One Year Later: Thriving No More.

By Muertos

Today, November 11, 2012, is the one-year anniversary of the initial release of the conspiracy theory movie Thrive. The film’s first birthday is, I think, an appropriate time to evaluate the film’s impact on the conspiracy underground and its continuing viability, as well as an assessment of our own efforts on this blog to correct and rebut the film. You might say that this article is a “postmortem” of Thrive, and that characterization wouldn’t be inaccurate. If the movie was intended to create a “new paradigm” or “wake people up,” it seems clear that Thrive has failed to do this on any significant scale. The main argument of this article is that, one year on, Thrive is “thriving” no more.

Thrive’s Declining Popularity: The Empirical Proof.

There is no doubt that Thrive is declining in popularity, and the numbers prove it. According to the website traffic analyzer (you can find stats here) the movie’s main website,, has been receiving markedly less traffic over the past several months than it did during either of the months it peaked—in November 2011, when Thrive was released, and April 2012, when Foster Gamble and Clear Compass Media made it available for free as opposed to a $5 fee. shows jagged spikes in the website’s popularity week by week (which is measured in terms of traffic ranking within the Internet as a whole), but each spike is successively smaller, the last one being barely a quarter of the website’s all-time interest spike.

On the day I checked, had gone down by 27.38% in “reach” over the past three months alone. That means that the site today is reaching 27.38% fewer people now than it was just three months ago. These stats change day by day, so if you check you will probably see a slightly different number.

The statistics on this blog match this trend almost exactly. Interest in Thrive Debunked has proven, over the past year, to be an extremely keen indicator of interest in the movie itself (I’ll explain why that is later in the article). The daily high for page views in the past year was April 13, 2012. Since then, this blog receives barely a quarter—on a good day—of the number of daily page views than it did on that day. The pattern of traffic on this blog mirrors almost exactly the ebb and flow of traffic for, with spikes of ever-decreasing intensity followed by prolonged valleys.

Furthermore, there has been much less comment traffic on this blog in the past few months than there was, say, before July 1. I used to receive as many as ten or more comments a day from various people either pro- or anti-Thrive (mostly pro). Now, days go by without any new comments being posted at all.

Speaking solely in terms of web traffic, Thrive Debunked is like a pilotfish on a whale. Wherever the whale goes, it goes along for the ride. The trajectory is down, down, down across the board. The numbers prove it beyond any doubt.

Why is Thrive Declining?

The answers as to why the movie is declining are less clear, but here I offer a few hypotheses.

1. The movie didn’t contribute anything substantially new—at least nothing that its fans could latch onto as new.

For all of its bluster and bravado about a “new paradigm,” Thrive contributed very little to the conspiracy theory underground that was fundamentally new. All that was new was the packaging, which is a shiny object that can only hope to distract the masses for a limited time. Ancient aliens? Been around since 1968. Crop circles? Old news. Money conspiracies? Lyndon LaRouche was doing that in the 80s. “Global Domination Agenda”? Every Alex Jones radio show since 1998 has been about that. Far right-wing Libertarian political propaganda? Ron Paul was peddling that folderol in 2007; now, after two spectacularly embarrassing failures at running for president, he has (mercifully) been put out to pasture, and his sycophantic fan base is finally fading away.

Substantively, the only truly novel idea contributed by Thrive was the obsession with the “torus” shape. (Of course the idea existed long before, but had never been injected into the conspiracy underground before). This proved to be a non-starter among conspiracy theorists, who revel in gloom, apocalypse and disaster. If it can’t oppress you, take away your freedoms, abduct you, give you an anal probe or blow up the World Trade Center, conspiracy theorists probably won’t be interested in it. So scratch the “torus” idea.

Conceptually and structurally, Thrive did make a significant contribution—that being the continued meld of conspiracy theory ideology and New Age sensibility, a toxic mixture that some academic researchers are beginning to term “conspirituality.” Essentially, Thrive is a document evincing the embryonic creation of a new quasi-religious belief system. But this alone won’t sustain its popularity among conspiracy theorists. If Thrive does go down in history it will be because of its contribution to conspirituality, but this is not an accomplishment that conspiracy theorists can sink their teeth into, because most of them vehemently deny that their belief system even is religious in nature. So, appealing though conspirituality is on a subconscious level, that alone is not going to sustain interest in Thrive.

2. The “Thrive Movement” is largely illusory and is not driving continued interest in the movie.

Another reason why the movie has failed to sustain and increase its reach is that there’s no real organization behind it that’s continuing to push it. We’ve blogged before about how ineffectual, illusory and ephemeral are the “solutions” proposed by the movie—they are mainly talking points aimed at ending the conspiracy theories that the movie insists are out there, but because of course these conspiracy theories do not really exist, the movie’s “solutions” are cures in desperate search of a disease. Beyond that, though, the “Thrive Movement” that you see touted (somewhat disingenuously) on the website does not exist in any real sense. Yes, there are small ad-hoc groups of the movie’s fans that have met on an informal basis in various parts of the country. But a mass movement to motivate action based on the movie’s principles? If such a thing exists, it’s keeping an awfully low profile–which can hardly be what fans of the movie want.

Here is one place where Thrive failed to live up to the predecessor it hoped to imitate, the Zeitgeist Movement, which was similarly a fan club of approbation for the infamous (and roundly debunked) 2007 conspiracy theory movie Zeitgeist: The Movie. As we all know, the Zeitgeist experience was the blueprint for Thrive. Although the Zeitgeist Movement imploded in 2011 and has now shriveled to a tiny burned-out nub of high-commitment supporters who have been largely forgotten by the outside world, between 2008 and 2011 at least there was an organization—centrally directed, and under the leadership of the film’s director and his close associates—out there pushing Zeitgeist: The Movie and its tiresome preachy sequels. Thrive has no such organization behind it. The effort that Foster Gamble has exerted to rally fans of the film around a set of action points has been minimal, and no one else has (so far as I know) stepped up to exert any sort of leadership role in this capacity. Without the benefit of a “street team” out there flogging it, Thrive must sink or swim on its own merit. You can see from the numbers that Thrive is not doing well in swimming against the current.

3. Some conspiracy theorists distrust Thrive, thus limiting its reach even within its own target demographic.

Debunkers and other followers of rational, reality-based belief systems aren’t the only detractors of Thrive. Many conspiracy theorists are deeply distrustful of it, for two main reasons: (1) Foster Gamble’s familial connection to the Proctor & Gamble company, and (2) the film’s promotional poster, depicting a woman taking off a blindfold, which especially paranoid conspiracy nutters think is “Illuminati propaganda.” Thrive has been pilloried in the conspiracy underground for these two characteristics. As a result, the many hard-core, incorrigible, detached-from-reality conspiracy nuts—whom you would expect to be Thrive’s core constituency—reject the film out of hand for these very reasons.

