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I’ve received literally thousands of comments on this blog since it started in November 2011. Although I get a chuckle out of many of them, a handful rise to the level of the truly epic. On this page I’ll post some of the more noteworthy comments I’ve received.

Drew Colwell (Jan. 17, 2012) was nice enough to accuse me of causing wars, suicides and psychological depression:

Depression is caused by people like you, suicide is caused by people like you, wars are started because of people like you and its all because people like you make it too hard for the rest of us to accept who we are. It creates a division in our communities and country that will be very hard to eradicate because its exactly what the people who have created and control this very fucked up system we call America want. What is your personal gain searching for the wrong in this video? Is it your day job? Or do you just have nothing better to do in your pathetic life because you thought that your career was going to fulfill you and are confused that it doesn’t?

Aqeela Sherrils (Feb. 12, 2012) actually appears in Thrive toward the end. He is evidently a believer in “Afrocentrism,” a worldview whose more extreme versions manifest themselves in a conspiracy theory that African peoples once possessed advanced technology that was stolen by European colonizers, who (of course) rewrote history to erase any evidence of Africans’ achievements. Here his is spouting this rather unorthodox reading of world history:

Are you really serious with these questions? or is someone paying you to say these simple idiotic statements. Ancient Civilization had no electric light, air crafts or heating??? Where do you live, in a cave. How do you think they built the Pyramids, with shovels and hoes? If you think that this euro-centric world view that you hold is the truth, then you are sadly mistaken. Do some research sir. The Ancients had Aircrafts, Space-crafts, Ocean Vessels, Heating, Electricity, Lasers, etc…everything we know, we STOLE from them and claim it as technology that we invented.

Myles O’Howe (March 26, 2012) is a cannabis activist with his own blog filled with bizarre conspiracy theories related to the suppression of hemp and cannabis, which he sees as a miracle plant that can cure everything that ails human society. His comments on this blog have been legion, but here’s a choice excerpt, calling me a Nazi for not caring one way or the other about cannabis legalization:

 All this anti pot fascist mindset is why BLOOD FOR OIL wars and WHY THIS WORLD ISNT THRIVING. Some history on Du pont will clear things up. Dupont patented process for making paper from TREES and poison the SAME YEAR THEY MADE HEMP ILLEGAL 1937. Every year Millions of lives are lost around the world from the lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the best food source, and the best medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on earth, why can’t ending cannabis prohibition be more popular than voting? People who don’t care about ending cannabis prohibition are just like the racist KKK bastards who DON’T CARE ABOUT particular “races”

PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE ABOUT WEED DONT CARE IF IT GETS LEGAL OR NOT WE DON’T WANT LEGALIZATION. Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it. Thomas Jefferson was a hemp farmer. In early Colonial times people could pay their taxes with hemp!

Repeal obamacare is popular why not repeal violation of human rights? it took 13 years to end alcohol prohibition, and its too many decades later its time to turn things around WTF no more violation of human rights and propaganda directed to divide society based on 1 plant get real!

Stratoblaster (June 2, 2012) was another frequent commenter, particularly on crop circles. After lengthy arguments he finally went off the deep end into 9/11 Truth territory, posting videos to the ultimate world-class 9/11 nutbar–Dr. Judy Wood, who believes that secret beam weapons from outer space destroyed the World Trade Center towers. You just can’t get nuttier than this theory.

Here’s a link that ties many of the subjects we’ve rattled on about: 911/Thermite, Tesla, energy, and possibly an tangential explanation of a non-benign use of a similar type of tech related to the circle formations.

Human? probably… If its new tech, its pretty sad that this is what they did with it.

She’s got more degrees than you n me put together (yup I only have one) BS,MS, PhD~VirginiaTech. Try not to get angry o.k. ?

and another (I know coast to coast is only for crazies)

and her website:

maybe it relates to those pretty pictures in the grass.  Maybe not. We aren’t suited to contemplate the mysteries universe together, it seems.  But I’ll keep trying.

Jay (May 24, 2012) was kind enough to let me know that he finds my blog very entertaining–and then turned around and threw the ever-present accusation that I’m a paid agent:

ha ha ha. . you don’t fool anybody buddy. we all know who’s interests you serve no matter how many times you say you work alone. what’s funny to me is watching your paradigm sink. that’s about all I have to say about this comical blog and i’m smiling the whole time. laughin atcha’…… : D

and yes you are a ‘paid disinformation agent’.

Jon (May 2, 2012) is evidently a fan of Austrian economics. But more entertainingly, he believes I’m downright “evil” for writing this blog:

I would truly love for the author of this evil website to “debunk” anything written by Ludwig von Mises. Perhaps being by actually reading “Human Action”. Of course, this website is probably set up by the powers that be, and this comment will likely be rejected.

SAM (April 25, 2012) is the winner, providing my all-time favorite comment I’ve ever received on this blog:

HEY MUERTOS I JUST WATCHED LOOSE CHANGE 2ND EDITION ON YOUTUBE LAST NIGHT AND IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON DYLAN, ALEX, AND FOSTER, YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL YOU STUPID PUSSIES SUCK ON HERE SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now who can argue with that?

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  1. Lee says :

    Muertos, can this blog have feature which shows the newest comment like in the “Zeitgeist Exposed” blog?

    Thank you and please remember that your work here is not in vain, at least not for me.

    BTW if you are interested in the Dinar conspiracy theory here’s a good site:

  2. Tommyboy55 says :

    I have listened to both sides. At first, I thought Thrive had a pretty sound argument and worthwhile agenda. Then I listened to the other side of the argument and I feel foolish that I even thought that Thrive was in any way a viable movement.

    While I agree in principle that there are wealthy powers that control their own self interests to line their pockets, it’s less of a global domination agenda than it is their way to just get richer.

    I also believe that there are more efficient energy technologies available, but like the IPad, it will be introduced in marketable time schedules to maximize profit…which by the way, keeps us all employed to some degree.

    But mostly, Thrive kind of self destructs itself with all of that inane talk of Aliens and Eugenics. It’s almost as if they planned to take all of the talk of corporate greed, sound like they were denouncing the PTB and global domination and then, made it all seem irrelevant by including the alien crap.

    In essence, by including the crop circle/alien segments they denounced the very thing they were denouncing…thereby actually forwarding the agenda’s of the very people they are supposed to be fighting…Foster is a P&G heir…Coincidence?

    Thomas Paine once said…”To argue with a person who has renounced the use of reason is like administering medicine to the dead”

    Thanks for what you do..

    • Wyboth says :

      I’m glad that this blog actually helped you. When I came here, I predicted that it might help only about one in a hundred people. When I didn’t see anyone changing their mind because of this blog, I was starting to lose hope, but now I feel better. I’m sure if it can change one person’s mind that it can change others as well.

      Side note: How does one go about becoming an Admin on this site? If it’s ok, I’d like to take a crack at writing an article debunking one of the falsities in Thrive that hasn’t already been addressed. Here seems like the perfect place to do it.

  3. Neet says :

    First of all let me warn you about THRIVE.
    It is a movement organized by Foster and Kimberly-Carter Gamble. (of Proctor and Gamble fame)
    Though little is to be found about James Foster Gamble other than his short explanation of why he came to make this film he does admit that he was groomed for a position within the power elite and experienced “universal energy” along with his learning aikido martial arts which is a way of harmony that uses blended energy to resolve conflict.
    This couple proposes to be trying to help those in the lower 99% to have a better more fulfilling life, against the best wishes of their contemporaries who they present as evil.
    They produced this movie called THRIVE to address the ills of the disparity between the rich and the poor and solutions to make this a better world for everyone.
    While they proport to be assisting the less fortunate and helping them disengage from the enslavement matrix, they actually appear to be trying to further the elitists agenda with their propoganda film and consequent movement.
    One has to ask, “with their power and wealth what is the point and who would actually benefit most from a film like this?”
    With the internet as a media which lays bare conspiracy information abundant to all who will see and the fact that many sheeple are waking up to the reality of what has been going on while they were sleeping, it only makes sense that the elites would need to counter any uprising that may result by providing a disinformation agenda that passifies the masses by appearing to empower them.
    They say they are saddened by the difference in the have and have nots and they want to see a more equal world. Of course this appeals to the masses because there is indeed a terrible difference, but the solutions offered don’t really destroy the gap in wealth between the 99% and the 1%; it only makes the 99% more equal.Let me give you a quick overview of their agenda.
    But before I begin let me add here that their logo is a typical one eye design used by the illuminati and the launch date of this film was 11-11-11. At present it is 9 months old, available in 18 languages – the movement is intended to reach a world audience… and screenings of it worldwide have already succeeded in reaching millions.
    The spirit science film promotes evolution presenting humans as a product of nature rather than created by God.
    It presents the world as a living being; a part of the universe which “knows itself” and through the evolution of self organizing systems, universal codes and patterns the universe creates and sustains life.
    It encourages us to focus on self and claim our own power in order to liberate ourselves.It introduces the torus as the breath of the universe and claims that everything has only one purpose – to grow torus’.
    Photo electric energy provides the key to wholeness. Everything in the universe is one.
    Everything about this film is hostile to Christ in a passive aggressive manner to the obvious lack of anything to do with Christianity or creator God; it refers to pagan and occult “sacred sites” as well as sun gods which come from an advanced civilization in another part of our galaxy to begin to show how the lack of energy is what truly causes the suffering of this world.
    Their presentation of the world and the universe as something sacred encourages people to worship the creation rather than the creator.
    Their film presents UFOs as if they are a matter to be accepted as fact and their casual acceptace of it and presentation that it is normal and acceptable along with their friendly treatment of them as benevolent beings is concerning.
    They claim every fact in the film has been verified through independant “experts.”
    The list of “experts” they rely on for the UFO portion of the film includes Dr. Steven Greer, Center for Study of Exterrestrial Intelligence CSETI and head of the Disclosure Project.He reports there are appx 10,000 planets with life on them of which half are as advanced as we are or more advanced.
    He presents UFOs as intelligent beings who have mastered the laws of the universe.They introduce crops circles as signs and wonders of UFOs giving us messages for clean energy and propulsion.Other UFO “experts” include Jack Kasher Phd, professor Emeritus of physics University of Nebraska; Lane Andrews who drew pictures from her experience on ET spacecraft; James Gilliland founder of ECETI; Daniel Sheehan JD, General Counsel, The Disclosure Project.
    Foster discusses how JP Morgan shut down Tesla’s idea for free energy along with telling the story of Adam Trombley who was inspired by Tesla having been undermined by Bush and his device taken in a government raid.
    He spoke of John Bedini, John Hutchinson, Eugene Mallove as well.Both he and his wife have made a claim on seperate occasions to have personally seen these inventions in operation along with a company of experts.
    My question is how was that possible?
    Foster goes on to explain it is the bad energy suppliers who have been supressing this information and technology and admits free energy is kept from us due to greed.
    What is running through my mind at this point is that if these evil geniouses create an economic collapse, make these machines, then propose to rent them to people with little or no money who will become indebted to always have to pay rents even long after the cost of the machine is covered into oblivion because the evil elite have the option not to sell, well then the rich will still keep getting even far richer because now the energy source is completely free!
    At this point the focus goes off of Foster who has been narrating from a space like atmosphere using holographic imagry to present his appeal to the scientific minded onto Kimberly who is sitting in a comfortable room of the home (etherial picture of a pyramid shaped set of stairs hanging to her left) and begins her emotional appeal to the sensitive minded folk.
    She proudly explains that, “it’s worth it to me to open my mind to socially taboo subjects.”
    Foster then guides the audience into his navigational insight that the universe is alive and its infinite energy can be tapped by aligning harmoniously with nature.
    Which naturally leads to a discussion on how to follow the money.
    Vandra Shiva Phd, physicist and spirit science believer gives her environmental justice activist muscles a work out explaining how the elites have used genetically modified seeds, patenting seeds and sterile seeds to impose the dependence of humanity on their greed.
    Foster speaks out against the banking monopolies explaining how the Rockerfellers created the NEA and how the Carnegie and Ford foundations have been using schools to create an obedient docile workforce with schools creating fixed response to authority.
    Adding that the Rockerfellers control health via the AMA which they fund.
    Next guest on the list is Deepak Chopra MD, a mind, body, spirit guru, author of The Third Jesus, who blends ancient Vendanta philosophy who names among his sphere of influence scholars like Arthur Schopenhauer, Carl Jung and Aldous Huxley.
    Perennial Philosophy is associated with Chopra, but as I have not explored the meaning of this I cannot comment on its significance at this time. (my apologies)
    Next the supression of cures for diseases as well as technology is addressed.
    Foster tells about how Dr. Royal Raymond Rife invented an advanced microscope and co ordinative resonance to destroy cancerous tumors and viruses.
    Kimberly continues her emotional plea for more indian formulas, natural remedies, and how there is a multi trillion dollar financial incentive to suppress cures.
    Foster jumps back to presenting his case against the banking conspiracy he believes are controlling energy, food supplies, education, health care by holding a monopoly of finance with no accountability and backed by force.
    What is going on in my head at this point is that these conspiracy theories are so wide spread he is not revealing anything new, only appearing to expose this horrible injustice which he is a part of.
    All the while, mind you, he is referring to himself as being one of us, making himself relatable and seemingly on our side as part of the oppressed.
    He uses the typical pyramid symbology to show the strata of people at the bottom (to which he counts himself among LOL), then government, corporations (coins the word corporatocracy) the banking elites at the top.
    He is an heir to Proctor and Gamble, so it is suspicious he pretends to be one of the 99% at the bottom; wouldn’t he be more fitted into the corporate or elite strata?
    That is why I get the feeling this is a propoganda film designed by the elite to pacify the masses and integrate UFO and new age thinking which will eventually overcome traditional religious theology.
    Next on the list of “credible experts” is good old David Icke. He explains how non existant electronic money is used for fractional reserve lending practices. (I didn’t know he was an economist.)
    Other guests used to lend credibility to the cause include Catherine Austin Fitts and Bill Still with references to Alan Greenspan.
    The use of the tapeworm analogy within the holographic torus to explain this parasite economy eerily resembles the image of the snake who awakens the chakra in the new age movement.
    Then Foster calls out the evil enemy: the Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Morgans, Carnegies, Harrimans, Schiffs and Warburgs.
    At this point I am wondering if he is against them and producing such a credible high quality film reaching a world wide audience to expose them, isn’t he worried they may try to silence him?
    After going over the global domination agenda listing money, energy, agribusiness, world trade, water, health, education indoctrination, media, surveillance, and RIFD chip technology (which he admits Proctor and Gamble developed), he proceeds to explain how we can get out of this matrix.
    He continues by “exposing” the conspiracy naming the Bilderbergs, Skull & Bones, Masons and New World Order secret agenda “pyramid of manipulation.”
    He tells how errantly the Jews were once blamed leading to anti-semitism.
    With assistance of G Edward Griffin he tells how the elites think freedom is dangerous and people aren’t able to use it wisely.
    Using a picture of a wolf in sheeps clothing he goes on to tell how the divide and conquer strategy via political parties serving the same plan was leading us toward a totalitarian world authority, ie military dictatorship.
    Kimberly explains the conspiracy reality, then David Icke comes back to explain how they use social mores to guide society and control our uniqueness.
    By creating norms the elite have created an army of individual people to impose the norms on each other.
    Then Foster gives the explanation of how the elites are carving up the world into superstates that transcend boundaries so the world is easier for them to manage.
    He mentions the governance organizations developed to fulfill this plan as being the WTO, WHO, IMF and world bank; why does he fail to mention other organizations involved like um the UN for example?
    An emotion Kimberly sits in her comfy room explaining to a worried world, “It’s not OUR fault we didn’t know.”
    Foster then tries imagining the NWO while he paints a picture of misery and describes the history of revolt in the US.Icke then comes back to tell how the elites create a crisis, make up a version of why it happened, uses the media as a PR campaign to establish a reaction of outrage and fear which in turn allows those who created the problem to offer solutions.
    Foster seems genuinely concerned that they use tragedy to achieve their goals and false flag attacks.He shows images of sadness to appeal to sentiment and warns of how the government can suppress a revolt using space command for full spectrum control that can zap someone out of existence as well as FEMA camps to lock us all up in – which sounds more like he is gently letting us know resistance if futile, then moves on to the topic of depopulation through eugenics.
    A quick lesson in chemtrails, HAARP, vaccines, pandemics, pesticides, spermicidal GM corn, irradiation leads to an explanation that we are now at a fork in the road of evolution which requires us to look toward a new direction.
    This process is a struggle for the soul of humanity and requires a shift in the world view to who we really are, he explains.
    It is his belief that people are naturally caring and to stop those evil elites we have to wake up.
    At this point I am thinking that so many have been waking up this is being used as a PR tool by the elites to guide the process and lessen the revolt.
    Elisabet Sahtouris, Phd, evolutionary biologist says we are in the last phase of evolution and uses the butterfly analogy to explain we are all imaginal cells.
    Barbara Marx Hubbard, president of the Foundation for Conscious Evolution tells us “this is a birth.”
    Foster says that “we outnumber them,” (love how he keeps lumping himself with the 99%) which to me sounds like more of a realization on their part necessitating the need for a way to guide the process of leading the 99% into a nonviolent change to the NWO.
    He suggests we disable this evil power structure by putting our money in to local banks and follow the examples of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ghandi leading a nonviolent revolution along with Ludwig Von Mises philosophy of non agression as a response to the crisis.
    They also recommend waiting for the majority to agree before taking any action.
    How convenient for them that most people don’t realize that there just isn’t time to get a world majority before the elite’s plans come into effect and by then it will be too late.
    All in all I see this as a propoganda conditioning film that gives the illusion of empowerment to the masses with coexist imagry, holistic health imagry, aligning global consciousness, collective manifestation, bio feedback for the self healing of earth gobbledy gook.
    It reports the conspiracies of evil agenda we already know and pretends to be our friend against it while it leads us away from the truth of creationism and the truth that this only offers a false peace.
    In addition it indoctrinates us into a comfortable acceptance of this is how it is while giving the illusion there is anything anyone can do about it in this late stage of the game.
    It presents ETs and UFos as the knowledge bearers who have the potential to alleviate poverty.Now, in addition to the NPOs, NGOs and other movements like the Gaia University International, Spirit Science, Khan Academy and spirit science individuals (to name a few) they are aligning their movement that they call SHIFT IS HAPPENING.
    This is a spritual addition to their agenda which encourages participation in “light-workers, way-showers & visionaries” which is led by a clairvoyant and channeler named Deborah Ariel Pietsch.The highlight of this aspect of the Thrive movement is to encourage you to “wake up and become your own guru,” and “to become a sovereign being of light” because the earth is changing frequency and so we must change frequency in order to fit into the new world order; going from a mere 3D experience to a 4D and 5D way of life.
    This is all from the original satanic worship religions such as theosophy which was founded by Helena Blavatsky and expanded and developed by other luciferian servants such as Alice Bailey who founded Lucifer Trust later renamed Lucis Trust which not only took over the educational material of schools with the sole purpose of indoctrinating children into their new world order but also take God out of schools and dumb down our children with disinformation and theories such as evolution.
    note: Lucis Trust is also the publishing company which prints and dissimeninates UN materials and is labeled, “the spiritual foundation of the UN.”
    THRIVE and SHIFT IS HAPPENING are both a part of the propaganda agenda to get people to accept the new government peacefully and herald in the religion of the antichrist system. While it speaks out against the NWO agenda, the solutions it suggests such as the world is one, UFOs, earth worship, eliminating borders, ending capitalism, a cashless society, laying down arms &ct – it does more to form a coalition of cooperation to make the NWO actually happen – all the while giving the 99% the illusion that they are helping to thwart these plans when they are in fact leading them mindlessly into assisting in making it happen..

