Who Is Adam Trombly? (UPDATED!)

This blog, originally published December 9, 2011, was updated March 16, 2012. Scroll to the end for the update.

This blog was written jointly by Professor Pious and by Muertos. Authorship of various sections is stated within.

Adam Trombly is one of the “experts” presented in the Thrive movie, and upon whom Thrive maker and narrator Foster Gamble relies heavily for his conclusions that “free energy” machines exist and are being suppressed by conspiratorial forces. Trombly makes his first appearance at 35:07 in the movie, and the film focuses on him for much of the next few minutes.

This blog will attempt to present answers to the following questions: Who is Adam Trombly? Is there any evidence that his machines actually work? Is there any evidence that, if his machines work, they have been suppressed? Bottom line: are his claims credible?

Who Is Adam Trombly?

[This section by Muertos]

Adam Trombly is a researcher who is closely associated with “free energy” devices. The device he is most closely associated with is something called a “Closed Path Homopolar Generator.” This is a free energy/perpetual motion device. As has been stated on this blog before, these devices do not work because they violate the basic laws of physics.

Some general links to familiarize you with Trombly:



[This section by Professor Pious]

Unfortunately most of the information in the links here on Adam Trombly trace back to Trombly’s own “projectearth” web site. It seems most information on Trombly available on the Internet has simply been copied from his own web site.

He claims to be:

“an internationally acknowledged expert in the fields of Physics, Atmospheric Dynamics, Geophysics, Rotating and Resonating Electromagnetic Systems, and Environmental Global Modeling”

In addition, the Thrive movie bills him as a “physicist.” Not a single academic degree is mentioned from any accredited institution.

[Muertos comment: I searched at some length for information on Adam Trombly’s academic credentials. I couldn’t find anything. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a Ph.D. in physics or any of the other fields he claims to be an expert in, but it seems unusual that, if he did, he and the Thrive movie would not mention that fact. Every other expert in the film who does have a Ph.D. in a relevant field is identified as being a Ph.D. Trombly is not. 

This section regarding credentials is not an “ad hominem” attack, either, as some may eventually try to claim. The question of academic and scientific credentials is directly relevant to the credibility of Trombly to design and build these sorts of machines. Even if we cannot expect that revolutionary new energy inventions will always come from credentialed experts—I am not making that claim at all—if there’s something to these designs, at the very least credentialed experts would be who we would naturally look to in order to explain and verify these claims.]

Does Trombly’s machine actually work?

Trombly’s web site contains a review of his “Homopolar Generator” by a Bruce E. DePalma:


As one might expect, DePalma is also a well-known “free energy” researcher, whose research never produced a device that produced excess energy. Here’s a short biography of DePalma:

“De Palma studied electrical engineering at MIT, leaving without a degree around 1958. DePalma worked in weapons electronics at General Atronics Corporation in Philadelphia following his under-graduate years at MIT before returning the Boston area for a job at Polaroid in Cambridge MA. In the mid-1960s he also obtained a teaching assistant position in the laboratory of Dr. Harold Edgerton, the renowned inventor of stroboscopic photography.
Coincident with his return to Massachusetts, he became infatuated with psycho-active drugs and believed the mind altering effects he perceived opened an entirely new way to pursue the study of physics. Unfortunately, this experimentation led to problems with his academic and corporate relationships and by 1970, he left both to strike out on his own and begin the full-time pursuit of free energy machines that occupied the rest of his life. While he was thought to be quite brilliant by the many students he recruited to assist him, his addictions to hashish and LSD colored everything he wrote and conceived, and invariably left within a few years when it became clear that despite his most sincere efforts, nothing he ever postulated could be scientifically verified. Undaunted, he recruited more as needed, invariably assisted by his willingness to share his psychedelics with the newcomers.”


That leaves us without any credible verification of Trombly’s free energy homopolar generator, except Trombly’s claims that an Indian scientist named Paramahamsa Tewari had taken up the research.


