Who Is David Icke?

Arguably the most famous—and certainly the most infamous—person who appears on-screen in Thrive is David Icke. As probably the most well-known conspiracy theorist in the world, Mr. Icke is quite naturally a lightning rod of controversy and a divisive figure who evokes strong emotions both pro and con. This article will attempt to answer the question, “Who is David Icke?”, and also make some attempt at evaluating why he appears in Thrive, what he says while on screen, and why his inclusion in the film is one of the key issues to understanding the message Thrive is trying to get across to its audience.

What Does David Icke Say in Thrive?

An extended interview with David Icke, intercut with various material, forms much of the middle section of Thrive. Although the interview with Mr. Icke proper begins at 53:48 of the film, his face first flashes on the screen at 6:55, in the credits sequence. I believe the appearance of Mr. Icke’s image early in the film is very important, as I’ll get to later.

Mr. Icke’s interview is used in Thrive mainly to explain Foster Gamble’s opinion of banking and also to bolster his claims that a “Global Domination Agenda” is trying to control the world. When Mr. Icke first appears (excluding the credits sequence), a title card identifies him as “David Icke—Researcher, Author, The Biggest Secret.” He asserts, beginning about 54:00, that people “ask few questions” about the inner workings of banking. He goes on to state that, when you take out a loan, you begin paying interest on money that (supposedly) does not exist. This is a lead-in to Mr. Gamble’s critique of fractional reserve lending.

At about 1:05:00 of the film, Mr. Icke appears again, explaining how he thinks bankers “rig” business cycles and deliberately cause depressions. At 1:18:03 he stops talking about banking and says something to the effect of, “The greatest prison people live in is the fear of what others will think. One result of the ridicule I went through is that I stepped out of the fear of what other people thought.”

Mr. Icke then talks about how social norms dictate thinking and how peer pressure stigmatizes those who don’t think “normally.” At 1:19:10 he explicitly mentions the “Illuminati,” which is his term for what Mr. Gamble calls the “Global Domination Elite.” For the next several minutes he talks about this GDE and their supposed agenda. He refers to a “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm, suggesting that the GDE causes problems in the world deliberately so they can solve them. At 1:28:30 Mr. Icke specifically mentions the September 11 attacks as an example of this, clearly indicating that he thinks 9/11 was rigged.

David Icke: A Biographical Profile

David Icke was born in Leicester, UK in 1952, the son of a British World War II hero. He did not do well in school, but was talent-scouted by a football (we call it soccer in the U.S.) team, Coventry City. He also played for Hereford United. Early onset of arthritis ruled out a football career, and Mr. Icke retired from the sport in 1973. During the 1970s and 1980s he was a print and television journalist. He also began to dabble in politics, and after 1988 became one of the spokesmen for the UK Green Party.

About 1990, Mr. Icke began to get heavily into New Age ideas, evidently while searching for alternative cures to the pain of his arthritis. In early 1991 he claims to have had a spiritual experience at a pre-Columbian burial site in Peru. Not long after he returned to the UK, he resigned from the Green Party. At this point in his life he began wearing only clothes that were turquoise colored, believing it channeled positive energy. He also began making bizarre doomsday predictions, such as a prognostication that Great Britain would crumble into the sea as a result of earthquakes. (There is no significant seismic activity in Britain). Mr. Icke later recanted these predictions, admitting they were “nonsense.”

What really projected Mr. Icke into the public eye was an April 1991 interview with BBC personality Terry Wogan. You can see a video of the interview here. In the interview, Mr. Icke continued to make strange apocalyptic predictions. He also claimed, or at least implied, that he was the Son of God—later Mr. Icke said this was misinterpreted. The studio audience present at the interview laughed. The BBC brass cringed; many thought the show went too far. Fifteen years later, Mr. Wogan admitted that he was too hard on Mr. Icke during this interview. Certainly the interview had a devastating effect—Mr. Icke said he was afraid to walk down the street for fear of public derision, and he dropped out of sight for several years.

In 1999, Mr. Icke came out with his most famous book, The Biggest Secret, the book with which he is identified on-screen in Thrive.  This book established the central tenet of Mr. Icke’s philosophy: that the world is run by a race of reptilian aliens that can change their shape and appear to be human, and that the world’s political, economic and social systems are a colossal conspiracy by these evil aliens to enslave mankind. These aliens are supposedly from the constellation Draco, but also from another dimension. Over his various series of books and lectures, Mr. Icke has expounded on this theory, weaving a complicated science-fiction history of the world wherein these aliens have been breeding humans since ancient times. People whom Mr. Icke thinks are secretly reptilian shape-shifting aliens from Draco include Bill Clinton, the late Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth II, former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, President George W. Bush (of course), and, for whatever reason, Hollywood actor and former country star Kris Kristofferson.

Mr. Icke has not changed this basic narrative in 13 years. Indeed, he’s still out there today, giving lectures all over the world and getting paid handsomely for it. According to one estimate, he may make as much as £300,000 (about $475,000) for one appearance in the UK.

Is There Any Evidence to Support David Icke’s Theories?


There is not a single shred of evidence anywhere in the world to suggest that (1) shape-shifting reptilian aliens from the constellation Draco actually exist; (2) various world leaders, celebrities and country-western stars are actually reptilian shape-shifting aliens from the constellation Draco; or (3) that there is a such thing as an “Illuminati,” a “New World Order” or a “Global Domination Agenda.” On this blog, I have already debunked the Global Domination Agenda and demonstrated why we can be certain that it does not exist. All of the so-called “evidence” produced by Mr. Icke and/or his supporters falls along exactly the same lines as the discussion in that article about why evidence proffered by Illuminati/NWO/GDA believers does not, in fact, prove the existence of this group or their supposed agenda. Mr. Icke’s theories are total fantasy.

A favorite activity of believers in Mr. Icke’s fantastic delusional scenarios is to scrutinize videos on YouTube of world leaders suspected of being reptilians for “evidence” of them changing from their human into their reptilian form. Sometimes believers will seize upon a glitch or anomaly in the video, often lasting only split seconds, and trumpet it as “proof” that the person is “changing into a reptile in front of our eyes!” Often the culprit will be a bulging vein in the person’s neck, a common retinal flash (red-eye), or a pixellation error in the streaming video which the believer insists makes the person look like they have “lizard eyes.” For some reason, former presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush are favorite targets for this ludicrous accusation. Here is an example of a video which reptilian believers cite as total vindication of Mr. Icke’s claims.

As you can see, it’s a pretty boring interview by the former presidents, and despite the frenzied claims of the subtitles, neither of them change into reptiles, nor anything even remotely close.

I challenge any believer of Mr. Icke’s theories to explain how and why this video proves (I) that reptilian shape-shifting aliens exist; (II) that these aliens come from Draco; (III) that these aliens rule the world, or (IV) that President Clinton and President Bush are said reptilian aliens.

To those supporters of Mr. Icke who will invariably say, “But you haven’t proved that what he says isn’t true,” I will reply, I don’t have to. It’s Mr. Icke’s burden to prove that what he says is true. The burden of proof never shifts to skeptics to disprove conspiracy theories. I am not suggesting that we reject David Icke’s theories about reptilian shape-shifting aliens because they sound crazy. I’m suggesting that we reject them because there is no evidence to support them, and because, as if this is not enough reason to reject them, they have another very serious and troubling problem.

What Do David Icke’s Theories Really Mean?

The problem with Mr. Icke’s false assertions is that they are essentially science-fiction redresses of the old “Jewish world conspiracy” theories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with reptilian shape-shifting aliens from Draco standing in for Jews. Mr. Icke even believes in the authenticity of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a notorious anti-Semitic forgery that was proven false almost a century ago. Of course, in Mr. Icke’s mythology, it was not the Jews who wrote about their plans of world domination in the Protocols, but aliens.

Michael Barkun, an academic researcher who studies comparative religion, wrote a book called A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2003). Dr. Barkun is the leading scholarly expert on conspiracy theorists in the United States today. On page 104, in a chapter where Dr. Barkun describes the conspiracist ideology of Mr. Icke, he says:

“This set of nested conspiracies [described by David Icke] achieves its goals through control of the ‘world financial system’ and its mastery of ‘mind control’ techniques. Its goal is a ‘plan that, according to Icke, had been laid out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Although Icke is careful to suggest…that the Illuminati rather than the Jews wrote The Protocols, this is the first of a number of instances in which Icke moves into the dangerous terrain of anti-Semitism.”

The reason that aliens became stand-ins for Jews has to do with the evolution of conspiracy theory during the 1980s and 1990s, when right-wing militia conspiracy milieu (think Timothy McVeigh) became intertwined with the UFO/alien subculture. Dr. Barkun states, on page 144:

“This type of speculation projects terrestrial racial categories onto creatures from outer space….Such racial classificatory schemata are common among those who argue for multiple types of alien visitors. Even among writers who most unambiguously reject anti-Semitism, the alien racial types disquietingly appear to reproduce old stereotypes. The evil Grays are dwarfish with grotesque features—not unlike stereotypes of the short, swarthy, hook-nosed Jew of European anti-Semitic folklore. They are contrasted to the tall, virtuous Nordics or Aryans. Although there is little to suggest that those who employ such terms do so to make direct parallels to earthbound categories, the images seem clearly to be refracted versions of older racial anti-Semitism.”

This is useful background, but it isn’t really about Mr. Icke per se. However, Dr. Barkun does get there, after discussing how conspiracists like David Icke are inconsistent about proclaiming to not be anti-Semitic while advancing clearly anti-Semitic theories:

“David Icke also seeks to have it both ways, simultaneously claiming to be offended at the thought that anyone might find him anti-Semitic and hinting at the dark activities of Jewish elites. He protests that the charge of anti-Semitism is merely a ruse to silence truth seekers, a tactic of the shadowy ‘Global Elite,’ who ‘denounce anyone who gets closer to the truth as an anti-Semite.’ According to Icke, the Anti-Defamation League is the conspiracy’s tool for silencing ‘researchers who are getting too close to the truth about the global conspiracy.’…

The more strongly Icke is condemned for anti-Semitism, the stranger are his protestations of innocence. He attacks alleged exploiters of the Jewish people, including B’nai B’rith, which he identifies as the Rothschilds’ ‘intelligence arm,’ used to ‘defame and destroy legitimate researchers with the label anti-Semitic.’ It was supposedly the Rothschilds who brought Hitler to power, created Zionism, and ‘control the State of Israel.’…Icke and other UFO anti-Semites obsess about ‘Jewish bankers.’ They are alleged to be the international wire-pullers behind countless episodes of national collapse and international turmoil. The old names, such as Rothschild and the firm of Kuhn, Loeb, continually recur. Given this penchant for recycling old themes, it is scarcely surprising that that hoary forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, exerts an abiding fascination.”

Wait, What Does This Have to Do With Thrive?

The anti-Semitic echoes of David Icke’s theories present a very difficult problem. Thrive‘s treatment of Mr. Icke illustrates the extremely delicate dance that one must do when confronted with this material. If you believe at least some of what David Icke is saying, how do you separate what you like and agree with from the ugly anti-Semitic stuff, and how do you prevent the negative press surrounding Mr. Icke from totally overshadowing everything else? Furthermore, how do you do this when Mr. Icke’s theories specifically posit that it’s a grand over-arching superconspiracy, meaning that he sees no separation or compartmentalization of one part of the superconspiracy from another? Thrive never solves this conundrum, which is why Mr. Icke’s appearance in the film seems so forced and awkward.

It is very evident, from the sections of Dr. Barkun’s book that I’ve excerpted above, that Thrive is at the very least sympathetic to key elements of the grand conspiracy views of Mr. Icke, even if it doesn’t come out and specifically endorse reptilian shape-shifting aliens from Draco, and even if the film denounces anti-Semitism (which it does). Indeed, aside from the aliens themselves, Thrive traffics in a lot of other things that feed into David Icke’s theory. Foster Gamble rages at the Rothschilds and Rockefellers several times in the movie. Immediately after addressing anti-Semitism, the film brushes the issue off with an accusation that the “central bankers funded both sides of World War II,” quite a transparent evasion. And, of course, much of the core ideology that Thrive wants its viewers to adopt relates to the notion of “evil bankers” supposedly in control of the world. And, of course, one of the major messages of the film is the idea of a “Global Domination Agenda.” All of these ideas lie at the very heart of Mr. Icke’s ideology. What David Icke adds, that Thrive isn’t willing to sign on to, is what he thinks stitches them all together: those pesky reptilian shape-shifting aliens from Draco.

Just to be absolutely clear: I am not suggesting that Foster Gamble is anti-Semitic. I don’t believe he is. He makes clear, at 1:13:56 of the film, that he’s not calling this a “Jewish Agenda,” and I don’t think he’s implying that it is. I think, in fact, that Mr. Gamble is probably genuinely ignorant of how closely Mr. Icke’s ideology mimics the toxic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. But this point itself demonstrates how insidious David Icke’s theories really are. By candy-coating anti-Semitism in a science-fiction shell, most people who swallow it don’t realize they’ve just ingested a dose of bigotry. This deception is all the more tragic precisely because I think Mr. Gamble is a nice man who believes in equality, dislikes racial prejudice and who genuinely wants the world to be a better place. But, as I explained in a previous blog, his good intentions shouldn’t isolate him from criticism for advancing the negative effects that this sort of ideology has on public discourse and the world at large.

What Is David Icke Doing in Thrive, Anyway? Why Did the Filmmakers Choose Him?

Even some Thrive defenders who have commented on this blog have been brave enough to concede that, saddled as he is with baggage that is utterly poisonous, public relations-wise, inviting Mr. Icke to elucidate key messages of Thrive was probably not the smartest move. The mere appearance of David Icke in any public forum causes people to bolt for the lifeboats—such as a notorious speaking tour in Canada where various Jewish groups lobbied, successfully in some cases, to have his speeches canceled. Why, then, would the makers of Thrive choose to court controversy by inviting him into the movie? Couldn’t they have gotten someone less controversial to expound the opinions Mr. Icke talks about in his appearances in the film?

The answer, I believe, is that the makers of Thrive specifically wanted to market their movie to Mr. Icke’s fans. Let’s face it, in the conspiracy theorist underground, David Icke is a rock star. He’s known all over the world. In the United States, the only conspiracy theorist with more immediate name recognition is Alex Jones. If you get David Icke to channel your message for you, his followers will automatically accept it, because they think he’s an oracle and uniquely gifted to explain what’s going on in the world, and you also make $5 a pop from them for downloading the movie starring their hero. Furthermore, David Icke is well-known in New Age circles. If you’re making a movie about conspiracy theories which you want to sell to a New Age audience, you want access to David Icke’s fans, don’t you?

This argument is strengthened if you look at what Mr. Icke says—and doesn’t say—in Thrive. He talks about banking, about social controls, and about the “problem-reaction-solution” paradigm. Virtually any believer in the Global Domination Agenda, or anyone who shares Mr. Gamble’s views on banking, could have talked about these exact same ideas, in almost exactly the same words. If the three topics Mr. Icke talks about in the movie could have been easily covered with a less controversial and less polarizing figure, wouldn’t Foster Gamble and the makers of the film have chosen to go with someone else who didn’t have the millstone of reptilian shape-shifting aliens and accusations of anti-Semitism hanging around their necks? Wouldn’t that have been the rational choice, from a public relations standpoint?

The fact that they did not make that choice means that must be something particular to Mr. Icke that the filmmakers wanted to take advantage of. It’s probably his popularity and the audience he brings to the table, but we can’t be sure. Nevertheless, the makers of Thrive must have felt either that the controversy surrounding Mr. Icke could only help them publicize the movie, or else they felt (or perhaps felt in addition) that the baggage associated with David Icke would be outweighed in the long run by the advantages they thought they would gain by connecting with his audience of New Agers and conspiracy theorists.

I wrote in an article over at the sister blog that Thrive has three main sections which are closely intertwined with each other. The first seeks to “earn its chops” among the intended New Age audience by pushing as many traditional hot buttons for New Agers as possible: ancient astronauts, alt-med cures, zero-point energy, UFOs, crop circles, etc. The second part downloads the conspiracy theory narratives. The third part proposes a solution for these awful conspiracies, somewhat tautologically: New Age beliefs and libertarian political ideas.

