My friend Electra Briggs and colleague Noel Brown had arranged for the United Nations demonstration. David’s affable brother-in-law Terry, who was a tremendous help on our journey, drove and accompanied us for the entire trip.

It felt good to be on the road to provide physical proof that efficiency of greater than 100% was attainable in relatively inexpensive and compact technologies.

It was an inspiring and heart breaking adventure for all of us. President H.W. Bush actually proposed tradable “carbon credits” at the White House while Fmr. Ambassador James George, David and I stood in the Senate Banking and Finance Committee Hearing Room with a handful of people who had chosen to come to the demonstration of a revolutionary energy technology rather than attend the White House announcement of Bush’s “Clean Air Act”.

It is hard to imagine why David now declares that we never worked together. We worked and laughed and wept together. To deny all of it is beyond the pale and is utterly absurd.

In his missive David tells of the raid by several Federal Marshals in 1997 but suggests that it was “his lab” that got confiscated and that I was somehow behind the raid itself. (Huh?) It was in fact supposed to be our lab and he admitted to that fact, prior to the confiscation, in front of his ex-wife and in-laws and my daughter and I. No one benefitted from that raid. No one won. We all lost.

Since David states that he got his “first earthquake forecasting equipment from William Randolph Hearst II” I have to point out that this was impossible. I had not even met Will Hearst II when Dave got his first equipment. It was the aforementioned “Pete” Karkonan or individuals or entities unknown to me who provided funds for a copious amount of leased and purchased equipment.

Since I am the one who introduced David to Will Hearst II it is another perplexing misstatement. Will did provide us with funds to lease equipment but told me he was dismayed by David’s usurpation of everything that was leased for us. I emphasize for us. The equipment Will had provided funds to lease could not be returned at the end of the lease because David had so modified it that HP would not take it back. Will had to buy it and thenceforth withdrew his support.

David never “gave” me any earthquake forecasting equipment. I actually purchased (with funds from Will Hearst) and physically picked up an HP 3561a at the Hewlett Packard facility in the “Tech Park” of Denver, Colorado. Mr. Farnsworth cannot claim that this was “his” machine because he could not put his name on the warranty. We discovered, over the years of working with him, that this is his modus operandi. Without any financial contribution on his part, David simply put his name on all the warranties such that all of the equipment became his and not the property of the corporation for which the funds had been raised to purchase said equipment.

Nancy and I affectionately called our one HP 3561a instrument “Quency” (after frequency). “Quency” died a month or so ago after thousands of hours of use and many successful forecasts.

We forecast many quakes with that instrument, both in cooperation with David and also many times without him. This is a matter of public record and refutes Mr. Farnsworth’s false claim to have given me my only equipment and to his claims of being the only one to forecast quakes!

As a case in point: In March of 1993 I was communicating on a nearly daily basis with then Commander Michael Egan who was the Head of Strategic Planning for the US Coast Guard at the time. The reason for our conversation was to articulate our contribution to the National Performance Review, which for our part was an endeavor to reinvent Science in the US Government.

During our daily multi-hour conversations I told Mike of the earthquake forecasting technology. When I saw the signature’s pass across the analyzer screen indicating a break, deep in the earth’s crust, over twenty four hours prior to the “surfacing” of a quake, now known as the Scots Mill quake in Oregon, I reported it to Commander Egan. I had not heard from David for many days because he actually thought that there was going to be a “9 point quake” and had packed up his motor home and gone to the country side. After he “hit the road” he had become incommunicado for several days.

David and I were both watching the same signatures on our analyzers but he was so close to the epicenter that the amplitude of the signal at his location was much higher than it appeared in Aspen, Colorado where we watched from the Institute for Advanced Studies at Aspen. In Aspen we forecast a quake of between 5.6 and 6.0 on the Richter scale. This is many orders on magnitude less than a 9.0 quake and was an accurate forecast.

Cmdr. Egan called the Portland Oregonian to report the forecast and this is also a matter of public record. Both the US Coast Guard Station in Portland and FEMA were put on alert prior to the quake. It was the first time in United States history that such a preparedness exercise had been initiated prior to an actual quake.

When an article acknowledging the forecast of this quake appeared in the Portland Oregonian, David became furious because Commander Egan said, “Adam Trombly is extremely brilliant” and said nothing about him. This was not an intentional slight on Cmdr. Egan’s part it was just a reflection of the fact that he and I had been in constant communication. Commander Egan knew I was working with David, but while we were in conversation regarding this actual event, David was absent and for whatever reason not answering his phone. The next article in the Oregonian included David’s name.

The point I want to make is this. Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise revealed their discovery to me and spent their time generously with me regarding the forecasting of earthquakes when the study of this process was in its infancy. I then passed on what I had learned to Mr. Farnsworth. He in his inimitable way picked up on the thread and we went forward rapidly as our understanding of the process improved over time.

Earth taught us all directly as we watched the patterns of stress/strain excitation and release. We watched and learned. Hour after hour, day after day, night after night we observed the pre-seismic spectral signatures, which sometime manifest as quakes, volcanic eruptions, or just gradual release with little or no seismic expression.

I consider it one of the great blessings of my life that I have had the time, energy, and money to learn from Elizabeth and Bill, discoverers of the process and from Mother Earth the signs of her increasingly unstable seismic and volcanic processes. I have also been very grateful for much of the time I spent learning with my former friend and colleague David. My life partner Nancy also spent countless vigilant hours learning from the Earth by my side and frequently had insights that deepened our mutual understanding of this process.

It is very exciting to be on the leading edge of discoveries that could positively impact all of our lives. It is disconcerting ad nauseum to have a former colleague attempt to obfuscate a formerly productive working relationship.

Dave claims to have introduced Nancy and I. That is complete bs. I had been speaking to Nancy on the phone for months before he claims to have introduced us. We were actually introduced by a mutual friend in Aspen.

David claims to have never screwed his investors. The record reflects this as a grossly inaccurate statement.

Here a case in point is his relationship with Geordie Hormel, a primary heir to the Hormel Meat dynasty. David took a large amount of money from Geordie Hormel, who was my friend and sat on the board of my company Zero Point Technologies, Inc. before I ever met Farnsworth. I introduced David to Geordie and then Mr. Farnsworth abused my trust by doing everything in his power to undermine my relationship with my friend. Geordie himself said this to me. Geordie and I reconciled our friendship before his death.

This leads us to a very different understanding of the cause of the 1997 raid mentioned above. Within the last week a friend pointed me to an Associated Press article stating that a Federal Judge ordered the raid because of a lawsuit against David Farnsworth that was initiated by Geordie Hormel. The headline reads, “Spam Heir Files Suit Over Investment.”

Since Elizabeth and Bill discovered the real method for using ELF precursors to forecast quakes only a few have been able to pursue it. It is a very important area for scientific investigation, which could be applied towards the safety and welfare of the people of this unstable planet. Those of us who have learned and continue to learn could contribute greatly to the security of populations who are proximate to both seismic and volcanic regions of the earth.

As elucidated above, Former Ambassador James George  did not arrange for me to speak at the United Nations nor for David and I to do our demonstration down the street from the UN in 1989.

Ambassador George is one of my dearest friends and colleagues and a mentor for whom I will always offer up thanks. It would be difficult to count number of times of I relied on his counsel. He is a rare gem in this world. Although David references Jim as a witness on his behalf, Jim does not support a word of David’s attacks.

As mentioned above it was Electra Briggs, who organized the UN event and invited me to speak because she knew of my work from well before any relationship with Mr. Farnsworth. She confirms this.

Noel Brown, then the Head of the New York Office of the United Nations Environment Programme helped arrange for an alternative demo venue for the technology at Holy Covenant Church down the street from the U.N. because of last minute security concerns at Dag Hammerscold Auditorium where I spoke immediately after the successful demonstration.

Anyone who was there knows that it was a very special moment. Some of us felt briefly that the world might change as a result. David had no problem saying we were working together back then.

As for the Liquid Nitrogen Snuffer technology used to put out several oil fires in Kuwait I have always said that David called me in the wee hours of the morning (2 am) in February of 1991with this fantastic idea for putting out oil fires with large tanker trucks of liquid Nitrogen being used like giant pulsed fire extinguishers with a circle of nozzles at the end of gantry arms to shear and suffocate the high pressure flames. (This is a really oversimplified description.) He and I spent several hours on the phone that night and in the days following fleshing out the details. David never before objected to me being cited as his co-inventor.