Thankfully Gary Posner has some fact-checking here:



“According to FTP, a variation of the “N Machine” [Homopolar Generator] was already in full operation. Thus, on September 21, 1990, I wrote to B. Premanand, founder of the Indian Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:

~I would like to know if the Indian government has in operation a power generator that produces more energy than it consumes (i.e., a perpetual energy machine). This claim is being made repeatedly on the “For The People” radio program (heard on 7.520 MHz. internationally from 2400 to 0200 hours UTC).

The machine is supposedly a magnetized gyroscope, located on the west coast of India in a city that sounded like “Caroa,” which is supposedly south of an old Portuguese colony that sounded like “Doa.” If I heard correctly, a German company that sounded like “Gadori” may have actually built it.

Although Premanand’s letter of reply never made its way back to me, mine did reach him. I was quite surprised, and delighted, to discover that, as a result of my letter, he had devoted nine pages to this subject in the April 1995 issue of his group’s Indian Skeptic newsletter (in which a copy of my letter was reproduced). Premanand wrote about his efforts to track down Dr. Paramahamsa Tewari, who, according to a 1987 Indian newspaper account, had demonstrated his machine in Hannover, Germany, before an audience that included 1,500 scientists from around the world. His Space Power Generator (SPG), one of about twenty-five similar machines presented at that conference, supposedly extracts power from the vacuum of space. Though the prototype was said to have been built at the Tarapur Atomic Plant in India, Premanand could find no one in the Department of Science & Technology of the Indian government who knew of Dr. Tewari or his SPG.

In a June 21, 1994, letter (reproduced in Indian Skeptic ), N. A. Janardan Rao, Vice President for R&D and Technology Development of Kirloskar Electric Company Ltd. in Bangalore, wrote (to the author of a 1994 Indian newspaper article), “Many years ago I had corresponded with Dr. Thiwari [sic] and he had sent me a small book written by him on this subject. I then proceeded to actually design and fabricate a free energy machine. We incurred an expense of more than one hundred thousand rupees and 8 man months in fabricating this unique device. Subsequent testing showed that there was no free energy as claimed; an infinitesimal electrical output was detected which could be attributed entirely to Faraday’s law” (emphasis added).”

So Trombly’s device was indeed the basis of a design for a free energy device that was actually built and…surprise…never worked.

[UPDATE: Since this article was written, there is now a viable question as to whether Mr. Trombly actually built this machine at all, and what it actually does.]

Interestingly enough, we see the “free energy – extraterrestrial” link being promoted in 1990 by the long discredited Richard Hoagland in the writeup by Gary Posner linked above. A search of the thrivemovement web site turns up no mention of Hoagland, however, he is most closely associated with the discredited “face on Mars” claim.

Is there evidence to support the claim that Trombly’s inventions have been suppressed?

The Invention Secrecy Act of 1951 does allow the government to impose “secrecy orders” on certain sensitive patent applications:


However, Trombly has not published the two written gag orders he has claimed to have received. Furthermore, inventors with secrecy orders imposed on their patents are entitled to compensation from the government due to lost revenue: (Constant v. United States, 617 F.2d 239 (Ct. Cl. 1980))


Trombly makes no mention of ever having sought compensation from the government for his inventions being suppressed. Of course, if the invention never worked in the first place, and the gag orders were imaginary, why would he? It is more likely that the suppression did not take place because Trombly’s machines did not work.

[This section, and rest of the article, by Muertos]

There is no evidence that Trombly’s inventions have been suppressed. First, as we’ve seen, there is no evidence that they actually work. Why would a government or a power company go to the trouble and expense of trying to suppress an invention that is useless in the first place? By logic, therefore, we can already be extremely skeptical that the “suppression” claims are true.

Trombly presents no evidence of suppression. At 36:28 of the Thrive movie, while Trombly is speaking, former President George H.W. Bush is shown on the screen—however, no claim is made that Bush was involved in suppressing Trombly’s work. The sole purpose of introducing Bush is to create a false association in the mind of the viewer that Bush must have had something to do with it. This is innuendo, not fact.