    THRIVE –


    This is a copy of their treaty they ask everyone to sign on to, of course I have many thoughts and opinions to add about this document, but will leave it for another time..

    We the People are holding this Global Convention on the Internet to sign this agreement to give every Human on the Planet full choice on how to live together as community’s and cultures and live in autonomy as individuals.
    This is not any kind of ism. Not an agreement for communism or socialism or democracy.
    This is an agreement for freedom, security and dignity for all life.By signing this People’s Global Agreement we all agree herein to live in a free and kind world.
    We agree that Nature has the same rights as human beings.
    We afford our planets full recovery from mans ravaging.
    We agree that intense intimate cooperation across all borders is essential to reviving our planet’s surface, water, and interior. We agree to afford and give every human, security, dignity, and abundance from birth till death.
    All of life is free upon request and need, such as health care and education, shelter, clothing and food and transportation, communication, and everything.
    No medium of exchange like money or minerals or profiteering will be used or recognized as value or to prejudice each other’s value.
    Every human is given what they need and want by choice.
    We agree that equality is the source of all wisdom.
    We agree to No laws.
    No representative governing of any king. No heads of state or bureaucrats of any king. No politics. No borders. No military’s of any king.
    No passports or Id’s. No licenses. No Courts. Our agreement is for the benefit and well being of all life and our planet.
    Where conflict or poverty occurs of any kind the immediate community will realize its resolve.
    No policing or penalties. In severe or perverse situations humane detainment is done.
    We never torture life.
    We the people charge the experts in all the fields of life around the world to cooperate to inform and educate the people around the world without prejudice so that all the people can choose and vote from self empowering truth filled knowledge of the subjects in hopes of benevolent and wise intent for all matters regarding how we live.
    In cooperation the infrastructures are maintained until we create natural systems to replace oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear… We agree to back to hemp and water and hydrogen and solar, and Nuclear Fission and organic and new technologies that have been suppressed. Stopping all aggression and dismantling all weapons and war machines is paramount.
    We have always had the solutions that maintain harmony with nature while providing dignity for all life!!!!!In cooperation WE can convert all military personnel, engineering, and transportation systems into building infrastructure and reviving our ecosystems wherever needed.In cooperation, made locally and work and serve locally wherever possible is paramount.
    No more small packages whenever possible.
    Naturalizing our ways of producing is paramount.
    This agreement signifies our willingness to cooperate and forgive our transgressions and live and let live.
    By signing this Global Agreement we affirm that we choose to be responsible citizen-voter’s of all matters local and Global for the well being of all life on Earth.
    With Billions of signatures the military’s will be on the side of the people and freedom for all life.
    Worldwide the Military’s will gladly protect the people.
    For everyone who wants a peaceful world, please sign below.
    Once a vast majority of the 7 billion people on the planet have signed this agreement we will declare our freedom and begin our new paradigm.
    BIRTH YEAR_________________________________________________________
    WHERE YOU LIVE____________________________________________________
    WHAT YOU LOVE_____________________________________________________
    This is it, we are choosing to free humanity and save our planet.
    Print out your Signed Global Agreement.
    For questions… ask your conscience!!!…or reply.

    • Eaton Pickles says :

      I agree with some of your points and you have written and explained them quite well. I do however disagree with you interpretation of Christianity. Christianity, or rather the worship of Jesus Christ is a completely pagan ritual – both evidenced by bibical standards and who, or if he even existed at all.
      He was first described in ancient Egypt as the Sun God, Ra. He was later interpreted by the Greeks as Dionysus, then Jesus, and so on. Most of the works Christians use as historical evidence of him, were stories written and constructed by Jews and Muslims (Abrahamic religions) to gather new members into their faith and assert further social control.
      The pagan Jesus as a metaphor is important, he stands as a divine barometer for what and how we should believe in an existence greater than ourselves.

      More info from published scholar at U of T, and former Anglican minister:

      Jesus and the fabricated history of him, are completely pagan. But, understand his mythical story still has virtue, value and is very important to being human. 😉

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Interesting to note also, that Anglicanism, “Church of England” was a splinter group at the time of Henry VIII to allow him to marry & divorce at will. It descends from Roman Catholicism. The sort of running rumor of who these monarchs actually were supposed to be descended from, actual traces back to Jesus 😉 And within Judaism the highest lines, trace back to King David=Kohanim, Kohen to finally Cohen. The majority of male descendents who are Jewish and carry this surname apparently also quite frequently carry the Y-DNA Haplogroup of J. The Christian male lines of Haplogroup R 😉

    • Alan says :

      You should definitely go back and have a read SlayerX3.

      I really didn’t plan on reading this myself but Neet has an interesting perspective, a meta-perspective from beyond the scope of simply “debunking” thrive. While it sounds like a rundown of the notes you took while watching the film on LSD (or perhaps psilocybin), I believe you are on to something with the NWO peaceful overtaking of the sheeples “waking up” to a better, more holistic sounding elite agenda.

      In your opinion though (and I know I will probably not get a response on this but anyone reading can chime in) should we try to advance our level of technology to that of inter-galactic beings (whether they exist or not is not in question here)? Should we come together as a whole planetary organism in peace and work together to ease the suffering of people less fortunate than ourselves (with our LCD screens and online monikers)? And finally, can we get a who, what, when, where and why any of what your opinion on this would come from?

      Thanks for your post. I had about 5 epiphanies while reading it.

      • a rational person says :

        alan, my epiphany is this:

        you’re a nutbag who thinks 911 was an inside job.


    • Gaius says :

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      • a rational person says :

        hey conspiritards, here’s your chance! i think this guy is advertising for job openings with the illluminati! u too can become a paid disinformation agent!


    • Sarka dittrichova says :

      To NEET: thank you for info. Ho long you get to discribe the content of movie which anybode can see? And – for Christ – you really have nothing better to do? And what is your name that you must to hide on nickname and … The work of someone else?

  4. Roger Glyndwr Lewis says :

    “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” (Latin: Quem deus vult perdere, dementat prius)

  5. thetruth says :

    Message to the person who wrote this blog and so for all those who are willing to believe what this person says:

    Personally, this is minimum 11 years I surf the internet, I added a series of facts that I believe and considered as indisputable truths that I have personally recut and even before this document thrive there, I arrived at the same conclusions at the same synthesis!!

    Besides that this documentary can not be criticized, a website “thrivemovement dot com” was created for each statement that gives this documentary sources.

    Although this website does not exist and before there, lots of other websites and continues to explain in detail to explain all these things I heard and especially read.

    If the author of this blog and had made the effort to learn a maximum of truly independent sources and do not like most people, that is to blindly believe that official information and mainstream newspapers truths are absolute, he would not have written all these writings stupid!

    If so many people think there is a global conspiracy, it is not without reason, but rather because that is a result of an overlap of a series of fact to which we apply logical reasoning (eg, for example, deductive reasoning) allows to deduce a conclusion explosive that too many people like the writer of this blog or do not want, because it seems inconceivable for too many people in their heads as a vile hateful cynical plan Machiavellian could exist!

    I remember a documentary on the Second World War in which testimonies of Jewish people who told that they had fled their country and could find refuge in another Jewish family. And when these Jews (first) told the latter that the Nazis had made showers gas to exterminate people like them, the Jewish family who had agreed to host the first Jewish family have not believed! ! Simply because in their minds it seemed inconceivable that such horror could be true!

    Today, history repeats itself because the majority of human beings have not learned the lessons of history and always think the worst can not exist!

    The trial of Nuremberg was a vast hoax and those who had put Adolf Htitler in power (which in reality was only a pawn on a chessboard) are beautifully is released at the end of the Second World War and they understood that they could not establish a dictatorship by force since then they try to establish a dictatorship in having control over all the information to begin with!!

    Mix big lies to truths to better manipulate others!

    More a lie is big and it goes better!

    And the worst thing is that it works very well! So is this blogger is part of the quasi majority of citizens who lobotomized brain (logical because soon our young age, we can not handle and teach us important truths ever seen and that most people do not seek Truth never by themselves but prefer to blindly believe the official information and misleading and manipulative example we again with the same shot with syria iraq example!! U.S. media and even more false and manipulators that European media!) and who do not think their heads are, this blogger is a person who works for example the high hierarchy of the CIA just like a certain Mr. Schumann creator of the European Union .. For it should be remembered …….. informed dear blogger or the European Union has funded more than 50% by the CIA and when we know that without the French General De Gaulle, France was annexed usa and would become the next state of the usa!!

    That says more than enough about the bad attitudes of some dirty ………… Like all dictators in South America or other countries that have again been put in place by CIA!!

    Mr. blogger, your blog is just parroting all manipulative or deceptive information that we hear every day in the official media or by state policies!!

    If you want to stay stupid and ignorant all your life and blindly believe the official free to you, but stop trying to train others in your refusal to look the truth, face the facts!!

    But the real history of mankind is not written in the history books because they are always the winners who write (rewrite) history!

    As to whether Mr. Gamble truly and his wife are sincere and if he is not using the arguments of people who know how to pretend to be friends of the cause is another story …. or do they it to recover a maximum of names, email, ip address that during the final phase of the establishment of the global dictatorship, the opposition / resistance to the establishment of world dictatorship are more easily identifiable and therefore that can be more easily eliminated by having such information?

    If they are really on the side of the conspirators, then it’s really that they seriously think that their plan is foolproof!

    I’m tired of living in a world where most people are limited brain! and refuse to look facts in the face, and that proves without discussion possible, the facts!!

    • Sarah Lee says :

      Thank you so much for voicing my thoughts! Every ignorant ass on this site needs to take some acid, expand their consciousness, and realize the truth in what’s going on around you. Learn to think for yourself and apply the facts and figures to discover the truths in your own lives. If you so choose not to believe any of the messages and facts presented in Thrive, that is fine with me. Your ignorance will carry you far in life… perhaps in the wrong direction, but that is for you to discover on your own.

  6. sophos says :

    Just watched video “go beyond” guest Judy Wood
    She claims most of the steal has been transformed into dust….and lots of the mass “disappeared”….according to my (poor) knowledge of cosmology …mass such as steal, turning into dust…. that happens only in super nova’s but most of the steal, the core of the star …iron …becomes later on a black hole ( smaller stars at the end of their “life”become a white very dense dwarf “dust star”) …your suggestion , micro waves …. can change properties of steal (bending etc)but not transform steal into dust and certainly not into different chemical elements….so my question is where did the huge energy to transform steal and humans etc into “dust”come from? and what kind of chemical elements is this dust composed of? …
    Also, mass cannot just disappear…(law,conservation of energy ..)… mass is”transformed” into energy by fusion, fission?… something else?…. mass tranforms into energy in stars (by fusion) …..but in order to fuse (or split) protons and transform mass into energy one needs an enormous amount of energy ….again where did the energy come from ??…..

    • sophos says :

      “steal” ….noo steel…
      “your suggestion” ….noo ….her suggestion

      Is anybody reeding this blog (reading)….I expected at least somebody to correct my mistakes …..