I will not bore you with the litany of that process and who contributed what. All I cared about was getting the fires out. I promised my daughter.

Boots and Coots did indeed try to patent the technology. I was one of the people who called the US Patent Office to prevent that because I knew very well where it came from.

David’s claims of doing earthquake forecasting and having patents pertaining to ELF earthquake forecasting before knowing me are not even close to being true.

After introducing himself to me at the 1988 Tesla Society Conference in Colorado Springs, David called my office every day and begged to work with me. That is how this whole thing started. I certainly had no need to pursue this man or to learn “buzz words” from him. I already had a successful career and had I known then what I do now I would have made very different decisions regarding working with this man.

David’s claim that he used me, as a sounding board for “his” ideas is ridiculous.

On more than occasion after not speaking to David for months and even once for well over a year (because of his violent mood swings and methamphetamine abuse) I received conciliatory calls in which he said things like, “I need you to come back and work with me. I need your ideas.”

On more than one occasion David tearfully apologized for abusing our working relationship and our friendship. He would apologize for not giving me credit where credit was due. Then, like many other addicts, he would revert to his old pattern of self-deception and abuse.

This is a sad thing to have to say. Anyone who has had an acquaintance, a friend, or a loved one who is or has been addicted to methamphetamine can understand. This dreadful poison has ruined millions of lives worldwide. It is a toxin, which often causes human beings to become monstrously deluded and abusive. I cannot say conclusively that David Farnsworth is currently using this substance but his recent behavior does suggest either residual damage or current abuse.

The Emergency on Earth is too far along to sustain this kind of dissipative distraction. I say in all of my lectures that this is not about any one individual. It is about the contributions we can all make to the healing of our Wounded Earth and ourselves.

It may be of interest to some that I was invited to join the group of fellow interviewees who wish to dissociate from the movie Thrive. I have great respect for all of them. I received a lovely letter of invitation to join this group from my old friend John Robbins. Like Robbins and other signers of the letter I have serious differences with the final edit of the movie.

Even so, I am saddened by attacks on Foster Gamble (or anyone else for that matter) by individuals who hide behind pseudonyms and take pleasure in causing pain. I am not speaking of the signers of the aforementioned list. I am speaking of bullying cowards who place no value on the accuracy of their statements.

Let no one fool you into believing that there is not an Emergency on Earth. David Icke and those who say that Climate Change is a scam do a great disservice to us all. I cannot be associated with nor endorse anything that embraces such a view on this subject.

At Project Earth we have always supported fuel free and pollution free energy producing technologies that could help heal the Earth. These technologies have been suppressed since Tesla. This is not a new issue.

Millions know of my work with Project Earth over the decades. I am so grateful for the support of honest witnesses and the real friends that Project Earth and I have. My record is clear. I stand for the Earth and her creatures. I stand for solutions.

Our planet is now at the fulcrum of great change. We could move into a future that would be wonderful or we could continue on a path that leads to an environmentally bankrupt world. We all need for our governments to invest in Life worth living. The only way this will happen is if we find and raise our voices above the tide of lies.


Adam Trombly

My Response

Obviously, there’s a lot here. As you can see, the bulk of Mr. Trombly’s essay is devoted to responding to the allegations of Mr. Farnsworth. I’ve said before, and I’ll say it again now, that I don’t know where the truth lies in this dispute between the two of them. I reported Mr. Farnsworth’s allegations; I have now reported Mr. Trombly’s. Although Mr. Trombly’s statement makes it sound like I’ve reported Mr. Farnsworth’s claims as if they are absolutely true and factual, I’ve never done any such thing, because I don’t know which one of them is telling the truth. Go back and look at the article and you’ll see this is the case.

As for the portions of the statement directed at me, I wish to raise three main issues.

“Mob Mentality?”

Mr. Trombly’s statement that I’m stirring up some sort of “mob” against Thrive is a grotesque mischaracterization. I’ve presented facts and arguments that refute many of the claims made in the movie. I’ve reported, as accurately as I can, questions that have been raised by others about the work and the credibility of people who appear in the film, most notably David Icke, Nassim Haramein and Adam Trombly. I believe Thrive is a deceptive film, and my entire purpose in creating this blog has been to lay out the case for why I believe this is so. How is this in any way stirring up a “mob?”

Have I ever advocated hurting anyone over Thrive? Have I ever told people that I think they should take action against anyone connected with the film? Indeed, have I ever even stated or implied that I think Thrive should be banned, censored or suppressed? The answer to each of these questions is a resounding no.

Indeed, if there’s any sort of “mob” here, it’s definitely looking for me, not the other way around. One need only glance at some of the comments to any article posted here to see numerous examples of the extreme hostility with which many Thrive fans have responded to this blog. I’ve been accused of causing wars, suicides and depression. I’ve been accused of making up sources. I’ve been accused of “collaborating” with evil forces bent on enslaving the world. And yes, as most readers well know, I’ve been accused of being a “paid disinformation agent.” Right now about 30% of the readership of this blog believes someone is paying me to trash Thrive.

So let me ask Mr. Trombly—if I’m the one stirring up a “mob,” how come I’m the one getting death threats?

Undermining Pollution-Free Forms of Energy?

Mr. Trombly states that I am “undermin[ing] fuel and pollution free forms of electrical and mechanical energy production.” This is untrue.

I do not and never have opposed pollution-free forms of electrical or mechanical energy production. I would love to see a cheap, reliable form of pollution-free energy production. The world needs that sort of technology desperately. Personally, my belief is that the governments of the United States and other industrialized countries should devote considerable resources to the development of solar, wind and other renewable forms of energy. I believe a symbiosis of public-private interests, geared with great urgency and coordinated toward common goals, can develop realistic clean alternatives to fossil fuel power generation within the next ten years. I would support massive increases in public expenditures to bring about such a result. I’m willing to have my own tax burden raised significantly if I knew that the money was going toward development of clean, renewable energy on a wide scale, and I would whole-heartedly support political candidates who would advocate this. (Barack Obama has been a disappointment in this regard).

How have I “undermined” the cause of advocating environmentally and socially responsible energy? By asking for evidence that supports claims of “free energy” machines? How is this in any way unreasonable?

I would like to ask Mr. Trombly, if I had a million dollars that I was thinking of investing with him to develop the technology he’s working on, would he think it unreasonable if I asked for evidence that his claims are, in fact, supportable? Would he expect an investor to simply give him money on faith, without seeing anything? I’m not sure how the inventing business works, but I’d be very surprised if it actually works like that.

If a person makes a very broad and sweeping claim about something, they must be prepared to be asked for evidence that what they claim is true. If what they claim is true, they should have absolutely no fear of being asked to prove it. In fact, they should welcome the opportunity to prove themselves right, because the process of proving it will eliminate any potential doubt.

This is why I’ve stated before, and will state again here, that it would be very easy for Mr. Trombly to silence my criticism of “free energy” once and for all time. All he need do is show me (and the rest of the world) a working “free energy” device that actually does what is claimed of it. That demonstration needs to be out in the open and done in such a way that others can replicate the result, or at least verify it beyond all doubt. This can be done without jeopardizing patent or other intellectual property rights to which the inventor of such a device would, quite justifiably, be entitled.

That’s all Mr. Trombly has to do. Show me a working “free energy” device and prove that it really works. That’s all. If he does that, I’m a believer. It really is that simple.

Mr. Trombly’s Disagreement With Thrive—Is There Common Ground?

I now wish to get away from the obvious points on which I disagree with Adam Trombly. Let’s move toward a place where we might be able to find common ground.

For the first time I see in Mr. Trombly’s statement an indication that he’s unhappy with how he and his work was portrayed in Thrive. Whether he has actually signed the letter that John Robbins and eight others have signed is unclear from his statement, but he clearly indicates he’s thinking about it. He also clearly indicates that he strongly disagrees with David Icke and others who deny the proven scientific fact of anthropogenic global warming.

Here, then, are two points where I couldn’t agree more with Adam Trombly. I would say that, if I had to jettison every one of my issues with Thrive except for one, the presence of David Icke in the film is the one that would stand out as most bothering me. I do not like David Icke. I believe his theories are extremely harmful and damaging. As a human being who strongly opposes racial prejudice, I am deeply offended by the racist implications of Mr. Icke’s theories. My position on this is well-known.