Furthermore, at 39:15 of the film, Trombly blames the “military-industrial complex” for suppressing free energy. About thirty seconds later he says, “The suppression of UFO phenomena is hand in hand with suppression of free energy.” He does not back up these claims. Indeed, the movie next launches into various related claims by Steven Greer, but does not return to claims about the supposed suppression of Trombly’s specific device.

Why, if Trombly could prove that he was being suppressed, does he and the Thrive movie resort to innuendo to make their case? If Trombly’s machine actually worked, it would be easy to prove government suppression. First of all, since he has claimed to have received two “gag orders” about his invention, if he produced these orders it would be strong evidence that the suppression is taking place (and, logically, that there is something worth suppressing). He has not received any gag orders, nor has he applied for economic remuneration as a result of having received them—remuneration to which he is entitled by law. Secondly, if there was any other evidence of suppression, he could add it to the gag orders, thus backing up his claims. Mr. Trombly has not done this.

The issue of the UN/Senate tests

There is another clue that the suppression is not taking place. At 36:24 of the film, Trombly claims that he was invited to demonstrate his generator in front of the U.N. and the United States Senate. Why, if the “powers that be” are so afraid of his machine, would they invite him to present it in front of them? Wouldn’t that be extremely dangerous for them to do, if as Thrive implies these official bodies have a strong vested interest in suppressing devices such as Trombly’s? After all, if his invention actually worked, they’d be stuck, wouldn’t they?

Think about it. If Trombly demonstrated his machine in front of the UN and the Senate and it actually worked, an effort at suppression taking place after the demonstration would be much harder to “sell” in the face of verified evidence of the machine’s operation. Why would the conspirators take this risk? If they weren’t yet sure his machine worked, they would not have to have a demonstration in their open chamber to determine this before they invited him—they could easily send someone out to Trombly’s lab and have him demonstrate the machine to them, and then they would report back to their superiors. Therefore, there is no point in having him demonstrate the machine in front of them if there is any chance that it would make their ultimate aim of suppressing the technology harder rather than easier.

To those who say, “Oh, but they obviously rigged the demonstration precisely to discredit Trombly!”, I reply, first, that there is no evidence of it, and second, that this too would be unnecessarily risky. If the UN and the Senate are afraid that the machine works, and they need to screw around with the conditions of the test to make sure Trombly fails in a public forum, they are exposing themselves to further risk—their efforts at rigging the test might not succeed, and even if they did, others who were there could testify that the test was rigged.

We have already presented evidence (Posner’s fact-checking) that Trombly’s machine never worked to begin with. It makes little sense that conspiratorial forces would exert any effort to suppress a machine that doesn’t work, and no sense at all that, even if they did exert this effort, a key piece of the case demonstrating Trombly’s failure had the potential to backfire publicly and complicate the effort at suppression.

Why, then, would the Senate and the U.N. invite somebody like Adam Trombly to demonstrate in front of them a machine that works on a principle that violates the laws of physics and for which there is no evidence that it actually works?

The answer is quite simple: they’re bending over backwards to demonstrate that they are not suppressing this sort of technology. As you can see from this blog, any rational person certainly has good reason to be skeptical that Trombly’s machine can do what he says it does. However, if you invite Trombly to demonstrate his machine in front of you, even despite this extreme skepticism, you have given him the benefit of every possible doubt. If his machine fails under those conditions, you can be certain that there was nothing there of substance to begin with.

[UPDATE: In light of recent discoveries, it seems likely that the U.S. Senate test in 1989 was in fact a test of a machine that did something totally different than the machine the film claims Mr. Trombly invented supposedly does. Scroll to the end for that update.]

Are Trombly’s claims reliable?