      • Wyboth says :

        I’m sorry that I didn’t read your comment within three hours of it being posted. Please forgive me for my horrible offense.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Oh I’m positive TheCultist will arrive any minute to knock any thing of value you have written 😉 Just as he/she/it hasn’t destroyed my comment on Christianity, and the worship of pagan Jesus…it’s hard to rebuff published evidence…But don’t worry, he/she/it will undoubtedly ask you to pull up a published scientific paper from JSTOR, perhaps one that was “stolen” Aaron Swartz 🙂 And it’s “reading”. Language is funny that way, it only serves to make understood abstract reasoning. If anyone trolls you for spelling and grammar crap, tell them to STFU. Unless you’re publishing a paper, don’t fricking worry too much about it 😉

    • oscar says :

      A physicist friend had spoken to me about a DARPA project with a plasma cannon. He said the project was scrapped, but the incinerated steel shows the effect of temperatures of this nature.

  7. sophos says :

    “I’m sorry that I didn’t read your comment within three hours of it being posted. Please forgive me for my horrible offense.”

    Dont worry,,,I thought i was talking to myself…:-)

  8. Zach says :

    I’m sorry, but this blog is an absolute cesspool. Why someone like you would, after seeing a film like Thrive, set out to “debunk” it, shows how much of an ego maniac and oblivious fool you are. I’m sure you sit back and get gratification from the wasted time and bickering of people who feel they have to defend what they strongly believe in. I know your type. You’re probably an atheist (no condemnation, I was one for many years), and you think people like Richard Dawkins are god men. I wouldn’t be surprised if your political views were also along the line of the “libertarian” persuasion. Here’s a news flash brother: the extra terrestrial phenomenon is real, which also means that it has been covered up. It’s real because way too many individuals to list here, of credibility have come out with what they have seen or experienced. Military personnel. Government personnel. Commercial airline pilots. It goes on and on. Here’s another news flash: Monsanto just got exposed on an international level for how incredibly cancerous their GMO corn is in a peer reviewed French study. If you think they didn’t know that before they released it on the market, if you would chalk that up to incompetence, then you are completely naive. Just look at the criminal “corporate science” that tried to say that cigarettes, asbestos, thalidomide, and aspertame were safe. It’s junk science. What you don’t seem to realize, is that you tout science as authority, but science is just another religion in and of itself. And it doesn’t have all of the answers. I could go on and on about how you are doing a disservice to your brothers and sisters on this planet with this insane blog, but I’ll leave you to ponder this. Have you ever wondered why the ET phenomenon has been hidden for so long? I’ll tell you why. Because the first thing every human being on this planet will ask is, “Well… what is the technology behind that?” I’ll give you a hint. It isn’t anything you are thinking. And that means the end of oil, coal, gas, and linearly transmitted electricty. Just the proven oil, coal, and natural gas reserves are estimated to be worth upwords of 200 TRILLION dollars. Do you understand now? Your “science” doesn’t know it all, and some of what it does know, it isn’t telling you. But please continue. Be just another ego driven, yet unwittingly dutiful commissar to monopolized, unchecked power on this planet.

    • sophos says :

      Dear Zach…First…thanks for your comment ..
      So , you would like to know whether I am a believer or non believer (from a religious point of view), A libertarien (republican) or a democrat …My thoughts on corporate America (Monsanto etc)and whether I thrust the military….I guess once aswered those questions ….I would be classefied ….My question …Are you a government agent??

      Yes I believe in science and yes I know the US has some “secret” weapons …(so does the europeans, Russians etc)..One example: the “discovery”(manufacturing) of the laser was made public by 3 american companies at the same time in the 60’s…. or Einstein had discovered its principles in 1917..But I stopped believing in UFO s, E.T…..since I was 10 years old……

    • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

      @Zach and Sophos,

      You are both correct about government disinformation. Please read my recent comment explaining why Muertos is no longer affiliated with this blog anymore.

    • Horatio21 says :

      Bravo !

  9. Fallen Stone says :

    Look in to the Eyes of this Stone and you will see yourself –Death–

  10. Cleaus says :

    I would just like to ask why you would want to debunk something that is looking towards saving the very planet you exist on? That is wanting to help communities all around the world?

    This is the problem with the world today, people like you who are constantly thinking negatively and setting out to disprove good doing people. Would like to know what your real intention of doing this is? For your own satisfaction? Or to tell people its ok to live the way they are?

    I really dont understand your thought process behind this website and would love some clarity?? Also, clearly, you are not a spiritual person. Quantum Physics is only just coming to terms with things that have been said in scriptures for thousands of years.

    The world is awakening, and your going to get left behind with your mind set of setting ut to disprove, rather than prove.

    We all have our own free will though… Enjoy

    • Wyboth says :

      We have nothing against trying to “save the world,” but Thrive isn’t the right way. It distracts people from real problems and gets them caught in an infinite loop of conspiracy shit. This is why we are opposed to it. Of course, I see that you’ve fallen into this mindset, so there are some things that you need to understand.

      Firstly, Foster Gamble and company aren’t doing any good. The problems they’ve set out to solve don’t exist, and them trying to stop them is wasting time that might be spent on solving real problems. There aren’t very many problems today with the way people are living, but Gamble tries to trick you into believing there are. Then when we come along and tell you that you’re all wrong, you see us as extremely negative people and getting in the way, when we’re really trying to throw you a rope to get you out of the hole.

      I think I’m beginning to understand why conspiracy theorists have trouble understanding debunkings. Not only are they adamant that their belief is right and closed minded (to use their own word) to other ideas, they seem to lack the ability to understand a rational argument altogether. It seems the only way to appeal to them is to use a faith-based argument and not show any proof, but that would make us hypocrites. I’m not entirely sure how we can get the best of both worlds, convincing conspiracy theorists with rational arguments. Maybe we can start by teaching them what one is. For example, they require evidence, which your Quantum Physics claim lacks.

      As for faith, muertos is an atheist, which I have no objection to. I myself am Christian, but I don’t mix religion and science. One is faith-based, and the other is fact-based.

      If you can’t accept this, then there’s little hope of saving you.

  11. Lon Strickland says :

    I didn’t view the film as so much a conspiracy theory, but more as a criticism of life on this planet. It challenges the popular world view, and for many people, this is not something they are prepared to humor, even for an instant. There’s a wall that goes up for many when these kinds of things are discussed. This doesn’t change the fact that the universe is larger than any one of us can even begin to comprehend, and there in lies a vast ambiguity that for some, can only amount to fear.

    • Wyboth says :

      I suppose that the film could be seen that way, since Foster keeps saying that people aren’t thriving. However, it’s hard to get past all of the free energy, UFO, and Illuminati stuff.

    • a rational person says :

      foster gamble made the movie to get people to believe in conspiracy theories. that’s why it exists. it’s not about “a criticism of life on this planet.” it’s about illuminati, lizard men, jewish bankers and ron paul. i don’t see any wider philosophy, other than, hate those people (points finger) because they’re doing all this evil stuff.

  12. Lon Strickland says :

    Does the fact that astronauts, presidents, and some of the highest ranking credible officials claiming UFO sightings and interactions do nothing for skeptics? I think we should not be so quick to disregard some of these claims just because they make us uncomfortable. It’s certainly possible that there are more comfortable explanations to these incidents, but I think it’s irrational to make that leap so quickly. It’s an auto response for so many. For me, it’s far less interesting to disregard this information as ‘quack science’ than to simply entertain the notion… or probability that our universe does not fit as neatly into our spectrum of understanding than we previously imagined.

    • a rational person says :

      does the fact that there’s no proof, no scientific evidence and nothing but hearsay to support these claims do nothing for believers in this bullshit? I think we should not be so hasty to accept these claims just because we want to believe them.

      where’s the evidence? you got zip. nothing. zilcho. butkus. ab so loot lee nuthin. you believe this crap becuase u want to believe it, not because there’s anything to support it. got news for u hoss, the real world doesn’t work that way. sorry to bust your bubble.

      • Lon Strickland says :

        I know the “No” model of thinking quite well, it’s the easiest one to grasp, and I spent a large part of my life with that in my head. “No.” It’s so simple in fact, it seems far more absurd to me at this point. To try and comprehend the sheer vastness of the universe and just have the word “No” floating around in my brain. It’s so ridiculously close minded!

        You say there’s zero evidence with such certainty (and arrogance) but what about the thousands of videos and photos out there? There can’t be a spec of value there? What about the entire history of claims made by credible individuals who saw something they could not explain? Keep in mind these claims date back to the pre-Christian era. That’s a lot to write off. Is it really that difficult to accept that JUST ONE of the thousands upon thousands (if not millions) of claims could be legitimate?

        What about the fact that WE ARE sentient beings on a planet in space? Don’t you find that compelling? Aren’t WE all the evidence one really needs? Do you really think it’s outrageous to think that maybe another species like us could exist that has exceeded our technical feats? Don’t you think we would be a curiosity to a species that has harnessed the power of the universe in a way that we have yet to accomplish? I just think it’s logical, and to cast out any remnant of this possibility is becoming more and more the minority.

      • a rational person says :

        listen hoss, you don’t get it man. “ooh, i saw a light in the sky last night” does not mean “little green men from mars are visiting earth!”

        what u got with these various “sightings” is people seeing stuff. fine. i’ve seen stuff myself especially after a couple a shots of tequila. but what you’re missing is any connection between “that weird thing i saw last night” and “OMG IT MUST BE ALIENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” it’s not aliens, it’s never been aliens and you know there’s not a butt nugget of evidence to show it is.

        this is where your shit totally fails and you know it. so you can quack all you want about “the NO model of thinking” but all it is is an apology for u deciding to believe whatever the hell u want and then claiming you’re morally superior to people who disagree with you because they actually ask for EVIDENCE before believing in something. god forbid somebody approaches something with rationality and actually asks for the facts before belieiving in stupid fairy tales like “aliens abducted me from my bedroom last night!” lol, how stupid can you get?

  13. Lon Strickland says :

    It’s not a discussion or morals or values. It’s more about numbers and probability. I do think it’s great that we can comfortably ignore these things though. I don’t live my life constantly thinking about aliens showing up in the sky, but I probably think about it more than you do!

    I’ve had a number of dreams where they show up over our cities, and let me tell you, it’s a terrifying feeling. I’ll be the first to admit that fear is a very reasonable response. The fear is culturally imbedded though. So many of our stories and movies are about them coming to wipe us out. If that were the case though, and they are indeed real, I think we would have already been attacked. I don’t believe that would be an advanced civilization’s intention however. It could be something along the lines of the Prime Directive concept like in Star Trek. This is a code that restricts space traveling species from interacting with those who have yet to achieve it.

    I saw something in Michigan back in November of 2006 I could not explain. I thought I was looking at a plane when it suddenly shot off at a sixty degree angle from its original path at an incredible speed that just didn’t make any sense in my brain. That same morning, there were reports from O’Hare airport about an ominous black saucer shaped craft floating in the sky. Multiple witnesses saw it. My wife also knew someone who worked at the airport, and while he did not see it himself, he spoke to a number of people who did. Apparently, it sat there for a while, then just floated straight up and disappeared behind the clouds. This one was widely reported as well, there’s a lot of coverage out there on this particular sighting.

    In order to not believe it, I have accept everyone who claims to have seen it was lying, or that it was an object originating from this planet. Also I would have to believe that what I saw that morning in Michigan was just my eyes playing tricks on me, and the O’Hare incident was just a coincidence.

    I don’t claim to be morally superior. I’m just open to the possibility that we are not the only intelligence in this fucking HUGE universe.

    • a rational person says :

      hoss, you STILL DON’T GET IT. jeezuz, am i talking to myself?

      you see something in the sky over michigan in 2006. fine. i don’t doubt you saw it. but explain to me why the only 2 choices are:

      1. it’s an alien flying saucer with little green men from mars, or
      2. you didn’t see it at all and everyone is lying.

      the only reason you think these are the two choices is because you’ve got a throbbing hard-on to reach conclusion #1 and you won’t let any lack of evidence stand in your way. you want it to be a little green man. so you look past everything else just so u can reach that conclusion.

      this is what ufo nutbags don’t understand…it’s not a choice between “oh, what u say you saw never happened” and “OMG MR. SPOCK IS BEAMING DOWN FROM THE ENTERPRISE!!!!!” that’s never the choice. it’s a choice between, ok, what u saw could be this, that, something else, something else again, or still something else, but you got a hell of a lot of “something elses” to go through before you even get to little green men flying around in saucers or mr. spock beaming down from the enterprise.

      u say u saw something over michigan. ok. fine. but there are 975 different things it could have been. a little green man in a flying saucer is #974. but you want that to be #1. see how stupid that is?

      see how this works hoss?

      • Lon Strickland says :

        975 other possibilities? That’s a lot! Please elaborate. I would also be curious to know, if you had the power to mold the truth on an incident like this, what would be your answer? What would you be more comfortable with?

      • a rational person says :

        no one “molds” the truth. it’s not about that. and it’s not about what i’m “comfortable” with either. i know u want to make that the issue, but i won’t play because it’s a bullshit argument and you know it’s a bullshit argument.

        where is the evidence that what u saw in michigan was a little green man in a spaceship from another planet?

        i’ll tell u what the evidence is…zero.

        let’s take this thing u saw in michigan and look at the chances of what it could have been.

        it was something totally normal and everyday that happened to look weird at the time u saw it for some unusual reason – 90%.
        something unusual but explainable as being something from this planet which would be obvious to us if we had all the facts – 9.9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999%.
        little green man in a flying spaceship – 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000001%.

        you gonna bet on the little green man with those odds, hoss? if so i’d like a job as your bookie…i could put my kids thru college.

      • Wyboth says :

        Lon, I wrote a comment as a reply to someone else going in-depth to debunk alien visitors. Sadly, I don’t remember which article I posted it under. It’s very good, and I encourage you to read it. I think a rational person might know where it is; it was a reply to the guy who wanted Foster Gamble to lie to him again (I think it was ran_d). Rational, if you remember which page it’s on, please tell me, I really think this guy should read it.

      • a rational person says :

        wyboth, i think it was on the flower of life article. still can’t believe some nutbag wanted to argue about that. i mean, even haramein and gamble gave up on that one. talk about lost causes.

      • Wyboth says :

        I found it: It took me a while to write. I’d like it if you’d read it. Thanks, Rational.

    • Anastasio says :


      I’m surprised a grown man who references his dreams and…Star Trek has been entertained for this long in a debate.

      If you look around this blog, you will see that arguments that mostly consist of “I believe” are generally frowned upon due to the lack of intellectual content they present. Here we like to discuss the tangible, and more conspicuously, differing interpretations of the tangible – not prime directives of superior alien races that as of now, exist entirely in your head.

      You are still stuck in that “No Model” Lon, perhaps even more than ever.
      You proudly argue the law of averages yet pay no attention to the real possibility that we may actually be the only life form in the universe (perhaps not likely but still possible all the same). Are you mentally prepared for that outcome? Or are you still saying no?

      We could well have been visited by alien life, but of course, there’s a lack of suitable evidence to show this contact has taken place, so you must forgive the rest of mankind continuing its life as if it were alone in the universe.

      “Imagine showing a theater full of people from the 1800s Avatar in 3D. It would blow their minds. People would probably run out of the theater in absolute terror. ”

      And imagine putting those same people on a faster than light flight to Mars. What’s your point? That people are emotionally affected new experiences? You don’t have to travel one hundred years back in time with a copy of Avatar to demonstrate that.