I also believe that anthropogenic global warming is the single most important problem facing the world today. This is an issue that must be addressed. We can’t ignore it. Fighting global warming is of absolutely vital importance to every human being on the planet. And it is a crisis. If that’s what Mr. Trombly means about an “Emergency on Earth,” I agree. Mr. Trombly is wrong when he suggests that I’m not doing anything about the future of the planet. The work I’ve been doing in my everyday life for the past two years has significant implications for the understanding of climate change and how to deal with it.

I also commend Mr. Trombly for stating that he can’t endorse or be involved with anything that embraces the denialist view that global warming is some sort of scam. I would like to know if this is Mr. Trombly’s main basis for criticizing Thrive. Foster Gamble has made statements that indicate that he’s a global warming denier. I think it’s great that Adam Trombly is taking a stand against that. It’s an important stand.

A common thread is emerging from the various criticisms of Thrive that are out there. Many people oppose the film because they believe its unsupportable and sensational claims divert people’s attention away from real issues that need to be solved. This is certainly the basis of my disagreement with the film. Blaming the problems of the world on imaginary conspiracies created by an imaginary “Global Domination Elite” draws attention away from solving real problems that exist, not in Foster Gamble’s fantasy world, but in the real world where the rest of us live. I suspect that Adam Trombly’s disagreement with the film comes from a similar perspective. If that’s true, there’s some more common ground.

I’ve never stated that I think Foster Gamble is a bad person. In fact I’ve gone out of my way to stress that I believe he’s a good man with good intentions and who really does want to help the world become a better place. If I was stirring up a “mob,” or if I didn’t care about accuracy or fairness, why on earth would I say this about him? I think Foster Gamble is misguided in many of his beliefs. I think that he made numerous errors of fact and judgment in putting Thrive together. But none of that makes him a bad person. Mr. Trombly makes me out as some sort of demagogue who will stop at nothing to tear him down. Why, if that’s the case, haven’t I been far harsher on Foster Gamble?

Thus, I would suggest that perhaps my opinion of Foster Gamble, as a human being, is probably not too different from Adam Trombly’s. This is some more common ground.

So there are four issues on which Adam Trombly and I agree. If he’s willing to stand up and be counted with those who oppose and distance themselves from this deceptive film, as others have done, at least from my perspective the issues on which we continue to disagree will attain much lesser importance.


I started this blog because I was very bothered by the factual and logical errors and inaccuracies of Thrive, and I didn’t want the people out there on the Internet who were its most likely fans—young people, mostly, who are concerned with the direction our global society is taking—to accept it unquestioningly without at least being aware that the film has very serious problems. The bulk of Mr. Trombly’s statement is aimed at countering allegations made by David Farnsworth. I understand and appreciate why he’s doing that, and if I hadn’t been willing from the get-go to air both sides of the story, you would not see Mr. Trombly’s statement reproduced here in its entirety.

Setting aside for a moment his conflict with Mr. Farnsworth, there are indications in Mr. Trombly’s statement that he is also bothered by certain aspects of Thrive—bothered enough to join, or at the very least consider joining, a group of people who appear in the movie and who now want to distance themselves from it. I think that’s very positive. Considering that Mr. Trombly and I seem to agree on other issues—the urgency and importance of solving the problems of anthropogenic global warming, for instance—I’d venture to say that perhaps there is room to move forward in a constructive manner to evaluate Thrive and the issues it raises. For that reason, there is a great deal about Mr. Trombly’s statement that I welcome.

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83 responses to “Free Energy Fracas: Adam Trombly Attacks Me (And Thrive)—But Is There a Silver Lining?”

  1. Mr. Anon says :

    As a progressive, I view free energy claims as being counterproductive to fighting climate change. Renewable energies such as wind and solar (and to an extent, nuclear) are proven technologies that are used widely across the world to cut carbon emissions. Free energy, however, is unproven, violates many laws of physics, and is untested as a viable source. In this sense, “Free Energy” is really a distraction and if anything, makes it harder to lose dependance on fossil fuels.

  2. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Here is David Farnsworth’s response.


    Adam, I read your “really correcting the record” statement that you have on your website. As far as I’m concerned, it’s all BS. You can try very hard to make me look like a drug addict and that I don’t know what I’m talking about and that I am mentally deranged. I really am rather a nut case actually — but that still does not excuse you from the pictures you put up without permission.

    You’ve done everything to sidestep that issue. The pictures had your name on it and you had it on your website saying that you made it and you can’t hide from that and everybody in the world knows it. It’s on thousands of blogs throughout the world now, so you look like a fool and idiot for putting something on your website that did not belong to you and calling it the seventh generator of the seventh’s son of the seventh BS or something like that New Age BS you use.

    I will also not comment on your letter at all. It isn’t worth commenting on. Just show us the things you built. Quit pretending and show us something that you actually built. And it hurts me also, Adam. It hurts me terribly and pains me dearly to say it took many years for me to discover that you and I were never friends. You idiot. So when you go to sleep at night, Adam, don’t you ever think we were friends for any damn reason? Just so you know I’m completely disgusted with you and the abundance of your new age bull shit.

    David Farnsworth

    PS. Just so everyone knows the comments that I have made herein are of my humble humblest opinion.

    • NonFiction says :

      Yep, isn’t it interesting that Farnsworth can show proof; photos, actual inventions that work, documents, etc., to back up what he says, but Trombly only talks endlessly in ever-changing circles. Now he smells a shift in the wind, and is bailing on Gamble, when Trombly himself supplied Gamble with photos of inventions that he falsely and repeatedly claimed as his own.

      What a piece of work. What’s next, will Trombly start ranting that Gamble is an alcoholic schizophrenic who was abused as a child? Wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

      Funny he mentions Dr. Elizabeth Rauscher, because that’s sure not what she told me…hmmm. But of course, the above is Trombly’s “version” of what he thinks she should have said. Reality is entirely irrelevant (and even more malleable) to people like him.

      Let’s be honest here; it is really not too hard to see who is telling the truth (or not), is it? 😀

    • Mr. Anon says :

      OK, good. Fansworth has finally definitely said that his machines are NOT free energy.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Uh, Mr. Anon, it’s not that Farnsworth has finally definitely said it — rather it is you who are finally definitely realizing what he has been saying all along! Now this is not meant to chide you; rather, it points up the real problem with the actually existing, real life, nut & bolts world of inventors of energy devices that do not violate any laws of physics.

        You see, it is deluded dreamers like Gamble and Trombly who destroy the credibility of the real new energy device inventors and the industries that could actually spring up and do the world so much good.

        Instead, the delusions that Gamble peddles in THRIVE about so-called “free energy” are so ridiculous that I sometimes chuckle and wonder — facietiously of course — if Gamble and Trombly and others of their ilk are themselves paid government disinformation agents whose mission is to destroy the real energy industry that knows that — just as there is no “free lunch,” there is also no such thing as “free energy.”

        I would now like to commend Muertos for publishing Trombly’s diatribe against Farnsworth here in its entirely because it is such a vivid documentation of what real energy device pioneers like Farnsworth must endure in their quest to create devices that actually work a little better than existing devices.

        But let’s face it. There’s a great market out there for cultivating wishful, fantastical nostalgic thinking that celebrates regression to an earlier child-like —- even infantile —state of mind.

        When I was a good Catholic boy, I strongly believed in a personal God who was infinite, omnipotent, omniscient, ubiquitous and eternal — that is, a Being with no limits, all-powerful, all-knowing existing everywhere at all times. Somehow, I managed to outgrow those delusions, mainly realizing around age 20, that I was just trying to improve on the deficiencies and defects I believed all resided in the person of my own actual personal father.

        So now, when I view the movie THRIVE — and especially when I watch the Gamble-Trombly interview parts — I realize that they have merely substituted a belief in some impersonal free energy for my childhood belief in a personal father-like God.

        You see, when Trombly and Gamble speak of free energy, they invariably get around to meaning ZPE, because Zero-Point Energy — as a placeholder for a personal Father-God — is a perfect adult substitute for the infinite, all-powerful, all-knowing everywhere all at once figure that I would bet uncannily resembles each one of their own respective personal fathers.

        Consider :

        [1] Where I once believed in an infinite personal God, they believe in an infinite impersonal free energy. (which is actually true of ZPE.)

        [2] Where I once believed in an all powerful, personal God, they believe in an all-powerful impersonal free energy. (which is actually true of ZPE.)