I am not going to spoon-feed an answer to this question to you, the readers of this blog. I invite you to draw your own conclusions. Keep in mind:

  1. Adam Trombly does not appear to have academic credentials in physics. (If I am wrong about this, and readers can present evidence that he does, I will correct this blog immediately).
  2. Adam Trombly claims that his machine does something that we believe to be impossible given our current understanding of the laws of physics.
  3. Trombly’s design was the basis for a machine built in India and investigated, and found not to work at all.
  4. Trombly has not presented any evidence that his machine actually works.
  5. Trombly has not presented any evidence that his design has been suppressed by the government and/or business interests.
  6. In direct logical contradiction to his claim of suppression, he admits he was invited to demonstrate his device in an open forum before some of the very official bodies who are part of the institutions he claims are suppressing him—which would entail considerable risk to the suppression plot, if his claims were true.

None of these six points are absolutely conclusive on their own (though I would argue that points 3 and 4 are pretty close to conclusive). However, all six points together definitely seem to point unmistakably in a certain direction.

I’m sure Adam Trombly is a nice person, and from the movie he seems to be a smart person. I for one would love to have a beer with him and have him explain to me how his device works. On the basis of the evidence I have seen—and the evidence I haven’t seen that I would like to see—I am skeptical that his claims of building working “free energy” devices are correct.

Update 16 March 2012

This article cannot be taken in isolation. Please see this article which presents additional information on Adam Trombly and the claims made in Thrive.

In short, a person, David Farnsworth, has come forward stating that (I) Adam Trombly did not actually build the machine shown in Thrive, which was actually built by David Farnsworth; and (II) that the machine shown in Thrive does something totally different than the movie claims it does–in other words, that it is not in fact a “free energy” or “zero point energy” device. This was the device tested in front of the Senate in 1989 (or possibly 1988), which explains the issue regarding that test–it’s not evidence of government suppression of “free energy” because the device shown, and then allegedly suppressed, was not a “free energy” device to begin with.

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43 responses to “Who Is Adam Trombly? (UPDATED!)”

  1. The Locke says :

    A couple more things I would like to point out: If he really did have 2 gag orders concerning this machine, then why hasn’t he been arrested for violating this gag order? The second thing is, if he is willing to violate those gag orders by speaking out, then why doesn’t he post online a blueprint of his machine? If he wanted to help benefit humanity, wouldn’t he be willing to risk going to prison?

  2. M D Solomon (@SolomonsProof) says :

    What about the other inventors and devices that the movie shows, which involve both energy creation and medicine? Perhaps Trombly’s story is BS, but suppression of certain other discoveries is well documented.

  3. muertos says :

    This particular article is limited to Adam Trombly, hence the title. However, all the “free energy” devices I am familiar with suffer from the same defect as Trombly’s–that they work on principles contrary to the laws of science.

    What “other inventors and devices” do you have in mind, exactly, and what peer-reviewed scientific evidence do you rely upon to claim that they’re “well documented”? Please be extremely specific.

    • Michael David Solomon says :

      Like Robin Raindrop’s experience, my first reply did not get posted. Given the length to which I went with that, I’m not inclined to repeat it; however my main points were these:

      Debunking Trombly does not invalid other ideas in the Thrive movie. I have trouble with some of them myself (http://solomonsproof.blogspot.com/2011/12/there-is-lot-to-like-in-thrive-movie.html). The movie goes into the suppression of other devices that work on similar principles. If it is true that the powers-that-be suppress more efficient power generation, then documentation would also be difficult to find.

      In support of this argument, I would second Gamble’s points regarding the financial pyramid at the top of which sit the financiers that control the world’s central banks (http://www.thrivemovement.com/followthemoneypyramid). A recent article in New Scientist underscores this argument (http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html).

      The process whereby the financiers gained this power is centered on their private control over what were once sovereign currencies. Now, all the major economic powers pay interest to private banks (the Federal Reserve, the EU Central Bank, etc.) that charge interest to use their bank notes. After 250 years of this, they now control our government, military and intelligence services, media, and voting machines.