      “I think we have a responsibility as an intelligent species to be open minded to new forms of intelligence and science.I think it’s silly and arrogant to assume we have it all figured out.”

      I would guess that if anyone really believed that then institutes like CERN would simply not exist. What is your straw man meant to prove? Who thinks like the above?

      “No one is without bias or emotion. We all view the universe through a lens of self interest. ”

      Correct, but whoever doesn’t view the universe through your lens is silly, arrogant, went to school and is close minded. Am I correct?

  14. Lon Strickland says :

    Okay I read your post. Confident points, I see you have a solid stance on the issue. However, the thing to remember about a technologically superior species is that they are in fact SUPERIOR. This implies that their science is beyond ours. Maybe by a million years? A billion years?

    Think about science and technology according to our timeline. The advancements we’ve made in only a hundred hears have been incredible. Imagine showing a theater full of people from the 1800s Avatar in 3D. It would blow their minds. People would probably run out of the theater in absolute terror.

    “That means it takes light, the very fastest thing in the Universe, an entire four years to get to there.”

    Yes, but that is the extent of OUR science. Understanding how light travels is the best WE can do. Is it possible that there are other means to traverse time and space that we are currently unaware of? Do you think it’s possible that a species that has been around for another million years could have figured things out that we haven’t yet?

    I think we have a responsibility as an intelligent species to be open minded to new forms of intelligence and science. I think it’s silly and arrogant to assume we have it all figured out. If you’re able to acknowledge that we’re merely a spec of dust in the entirety of the universe, than you must also be capable of acknowledging that it’s possible we only understand 1-2% of the entire scientific spectrum. Imagine what a species that has acquired 20% of this knowledge can do. 40%? 80%?

    I think it’s a valid question to ask what your ideal truth is. No one is without bias or emotion. We all view the universe through a lens of self interest. Are you open minded to the possibility that we are infants in a galactic community? Or does your world begin and end with what you learned in school, what you see on television or the internet, and what you read in books? Don’t you think it’s possible that there are things beyond your scope of understanding? There certainly are for 99% of the rest of life on this planet. What makes us so special?

    • Wyboth says :

      Well, not every alien race would be superior to us, but for the moment we can assume that they are. I’d like to ask you this: if they’re technologically superior, can they break the laws of physics? My answer is no. As of now, we’re pretty sure that nothing can break the speed of light (except for the recent neutrino measurement, but they go a fraction of a fraction of a mile per second faster). Of course, you could say “But what about wormholes? If they’re technologically superior, they could have developed wormhole technology, right?” As of now, there is nothing out there to say that wormholes are impossible. So yes, they may have developed wormholes. But, remember, they would still have to know that we’re here to teleport over. That still limits them to the 100 light year radius that I described before. In that radius, the probability that another advanced society exists and has developed wormhole technology is still slim to none. Of course, they could get lucky and randomly teleport to us, but if they went around teleporting to random places, they’d probably end up in the core of a star before they came to Earth. Besides, space is uncomprehensibly vast, so the probability of them teleporting next to us would be uncomprehensibly small as well.

      I also see you use the “look how far we’ve come” argument. A lot of people have asked me that, and I have a very robust answer. Here it is: all of the inventions that people have said were impossible were all possible according to science. The people who said it wasn’t possible said so because of their own opinions, not because of scientific law. We now know that traveling faster than the speed of light is impossible, and that’s a scientific fact. As of yet, no inventions have been made that break a scientific fact. They’ve broken opinions, yes, but not fact.

      Now, keep in mind, I’m not closed minded to aliens. I believe they do exist, but I don’t believe that they’ve visited Earth. I think if we ever do make contact with aliens that it will be one of the most important scientific discoveries of all time, if not the most important. But, the laws of physics make alien contact unlikely and alien visits next to impossible. I wish it didn’t have to be that way, but we can’t change it, so we’ll just have to accept it. I know you’re going to reply and say “But we don’t have it all figured out yet!” I know that, and I’m not even pretending that we do know everything about physics. But that doesn’t mean what we do know is wrong. Our understanding of the universe can be thought of as running a marathon. The finish line is when we know everything. We’re about 1/5th of the way finished right now. What I think of when I hear your argument is someone who’s overwhelmed and wants to quit when they see how much is left to go. You see, because we’re not done doesn’t mean we should quit. We won’t get anywhere if we do that. So, even though we don’t know everything, we do know some things, and we don’t have to throw those out the window because of what’s unknown.

      Now, I’ll answer your question about what my ideal truth is. My ideal truth is to understand the true workings of the universe entirely. My previous estimate of 1/5th is actually a guess; nobody knows how far we are to understanding everything, because we don’t know how much there is to know. I’m sure there are things that we don’t understand yet, and I’m perfectly fine with that. As I said before, I’m not pretending to know everything. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that whenever I write these sort of comments, people see me as being negative or closed minded. I’m not trying to be either, I’m just trying to be realistic. It seems like whever you say something is impossible, you’re automatically closed minded. This is kind of childish; at some point you have to accept that there are some things that just can’t happen. From our experiments, we found that nothing can travel faster than light, and this applies to everything. If you know that something cannot happen for certain, then you can disqualify anything that would require that to be possible as being true. It’s not negative, it’s just rational. I’m sorry that aliens can’t visit, I wish they could too, but it just can’t happen.

      • Wyboth says :

        Looks like faster than light neutrinos was a miscalculation. I can’t link to it because I’m on a Wii, so just google it.

  15. Douglas says :

    Life is short and your going to regret wasting so much time and effort on this stupid blog. How about you watch Nassim Haramein’s Black Whole DVD, research ancient civilizations open a book open your mind, then maybe if you pull your head out your arse you might just see what is real because there is only singularity aka tetragrammaton aka yhwh aka black hole. Just because humans don’t know or understand something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Have you never heard of the Ark of the Covenant, or have you debunked that and all? The powers that be obviously know and understand the true potential of the singularity. It has bee encoded into every religion every pyramid, every cathedral ect for thousands of years. So what if thrive doesn’t elaborate every finite point, your not a fucking child go and do your true research.

    Do us all a favor and pull the plug on this pot of shite!

    • Wyboth says :

      Wow… maybe you should examine your faith in all of your beliefs before you accuse us of being ignorant. Really, just because someone doesn’t believe in what you believe (and we have good reasons not to) doesn’t mean that we’re all sheeple and have our heads up our asses. I’d recommend that you actually read the articles here and think about them instead of flaming us because we disagree with you.

      • Beenie says :

        Reasonably, I agree with both sides of the argument, and like most who have looked into conspiracy theories, I’d like to think that I’m open minded.

        I think the opinions shown by the debunkers are generally valid, though occasionally arrogant. I also think ‘a rational person’ should change his name to ‘an insulting troll’.

        I do believe certain sociological factors can lead to people believing in conspiracy theories, but I also believe corruption and lies fuel a lot of it.

        I do find the debunking element of this website to be fairly pointless and at times, egotistical. The NWO could be real, it could not, I’m not jumping to either conclusion. In fact, i’d hope that I’m using both sides of the argument to become a more enlightened individual.

        Either way, since this site promotes enlightenment (in what I believe is a round-about fashion) it’s a good thing that it exists.

        Instead of pointlessly bickering, I think we should ground our reality in truths proved beyond reasonable doubt, but be aware that much bigger concepts could easily exist and not appeal to our reality’s laws, or human rational. In theory this could make seemingly ridiculous notions, such as ‘lizard people’, more plausible than supposed debunked events as 9/11. Ironic ay?

      • anticultist says :

        You clearly misunderstand critical thinking and skepticism. Where there is no evidence, and for that matter no evidence offered, then there is absolutely no reason to believe in something.

        If there is at least some form of evidence that is plausible or reasonable offered then an open minded discussion can take place. Otherwise a skeptic is well within all reasonable behaviour to ignore or disbelieve the claims of believers.

        So since there is no evidence for lizaardy men ruling the earth, no evidence for men shape shifting into lizardy men, and no evidence for 911 other than the pejorative and speculative. All of which have been thoroughly rebuked by skeptics long after an open minded discussion was necessary.

        Yet still believers in these topics demand some kind of equal respect in intellectual discourse, long after they have provided no evidence after being asked, and even after having been falsified.

      • anticultist says :

        So the shortfall of my previous post is the following: Disbelief in a topic does not indicate closed mindedness, rather it just shows that person is waiting for someone to prove it worthy of belief.
        If believers can’t even provide any evidence for their claims worthy of debate, or even bother to find some, then skeptics can absolutely deny and disbelieve any claims people make without any intellectual debate about the matter.

        The burden of proof always rests with those making claims, and skeptics are under no obligation to entertain the stupidity of everyone who demands it.

      • Tim Gard says :

        Lets see ‘Thrive debunked’, you walked into a room of 1000 people, had a conversation about specific subject’s you did not believe in with each of them, and based on this cleverly collected datum, you decided they were all insane. Clever … stupid, but somehow clever. I would bet that Nicola Tesla would have been hyped as a fool by you also if you were a reporter in his time. You claim to be an ‘independent observer’. Well I am an independent observer, and yes I agree that there are some things that are quite probably untrue within this realm of Thrive, not proven by me, only opinion based on information at hand, but your blatant attacks are definitely from an obviously bigoted, adamant point of view. In my view the jury is still out on the Thrive device, but you are a different story. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, waddles like a duck it quite probably is a duck. And you are ‘quite probably’ not an ‘independent observer’.

      • a rational person says :

        and tim gard is ‘quite probably’ a total nutbag who believes in lizard people and thinks 911 was an inside job. right hoss?

    • Anastasio says :

      Hi Douglas,

      I remember my first post on the internet too.

  16. your mom says :

    who ever wrote thrive debunked never received the love he deserved from his mother. you are a giant fuck that should burn in a pit of boiling shit you good for nothing fuck. may my karma get me, as it will you.

    • anticultist says :

      Peace loving hippies acting like violent hateful human beings, you got to love how easily they become unhinged from their ways so easily.

    • Wyboth says :

      Slayer, should we add this to “Who wants me dead?”

    • Wyboth says :

      If karma is real, in your next life you’ll die in a pit of boiling shit.

    • Frankie says :

      Surely, if you think this is peace, then what is war for you?
      You are clearly an unstable nutbag with a pit of boiling shit instead of a brain.
      Good afternoon.

  17. Tim Gard says :

    Well the tangents you expell extrapolate exactly what I have been saying … you obviously have ulterior motives … Rational people can be idiots as you prove in your irrational comments. But thats OK. We need cannon fodder as well as gun powder …

    • a rational person says :

      do u or don’t u believe in nutty nutbag shit like lizard people or “911 was an inside job”?

      • Neo says :


    • Frankie says :

      You know what we need? To show people like you how delusional your ideas are. Go ahead and believe in santa claus and his elves if it suits you.

  18. Aleister Crowmley says :

    If this movie is so crazy as you say, why make a blog about it? If they are crazy, let them being crazy. I don’t see a blog about crackheads talking about the beast and the 666 simbol. And the church and things like that. So yeah, let’s work and give them the money and forget about it. Pay the oil and shut up. i don’t agree with a lot in the movie, but the banking system, and that they control the media, oh yeah, it’s true. I don’t think on aliens and all that, but my father was one of the masonics master, and the thing is real, they talking about it. I was there. I’m eating inside that. They have temples for what? For Fun? So yeah, why won’t you let them talking, they are crazy right, what are you afraid? A French Revolution? hahaha, Cut them heads off, redistribute their money, thats only 3 families. I’m hungry!!!!!

    • anticultist says :

      You obviously don’t understand how pernicious belief in conspiracy theories is, or are choosing to ignore it. They can seriously effect a persons life and mental well being, as well as affect friends and family. Jobs, life choices, trust, relationships, everything are affected by belief people or your government are out to kill you or is doing evil tings behind the curtains against you. This mentality is extremely dangerous, and conspiracy theories promote this manner of thinking only.

      It is very negative mind set and one fraught with logical inconsistency and false beliefs. Combine that with lack of impulse control and paranoia and you have a time bomb on your hands.

      Blogs like this are not to convert the crazy, that never happens, the crazy always have a back fire effect and head to the bunkers. Blogs like this are to warn and help those suffering from the side effects of people they know involved, or those not yet fully involved. They do a social service of some small kind, and if one person is helped it is worth it.

    • Frankie says :

      You know why this blog was made? Well, because apparently some people are so stupid that they believe in the movie. They are people who need help. And that includes you and your woo company.

  19. Tim Gard says :

    I understand your concern in this regard, however the exact same concerns could have been spoken by people warning of the insanity of those who suggested the Earth was not flat … Yes, there will be those who are simply too gullible, but that does not mean that if someone says something you are unsure of you should indescriminately dismiss it as the head nut on this sight seems to be doing. It is simply unfair to those who are able to think outside the box, and lets face it, thats where all the new stuff is always stored … That does not mean you can not be suspect, but you should never dismiss something simply because you ‘do not get it’ … However if someone says the Earth is flat, then you can safely say they are nuts … the very same ones who swore those with the right answers were nuts long ago! … Ironic, is it not?

    • anticultist says :

      “but that does not mean that if someone says something you are unsure of you should indescriminately dismiss it as the head nut on this sight seems to be doing”

      Actually yes you do dismiss people unless they can provide evidence, I am not going to take anything on board as real without it. I have said it elsewhere but I have no obligation to anyone to believe a word they say unless they can prove it.

      “It is simply unfair to those who are able to think outside the box, and lets face it, thats where all the new stuff is always stored …”

      No it is being realistic with people who believe or claim things that are unproven or based in reality. And things that are solved are not done in the realms of dreaming or wishy washy claims, things are resolved in the cold light of reality and evidence.

      “That does not mean you can not be suspect, but you should never dismiss something simply because you ‘do not get it’ ”

      There is nothing to get from Thrive or the peopel who believe in it, or from conspiracy theories. Everything offered is conjecture, anecdote and faith based thinking, it is simple to ignore and rebuke. The day a conspiracy theorist comes with evidence that can withstand criticism wil be the day I admit they have a point and concede m skepticism.

      Simply put there is nothing they have to make me want to believe them.

  20. Tim Gard says :

    Hey anticultist, hows it goin? Thank you for the reasonable response, it shows you are an intelligent person, and that is hard to find in these forums sometimes. I understand your concerns and they are certainly not without merit. But let me take you through an analogy to maybe explain what I am trying to point out. You are out in a boat and you look over the side and see a hundred sheephead (fish). Bony, greasy, bad tasting *and * ugly! Then you see, for an instant, a magnificent trophy yellow pike, the biggest and most beautiful fish you have ever seen, then it disappears under the sheephead in a flash … Now you might row away from that because of the hundred sheephead, but me, I want that pike! And I will hook all 100 of them smelly sheephead if thats what it takes to get that pike! Would you? But also what might appear to be a sheephead in an instant just might turn out to be a pike! If theres one in there then there might be two … Remember the people who said the Earth was not flat were conspiracy theorists in their day! Would you have rejected them because they did not think like everyone else? Thinking the Earth was flat and supported by a great tortis is about as whacked as one can get … but it was considered the truth by allmost all those days including the Church. And with such conviction in some areas you would be burned at the stake for simply saying it! The solution? Never say never! Boy that is ironic, isn’t it?