David Icke’s appearance in the movie impacts both the first and second parts. He is unique as a figure who (I) has cachet in New Age circles, (II) has cachet among conspiracy theorists, and (III) commands the attention of a large-scale audience that Mr. Gamble probably couldn’t reach on his own. The appearance of David Icke’s head on the screen in the credit sequence is a key signal being telegraphed to the audience: “Hey, look, we’ve got one of your oracles, David Icke, in this movie. We know you’ll want to pay attention to what he says!” By putting David Icke in the film, the makers have bought an admission ticket to access the worldviews of two of their target audiences: New Agers and believers in conspiracy theories, two populations which, as I’ve argued before, are exhibiting increasing overlap and crossover.

From this standpoint, then, David Icke is not only a key participant in the film, but possibly the most important participant. Nassim Haramein has a fan base of his own, but the movie could get along fine without him, more or less; Adam Trombly, Stephen Greer and others interviewed are generally not well known outside of the specific niches that their issues occupy, and few people had heard of Foster Gamble before Thrive. It’s clear that David Icke is the key personality. Regardless of what he says on-screen, without him Thrive has a much more limited reach.

If Icke is So Key, Why Doesn’t He Talk About Reptilian Shape-Shifting Aliens? After All, Isn’t That What He’s Known For?

I think there are two possible answers to this question. The first is, perhaps Mr. Gamble didn’t feel comfortable going there because he doesn’t literally believe it. Even many conspiracy theorists have a hard time swallowing David Icke’s bizarre theories. Icke himself has said, quoted on page 106 of Dr. Bokun’s book: “Some of the most fierce abuse that I’ve had since [The Biggest Secret] came out has not been from the public, actually, it’s been from some other conspiracy researchers who can’t get their head around anything beyond the physical.” (A rather telling statement—is Mr. Icke admitting here that his reptilian shape-shifting aliens aren’t actually real?)

The second reason may be that the makers of Thrive wanted to try to preserve, as much as practical without diluting their message, the possibility that the movie might have some crossover appeal to non-New Age, non-conspiracy audiences. If Mr. Icke gets up there and starts blathering about lizard men from the constellation Draco, you’re going to turn off a lot of people pretty much instantly. Perhaps, in exercising some restraint on the views Mr. Icke presented on-screen, Thrive evinces some minimal standards on how far into the realm of conspiracy esoterica is too far to venture without totally losing the audience in the process.


David Icke is a person, popular in New Age and conspiracy theorist circles, who espouses an elaborate belief system so bizarre, so implausible, and so far-removed from reality that it is incapable of being accepted in any rational frame of mind. The fact that this worldview lacks a single shred of evidence to support it should underscore precisely how far-removed from reality it is. The fact that it so eerily resembles crude anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from yesteryear, with a modern sci-fi twist imported from UFO mythology, should make the theories of Mr. Icke even more radioactive. But, despite all these strikes against it, there are people out there who not only believe that reptilian shape-shifting aliens are trying to control the world simply because Mr. Icke has told them this is the case, but these people are willing to pay to see him espouse these theories in sufficient numbers to provide him with a comfortable living going around the world lecturing about how awful reptilian shape-shifting aliens are. It is these people to whom I believe the makers of Thrive were trying to sell their film, and Mr. Icke’s presence in the movie represents the opening of that commercial and ideological gate.

David Icke is not a credible source. His inclusion in Thrive is another of many reasons why this movie and its messages should be treated with extreme caution and subjected to the most rigorous factual scrutiny—a level of scrutiny which, as I think this blog has demonstrated on numerous occasions, it cannot hope to meet.

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211 responses to “Who Is David Icke?”

  1. badboy says :

    Thank you for a useful summation of Icke’s toxicity. I didn’t know of Michael Barkun’s book.

    Ridicule is another, highly satisfying, response to tinfoilhattery:


    • Apôtre Joseph TOUBI says :

      Obviously, this David ICKE is insane . If you dare confront illuminatis without being an authentic Born Again Christian rooted in the Holy Bible, you just end up insane because the new age devils cannot fight Lucifer. They an just give funny stories to tell. But since the Bible advice us to examine everything and only keep from it what is good, I have bought one of Mr ICKE’s books, hoping that I may gather from it one page of good things and throw the rest in the garbagge pan

    • Jim says :

      Ridicule is another, highly satisfying, response to tinfoilhattery:

      Turns out that his followers have learned the art of ridicule quite well … I left 2-3 of them peeing their pants in anger on a forum the other day and their ability to deride, name call, accuse, and otherwise distract from the subject is over the top … reminds me of old bumper sticker that ask, “please protect me from your followers.”

      A few of his videos helped me overcome the tendency to let ridicule adjust my opinion in public … which is kewl, it prepared me for trying to tell some of his cult following a few things they don’t want to hear.

  2. Hollywood Tomfortas says :


    Thanks for devoting a specific blog entry to David Icke’s inclusion in the film — something I do believe Foster Gamble will live to regret. As you know, I am the moderator of the Arthur Young Yahoo forum where I have corresponded periodically with Foster Gamble himself over the past 14 years.

    Back on September 19, 2011, after Foster put the first announcement about THRIVE on the forum, I wrote to him expressing my concern about having David Icke in the movie because he (Foster) was thereby tacitly endorsing whatever Icke believes and preaches.

    Here is what Foster wrote to the forum the next day, explaining and defending his inclusion of David Icke in THRIVE.

    PS I still get a kick out of Foster’s Question #4 for me, which is at the very bottom. Even 2 months before the premiere, he was already suspecting me of being a government operative and/or troll.


    Foster Gamble’s response to Hollywood Tom’s query about David Icke appearing in the film THRIVE, posted on the Arthur Young Yahoo forum on September 20, 2011.


    Tom, I have always enjoyed your intelligence, your talent and sense of humor, your shepherding of this conversation and your dedication to accuracy in Arthur’s legacy. So let’s take a fresh start.

    We are in intensely serious times where billion of lives are falling apart. A handful of con artists just walked off with approximately 23 TRILLION dollars out of our and our children’s pockets and nearly everyone can now smell the police state arising.

    One of the reasons I interviewed David Icke was because as early as 1996 he predicted a major false flag operation (9-11) leading to the invasion of the middle east (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya…) and the theft of much of what is left of our “rights” (Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act etc….) followed by a major global economic collapse (2008 and continuing on.) So what did he know that afforded him that kind of insight? What sane man wanting to protect lives would not want to know what he says is coming next…and why and by whose hands?

    Alongside the work of many other researchers that I found compelling, I have read and seen nearly everything Icke has put out. I have been shocked, outraged, humbled and ultimately educated by someone who had done 25 years of diligent homework and spent his life stepping outside the “hassle-free zone,” despite the ridicule that that entails from our mostly duped society. So why not approach him as the scientist that you can be.
    Actually do the homework, find your hypothesis. Put it to the test and let us know what YOU find.

    I interviewed him for 3 straight hours with nothing held back. I grilled him on the Zionist/Jewish issue and on the reptilian story as well as many other subjects, rigorously insisting all along the way that we distinguish between personal experience, weight of evidence and personal speculation — which he did whole-heartedly.

    I can honestly say that in our whole conversation and in all of his works, I have not seen an iota of anti-semitism, or any other ethnic or religious bias. Actually quite the opposite. He does have a deep and abiding sense of liberty for all and acts firmly against any kind of persecution. And he is willing to risk everything — his reputation, his resources and even his life to take a stand for that. He is willing to call out the perpetrators of the agenda that is devastating so many lives and he knows that those behind the curtain are of various ethnic origins and claim a multitude of religions, but that those labels are truly insignificant to them. He understands deeply the difference between the Rothschild Agenda for Zionism on the one hand, and the race of Hebrew people and the spiritual history of Judaism on the other. He calls out the would be dominators who are Catholic, Protestant or Episcopalian just as vigorously, but it is not their race or religion that is determining their behavior. He has documented very thoroughly how the Anti-Defamation League is often used by a few to attack and distract people who are getting below the surface stories to the actual control agenda being perpetrated.

    He has had no direct experience of Reptilians and therefore does not know if it true or not. He is merely reporting on scores of first hand stories sent or told to him by countless people from many, many countries who do not know each other — including the revered Zulu leader Credo Mutwa. I do think he has not been nearly careful enough to keep making that distinction clear and I suggested that he focus on that going forward. He has gotten somewhat more careful in his language around all of that, and sometimes the showman in him takes over and I believe he gets too cavalier in his statements.

    In our film, we do not go into his research on reptilians, nor his immensely important investigations into global satanic pedophile rings, because it does not serve our film. That does not mean that revealing what is happening to hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable every year should not be exposed and stopped. How and when to do it is very challenging — and very necessary. In THRIVE, he shares his deep knowledge of the corruption in our economic systems, how global power dynamics work and strategies that are used by the controllers to keep us distracted, afraid, fighting amongst ourselves and suppressing each other… (kind of like the tone of your posts.)

    David is actually one of the bravest and most compassionate individuals I have met. One of the other reasons I interviewed him, is that I was blown away and inspired by a chapter in The Biggest Secret called I LOVE YOU DR. KISSINGER. In it, he writes that he did not want to publish the book until he truly came to a place of compassion, even while exposing him, for the tortured soul of one of Earth’s most gruesome living mass murderers. Try that one on!

    I have tried to be very honest here. In that spirit, I invite you to actually share your “roiling” feelings directly, rather than through insinuating questions. And I ask you to authentically answer these few questions:

    1) What are you afraid of regarding David Icke and my film?

    2) What books or films of his have you actually immersed thoroughly in (not Wikipedia pages or anti-Icke propaganda hit pieces) — actually studied to where you checked sources, cross correlated facts and came to your own conclusions?

    3) What is your assessment of his analysis of the history and machinations of global power?

    4) Did anyone else put you up to this or influence you to do it, or was this entirely your own motivation.




    • muertos says :

      Wow. Your comment almost makes me want to revise the original article. I’m shocked that Foster Gamble comes as close as he does in the statement you present to actually endorsing literal belief in shape-shifting reptilian aliens. I’ve generally bent over backwards to give Mr. Gamble the benefit of the doubt on the most bizarre and toxic of the conspiracy theories presented in Thrive, but I admit that stance is seriously challenged by information like this.

      It’s very interesting to me that Mr. Gamble was warned, months before Thrive came out, that the inclusion of David Icke in the movie would backfire on him, but instead of cutting him loose, he chose to double down and go for broke. This is deeply disturbing on a number of levels.

      Thanks very much for presenting this information here. It puts many things into perspective.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Whoa, Muertos! I’m quite confused here. Where do you get from Foster’s message above that he is close to endorsing the literal interpretation of the Reptilians? I see the opposite. Foster is clearly distancing himself from the literal interpretation by saying that even Icke himself isn’t sure about their existence as literal, that he (Icke) is just reporting hearsay from others about them.

        And as if to underscore this point, I was listening to Coast to Coast AM early this morning and the main guest, Jonathan Zap, a kind of Fortean and Jungian scholar, who was discussing conspiracy theories suddenly mentioned Icke and the reptilians. Zap said that the belief in their literalness is crazy, but that as Jungian archetypes of the collective unconscious, they were spot on as symbols and/or metaphors of what’s lurking in our dark inner shadow realms of the subconscious.

        (Hell we can see it right here on the blog. For example, look at how terrified Treok is about the Reptilians in his own unconscious that he desperately tries to keep at bay by commenting here and scapegoating you and me for his inner lizards.)

        I’m sure that Foster would endorse the Jungian interpretation of the Lizard Beings from Draco as mere archetypes of our past mythology. After all, Draco is Latin for Dragon, but there’s no need to get so draconian about those Reptilians. Nyuk! Nyuk! Nyuk!

      • muertos says :

        It’s true Foster Gamble doesn’t say that reptilians are literally real, but that’s the only suggestion in his entire post that doesn’t seem to endorse David Icke’s views 100%. I guess I’m very confused as to how someone can accept David Icke’s worldview but then say, oh, but we’re not so sure about the reptilian aliens part. That strikes me a bit like saying, “Well, aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?”

      • Gary says :

        The titel says THRIVE DEBUNKED but you have’nt debunked a single peice of any infomation that is in the movie. All you do is talk about David Icke and how you think he’s a nut. I’m waiting to hear you bebunk the movie. IE: what the info in the movie was found to be (false or true)?????

    • Professor Pious says :

      Foster Gamble mentions a “Rothschild Agenda for Zionism” here, implying it is some sort of credible understanding of how the world works. What exactly is the “Rothschild Agenda for Zionism”? The first result in a Google search of “Rothschild Agenda for Zionism” is a piece by David Icke titled “THEY DARE NOT SPEAK ITS NAME … ROTHSCHILD ZIONISM” dated December 2010. So this would meet Gamble’s challenge of examining Icke’s writings on their own as he puts forth in question #2.


      Read it for yourself and decide if it is antisemitic or not.

      A few points to keep in mind:

      1. Icke claims that in reality Zionism is actually “a secret society created and controlled by the House of Rothschild.” The accepted definition of Zionism is “a worldwide Jewish movement that resulted in the establishment and development of the state of Israel.” How is it NOT antisemitic for Icke to create an alternative definition of Zionism that he imparts with a sinister agenda? Why didn’t Icke come up with some alternative word for his hypothesis?

      2. Note the parallel theme to the fraudulent and discredited anti-semitic “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”

      3. Icke provides no actual evidence to make his conspiratorial case, he simply smears dozens of powerful politicians and financial power players with his invented term “Rothschild Zionist,” and claims, without any actual evidence, that they are in some sort of secret collusion together.

      4. Icke clarifies towards the end that “When I say ‘Rothschild’, I am referring to the Rothschild bloodline because, as I have detailed in my books, they have long had breeding programmes that produce offspring that are brought up under other names. So when these people come to power, they carry the Rothschild genetics and answer to their control system…” Again, no evidence of any selective “breeding program,” or clarification as to the mysterious group “control system.” Is this the control system that Icke believes comes from the extraterrestials who built the Earth’s moon? Who knows…

      It’s relatively easy to debunk false statements purporting to be truthful. Icke provides no factual evidence to support his paranoid claims. An emotionalized conspiratorial narrative absent of any facts to back it up is worthless except perhaps as entertaining fiction.

      If Icke had used the phrase “wealthy Jewish bankers” instead of his invented term “Rothschild Zionist,” how clearly antisemitic would it be?

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Rofl…more conjecture based on nothing from the actual film. It’s based on hearsay from some internet forum. Good work guys, your theory is so well documented you should submit it to the NY Times. They aren’t doing so well
        maybe they’ll run it.

    • Stanley Steamer says :

      I have watched Thrive and looking at it with an open mind and ACTUALLY paying attention to what has and is happening in the world, find most of it quite believable. The whole money/banking portion is spot on but people are so naive as to see it. Reptiles aside, if Mr. Icke is a conspiracy theorist, I’m right there with him!

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Some people cannot see the truth. I personally believe they do know the truth, but for some reason are fighting against it. Maybe they are invested somehow in the lie.

      • anticultist says :

        Being gullible is not a positive character attribute boys, your willingness to believe absurdities and ignore scientific and historic facts is simply stupidity on your part.

    • Chello says :

      ‘The mere appearance of David Icke in any public forum causes people to bolt for the lifeboats’ – Earlier on you said he stands to make £300k for a gig. Like most of your article, it’s so biased, it goes beyond caring whether the information is in any way correct, the sweeping generalisations, its allusions to actually being a well informed article whilst so easily spinning a massive contradiction like the above…it’s actually quite funny. I don’t particularly care for all of Icke’s views, but I know it when I read b/s like the above. At least Icke is trying to challenge the status quo, but then, I guess you must be happy with it, so all of this is just hot air, left to vaporise in a soon to be derelict corner of the Internet.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        The people I believe he is intimating are bolting are those of a rational disposition, I appreciate it’s probably difficult for you to conceive of alternative people to conspiritards being aware of David Icke’s insanity, but I can assure you that rational thinkers are aware of Icke but for all the worst possible reasons. They know of him as a complete utter loon, and quite well within their rights to do so.

        This being said conspiracy theorising is a tiny fragment of societal belief, and it’s this part of society that will end up being a footnote on the internet one day.

      • Joel T. says :

        Provided that the status quo is reason and sanity, then yes, David Icke is challenging that whilest we are happy with said state.

    • booseyhey says :

      How does one prove anything? How do you prove the Big Bang Theory or the Evolution Theory? You can’t. So that argument doesn’t hold any weight. And to suggest that when someone says, “Lizards” they really mean “Jews” says more about the mind of the listener rather than the mind of the speaker.