      Undoubtedly you saw the recent law that allows the US military to indefinitely detain US citizens on domestic soil. The City of London (the financial district) has declared OccupyLondon a terrorist organization. Certainly, the federalized police forces here are taking the same attitude.

      Anyway, with this much power, how would we even know what is suppressed. I see everyday how they have scrubbed information on the Internet.

      Just some thoughts. Thanks for discussing this.

    • muertos says :

      Why am I a “coward?” What are you referring to, exactly?

      • Robin Raindrop says :

        Interesting. You monitored my first “reply” out. I was responding to that. Suppression is suppression.

        BTW: Who are you? What are your credentials? Who do you work for?
        Robin Wesley Raindrop Editor Projectearth.com

      • muertos says :

        I didn’t monitor anything. I’ve approved every single comment that’s come across the blog dashboard regardless of content (except for auto-spam comments, and I just checked the spam folder and didn’t see anything from you there). I suggest re-submitting, and if it doesn’t show up, email me at muertos@gmail.com and I’ll post it myself.

        As for my credentials, I’m a totally normal everyday guy. I have a degree in history and I’m a teacher. I don’t work for the government.

  4. Michael David Solomon says :

    My two previous comments have not been posted. What’s up with that?

    • muertos says :

      One of them was caught by the auto spam catcher and just approved it…I’ll search for the other one.

      I have approved all comments that have come across the dashboard which haven’t been caught by the auto spam catcher (and I check that occasionally to be sure, as I just did). I haven’t censored any comments here, but I suspect a technical glitch in the commenting system because others have also complained of comments not being posted.

      Try to post your thoughts again. If they don’t show up, email your thoughts to muertos@gmail.com and I pledge I’ll post them, verbatim and unedited.

      I do not censor comments on this blog.

  5. boyd says :

    Firstly, the conservation of energy laws apply only to a theoretical closed environment. In reality we are constantly surrounded by numerous energy fields, which can be converted into usable energy. Energy from nothing is impossible, but converting energy from invisible fields is a scientifically proven reality.

    Secondly, the homopolar generator was invented by Michael Faraday. They are capable of generating massive currents at relatively low voltage, but importantly have little electromagnetic drag compared to a conventional coil based generator. Adam Thromblys’ design considerably further reduces the magnetic drag, resulting in a generator that requires far less power supplied to operate than it is capable of generating.

    Seriously, who do you work for? The oil companies or the electricity companies?

  6. barticle35 says :

    I just sat through a viewing of the Thrive movie. I had mixed feelings. The film addresses a number of critical social/economic issues, such as the Federal Reserve etc. Unfortunately, it was a terrible movie. It jumps from one subject to another, UFO’s, crop circles, free energy, the ruling Elite. It would have been more effective to focus on one subject. As for free energy devices: They do work. Solar and wind generators are free energy. In France there is a tidal generator which has been running successfully for many years. Then there’s hydroelectric (invented by Tesla, at Niagara). Trombly’s machine I’m pretty sure is bogus, but I wouldn’t rule out further research in zero point energy.

    • Michael David Solomon says :

      Thank you barticle. To this I would add: Consider when Einstein first proposed E=mc2. It was revolutionary. No one believed that there was an astronomical amount of power in the bonds between subatomic particles. The idea that a small critical mass (2.2 lbs of plutonium) could level a city would have been considered absurd, yet the atomic bomb showed this theory to be operationally true. For all his disparaging remarks about Einstein, Tesla was really coming at the same principle from a different angle. If we can unchain the bonds of plutonium, why couldn’t we do with other substances, including sunlight and the atmosphere and the seas?

      • muertos says :

        Michael David Solomon, I have three questions for you, that I hope you can answer.