    • a rational person says :

      your analogy makes absolutely no sense at all. you really think we’re going to start believing in nutbag conspiracy shit because of this? u’re fucking delusional. all of you conspiracy fucks are fucking delusional.

      no one thought the earth was flat. the ancient egyptians proved it was round. columbus didn’t think the earth was flat. you don’t understand history, you don’t understand theology, you don’t understand science, and you sure as hell don’t understand whatever the fuck you think you’re talking about. so why don’t you just fuck off?

    • anticultist says :

      You analogy pretty much says that digging through ten tonnes of bullshit you might find a diamond. Which is fine if you want to stink of shit and and spend you life as a social pariah.

      The truth of the matter is if you are looking for dirt, then conspiracy theories are the wrong place to look, they are a misdirection. The real dirt is found in every day living, politics/law/business ethics/warfare these are where all the real social injustices occur. They are real and observable, and fixable.

      Conspiracy theories on the other hand are like trying catch invisible smoke, they don’t exist and if they did the way they are framed by conspiratards they could never be caught anyway. Yet they keep trying, all the while telling you the NWO are like gods. It’s embarrassing to watch.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Oh, here you are again – I’m with the dude who called you the Gestapo Thought Police…You seem to pop up everywhere and usually you choose to control the flow of whichever information you deem as not subjective to your outcome as really unimportant…Uh, why? And who are you? Perhaps you too need to start a blog-website on everything you find disagreeable in regards to existence, and then trample over your own sycophants and minions as you wish – I mean, doesn’t America already have a proven track record for waging wars (everywhere) for economic uplift? I suppose you could further perpetuate one online, more so than Anonymous has accomplished? 😉

      • anticultist says :

        I have a blog on the zeitgeist movement and venus project, another turd fest like this thrive crap. Try and keep up sweetheart

    • Anastasio says :

      Tim Gard,

      Why do you insist on clinging to the ridiculous notion that debunkers share something in common with those who argued that the world was flat hundreds of years ago?

      Surely arguing that the world is flat is a good example of the errors one can make when relying on faith/religious/political based motivation (truthers) rather than choosing to abide by the protocols of science and observation (everyone else) in whatever age the event happens.

      The irrelevance and error in your flat Earth analogy has been pointed out to you more than once, and it’s puzzling that you’ve still yet to grasp it given your apparent aptitude at recognising a bigoted and adamant point of view.

      “I would bet that Nicola Tesla would have been hyped as a fool by you also if you were a reporter in his time.”

      Another irrelevant and puzzling comment but nevertheless, Nikola (he signed his name with a ‘k’ not a ‘c’) Tesla was a fool.

      He was egotistical, self-obsessed, was deliberately distant to the ones who cared about him, he openly berated Einstein with his own ‘superior’ theory on relativity and then completely failed to deliver it, he abhorred Marconi for delivering transatlantic radio communication for humanity’s benefit, owed money left right and centre, worked on developing weapons of mass destruction (Jesus, what a philanthropist!) and best of all, he fucked with the Hydra of Wall Street and pissed $150,000 of the man’s money away and everyone believes this somehow makes him a hero.

      A little humility and a very basic introduction to project management would have served the guy better, but it’s not unfair to say the man was a fool.

      The point being?

      • Wyboth says :

        I think he’s talking about him in relation to science, not in his personal life. I would rebut him by pointing out that Tesla came to his scientific conclusions through the scientific method; therefore, we would not have thought that he was a crank, as we do Nassim Haramein, who odes not reach his conclusions through the scientific method.

  21. Tim Gard says :

    Well, I guess the point is, as long as you recognize that shit is shit, the persuit of a valuable mission is only dependant on how strong your stomach is. Coming from a farming community and owning livestock, dealing with shit is not really that offensive to me. But yes, it is still shit and I would not add it to my peanutbutter sandwich … But without that shit we would not have milk or meat in our diets. The milk and meat is the Pike in that analogy … Just because something is repulsive does not mean it has no value, I guess this is my point. And I can tell you from experience, just because someone is sincere does not mean they are not full of shit, but I have seen those persecuted simply because they spoke the truth which was not in line with current thought … Magellian was my example, and his claim showed just how much shit the status quo can hold! In your course of action, Magellian would not have made his journey, because he was full of shit in the eyes of the world. That would make you responsible for the greatest non-truth perpetuating in the history of Man. If you are OK with that, thats OK. You are the Captain of your soul, no one else.

    • anticultist says :

      Wrong, Magellan had science and evidence on his side, something the pseudo scientists and conspiracy theorists do not. As was explained by rational the knowledge that the Earth was round was something already well understood by ancient cultures and in fact the experiment to prove it by the ancient Greeks (6th century BC) was even explained by Carl Sagan in his epic show ‘Cosmos’. This knowledge was not lost on the World, it was in fact knowledge that was well known. The whole claim Europeans and civilised culture believed in a flat Earth is a along debunked misconception by those who do not understand history. It is in fact a myth.

      In fact Magellan was likely only hindered by political bureaucracy and/or competitors, as opposed to indoctrinated belief about the nature of the earth and participatory prevention of that knowledge.

      Long story short Magellan was not seen as full of shit, knowledge the Earth was round was well understood, and those who wheel out these tropes are not representing history accurately.

      • Tim Gard says :

        Sorry, 10th grade history was half a century ago. Can you fill in the story of how the Earth was thought to be flat and why humans believed this to be true? This was my point, not who was involved specifically … convenient for your arguement I admit, but what do the facts suggest? My point is, if your mind is closed no matter what century you reside, truth becomes irrelevant, does it not?

      • Wyboth says :

        You can read all you want about flat Earth here:

      • anticultist says :

        Of course if your mind is closed there will be problems accepting truth, one only has to look at any fundamentalist to see it in action. However, this is applicable in its entirety to conspiracy theorists, for they wheel out long debunked claims from the previous 1 – 6 decades,and stil refuse to accept the glaring evidence against these claims as being valid refutations.

        This kind of closed mindedness is actually a huge problem for conspiracy theorists, because skeptics and scientists and critical thinkers all agree, if the information is in need of updating due to evidence, then the world view changes with it, along with opinion and beliefs. This is not problematic to us because we have no emotional investment in our evidence, it either is true by proof or it is not.

        Conspiracy theorists will rarely ever concede their beliefs even when faced with absolute evidence, they will continue to hold contradictory view points siply because they refuse to accept facts and change.

        This is well known in psychological fields as various human behaviors such as back fire effect, cognitive dissonance, confirmation/dis-confirmation bias, apophenia and a few others worthy of researching.

        You will find any of us debunkers here willing to update our worldview providing scientific validity is presented. Conspiracy theorists however are the ones you ought to be addressing your concerns to.

      • Wyboth says :

        Well said! I agree!

  22. Wyboth says :

    Here’s some slightly ontopic humor:

  23. Tim Gard says :

    The simple point I am trying to make here is that it is not good science to dismiss someone simply because they are excentric. People who spoke of a ball shaped planet were considered excentric centuries ago, Nicola Tesla was as excentric as they come, and many thought he also was a kook, Albert Einstein had issues with memory due to his ability to exclusively focus on a specific problem but ignoring simple things like eating. All I am trying to say, and for some reason some childish people feel high and mighty by attacking me, is that excentricity does not mean someone does not have the ability to differentiate between fantasy and truth. In point, these excentric people usually have an advantage over others when it comes to new development. In regard to the testimony of many of the people on the site you are whining about, there are US Air Force high ranking officers, many of them pilots, who have claimed to withess exterterriestial incidences as well as commercial pilots, police officers, physicians, scientists, and other people of high confidence. These are the people I have listened to on the site you blaze. But if someone can only respond by claiming ‘Thats stupid!’ then I recognize they probably have the mentality of a child, and understanding basic math is more than a real challenge. Now, you children can go back to throwing your toys about the room, I am wasting my time with idiots.

    • Wyboth says :

      Nonsense. We do not dismiss people because they are eccentric, we dismiss them because they cannot prove the claims they are making. Round earthers could prove their theory. Tesla had real results with his inventions. Albert Einstein could prove that his theories were true. Do we think they were frauds because they were a bit looney? Hell no! They contributed greatly to the fields of science, and are recognized as such. However, people like Adam Trombly and Nassim Haramein cannot show the effects of their inventions or the validity of their theories, yet spout them as truth, which is why we call them kooks, especially when they have been proven wrong.

      Your analysis of ufo claims ignores the unreliability of eyewitness claims and the scientific impossibility of ufos. No matter how high ranking you are, you can see something in the sky and misinterpret it as a ufo. It is usually a very easily explained celestial phenomenon or a common atmospheric occurrence. Yet it is foreign to the person who is observing it, and they become excited and jump to the conclusion that it is a ufo. This is the reason why you cannot rely on eyewitness testimonies: the witness has no evidence that what they saw wasn’t out of the ordinary, which most of the time it isn’t. Also, if ufos were real, there would be more evidence than a ragtag group of people who saw something shiny in the sky, wouldn’t there?

      My other point about ufos is that it is scientifically impossible for them to be visiting Earth. I posted a very long and in-depth comment on the flower of life article explaining why they are impossible. I will reproduce it here. The full comment is in this link:

      “There are aliens out there and they’re not friendly!” I would bet everything I own that there is extraterrestrial life somewhere in the universe. When you think about the vastness of the Universe, it’s very hard to believe we’re alone. But! The chances that another intelligent extraterrestrial civilization is aware of our existance is slim to none. Think about it: the only way they could know about us is if they picked up our radio transmissions. Radio waves travel at the speed of light: 186,000 miles per second. “That’s fast!” you might say. Yes, it is fast. In fact, it’s the fastest anything can go. But, on a cosmic scale, distance wins over speed. The distance light can travel in one year is referred to as a lightyear. The distance to the nearest star, Proxima Centauri, is four light years. That means it takes light, the very fastest thing in the Universe, an entire four years to get to there. And that’s the closest star to us! Now think for a minute: our first radio transmission was about 100 years ago (and that’s a very generous estimate). That means the only aliens that would know we are here are within a 100 light year radius of us. To put this in scale, our galaxy is millions of light years across. So an alien civilization on the other side of the galaxy would have no clue that we’re here. And that’s just within our own galaxy! Our entire Universe is about 26 BILLION light years across. Even if an alien civilization lived in the Andromeda galaxy, our next-door neighbor, we would be long gone by the time they heard us. And that’s just the time necessary for them to know about us! For them to actually come and visit would take even longer. Let’s assume there’s an intelligent civilization living on a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri. They hear our radio signals and decide to plan a trip. But, they run into a problem: the trip will take four years. This isn’t some ordinary Sunday stroll. The only way to make the trip is to build a massive space colony, where you can grow food, live, etc. And that’s assuming they can travel at the speed of light! Our fastest spacecraft, the New Horizons mission to Pluto, would take FIFTY THOUSAND YEARS to make it to Proxima Centauri! That’s longer than the human race has existed. The aliens, traveling at that speed, would have to have their kids continue the mission, and then their kids, and their kids, and on and on. Assuming that each generation did continue the mission, by the time they actually reached Earth so many generations would have passed that they would very likely have forgotten why they had come. Even if they did remember, there’s only a small chance that we’d still be here. We could have been wiped out by Global Warming, asteroids, or many other things. Or, we may have decided to leave Earth ourselves, which then they would have to go on another voyage to follow us, initiating a wild goose chase at which any sane alien would say “I give up!” Again, that’s assuming they live right next door at Proxima Centauri. The best we could do with them would be to become pen pals, sending a radio message, then waiting 8 years for a response. Also, keep in mind that life has to evolve. You don’t just get an intelligent civilization on every habitable planet. You start with single-celled bacteria, gradually working your way up the ladder. Remember, getting an intelligent civilization takes millions of years, assuming no catastrophe wipes everything out and you have to start all over again. This means that if we ever do find aliens, they’ll probably be germs.

      Now, I’ve been very generous with all of these descriptions. Probably the actual chance that we’re being visited by aliens is much less than I’ve made it seem like. Thinking about all of this, the chance that we’re being visited by aliens is about 1 in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000. In other words, WE’RE NOT BEING VISITED BY ALIENS. If you should even beg to differ after reading all of this, then you should consider psychological help.

    • Anastasio says :

      “The simple point I am trying to make here is that it is not good science to dismiss someone simply because they are excentric.”

      And who is guilty of this Tim? And who in particular is being dismissed? It’s the scientific evidence that counts, not whether you choose to walk around town wearing a pink cravat and a Jack Russel Terrier on your shoulder or because you flippantly wear an earring in the office.

      It’s good that you can grasp this though; all singing off the same hymn sheet and all that.

      “People who spoke of a ball shaped planet were considered excentric centuries ago,”

      Though two ‘ball shaped’ stellar objects were visible to the world’s population in regular cycles every day and studied by many civilisations all over the world thousands of years ago.

      From my office window I can see a recumbent standing stone circle which was used nearly 5,000 years ago to track the phases of the moon – meaning the people who built it had a fair idea it orbited around what ever it was they were standing on.

      Have you ever heard of Eratosthenes Tim?

      If by ‘people’ you’re refer to Galileo, then he was considered more of a heretic than an eccentric actually Tim, and there is a world of difference between the two definitions – and a ‘ball shaped planet’ was very old news by this time anyway. Regardless, the heretics still had scientific observation on their side but they were up against the tyranny of a faith-based institution.

      Can you see the similarities between scientific and faith-based arguments that unfold in this blog?

      So, why choose to assimilate debunkers with the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church instead of the scientific observations that were being made thousands of years prior?

      Selective reasoning is the conclusion you will come to.

      “Nicola Tesla was as excentric as they come, and many thought he also was a kook, Albert Einstein had issues with memory due to his ability to exclusively focus on a specific problem but ignoring simple things like eating.”

      The depth of Tesla’s eccentricity is a matter of personal opinion. Taste and wealth (or the impression thereof) should not be confused with eccentricity, unless we want to label the majority of Tesla’s company at the time as eccentric. His ‘eccentricity’ developed over a series of mental breakdowns (though I do not worship the man it is heart breaking to learn of what he experienced) and unfortunately, anyone else who prefers the company of pigeons and walks three times around the block before entering their home would earn a slightly less than flattering moniker from today’s society.

      Why people seek to deify and then parody the man is beyond me – especially those who can’t even get the his name right.

      And if claiming to have made contact with extraterrestrials defines one as a kook, then Tesla simply cannot escape the same derision. Though I appreciate you’d rather appeal to authority and take the word of ‘people of high confidence’ as gospel to demonstrate this is not necessarily so, past headlines have seen pilots operating under the influence of drink, police officers involved in paedophile rings and physicians molesting their patients. A person’s job title does not necessarily guarantee their integrity in their own business, never mind the business of extraterrestrial encounters.

      Getting back to the topic, neither Tesla nor Einstein were dismissed for their ‘eccentricity’, as we can all comfortably witness by their legacies.

      Again, the point is?

      “In point, these excentric people usually have an advantage over others when it comes to new development.”

      Is this merely your opinion or have you seen a study that confirms this statement?

      ———————————————————————————————–” I am wasting my time with idiots.”

      I prefer the term ‘eccentric’ thanks. Why not? Works for everyone else.

      “Now, you children can go back to throwing your toys about the room,”

      What? You’re just going to pick up your toys and leave?

      Oh, ok then, see ya!