    • Dave says :

      Thanks Foster for replying with such honesty and courage and not being defied by these bunch of trolls that have nothing better to do than to spread negativity and ridicule everyone that is doing something good for the world. You guys keep your negativity going, but sooner or later you will run out of crap to write against the truth seekers. Good luck in your quest.

  3. anticultist says :

    Tom said: “Whoa, Muertos! I’m quite confused here. Where do you get from Foster’s message above that he is close to endorsing the literal interpretation of the Reptilians? ”


    Gamble, Foster said this:

    “In our film, we do not go into his research on reptilians, nor his immensely important investigations into global satanic pedophile rings, because it does not serve our film. That does not mean that revealing what is happening to hundreds of thousands of our most vulnerable every year should not be exposed and stopped. How and when to do it is very challenging — and very necessary. ”

    let me break it down for you then, he says “In our film, we do not go into his research on reptilians,” ok so he is stating in the film he does not discuss the matter of reptilians, then goes on to say “nor his immensely important investigations into global satanic pedophile rings”. here he ties the reptilians together with the paedophile rings, which David Icke does all the time stating they shape shift at the blood and sex sacrifices, even with famous people present at the ceremonies.

    This shows that he is aware that the paedophilia claims Icke makes are in direct relation to the reptilians, and he even states that this is immensely important material.

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Aha! So that makes Satan the chief Reptilian! And since Satan is called “that old dragon” in the Book of Revelation, then that means he is from the star system Draco.

      Revelation 12:9
      And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

      Now the question is for American politics; does Rick Santorum know that Satan is a Reptilian alien? If he doesn’t know that, I’m not going to vote for him.

      Oh, and muertos, in light of your interest in missing persons cases, here is an interview with David Icke about all those missing children being taken up by the government pedophile rings. What do you think of the figures Icke throws out there?


      Joseph Duggan: You have also been doing research regarding all the missing children. What have you discovered?

      David Icke: Directly linked to the control being implemented by the Black Nobility is mind control, Satanism, and the missing children. Ted Gundersen, a former high-ranking member of the FBI, has given me figures of missing children from a private organization in Denver where, of 19,000 missing children in 1995, only 11,000 were found. Eight thousand were still missing. If these figures are extrapolated to the whole of the US, it means that somewhere around 400,000 to 500,000 children go missing every year. Apparently, similar figures exist for many parts of Canada mostly urban areas of high population.

      . . . Many of them are taken into Satanic rituals for human sacrifice, others are abducted into secret CIA and government mind control projects. Cathy O’Brien was a victim of this type of operation, except that her father sold her to MK-ULTRA and he became part of that whole program. Many children are needed for these mind control experiments and come through breeding programs, adoption agencies (particularly, it seems, Catholic ones), from the Third World where children are kidnapped and parents sell their children, and through a network of Social Services agencies. There are also organizations whose job it is to find children of the right genetic background for specific mind control projects.

      Other children are kidnapped and sold as sex slaves in the pedophile rings, some of which have penetrated to high levels in the government of Canada, the US, Belgium, and Australia. These rings have been exposed by individuals like Cathy O’Brien who named Pierre Trudeau, Brian Mulroney, George Bush, Gerald Ford, etc, in her book, Trance Formation of America. The same pedophile rings exist in every Western country, but have not as yet been exposed. The white slave market in the Orient and Arab countries is still active and, according to Ted Gundersen, a white, blond, blue-eyed teenage girl can be sold for $50,000. There are even kidnapping rings that will photograph prospective children for clients and then grab the one they choose. This is hard to believe, but it is happening.

      • anticultist says :

        erm no satan doesn’t exist, neither do reptilian overlords, and Ickes claims are mere fantasy.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Yes, but fantasy serves reality. In this case Icke’s fantasies about Satan and the Reptilians represent the realities of Jehovah or Yahweh as the God of the Zionist Jews who are represented as the Reptilians. This leaves the real Jews as the good guys. So the key issue for icke, and then for Foster Gamble, too, is how do you distinguish between an evil nasty Zionist Jew and a good and noble authentic Jew?

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Quote for me when Foster Gamble at anytime said he has any problem with Jews in this documentary. The only time Foster mentioned anything close to this, he said racism and hatred of a group is wrong.

        So, please, why is everyone bringing up hatred of Jews in this blog that is supposed to be about the film Thrive?

        Why do you people stoop to such lows?

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        OK, Mr. Buehler, to answer your demand to quote Foster Gamble in the movie about Jews, I first refer you to Muertos’ article above where he gives the exact time stamp in the movie. It’s when he speaks of the Rothschilds and their control over banking.

        And here below I am going to copy a posting I just made to the Arthur Young Yahoo forum where I am moderator and Foster Gamble has been a subscriber and regular contributor over the past 14 years. So when Foster replies, I will certainly post it here on muertos blog.

        In my post to the AY forum, someone called for a constructive critique of THRIVE to continue on the forum. I responded by inviting all the subscribers to visit muertos’ blog here. I then pick up from there:

        (Oh, also, Kurt, I leave in the Ron Paul reference because you implied that you are not a Ron Paul supporter and what you read below may make you glad you are not a supporter.)


        . . . and also read this article written by David Icke himself published Jan. 29,2012, two months after the premiere of THRIVE.

        Icke writes here about what he calls “Rothschild Zionism,” which calls upon us to distinguish between those nasty greedy Zionist Jews plotting to take over the world and those good authentic Jews who are still being victimized by the Zionist Jews.

        Since Foster Gamble himself in the movie makes this critical distinction, then I believe we should discuss the differences.

        And very much related to this Zionist Jew issue is Foster’s endorsement of Ron Paul for President. Ron Paul is a staunch anti-Zionist and he has ties to the white supremacist and neo-Nazi movements like Storm Front.

        Here is an interesting and eye-opening article about it.

        Palling around with Nazis: How Republican rhetoric obscures Ron Paul’s white supremacist base and undermines democracy
        http://globalcomment.com/2012/palling-around-with-nazis-how-republican-rhetoric-\ obscures-ron-pauls-white-supremacist-base-and-undermines-democracy/

        “[Ron] Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.”

        Also David Duke has also endorsed Ron Paul and part of that is returning the favor since Ron Paul endorsed David Duke in Duke’s unsuccessful campaign for US Senate in Louisiana in 1990

        From my own study of German history, I sense that the THRIVE movement is very much reminiscent of the gung ho idealism of the Green Wing of the Nazi Party, which consisted of so many young and idealistic environmentally conscious Germans who were also out to save the world. Here is a great little chapter from the book:
        Ecofasism: Lessons from the German Experience

        Fascist Ecology: The “Green Wing” of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents
        by Peter Staudenmaier

        Anyway, much food for discussion and a hearty thank you to Foster Gamble for producing this movie which is sparking such deep discussion.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        I don’t want to read or hear anything based upon hearsay that has no evident support other than we are supposed to take your word for it. I want you to discuss what this blog is about, the film THRIVE. I asked you to quote where the film THRIVE talks badly about Jewish people, or people of any race for that matter. I did not ask you to tell me about your personal online forum, and things you say happened there.

        You have shown me through your own deceptive techniques that the film THRIVE has nothing in it regarding JEWS. Has nothing in it regarding Ron Paul. Has nothing in it regarding Hitler. Has nothing in it regarding David Duke.

        Those ideas do not come from THRIVE they come from you sir. Your forum that you talk about is not THRIVE. It is something from you.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Let me make two corrections here:

        First, the link to the Ron Paul article was cut off in the middle. Here’s the correct link:

        Palling around with Nazis: How Republican rhetoric obscures Ron Paul’s white supremacist base and undermines democracy


        “[Ron] Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position.”

        Second, I now realize that muertos did not make a time stamp for Foster’s appearance in the movie to make the disclaimer that he is not talking about all Jews, but only the nasty Zionist ones like the Rothschilds. I don’t have the movie hhere to find it myself, but I’m sure that you, Kurt, can find it. .

      • anticultist says :

        Kurt Buehler says : March 6, 2012 at 5:31 am
        “I don’t want to read or hear anything based upon hearsay that has no evident support other than we are supposed to take your word for it. I want you to discuss what this blog is about,”

        Interesting you should say this because that is what this entire blog site is all about, that being the hearsay and things said in thrive that are unsupported by facts and evidence. Most of which have been clearly laid out over the months, so if you were really uninterested in hearing hearsay and unsupported claims you would already have demanded the same of the movie thrive too.

        Have you done this ? No

        Are you utilising cognitive biasing ? Yes

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Nice deflection. These childish maneuvers don’t work on me.

      • anticultist says :

        Poor Kurt, having your own claims resurface to bite you in the ass and show your intellectual dishonesty must sting. Well moving on now I have made my point.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        So your point is garbage. Awesome. Glad you are moving on.

      • anticultist says :

        Your attempts to obfuscate your poor logic are likely only working on you, the more keen observers who read this will see you as a person who has been shown to use fallacious reasoning getting butt hurt about it.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Quote for me from Thrive dialogue anyone who said we are to be antisemitic

      • anticultist says :

        “anticultist says : March 7, 2012 at 2:26 pm
        This blog has discussed the contents of thrive very effectively, just take a look over the many entries through the months, that is if you want to be intellectually honest and quit throwing your half cocked fallacies about ?

        I personally don’t subscribe to the theory that Icke and Gamble are inherently racist or anti Semites in this thread, but I do know that antisemitism and racism is an underlying theme in many conspiracy theories. So if someone prescribes to certain theories they are by default promoting these kind of thought processes and opinion, even if they do not mean to.

        Being anti zionist is somewhat similar to being anti jihadist, it is disliking a certain sub section of a religion or creed of people. Zionism happens to be part of the Jewish culture therefore it would seem if you promote anti Zionism you are promoting a form of antisemitism.

        People may argue this all they want but you can not differentiate Zionism from being a Jewish belief system no matter how semantic you get.”

        Once again I neither make the claim that Gamble is antisemitic or makes claims to be antisemitic, as I neither make the claim for anyone else. My argument is that by promoting conspiracy theories that are grounded in antisemitic ideologies the person is promoting it whether they intend to or not.

        Try harder Kurt.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        There, you just answered it. The film Thrive contains nothing antisemitic. Thanks.

      • anticultist says :

        While the film and it’s cast may not be antisemites, the conspiracy theories they promote have antisemitism at their core. So whether or not they wish to promote antisemitism, they inadvertently do.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Is it a conspiracy “theory” if it’s true?

      • anticultist says :

        The blogs provided in link form by muertos for you give you opportunity to read why it is not true, but if you chose to ignore and deny the information it’s not life being wasted believing falsehoods.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        So, the only way for you to attempt to debunk this film, in this blog, is to link to other peoples blogs that are not even about this film. And you expect me to go to those blogs to looks for answers that you cannot come up with on your own?

        You guys are a joke, seriously. If I stay here any longer I am going to start losing IQ points. I hope no one else has the misfortune to stumble upon this farce website. What a waste of time.

      • anticultist says :

        Are you dim ? The links are on this blog. They are written by the person who wrote this blog, they are all encompassing entries to this very same blog. Are you new to this kind of thing ?

        The only joke here is how little you appear to comprehend and how little you appear to have read on the topic.

        If you can’t even understand how a blog consists of separate entries, then there is little hope in you understanding the content of those entries.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Debunk it here with your own words in the Thrive blog. It’s pathetic to not use your own words.

      • anticultist says :

        You are wasting everyone’s time by being obtuse. If you can’t even be bothered to read the rest of the blog that debunks everything you believe to be true about thrive, then it simply shows your intellectual dishonesty and incapability to review information correctly. I believe you have shown yourself to be of little value here and therefore others who read this will see through your transparent attempts to ignore pertinent information. Information that already exists and debunks everything you hold dear about thrive. I have no need for games and unreasonable people like yourself Kurt, go troll someone else.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        You still haven’t presented any argument at all concerning the film Thrive. You tell others to instead go check other web addresses. It is you who is to blame.

  4. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Here is a site that debunks David Icke in a two and a half hour long documentary:


    It is produced by a Fundamentalist Christian who does lay on the Jesus proselytizing in the last ten minutes, but otherwise it’s a quite informative movie. There is also a transcript of the film to read.

  5. Hollywood Tomfortas says :


    I was cruising Foster Gamble’s blog on the Thrivemovement site, looking for any trouble I might stir up, when lo and behold a recent commenter stirs it up for me. I decided to answer him with a pointer to your entry here about David Icke.


    Someone asked:

    Is Foster really the heir to Proctor and Gamble fortune? Is this a ruse to misguide us?

    I answered:

    Yes, he is, but the ruse that really misguides us is Foster’s unthinking inclusion of David Icke in the movie, which opens Foster up to serious charges of antisemitism — in spite of his denials of antisemitism in the movie. You might be interested in reading this recent article on the THRIVE-Debunked blog where Muertos examines the life and work of David Icke. I excerpt two sections below. . . .

  6. Stryepy says :

    >> I’m very confused as to how someone can accept David Icke’s worldview but then say, oh, but we’re not so sure about the reptilian aliens part. That strikes me a bit like saying, “Well, aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?” <> Here is a site that debunks David Icke in a two and a half hour long documentary… It is produced by a Fundamentalist Christian who does lay on the Jesus proselytizing in the last ten minutes, but otherwise it’s a quite informative movie. There is also a transcript of the film to read. <> And, of course, much of the core ideology that Thrive wants its viewers to adopt relates to the notion of “evil bankers” supposedly in control of the world. <<

    As opposed to the truth that sociopathic bankers control the global economy and financial system of the world, right?

    There are many ways to unpack the discourse around the debt-based money system, and its role in capitalism, nation-state governments, national and multi-national corporations. There are many unfounded assumptions and red herrings embedded in this discouse, and it's likely that many of the supposed criticisms of it are disinformation. It's possible that Icke is an agent of this disinfo, although I'll consider him innocent until proven guilty, and evaluate his claims on their own merits.

    There's so doubt in my mind though, that the unprecedented accumulation of wealth in fewer and fewer hands today, and the paradox of stockpiles of rotting food and empty houses, whil people starve in the streets for lack of money to pay for them, are tied to deep structural problems with the banking system, particularly the creation of money as debt, and the charging of economic rent on credit – ie interest.

  7. Kurt Buehler says :

    This blog creates fallacious arguments to discredit Thrive. One such argument regards your obvious attempt to poison the well. You present David Icke in an unfavorable way which poisons people against Thrive. This is a logical fallacy. Just because David Icke in the past may have talked about reptilians or cosmic vampires has no bearing on what he said in Thrive.

    Your reasoning is false and it’s based on this:

    Present Unfavorable information (be it true or false) about person David Icke’s past. Therefore any claims David makes in the future will be false.

    A totally fallacious argument. What David said about banking in Thrive was all spot on. Your blog is misinformation,

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      OK, Mr. Buehler, very well said and well-presented. However, I wonder if you would apply the same standard of fallacious reasoning to Adolf Hitler.

      Since Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf in 1924, with certain ideas about the Jews, would it have been logically fallacious to hold Mr. Hitler to the same standards in 1938 when he orchestrated Kristallnacht on 11/9 of that year? Or in 1942 when the death camps really “hit their holocaustal stride?”

      I also notice that Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and that what he said about organic agriculture was spot on and that was true up to his death in 1945. However, let’s not argue Hitler here because it’s a pre-emptive strike on my part to invalidate Godwin’s Law from the git-go.

      Instead please read this article that David Icke wrote and had published on January 29, 2012, exactly 33 days ago, which means he wrote it almost three months AFTER the premiere of the THRIVE movie on 11/11/11.


      What I have done is pull out 3 passages where Icke speaks directly about banks and banking. Since Mr. Icke wrote all these excerpts AFTER the THRIVE movie came out, I do believe that you are engaged in fallaciously accusing Mr. Muertos of fallacious reasoning.

      So, Mr. Buehler, since you believe that what Mr. Icke said about the banking system was spot on, I assume that you would agree that what he says about the banking system below and in his whole article is also spot on, especially since it was published after the Thrive movie. He calls it “Rothschild Zionism,” and even though the word Reptilian does not appear in this article, why does Mr. Icke in the present feel so strident about all these Jews that he names? You see. Mr. Buehler, everything David Icke writes and says about the banking system is totally inseperable from this Rothschild Zionism. And all of this he is saying NOW, in the PRESENT time, if we can agree that the “era of THRIVE” is in the present time.