This is a battle that Foster Gamble and Thrive can’t possibly win. It does absolutely no good for Foster Gamble to protest that he has nothing to do with his Proctor & Gamble relatives, because no one will believe him anyway. Conspiracy theorists are notoriously intransigent and will accept anything on faith, however bizarre or improbable, so long as it feeds into their paranoid delusions. Even the suggestion that Foster Gamble is an “Illuminati stooge” is, in the conspiracy underground, tantamount to an immutable sentence of guilty.

The controversy over the poster is even more ludicrous. Any image, anywhere, in any context of a person showing one eye is automatically construed by hard-core conspiracy lunatics as “proof” of “Illuminati symbolism.” No amount of remonstration on the part of Foster Gamble or the Thrive crew could possibly alter this. Therefore, Thrive and its makers are—in the zero-evidence-needed universe of hard-core conspiracy lunatics—guilty right out of the starting gate, and Thrive is viewed as dangerous “disinformation.” This is doubly ironic because many people who accept Thrive as gospel truth accuse rationally-based critics—such as myself and fellow contributor SlayerX3—of being “paid disinformation agents” for even daring to criticize the movie.

Thus, Thrive has a self-limiting factor even within its own target audience. The most paranoid and delusional of conspiracy theorists preach against the film because they think it’s part of a conspiracy, whilst debunkers pile on because it promotes conspiracy theories. In this sense Thrive embodies the worst of both worlds. There is no escape from this vicious circle. If Thrive can’t even unite conspiracy theorists across the wide spectrum of their beliefs, it has absolutely no hope of doing so in the mainstream world where conspiracy thinking is generally not accepted.

4. Thrive cannot make any inroads among mainstream (non-conspiracy, non-New Age) audiences.

This is the most important reason Thrive is declining: it simply can’t attract any mainstream attention, which means its potential fan base is limited to its core constituencies of conspiracy theorists and New Age adherents—at least the ones who don’t distrust it because of Gamble’s familial connection or the image on the poster. The reasons for Thrive’s inability to break through to the mainstream is the subject of the next section.

Preventing Mainstream Acceptance: The Repudiators (and the Debunkers).

Without any doubt the single most important event in the history of Thrive was the signing of a letter, by ten of the people interviewed in the film, repudiating it and stating that they were misled as to the film’s contents. If you’ve read this blog, you know all about the “repudiators” (and if you don’t, start here). This event was “game over” for Thrive. Almost single-handedly, the repudiation—orchestrated most vocally by John Robbins—ended any chance the movie ever had of gaining credibility in mainstream circles.

Now, wherever Thrive is shown or even mentioned, the story of the repudiation follows it. Although the repudiation is not generally a deal-breaker for conspiracy theorists and New Agers who like the movie, it certainly is a deal-breaker for anyone else out there who might otherwise have been attracted to the movie’s message or themes but who wasn’t already a conspiracy theorist or New Age adherent. The explanation Thrive’s makers give for the repudiation—that Robbins and company were part of a “disinformation” campaign against the film—is totally incredible and unlikely to satisfy anyone. It’s tough to interest mainstream media in hard-core conspiracy material anyway, but the repudiation is the kiss of death for Thrive. It simply can’t be explained away, ignored or rationalized. Robbins and company acted out of principle. That’s extremely persuasive.

The Thrive Debunked blog has arguably played a role in preventing Thrive from expanding its fanbase into the mainstream, but probably only a small one. I’ve said many times before that the repudiation, and especially the beautiful essay by John Robbins on why he did it, were far more effective in preventing gullible people from falling for Thrive’s nonsense than anything I or my contributors have done. What I believe we and other debunkers who have spoken against the movie have done is to make it very easy for rational people seeking information on the film to see just how wrong the film and its assertions are. The target audience for this blog has always been people who are curious about the movie, who might have some interest in the subjects it covers, but who are cautious enough to investigate the film before believing what it says. Although that universe of people is quite small compared either to the conspiracy fans who love the film or the vast mainstream who realize from the get-go that it’s not worth their time, this blog has been extremely successful at reaching that target audience. On that front, this blog has been a huge success.

The Cycle of Thrive Discovery—And Rejection.

This blog has become an integral part of the public conversation about Thrive. I know because WordPress tracks the “incoming” traffic to this blog and logs the pages that link to it. The vast majority of “incoming” links follow exactly the same pattern. Here’s how it works:

1. A conspiracy theorist or New Ager discovers the film, watches it online, loves it, and makes a post about it on a web forum or in a chatroom. Almost always this initial post praises the film and recommends it to others, like, “There’s this great movie that shows us how our world really works! Everyone should see it!”

2. A few other conspiracy theorists reply, expressing agreement with the film and thanking the original poster who brought it to their attention. Often, some type of discussion about the film’s specific theories (usually “free energy” or the “Global Domination Agenda”) results.

3. Another poster makes a negative comment on Thrive and says something like, “That movie is crap” or “Don’t be fooled by this nonsense.” This is the poster who will almost always post a link to Thrive Debunked.

4. The original poster returns, defending the movie (usually in a shrill, angry and indignant tone), denouncing this blog and calling me a “paid disinformation agent.” Then the original poster will add a bunch of links to other conspiracy theorist material that supposedly “validates” Thrive.

5. The pro-Thrive and anti-Thrive forum posters argue amongst themselves for a few more posts.

6. The original topic goes fallow and is forgotten as the posters move on to something else.

This pattern repeats day after day, all over the Internet, in country after country. (If you want a recent example of this effect, go here). What is clear from this cycle of discovery and rejection is that Thrive has no staying power. It’s a shiny toy that attracts the temporary attention of conspiracy theorists, and then after it’s been debunked and the requisite “paid disinformation agent” accusations have been vomited up against the doubters of the film, the conspiracy nuts lose interest and move on to the next shiny toy. This demonstrates that, even among conspiracy theorists, Thrive operates at a highly superficial level. It generates very little sustained contemplation, thoughtful discussion or even self-reflection. It’s bubble-gum candy, intellectual junk food. To be sure this is as much the fault of the defective mentality of the conspiracy theorist underground—which vociferously discourages any attempt at intellectual analysis—as it is the failure of Thrive, but it’s telling that there’s so little “there” there behind most public discussions of the film.

But Isn’t The Film Valuable Because It Gets People Talking About Important Issues in Our World?


This argument presupposes that Thrive is ethically neutral–that if it is not true, its untruth is harmless, but if (by wild coincidence) the filmmakers happen to aim a wayward arrow at some real-world issue that needs addressing, Thrive is a net positive because it’s directed at least some energy toward addressing that issue. That’s not the case, because the great deal of damage that its untrue and disingenuous depictions of societal issues cause far outweighs any marginal benefit the film might have by “accidentally” aiming at a valid target.