        [3] Where I once believed in a personal God that was ubiquitous and eternal, they believe in an impersonal free energy that is everywhere at all times. (which is true of ZPE)

        [4] . . . (I’ll leave off the omniscient part here — only because it’s not fully relevant to the free energy debate. But belief in the all-knowing field of information throughout the universe is consistent with ZPE — and still gives Steven Hawking a hard-on in his wheelchair! Wait, did I just misspell hadron? Sorry!)

        So hopefully, Mr. Anon, this will help explain why the waters of “free energy” are so muddied today. And I hope my psychoanalysis helps you clarify the utterly infantile delusions of Gamble and Trombly versus the — at least sturdy adolescent — realism and practicality of Farnsworth.

        In short, both Foster and Adam express the childish and grossly self-indulgent fantasies of the “puer aeternas,” the “eternal boy.” Yes, the Eternal Peter Pan who will never grow up.

        Now my own personal suggestion, founded in fierce compassion for both Adam and Foster, is for them to consider some sort of New Age regressive psychotherapeutic modality that will bring up and process the early childhood traumas concerning their fathers — off the top of my head, I can rattle off: Arthur Janov’s Primal Therapy, or Leonard Orr’s Rebirthing, or Stan Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork, something, —- anything — to convict and convince this pair of immature aging Baby Boomer sexagenarians that they are just giving us in the movie THRIVE cartoon-like versions of their own inner painful yearnings for whatever love, power, competence and guidance they feel were sorely lacking from their own fathers as they were growing up during the two term presidency of Dwight David Eisenhower.

        (Bad pun alert! “I like Ike, but not Icke!” Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

        So. Mr. Anon, maybe if you see the nature of their delusions about free energy as their personal subjective quest to re-capture lost youth, then maybe you can begin to develop a deeper appreciation for the real down to earth practicality of energy pioneers like David Farnsworth.

        As a retired high school teacher, who has developed a sense for differential levels of student emotional maturity, I would peg the emotional sensibilities of David Farnsworth as around 11th or 12th grade. When I consider the gaping puerility of both Foster and Adam, they strike me as having emotional sensibilities somewhere between 4th and 5th grade. As I’ve observed, puberty makes all the difference.

        Hmmm, maybe i should make a movie about that.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Yeah, my earlier post was poorly worded. Thanks for catching me there.

  3. dub says :

    this is a government troll disinformation page, the writer of this page is either disillusioned into accepting his own slavery or is willfully ignorant. there definitely is a conspiracy to undermine free energy, and that conspiracy is simply money. the powers the currently exist dont want to lose their power over humanity by giving everyone free energy. what would the oil tycoons do if we didnt need them anymore?

  4. Foster Gamble says :

    For Tom Mellett, alias hollywoodtomfortas, alias tombuoyed

    I had to leave a Yahoo group because of the vicious, uninformed ways you were attacking me. You have twice apologized and then started in again almost immediately.

    Now you have been emailing me personally, and you got my home phone and called me, admitting that you are battling with trying to get off psychotropic medication and that you have been in depression and dealing with both homicidal and suicidal thoughts, even referring to the “Bin Laden” side of your personality. You have hounded me publicly and privately with venomous attacks on me and on THRIVE.

    My wife and I are accustomed to a wide range of people and their opinions. However, we consider you to be dangerous and have notified authorities of the threat we believe you pose.

    You are hereby warned that if you come to an event where we are or call or write to us we will seek intervention to protect ourselves from your sad and serious condition.

    I know from our personal conversations that you are admittedly uninformed: you have not read David Icke thought you constantly attack him, nor have you done your homework on Free Energy, conspiracy, extraterrestrial phenomena, or economics. You have acknowledged you have no interest in solutions, but want to take others down with you. You are obviously personally motivated and have stepped beyond the line of public dissent to personal violation and threat.

    This is my public request that you cease and desist all Emails, phone calls, visits or any other attempts to attach yourself to me or to my work.


  5. Foster Gamble says :

    Regarding the THRIVE / Trombly / Farnsworth brouhaha, it seems the incident was apparently my fault. I used an image that I was sent from Trombly’s website, under the mistaken impression that it was the device that was stolen in the Government raid on their lab. I regret that the misstep triggered such a painful interaction, opening old wounds that have not been healed.
    Regarding the validity of claims about Free Energy in THRIVE, they all hold up except for the wrong picture. Both inventors acknowledge that they had created over-unity technology and that the demos were shut down and their lab raided as described.
    I sincerely appreciate the paradigm shifting developments that Adam and David accomplished and am deeply sorry for the excruciating suppression and painful discord they have experienced.

    • muertos says :

      Mr. Gamble, did you actually see, with your own eyes, the device that your film leads us to believe that Adam Trombly claims he invented? Not in a picture–not in a video–but with your own eyes. If you did not see the device operate with your own eyes and conduct your own investigation into the claims surrounding it before you put it into your movie, why not? This is the question we’d like the answer to.

    • NonFiction says :

      Good grief, Foster, will you EVER get your facts straight? Are you allergic?

      Trombly and Farnsworth never had a lab together, as both of them have now informed you. Farnsworth’s lab in Oregon was raided, and apparently not at all “as described” because the device you showed during Trombly’s fanciful telling of the tale was not seized according to Farnsworth (and apparently the device was entirely his and not even vaguely related to Trombly’s purported over-unity generator, which Trombly also admitted, and you personally know it).

      When are you going to grow up and at least attempt to grasp reality? Now you are attacking Tom Mellett the way Trombly attacked Farnsworth, after your poster-experts in Thrive have turned on you (including Trombly) not over facts, but over politics for crap’s sake…and meanwhile the only injured parties, Farnsworth and the other inventor – whose devices were shown without permission and credited to the wrong guys, have only tried to correct the facts. I guess if we wait long enough, the nice guys (aka credible people) start to be easy to recognize.

      At least when I turn out to be so totally right, there isn’t much of a crowd around me. Now can I please publicly say it? How about a quick little rhyme:

      I freakin told you so,
      2 freakin months ago…


      • NonFiction says :

        Oh, and might I add that the only credible inventor here says that the “free” energy thing is bogus. Either all energy is “free” or none of it is free. They all require effort to collect and convert into a useable form…just that some methods of doing that are hyper-efficient compared to others. Smart boys know the difference. But then smart boys can correct the facts when they learn the truth, too.

    • joe stevenson says :

      Mr Gamble, Thank you for putting together all the parts and pieces of what I have seen in my research. I’m not an MIT graduate to put it lightly; but I do have a bit of sense.

      Currently China is exercising it’s muscle going around the USD as a reserve currency building bilateral agreements excluding the dollar. More China is flexing it’s muscle in the South China sea looking for US involvement. (and yes, Rockefeller loves China)

      Simplistically, is it impossible to imagine that I can kick-start a motorcycle, and once it is running, that it can produce more energy than that needed to kick-start it?

      Everyone now knows there were NO weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The only destruction coming was the trading of the petrodollar in other currencies – much like Iran has been setting up.

      What ever slightly incorrect errors there may be in the movie, the premise as a whole is genuine, concise, pointed, honest, and I hope that it will be seen the world over before SOPA, or PIPA, or CISPA come into real force.

      There is a coming paradigm shift for good or not so good.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        “Mr Gamble, Thank you for putting together all the parts and pieces of what I have seen in my research. I’m not an MIT graduate to put it lightly; but I do have a bit of sense.”

        Actually, Gamble was wrong. Fansworth did not claim to be a “free energy” creator. According to Muertos, he has clearly stated “free energy does not exist”.

        “Currently China is exercising it’s muscle going around the USD as a reserve currency building bilateral agreements excluding the dollar. More China is flexing it’s muscle in the South China sea looking for US involvement. (and yes, Rockefeller loves China)”

        Who are you referring to by “Rockefeller”? Are you referring to Senator John D. Rockefeller IV, a strong fighter for the middle class and American jobs?

        “Simplistically, is it impossible to imagine that I can kick-start a motorcycle, and once it is running, that it can produce more energy than that needed to kick-start it?”

        Yes, unless you have an external source of energy. You clearly know nothing about thermodynamics.

        “What ever slightly incorrect errors there may be in the movie, the premise as a whole is genuine, concise, pointed, honest, and I hope that it will be seen the world over before SOPA, or PIPA, or CISPA come into real force. ”

        Given that SOPA, PIPA, and CISPA have all failed in Congress, no small part due to the President’s (who is supposed to be evil and corrupt, according to Gamble) veto threats, they are of little concern to me. However, let’s take a look at what the “premise” of the film is. Of course, there are actually several premises.