        1. Where is the evidence that Adam Trombly’s device actually works?

        2. Where is the evidence that Adam Trombly’s device actually works?

        And, finally:

        3. Where is the evidence that Adam Trombly’s device actually works?

        I would appreciate it if you would answer these questions, specifically, unmistakably, and with direct citations to verifiable evidence.

        Thank you.

      • Michael David Solomon says :

        You miss my points. I never said that Trombly’s device actually works. My argument is that debunking Trombly only debunks Trombly. How would we know unless the device were in front of us? How would we know what has been suppressed?

        One of my points is that certain things that Gamble presents are based in fact; others, we cannot know. I will say that according to my own proof, quanta conforms to toroidal behavior and that one can build on this to show all sorts of things, including the next step in human evolution.

        Are there vastly more efficient means of energy production? I believe that from what we already know, we can say, yes. Is there evidence for extra-terrestrial travel. Yes, I have seen evidence. How do these ships propel themselves? Certainly they don’t use “conventional fuels”? Correct. According to evidence I was shown by ex-intelligence officers, these ships have a means of using small amounts of very heavy elements, rich in gravity-a waves, and amplify gravity.

        Is this energy “free”? Not exactly, it costs money to gather the materials and maintain the device, but relative to the energy produced, the costs are minimal, certainly way less that we are being soaked by the corporate banking pyramid: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21228354.500-revealed–the-capitalist-network-that-runs-the-world.html

  7. ghazi says :

    very very sad how people, instead of being glad how skepticism filters out the BS, keep presenting hypotheses of epic blurriness. i advocate alternative energy, i guess everyone of us does since we are here discussing it, but i would like to see proves, too, if someone says he has developed a perpetual motion machine. i have no biases on the subject, but i guess facts do count after all. i myself watched thrive and written down every name of researcher or whoever interviewed because the infos presented were quite bold.
    if someone wants to argue such machine exists please come up with some FACTS, being them physical explanation of how this device works or proves of some other kind. dont bring ET up because is not gonna do any good to your cause.
    nevertheless, i hate how here we are linked to wikibin which presented a bio of depalma that deserves a lawsuit, not giving any source either. i mean if you say someone is addicted on drugs and this fact has compromised his career you better have something to back that up, because i dont think depalma would like the tone of his biographer.
    thrive was a awful movie, taking some of the facts and mixing them with non-conventional science and plain BS, the result is a stew that kinda tastes like crap itself. too bad though, because if we put aside UFOs and free energy machines we are left with a new zeitgeist movie. good way to invest 4.7 million dollars mr. gamble.

  8. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Here is an article debunking one of the present darlings of Free Energy devices: Andrea Rossi and his eCat


    Looks like the eCat is out of the bag!

  9. NonFiction says :

    The generator that was shown to Congress and verified at 54:1 output was a solid-state device, not a homopolar generator. Trombly blurs all lines of credibility in the movie, which brings me right back to the question of whether that was the intention all along.

  10. Jordan Goldmeier says :

    Here’s what I don’t get. It’s not as if Gamble isn’t INCREDIBLY well connected. Why wouldn’t Gamble tap his very prominent network to reinstate research and rebuild the lost machine?

    Did he even ask Trombly for a sketch of the work? What about a computerized model? If I were both rich and a believer in “free energy,” I’d work as hard as possible to get Trombly into a high tech lab (was there no extra lab space at P&G? better yet, are we really expected to believe nobody at P&G would be interested in such a device?). And if I couldn’t find a lab for him, I’d tell him to use my garage! That the government would just steal all of Trombly’s work, rather than offer him a new job with an incredible salary and new equipment, seems, to me, hard to believe.

    Moreover, if someone were to steal all of my engineering work, I might be devastated, but my work wouldn’t be lost forever. I’d remember some of what I did, enough to start over. The idea that knowledge is only encapsulated in objects, like work papers and computers, is pretty ridiculous.

    • NonFiction says :

      Exactly! Unless you were not really the engineer who invented and built the devices. And it is obvious from the evidence that Trombly was not.