  24. Eaton Pickles says :

    Hola Meurtos! I’m about to sit through this 2 hour+ pelicula of Thrive (unfortunately…:/) I’ve also reviewed the other stellar entertainment that our dear YouTube produces. So far I’ve debated the truthiness of flippant interpretations of the Sandy Hook assault where I felt compelled to read over 200+ comments on everything from, “it was a space alien!” to the ubiquitous “it’s ALL fake, trust me! It’s just made up to assert CONTROL over our firearms!” to the FEMA prison work camps, that are EVERYWHERE! (???) I have yet to disprove that and I do hope them some of these individuals do find meaningful employment there, one fateful day. >;)

    I get that you do this blog to address this one issue of THRIVE, but why are you wasting so much time on this one insignificant film? *Scratching-my-head…Yes, you’re very into debunking conspiracies, but I don’t think the debunking is for anyone else, but yourself. As I said above, I’m about to watch the film, but I want you to keep in mind, that really your blog has no intrinsic value as probably does this ridiculous film.

    Skepticism is an entire entity unto itself as are the conspiracy theorists that butter your bread. So in that respect, and although you understand yourself to be at separate end of the spectrum, you really aren’t. It’s a complete symbiotic relationship; completely dysfunctional, but a relationship on the exact same spectrum of existence. So as I always do, I may just find value in both your points of view – I’ve now said I believe what Mr. Foster Gamble intended to say in less than 351 words. Now I want my booby prize!

    Peace and keep debunking because I suppose as fast as they prop up a conspiracy theory, they’ll most definitely need the wayward end to be disparaging. But, you most definitely NEED each other 😉 And that’s all you need to know *Insert your fake conspiracy here!*.
    (In case you missed the point both the film THRIVE and your debunking site, really don’t need to exist at all yet somehow they both do 😉

  25. Eaton Pickles says :

    Buenas Noches, Muertos. 🙂 So I have watched THRIVE and evaluated both your debunking website and the film. My conclusions are as follows:

    You both use logical fallacies to justify all of the points presented. I find that you have both actually made very interesting and fundamental observations on “reality” – You both have defined and followed a paradigm of “what is science” and you both have reproduced the reality which you have chosen to present…One catch, both are loaded with cognitive biases.

    I do have the complete background on Foster Gamble, but I’m unsure as to where your credentials and experience have come from to evaluate what you have presented.

    You have made this point abundantly clear according to your understanding of what constitutes your reality, that credentials are very important. So, I’m curious as to what is your background? Simply because this is the structure for which you have assessed credibility to the majority of speakers within the THRIVE video; they should be equally entitled to your CV and experience.

    I suppose it’s something along the lines of the typical fallacy, “Prove to me the Moon is NOT made of green cheese?”

    Unfortunately I do not relinquish my university library access to just anyone floating around aimlessly in cyberspace, so you will have to make do with these pages from Wikipedia on logical fallacies and etc.:

    Fundamental Attribution Errors:

    Cognitive Biases:

    And as Saint Augustine so eloquently *UNDERSTOOD:
    “A thing is not necessarily true because badly uttered, nor false because spoken magnificently.”- Saint Augustine

    So, feel free to debunk my comment, your website and the film but personally, I think everyone involved is full of poop! <—Attribution Error yet also an observation of “reality”, oh-my!

    • anticultist says :

      Gosh what a boring reply, all you ask for are his credentials. I am unsure if you will get any from him, but I can tell you that he is post graduate, a qualified lecturer, and he majors in history, other than that you probably would get nothing else.

      Your little posts about cognitive bias are actually fairly laughable, because you talk as if Muertos has never come across logic or cognitive functions before, clear evidence you have not even read this blog. Muertos has even touched upon these topics himself, a lot less than some of the rest of us. However what is funny is that you make these claims about him without providing clear examples of where he is biased and which exact claims or points he has made utilising cognitive biases.

      So how about you provide your claim with examples instead of general ipso facto cardboard statements ?

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        I’m not familiar with who you are but I can appreciate your passive aggressive comments! My comments are directed and asked for Muertos. From what I gather this website is essentially maintained and written by him/her. Again, no filibustering because I know he/she should be held to the exacting standards that he/she applies to everyone else. 😉 I’m pretty sure you understand that concept quite well. Thanks for your non informative rebuttal!

      • anticultist says :

        Like I said he rarely posts here, so if you want to provide your examples ?

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Again Mr Cultural Barometer, my questions and information I seek cannot come from you. As you well know 😉 Are his/her sock puppet, paid shill or pretending not to be Muertos? I’m confused why you feel as though you must rebuttal anyone who seeks information, debunks both the film and this website, etc…? 😉

      • anticultist says :

        Because I like to show how people like you who post here can’t back up their claims. See how it works yet ?

    • a rational person says :

      stupid nutbag. why would muertos even waste his time answering u? u probably believe 911 was an inside job.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Again, I have no idea what either of you are referring. My questions, concerns and observations are very valid. You will not be able to quell with a case of False Authority Syndrome. When you produce a website questioning the authority and/or interpretations of anothers: credentials thereby making them conclusive to the thing* you are supposedly debunking, you must at least give attention to your own credentials or authority on the matter. I know (strongly!) that Muertos has placed emphasis on this idea alone.

        Fundamentalism of Skepticism:
        I have Mr Dawkins credentials and Mr Higgs – And at least with Mr Higgs he has conclusively proved reality, whereas Dawkins generally tends to be a skeptical fundamentalist unholy terror and has virtually neither proved nor disproved, really anything of value.

        Peter Higgs criticises Richard Dawkins over anti-religious ‘fundamentalism’
        “What Dawkins does too often is to concentrate his attack on fundamentalists. But there are many believers who are just not fundamentalists,” Higgs said in an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo. “Fundamentalism is another problem. I mean, Dawkins in a way is almost a fundamentalist himself, of another kind.”

        My points illustrated; question EVERYTHING. 😉

      • anticultist says :

        How about you quit avoiding my requests for you to back up your claims.

        You said Muertos was using cognitive bias, and I have asked you twice now to provide examples of it to back up your claims.

        Now either you can provide examples or we can just ignore your comments about logical flaws and cognitive biases in this blog.

        It seems to me you are unable to back up what you say.or are hoping that by sidetracking the dialogue into other topics no one here will notice,.

        Can you or can you not provide evidence of Muertos’ cognitive bias and logical flaws or not ? we are waiting.

      • a rational person says :

        antic, just ignore this pickle fucker guy. i’m sure hes a 911 truther or believes in lizard people or something. besides, muertos has made like 1 comment here in what 3 months? 4 months? i’m sure he’s gonna come rush in off whatever beach he’s laying on to come answer this stupid nutbag. yea right. keep dreamin, hoss

      • Frankie says :

        You are a nutbag who believes in fairies and elves. You must also believe that the cat in the hat is real.
        You are delusional as fuck, and your brain is full of feces.
        this is for Eaton Pickles.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        I have no idea who any of you are, or whether you’re pretending not to be this Muertos. Mr rational person, I have a voice, and I’m a person so therefore I assign value to what I believe and what I don’t – Don’t assign your bias upon me, thanks! I don’t really care if you believe in 9/11 or not, nor should you care what I CHOOSE to believe or not. I haven’t said anything regrading that, either way ;P Obviously at least one of you is actively monitoring ALL comments and watching over this website…;) Ps. The majority of your comments are: baseless and trite.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Wow, Frankie – You’re extremely hostile and perhaps disturbed. I think you’re crazy but not in an excusable way, say that you are suffering from an actual Mental Illness, Schizophrenia caused by T. gondii or anything – More like, Cluster B personality disorders, showing both features of Narcissistic and perhaps Antisocial traits…My suggestion is, acknowledge your weird comments online, stalking etc and cease to abuse others with this derogatory language – Either that or you will be assigned those labels and hunted down by the Thought Police-Gestapo 😉 Unless this is YOUR job? ;D

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Anticultist – Last time, I have questions Muertos either answers them or not. Enough with the fillibustering and playing the straw man. I won’t be responding to any more of your comments. Have a nice evening 🙂

      • anticultist says :

        Post your evidence her and maybe in time he will get back to you, but it’s starting to look like your claims are completely empty ,and you are just banging your gums about logic and cognitive bias in order to look smart.

        Thing is you are talking to a bunch of people who can analyse your claims and see right through them. For all your talk about intellectual matters you sure don’t provide evidence other than drivel.

      • a rational person says :

        this pickle fucker guy thinks debunker bloggers are “paid shills” or “disinfo agents”. right there u know he’s a nutbag. definately a 911 truther. probably believes in new world order or illuminati shit or “rockefellers own the federal reserve”. maybe believes in lizard people. thinks he knows something about logical fallacies which means he’s got his ass handed to him by debunkers before. notice he’s trying to sound like a debunker and trying to use a lot of words they use cuz he thinks its cute to “give em a taste of their own medicine”. & notice he’s trying to make it sound like it don’t matter what conspiracy theories he believes in cuz he’s tired of having that used against him. my guess is he used to argue conspiracies on jref or something like that but didn’t learn anything. still a nutbag tho

      • anticultist says :

        oh he’s a crank for sure, paid shills is just his weak excuse for being ineffective in life.

    • Anastasio says :

      @Eaton Pickles

      “So I have watched THRIVE and evaluated both your debunking website and the film.”

      Regrettably Pickles, I must append to that statement that it is patently obvious to anyone reading your posts that you have done neither to the extent you would like us to think you have. But still, keep the pantomime going; these kind of acts can attract quite an audience, as you have no doubt experienced by now.

      If you had of read the blog you’d have uncovered Muertos’ ‘credentials’ and possibly even his email address where you could have contacted him directly with your erudite analysis, as already pointed out to you.

      Though picking your way through a list of logical fallacies on the internet and linking the ones you presumably find most relevant to topics (topics you have thus far failed to prove you have even read) on this blog is precisely the shallow argument you’d expect from someone who appears to think that common sense is inextricably tied to credentials and authority.

      “So, I’m curious as to what is your background? Simply because this is the structure for which you have assessed credibility to the majority of speakers within the THRIVE video; they should be equally entitled to your CV and experience.”

      No Pickles, no! What absurd ideas you carry around with you!
      No one is entitled to anyone’s CV and experience, especially not because you happen to disagree with what someone is saying on the internet! What on earth gave you this impression? A stalwart desire to restore ethical equilibrium to the universe or a simple gross misunderstanding of how information can be freely evaluated and narratives concluded by every being on this planet, regardless of their credentials?

      Whether Meurtos had access to the credentials of Gamble and the Thrive participants or not, the evidence would still exist to prove that they are misguided/ and or charlatans. You don’t need credentials to point that out.

      Tell me Pickles, do you vote ? If so, have you ever been expected to reveal your experience and credentials when evaluating the past performance of your President/ Prime Minister?

      “When you produce a website questioning the authority and/or interpretations of anothers: credentials thereby making them conclusive to the thing* you are supposedly debunking, you must at least give attention to your own credentials or authority on the matter.”

      Says who exactly Pickles? Where is this tenet written that only like for like authority can question each other? Just what are the requirements needed to disagree and prove somebody’s interpretation wrong with universally available evidence? Since when, outside of your world, do credentials and authority win over common sense? Please, tease us no longer Pickles!

      In all sobriety though, you’re making some pretty big claims and demands and simultaneously dodging the issue that you have evaluated neither film nor blog – so you’re lucky anyone has taken the time to respond to you.

      The faux-moral obligation you place upon Muertos to reveal his credentials/identity is completely transparent, and to quote Anticultist if I may be so bold, boring. It’s hardly original and ultimately besides the point.

      Your naive demands smack of credentialism Pickles. Any man with deference for his own noetic value could have written this blog; that being the only qualification needed.

      Argumentum ad hominem is another logical fallacy with which you should acquaint yourself before you continue. It’s ironic that your prolonged chirping about logical fallacies should bear but two of your own inconsistencies in reasoning.

      Perhaps now you can address your errors in judgement in the same fashion you expect Muertos to address his.

      Because, after all:
      “Again, no filibustering because I know he/she should be held to the exacting standards that he/she applies to everyone else” – Eaton Pickles

  26. Eaton Pickles says :

    Holy doodle! You’re still rambling on? Go do something of value – JAYSUS! *slaps your forehead, HEALED! Again, bio, info, cv and credentials. It’s important for me (and many others) to weight both sides of the argument, you either understand or you don’t, your choice. You can slip into name calling and being abusive as Frankie has (if that’s not actually an alias of yours or even “friend”) . I know that what I’m asking for is completely reasonable, and if one builds a debunking website, there should be no issue of lack of transparency. Or there simply isn’t any value to it…for either side of the argument. I can repeat this as many times as you choose to rebut with inconsequential remarks. <—probably exactly what you're doing. 😉 I can filibuster too! 😀

    • anticultist says :

      Still providing no evidence for your claims I see, go get it and come back. We will be waiting, all 300 of us paid disinfo agents that use my account.

    • a rational person says :

      oh so i’m supposed to be frankie now huh? if i’m frankie, who the hell was that fucking my wife last night? oh i get it, we’re all just “paid shills” who work in an office somewhere…yea right

      anticult: this guy’s a tard…didn’t muertos have a post where he said why he doesnt show his bio and all that shit? or was it in the comments? i’m too lazy to find it…wonder how long this nutbag will keep spamming the site.

      • anticultist says :

        yup he made a post about how cranks would just pester him more and have an identity to pin their hatred on and other such things, this pickled clown would not understand the sense of his reply though, he just thinks a name is gonna resolve everything for the cranks who post here.

    • Frankie says :

      i bet you dont even know what a personality disorder is. I know very well those tactics of intimidation. Calling someone mentally ill so they back down. You know what? I am not afraid, because I am studying abnormal paychology and I know what are the requisites to be labeled as mentally ill. You are the one who probably has a personality disorder, believing in delusions and bullshit, schizotypal, anyone?
      Lol, next time you try to label someone, get tour facts straight as to what constitutes a mental illness, otherwise, you will end up looking stupid like right know.
      and something else: Fuck you, and go to learn some real stuff.

    • Frankie says :

      Provide your evidence rational person and me are the same. You cant, and you want to know why? because you are delusional! hahaha!
      Next time you call someone mentally ill, look at yourself in the mirror, you nutbag.
      You really are so funny, a real mentally disturbed guy calling me mentally disturbed? This is really comical.
      And gestapo police? haha. I really think you have been reading too much conspiracy woo.
      I will keep advising you to avoid reading trash. That shit fucks up your brain.

  27. Eaton Pickles says :

    Now, this is a interesting video on YouTube, what say you to this? And yes he’s correct – Most of Asia is aggressively pursuing most nations in Africa, along with courting Russia so that they may be able to pull themselves out of profound poverty that your America has bestowed upon…I know it’s too late for you to start paying the aid you belligerently promised Africa, and you must be aware now that China holds the majority of your debt, and really we both know your America will never pay them back. This speech/weird business class was made by James Wolfensohn, to graduate students at Stanford University.

    Now, how long do you believe America can stay afloat on top of a tumbling, house of cards? Use a pyramid analogy if you wish, whatever.

    • Eaton Pickles says :

      I guess I should make this clearer: the resources you pillaged, and raped their nations for…Oil; Gas; Gold; Silver; Diamonds (conflict or not); etc….I suppose Brazil’s new industry of Lithium mining, and now that the majority of them have switched fuels over from resources that need to be imported – I’d say the US and most western nations, will be supremely fucked 🙂 Have a nice night boys!