        1. Toroidal motion is “the” natural rhythm which holds the key to unlocking the secrets of the universe.
        2. The secret of the universe is unlimited energy, which has been obtained by several scientists.
        3. Said scientists are being suppressed.
        4. Said suppression is done by little-known Rockefeller/Rothschild/Morgan families, who control “the corporations”.
        5. Advocating an end to taxation and the federal reserve will solve this problem.

        Premise 1 is baseless, there are numerous geometrical patterns in nature.

        Premise 2 is impossible according to the current laws of physics.

        Premise 3 lacks evidence and conveniently allows free energy to be unfalsifiable. However, this makes it contrary to the scientific method.

        Premise 4 is unfalsifiable, and is logically inconsistent.

        Premise 5 has been proven disastrous by economists.

    • Curio says :

      Foster – why didn’t you get a copy of the blueprint for this “over- unity device” and give it away for free on the THRIVE web site? From where we’re sitting, you’re making some miraculous claims about a device that haven’t been verified by anyone except the guys who invented it.

      • Roger Knull says :

        I’ve been harping on that one forever. Just show us the damn machine. All the rest of the elaborate platitudes and warm-fuzzies only go so far. If Foster-n-Company only dared us to dream, I wouldn’t have a problem with any of it. Dreams are good. Dreams can lead to alternative and better realities. But he doesn’t just invite us to dream. He CLAIMS free energy exists, and has seen it work, and is in personal contact with ‘scientists’ who have built and designed it.

        Oh, but, …he just can’t show it to you.

        Please. My intelligence has been insulted enough.

        Foster Gamble is either THAT stupid, or THAT big of a con-man.

        Which is it, Mr. Gamble?

        Roger Knull

        P.S. Foster, I want you to know that most people can always forgive stupidity.

  6. Bob Dole says :

    These people denying free energy obviously have no grasp of quantum mechanics. Seriously saddening.

    • Mr. Anon says :

      Adam Trombly does not claim to use quantum laws or zero point energy or cold fusion. He claims to use “the Earth’s magnetic field”.

    • roger knull says :

      What is seriously saddening is your gross incompetence, or maybe you just enjoy stirring the pot. The term ‘free energy’ is probably the biggest oxy-moron ever spake in history. The ideal of it is as unattainable as human immortality, oh, but the hope of it sure sells.

      I have, from time to time, followed free energy hoaxers going back to the despicable Dennis Lee in the seventies, who stole untold amounts of money from the public selling his ridiculous ‘hummingbird’ energy system.

      You can still find his idiotic commercials on YouTube.

      From him all the way up to Adam Trombley, there has never been ONE public demonstration of a ‘free energy’ device, ever. And not one workable machine built from a variety of schematics freely available to all who have the honest inclination to build one.

      I’m surprized ‘Muertos’ doesn’t spend a LOT more time debunking that point alone, as the concept of free energy is the very center-piece of the film.

      • NonFiction says :

        Actually, Roger Knull, there was a successful demo of a 54:1 solid state generator to the US Congress in the late 80’s. Bush was not amused.

        That said, any claims of “free energy” are bogus, because all energy is free. It costs money to collect it and convert to a useable form. Anyone with a brain knows that. Even the above-mentioned generator was expensive to build. Nothing is “free” except ignorant opinions.

      • roger knull says :

        Alas! Yet another fantastic claim! Minus names of people, engineers, scientists, builders… and of course, no schematics!

      • roger knull says :

        Nice try. If you venture to be the bearer of light and wisdom, then send me the plans and schematics. I will build it, and if it does work, I will apologize and help you market it. Sound like a deal? If you are on the up-n-up, it should. My e-mail is: rioplaydrum@yahoo

        Why is it I think I’m just going to receive more bullshit retoric from you? Prove me wrong.

        P.S. Ain’t it funny how I’m not afraid to use my full legal name, but you are?

      • roger knull says :

        Wow, you are truly an idiot. You say ‘look at the proof!’ , but all you send me is links to yet another subjective article. There is NO free energy, asshole. And there is absolutely nothing you or anybody else can ever do about it.

        BTW- I told you before, I’m not afraid to use my full legal name here. Why is it you are?

      • NonFiction says :

        It’s not my fault that you don’t know your modern history, roger, and I charge tuition for lessons…which probably rules you out, since you are one of those who thinks they are entitled to knowledge of the works of your mental betters. “Schematics”…that’s funny.

        Besides, if you had the acuity to actually READ through this blog, you would find the facts you so childishly demand. Do your own homework.

      • roger knull says :

        I’m not the one under the gun to present any evidence. You are. Hello? McFly? Skeptic here with a diploma in electronic engineering awaiting your proof! Got any?

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Yes, Roger,

        The proof you are seeking is right here in this new article about Foster Gamble and the movie.

        Scions and Wonders: Has a Procter and Gamble Heir Discovered the
        Key to Universal Energy?

        Foster Gamble has some interesting theories about energy.

        ” . . . I can vouch for an energy technology that produces more energy than it takes in.”

        The second law of thermodynamics, which states that energy cannot remain perpetually in motion in a closed system, doesn’t apply to the torus, Mr. Gamble argues on the Thrive blog, because “a torus is not a closed or isolated system.” This means that the torus is the key to developing free energy devices that could help wean the world off of oil, coal and other destructive energy addictions.

        Mr. Gamble has funded two inventors—“One more substantially over the years,” Ms. Gamble told us—and while she declined to name them, she insisted she has personally seen free energy technologies at work. “Having witnessed and experienced the energy in the labs, seeing that myself … once you have a personal experience, whether or not it’s of popular belief becomes much less relevant,” she said.


        Of course Roger I must now ask if you are one of these people that Foster Gamble describes here at the end of the article, you know, a disinformation agent who is paid to sit at your computer every day and attempt to dismantle the credibility of THRIVE, especially in the field of free energy.


        “People warned me before the film came out that if you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target,” Mr. Gamble added. “People are simply uncomfortable with new information that may seem threatening.”

        Of course, there’s more to it than that. The main reason for the negative reaction, he said, “is that there are people who are paid to sit at banks of computers, find anything on the internet seeming to challenge the structure of the powers that be, and try to dismantle its credibility.”


        You know you are not going to succeed in your disinformation campaign, Roger, but go ahead, give it your best shot.

        May the torus be with you!

      • Roger Knull says :

        As Wyboth has stated, I’m no paid DS. I WISH I were paid to do such a thing. What I am is continuely outraged by ridiculous claims and false hopes. I asked you for proof, albeit somewhat gruffly, and all you gave me are more links to Mr. Fables data base, just as I knew you would.

        The whole idea of free energy is insane. You and your crowd like to poo-poo such a notion by stating things like, ‘man once believed flight wasn’t possible’ or, ‘we could never go to the moon’, etc, etc.

        And that is correct. Man did accomplish such things. Man knew flight was possible, because man could percieve of things flying in the sky right before his eyes, and strived to duplicate it.

        Man cannot percieve ‘free energy’, because there is no example of it to be found in nature. You can argue that the Sun in the sky is one example, and for all practical purposes, you’d be correct.

        So why don’t I ever hear about the replication of, say, ‘star technology’? Why is it the only things you can offer up are more bogus plans (from other mysterious people), and old celluloid films of spinning motors (from other mysterious people)?

        And don’t site ‘cold fusion’ as an example. I’m WAY ahead of you on that one, so don’t even try.

        I am also outraged by the abuse of Nikola Teslas’ work as a scientist. Tesla never had a system of free energy, as you total morons consistantly love to imply. He certainly dreamed of it, talked about it, but it NEVER was accomplished.

        All of his remarkable and world changing inventions were ALL coal-fired and petroleum fed like all good little piggies. Nothing ‘free’ about it. His greatest accomplishment was the transmission of very un-free energy, free of metallic wire. An astonishing feat, but nothing more than that. Sorry.

        And here’s one last thing for you to chew on: Big Ugly Greedy Corporations would very much love to have ‘free energy’.

        Oil companies spend 100’s of BILLIONS of dollars just getting the stuff out of the ground. Cost of doing business. And that’s just the start. There’s also the transportation, proccessing, refining, and more transportation to get the final product to the customer. Lots of money down the hole before they ever see a dime.

        Don’t you think they would jump at the chance to charge the public for free energy with NO OVERHEAD?