Let me give you an example. The dependence of industrialized societies on fossil fuels is a crucial issue in our world that must be solved, before anthropogenic climate change renders our environment uninhabitable or hostile. Thrive implicitly does accept the premise that dependence on fossil fuel is bad. However, Thrive’s proposed solution is to rely on “free energy” machines, built from plans given to us by aliens, which will miraculously liberate us from all our energy problems. This is a false solution. Even a fan of the film who is motivated to take action to advance a solution to fossil fuel dependence will have his or her energy diverted in a completely useless direction: advocacy for “free energy” machines that do not exist.

In order to turn this hypothetical Thrive fan into an activist working toward real solutions to energy problems–for example, political lobbying for greater public investment in R&D to develop solar, wind, or geothermal energy–will require reeducating the person to realize that “free energy” is a falsehood and that Thrive has misled them. If they’re already interested in working toward energy independence, it’s likely that whatever stimulus sets them on a more productive path could have interested them in the real solution at the get-go, which means the fact that Thrive turned them on to the issue of fossil fuel reliance is totally irrelevant. In fact, Thrive in this example has been counterproductive, because it wasted the would-be activist’s (and society’s) time by encouraging him to tilt uselessly at the windmills of imaginary “free energy” machines. This is not a net positive.

Even this hypothetical example is extremely speculative because it’s not likely that Thrive will interest people “by accident” in genuine issues and genuine solutions anyway. The issues Thrive cares most passionately about are the conspiracy theories. Consequently, what little “activism” it can hope to ignite will almost invariably be directed at ending these horrible conspiracies. That is not a net good for society. It’s a net negative, because conspiracy thinking is part of the problem and is not a solution to anything.

The Final Truth—The One Thrive Fans Will Never, Ever Admit.

There’s a line in Michael Jackson’s song “Beat It” that goes, “No one wants to be defeated.” Conspiracy theorists are more ferociously resistant to admitting failure and defeat than just about anyone else. In fact, they’re so resistant to the notion that their theories are failing to “wake people up” that they will engage in the most egregious contortions of reality to avoid accepting that the mainstream world either treats them as irrelevant wingnuts or incurable lunatics. Consequently, I predict that Thrive fans who choose to comment on this article will never, ever admit that Thrive is losing, rather than gaining, viewers, and that instead of “waking people up” it’s falling quite quickly into well-deserved obscurity.

Conspiracy theorists love to assert that more and more people are joining their side. They love to say things like, “The worm is turning!” or “We’re gaining critical mass!” Bizarrely, they persist in these delusions even long after the party is over, after it becomes painfully obvious that the mainstream world has passed them by.

Take, for instance, 9/11 Truthers. Right now, the conspiracy theory that maintains “9/11 was an inside job” is less popular now than it has been at any time since the attacks of September 11 happened. I proved this in this article, refuting the absolutely false assertion made by Foster Gamble in Thrive that “a growing number of people” believe in this delusion. In fact, based on poll data, the numbers of people who believe in “9/11 was an inside job” theories is shrinking, not growing. But Truthers will never admit this. To them, the conspiracy theory has to be gaining converts every day. The lack of evidence that Trutherism is becoming more popular is treated as irrelevant, or (more typically) that news of its supposedly growing popularity is suppressed. Truthers will never—never—admit that mainstream society rejected this conspiracy delusion long ago and moved on.

In fact, I’ve had 9/11 Truthers try to tell me that the reason nobody talks about 9/11 conspiracy theories much anymore is because they (the Truthers) have already won—they think the vast majority of the public considers 9/11 a closed issue, having concluded that it was a conspiracy, so there’s no need to debate it anymore! They’re right on one score—there is no need to debate it—but for precisely the opposite reason: mainstream public opinion long ago tossed 9/11 conspiracy theories on the dustbin of history, and trying to gain new adherents to the theory is like trying to sell tickets to the Titanic after the ship has already gone down.

There’s one more powerful piece of evidence indicating that the mainstream world has forgotten about Thrive, and that’s here: the very interesting discussion that took place behind the scenes at Wikipedia over whether Thrive was “notable” enough to warrant an entry in the database. Despite the frenzied efforts of Thrive partisans, the Wikipedia gatekeepers decided that Thrive wasn’t even worth their time. There is no Wikipedia page on Thrive. Nor will there be. It’s not suppression; it’s not propaganda; it’s not the “Global Domination Agenda” paying Wikipedia to snub them. It’s much simpler than that: no one cares.

One Wikipedia editor summed up the argument against Thrive with these very telling statements, which ultimately won the debate:

“This page [the one on Thrive that was eventually deleted] reeks of promotion and has the barest credentials. I must agree with nominator that page created by a known sock puppet of an indef-blocked socker [translation: a known conspiracy theorist troll] should be subject to close scrutiny. [An anti-Thrive Wikipedia user] makes the valid points above this film has no wide interest and zero sources other than blogs…”

This is the truth. No one cares anymore. No one should care. Thrive is dead. John Robbins and the other nine repudiators ended the Thrive phenomenon, if indeed there ever was one. Game over.


This is my final article for Thrive Debunked. After seven years in the arena, I have retired from actively debunking conspiracy theories, and Thrive marks the final chapter in that journey. My contributors and I have, in the past year, successfully refuted every major assertion made in the film. There’s nothing of substance left standing of Thrive. Our work is completed. Thrive has been completely debunked. Even if it wasn’t, John Robbins and the repudiators have rendered further effort in deconstructing the film largely pointless, because it’s clear that the film is not going to have any real resonance in the future beyond the realm of conspiracy theorists and New Agers who already know about it.

But, like a dead oil tanker that continues to leak toxins into the environment decades after the main oil spill has been contained, Thrive will continue to infect a small, steady trickle of viewers with its conspiracy poison, whether its new victims are young people who are just entering the dark and nihilistic world of paranoia, or other potential fans who simply haven’t heard about the movie before. For that reason, this blog will remain up for at least a while. It’s already helped a lot of people, and can continue to do some good, even if it is no longer actively updated.

The conspiracy theorists out there will invariably interpret this as some sort of victory, or perhaps further “proof” that I am a “paid disinformation agent”—maybe my CIA/Project Vigilance masters have stopped paying me, or transferred me to another assignment!—but there’s nothing I can do about that. Conspiracy nutters will make that accusation anyway, regardless of how stupid it is. I am not a “paid disinformation agent,” of course, but the fact that paranoiacs continue to believe that I am gives me no grief at all. I have nothing to prove to conspiracy theorists. This blog wasn’t meant for them anyway; it was meant to reach people who are still capable of rational thought.