      Former BBC and Independent Television News correspondent, Alan Hart, wrote in Zionism: The Real Enemy of the Jews:

      ‘Jewish people make up less than two per cent of the American population, but account for 50 per cent of the political campaign contributions.’

      This incredible amount of political funding (control and influence) does not come from Jewish people in general, but from the mega-rich individuals, banks and corporations controlled by Rothschild Zionism. Obama’s biggest corporate donor was Goldman Sachs – the organisation fundamentally responsible for the engineered global economic crash.

      The global banking system was purposely crashed by Rothschild Zionists like Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke at the Rothschild Zionist-created US Federal Reserve and by Rothschild Zionist Treasury Secretaries, Robert Rubin and Larry Summers, in league with Rothschild Zionist Timothy Geithner whom Obama named as his Treasury Secretary to sort out the problem that these people had created.

      Obama also named crash-architect Larry Summers in ‘his’ (the Rothschilds’) economic ‘team’ and what followed was the biggest transfer of wealth from the population via governments to the tiny few in known human history – aided and abetted by the Rothschild-created International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank.

      The Rothschild Zionist strategy for an attack on Iran is straight from the blueprint already successfully applied to Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and long underway in Syria. Find an excuse to demonise the current regime, enforce an interim period of sanctions to weaken their resolve and then send the boys in.

      Once sanctions are applied you know you are only one stage from the button being pressed and we are now there with Iran with the Western oil embargo and other sanctions imposed that will harm the desperate economies of the West as well as Iran.

      But this is a bonus for the Rothschild Zionists who crashed the global economy in 2008 and plan to do so again with even greater consequences to provide a Problem-Reaction-Solution to a new, and even more controlled, structure of world finance based on a World Central Bank.


    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Mr. Buehler,

      I thought of another more elegant way to express the issue you raised of David Icke’s past vs. his present.

      Suppose that Foster Gamble had interviewed not David Icke, but David Duke?

      Don’t you feel an instantaneous judgment of David Duke as someone who carries very heavy baggage from his past?

      And yet I bring up David Duke not because his name is similar to David Icke’s but because of what Ron Paul, the darling to the libertarian THRIVE crowd, wrote about David Duke in 1990 in one of Ron Paul’s infamous newsletters.


      I find it quite ironic what Ron Paul wrote here as he was lamenting the political defeat of David Duke in the Senate election of 1990 in Louisiana.

      Liberal[s] are notoriously blind to see the sociological effects of their own progress. David Duke was hurt by his past. How many more Dukes are waiting in the wings without such a taint?

      Why, Mr. Buehler, you seem to be writing something almost identical about David Icke. And I’ll bet you are a Ron Paul supporter to boot!

    • anticultist says :

      “Just because David Icke in the past may have talked about reptilians or cosmic vampires has no bearing on what he said in Thrive.” wrong, it is called ascertaining credibility, David icke believes all manner of crazy shit and has made numerous predictions and claims that have long since proven to be false and entirely fabricated. It is therefore it is fair to assume that he continmues to make the same mistakes as his claims and research methods are as equally absurd as they were then.

      Ickes credibility is so poor that only a fool would take his claims seriously without questioning everything he says.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        1+1=2 is false if david icke says it. i see how this works.

      • anticultist says :

        “1+1=2 is false if david icke says it. i see how this works.” – Clearly you don’t see it, because 1 +1 = 2 is a known fact, lizardy reptiles disguised as the queen of England conducting rape and murder rituals on children is not fact.

        You must try harder Kurt.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        and what you just typed debunks the film “Thrive” how?

      • anticultist says :

        My intention in replying to you was to show your replies to be fallacious and that seems to have been successful. The blog itself is what debunks the movie thrive, and spectacularly well might I add. I am here to merely comment and deal with people who can’t understand the blogs content and make redundant comments like yours.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        You’ve failed on every level.

      • anticultist says :

        No the evidence of failure is here for others to read and judge Kurt, you shouting your beliefs over the rooftops doesn’t change anything. The readers decide who makes the strongest point not you.

  8. Kurt Buehler says :

    You are using guilt by association. Another standard fallacy used to discredit something. We are talking about Thrive yet you are talking about Hitler, and Duke. Trying to place in peoples minds that Thrive is somehow associated with, or on the level of, mass murderers and white supremacists.

    Smart people see through this kind of rhetoric. Then you make another fallacious statement. “Ron Paul, the darling to the libertarian THRIVE crowd…”
    Where are you getting that from? Ron Paul was not mentioned in Thrive from what I remember, and I am unaware of what “crowd” has watched Thrive. Apparently you watched it, is Ron Paul your darling? You assert I am a Ron Paul supporter when I have never mentioned politics and you don’t know anything about me.

    Lastly, you make a statement regarding some controversial newsletter, which again, has nothing to do with Thrive. Which is yet another fallacious argument.
    The discussion is about Thrive. You however are not even discussing Thrive.

    Nothing you wrote has anything to do with Thrive. And I cannot believe the person who runs this blog allowed what you wrote to be posted, especially knowing all comments are moderated before posted.

    • muertos says :

      If you’d read the “Comments Policy” page (https://thrivedebunked.wordpress.com/comments-policy/) you would know that I don’t censor comments on this blog. You seem to be suggesting that I should. I also don’t agree with everything that’s posted by people critical of Thrive.

      I find David Icke’s anti-Semitic theories quite troubling. I also find it quite disturbing that Foster Gamble and the makers of Thrive are willing to go as far as they have in praising Mr. Icke and agreeing with a large part of his conspiracy theorist ideology. It’s also been my experience that conspiracy theorists are often very quick to claim that their critics are using unfair argumentative tactics against them–a largely hypocritical charge, considering the extremely unfair distortions of truth that conspiracy theorists commit with absolute impunity and which never seems to bother them. Therefore, I’m not persuaded by either your criticism of my blog or your defense of David Icke, but thank you for your comments.

  9. Kurt Buehler says :

    The blog is titled Thrive Debunked. If I came here talking about Adolf Hitler would it be appropriate to the blog?

    If one is truly concerned with “debunking” Thrive, then one should actually talk about the things in the film and present clear arguments that are directly related to those things.

    You have people in here talking about Ron Paul and calling other people they have never met Ron Paul supporters.

    This has nothing to do with Thrive. I thought we were discussing the film thrive?

    • muertos says :

      This is definitely a first–someone urging me to practice censorship on my blog. Not only is that totally against my policy, as you would have known if you’d read the comments policy page, but given the extremely paranoid nature of many of the people who comment here, many of whom have stated in unequivocal terms that they think I’m a government “disinformation agent” for even daring to.criticize Thrive, it should be obvious that censorship here would be an absolute non-starter. No thanks. Not going to touch that can of worms, much less open it.

  10. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    My dearest Mister Buehler,

    I must now bestow upon you a vast modicum of gratitude for inspiring me to come to a revelation where I have seen the error of my ways in writing about the THRVE movie here on muertos’ blog. Furthermore, I must heartily apologize to you for causing you such consternation from cognitive dissonance in regard to my pontifications upon the issues and people who do not appear in the THRIVE movie.

    Indeed, I am so awash in gratitude to you, Mr. Buehler that I humbly ask you now for permission to copy your most recent comment here to me so that I may make it part of a new posting I will submit to my Arthur Young forum where Foster Gamble himself will read it and make a comment about it.

    Now let me introduce the Eureka! or Aha! moment you caused for me. You see, when movies are produced today, they will have a corresponding website. For example, the recently released animated movie called The Lorax has its corresponding website whose URL is www [dot] theloraxmovie [dot] com. I would estimate that over 90% of the films released to the public have a website which follows this pattern — that is to say: if the movie title is BLANK, then the corresponding website will be www [dot] blankmovie [dot com].

    So one would expect, wouldn’t one, that in the case of the movie called THRIVE, the corresponding website would be called: www [dot] thrivemovie [dot] com.

    However, this is not the case. The actual website of the THRIVE movie is
    www [dot] thrivemovement [dot] com.

    What’s this? A movement? What does this mean a “movement?” I’ll tell you what it means, Mr. Buehler. It is a social movement, but more than mere socializing. It is a social-politcal movement, with emphasis on the political nature of the movement.

    Now the THRIVE Movement is not political in the traditional sense because it is a child or product of our new electronic social media and that technology masks the political nature of the movement, which when studied more closely is strikingly similar to the German Wandervoegel movement of the Weimar Republic in the decade before the outbreak of World War I.

    So you see, Mr. Buehler, the actual movie THRIVE is but the visible tip of an iceberg whose submerged invisible 89% volume and/or mass is the THRIVE movement, which is a serious and powerful political movement now in its embryonic stages.

    Now, as the self-appointed “elder statesman” of the THRIVE-Debunked blog — (I am fully 16 years older than the second oldest commenter here, the distinguished activist Treok Williams) — I possess the seasoned wisdom to ascertain that both you and Mr. Muertos, both young individuals of comparably astute rational perspicacity, have been approaching the THRIVE phenomenon in a somewhat naïve manner with a focus that I might describe as quite precise but rather narrow and deeply compartmentalized. In short, I am old enough to see the forest where you two only see the trees.

    Thus I feel the pain of your consternation, Mr. Buehler, — (and if you wish to understand how I can feel your pain, please research the concept of “mirror neurons” in the brain) — because it understandably boggles your mind and irks you to no end that myself and other alleged THRIVE debunkers like anti-cultist simply will not limit themselves to what appears ONLY above the surface of water, that 11% section of the THRIVE Movement which is visible at the surface, known as the THRIVE Movie.

    You see, Foster Gamble is much more than a film-maker. He is in fact a pioneering new breed of political-spiritual leader who is equal parts religious cult guru and new media social community activist. It is valid to describe the THRIVE movement as a cult, but it is a cult of a different kind than the religious-spiritual cults that burgeoned in the USA in the latter third of the 20th century.

    Whereas a typical cult of the 70’s, let’s say the David Koresh cult in Waco, Texas, would isolate members physically from their birth families and develop a harsh paranoia that would keep its members centralized or concentrated within the actual houses and fenced properties on physical land with the guru as patriarch, the new form of cult — being pioneered as we speak by Foster Gamble — is almost entirely formed by the existence and ubiquitous reach of the Internet and now mobile texting and phone devices, which of course is de-centralized in fulfillment of the greatest prophet of the media age, Marshall McLuhan who saw the world at this time as becoming a “global village.”

    Thus I would characterize Foster Gamble as a CENTRIFUGAL cult leader as opposed to figures like David Koresh, L. Ron Hubbard, and Jim Jones, who were CENTRIPETAL cult leaders.

    Now this leads us back to the THRIVE debunked blog, Mr. Buehler, and to my complete explanation of your consternation. You see, both you and Mr. Muertos approached the THRIVE movie in a centripetal or center-seeking way — with Mr. Muertos proclaiming that he would debunk the THRIVE movie, and you, Mr. Buehler, naturally and understandably holding his feet to the fire about his stated centripetal intentions with the movie.

    However, the “nature of the beast” here is centrifugal, and even Mr. Muertos has begun to realize it, as witness his previous blog article about the conspiracy world changing.

    Every cult requires opposition, enemies, persecutors. If they do not exist, then they are conjured up as paranoid fantasies. Now it is easy to see the centripetal centralized paranoia of a David Koresh or a Jim Jones. How do such paranoid fantasies appear in a centrifugal de-centralized cult like THRIVE? They become conspiracy theories about public events that both cult members and cult debunkers are part of — 9/11 being the prime example. Whereas David Koresh required the centralized physical Waco compound, Foster Gamble requires mental conspiracy theories about our past history flowing into the present but unrecognized by the outsiders to the cult.

    You’ve heard the famous statement of former House Speaker Tip O’Neill from Boston say: “All politics is local.”

    His statement is still true today — but now “local” means the entire friggin’ global village!!!

    Now lest I make a long story even longer, Mr. Buehler, I will stop here and simply say that you need to take into account the 89% of the THRIVE Movement iceberg that is not visible to you. And that’s why I bring up annd will continue to bring up Foster Gamble’s views on the Jews, and figures like David Duke and Ron Paul, who of course do not appear in the THRIVE movie (the 11%) but are integral components of the THRIVE movement underneath (the 89%).

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      Another post filled with nothing about the actual film “thrive”. Your post is filled with sarcasm, appeals to authority, and strangely enough appeals to age? That’s impressive that you are older, it must mean you are smarter!

      When you guys want to actually argue the contents of the film “thrive”, look me up. Until then, this blog is a joke.

      • anticultist says :

        This blog has discussed the contents of thrive very effectively, just take a look over the many entries through the months, that is if you want to be intellectually honest and quit throwing your half cocked fallacies about ?

        I personally don’t subscribe to the theory that Icke and Gamble are inherently racist or anti Semites in this thread, but I do know that antisemitism and racism is an underlying theme in many conspiracy theories. So if someone prescribes to certain theories they are by default promoting these kind of thought processes and opinion, even if they do not mean to.

        Being anti zionist is somewhat similar to being anti jihadist, it is disliking a certain sub section of a religion or creed of people. Zionism happens to be part of the Jewish culture therefore it would seem if you promote anti Zionism you are promoting a form of antisemitism.

        People may argue this all they want but you can not differentiate Zionism from being a Jewish belief system no matter how semantic you get.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Please quote directly from the dialogue of the film Thrive the instance(s) that anyone says to be anti-Semitic?

        I am waiting.

      • anticultist says :

        Read my comments below, your argument point is irrelevant to me because I already made the point for you to read should you manage to understand it.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Please quote directly from the dialogue of the film Thrive the instance(s) that anyone says to be anti-Semitic? I am waiting.

      • anticultist says :

        Actually Kurt you are trolling and being pedantic, read the following where I neither make the claim or argue the claim:

        “anticultist says : March 7, 2012 at 2:26 pm
        This blog has discussed the contents of thrive very effectively, just take a look over the many entries through the months, that is if you want to be intellectually honest and quit throwing your half cocked fallacies about ?

        I personally don’t subscribe to the theory that Icke and Gamble are inherently racist or anti Semites in this thread, but I do know that antisemitism and racism is an underlying theme in many conspiracy theories. So if someone prescribes to certain theories they are by default promoting these kind of thought processes and opinion, even if they do not mean to.

        Being anti zionist is somewhat similar to being anti jihadist, it is disliking a certain sub section of a religion or creed of people. Zionism happens to be part of the Jewish culture therefore it would seem if you promote anti Zionism you are promoting a form of antisemitism.

        People may argue this all they want but you can not differentiate Zionism from being a Jewish belief system no matter how semantic you get.”

        Once again I neither make the claim that Gamble is antisemitic or makes claims to be antisemitic, as I neither make the claim for anyone else. My argument is that by promoting conspiracy theories that are grounded in antisemitic ideologies the person is promoting it whether they intend to or not.

        Try harder Kurt.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Thanks for answering. Now it is confirmed by you that the film Thrive contains nothing Antisemitic.

      • anticultist says :


        It is confirmed by me that the film thrive or it’s speakers do not directly intimate antisemitism, but the conspiracy theories it promotes have antisemitism interwoven in their core creation and design. T

        Therefore I state that Thrive and its conspiracy theorist speakers are indirectly promoting anti semitism whether they wish to or not.

        Do not try and twist what I said to fit your agenda.

      • anticultist says :

        Global Domination Agenda Debunked, Ancient Astronauts Debunked, Crop Circles Debunked, First Debunking, Second Debunking, Third Debunking, Who Is Adam Trombly, etc

        All on this blog up on the right hand side linked if you want to read them go ahead.

    • muertos says :

      I don’t think Thrive is a cult. Frankly I don’t see much of a “Movement” behind the movie, at least not in any organized sense, and I think Mr. Gamble’s use of that term is wishful thinking more than anything else. I don’t think Thrive is going to turn into a cult because what I see it doing is directing people toward already established belief systems–specifically, New Age religious beliefs and libertarian political ideology–rather than trying to establish a new belief system for them to follow. Also, I don’t see Mr. Gamble as a cult leader. For one thing, he lacks the charisma. But even beyond that, I don’t see a “please follow me” aspect to Thrive. I see it more like, “Please vote for libertarians and believe in New Age concepts and conspiracy theories.”