        I would certainly like a system that would allow me to just sit back and watch the dough roll in. Why wouldn’t they?

        It’s akin to your idiot cousins who claim there are ‘natural’ cures for cancer, but oh, they won’t let you have it!

        My ass. They’d love to have such a thing -and bill you into the next world for it anyway.


      • Wyboth says :

        @Hollywood Tomfortas
        Foster Gamble’s claims that the second law of thermodynamics doesn’t apply to the torus are implausible. The second law of thermodynamics applies to EVERYTHING. Because of this, there can be no “free energy.” Yes, it would be nice if it did work. We could end our dependence on fossil fuels and get reliable, clean energy. But sadly, free energy doesn’t work, so there’s little point in trying to make it work.

        As a reply to the second part of your comment, no, roger knull isn’t a paid disinformation agent. How should I know? I haven’t even met him. Here’s how: I’m smart enough to know that paid disinformation agents don’t exist. Roger isn’t one, I’m not one, Muertos and Slayer aren’t ones. The only government that would actually have those would be Oceania from George Orwell’s 1984, which I’m pretty sure is where Gamble got the idea from. But we don’t live in a society like Oceania. So why does everyone discredit Thrive, then? It’s because we think they’re stupid. They say a bunch of bullshit, and most of us are smart enough to know better than to believe it. But people like you take it to heart. Then you start saying it, too. And when we don’t agree with you, you can’t accept that it’s because we think you’re stupid. You have to find some way to make your claims seem valid, so you pull out the paid disinformation agent pin out of your hat and stick it to all of us. In your mind, that justifies our criticism and makes us horrible people. But to us, it just makes you even dumber. Of course, I doubt any of what I’m saying will get through to you before your disinformation agent firewall pops up. But if you ever do decide to see what exactly I’m talking about, try swapping shoes for a day. Maybe then you’ll understand where you’re going wrong.

        Just a thought.


      • Wyboth says :

        Alright Tom, I just read that you’re a troll, and not really with the Thrivers. But what are you getting accomplished by pretending to be on their side? Really, all it’s going to do is confuse them even more.

      • Roger Knull says :

        I’ve been away from this thread for a while. Just got caught up on the reads. Thanks, Wyboth. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      • Wyboth says :

        You’re welcome, Roger. Glad to help.

      • Wyboth says :

        Good post, Roger, but there’s one thing I have to correct.

        The Sun isn’t an example of free energy. It fuses hydrogen to make helium. The hydrogen was already there, so the energy changed form. It didn’t create the energy. I agree with everything else you said.

        Just a shout-out to ozzie thinker, I’m not only correcting conspiracies, I’m correcting false information wherever I see it. Even though I like Roger and agree with his ideas, I corrected him on a fact that he missed. If you didn’t believe me when I was just telling you before, you can now. Actions speak louder than words.

        Roger, if you’re not aware of what Ozzie Thinker accused me of, he said that I was being hypocritical by only correcting conspiracies and nothing else. Here, I’m proving him wrong.

        Keep up the good work.

      • roger knull says :

        You are correct, and I do understand what you’re talking about. But it would be nice to have a closed-loop system that would tick away for, say, 15 billion years!

      • Wyboth says :

        Haha, wouldn’t it. I forgot to say that I also appreciated you mentioning that energy companies would jump to achieve free energy, not shun it. That’s something that I’ve been thinking, but failed to mention.

      • Roger Knull says :

        Thanks, and I can give you a prime example of that in history of precisely why the Big Ugly Greedy Corporations would love to have free energy.

        You are no doubt familiar with the battle between Edison and Tesla over which was the best way to provide cheap and reliable energy to the masses. Edison argued it was D.C., Tesla A.C. This battle occurred in the late 1800’s, when America was at a very pivotal point in history in regards to it’s standing of geo-political power to the rest of the civilized world.

        Call it one fucking big Ham Sandwich on board.

        When the Big Ugly Greedy Corporations (and their engineers) took a long hard look at both, they went with TESLA! His system was far more efficient. It could transmit further, had less heat resistance, and cost cheaper.

        Silly, silly Corporations!

        Now, the actual story and all of it’s participants is quite a bit more elaborate than that, but you get the gist of it.

        Those awful powers that be, ya’ know, the Illuminate, the Bilderburgers, the Order of the Cheeze Wiz Midnight Co2 Suckers… all decided to back Tesla for a BETTER, more ENERGY EFFICIENT America! Not to mention the rest of the world.

        Anybody who doesn’t believe me can kill an hour or two every night for the next week researching what I say is true.

        The next two paragraphs I write display how ironic it played out anyway, and regardless of the fact the Big Ugly Greedy Corporations made the correct and better decision for the future of humanity:

        Tesla was a true scientist and humanitarian of his time, and, ultimately, he won the race for humanity, but he is largely forgotten today.

        Edison, even though highly talented in his own right, was a ruthless pig of a man with selfish business interests above what was best for all. And he’s the one who gets top billing as ‘America’s Greatest Inventor’ in the history books.

        If ‘free energy’ existed, if it were even possible, the current Energy Cartels would be all over it.

        But they aren’t, because they can’t.

        Because it doesn’t exist.

        P.S. I made up the part about the Cheeze Wiz Suckers.

  7. Shayne Chrystian says :

    Isn’t the whole topic of “free energy” somewhat irrelevant talked about in this context. Let’s say, hypothetically, that there was a device that could be constructed that would generate more energy than it took to start it. This would be free in the sense that people would not have to get their energy through power lines from a central location. Currently, we have to pay for that energy from the power corporations. Isn’t it possible that, with the new SOURCES of energy, (such as geothermal, solar, wind, and tidal) we could have “free energy” in the sense that people would not have to pay for it? It seems like the argument here is about the evidence and ownership of a device that creates energy from essentially nothing but magnetic fields. I could be wrong. This really doesn’t seem like the only example in the world that would decide whether or not people would have to pay for their energy or not. However, I’m fairly ignorant in technological matters. But from what I do know about current energy technology that I have personally seen, and know works, I would have to say that, yes Roger Knull and friends, FREE ENERGY MUST EXIST. My calculator is solar powered. I never have to pay to have it powered. That to me is an extraordinary example that free energy can exist for everyone, and saying that energy corporations lose money from oil extraction is completely absurd, they make it back in retarded amounts. If every home was powered by solar, wind, and geothermal sources, the energy corporations would definitely not be pleased. They would lose billions, and perhaps, over time, be completely abolished. Same goes for powering mag-lev trains, which should also replace airplanes as a faster, safer, more efficient means of far-distance planetary travel. The whole issue seems to me that some people don’t want free energy because the whole point of fighting most wars would be gone, millions of jobs would be eliminated, which is only a bad thing because of the existing monetary system, and would be also one of the main aspects of eliminating the polluted atmosphere which may or may not be one of the main reasons for “global warming” which may or may not actually exist. Climate shift takes millions of years to take place anyway, so “global warming” seems like a eco-terrorist manipulation tactic to distract people from actual problems, which are mostly psycho-social and people not fully understanding how the substances they injest affect them physically and psychologically. Even sugar. Sugar is, as human beings, our main source of energy. Even this is not free, and is also chemically altered and produced. Over consumption of this substance, I’ve observed, leads to a number of anxiety oriented and behavioral issues. But I digress. The fact is, is that free energy does exist, no matter which way one looks at it, and implementing it into society is simply a moral dilemma at this point. Not even, for the answer to the “dilemma” is so obvious that the only people who hesitate in answering it correctly, if at all, are greedy, inconsiderate fascists.

    • Roger Knull says :

      Ok, let my advocate your definition for ‘free energy’. Evidently, it only works for calculators. The rest of your post isn’t even worth responding to. Subjective gobble-de-gook mixed with a highly flawed view of economics.

      • Shayne Chrystian says :

        Solar energy works. And if people didn’t charge money for it, it would be free. Wow, free energy! Now what you’re talking about when you say “free energy” is producing a device that creates energy out of a vacuum without combustion. This may or may not actually exist. That is not the kind of “free” that I meant. I mean that energy is no longer a commodity. Which is the point. But obviously, seeing as energy production is the biggest business in the world, people will try their very best to keep it a commodity. My view of economics is not flawed. The current system of economics doesn’t even work as you can see by the state of the planet. Economics is not a science. It’s a developed system for exchanging capital. Energy is a necessity, and shouldn’t even be a question in the economic game at this point. It works for more than calculators. That was an example, as I see you were not able to distinguish that. And no, the corporation are not all over it. What are they planning to harvest and sell? Sunlight? That’s retarded. It’s available for everyone, as long as they have access to the technology. It’s like talking to my grandpa, “back in my day.” This whole blog is a waste of energy. I’m done talking to over-literal, people with no personal life experience, and sit on-line all day trying to keep the status quo who can’t connect seemingly unrelated topics.