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Oh and, their Brazil’s main trading partners now, African nations and China…This is our reality. Unless you can propose something better to rebuild world society, I don’t think you even have a freaking clue – Especially if you have been immersed in media Americana…. China PWNZ YOU!

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Choose wisely, and make nice with Canada |*|….or start going through Tesla’s work and start moving on something reasonable for America. Sorry, no aliens, extraterrestrials or any other silly thing – Just know that this one done deliberately by your government. So, either you get together and start making profound changes, or it gets much worse.

    • Eaton Pickles says :

      This is what he’s referring to, it’s called The Pareto Economic Principle….the 80/20 Rule. And it’s also a scientific observation….

      Good luck and may you find a way to dig yourselves out of this hole.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        “Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; he developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas” 😉

  28. Eaton Pickles says :

    Apply that to world society and when you arrive a better idea, though or “philosophy”(?) that when can move forward with as a world society, then let’s start talking reasonably, equitably and fairly. I noticed none of Muertos debunking theories acknowledge any of what I’ve posted here. 😉

    • Eaton Pickles says :

      Thought*, then we can* 🙂 Peace! If that actually stands for anything anymore.

      • a rational person says :

        bunch of stupid retarded shit. this blog’s about thrive and how wrong and fucked up it is. nobody cares about “pareto’s economic principle” or your retarded youtube bullshit. conspiracy nutbags, u’re all the same…you got diarrhea of the keyboard.

      • Frankie says :

        AND, if you are going to ask me to stop stalking people( which you really cant prove I am doing because you are delusional), then I advise you to stop posting your retarded videos. They will lower people’s IQs.
        As rational person says: you probably swallow the idea of lizard people and moon landing being a hoax.
        You seriously make me want to vomit.

      • Frankie says :

        It seems like this pickles fucker likes to label people with mental illnesses and syndromes out of thin air. “False authority syndrome” and “passive aggressive”…
        Assigning mental illnesses just like that is stupid, and unprofessional. Like i said, go and learn some real psychology from classes, and if you already took classes, then learn how to assign them! otherwise, you are still an idiot that cant be taken seriously.
        It seems like you like to project your own mental illnesses on others just to make yourself feel better. How pathetic, it really makes me want to cry.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Rational/Frankie etc Stop being abusive. That’s not okay with that you type rude, nasty abusive comments to me. You’re crazy. I don’t know if you’re the same individuals or what your intent is, but you have to stop. I’m a person. That kind of blatant abuse shouldn’t be okay with you and if it is, then you have VERY serious problems. Stop stalking me. Stop being inconsiderate. Stop posting your abuse to me, or anyone else. This isn’t okay. Capeche? 😛 (and yes, you’re bananas! please take your crazy somewhere else) I will no longer address any of your comments if you CHOOSE to be abusive.

      • anticultist says :

        what a load of shit you have just posted pickles, you need to get a grip of your keyboard warrior alter ego, it’s making you look like a nob head.

      • Frankie says :

        Anticultist: This Pickles guy is an idiot that doesnt know how to diagnose people, and who probably just went to wikipedia to look for signs of mental disorders. Very unprofessional and very incorrect way of diagnosing a disorder.
        He isnt aware that we all have a lot of traits listed as symptoms of mental or personality disorders, but that doesnt mean we have a disorder. He, on the other hand, really shows signs of mental illness.probably just cheated through school, or dropped out.
        He thinks we are stalkers and shills, when he doesnt notice he is the one lurking here and bothering us with bullshit.

      • anticultist says :

        Yeah and to top off all you just said Frankie, he makes baseless claims about Muertos, and when he gets pulled up on his evidence for the claims he refuses to provide it.
        Then he goes on a rampage of alternate theories and claims via multiple hit n run posts about subjects no one discussed, subjects not even relevant to this blog entry or the current discussion.

        In short he has mentioned numerous academic concepts along the way, but not once has he provided any sound background knowledge or evidence for his use of it.

        He comes across as one of those shallow learners, who briefly trawl through topics, take an overview of a concept and retain certain key words, and then go out into the world regurgitating the concepts completely incorrectly. Using them wildly at any opportunity in order to create the false image of knowledge. As rational stated earlier, it might even be possible that he came across a lot of these concepts by reading skeptical posts that were directed towards him or his fellow cranks, and has tried to use the subjects wrongly in reverse.

        I can tell this guy is not very well in his head though, as he thinks people are using multiple accounts, and that people are paid shills on this blog. A clear sign of at minimum paranoia and delusional beliefs. Which as you know yourself is indicative of a few subsets of mental disorders.

  29. Eaton Pickles says :

    Are you going to continue to lie or review the information? Are you now proposing that economic principle and scientific theory doesn’t exist? Are you really this stupid or pretending to be? Frankie, you’re completely bananas and you’re being abusive. And yes, by your comments I most certainly can see you have both those signs of NPD and antisocial. So either you’re doing it deliberately, and you’re enjoying it, or you enjoy stalking and harassing people that leave comments, or what I don’t know…? I’m a person, don’t be abusive with me. I get that you may understand that people don’t type comments, and that there’s not an individual behind such comments, but that’s really weird and stupid of you to believe that other people don’t exist. So, you’re doing this deliberately so my next question is why?? Are you being paid to be abusive?? You need to reconsider what you do to trade your debt by acquiring more debt. Seriously, that’s enslavement 🙂 (and very unethical and immoral, and this shouldn’t be okay with you) Ps. you initially called me “delusional” etc. 😛

    • Frankie says :

      Dude, seriously, stop making yourself look like a delusional retard.
      Nobody is stalking you, all we are doing is pointing out how dumb your comments are and how you live in fantasyland and cant differentiate reality from your own fucking dreams!
      I dont have any of those diagnoses you mentioned. If you knew me in person, you would see that i am not anywhere near of being narcissistic or antisocial.
      You look even stupider by assuming how i am based on some dumb comments. are you a professing clinical psychologist? Because if you are, I wonder what you did to cheat through college. I seriously cant believe someone so stupid like you can be a psychologist. If you are, the college from which you graduated must have sucked.
      Seriously, its people like you who make psychology look like quack. People who just throw off labels like idiots.
      You really are delusional. You believe in conspiracy bullshit, you think rational and me are one person, and you believe i am mentally ill. oh! and what you write doesnt make any sense man!
      I will give you an advise: Before professing to be knowledgeable, get some of your information right! Because you know what can happen of you dont? You will end up looking ridiculous like right now.
      And also this: No one is stalking you. apparently you have a very low intellectual capacity, and people have to point it out to you because you are so dumb to notice.
      Lol! enslavement by money? Dont make me laugh! Seriously go and read about reality, and dumo those delusional books.
      I will also ask you a favor: Show me rational and me are one person.

      • Eaton Pickles says :

        Oh yes, you’ve attempted to make look “crazy” and now commented on my capacity intellectually…How long are you going to keep this up? Disinformation agent? Frankie/??? You’re bananas. You’re very bizarre. And yeah, undoubtedly you do this for a living. 😉 That’s VERY weird. Yes, Meurtos must adhere to the standards he/she set. Yes the Pareto Economic Principle exists. Yes America is in serious trouble. Yes they will start a new war (perhaps, online? LOL) to gain economic uplift – it’s their track for dealing with issues that they create. SHILL… 😉

      • anticultist says :

        It is quite possible that Pickles has an Axis II disorder Frankie.

      • Frankie says :

        Anticultist: lol, yes. He sounds like a severe schizotypal… lots of delusions and paranoia. Just not severe enough to be schizophrenic.

      • anticultist says :

        Paranoid personality disorder is another likely candidate.

      • Hiya! says :

        Still going – Ye gads I get it! You’re a millenial and so is the fakey student of fake-abnormal psych degree. What’s stupid is that you’re so set on being a contrary (Like the Native in Little Big Man lol!) that I had a look at your skeptic site hosted through dreamhost, (yes, and saw the two other aliases there…rational and ana-tasia!? Lol) and I agree with your coin tell pro stance. But you’re that stupid you had actually kept to your strange beliefs that I wouldn’t…Simply because I know both this site and film are bogus. Undoubtedly so are your numerous websites. Keep doing whatever you’re doing – quite frankly I know you’re too stupid to even care. 😉

      • Hiya! says :

        Notice the email when you block/censor/redact further comments – PAE, Lockheed et al. 😉 But, keep calm & carry on. Old British propaganda, but a goodie 🙂 And yes I agree with your attempts to thwart what you believe to be disinfo – I think though you have problems discerning which information is truth and which is plain silliness, like Alex Jones, Icke etc. That’s what will work to the advatage of the disinfo-operators. You trip up on the valid and stumble unto lazy, weird gabbers you come across on IRC. Good luck to you and whatever you think you’re doing.

      • anticultist says :

        Oh look more blubbering crazy talk by hiya!
        Do these crazy bastards come off a factory line ? They all sound the same.

      • Frankie says :

        They are nutclones! I created a new word for these guys. They are nutters who apparently might be the same person under different usernames.

  30. 34t0n, bleh because you don't allow real debate :) says :

    And seeing as you have such an intense interest on diagnosing those as “mentally ill”, then you should understand what causes it before being just a gay-ass dumb f*ck 🙂

    You’re both illogical and devoid of creativity. Sucks to be you. 🙂

    • anticultist says :

      It’s resorting to homophobic slurs now, another insight into the mind set of this mentally troubled individual.

    • Frankie says :

      Gay ass dumbfuck…
      So much for these nutbags’ claimed concern for freedom from societal norms.
      You guys really have severe cognitive inpairments.

  31. 34t0n, bleh because you don't allow real debate :) says :

    Why are you censoring pertinent information??? And removing comments?

  32. Mother Earth says :

    I cannot find nd any of my good comments in here. This blog is BS. Guess the mention of NSA is taboo!

    • a rational person says :

      maybe your comments got caught by the stupid nutbag filter. ever think of that, hoss?

      • Mother Earth says :

        Lol… no actually I have found all of my comments. And Mr. RATIONAL, as for nutbags u are the one wishing for them…lol
        My question to you is this : What is crazy about the reality of the NSA? The reality of BP oil letting the gulf be ruined ? What planet will Mr. Rational go to when this shitpile of pollution seeps up into your home?

      • a rational person says :

        what does the nsa, pollution and the bp oil spill have to do with crop circles, 911 inside job, purple spinning space donuts and david icke’s lizard people? that’s what thrive is about, not the nsa or bp. did you even watch the movie?

  33. Michael Rehan says :

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  34. Robert Powell PhD says :

    Looks to me the very same People who created this site are working for The Banker & Federal Reserve

  35. Kase says :

    is this a joke… Thrive debunked… really.. lol you have to be kidding me you actually went to all this trouble to discredit thrive? seems you’ve wasted more energy than humans collectively over the last 3000years (hence the thrive movement’s main thesis)… Thirve is nothing more that a well strung together collection of facts…pull your head out of that cavern you seem to call reality and realize that our existence is way more complex and clearly more tied to anceint happenings/concepts then our so called evovled socio-economic community we (advanced, free thinkers) have to live side by side every pathetic day on this planet. seriously one day all the people who think the human race and this planet in general wasnt influence to some capacity by an external force, intelligent in nature will realize they are complete bafoons… you will repent, its just a matter of time my little devolving overstated inexperienced humaniods. good day..


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  37. larry says :

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  38. Ron Naumann says :

    I thoroughly agree with “Thrive.” This is not a conspiracy as some might think. It’s not the takeover of anything; it’s the take-back of everything that was given to the creations that comes from a “Higher Power” that excels all those who think they can overthrow the planet in their favor. I will be telling everyone to take a look at what we can be and not what we have become through policy that has enslaved us over the past three hundred years. To see how this machine of the upper-crust works I recommend to download “Vatican Assassins” and read the book of what happens when orders are not carried out by the directors of those that hold high office in politics – Ron

    • Ron Naumann says :

      I agree with “Thrive.” Highly recommend others to watch for themselves – Ron

    • conspiracykiller says :

      Then you are merely another bonkers conspiracy theorist to add to the growing collection on this blog. What can be expected from your solution to ‘tell everyone you know about thrive and conspiracy theories’ will only lead to polite embarrassment from your loved ones, and gleeful hilarity by your peers.

      • Tim Gard says :

        Why do you people insist that the world is round when it is obvious that its flat! Good Lord! … Wait a minute, it IS round? Damn! That’s OK, a few more kegs of mead will fix that! <;-P

      • Tim Gard says :

        missed the point, didn’t you … surprise. Are you capable of a reasonable discussion, or are you simply too acidic?

      • conspiracykiller says :

        You made no point, you just waffled.

      • Tim Gard says :

        I see … well let me clarify … long before Columbus, several hundred years at least actually, most people were convinced the Earth was flat. Anything else was preposterous … I am suggesting that your lack of willingness to consider the possibility of other life forms existence in the cosmos is quite like the ancients considering the possibility of a circular planet. The modern scientific community refers to that as ‘The Flat Earth Society” of which you appear to be a classic member. Thrive? Well they may not be correct in everything they claim, but until I have proof positive, I can not in good conscience, and will not in reason pronounce them correct or incorrect … I unlike you apparently, in good conscience can not ‘pretend’ to prove or disprove their claims. If you have been studying the writings within this forum, you might have closed your mind to things that might be true, simply because you are uncomfortable with the possibilities. That’s OK, we need people to stay home and take care of the house. But your rants and ravings towards those with the courage to look over the horizons are well aware of your fears and therefore your rantings fall on deaf ears. That is why those with vision, for the most part ignore you. (I on the other hand try to help others open their minds, but a horse will forever be a horse and can never be a camel … but sometimes the human animal can change.) I embrace the vision of the unknown, welcome the mistakes I am exposed to, and enjoy thoroughly the new information I gain. It is a fascinating and exciting universe… if you will simply open your mind to fact, and abandon fear anyway. Good luck conspiracykiller I hope you might see more than what others tell you to see someday. It really is a fascinating universe, if you choose to open your eyes anyway… If not, well please don’t forget to water the flowers, they too will bear fruit someday, and you and yours might enjoy the change in your diet.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        “long before Columbus, several hundred years at least actually, most people were convinced the Earth was flat. Anything else was preposterous … ”
        Flat earth myth, see the link I posted which debunks this ridiculously false claim, it’s historically inaccurate.

        “I am suggesting that your lack of willingness to consider the possibility of other life forms existence in the cosmos”

        I have never said this, I neither believe this. I am almost certain the possibility of life in the universe is likely, so your argument is a total strawman and fabricated.

        “The modern scientific community refers to that as ‘The Flat Earth Society” of which you appear to be a classic member.”

        Nope, you are wrong again. The flat Earth society is a real society.
        And if I were a member I would have mentioned it and the flat Earth.
        You however seem to be lacking any debate points so ar attempting anything you can to look like you have something to say. Even if everything you have said thus far is inaccurate and mediocre lampooning.

        ” Thrive? Well they may not be correct in everything they claim, but until I have proof positive, I can not in good conscience, and will not in reason pronounce them correct or incorrect … I unlike you apparently, in good conscience can not ‘pretend’ to prove or disprove their claims.”

        Because you are an idiot who prefers to ignore all the facts that debunk the claims of the movie made everywhere on this blog. It’s not my fault you are unwilling or incapable of updating facts to your brain without bypassing the cognitive forcefield you have protecting your dreamy goo from reality.