      Contrast Thrive with the Zeitgeist Movement, which I believe is a cult. (Others disagree, but I think you can make a strong case for it). It’s a dysfunctional cult, not very well constructed, but it posits a soup-to-nuts ideology and belief system, it’s authoritarian in structure, employs thought-terminating devices to encourage members to cut themselves off from the real world, and it’s clearly organized as a vehicle for fans and followers of Peter Joseph Merola who is the clear leader. The reason for the existence of the Zeitgeist Movement is to promote Mr. Merola and his films, and the ideological component (their warmed-over Communism they refer to as a “resource based economy”) is a clumsy and incomplete graft onto a conspiracist mindset. But, beyond the insistence on conspiracy theories and the obvious attempt by Mr. Gamble to mimic the success of the Zeitgeist movie, I don’t think there’s much similarity between the Thrive Movement and the Zeitgeist Movement.

      That said, the Thrive Movement, to the extent such a thing can be said to exist, clearly has a number of extremely troubling associations. David Icke is Exhibit A in that category. In my view it’s not only fair game to consider the implications of his belief system, even though he doesn’t elucidate them full-bore in Thrive, but in fact it’s integral to understanding what Thrive is trying to say. What Mr. Icke does not say on-screen is just as important as what he does say, because what he doesn’t say is (as I explain in this article) the whole reason why he’s on-screen at all. Thus, Thrive defenders can’t hide behind the fiction that “oh, you should only be talking about what he says on screen.” It goes much deeper than that, as I believe I’ve illustrated.

      I’ll also reiterate that I don’t think Foster Gamble is an anti-Semite. I believe he’s truly ignorant of the anti-Semitic connotations of both his support for David Icke and his rage at the Rothschilds, Zionism, etc. He just doesn’t understand where this type of thinking leads. That’s one of the most troubling things about conspiracy theories, and one of the reasons why they’re so destructive. This too is also fair game to discuss here, in my view.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        “Thrive defenders can’t hide behind the fiction that “oh, you should only be talking about what he says on screen.” It goes much deeper than that, as I believe I’ve illustrated.”

        It’s too bad you don’t actually address anything that’s on the screen. Because no one ever does, you guys have thoroughly debunked this blog. But no amount of rational discourse or logic can sway someone like you. I have patiently waited for anyone to argue anything at all from within the actual film Thrive, and no has.

        The blog is totally debunked now. it’s a complete fail.

      • muertos says :

        It doesn’t sound like you’ve actually read many of the articles posted here. Global Domination Agenda Debunked, Ancient Astronauts Debunked, Crop Circles Debunked, First Debunking, Second Debunking, Third Debunking, Who Is Adam Trombly, etc.–all of these articles deal heavily and explicitly with what is asserted on-screen. I challenge anyone to look at these articles and assert that they don’t deal directly with the false assertions made in Thrive.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Quote for me from Thrive dialogue anyone who said we are to be antisemitic please.

  11. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    OK, Kurt, you asked for it. Here is the first part of an analysis by someone named Ron of Foster Gamble’s actual statements about antisemitism in the movie. I will put the actual quotes of Foster Gamble from the movie in bold and Italic. Please check them for accurate transcription.



    Ron’s Analysis:

    This film purports to be a genuine effort to awaken those who are unaware of the problems currently faced by humanity but it is, at best, woefully inadequate in its analysis of the fundamental causes of those problems as well as suggested solutions. This superficiality has to be deliberate since any intelligent life-long truth seeker (as Foster Gamble purports to be) cannot be ignorant of the fundamental role played by Jewish bankers in humanity’s current predicament.

    Foster Gamble makes some statements that are palpably false and racist in that they subtly perpetuate the Jews’ Blood Libel against the German nation. For instance Foster Gamble says:

    “One of the painful ways this information has been used is by people who want to promote anti-semitism. They wrongly call it a Jewish agenda and continue the ongoing racism which undermines and destroys so many lives. This is definitely not a Jewish agenda. It has been documented that central bankers funded both sides of WW2, including some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews.”

    This statement goes beyond omission into the realms of deliberate lying propaganda. Be aware that ALL Jewish propaganda proceeds on the basis that ANY criticism of Jews or Zionists constitutes ANTI-SEMITISM. Historically that charge has generally been enough to prevent astute researchers from venturing to criticise what Jews and their propaganda organizations say and do. Foster Gamble’s statement is NOT supported by any information presented in the film. It is gratituous propaganda plucked out of thin air – much like the fictive fiat money which Jewish bankers create to enslave us by demanding repayment and charging interest on it.

    Moreover Foster Gamble gives no reason for baldly stating that

    ‘This is definitely not a Jewish agenda.’

    No serious truth seeker gives a fuck about “promoting anti-semitism”. They simply seek the truth. Moreover, the suggestion that criticism of the “Jewish agenda” and its attendant genocidal activities is “racist” is absurd. Jews are not defined by their genes, and so criticism of Jews and what they say and do cannot be validly called racism in any event. Judaism is a belief system, a political ideology professed by individuals from many races. Also, a majority of those who profess to be Jews do not adhere to the religious practices associated with formal Judaic religious observance. They merely subscribe to a political ideology that says that its adherents are “special” because they are god’s chosen people who may use, abuse and lie to non-Jews as they see fit. As Jews are NOT a race, anti-Semitism cannot be called racism. The erudite and aware truth seekers who made “Thrive” would or should, know that.

    The throw-a-way line that those who consider the Zionist push for world domination to be “a Jewish agenda” is “ongoing racism which undermines and destroys so many lives” is unsupported and is typical of the spurious emotional blackmail used by Talmudists. The following assertion that: “This is definitely not a Jewish agenda.” Is not only unsupported, it is pathetic. Why should viewers believe that bald claim just because Foster Gamble makes it and uses the word “definitely”? As an heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune he would not be biased would he?

    The real RACIST propaganda statements are made by Foster Gamble who says:

    “It has been documented that central bankers funded both sides of WW2, including some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews.”

    That libel covertly restates the Holocaust myth and alleges that Hitler (ie the German nation) committed atrocities against “the Jews”. Neither Hitler nor the German nation committed atrocities against “the Jews” in the sense implied. That LIE is enough to suggest that this film is subtle propaganda for the Jews since the HoloHoax is the basis for the privileges and power base of the Jews who run Amerikka and our world. Even if the rest of “Thrive” is kosher, this one set of propaganda statements is enough to fundamentally distort viewer perceptions to the advantage of the Jews who constitute TPTW.

    • anticultist says :

      Tom that post you just made sounds like it was written by a white supremicist, or a white separtist. What’s the meaning of ‘holocaust myth’ ? Is this written by a holocaust denier ?

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Oh, yes, Ron is definitely a Holocaust denier. he calls it the HoloHoax. Then he quotes Foster Gamble from the movie again.


        Other statements that feed into the “Jewish agenda” include Foster Gamble’s remark that:

        “We are a young species struggling with self-destruction”

        No we aren’t! First, we are not a young species. We have been here for a considerable time and we are overdue for ascension of the planet and its people.

        Second, humanity is NOT “struggling with self-destruction” rather we are struggling against a vicious, hidden enemy that manifests in the form of the followers of the Judaic ideology and the controllers and manipulators of that ideology. THEY are the secret creators of human poverty and lack of abundance, disease and war.

        Blaming the whole species not only conveys the idea that individual viewers are helpless to change anything but also it conceals the fact that the true plotters and destroyers of humanity are a small sect of hidden Jewish (ie Khazars, Sephardics and other Judaics, including but not limited to, Zionists) manipulators and their minions and henchmen who have misled and coerced a horde of non-Jewish enablers into assisting in the enslavement and destruction of humanity and the planet.


        He even criticizes Kimberly Gamble about the cancer cures.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Maybe you can call Ron up and he can write your grade 11 English exams for you? Looks like you lucked out this semester.

      • anticultist says :

        Why are you posting such sick thoughts on here ? I can’t see how this material could be considered a supporting point for antisemitic claims made in the thrive movie being that the originator of the post is a clear antisemite.

        Likewise I can’t see how the post debunks thrive with any credibility being that it is an abhorrent thought stream from a clearly disgusting mind.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Have you read his previous comments? Apparently he thinks a documentary becomes debunked when you simply barf antisemitic words onto the internet like Hitler, David Duke, and um…Ron?

    • Kurt Buehler says :


      Someone named Ron?

      You can’t even make your own arguments! You copy/paste someone elses?

      I thought I had seen everything here, I guess you still have surprises haha.

  12. Hollywood Tomfortas says :


    Our Happy Holocaust Denier Ron above recommends a detailed blog by Sherrie that is very critical of THRIVE. Plus it has 198 comments. Of course there is an exponential decay curve of posters from the initial burst in mid- to late November, but there are a couple of recent comments, so it’s not totally dead yet.


    • Kurt Buehler says :

      Ya, don’t actual argue the contents of Thrive here in this blog from the thoughts of your own mind. Instead, attack thrive indirectly through other peoples blogs, forums, and websites, and use all their ideas instead of your own. Nothing like blatant plagiarism when you cannot come up with your own answers.

      Haha, this is rich.

  13. rickyforr says :

    Thanks for the blog Muertos!

    I think the main point here is that even if David Icke is saying things in the film that are true he shouldn’t have been the one choosen to say them. Why was Mr Icke choosen when Gamble could have found others with less contreversy surrounding them?

    It’s important when reviewing a documentary to look at the individuals that were selected to be in that documentary. Their background and beliefs shouldn’t be ignored.

    If all you want to say is 1+1=2 why get someone who believes in (or has belived in) evil reptilian overlords to say it?

    I was just introduced to THRIVE recently and am doing my own research into it.

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      It’s seldom if ever that someone gets everything right. I don’t agree with everything David Icke says. But i am not blinded by that. Icke is more then just some wacky nutjob like people around here are trying to paint him. He has wisdom and intelligent insight in many things that the corporate mass media won’t ever talk about. Thrive is a film that the corporate mass media would never make. He made a good contribution and didn’t once mention cosmic vampires. I give him an A+

  14. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Dear Mr. Buehler,

    You have repeatedly asked the denizens of the THRIVE-Debunked blog here to quote from the THRIVE movie directly, in order to give evidence that Foster Gamble or anyone else in the THRIVE movie is being anti-Semitic.

    I quote you from a message you posted yesterday:

    Quote for me from Thrive dialogue anyone who said we are to be antisemitic please.

    I have duly complied with your request, Mr. Buehler, by posting yesterday at least three relevant quotes from the THRIVE movie, even spoken by Mr. Foster Gamble himself concerning the subject matter of anti-Semitism.

    Now for the sake of your convenience, I shall now re-copy those actual quotes so that you will have a chance to peruse them here all of a piece.

    Quoting Foster Gamble from the THRIVE movie concerning the subject of anti-Semitism:


    “One of the painful ways this information has been used is by people who want to promote anti-semitism. They wrongly call it a Jewish agenda and continue the ongoing racism which undermines and destroys so many lives. This is definitely not a Jewish agenda. It has been documented that central bankers funded both sides of WW2, including some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews.”

    ‘This is definitely not a Jewish agenda.’

    “It has been documented that central bankers funded both sides of WW2, including some of the corporations associated with Hitler’s atrocities against the Jews.”


    Now, Mr. Buehler, before we proceed to the next level of our vigorous and enlightening discussion here, I want to be very sure that you are indeed satisfied with the complete accuracy of the above transcription of the exact quotations spoken in the movie THRIVE by Foster Gamble vis-à-vis the topic of anti-Semitism. After all, Mr. Buehler, you are the one who repeatedly demanded that someone here quote directly from the movie THRIVE and I am very cognizant of the possibility that Ron, the Holocaust Denier, did not transcribe accurately all the words pertaining to the subject matter of anti-Semitism that Mr. Gamble himself spoke in the movie THRIVE.

    So, Mr. Buehler, all I request from you now is a simple yes or no answer.

    If you answer Yes, then we can proceed to the next phase of our spirited discussion, with both of us fully satisfied that Ron the Holocaust Denier has indeed accurately transcribed the words of Foster Gamble that he spoke in the movie THRIVE regarding the issue of anti-Semitism.

    But if the answer is No, then, the burden is really upon you, Mr. Buehler, to supply us here on the eminent THRIVE-Debunked blog with the fully corrected — and thus exact and accurate — transcription of the words spoken by Foster Gamble in the movie THRIVE concerning the subject of anti-Semitism, words that could have been mis-transcribed by Ron the Holocaust Denier on his own website.

    I shall be waiting patiently for your reply, Mr. Buehler.

    (Cognizant of the possibility that Mr. Buehler’s verification process may take some time, I suggest in the meantime, that others of us commenters here on the blog address other issues raised by the movie — and movement —called THRIVE.)

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      You transcribed the part of the film where Foster himself states his film is not about Jews in anyway.

      This is your evidence that Foster is an antisemite. This quote somehow debunks Thrive?

      Great work!

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Why bless my soul Mr. Buehler! I must really commend your rapid response to my request. By subtracting our respective time stamps I see that you only took ten minutes to answer me! And I will also give you the benefit of the doubt and unconditionally accept your tacit affirmation that the quotations of Foster Gamble transcribed by Ron the Holocaust Denier are indeed accurate. (You see I ascertain with my Internet X-Ray vision that your incensed egotism would never allow you to answer me with an overt Yes, so therefore I accept your begrudgingly unstated sanction as a resounding Yes!!!)

        Now we can move on! But wait, before we do, I must confess my extreme puzzlement at your assertion above, Mr. Buehler. I have re-read your statement several times and I hope you don’t mind my making an important and necessary correction, where I change your original “anyway” to what you really mean as: “any way.” Thus your corrected quotation reads:

        You transcribed the part of the film where Foster himself states his film is not about Jews in any way.

        So now to my puzzlement. You aver quite categorically that Foster Gamble states that his film is not about Jews, and not about Jews, in any way — which I may embellish as “in any way, shape or form whatsoever” in order to highlight your definitiveness about it.

        But then I go up to read the 3 quotes I excerpted and I find that Mr. Gamble has used the words “Jews” twice and the word “Jewish” thrice, give a total of 5 separate enunciations of what I may call the J-word (indicating the super-ordinate category of all possible grammatical and syntactical variations of words referring to Jews and things Jewish.)

        Can you appreciate my bewilderment here, Mr. Buehler? If not, may I try to articulate what baffles me. If indeed Foster Gamble states that his film THRIVE is not about Jews in any way, then why is it that Mr. Gamble even mentions the J-word once, let alone a grand total of 5 times in the rather short excerpts that I posted?

        One would be led to think, wouldn’t one, Mr. Buehler, that if Foster Gamble had made his movie where Jews and matters pertaining to Jews were totally absent as you boldly imply, then why would he see any need whatsoever to mention the J-word even once, let alone so many times during the course of his film?

        Why, one might even be led to entertain the possibility, might’nt one, that Mr. Gamble is “on the defensive” in some way, shape or form — that he feels impelled to mention Jews and matters Jewish because he is engaging in a form of rhetorical action known as “protesting too much?” Or perhaps expressing some aspect of a “guilty conscience?”

        I mean, seriously, Mr. Buehler, if the THRIVE movie is not about Jews in any way whatsoever, then why does Foster Gamble need to refer to the Jews at all?

        Oh, one last thing. Please allow me to thank you Mr. Buehler, for your inspiration here. You see, I have decided to change my name because of you, Mr. Buehler. I have looked back over our way on interacting on this blog and I realized that such an interaction has its precedent in the history of Western Eurocentric thought. Indeed such an interaction can be traced back historically to our very roots of Western philosophy, specifically the dialogues of Plato.

        So therefore, without further fanfare, I sign off to you Mr. Buehler and the rest of the THRIVE-Debunked tribe — no longer as Hollywood Tomfortas — but rather as: (now trumpet fanfare and drum roll, please)

        Hollywood Socrates

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        dear lord you are a bag of hot air.

  15. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Don’t I know it, too! ;=)

  16. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Oh, Mr. Buehler, I forgot to point this out to you. I recall that when I viewed the movie THRIVE, that Foster Gamble on at least 2 maybe 3 occasions, mentions the name “Rothschild” in reference to the conspiracy of banking interests that have colluded to drive our present economic conditions into such dire straits.

    Now since you assert that Foster Gamble stated in the film that his film is not about Jews in any way, then I am dismayed at the logical contradiction that arises when I try to evaluate the following 3 propositions.

    [1] Foster Gamble mentions the name Rothschild several times in his film.

    [2] Members of the House of Rothschild are Jewish.

    [3] Foster Gamble has stated that his film THRIVE is not about Jews in any way.

    Can you resolve this glaring contradiction, Mr. Buehler?