      • a rational person says :

        u want free energy? ill give u free energy…go to taco bell…order a bag of their worst shit…those gordita things and a bunch of refried beans oughta do it…go home…stick a piece of garden hose about 1/2″ up your butt…put a balloon on the end of the hose…sit there and eat the taco bell…u’ll fill up the balloon with your fart gas in about 5 minutes……then tie off the balloon…hold a cigarette lighter up to the balloon…POW! instant fireball…thats going to give you a lot more energy than any of the shit thesse clowns said they built…hey, i just showed u how to make free energy…now give me my nobel prize…ill share it with haramein.

      • Wyboth says :

        Shayne, you are referring to alternative energy, not free energy. When people on this blog refer to “free energy,” they’re talking about devices that supposedly either output more energy than put in, or create energy from nothing. Both of these ideas are bullshit: Newton’s Second Law of Thermodynamics clearly states that energy cannot be created, which is just what free energy machines attempt to do.
        But what about solar power? You don’t have to put any energy into that, but it spits energy out! Isn’t that free energy?
        Not quite. A lot of people overlook the most important part of solar power: the Sun. The Sun gives off photons, which are absorbed by the solar panel, which produces electricity. You see, the energy wasn’t created: it came from the Sun.
        Another point: energy production, while important, is not the biggest business in the world. Travel is. Unfortunately, I’m typing this on a Wii, so I can’t link you to an article for this. You’ll have to do your own homework for this one. Make sure you visit a reliable source!
        Sunlight is available for everyone, that’s true. I’d like to illustrate a point for you. I’d like you to, right now, get up and walk outside. I want you to walk up and down your street. While you’re out there, be sure to take a good look at everyone’s rooftops. When you get back, I want you to answer this question: how many people had solar panels on their rooftops? MAYBE one? Probably none? You see, solar technology is out there. However, slim to none choose to embrace it. Why is that? Well, there are a number of reasons.
        1. It’s expensive. Sure, it can slash your electric bills and maybe even get you off the grid, but people stick with the electric company for the same reason they take out a mortgage on their home: it’s just too expensive. With a break-even point possibly years away, it’s not difficult to see why most people pass this up.
        2. They have better things to do. Let’s face it: most middle class people lead busy lives. It’s easy for them to see a film about roof solar panels and say, “Yeah, let’s do it!” and forget all about it the next day as they tire away at work. Some other people just don’t care about the environment enough to want to layer their roof with solar panels, despite the Benjamins it will save them.
        These same reasons can be applied to free energy machines, with the additional reason that most people are smart enough to know that they don’t work. So, in reality, yes, power companies will sell you sunlight. But, some power companies pass up alternative energy for fossil fuels. Why? It’s cheaper. Some care less about the Earth than they do about the bills that line their pockets. I think that most power companies will switch to solar only when coal becomes so rare and so expensive that solar power is the cheaper option. Hopefully by then our planet will still be habitable.

      • Roger Knull says :

        Excellent retort, Wyboth. I didn’t have the patience to write it myself. *hats off*

        R. Knull

      • Wyboth says :

        You’re welcome, Roger. The insane thing is that I wrote it on my Wii, so I had to type it at about 0.5 letters per second. *shudder* It took about an hour, especially since I kept forgetting minor points.

    • Curio says :

      Even though your solar calculator is free, the last time I checked, the told me it would cost about $55,000 to hook my house up to solar. So, it’s not really “free” yet. When it does become free I plan to switch.

  8. Dave says :

    Good job Foster, Your message is true and right on. Your opposition here may very well be payed losers. All of my independent research as well as listening to whistle-blowers tells me that history has been shaped, in large part, by powerful interests operating behind the scenes bringing us false flags, wars and the like. It is those who haven’t done their research and don’t yet realize that conspiracies do occur regularly, are the ones wearing the tin foil hats. Those who tell the truth, (whistle-blowers) don’t speak out for the benefit of a paycheck but out a sense of moral duty to tell the truth and warn others. They put their careers and their lives at risk to tell us what they have told us. Many are now dead.
    So, keep up the great work Foster and I and a growing army of informed informers are right behind you.

    • a rational person says :

      oh, jeezus. another fucking conspiracy nutbag who thinks that anyone who disagrees with thrive is a “paid disinformation agent.” christ, i thought we were through with this bullshit when pickle fucker left.

      tell me, dave, what evidence do u have that the people who wrote this blog are “payed losers”? u have affidavits? u have witnesses? u have actual evidence?

      oh, i’m sorry…u got FUCKING DICK? u got NOTHING? and u still want us to beleive ppl who oppose thrive are “payed losers”?

      could u please explain to us, dave, why we should assume that anyone who writes something against thrive is a “payed loser”? do u have anything to support this? anything at all?

      ANSWER ME, NUTBAG?????!?!?!

      fucking nutbag…we gotta stop these people from breeding…jeezus christ….i guess if they hand out brain cells in the morning, this “dave” fucker slept til noon.

      • Dave says :

        Hi Rational person, you don’t live up to your name. If you aren’t a payed dis informant which I realized was probably not the case. The only other explanation is that you are simply uninformed and haven’t done much research.

      • a rational person says :

        dave : i asked you for evidence that the people who wrote this blog are “paid disinformation agents.”

        where is your actual evidence that this is true? not just your opinion. actual evidence. WHERE IS IT? present it NOW. RIGHT NOW.

        WELL???!?! we’re waiting!

      • Dave says :

        Hi Rational person
        I have no proof that you are a paid dis-informant and I only suggested that such could be the case. If you are not, which seems to be the case, you are simply uninformed and don’t live up to you Alias. I don’t think we can have an intelligent or rational discussion because it is obvious to me your ego is much too engaged. Have a great day.

      • Roger Knull says :

        I make a high six figures as a paid Disinformation Agent. It is easy work. I reside in my ocean-side bungalow and spend most of my days lounging on the beach sipping very expensive vodka and dismantling whole countries with mere key strokes on my lap-top.

        You, too, can get into this very lucrative business:

      • a rational person says :

        dave said:

        “I have no proof”

        STOP. end of discussion right there.

        u come in here and throw around ridiculous accusations about people being “paid disinformation agents.” i call u on it and u admit it’s totally made up.

        you are finished in this discussion, hoss. you just proved your opinion completely unreliable and showed why no one should listen to u. it is you who’s “uninformed.”

    • Curio says :

      It’s real simple Dave — all we are saying is “post the blueprints / schematics for a working free energy device.” We will build one. Then we will apply the scientific method. If it turns out to be correct, and free energy DOES exist, we will lead the celebration.

    • anticultist says :

      When you say ” All of my independent research” Dave, scouring retarded conspiracy theory websites and watching you tube videos is not research. That is called entertainment for stupid people.

      • Dave says :

        Hi Anticultist, Where do you get informed? Let me guess; you feed from the trough of the mainstream media. I do document my research and if you
        would like to have me to help you take your blinders off I would be more than happy to try, but you might have to shelve your ego for a bit.

      • anticultist says :

        Dave I don’t listen to retarded claims with no evidence. People who think they have the insider scoop about how the world runs from websites written by conspiracy theorists are embarassing. These website owners are simply looking to make money off gullible idiots like you Dave, all they do is make you look really fucking dumb. I mean look how dumb you sound right now, yet you are actually convinced you are the smart one !!

        Dunning Kreuger Dave, look it up.

      • Dave says :

        Yes Anticultist, It appears that I am. All you have done is call me names and call
        me stupid. You don’t even know how I gather and evaluate info. When you can do more than call names and attack, I will have a discussion or debate if you are up to it.