  11. Dr. Frances K. Horton says :

    As a famous lady once said, “Where’s the beef?” If Trombly’s device was a viable alternative to fossil fuels, then he could easily demonstrate this by setting up a “mock city” using the device to fuel that small economy. And even if he was suppressed, the opportunity to demonstrate the device would still be there. My question is: Where is this device currently and who’s experimenting with it? The most crucial test of credibility in scientific experiments is repeatability. Can others build this machine and produce the same results? I have seen nothing that suggests that Trombly followed the accepted course of the scientific method. That in itself eliminates his credibility.

    • Wyboth says :

      I completely agree. Some people have suggested that he make videos. I was thinking, why not publish a paper on it? The government can’t restrict him. Perhaps his only fear is ridicule by other scientists? Or perhaps he’s afraid that someone else will try it and find out it doesn’t work?

  12. richardtrombly says :

    Thanks for the debunking. I hate scams and pretenders. As a real journalist, it hurts everyone when these folk putout fake materials. The innuendo style of the Thrive video makes anyone with media literacy recognize it for the bunk it is. but sadly lots of folk do not know how to tell truth from fiction in documentary “journalism” of this kind.

  13. steele braden says :

    Many years ago, I spent about an hour with Bruce Depalma at Piha, West Auckland,New Zealand.
    We discussed at length his “N” machine – the homopolar generator.
    He said it produced enormous amperage but at only 0.5 volt.
    The maximum speed he could run the machine at was 6,000 rpm.
    Above this, the mercury pool contacts start to cavitate.
    According to him, the input energy to the drive motor was very much less than the output.
    So I asked him, since that is the case,” why don’t you feed the drive motor from the generators output.?”
    He said that 0.5 volt is far too low to deal with.
    I then suggested that he could have several generators in series for practical output voltage.
    He conceded that this could be done, but he now no longer had access to funds for further research.
    He stated that a special totally non-magnetic dynamic balancer machine had to be built initially for the “N” machine.
    This on its own cost $20,000.
    The “N” machine has huge specially made neodymium ring magnets.
    These he pointed out are dangerous to work with as they will crush your hands when or if they are allowed to “clap” together.
    Major difficulties in positioning these magnets into the machine.
    Bruce Depalma has been dead for some years now.
    By the way, when I visited him, he was certainly NOT on any illicit substance and was very much in the moment.

  14. Steve Pizzuti says :

    Great site you have here but I was wondering if you knew of any user
    discussion forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?
    I’d really love to be a part of community where I can get responses from other experienced people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Kudos!

    • Wyboth says :

      I don’t know of any specifically that cover Adam Trombly, but you might want to check out skepticproject.com. They cover anything related to conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and the like. If you post an Adam Trombly topic there, it’ll get some attention.

  15. Hans Aplast says :

    It works! I’ve build a slightly modified version of Trombly’s generator and it easy powers our two family house. Material cost 300-400 EUR.
    I’ve build a model first to understand the concept. Everything you need it freely available on the internet.

  16. lexgothamBaylock says :