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      Foster gamble is Jewish.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Bingo! You got it! Exactly, Mr. Buehler. You ought to win some sort of Nobel Prize for resolving contradictions. Absolutely masterful! And done with only 4 words. My, how I envy your brevity. Why, I would have taken at least 4 pages of verbiage just to outline the contours of the contradiction, then perhaps 8 more to resolve it, if at all!

        Of course, now we are ready to move on to the immediate corollary:

        Since Foster Gamble is Jewish, then Is Foster Gamble a so-called “self-hating Jew?”

        I bring this up because I happen to know personally a Jewish scholar who is often accused himself of being a self-hating Jew, none other than the esteemed author of the controversial book The Holocaust Industry, Norman G. Finkelstein.

        Norman and Foster strike me as “two peas in a kosher pod” and so I would heartily recommend to Foster that he interview Norman in the inevitable sequel to THRIVE.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Here we go again with the anti-Jewish conspiracies. It’s starting to sound like it might actually be you who hates Jews. You sure seem to know a lot about Jew hatred.

    • Treok Walker says :

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfqCv-a4QSM In this link, Israeli Minister tells about the trick of calling anybody that opposes the government anti-semitic”.
      Because of this trick, Foster Gamble combats this ahead of time in Thrive,by saying it is not a jewish agenda, as he knows people such as Hollywood Tomfortas will use that distraction technique, to distract people from the corrupt banking and monetary system.
      Hollywood Tomfortas would call Jesus a Jew hater for throwing the money lenders out of the temple

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Each thought that he typed so far in this blog reveals his true agenda. It’s been like peeling the layers off a rotten onion. Reading it has brought tears to my eyes.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Hi Treok and Kurt!

        Now shed tears of laughter at the tomfoolery I just brought to Foster Gamble’s blog.

        Make sure the Comment menu on the right side is set to
        [Sort By Newest First]

        (Actually I have 3 responses there to 3 other commenters. So read the first 6 entries and you’ll be on the floor laughing. I guaran-damn-tee it. Especially my spirited defense of Georgia Kelly’s rear end. I kid you not. That’s a keeper.)


      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Hollywood Tomfortas would call Jesus a Jew hater for throwing the money lenders out of the temple.

        Well, that’s why they have this bumper sticker:


      • treok says :

        I don’t read your links HT. I’m already wasting enough time just debunking your idiot remarks

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Hey, Treok, I see you commented on Foster’s blog on the Inaugural Message page.


        I’m very sorry that you won’t be reading the response I I’m going to make on your comment there.

  17. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    OMG! Muertos, take heed! You may be in danger of being converted to the loving message of THRIVE through the irresistible charm and persuasion of Foster and Kimberly Gamble.. Why? Because it happened to Alex Jones, and now I’ve just discovered that it happened to the Daily Bell, and so it could happen to you.

    (OK, I know the Daily Bell is a Libertarian site, and they were easier to convert than you would be, but hey, it COULD happen to you, muertos. Beware the power of THRIVE-Love —- You could one day become a THRIVEr yourself and join forces with Foster and Kimberly and by now millions of THRIVERS who will surely one day save the world from all those evil . . . . uh . . . entities . . . and, uh, . . . evil . . . evil . . . . things. OK, Muertos, you know the old saying “resistance is futile.”)

    OK, let’s get to the Daily Bell. Look what negativity and skepticism these guys first wrote about THRIVE on November 18, 2011.

    Now look what they have published as of March 4, 2012. It is by far the most detailed and revealing interview of Foster Gamble I have read to date anywhere on the Internet.

    I’ll skip down to the very end and quotes where the Daily Bell explains their change of heart about THRIVE. But it’s not 100%. They still have misgivings about Foster’s agenda, especially his overt anti- Zionist Jewish agenda. And lo and behold, look at the link they provide at the bottom as evidence of their misgivings!!


    Well, our elves DID end up enjoying the movie, especially as Foster Gamble doesn’t duck hard questions including those having to do with the apparent genocide that the power elite may have in mind (see Georgia Guidestones). And while the movie does focus on aliens, it only does so in the first part, not throughout.

    There are some, of course, who may claim that Gamble’s movie has been created to cover up Jewish involvement in the power elite conspiracy (or to promote libertarian economics). We don’t see it that way. We believe the conspiracy is larger than any one religion or culture, and Gamble isn’t shy about apportioning blame generally.

    But the movie is about more than merely blaming and Gamble tries to come up with solutions that are proactive and that people can actually implement. Some of these may be more logical than others and in this interview (above) he mentions entities such as Occupy Wall Street that we believe may have been created initially by the powers-that-be to stay “ahead of the curve.”

    The “curve” is the Internet itself and the Internet Reformation that is steadily exposing what we consider to be the implementation of a New World Order. Thrive makes itself part of this exposure and, whatever its flaws, it certainly must stand as one of the more accessible and slickly produced efforts within this venue.

    Maybe we are missing something about Thrive, and maybe Gamble’s ultimate message or behavior may be different than what it currently seems to be. But one would likely have to push the boundaries of skepticism to claim that it has an obvious overt motive beyond the stated one. Others may come to a different conclusion, and we certainly had different notions before we viewed the movie. But we were pleasantly surprised (for now anyway) and will be interested to see how Gamble builds on his movie as he tries to awaken more people to the unfortunate reality of what is currently taking place.

    Editor’s Note: In previous comments, we were negative about Thrive, pointing to its supposed “New Age” and aliens-among-us” approach. In this review we were certainly more positive. But as part of our larger effort to be even-handed, we should probably point out that the movie has been alleged to contain Illuminati symbolism in certain graphics and certain, supposed factual errors. As we mentioned above (and suspected) the movie is being accused of subtly fostering a one-world agenda and misleading viewers about Jewish influence. Here’ one criticism:

    (And just who do they link to, Muertos? Why directly to Ron the Holocaust Denier in the exact same article I excerpted from a few days ago much to the horror and disgust of Anticultist!)

  18. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    OK Muertos,

    Here is the Daily Bell’s recent interview with David Icke, dated February 2, 2012


    Here I copy 2 excerpts from from his rant about Rothschild Zionists:

    What has happened is that there has been a massive mind manipulation going on that has caused people to acquaint the word Zionist with Jewish, as if every Jew is a Zionist. Now, quite demonstrably that is nonsense. There are significant numbers of Jewish people who not only don’t support Zionism but venomously oppose it, but because they have equated in the public mind that Zionism equals ‘the Jewish race,’ then if you challenge Zionism, you must be anti-Semitic (which actually means anti-Arab but that’s another story).

    Anyway, I call it, whenever I use the term, Rothschild Zionism, because I want to closely underpin that which created it, and that which controls it to this day for its own ends. Zionism in its public persona is a political philosophy that believes its own things should happen. But at its core it’s a secret society, as much a secret society that anyone could name. The Rothschild’s control it.


    Then you look at a useless, despicable man called Benjamin Netanyahu, who’s treating Palestinians just as bad as the bloody Nazis did, comes and speaks to an assembly on Capital Hill and he gets standing ovation after standing ovation for talking total nonsense. It’s because the Rothschild Zionists have taken over American politics, American foreign policy and American government, at all the different levels.

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      and once again, a bag of hot air spewing shit that has nothing to do with the film thrive. it’s tragic and hilarious that you are too dumb to realize your posts actually work against the blog’s agenda to debunk the film. you only make others who have the misfortune of reading what you type think this blog is bullshit. haha.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Thank you for your valuable feedback, Mr. Buehler. Your reaction is actually exactly what I am hoping to elicit from the literal-minded THRIVERs who post here. After all, Foster Gamble has described me as a Disinformation Agent and/or a government troll.

        But what if I am actually a Disinformation Double Agent? And therefore, a Dis-Dis-Information Agent working for Foster Gamble himself so that I may collect valuable intelligence here and subvert the Muertos blog?

        Thus, what if I am merely trolling as a troll? And therefore, I’m actually on your side, Mr. Buehler?

        Consider the fact that Foster and I are the very same age and that I have known Foster personally for 31 years now. Why we are like twins separated at birth, as it were, both loyal adopted sons of our intellectual father, Arthur Middleton Young (1905-1995), the man from whom Foster got his inspiration for the torus.


      • Kurt Buehler says :

        You think people don’t know who sets these fucking douchebag blogs up? You would have to be dumber than a sack of hammers not to know a blog like this is run by someone associated with the government. Half of the internet is now disinformation. The USA has buildings filled with contractors whose only job is to misinform and create confusion in an attempt to destroy any form of united dissent that might lead to raising the peoples awareness and empowering the people. The last thing the government wants is the masses to start waking up out of their Stuperbowl long enough to realize the system is created and run to screw them all over. Films like Thrive attack the false paradigm and bring people together under a common cause of peace and prosperity for everyone. Since 1913 when the international bankers setup the private FED and it’s collection agency, the IRS, and took over control and production of our money system, the nations economy and the value of the dollar has literally been eviscerated. In 100 short years America is on the brink of destruction. Now they want to dismantle the constitution and setup a total police state in order to control the growing unrest that they have caused. Any system would be better then this one. What is proposed in Thrive sounds like a dream compared to the nightmare that is America today. Time to wake up. Get out of your little NSA cubicles, go to the window and yell as loud as you can, “We aren’t going to take it anymore!”. Or just stay in your seat and continue on as another one of their useful idiots.

      • muertos says :

        Kurt, where is your evidence that I’m a paid disinformation agent? Please be specific.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        evidence? i thought this blog doesn’t deal with evidence. so why are you asking for some now?

  19. Paul Rubino says :

    I did a very comprehensive video on David Icke, i think everybody would enjoy it:


    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      Holy Reptilian Batman! Paul, thank you so much for posting this. I tell you, if they gave a Nobel Prize for restoring sanity, I would nominate you for this video alone.

      I took the liberty of finding your video on YouTube and I copy your description here:

      David Icke: Methods of a Madman

      Some people would call David Icke controversial. I would call him a brilliant psychotic.

      His ability to speak for hours on an incomprehensible doctrine is stunning. But listen carefully and the methods of his madness become apparent.

      He has a brilliant talent for the subtle interweaving of plausible with crazy, and packaging the in-between gray areas as thought-terminating clichés like “secret societies”, “brotherhood”, “free masons” and other slogans and catchphrases popular with modern conspiracy thinking.

      The magic is in his ability to dispense seemingly innocuous tidbits of (allegedly true) earth history one moment, then slipping in talk of aliens crossbreeding with humans the next moment. Talk sane, touch on some crazy, go back to the safety of sane. Rinse and repeat until the listener can swallow the crazy with the sane.

      This ability to subtlely slide in and out of the realm of plausible is the same potent cocktail used by science fiction writers to blur the lines between the possible and the impossible to keep viewers coming back for more.

      This 25 minute video has been distilled from a 217 minute video. I’ve removed the plausible to expose the rest. Enjoy.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Ahhh I see. This blog has nothing to do with Thrive. Nice bait and switch. Name it thrivedebunk, then don’t ever talk about the contents of thrive, just talk about david icke, and only about other things he has said in the past, that have nothing to do with thrive.


      • muertos says :

        Kurt, I and others have pointed out to you numerous times the many articles on this blog, including this one, which deal directly and explicitly with the assertions made in Thrive. In your zeal to defend your conspiracy icon David Icke you’re simply pretending not to see them. Not a very effective way to make your argument, I’m afraid.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        Once again more misinformation. His entire comment said nothing about Thrive. It solely talks about David Icke and attacks his character.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Muertos, please! It took me 7 or 8 postings to apply enough mind control techniques on Kurt to get him to admit that you are a government agent.

        You think people don’t know who sets these fucking douchebag blogs up? You would have to be dumber than a sack of hammers not to know a blog like this is run by someone associated with the government.

        So the least you could do is thank Mr. Buehler for his acumen in recognizing who you really are and revealing it on this blog.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        That’s right. No individual without some vested interest and agenda would go through all this effort about a recent documentary. There is no way some random dude who watched Thrive would make a blog like this.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        There it is, Muertos! Kurt has nailed you! He has uncovered the smoking gun and it is still smoking. Even I had my doubts about you, Muertos, as to whether you are a random dude or not. Now Kurt has proven conclusively that you are NOT a random dude. I repeat. You are NOT a random dude, Muertos. Therefore this begs the all-important question:

        Muertos, since you are NOT a random dude, then just what kind of dude are you?

        (Assuming you are a dude. I mean, who knows, you could be one of those Netvestites — not that there’s anything wrong with being a Netvestite — I mean some of my best friends are Netvestites but I wouldn’t want one marrying my daughter if you know what I mean. But I digress. The issue is not your gender; it’s your randomness.)

      • Paul Rubino says :

        Hollywood Tomfortas, thanks for the kudos. I became interested in Icke when a close friend got caught up in his ramblings and began talking jibberish. Icke is fascinating in a crazy kind of way.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        not every thing Icke says is perfect or correct. the way he talks about reptilians and cosmic vampires distracts from the real meat of what is being said.

        the fact is if you listen to him and filter out those ramblings what you get is a pretty clear picture of how the world is run, what groups run things, and what their goals are.

        but you need wisdom to sort all out. and unfortunately guys like HT don’t seem to possess that trait in any abundance. of course i am inclined to think he is simply one of Muertos’ tag team disinfo buddies, and they are probably sitting in cublices next to each other at their little centcom contractor building, or perhaps he is Muertos’ alter identity.

        either way it’s abundantly clear that no random person would even create such a blog as this which requires quite an investment in time and energy just to combat a documentary that admittedly they say is completely bonkers. human nature dictates one would simply laugh and move on. it would take a person with a true agenda and most likely a paycheck behind it to devote oneself so whole-heartily to debunking some innocuous documentary, then agreeing with people who post obvious over the top bullshit about antisemitism, hitler, david duke and ron paul. no ones that dumb to agree with garbage like that. only someone with getting a paycheck in cointelpro would go to these extremes.

        it’s easy to see why the disinfo agents would attack this film. it’s by a Jewish elite who is exposing the truth of the global system, and providing solutions that would upset all their applecarts.

        i hope you agents realize that you aren’t in their club. you are just useful idiots taking a paycheck to do their dirt work, and when they shit hits the fan, and they don’t need you anymore, you and your families will be their next target.

        eventually your subconscious mind will release the guilt into your waking thoughts, and it will consume your dreams. have fun trying to sleep well knowing that you took money to use deceit in order to further their plans .

      • muertos says :

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

        One more question, Kurt:
        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        this blogs existence makes it self-evident

        but uh, where is your evidence the Gambles are Jew hating Nazi sympathizers? and please, don’t say you heard it from Hollywood Tomatohead. i asked for ‘evidence’. thanks.

      • muertos says :

        “this blogs existence makes it self-evident”

        If this is what passes as “evidence” in your world, it’s no wonder that you’re a conspiracy nut.

        “but uh, where is your evidence the Gambles are Jew hating Nazi sympathizers?”

        I’ve never once stated that they are. I already addressed this, as well as showed you plenty of articles on this blog where I do exactly what you claim I don’t do, which is to focus on the assertions in Thrive; you totally ignored them. Until you address them and the other flaws on your arguments, why should anyone believe you when you insist, completely without evidence of any kind, that I’m a paid disinformation agent?

      • anticultist says :

        LOL Kurt is quickly showing himself to be nothing but a paranoid kook who thinks, nay believes that people who disagree with his insanity are government agents and being paid to laugh at his claims.

        NEWSFLASH:Kurt I find people like you comical and the claims you make are beyond stupid, so debunking and laughing at you is something I do for entertainment and has nothing to do with what i do for a living or who pays me, this shit is just for fun. And I know muertos has a job that is nothing to do with this blog.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        By your own admission you state you personally know Meurtos and what his occupation is (which could simply be a lie) but taken at face value and added together with the fact both you an Meurtos actively seek to destroy public perception of the film Thrive reveals a conspiracy at work right here in this blog.

        A conspiracy is two or more people plotting together with secret agenda.to achieve something. Thus you and Meurtos are here with a BS blog whose agenda isn’t to enlighten us with the truth, but to alter our perception of the truth.

        Thanks for clearing this up and foolishly revealing yourself.

      • muertos says :

        Kurt, where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog? I’m still waiting.

      • anticultist says :

        LOL thanks for proving my point that you are nothing but a paranoid delusional with no firm grip on reality.