What I feel most toward fans of Thrive is not anger or even pity, but sadness. What could have been great hope, promise and energy of a generation of young people who want to change the world has been squandered, bastardized and ultimately wasted by sad obsessions with bizarre conspiracy theories that can do nothing—absolutely nothing—to move our society forward or address the problems within it. This is the tragedy of conspiracy thinking. It is a tragedy upon which I can no longer dwell, and with Thrive now debunked, I no longer have to.

I want to thank the contributors to this blog (SlayerX3 chief among them, though he’s by no means the only one), as well as those behind the scenes who helped me research, fact-check, and keep ahead of developments I wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. I want to thank the readers (you know who you are) who respond tirelessly in the comments, slamming down the endless assaults of idiocy and irrationality spouted by Thrive’s more militant fans. If by some miracle of fate Thrive’s fortunes do turn around—or if Foster Gamble decides to make a Thrive 2, perish the thought—I will be looking to you to carry on my work, and to defend rationality, sanity and reason against the endless waves of woo, bullshit, paranoia and propaganda in which our world is sadly awash. Thanks for a job well done.

Foster Gamble or his fans may not think so, but I, for one, am thriving quite well.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. The Locke says :

    RIP Thrive. Your history of deceiving people was so short.

    • cody says :

      This blog is all misinformation. Do your own homework into the subject and stop listening to others on the issue of ET/free energy disclosure. Enough said.

      • anticultist says :

        @Cody : LOL,.. and doing your own homework probably includes listening to hours of amateur chin strap sleuths, theorising about what ifs and maybes in endless streams of verbal diarrhoea. Then going to hundreds of conspiracy theory websites with more chin strap internet gurus spouting contradictory theories of maybes and what ifs, that can assimilated into your cognitive bias, even though the information is contradictory and complete bullshit.

        you + Long walk + short pier = 🙂

      • a rational person says :

        “misinformation”? lol…there’s no “misinformation” here, because there is no such thing as free energy and it sure as hell doesn’t come from et’s…so shut your yap, nutbag, unless you got something to contribute, which it’s obvious u don’t. enough said!

      • Frankie says :

        Just go and fuck yourself nutbag.

      • taewell delaney says :

        frankie, because i despise spychiatry you think me schizo and in need of their drano-drugs? 3 million members, last i read, of such as ‘survivors of psychiatry.’ as sooon as i heard of the newtown massacre was sure he’d be found on their drugs as 84% of the other school shooters have been. it was 1987 when congress mandated a bill written as i recollect by teddy kennedy that makes all public schools keep a psychiatrist on-call to write scrips. it is no coincidence that the first 2 school shootings in american history beyond single deaths came in 1989. by 2007-8 school year, peak to date, 83 such shootings… so many they didn’t make headlines unless 5 or more.

      • taewell delaney says :

        to ‘a rational person’ who here says “there is no such thing as free energy”… oh ignant idjit… you shd read some of the genius work of nikolai tesla whose body of unpublished work was illegally seized by FBI and even now his family fights for its release and has evidence it was used to create the bizarre HAARP.

        however, more prosaically, at stanford since 1996 a ‘perpetual motion machine’ thought impossible by midget minds like those in this cell, has been self-empowering. works like this if your feeble minds can grasp… a peculiar nickel alloy was discovered which reverses the commonality that metals heated expand and cooled contract. in its case, heat contracts and chill expands. when this is placed as wafers of the typical by the nickel alloy, the result is it can heat & cool the water that heats & cools itself. now a team of energy physicists in germany say they will soon use this in tandem with new tech and manage to extract a small bit of totally FREE ENERGY by it.

        and more for the dim bulbs… james dyson, brilliant physicist… in about 1971, a star was found that could not be seen in the visible spectrum, only in x-ray. his thesis was the most credible – that it was a civilization of advanced tehnologies which had literally surrounded its sun! now, considering that a recent 3M advance in solar can gather 70x more power than could be had from a similar area just 5 years ago, enough to power a house frmo a flexible plaque 8″x8″… imagine the energy of a “dyson sphere”? and the area created thereby? might even be big enough for there to be room in which i could manage to coexist with such as thee.

        in 1983 i met this team of austrian oddball scientists who were trying to get the capital to launch a stellar energy company. sounded wild to me til they showed me the ‘you are here’ joke cartoon and said, “why are we still using old dinosaur juce for power when we live in this endless soup of power?” i recently heard from one of those sharp fellows and after all this time, have finally gotten the go-ahead… from NASA.

        speaking of NASA, duh, they are now planning to place a vast solar collector in outer space where the sunlight is far, far more potent. at a cost of $30mln they will gather billions worth of power from just one such installation. NASA also has a self-powered solar wing which they are now equipping for wind… virtually free energy. chile is to be entirely alt-energy sufficient by 2020 from solar-wind and especially tidal as it has 4,000 miles of coastlines. 300,000+ miles of shores on the earth and the take on that will come to be as much as 7000:1 per invested dollar.

        wake up. as ‘2001’ author clarke sagely said “any technology which becomes sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.” but as i say to that, “any magic which becomes sufficiently advanced becomes indistinguishable from technology.” magic? debunkers ask with a sneer… well tackle isaac newton who wrote 4x more metaphysics and outright mystical-occult work than physics and had as his mentor the works of the great alchemist john dee who also was the vizer for the most powerful of women in history, queen elizabeth and the great bard shakespeare, who dedicated his greatest work, ‘the tempest’ to dee. shakespeare “thre are more things in this world, horatio, than in either of our philosophies.” burroughs wrote “if it is genuine magic it works, period. science? sometimes.” i add that those who are just ignant and think it rational skepticism do not realize that science is a tiny red cork afloat on a sea of magic.

        hey, feeding mice a diet of huckleberries, even better than domestic cousin the blueberry, is found to drastically increase intelligence and memory retention and this spreads to the next gen, too, very surprising. yall need to force-feed yourselves some of those. like fast.

      • taewell delaney says :

        some knee-jerk herein asked me what city i drive a cab in… well, i’ve made millions as an emerging tech entrepreneur and a company some ‘friends’ stole from me & amy went on to make them at least $370mil and that was by 2008. i’m now founding a project to bring ultra-low-cost housing-schools-hospitals to haiti, africa and working on the sandy recovery project… starting a fashon line of unprecedented looks by using our art as content… i have a dozen other business plans to launch in order of import. i’m applying for patents in 7 areas soon, 2 at present. i’ve written 170,000 pages; done 15,000 images; music by the hour. what city do you drive cab in?

      • Roger Knull says :

        All that AND you’re an asshole? Wow. I’m impressed.

      • anticultist says :

        @Taewell squarepants::: You certainly do like to make shit up about yourself online.

        No one here is going to believe a word you say, you have after all shown yourself to be a complete crazy bastard everywhere on the blog. You ought to try and spoon feed your lies to less gullible people.

      • anticultist says :

        *spoon feed your lies to the mindless gullible people.