    • Frankie says :

      You are the one wearing the tin foil hat you conspiratard.
      You also believe in fairies and elves and rudolph the reindeer. What else nutter? Do you also believe the earth is flat and that the moon was made for us to look at? hahahahaaha! what the fuck, do you think this is matrix or what?
      If you think research is looking at forums like “above top secret” and similar bullshit, you really are so far away from being a researcher. You wanna know what a real researcher does????!
      Look at credible sources!!!!!! multiple ones and ask experts, credible experts!! not woo woos like David Fucking Icke.
      Seriously people, you make my head explode in madness for not helping me understan you. You seriously are beyond psychotherapy’s scope.
      Conspiratardism should be in the DSM V instead of math learning problem or stuttering.
      Fuck conspiracy theories, fuck Thrive, and fuck anything related to that bullshit. it’s all toxic and can rote your brain in seconds.

      • Frankie says :

        And sorry for my contradiction, if conspiratardism gets to the DSM, then they should research it, and look for a cure, although i doubt they will find one soon. It will be like looking for a cosmic string or ET.

      • Dave says :

        Hi Frankie, Lets talk about what might qualify as a conspiracy and then what might represent credible evidence. Who are the so called experts you talk about? What are they experts on? Did I mention David Icke? I don’t agree with everything David Icke says and in fact I hardly ever listen to him nor do I seek out his opinion. I do agree with some of what he says. I do look to many sources for information and am quite careful to examine them for their credibility. If you are interested in a civil and intelligent discussion, about what qualifies as a conspiracy or the definition of a conspiracy and what might qualify as credible evidence, I am game.

      • a rational person says :

        no, dave, lets not talk about any of that stupid conspiracy shit.

        let’s talk about the evidence that you have that the people who wrote this blog are “paid disinformation agents.”

        present this evidence.


        RIGHT NOW.

        present the evidence.


        present the evidence.

        OR STFU.

        need me to say it again, dave?


        got it, hoss?


        we’re waiting.


      • Frankie says :

        Rational person: Dave already lost my respect by saying he agrees on some things with David Icke.. Lol!!
        He wants to have a civil And intelligent discusion about conspiracy theories. I couldnt come up with a better oxymoron.
        Conspiracy theories werent meant to be part of intelligent discussions because they arent intelligent. period.
        They suck, and arent even hypotheses. Not even conjectures or speculations made by credible people. You want to know who qualifies as a credible person? Someone who in the first place, doesnt agree with David Icke on some things. Second, someone who actually provides evidence to back their shit up, and by evidence I mean evidence: A peer reviewed article from a peer reviewed journal. You want examples? Nature, Astronomical Journal, etc.
        A conspiracy theory can never be a credible person because the elements of their claims are more preposterous than a “Alice in Wonderland” paragraph.
        So are you up to show me evidence for the conspiratardist shit you love so much?

      • Frankie says :

        I meant “theorist”, not theory.

    • Anastasio says :

      “Payed losers” Dave?

      Is this how you usually kick start a rational or intelligent discussion? It’s hardly surprising that a constituent member of Gamble’s army of pseudo-intellectual elitists should address the lowly proletariat with such haughty contempt and indignation.

      Your lofty assertion that anyone who disagrees with you is ‘blinkered’ or paid to do so garners little confidence in your authority to score a line between the credible and the incredible; therefore any attempt to hold a mature discussion with you would be a waste of everybody’s resources.
      But I guess you already knew that right?

      Besides, a quick perusal of Infowars or ATS and the ilk should empower us to accurately predict your argument with much confidence before you even mouth it yourself. Why not save your breath Dave? I can guarantee that your ‘research’ will bring nothing new to the table anyway.

      Nice touch linking your avatar to your business page; I can’t think of a better way to diminish one’s customer base than to label them losers!

      (I’ve often wondered; how does a scholar document his research these days? Bookmarks>Bookmark This Page?)

  9. Jeff says :

    i find it funny that for all your attempt to drown the reader in non topic based information, nothing here really disproves anything in Thrive.

    • a rational person says :

      uhh…yes there is. try the whole goddamn site? try every single fucking article on the whole goddamn site?

      i guess you didn’t read it? oh, thats right, because you’re a nutbag.

      well? did you read it?

      HUH???????????????????????????????? WE’RE WAITING, NUTBAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mr. Anon says :

        This is how conspiratards work. You can spend hours proving them wrong detail by detail, and then they’ll just dismiss it as “paid disinformation” or too difficult for them to understand.

      • a rational person says :

        theyre nutbags. they don’t even want to understand how things work in the real world. thrive is a fantasy that makes em feel better about being total losers in life. if you got millions of $$$ like foster gamble u can live in the fantasy all the time, but most of these fucks actually have to interact with the real world. it doesnt mean they like it.

        sometimes i feel sorry for the sick fucks who believe in thrive, zeitgest, “911 was an inside job” or the other conspiratard bullshit you see on this site. ancient aliens…crystals…homeopathy…crop circles…all a bunch of bullshit.

        then i have another drink and realize the people who believe in shit like this are scum of the fucking earth. srsly, they should be rounded up and chained together into work gangs to rebuild bridges and shit. at least get some valuable labor out of em. its all theyre good for, their brains are guacamole anyway.

    • Curio says :

      And yet, somehow, years after Thrive came out we STILL haven’t seen anything about this “free energy” machine. Foster Gamble says he SAW it working. He witnessed some miracle device making free energy. But, not a peep on how it works. Why doesn’t he just release the specs so we can all start building it?! I’ll tell you why — because it’s all a hoax.

      • anticultist says :

        Hoax is a polite way of putting it, it’s actually a money making scam. The inventor counts on the lack of understanding of people like Foster Gamble and his followers, and then refuses to release or allow viewing of the inner workings to people who do. If the experts doubt or show them wrong, they become the enemy trying to suppress the information. Then they ask for financial support and claim they are being singled out by a worldwide conspiracy group financed by big energy.

        It’s the standard template used by every money grabbing charlatan in every field, medical, energy, new age woo.

  10. Rich says :

    This entire blog is a smear campaign funded by interests to keep things the way they are. Most of the commenters are paid to dissuade people of the legitimacy of this video. These commentors remind me of the 50 cent party in China. They should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll admit, when I first watched Thrive I thought it was a bit hokey. After I started doing my own research, I found out a lot of this is true.

    • Rich says :

      You really gotta think about this site. Who would put up a site, and spend their time and energy into maintaining it? It just doesn’t make sense. They also start throwing labels like “nutbag”. It’s painfully obvious.

      • boswell says :

        “You really gotta think about this site.”

        It’s a shame no conspiracy theorist actual applies that technique to anything they do.. Probably due to the fact that the action of thinking correctly requires a lot more effort than conspiracy theorists are prepared to do,

        “Who would put up a site,”

        A normal person who thinks conspiracy theories are ridiculous and should be argued against with logic, sense and evidence.

        “and spend their time and energy into maintaining it?”

        It takes no maintenance to keep a blog up, you post it, and leave it online, hardly a day job. Although I appreciate in the world of conspiracy theories, running a blog is a lot more hard work than they are probably used to.

        “It just doesn’t make sense. ”

        You have to have some sense in the first place to understand what is sensible.

        “They also start throwing labels like “nutbag”. It’s painfully obvious.”

        Yes it’s painfully obvious to spot a nutbag when they comment in this blogs comment section Rich

    • boswell says :

      “This entire blog is a smear campaign funded by interests to keep things the way they are.”

      Paranoid a bit too much about things ?

      “Most of the commenters are paid to dissuade people of the legitimacy of this video.”

      If people were paid to laugh at the stupid shit conspiracy theorists believed that would mean that the majority of people on the internet were paid shills, since the majority of people think conspiracy theorists are crack pots.

      “These commentors remind me of the 50 cent party in China.”

      You often go to China and go online then ?

      “They should be ashamed of themselves. I’ll admit, when I first watched Thrive I thought it was a bit hokey. After I started doing my own research, I found out a lot of this is true.”

      You mean after reading a few more internet pages that agreed with Thrive and watching few more youtube videos that agreed with thrive. That isn’t research, and we can say that for a fact.

    • a rational person says :

      wheres your evidence that anyone is paid to write this blog or comment on it?

      oh yea, let me guess…you’re a conspiracy nutbag so you don’t need evidence. right?


    • Curio says :

      It’s really simple — to shut all the naysayers up all Foster Gamble has to do is release the plans to build a free energy device. He’s seen it working. The inventors claim they are being suppressed by “Big Oil” and other corporations. What better way to stick it to the man? Give the plans for the free energy machine away on the Internet! Then, we can all build our own and show the big, greedy corporations who’s boss. It’s been almost 2 years since Thrive came out and we STILL haven’t seen any plans or blueprints. What is Foster Gamble afraid of? Just release the plans!

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