      • anticultist says :

        Kurt said: “By your own admission you state you personally know Meurtos and what his occupation is ”

        Actually Kurt that is not what I said which further emphasises a point I made earlier about your inability to read and understand what people are saying, without putting it through your cognitive bias filter. You seem to interpret what people say and then twist it to fit your own narrative.

        Let me show you exactly what I said in my own words:
        ” And I know muertos has a job that is nothing to do with this blog.”

        Where in that sentence does it say I know muertos personally ?
        Pro tip: nowhere. I said i know he has a job which has nothing to do with this blog.

        Let me break that down for your thick skull. Muertos has openly discussed what his job role is in various other blogs he runs and comments he has made on forums we are both members of, which is how I got to know of this place.

        Hint: his job is not government orientated at all.

        But still this leaves you looking like a paranoid delusional irrespective of the facts, because you are trying to paint all those who think your are crazy [and rightly they should] with the government psy-op colour. This just shows your inability to process data yet again. You can’t comprehend that people are able to disagree and assess the facts without being paid government agents. That is a sure sign of your mental instability and a defect most normal people will spot from a cursory read of your comments.

  20. Hollywood Tomfortas says :


    I used part of this article yesterday to debunk Daniel Estulin’s Lyndon LaRouche-inspired Bilderberger claims. However, the author, Bill Weinberg, who is a producer at the left wing progressive WBAI Pacifica radio station in NYC, devotes a substantial chunk of his article to David Icke and his crypto-neo-Nazism.

    I am copying below 3 snippets of what I feel is the most important part for you in dealing with David Icke’s —- and therefore Foster Gamble’s —- bald-faced denials that they are (OVERT) neo-Nazi antisemites. According to Weinberg, they would qualify as (COVERT) “Crypto-Neo-Nazis.” And I would also include our friend here, Mr. Kurt Buehler, whose obsessive-compulsive gambit of demanding to hold you only to what exists literally in the THRIVE movie, is itself evidence of the crypto-neo-Nazi technique of actually promulgating covertly what you overtly deny.

    I feel this article is so important that I suggest you devote an entire blog article to it as it addresses directly the paradox of actually advocating the opposite of what you say you believe.


    The Slippery Slope to Shape-Shifting Reptilians


    For the Christian Identity cultists, Jews are Satanic offspring because everything is seen through their idiosyncratic spin on the Bible; for Icke they are shape-shifting reptilians, exploiting popular interest in (and credulity about) extra-terrestrials. Both take the Protocols as their starting point.

    The Paradoxical Anti-Fascist Rhetoric of Contemporary Crypto-Fascism

    Today—at least, hopefully, on WBAI—you don’t get very far by openly calling yourself a neo-Nazi. In fact, a standard of contemporary populist invective is to compare our present-day oppressors with the Nazis. How do Icke and his ilk square this?

    By applying Hitler’s own ideology and propaganda techniques to Hitler himself.

    In Hitler’s world, everything bad was the creation of evil Jews in high places. So of course, David Icke says Hitler was created by the Rothschilds. In fact, he goes beyond that to argue that Hitler was a Rothschild. And therefore Hitler, like most of those who run the world, was in fact not human but a shape-shifting reptilian from the Fourth Dimension.

    This theory is expounded in a screed entitled “Was Hitler a Rothschild?” In a time-honored method of such propaganda, Icke mixes a few grains of truth amidst the sinister wackiness. Although considerably less so today, the Rothschilds were certainly a powerhouse of high finance in the 19th century, and funders of the early Zionist movement. But, betraying his hand rather too quickly, Icke in the second paragraph refers to the Rothschilds as one of Europe’s “black occult bloodlines,” “working in league with the Illuminati House of Hesse.” Then he really cuts to the chase: they are “one of the top Illuminati bloodlines on the planet, and they are shape-shifting reptilians.”


    Icke asserts: “These people are NOT Jews, they are a non-human bloodline with a reptilian genetic code who hide behind the Jewish people and use them as a screen and a means to an end.” He seems to think this disclaimer lets him off the hook for anti-Semitism.

    In a page on his website boosting the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Icke even deigns to write: “I speak for Jews who oppose this secret plan which was concocted by Cabalist bankers and rabbis centuries ago and revised periodically. These self-appointed Jewish leaders have put all Jews in jeopardy. They are establishing their world tyranny by stealth—manipulating current events, re-engineering society and controlling perception.”

    But his tone quickly changes to that of a barely veiled threat: “All Jews will be blamed for the disproportionate role many Jews play unless more speak up and are counted.”

  21. Kurt Buehler says :

    I checked into you Muertos, here is what my sources came up with:

    Hopefully this video embeds, i have no idea how to embed to a blog other than posting the embed code:

    This sound familar?

    the link incase embed failed

    This look familar?


    link if it didn’t embed

    How about this, getting warmer?


    Operation Earnest Voice ring a bell Meurtos?


    • muertos says :

      “ring a bell Muertos?”

      No, as a matter of fact it doesn’t. COINTELPRO has been defunct since the 70s. I have nothing to do with Project Vigilance, unless you count being accused by paranoid conspiracy nutters of being a part of it on a regular basis as being involved.

      This demonstrates the depths of paranoia at which fans of the movie Thrive live their lives. Honestly, Kurt, I feel sorry for you. The nightmarish world of fear and distrust which you inhabit must be a terrifying place to live. I hope you snap out of it someday.

      You haven’t presented a single shred of evidence that I’m a paid government agent. Not even close. So, I ask you again, what is your evidence that I’m being paid to write this blog? Be specific.

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        haha omg

        you haven’t heard of cointelpro yet you know it;s been defunct since the 70’s. well done Muertos you just outed yourself bro. i think you are a little wet behind the ears my little buddy. to even suggest cointelpro hasn’t existed for 40 years, and in the same breath as saying you never heard of it, is so laughable, i am seriously spitting a drink out my nose as i type.

        there is no other answer now other than you are being paid to disinfo. thanks for the confirmation

      • muertos says :

        Of course I’ve heard of COINTELPRO. What doesn’t ring a bell is what it’s supposed to have to do with me.

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog? I’ve asked that question three times now and haven’t received an answer. What’s your evidence?

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        what kind of a question is that Meurtos? where is your evidence Foster Gamble and his wife are Nazi Jew haters?

      • muertos says :

        I never said Foster Gamble and his wife are anti-Semites. In fact, I said precisely the opposite.

        Just to be absolutely clear: I am not suggesting that Foster Gamble is anti-Semitic. I don’t believe he is. He makes clear, at 1:13:56 of the film, that he’s not calling this a “Jewish Agenda,” and I don’t think he’s implying that it is. I think, in fact, that Mr. Gamble is probably genuinely ignorant of how closely Mr. Icke’s ideology mimics the toxic anti-Semitic conspiracy theories from the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

        Where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog?

      • Kurt Buehler says :

        HT says it all the time, and you are always patting HT on the back and saying how wonderful his ramblings are. Your little statement that you don’t think the Gambles are antisemitic is disingenuous to say the least. You attack them indirectly through David Icke but your obvious attempts to poison the well through those attacks. This is the root of the issue and why through the David Icke portion of your government backed blog you have exposed yourself and your true agenda. Oh yes, clearly you stated from the beginning in that

        “This blog is an effort to investigate and expose the errors of fact, distortions, and incorrect statements contained in the conspiracy theorist documentary film Thrive”

        Yet all you do is talk about David Icke’s past and use that as slight-of-hand trickery to turn gullible, and stupid blog readers from the actual content of Thrive, and to your parlor game of misinformation.

        Keep saying Icke is crazy, even though what he said in Thrive was sane and true, and after a while people will start believing Thrive must be crazy.

        Your massive blog was not setup to discuss the new, interesting, and provocative documentary Thrive. It was setup by you from the start to attack Thrive. You have no desire to determine the truth about Thrive, your only goal was to manipulate public perception of Thrive, and the so-called Thrive movement, and, anyone involved with it.

        Let it be known Mr. Meurtos, or whoever you are. You may hide behind your little internet blog facade, and think you are safe from scrutiny, but I see you as you truly are. And I am not alone Mr. Meurtos. The world is waking up to you and your kind.

        Listen to one of your masters, and remember, you and your family are part those million people:

        “We live in an age, in which for the first time, in all of human history, the vast majority of mankind is politically awakened.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski

        “Capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low…In earlier times it was easier to control a million people – literally – it was easier to control a million people, than physically to kill a million people. Today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people then to control a million people.” — Zbigniew Brzezinski

        We are awake Mr. goverment disinfo man, and we are staring you in the face. Your emperor has no clothes.

      • anticultist says :

        Kurt sure is one paranoid conspiracy theorist ha ha, it is extremely funny how they are all so cranky when people disagree with their claims, they start claiming you have to be involved with the government or a paid agent to do that.

        Poor Kurt, you live in a world where the majority of the population find your claims to be fucking bonkers, so going under your reasoning all those people who laugh at you and those like you must be government agents, making the majority of the population paid agents 😀

        You must live in a paranoid world that the rest of us don’t ha ha

  22. Kurt Buehler says :

    i don’t know how to embed any youtube in this blog or put an image in a post so:

    uh seems the video link didn’t even show

    try again



    i am sure this video will hit pretty close to home there mr meurtos

    • Teraph says :

      Kurt Buehler:

      It seems you haven’t answered my previous questions even though you’ve posted here since I asked them. Maybe you missed the comment as it was not technically speaking a reply, or maybe you have been unable to answer.

      You stated that

      ‘Films like “Thrive” attack the false paradigm and bring people together under a common cause of peace and prosperity for everyone.’

      The reason I’ve asked which other films are like ‘Thrive’ is because I am not aware of any such films that have brought people together to achieve anything for peace and prosperity.

      I have asked you to provide examples of what people apparently brought together in such a cause actually do in a political or social sense because in making such a bold claim you should be able to back it up. If you can then you can demonstrate in a concrete way why ‘films like “Thrive”‘ are not just entertainment for New Age conspiracists but should at least be regarded as having some political clout.

      Also, you claim that Muertos is a “paid disinformation agent” but surely political facts, theory, philosophy and social and political activities are all far more than simply correct or misleading “information”?

      If he is a “paid disinformation agent” then why have the elite powers that be not provided funds to produce a bit more than just a blog on a free blogging platform? After all, they are the ones pulling the strings and financing every bloody event in history, are they not?

  23. Rehsab Thgir says :

    If people are getting paid to debunk Thrive, I’m in! Well, if the pay is any good.

    Until then, I’ll just do the tea baggers and climate deniers for free.

  24. Teraph says :

    @Kurt Buehler Here are two questions which I hope you will be kind enough to answer…

    You wrote: “Films like Thrive attack the false paradigm and bring people together under a common cause of peace and prosperity for everyone.”

    Which other movies are like “Thrive”?

    This “common cause of peace and prosperity” you refer to: please can you provide some examples of what people actually do together for it in terms of social and political action?

  25. Matthew says :

    You guys are all sidestepping the obvious. Were all in cults. Or do you think culture is something other than a cult? Weve been domesticated like cattle, educated or rather indoctrinated in the governing laws of the ruling authority. Think your free? Take a plot of land and build on it without permission and see how far you get with your “freedom”. People are content with being beneficiaries of the social system, as long as they are receiveing benefits. Just put in your hours on the corporate assembly line and purchase from the market instead of providing for yourself. Its okay big daddy government will handle all the adult aspects for the overgrown children. I dont need a president, senator, mayor, or a boss to tell me how to conduct myself properly and with dignity. Fuck with my shit and Ill kill you myself. I dont need a policeman, or a judge and jury to decide for me what is right or wrong. Do you? Are we all morally incompetent retards? Do we need someone to tell us not to steal, lie, cheat, or murder? Arent the basic rules that govern the laws of any society dont lie, cheat, steal, or murder? Why do we need to pay thousands of people in legislation to render those same basic concepts into countless books of legalese? Thats how the “conspiracy” works. Its a conspiracy against our personal freedom and sovereignty. These governments are anarchy, while they claim to be administers of “our” best interests in fact they are tools for the rich to push whatever corporate agenda. As far as wether or not there has always been a ruling “elite” orchestrating things from behind the scenes, I dont know, its possible but not probable. More likely that corrupt individuals throughout history have always sought positions of power to achieve their own goals. Is David Icke nuts?, no doubt, are Jews trying to take over the world?, possibly some along with every other fanatic who thinks their race is The Master Race. All I know is there alot if fucked up shit going on here, child slavery and prostitution is a fact, human trafficking is a fact, economic sabatoge is a fact, can I list every occurence?, of course not, but will anyone dispute that these depraved forms of corruption are perpetrated by people with the money to finance these endeavors? Who has the money? The banks. Where do corporations get their financial backing? Banks. Where do nations get money to fund war? Banks. I have no clue who the key figures are that own the money, but it isnt some alien, reptile, demons. Its people. I wonder if Icke is being completely serious about space vampires or if its just a metaphor for foreign bloodsuckers of the poor. Men aren men anymore, their sniveling cowards concerned with image and being politically correct, like girls. Oh Im sorry was that sexist? Suck it up sissy. Is this the freedom that countless men throughout the ages have sacrificed their lives for?, to have leaders that wear stage makeup spouting peace and prosperity while bringing war and ruin? Is this not a conspiracy against freedom? The freedom to do and as you please within the confines of respect to others freedom. If this isnt a conspiracy I dont know what constitutes a conspiracy, we might as well be robots.

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      Just look at the private for profit Federal Reserve system and it’s IRS collection branch to understand how the USA (and all other nations subjected to the same system) became enslaved. The USA went through a revolution to throw off the money changers. All of that was for nothing. The Bill of Rights and Constitution are now treated as outdated pieces of archaic trash. But who is spreading that notion? The common citizenry? No, it’s spread by the elites that control the country and their privately owned corporate media machine.
      Ever since America has began waking up to the truth about the Federal Reserve debt-money system, and how it’s a scam on the people the elites have been moving to destroy any last vestiges of freedom in order to totally control the populace and stop anyone from speaking out.

      Government and industry funded disinformation groups create blogs just like this one to counter any message of liberation and alter perceived reality through social media. They want you all to say asleep. Stay stupefied. Remain a debt-slave.

      • muertos says :

        Kurt, where is your evidence that I, personally, am being paid to write this blog? I keep asking this question, and to date you have not provided any meaningful response.

      • Teraph says :

        Kurt Buehler:

        I’ve put these questions to you twice now and you still haven’t answered:

        Which other movies are like “Thrive”?

        This “common cause of peace and prosperity” you refer to: please can you provide some examples of what people actually do together for it in terms of social and political action?

        Also, if Muertos is a “paid disinformation agent” then why have the powers that be not provided enough funds to produce something more than just a blog on a free blogging platform?

  26. bensteigmann says :

    [deleted at user’s request]

    • bensteigmann says :

      [deleted at user’s request]

      • bensteigmann says :

        [deleted at user’s request]

      • bensteigmann says :

        I don’t mind if you attempt to address the points. You’ll find that much has changed. My main arguments are in the other sections of your site.

      • muertos says :

        I’m not worried about you minding whether I address your points. Your modus operandi on other forums has been to spam them with immense walls of text, mostly conspiracy nonsense that you’ve cut-and-pasted from various sources. In fact, most of the material you post in this manner you didn’t write, haven’t even read and can’t vouch for. Why, then, do you assume anyone would even take the time to read them, much less address them?

      • bensteigmann says :

        I have read this material, and have compiled them as part of an ongoing research project. When I was addressing you before I was 18 and overwhelmed with a great mass of items that took time to process. None of this is “copied and pasted” from other sites.

      • muertos says :

        Congratulations! I still couldn’t be less interested in your views.

  27. Mason I. Bilderberg says :

    Reblogged this on Illuminutti and commented:
    This is an excellent profile of David Icke, a paranoid conspiracist of the highest order. This article is written in the context of the conspiracy movie “Thrive”. Enjoy.

  28. Head scratcher says :

    Including David Ick (spelling intended) does make the film less credible.It’s almost like Foster included it to make the subject matter less believable. I believe that we are having E.T craft visiting our planet. I know that money is corrupting our political system. I also think that if a genuine new source of energy was discovered,Big oil would do everything to crush it. In the movie “Who killed the electric car?” it was stated the a subsidery of Texaco oil bought the rights (patent) of a battery for an electric car that go 300 miles at 70mph before needing a recharge. If true you can figure that one out! The spiritual stuff (New age has as many divsions as the christian church) I agree with. Some things termed new age I really hate! I don’t know if I trust Foster. Is he really that stupid to include Mr Ick?