      • taewell delaney says :

        hey, boring rational person… you wrote as if to insult me, this

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        battlefield earth was the worst fucking movie of all time

        yes ron hubbard was injured in navy and became a lifelong and hypocritical drug addict. according the bio of bob marley when he went aboard his ship ron & he did all sorts of drugs all night long in his cabin. yes, he was a morphine addict, used cocaine to stay awake and alcohol to ’round out the edges’ and smoked 4 packs of KOOL NOcabin.S. yes, he was a liar. yes, he beat wives and kids. he hounded junior for decades with his army and spies. ron was a missanthropist, misogynist, phobe, racist, slaver and greedhead. yes, tax fraud. tom cruise is creating bad karma with his ultra-violent movies he should know better than to do as karma is a truth. traolta also has his problems. loved that ‘south park’ skit where cruise (tom crass, we call him) and travolta have been locked ‘in the closet’ by the ‘church.’ how many more than one lisa mcpherson have been burned, slaughtered by the followers of moses-christ-mohammed? i met miscavage and found him rabid. spychiatry has caused the deaths and mental dismemeberment of immense numbers of people. 3 million are memebers of support groups like ‘survivors of psychiatry.’ a study by florida showed that 13 people die yearly in that state for every one dies from all legal drugs combined. ‘battlefield earth may well have been the worst 10,000 page book and movie ever made. but hubbard’s 1930s books under the tutelage of forrest ackerman who was actually the progenitor of scientology with his genius stable of scifi authors post war wwll of whom were initially members of scn (van vogt, asimov, heinlein, others.)

        ron hubbard, unlike the last pope, never made zyklon b to kill those in the nazi camps. ron hubbard never was a flyboy for the nazis over a BMW slave-labor camp as was the current pope. ron hubbard so far as is known was not a child rapist, though he did indeed enslave kids. he had two ‘ashtray boys’ to collect any ashes he might drop chainsmoking… miss an ash and get thrown to the wolves of ‘ethics.’ if you want to take someone down or find out the whole picture you can’t just read TIME magazine. you must find it out from an insider who sees all sides, duh.

        ron hubbard wrote over a million pages. yes, some was rubbish. but his betrayed mentor aleister crowley (frontspiece of beatles ‘sgt peppers’ cover and another massively prolific author), said of hubbard “what is the world coming to when such a commercial lout as ron hubbard can take the wisdom of the ages and sign his name to it.” and how many persons ever had their very own private army, navy, two intel agencies, beat IRS, beat FBI and made over a billion? he once joked at the ecumenical council where the fkng cult of vatican was trying to ‘bring all the sheep back into our evil fold’ that “if you want to get REALLY rich, start your own religion.”

        and while some of his efforts were utter failures, R3R is a blend of buddhist & freudian regression techniques of astounding effectiveness. i saw on a dozen or more occasions persons who flatly refused to believe they’d ever lived before come to view movies of undeniable solidity in minutes. think as you like, but according to max brod whose best friends were the genius jews einstein and kafka that both those men could discuss past lives til the cows came home.

        what you know of scientology and ron hubbard is minute and wears brainwashed blinders. what i know is voluminous and i can both take him and his ‘church’ apart or point out what is of value therein. it is called the ability for critical thinking’ which the GOP texas legislature banned last year as it “challenges fixed beliefs and parental authority.” only dolts abide mainstream propaganda. and this room is thick with dolts cannot think. surely cannot think in breadth, depth, scope, magnitude or in overview of balance.

        as rolling stone brian jones, the most brilliant of the brilliant band said nearing his death after having gone to the pipes of pan festival in joujouka, morrocco w/geniuses burroughs and gysin… last of his press conferences in that wonderful gown givenn him by hendrix… “the west is creating psychic weaklings.” and was killed by thugs working on his estate under instructions by a fkng SHRINK!

        the trouble with most persons is they cannot view from above to see both sides. oh, those liberals… oh those rightwingers. when that is just myopia. as with too much drink, double vision whereas it is really just one entity, the demgops, a ruling 1%er warmongering torture organization of weapons of mass death over a mob of sheeple like those in this room.

      • taewell delaney says :

        hey auntie the cultist bunk, you said i was bullshit re having been doing the NASA APOD since netscape beta 1993? have a looksee, meatball. dig {} as with the MIT techreview emergingtech updates, a 20 year free college-level course in astronomy, astrophysics, quantum mechanics, emerging technologies of all sorts all of which have assisted in my businesses.two old hippies have kept APOD at NASA going all but 3 missed days in 20 solid years and joke they “sure are glad WE don’t get drug-tested!”

        i’m launching 3 businesses and a hugely important not-for-profit will save enormous number of lives and put thousands to work. one is an easy one will make tens of millions and require a part-time employee who, being a socialist, will have a piece of all profits including sale of firm… taztec, ‘the world’s 500 wildest gadgets’ what it has is so mindboggling as to seem scifi. hence far beyond the ken of the midget-minded debunker. want to walk on water like christ and be propelled by rotors? want to float as its inventor did w/o any power of propulsion from boston to jsut east of chicago? a theremin-wand-based digital cello, perhaps? shall i continue or is your medication lapsed?

        my resumé is 3 pages and 30 years deep and i’ve made millions when as a philosophy-history grad i was expected to make abuot $600k total as a teach. what are your credentials? me & amy have put thousands of hours either free, at cost or raised large funds to enable us to work for great causes that have included computerizing the office of tibet for dalai lama; taking chomsky’s great ‘covert action quarterly’ to the desktop and then teh web before CIA demolished it in 1993-4 with ‘debunkers’ like you. NOW, NORML, rainforest action network and alliance for which we made an animation of the destruction of rainforest from 1750-2050 and was narrated by sting and still plays as a PSA 20 years later. refuse&resist against recrutiment of fodder for endlessly warring conspiracy (see major general smedley butler’s 1933 ‘war is a racket’ PDF free on web) greenpeace. found out that amnesty intl was op as front for CIA and the genius computer guy ran their whole net was murdered for that info. we raised heavy money to back our webdev for NION/UFJ in 2006 and after the UN rally got 730,000 protesting with my signs at the front seen by tens of millions on that nights news so bold w/slogans like ‘who would jesus bomb?’

        the fellow supervised us and i were both kidnapped, drugged and professionally beaten w/old chinese-CIA tech to incrementally damage our health so that my whole neurology is chronically in pain. you? doubt you’ve ever so much as waved a sign in protest over the endless slaughter of demonic wars and degenerate rendition torture chambers started by clinton, filled by bush and re-authorized by obama february 2009. what is it with the vicious rightwing and cowardly leftwing that they allow children to be constantly bombed and tortured for wall street, oil and heroin without a noise? you must know, right?