        “If you have been studying the writings within this forum, you might have closed your mind to things that might be true, simply because you are uncomfortable with the possibilities. That’s OK, we need people to stay home and take care of the house. ”

        I am probably more willing to change my mind than you are, should facts be shown to me to change my opinions I would do it immediately. You on the other hand cling to fantasy with little evidence, and then claim to be superior to others. However, that all said, if staying at home means I can have sex with your girlfriend while you are away, consider the pleasure all mine.

        “But your rants and ravings towards those with the courage to look over the horizons are well aware of your fears and therefore your rantings fall on deaf ears. ”

        Oh so spouting off crazy unsubstantiated sentences on a blog is now considered looking over the horizon. It’s more like cabin fever sonny.

        “That is why those with vision, for the most part ignore you.”

        That’s called confirmation bias in the real world shipmate.

        “(I on the other hand try to help others open their minds, but a horse will forever be a horse and can never be a camel … but sometimes the human animal can change.)”

        Try drinking your own medicine.

        “I embrace the vision of the unknown, welcome the mistakes I am exposed to, and enjoy thoroughly the new information I gain.”

        As do I and always will. You I fear are what is termed delusional, you ascribe characteristics to yourself, and then when the time comes to act upon the claims you forego the need to change, and cling to your worldview because it suits you and emotionally sustains you. You should be ashamed of yourself for making things up about me which aren’t true, you should be ashamed of yourself for using passive aggressive, and acidic terminology after accusing me of the same. You should be ashamed of yourself for claiming the use of scientific methods to update your worldview, whilst point blank ignoring the facts given to you all over the blog.

        “It is a fascinating and exciting universe… ”

        No shit sherlock.

        “Good luck conspiracykiller I hope you might see more than what others tell you to see someday. It really is a fascinating universe, if you choose to open your eyes anyway… If not, well please don’t forget to water the flowers, they too will bear fruit someday, and you and yours might enjoy the change in your diet.”

        Ground control to major Tom.

  39. A view from nowhere says :

    Wow…And these weirdos keep sounding off from AI. More than 3/4 of the original comments made here, have been censored or removed, just sounded off adding more “bunk” from faux-debunkers…So sad.

    Dagnabbit! I think ye all broke ze Internetz! Too bad that @Muertos never existed nor did 95% of the posters who made points here from a view from nowhere…

    I wonder just how much money you’ve stolen from your American citizens for this crap? For “debunking” something so useless as the “Thrive” movie. For “Zeitgeist”, for what again? For a view from NOWHERE (literally; metaphorically and from logical fallacy…)

    Fuzz…Bless the NSA and SIGINT who wasted your capital for -this-.
    Was it worth it?

    Thank god this is the end of America et al. as we know it. And, all recorded from this faux-view from nowhere of skeptical fundamentalism, and faux-COINTELLPRO. American Terrorists. When is it going to end? How many more war crimes to feed your greedy Ted Cruz burros?

    Almost USD $3 Billion for your Senator-Ham-I-Am’s fake-rendition of Dr. Seuss. Why on earth did you do this to so many FELLOW human beings and what would make you ever think that was okay? Or even “Christian” as you tout along and profess to be…Terrifying…And then have the nerve to just spout out fake dissidence as “skeptical” and as even “pro” whatever suited your own selfish needs, from the government you accept your debt bucks from…?

    How much did you steal or accept in debt for this crap? For this nonsensical website? For the films, for the propaganda? Just for censorship?

    How much? How much usury did you get? Scary too. With the “free” faux-therapy. Holy mother-flipping dangerous. And holy Dunning-Kruger Effect…WOW.

    #stupidignorantAmericanos oh and War Criminals. Pedophiles etc. *insert sociopathic and predictable behaviors here* whatever…Sad. Tragic.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      “Wow…And these weirdos keep sounding off from AI. More than 3/4 of the original comments made here, have been censored or removed, just sounded off adding more “bunk” from faux-debunkers…So sad.”

      Bullshit, this blog is now ran by someone else other than Muertos.They took over and simply allow comments on here whenever they get time to check it.Nothing is censored.

      “Dagnabbit! I think ye all broke ze Internetz! Too bad that @Muertos never existed nor did 95% of the posters who made points here from a view from nowhere…”

      Muertos certainly did and does exist, he is a real person who I have personally spoken with. Try harder to make some shit up that doesn’t sound so retarded.

      And the rest of your drivel is just sad rambling from a crank not even worth addressing.

      • Same story. Censorship. says :

        Wow. Again, thank God America is over. And you’re still very crazy. Again, for censorship. CENSORSHIP. CENSORSHIP. CENSORSHIP. Try to make sense, it’s easy just be honest…Eventually you will have to be LOL!

        Nutbar…Ask yourself why you feel the need to CONTROL and CENSOR information and debate?

        You’re a liar. You’re lying again…Gah. America, so sad…

        “Skeptical Fundamentalist Terrorist” <— YOU. Censorship. Again. What are you stealing and spying on now??? Stop lying.

      • Same story. Censorship. says :

        Censorship. For oppression. And you’re still crazy. Everyone can read this (and your many aliases) from even your faux-COINTELLPRO website.

        That isn’t about Truth/Fact or anything else. You start off with the name-calling, obvious disinformation tactic. So stupid. So obvious. You do NOT own the rights to how other people process and have choice to interpret what they choose too.

        it’s about entitled misogynistic pig-fuckers like yourself censoring information; controlling flow and debate. This has never been about actual evolution of thought, it’s about you stopping the flow of dissidence and debate.

        Dude, fatty, be honest…LOL

      • Censorship for disinformation by Thrive Debunked dot com ;) says :

        And you may want to knock it off with the faux-therapy, or I will report it to the APA. Sociopathic-Narcissist…Fat Bastard. When you’re finished, hop over sociopathworld, this is you and your crew with CENSORSHIP, and your own entitlement to co-opt reality for America-the-Selfish…And for your NSA.

        American disinformation [government et al.] fuck faces. Thank god they’re disarming you all. Dangerous criminals.

      • Censorship for disinformation by Thrive Debunked dot com ;) says :

        Criminal sociopathic American disinformationalists, view from NOWHERE. WAR CRIMINALS. PEDOPHILES. SCUM OF THE EARTH.

        For censorship. From a fat-ass. With faux-psychotherapy…LOL Idiot.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        Bit too crazy you boy.

  40. Toot-toot! says :

    “You are both correct about government disinformation. Please read my recent comment explaining why Muertos is no longer affiliated with this blog anymore.

    Come again – wanna address this Mr. Security-In-Insecurity disinformation artist?


    Lying shit-bag. Who the fuck do you think you are Fat Bastard to censor how other people process reality? Who are?

    25 Rules of Disinformation…

    #2. Become incredulous and indignant. Avoid discussing key issues and instead focus on side issues which can be used show the topic as being critical of some otherwise sacrosanct group or theme. This is also known as the ‘How dare you!’ gambit.

    Hahah…among the 25 plus the additional 7 now. Mr. fat-view-from-a-giant ARSE.

    Why waste all your time with your faux-adventures on your faux-COINTELLPRO website and aid abed HALTING debate and information,
    for censorship…Dude, be honest.

    It’s time. Preferably before the USS Snowden takes to the oceans again.

    And here. But as anyone can plainly see, you lack empathy so it won’t matter anyhoo for fat-asshat comments/rebuttals, whatever you have wasted your time on again with your faux-COINTELLPRO view from nowhere…

    An entire website devoted to CRAP. To censorship. To attempting to control earth because you lack control to stop growing your fat-butt.

    WAR CRIMINALS. SOCIOPATHS. PEDOPHILES. This, is the censorship you
    you have done…

    • Dr C says :

      These comments by someone who’s clearly delusional point out the incredible hypocrisy of media like the “Thrive” movie. They claim to be about peace love and understanding and here is this person throwing around the most negative and hateful comments on the page. This alone is reason to avoid “Thrive” and the people who consume it .

      • We know all of your crimes... says :

        Yeah exactly. STOP CENSORING REALITY! GREEDY! GREEDY! You DO not have the right to tell anyone but yourself what to believe or how to process reality.

        We don’t give a shit what your “view from nowhere” faux-contradictory tactics are. Thanks. But we ALL can think for ourselves now 😉

        Go fuck your PRISM and your NSA. You greedy WAR-CRIMINALS. You sociopaths. You pedophilic idiot-faces.

        Go FUCK your metadata collection. GO fuck the USS Snowden. We KNOW what the fuck you’re up to.

        We know about your faux-media bs; we know what you’ve lied about (like, EVERYTHING!) are you really this gayish-and-stupid?

        Oh – wait. You had the nutter in drag again leaking shit to Assange.

        You’re doing censorship because you want to stop human thought (and control it) while controlling earths’ resources: STOP LYING AMERICA!

        Everyone knows what your assholes have done. Because you’re so damn selfish and greedy, you will kill your own people. Really. This is how selfish you have become.

        Take your fucking tech-WMD’s, your fucking Stuxnet; your fucking Siemens tech hacks, and everything else you’ve created to support your wars for “economic” prosperity, AND BLOW IT OUT YOUR ASSES.

        We KNOW your lies. We know what you’re hiding. BE HONEST. About everything.

        POST-SCRIPT: This is NEVER to your salt-of-the-earth people (actual Americans: WE LOVE YOU, DEARLY!) you have betrayed, the 98% of America…This is to YOUR entitled 1-2%. AND ALL those who have excepted DEBT dollars and ruined OUR earth, for this selfishness of censorship; for lies, for drama you have created* and fabricated – WE’RE COMING ONLY AFTER YOU……And fat-bastard. 😉 Count on it! Expect Us…>;{>

        You NEVER had any intention of debunking anything. Again, this was only about controlling thought and controlling human beings (like “Animal Farm” Orwellian ‘Thought Crimes’) – You deliberately funded BOTH sides of this nonsense, for CENSORSHIP. Like you did with Afghanistan; Libya; Iraq; your 9/11; North Korea and lest we forget you funding both sides of Israeli-Palestinian apartheid, FOR CRAP!

        You’re abusers. You’re murderers. You’re pedophiles. You are the soulless TRASH of the universe. You’re WAR CRIMINALS.

        You baited others into this crap, with bizarre “peer pressure” for nonsense…Liars. For social control. And if we don’t act now to remove, you will find Russia by 2016-17 will be sending one HELL of an EMP (pulse) out to DISABLE EVERYTHING….We KNOW your crimes.

        PS. Stop censoring and removing comments. Your good people need to understand what’s coming.

        SIGINT et al./Government/Corporate/Wall St./Banking SCUM. You’re muthafucking done.

      • Still here. Still watching. says :

        You’ve removed comments, yet again for CENSORSHIP. Funding BOTH sides, a “view from NOWHERE”.

        Gah…Pathetic when both sides of the invisible debate or rather fabricated debate deliberately cause tension…And then the bait/switch games and faux-peer pressure by gathering faux-dissention from both the “skeptical fundamentalist [terrorists]” and the “crazies who believed in thrive”…

        Oh America, YOU SO CRAZY! HOLY PROPAGANDA, BATMAN! (or fat-bastard)…

        Facking NSA/CRAP. And, in the 21st century – for CENSORSHIP. Gonna cycle back from the imaginary “dissention”, getting your troops together to tap that ass again? And if there’s one mole/dual-agent extraordinaire amongst your *crew of “COINTELPRO”, then that means your “reality” (the one that has been presented to you) has already been hijacked.

        This means that you have been baiting into this faux-black/white dichotomy – for them*; for the 1-2%. And DUDES, you didn’t even receive payment for it! LOL! Idiots…At least demand your debt bucks to fight for them.

        You have NO critical thinking skills whatsoever – you’re STILL consuming what they’ve force-fed at what you have been led to believe is a higher-brow type of PROPAGANDA…For CENSORSHIP. For aiding and abeding these “virtual reality” criminals.

        Without the Skeptical-Fundamentalism, you don’t have an original thought to decipher all of this down – You passed up your own conscience, to bunk that had NO value to begin with.

        To hurt and harm fellow human beings, much like yourselves (the 98-99%)…THAT’S critical thinking. THAT’S thinking for yourself. Which it now appears from this blog, and ALL of these crappy movies of nonsense, you have bought hook-line-and-sinker. And then imposed on everyone else – you became the pawns or vehicles of faux-sanity/reasoning in which they used and abused you to purvey what they manipulated you into believing (because this is certainly a belief system) – as salacious and as inaccurate as the other side…A false black & white dichotomy – a view from nowhere.

        You were granted this “power of authority”, because those in charge led you to believe you were “brighter”; more apt to understand the truthiness in the reality they presented to you as “critical thinking” – what they did find out about you, is that you were more than willing to accept a non-chaotic algorhythm for reality. You NEVER questioned authority – you willingly accepted what was given to you as critical thought.

        You are the type of people that go on to accept letters of submission (*degrees etc.) after your name, presenting yourselves as being authorities of whatever “reality” – you do what you have been “instructed” to do.

        And for all that you have been led to *believe, you still NEVER question authority, or even trust your own abilities to understand reality at all – this, is why they LOVE gathering you for this type of fabricated black/or white existence – You feel entitled to pass on NONSENSE. About the greater individual trees, instead of seeing the entire forest. Idiots.

        Really. You’re just as inept as the Thrive consumers; the Zeitgeist consumers, as anyone else of the 98-99% of reality. YOU’RE ANONYMOUS. Part of the herd. With NO individuality at all. You’re lumped in with everyone else.

        But choice (as you have always had it) means, thinking for yourself. Doing what you know to be right and good. This is critical thinking. This is tolerating ambiguity of other peoples views and how they process reality – this is the truth. This, is true intelligence. Being able to understand when shit just doesn’t compute. Reconsider, everything…

        Ahoy! Matey’s – Hark, I hear the USS Snowden about to bump into your shores once again…Prepare for the next revelations from your “employee” from Booz-Hamilton…(LOL!)

        Awaiting your fabricated Ted Cruz-Burro/Senator Ham-I-Am rendition of “Cat in a Hat”…

      • conspiracykiller says :

        The crazy is strong in this one.

      • Dr C says :

        Look at the incredible anger of this person. Look how hateful and negative they are. Screaming insults and accusations with out any proof. Just look at the hate oozing out of this person’s keyboard. Just look at it.

        This is why “Thrive” is so negative. It teaches people to hate. This person needs professional mental help. Mental illness mixed with delibarate hatred is a highly dangerous combination.

  41. We know all of your crimes... says :

    And go fuck yourselves again. *rams a PRISM of NSA crap up your faux-contradictory funded gar-bage…Here, have some Stuxnet and a Plum Reactor up yer keysters… ENJOY! (It was in Kim Jong Il’s arse before…Pre-Funeral drama and leak of there *illuminated documentary on your American-o BURRO Ted Cruz bunk*)

    Oh wtf, here I’ll steal another USD$ 9 BILLION from you if it makes it more palatable…We can be generous about “stealth” equity (that you don’t have) LOL! 😉 Ask Mr. Cruz connected to the Athabasca Oil Sands and his American-o Stag Harper if he’s going to need another billion for a rendition of “Cat in a hat”.

    …fucking idiots. *thumps KKK member [Chris]tmas [White]head in the ass with a red-hot poker, ENJOY!

    lying dick-heads…LOL!

  42. fuck yu says :

    kill yourself

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