  29. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    David Icke himself responds to the “Dissociators”


    The point these people clearly miss is this: I may not agree with what they say in the film, or some of the other contributors, but the dynamic is simple. They say what they think and the viewer decides what to make of what they say. Is that really too hard to grasp for these so-called ‘enlightened teachers’ and others?

    This is yet more blatant confirmation that the old New Age and ‘Green’ heroes are now so far off the pace and the cutting edge of human understanding that binoculars would be advised. Human-caused ‘climate change’ is a fact?? What?? And they have the nerve to talk about ‘bizarre theories’?

    Bloody hell.

  30. pepa says :

    Its typical to a debunker like Muertos to try character assassination, innuendos, to put an impression in the mind of reader that its not worth to read or listen to the whole program/show. Its an attempt to keep you well stuck in 3D. Any attempt to brake loose from 3D prison is meet with derision and rejecting any ideas one may present. If you are unable to see and hear the message presented in this movie, dear Muertos, you stuck in the superficial description and condemnation of the veneer….to bad if you can’t grasp the depth of the message from the movie. Or are afraid of the implication this movie can provoke in the mind of the masses? Old paradime rambling is not useful today. Get a life, man!

    • muertos says :

      I don’t like 3D. It gives me a headache and I look like a dork wearing those stupid glasses. Get a life, man!

  31. bensteigmann says :

    [deleted at user’s request]

  32. mike lee says :

    Disclaimer – I am not, have never been, an advocate of Icke’s theories.

    I don’t believe it is right or fair to lump all a person’s theories into one manageable bundle. OK, world controlling reptilians sounds mighty bonkers (technical term) to me. World controlling banker’s cartel, not so bonkers. What Icke said re FRB (in the film Thrive, because that is what I thought this blog was about), smacks of truth.

    Do we think Galileo a raving looney (more technical stuff) because he didn’t believe that the moon caused the tides or thought that circular was a nicer description for the planets’ orbits? Um… No. He is seen as the father of modern science, even though some of his theories were bonkers, and wrong!

    I am not suggesting that Icke be given any plaudits, but to vilify him for what he said on Thrive by using something he didn’t say on Thrive doesn’t seem completely fair to me.

    On a side-note, kudos to Hollywood Tom for once again proving Godwin’s Law, and so early in the comments too. Well done, sir!

    • Kurt Buehler says :

      What you discovered in this blog are documented tactics used to discredit Thrive. Research “logical fallacies”. There are several being employed here against Thrive. They fallaciously argue that since person X (in this case Icke) said something unbelievable in the past (aka Reptilian Shape-shifters), everything they say in the future must also be unbelievable.

      You know this is a false argument. I know this is a false argument. In fact most people know it without having to study logic at university. Common sense prevails.

      We all watched Thrive, we all listened to every word Icke said. He was asked about the Banking system, and he gave a very accurate account of how it works. He never mentioned anything about Lizards. But people who are not impartial and are working actively with an agenda against Thrive are trying to make the reader believe the opposite. They do this by using logical fallacies.

      The other fallacy that is used in conjunction with the above is Poisoning the Well. They falsely convince readers that everything Icke says is untrustworthy. Now that Icke has been discredited they extend that to the entire film and suggest the Film itself is cannot be trusted, and therefore the Gambles are discredited. The well has been poisoned.

      Tragically, there are weak-minded people who fall for these deceptions.

      • Gravyrobber says :

        What I find amusing is that even when the ‘reptilian’ issue is brought up about Icke’s work, the point about how fucked our global economy is seems to get lost. What’s the difference if a corrupt banking cartel screws the entire global economy or if its somehow the work of a some ‘phase-shifting reptilian’? The end result is the same. His views on if they’re in fact extraterrestrial hybrids are irrelevant, so long as his other facts check out.
        This blog seems to rail on the small idiosyncratic details while smugly lumping the vast topics into ‘New Age Cultism’. Were there oversimplifications in the Thrive film? Of course. Were they made deliberately to cajole people into adopting a New Agey attitude? Perhaps. What it really seemed to be for me, was a super rich baby boomer with a lot of guilt talking about how nice it would be to have free energy. Not super diabolical. The amount of venom and energy put into ‘debunking’ (re: ad hominem attack) him and his associates does smack of some personal vendetta, but only the moderator can really attest to that. All in all, I’ve wasted too much time here and would like my money back, please.

      • Dingoe says :

        And when they are noticed to be deceivers some people feel the need to abuse and threaten them and though I can relate to the feeling I try to resist acting upon it. People become frustrated at what they perceive to be evil in the discrediting of good people with good intentions. These “debunkers” and “exposers” then use the threats and abuse of justifiably upset people to further the fallacy that the Icke or Tsarion or Cooper in question along with their followers are evil or witches or terroists and just plain insane and dangerous. It all reaks of religous fear amongst the proles and damage control for the elite.

  33. Josh says :

    It’s fine to have an opinion that one or more things in the film is incorrect, but nooooo. The whole movie is falsified ? Its just your word against theres, and at least they have the ‘balls’ to get infront of a camera and make there claims.

    • Lee says :

      “Thrive” claims have been shown to be false not because of Muertos opinion but by his evidences. BTW The veracity of a claim is based of evidence not on the perceived courage or compassion of the people who made it, so the size of the filmmakers mojo has no relevance the truth of their claims.

  34. Wyboth says :

    Am I the only one who found that video downright hilarious? I mean really, I was crying when they said “We will overcome. In the name of Steve Irwin.” If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that the video was made by a troll. The hilarious faces, combined with the music and the strategies are the perfect funny pair. The fact that people actually believe this is just sad.

  35. a rational person says :

    david icke…oh man this guy is nuts…not only nuts but dangerous. he’s a racist…hates jews…probably hates a lot of other people too…i can’t get over the conspiratards saying “oh this is character assassination” or “why don’t u focus on what he says in thrive”…look asswipes, i don’t give a shit what this nazi douchebag says in thrive…he is a nazi…lizard people…he believes in protocols of the elders of zion, thinks it’s real…that is documented…and people like foster gamble worship him…

    you know i think foster gamble really does believe in lizard people. i say that because look at how he’s defended this nazi shitbag. he won’t stick his neck out an inch to denounce him. it’d be the easiest thing in the world if he said “i don’t believe in lizard men but i think icke is right with the other shit he says in my movie…” that’d take the heat off him…but gamble hasn’t done that…or if he has muertos isn’t reporting it…so that could be, but if it was the thrive conspiratards would be rolling sound trucks down the street shoutin it through bullhorns so im sure gamble never said it…

    look how damaged this guy is…i mean, this icke shit is reason by itself to kick this movie to the curb. nobody with two ounces of brains and half a nut should give this stupid nutbag the time of day.

  36. Dingoe says :

    If you have time for voicing rants on the web instead of spending time with loved ones then the problem really is always YOU and not Icke, Maxwell, Rothchild, or God or Satan. All the universe wants from any one being is for you to be honest to yourself. You have been decieved and will be decieved again no matter where you turn to in life. I have a suspicion the only lasting truth is in death, so don’t waste your life trying to question the agenda of every public figure… Perhaps forget they exist and do something that brings you and others joy. Wake up or die immature, cold and bitter. Laughter is the only way to defeat tyranny.

    Live Love Have Fun

    • Wyboth says :

      There are so many things wrong with this comment that I have neither the time nor the patience to explain. Have fun being deceived.

      • a rational person says :

        btw my comment was @ dingoe, not u wyboth…u’re too smart to fall for this nazi david icke bullshit

      • Wyboth says :

        Yeah, I figured that out. The most that lizard men from Draco is to me is a really bad sci-fi movie plot.

      • Wyboth says :

        To add to my previous comment, I think there’s a sort of slippery slope with conspiracy theories. There’s usually one relatively subtle (I say relatively for a reason) conspiracy theory that gets someone started. It’s usually crop circles or 9/11 inside job stuff. This is sort of the “gateway” conspiracy theory, just like marijuana is called a gateway drug. If you can manage to find someone at this stage and give them a valid argument as to why the theory is a pot of beans, you might be able to stop them from slipping any further. Assuming nobody does this, they start to explore other, deeper conspiracies, like new world order. By now it’s very difficult to snap them out of their beliefs. Eventually, they’ll keep slipping down the conspiracy slope until they reach the very bottom of the barrel, David Icke. Once someone starts to believe Icke, there’s nothing that can be done to save them. They’ve basically driven themselves insane, like our Dingoe friend here. They’ve basically been reduced to a slobbering, mindless pile of shit. They’ve crossed the conspiracy event horizon and there’s no going back. That’s why I hope people find blogs like this before it’s too late. I think we could use less piles of shit in this world, but that can only happen if you nip conspirituality in the bud. Anyways, that’s just what I think.

    • a rational person says :

      wow, this bullshit comment makes no sense at all…but u’re obviously a nutbag and if u’re defending david icke u’re probably a racist too…lizard people, i mean, how fucking nuts do you have to be to believe that shit…dingoe u’re a couple dozen cards short of a full deck…maybe time for your medication, mkay?

  37. romeo0310 says :

    The person who wrote that blog post has obviously never seen one of David Icke’s mega lectures. Someone saying “there’s no evidence” doesn’t make it so. This blogger claims that Icke has not a shred of evidence to back his claims, yet this blogger doesn’t present a shred of evidence that Icke is wrong or crazy to back his claims either. So who does he think he is? Why should anyone believe him?

    One has to look at the evidence presented first. In Icke’s lectures, he cites evidence, citations, sources, etc. He doesn’t just talk empty fluff for 9 hours. If he did, no one would listen to him. Duh. Most of what he says is sourced and backed by “something”. Anyone who listens to him knows that. Therefore this blogger probably didn’t even bother listening to him.

    Icke may not be right about everything. But who is?

    We all make the fallacy of assuming that the limits of our understanding and vision, are the limits of the universe. They are not. Reality is not limited by our minds.

    Besides, the government has lied many times, and started false wars for profit, sacrificing thousands or millions of lives in the process. So people have a right to be cynical and distrustful toward government. After the JFK assassination, which even common people realize was a conspiracy and cover up by people at the highest levels of government, the American public began losing trust in their government. They were lied to, and lost a great leader who was really trying to do what was best for them.

    And now, people have begun to realize that they were lied to about 9/11 and that it was probably an inside job. So naturally, people are going to assume that something evil is running things. David Icke may capitalize on that. But who is to say he is wrong? The more people listen to him, the more people think he is brilliant. That should tell you something.

    Before judging him, listen to one of his big lectures first. Otherwise, you are not qualified to just dismiss him out of hand. Listen to him present his evidence first. I would suggest starting with this presentation called “The Lion Sleeps No More”. It is one of his best ones and is about 7 hours long.

    • a rational person says :

      david icke is an insane anti-semitic racist lunatic who believes in lizard people. i mean, LIZARD PEOPLE! he also believes the “protocols of the elders of zion” is real (or “could be” real). THAT IS RACIST. he’s a bigot pure and simple. the people who follow him are either anti-semites or lunatics.

      which are you?

      and if you think i’m going to waste 7 hours of my life sitting through the insane ravings of a racist anti-semite nutbag, u’re fucking dreaming, hoss. i got better things to do than listen to 7 hours of bad science fiction ripped off from “v” and hours and hours of “hate the jews, hate the jews, hate the jews.”

    • anticultist says :

      I beg to differ, I am almost certain that muertos has definitely watched David Icke marathon shit storms. Noone in their right mind would believe the crap he comes out with, joining dots from one made up topic to the next. The ramblings of a mad man would be more viable.

  38. romeo0310 says :

    To the author of this blog:

    How do you know he has no evidence? Have you heard his mega presentations? Just saying that he has no evidence doesn’t mean that it’s true. What’s very interesting is that no one who’s really listened to him think he’s nuts. I’ve yet to see one person who took the time to hear David Icke out who still thought he was nuts afterward. The only people who say he’s nuts are those who have never really heard him out before. That should tell you something.

    • a rational person says :

      to romeo0310:

      why does david icke hate jews so much?

    • anticultist says :

      I think David Icke is fucking bonkers and I have watched most of his presentations, so your claim is nonsense.

      • georgelobuono says :

        Hollywoodtomforas’ assertion that Icke is a crytpo neo-Nazi is wrong. To harshly criticize Rothschild family crimes is no more prejudiced than to talk about Rockefeller’s war crimes (which aren’t Christian). Icke’s assertion about reptilians is often ignored, given his larger discussion. I write about aliens, myself, and see nothing to suggest shape shifting reptilians other than the seemingly deliberate conditioning targeted on child sex slaves-turned intel operatives (now whistleblowers) like Cathy O’Brien. That Icke took that literally merely suggests that, although he could, conceivably be a contactee, he doesn’t rigorously use remote sensing (telepathy and/or remote viewing) to investigate aliens, in return. Much of our planet recognizes the criminal financial pattern in Rothschild finance. Rothschilds are deeply entwined in the worst of Iraeli regime crimes, and there is NO doubt about Rothschild sponsorship of Zionist terrorists for decades running.

        Are there elite conspiracies? Of course, because the worst socipaths among us band together to thwart those who would take them down. The monarchy itself is criminal, If we were to leave the reptilian misc aside or perhaps correct it by hoping that Icke and others think that the lower brain (limbic system or “reptile brain” in brain physiology) is the part of the brain that crudely dominates in elite stimulus seekers like the crown and other dinosaurs of the privileged past, Icke’s reptilian remarks could be taken tongue in cheek. Few think real reptilians walk among us. But aliens are a legitimate subject. Read Col. Philip Corso’s book The Day After Roswell for a good, trenchant (albeit slightly old order) look at the subject.

      • anticultist says :

        You my boy are wrong in the head, and all you just posted is delusional, bigoted and sadly misguided.

      • James Godin says :

        If anyone is bonkers its someone who attempts to use big words, but when asked a direct question you go off on some tangent. The fact that you dont even believe the bible speaks volumes of your “intelligence. You seem to drivel the good drivel but you never seem to say anything useful or promoting your point of view. If one wants to see how truly ignorant and utterly bizarre a person can become all one has to do is look at your constant, and relentless comments that = nothing.

      • anticultist says :

        “The fact that you dont even believe the bible speaks volumes of your “intelligence. ”

        Indeed it does, it means I can figure fact from fiction, some of us like a good story, the bible however is a fucking shitty one.

  39. sometimesantisocialalwaysantifascist says :

    Reblogged this on disillusioned marxist and commented:
    This is an excellent blog about David Icke and conspiracy theory bullshit. I haven’t looked at the rest of the site but it looks well worth checking out.

  40. Sim says :

    Say what you want about Icke, (I personally enjoyed the biggest secret because I’m a sci-fi fan) but he was dead on when he wrote in 1999 that two to three US cities would be attacked in the second half 2001.

    • boswell says :

      And what about the three thousand plus other claims he has made that have never come true ?

      Or are we just going to cherry pick the one that resembled some kind of truth and forget the majority of bullshit ones ?

      Don’t bother answering I already know how cognitive bias works Sim.

  41. Sapientes says :

    Anyone who has been on the other side at least knows how common reptilian entites are there.

    If you have a hard time getting there…. watch this DMT: The spirit molecule

    You can deny those facts how much you ever want to.

    But the interesting thing about this thing is that it doesnt matter if you are white, black. If you stay in a western culutral societety or you just were born in an isolated tribe in the amazon. Or were raised on a remote island in the south east asia. It doesnt even matter whatever you believe in that religion or god or another one. Or if you believe in something godly or higher at all. It is still the same. It is 100% universal. Maybe you dont believe me, cause it sounds to amazing to your narrow minded thinking.

    But when a close friend of yours confirms this when you are 90 years old. Dont be sad.

    • a rational person says :

      you believe in lizard people? LIZARD PEOPLE??!?!?!

      *points and laughs*


      • conspiracykiller says :

        “If you have a hard time getting there…. watch this DMT: The spirit molecule”


        “If you are sane and have never seen lizard people and want to believe hat I am telling you. Then you have to get interested in high end psychotropics and start taking them and listening to the hallucinatory ramblings of people who use them.”

        No thanks buddy, being a driveling tripped out internet spastic doesn’t appeal to me.

  42. freethinkinvybz says :

    I’m not even bothering to read this blog the title alone was laughable. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, case dimissed…. Say no more

  43. ericpons2 says :

    “the smart way to keep people passive and obidient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debat within that spectrum”

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