        before mayor adolph ghouliani made it illegal to help ‘the least of thy brethren’ without a fkng license, amy & i for years took 100 bags filled with food, gloves, caps to grand central every xmas eve to hand out to the suffering. i’ve personally saved at least 2 homeless, including a nearly dead man who was there when leakey found ‘lucey’ at olduvai gorge, kenya, who had to make his work w/teamster’s union who after 33 years denied his pension ‘due to a computer crash.’ got a pro bono lawyer on it and voila, “oh, we’ve found your records, harry, here’s your back pension!” that was $77k and he got his teeth and a cozy place at a men’s home upstate w/his own HDTV…

        i’m currently engaged in a project i created that can put up structures in haiti, africa, anywhere including for the Sandy recovery programs for as little as $3k per 3 sound rooms. for haiti where 220,000 mostly children lost limbs in 2010’s quake i’m presenting the brand new 3D printer that makes only prosthetic limbs for just $20-30 supplies instead of $1500+. and getting a line to deliver india’s new $65 tablet computer and going to make pitiful haiti all wifi.

        since 1968 i’ve written 2300 pages of dream journal that is about to win me a guinness record; 350 pages of ‘odd-events journal’ as suggested to me to do by william s burroughs; 177,000 pages total writing that includes what the editor of the paris review calls the most exciting and innovative work i’ve read by an american in years!” and my soon-published jasper detective-mystery volumes are to be brought as nominations before the agatha awards group. i’ve made some 15,000 images and with amy’s photos, we’re launching a line of jawdropping fashions that will include lit garb by OLED. do you even know what OLED is? i’m a musician with enormous hours of recordings and am finally ready to output to tunecore and am to sell lyrics too. i’ve worked as a web & print designer since amy taught me those ropes.

        tell me one single thing of value you have ever done in this lifetime for anyone but yourself. show me that you’ve ever done anything of creativity in any art or in business. my guess is that you are one of those who bite at the heels of anyone else who actually does anything? i also bet that no one loves or even likes you; whereas i have so many persons in my circle it is difficult to keep up the correspondence.

        at one-in-17000 raw, i made of myself a person far more remarkable… yet i know at least three others as or more intelligent. what have you to offer nature or man, the ABCs of ArtsBizCauses? do you just want to be a talking piraña all your life?

      • anticultist says :

        More retarded bullshit from a delusional. Try and put some effort into something real, you are a waste of oxygen at present.

      • taewell delaney says :

        you say my posts are incoherent? that’s rather funny as i’ve got praise for my collected select volume of various writings since 1968 (which total 177,000 pagees), as being of great import. my jasper mystery-detective novels which i’ll son be screenwriting for adless cable channel will be nominated for the agatha award. you? all you can possibly do is write a single vapid insolent sentence of rude, barren insult. dry up.

      • anticultist says :

        wah wah stfu you boring bastard, don’t you think you have given your self enough praise already ? Your public displays of affection for yourself are just an exhibition of pure narcissistic fantasy.

      • taewell delaney says :

        auntie, what we all see in your counters is a couple of sentences of rude insult lowbrow when i’ve writ a long piece. you are witless dolt and lack even a good vocabulary much less a debating mindset.

      • taewell delaney says :

        hey, auntie the cultist, i do indeed like myself and have good reason to feel this way. and i’m well-liked at large. for some years i’ve had a policy, easily accomplished in my beloved manhattan, of “put a smile on ten faces and help at least one person a day.” it’s free and warms me and all those i touch. i’ve kept kids out of psych clinics and jail for pot. i’ve given a poor superintendants kid his first electric guitar. an old lady i knew was being attacked in a doorway on a cold snowy night by a crazed iraq war vet w/a pit bull while she held her poodle… i’m a frail, fragile guy but i had no choice. “mary, do you need help?” yes, taz, would you take me upstairs?” he says to me “she don’t need your help!” i lie and say “i’m a lawyer and if you touch me or her you will go to prison.” when he could’ve killed me w/a punch. no one loves or even likes you, do they, auntie? who have you ever in your life helped?

      • a rational person says :

        anti: yes i think it is clear this person (tawell delaney) has serious mental issues. my guess is severe autism. conspiracy bullshit preys on people with autism. u pointed out how he can’t stay on the subject. his disdain for psychiatry is probably not so much being brainwashed by scientology (though clearly is is a fellow traveler) but i suspect somebody with a psychology or psyciatry degree told our friend taewell that he was batshit nuts and he didn’t want to hear it, so he went looking for an ideology that vilified psychiatrists…BADDA BING, there’s scientology, and ron hubbard and his bullshit science fiction, and tom cruise and his total nutbag shit, and taewell’s got the support group of fellow nutbags who tell him he isn’t crazy.

        this is why thrive sucks…and why zeitgest sucks and why alex jones should be thrown in jail…because they feed on these people who are too weak and sick to defend themselves. this tawell nutbag fuck is the reason why we should stop thrive in its tracks and stop these fucking bottom feeder conspiracy nutbags from preying on people like tawell who belong in mental institutions.

      • tom cruise says :

        hello everybody. this is tom cruise. maybe you’ve seen me in some movies like top gun, mission impossible and all the right moves. yea, i know u all loved me singing bob seger in my underwear. but the whole world loves me!

        i’m here to tell u that “taewell delaney” is absolutely right about everything. every single thing he says is totally correct. you must all accept l. ron hubbard as your personal savior because scientology is the only way forward for humanity. if you had spent $775,000 on auditing courses, as i have, u would all know this.

        the truth is that the world really is ruled by giant conspiracys. there is a “new world order” and alex jones, foster gamble and the zeitgest guy are totally correct. 911 was an inside job. it was planned in the pentagon and done with pipe cleaners and rubber cement. there realy are lizard people. you don’t want to be there when queen elizabeth rips off her human face and exposes her true reptile nature. all i got to say is, if u are there when that happens, u better hope you didn’t have taco bell for lunch.

        but “taewell delaney” is right in everything he says. l. ron hubbard is the greatest genius the world has ever known. i know because i have read the secret protocols of the elders of zion, er i mean the secret notebooks of l. ron hubbard. he wrote 10,000,000,000,000,000 pages and most of them are total crap but the stuff he wrote about psychatry being wrong, all that’s true. when i jumped on oprah’s couch and married katie holmes despite being a closeted homosexual i knew this was correct.

        and my friend john travolta is totally correct too. battlefield earth is the greatest film ever made. u will understand this someday. when we strap you to the seats and force you to watch battlefield earth over and over again for 36 days straight u will know what i mean.

        i personally audited “taewell delaney” and got rid of his body thetans. the one hanging on his left nut was especially stubborn but i threatened to make “days of thunder 2” and the mutherfucker dropped right off. so i claim this as my personal victory over the forces of evil.

        anyone who does not agree with “taewell delaney” is a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING and a SHILL TROLL. let me just say that again. if u don’t like scientology and u don’t believe zenu blew up the human race with hydrogen bombs 75 million yrs ago you are a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING. and if u don’t believe in thrive and u think foster gamble is just a sad old man instead of a great visionary (like nassim haramein) then u are a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING and u must be destroyed.

        so i hope u will all come see my new movie. jack flasher or jack trencher or jack jacker or something, shit, i can’t even remember the names of all the bad movies ive made by now. but understand scientology is the truth. and so is thrive. worship foster gamble. and nassim haramein. and believe in conspiracys because they are all 10000000000000000000000000% true. and if u don’t believe it u are a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING and a PAID DISINFORMATION AGENT. and u can tell them that i, tom cruise, said so.