    Hi there,
    Why all the debunking?
    It’s an unnecessary effort as the movie speaks for itself.
    I give you a trick of mine: when I see a documentary where someone claims to have the means to change the world while he is floating in the sky inside an invisible torus-shaped flying object with a kind of mystical music in the background, believe-me, it’s BS.
    Why am I so sure?
    Because when you stage your discovery that way, it means that you are targeting the people more than the leaders and that you aim their emotions, not their brains.
    If you have some knowledge that could change the world, there is no point to talk to the masses, through a very expensive movie, as they don’t have access to whatever you need to setup your utopia anyway.
    Einstein didn’t produce a psychedelic movie to reveal his theory on a cloud around the Fuji mountain with a hindu music on the background to make it sexy.
    However, if you plan to make some cash and become the guru of a modern post new age cult, this is the perfect speech and the perfect target to get as much uneducated followers as possible.
    One last hint: when it comes to science on television, if all the participants are middle-aged, flawless, handsome and well-combed, and if any 3D shape is materializing from thin air under their fingers while they are describing something, just don’t go further: it’ a scam for middle aged housewives.
    Why on earth would you produce a movie so sophisticated (and therefore so expensive) to introduce any idea of that magnitude to housewives?
    And all that efforts to demonstrate how toruses are everywhere to prove that, somehow, they are sooo essential….
    You can prove the same with any geometrical figure, so what?
    A donut is also a torus but it doesn’t do anything, doesn’t mean anything, doesn’t provide anything by itself.
    This movie is demonstrating his point by using a symbol because they know very well that their potential public are very mystical and therefore, quite receptive when it comes to symbols.
    So why the torus then?
    Because the pyramid has been used and overused, the sphere is way to common, and the prism/cylinder is not telegenic at all.
    They had to come with something new and the torus is one of the least known geometrical solid (who the hell knows the formula to calculate the volume of a torus?).
    A perfect candidate for a brand new concept.
    As long as you agree so far, it’s common sense that anyone willing to participate to this movie as “expert”, is a fraud at some level as no one serious enough would jeopardize his career by appearing in such a joke.
    If you don’t mind being associated to this, it means that you have nothing to lose and, among the scientific community, if you have nothing to lose, it means that you are already burned to the bones.
    This movie is an insult to intelligence but it’s ok as they are targeting the brain.

    PS: Sorry for the possible mistakes, english is not my mother tongue.

    • barticle35 says :

      Well stated. If Trombly’s machine actually worked, this awful movie would do it a great disservice. The film never did get around to explaining what a torus has to do with free energy. Come to think about it, if you really want to suppress and cover up a revolutionary invention, just make a movie like this one.

      lexgo, your grammatical mistakes are excusable since English is a notoriously difficult language to spell properly.

  17. Lance Boyle says :

    in your debunking you say that Tewari is a non-person. 30 seconds of research on the internet reveal the man and his work (see tewari.org). is his research legit? I don’t know… if it is why aren’t we all basking in the glow of cheap energy? but why do we doubt he is suppressed… Tesla certainly was.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      Tesla was not suppressed, I get sick of hearing the repetition of his crap from free energy cranks.


      Also nowhere does it say in the original post that Tewari doesn’t exist. You should probably read it again. What it actually says is that he never replied to a letter, although did receive it.

      You should re read the following and then explain how that translates to that ‘Tewari is a non-person’:
      “Premanand could find no one in the Department of Science & Technology of the Indian government who knew of Dr. Tewari or his SPG.”

      It doesn’t, it merely says that the claim Tewari had presented himself and his device to an organisation ended up with no one in that organisation remembering it,him or the device. Therefore if it did happen it was hardly of any significance, or worth remembering. Or maybe it didn’t happen ? Also if you had paid close attention all the discussion of Tewrai os in a quote taken from here:


      The reason we aren’t basking in the glow of free energy is because it doesn’t exist, Ockhams razor.

  18. Sound & Smoke says :

    Hi there,

    well i guess lexgothamBaylock point it out very well. (very very well)

    In my opinion there is a fact in zero point energy. But the problem we have, is that nobody knows how to access it. But many people are very close to it (Solar enrgy, Wind enrgy etc.).

    When a primitive man, thousands of years ago saw a fire … what might be the thoughts on this phenomenon. And then one fine day he understood how it works and how he can use it. This doesn´t mean that he invented the fire, the possibility of fire was and is always there.

    And on the other hand … Yes of course the oil companies and governments of the world already have the knowledge of more efficient energy use (electro mobility, fuel made out of garbadge etc.). These Ideas are so old like the otto-motor-idea itself or maybe older.

    unfortunately money rules the world and history is writen by the winner´s

    The solution to all this mess ? –> less fear, more social behavior … maybe in 1000 or 2000 years if we´re still alive then.

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