      • Rehsab Thgir says :

        You are a kook. Enough said.

      • Alex Wax says :

        Our perceptions, however valid, do not equate to “reality”.
        Since what we call “reality” is not empirical.

        If anything, this blog promotes segregation and careless name calling…

      • Joel T. says :

        Alex Wax, what we call “reality” is that which we observe. Observations are at the heart of the empirical world view, so yes, actually, reality is empirical.

        To note, speaking the truth should not be confused with namecalling.

    • taewell delaney says :

      see this and re-evaluate:


      1st thing i did online 1993 was make the nasa ‘astronomy picture of the day’ my homepage; a virtual free college level course for 20 years of intensive daily links. funny, two old hippie-types have kept it up all but 3 days since and joke “we sure are glad we don’t get drug tested!”

      since rover landed NASA has been increasingly twaking our noses w/images of what sure appears to be life on mars. but today, went to the site and watched the video of the ‘solar ballet’ on a masasive solar flare. however, unseen anytime previous, when that was done, another page came up that was packed with links on NASA UFO evidence. the best one i saw ‘compilation of stunning NASA…’ there are so many that the server is looping so you may need to re-watch the solar storm again to catch the one titled ‘compilation.’ let me tell you… i expected some vague images cd be readily denied? not at all. advanced crafts clearly filmed. by halfway through it i was literally on my knees breathless.

      they are now letting the cat out of the bag. how it can be that this is not front page headline news worldwide? note edgar mitchell, 6th to set fot on the moon and founder of speaks on it. i did just inform MIT’s techreview of this event. (that was the 2nd place i got on-board on the web, their emergingtech email update is another free course…)

      • anticultist says :

        Link this evidence or it didn’t happen

      • taewell delaney says :

        anticultist, do you not see the link to’s astronomy picture of the day where the archive of yesterday can likely be viewed? this is how blind you are. and just what are your faviored cults, jew-christian-muslim, science, spychiatry, traditional norms? are you one of the so-called ‘materialists’ who think that the universe came from itself and that all there ever is or has been to be matter-energy-space-time absent any of einsteins non-matrial prime mover or us particularity souls? from what i’ve seen, your comments are invariably vicious. and that generally indicates an entirely closed mind that doesn’t like itself really, your very own cult.

      • anticultist says :

        Bring your evidence or don’t I have no reason or inclination to believe a word you say. You are yet another internet clown passing through with claims that aliens are visiting the Earth without a single valid piece of evidence.

        I saw your link and found no evidence of aliens or ufos from it, either the evidence exists or it doesn’t. If the evidence is so profound and undeniable surely you can provide a direct link to it and the scientific validation of it for us without any effort ?

        The only cult member here is you and your pseudo scientific belief in supernatural beings and energies.

      • taewell delaney says :

        again, have you checked your eyesight recently anti? are you incapable of seeing the liink i posted from NASA? you are a vicious person in need of help. but don’t go to spychiatrists as their trade is in such as lobobomy, shock, drugs worse than drano and the like.

      • anticultist says :

        I answered I saw it I also asked you to provide direct evidence for your claims of ufos here on this site. Point directly to your solid evidence or be cast aside like another internet fringe theorist. It is of no concern to me for no one is going to wander off looking for the evidence you claim exists if you can’t even be bothered to provide it yourself right here.

        You have said someting akin to this twice so far:

        “you are a vicious person in need of help. but don’t go to spychiatrists as their trade is in such as lobobomy, shock, drugs worse than drano and the like.”

        You sound like one of those Scientologists who believes in Xenu and the posession of people by alien spirits from the volcano with all this anti psychiatry talk.

        Are you a scientologist taewell ?

      • Roger Knull says :

        Scientology. Lol, my favorite mind-screw of all time.

      • taewell delaney says :

        try this on for size, honey. it was the great american physicist, enrico fermi, after whom the chicago lab was named, who, in the mid-1950s stated flatly that the odds of there having always been and still being extraterrestrial influence on the earth and our species is 100%. he went on to say that the likelihood is of a world out there where beings much like us speak a language much like english.

        and he said that before the HST showed us the true immensity of this comsos to be some 125 billion galaxies.

        now since netscape beta 1993, i’ve used for my homepage NASA astronomy picture of the day that i gave as the link you cannot see. a virtual free college-level course in astronomy, astrophysics w/links daily. it’s been kept up all but 3 days since by two old hippies used to do art for NASA who joke they sure are glad they don’t get drug tested…

        2nd thing i did was enroll in MIT techreview’s daily emergingtech update, another such high-level education.

        the best estimates now are as follows… 125 billion galaxies; averaging 4 billion stars each; one in 4 stars so far observed have planetary bodies circling. days ago it was aid that it is probable that one in 4 planets may be capable of maintaining organic life as we know it. as we know it… a metorite hit sudan in 2010 or so that was found to have fossilized microbial organisms on it that instead of 4 amino acids which form all known earthly DNA, had 5 aminos. could survive different sorts of environs than life here?

        now you do your own homework, anti, but this indicates there are on the order of as many as quadrillions of life-bearing worlds out there. again, enrico fermi that there are civilizations so ancient and so advanced that they could now be virtually immortal and disembodied. these could walk among us unseen or perhaps take on forms.

        as we are now looking to the kurzweil singularity of semi-immortality (i think it will come much sooner than his expectation of 2045), and are a very young species indeed…

      • anticultist says :

        So I will reiterate.

        Are you a scientologist with your anti psychiatry babble ?

        And have you any evidence aliens are in fact visiting Earth ?

        Your walls of text avoiding the questions are cute but extremely boring.

      • taewell delaney says :

        anti & null… how many times must i tell you that NASA has released a slew of videos giving solid evidence of their having since the apollo mission days observed a multitude of UFOs. if you don’t believe NASA; what’s your theory?

        6th astronaut to walk on the moon, edgar mitchell, founder of the fine noetic sciences institute has several other of his colleagues in league who had such experiences. and it is of note that many of the astronauts/cosmonauts become profoundly spiritual following their trip.

        the only minds smaller than those fully embrace scientology are those who ‘debunk’ it. truth is in-betwen for those who can view the chess-board from above. my mentor, beat author bill burroughs (we part company at the corner of guns & women…), advised me in 1975 to check out scientology as a sort of basic training for certain types of agents… but not to get overtaken by the organization.

        having just finished college… majored in philosophy, particularly logic & metaphysics; minored in history in which i am now some 20,000 pages deep (the grand world history of will & ariel durant is some 13,000 pages), i took buroughs up on that and did scn for a year & a half before i was booted for having ‘undesirable sex’ drugs, insubordination. wore my excommunication like a medal.

        ron hubbard was w/out a doubt one of the more remarkable men of the last century. how many had their own personal religion, army, navy, intelligence agency, slaves, vast real estate holdings, said to have died an offshore billionaire. LRH was an outright fascist, a misanthrope, misogynist, homophobe, racist. but he was also a genius. hugely prolific, wrote over a million pages (as amazingly did burroughs, ginsberg, james joyce on those old typewriters. burroughs on his burroughs typewriter had to get a new one every few months…)

        much of what hubbard put out was outrageously stolen. stolen from his equally prodigious mentor aleister crowley; the tone scale came from the aforementioned durants who settled with hubbard out of court as did the widow of semanticist count korszbyski; the e-meter was developed by a black electrical hobbyist in mississippi who also made hubbard settle. much of hubbard’s genii was his ability to synthesize, to merge, his thefts. so the extremely workable procedure for regression, R3R was an admixture of freud&buddhist techniques.

        and at least scientology has yet to have a major war; an inquisition; burned witches & gays at the stake; or held endless war since moses. at least scientology doesn’t use the likes of lobotomy, shock treatment, prozac, MK Ultra.

        for the record, when i finished college, it was thought the only thing to be done w/my degrees was to teach & that, as we basically trash our teachers, would likely never make a million dollars in this lifetime. well, guess again. i’m a lifelong multimedia artist and entrepreneur spec in emerging technologies. we got our first macintosh in 1986 an overnight went from hungry artists (that was no joke to us then), to being the darlings of midtown media congloms in those 5 years before windoze even existed. we were on the web netscape beta 1993. after a grim decade, i now have multiple businesses in front of a venture capital group in dubai, another in boston and here in new york city.

        methinks, anti&null&void, that you need to take your minds out of the vice grip and ponder what shakespeare meant when wrote ‘there are more things in this world, horatio, than in either of our philosophies. you might try some once-again-produced sandoz LSD-25, 1000 micrograms should suffice… hoffman’s ‘problem child’ which makes smarter out of dull normals and geniuses out of smarts… was partly responsible for the greatest artistic rennaisance since florentiine italy, ming, t’ang dynasties of china.

      • Roger Knull says :

        Take a look at what $cientology did to a friend of mine:

        LRH a remarkable man? For who?

      • anticultist says :

        Appeals to authority are not a reasonable answer to the question, for even NASA video can be interpreted any way the human mind sees fit. And astronauts are no less prone to mental fallacy and misinterpretation than a street cleaner.

        You have yet to provide solid evidence, so I can only assume your inability to provide any and your refusal to answer my questions asserts that you have none and are avoiding being exposed as the crank you clearly are.

        Talking about LSD now as some kind of guiding help to educate is further proves your lack of touch with reality.

      • taewell delaney says :

        anti you keep asking for a link to any evidence whwen apparently haven’t yet seen that i provided the link to the best source there is on this planet, NASA; then say that “appeals to authority are not admissible as evidence.” the quotes from the brilliant american pysicist enrico fermi doesn’t meet your standards? what are you expecting me to provide you as evidence beyond the expertise & valid proofs provided by NASA; an alien body, perhaps? you’ve got serious problems as your tag indicates.

      • taewell delaney says :

        antinull, bak in 1991-3, i subscribed to a NASA quarterly newsletter on crop cirles. these were physicists mostly, other sciences but largely that. they aren’t what most would call flakes, except perhaps folks like you.

        tehy pointed out that tru crop circles have curved, never broken stalks and no sign of anyone nor vehicle having been there. they noted that these appeared only at night & that farmers nearby reported no sounds were emitted and that they only saw it the next day.

        further, they put the designs through computer consideration and learned that they were of highly complx mathematics. on was found to contain the language of music. another was thought to be a condensed theory of relativity. several which had similar appearance were found to align to eeach other into even more complexity.

        they reported that on a rare instance when a forming circle was found during daytime and elglilsh soldiers were sent into it, when they emerged, they had quote ‘strange mental disturbances.’ later they were found to all have been sterilized.

        meanwhile, the limey govt was getting more & more uptight and set outto , ahem, ‘debunk’ crop circles. so they hired these morons who made such idiocies as smiley faces, peace signs and the like; they trampled fields and invariably, as no eartly known tech can do otherwise, broke the stems of all wheat. the racket wasn’t what any farmer could sleep through. yet the tabloids all proclaimed circles wholly debunked anyway.

        but of course, for such divine experts as thee, NASA are just a bunch of theorists, right?

        hey, leave me alone, will you. you stand debunked.

      • anticultist says :

        Yet again you have provided zero evidence of your claims, your walls of text merely show you to be one of words with no content.

        It would b nice if you could verify your claims with absolute evidence, but you and I know you can’t. Your claims of evidence of images are mere personal interpretations of images. Of course you and I both know this is inadmissible evidence, and for someone who claims to be of an intellectual capability you appear to be ignoring this A: intentionally as it suits your preferred belief B: because you are unable to decipher the difference between admissible evidence and unsubstantial.

        It is sad for you that you are trying to come across as intellectual on a matter that is clearly founded in belief with nothing more than what if proposal. It would be nice if you did have solid evidence to validate your claims as I and many others here would be triumphantly pleased in the knowledge we were not alone in the universe. Sadly though cranks like you are two a penny on the internet, and none of them to date have provided any solid rationale for their claims.

        So with that being said, I know you are going to come along with another wall of text with no substance, as that is what cranks do. It would however be refreshing if you could provide the rest of the world who are eagerly hanging on your every word, what exactly you have to prove aliens exist other than a few images you claim show space ships LOL.

      • taewell delaney says :

        auntienull, you’re unbelievable. how many times have i told you to view the NASA APOD video(s) while you continue to say i provide zero evidence that man is not alone in 125bln galaxy cosmos. if NASA aint evidence in this area, wtf is? i usually leave it to trools like you to do the incessant insults; but in your case i’ll make an exception. you are an ignorant idiot with a mind so closed it is a tomb. go away. drink drano or something equally fun.

      • taewell delaney says :

        auntie nullvoid, you told me to “take a look at what LRH did to a friend of mine.” then provide no such data. did LRH have him fried at the stake as a witch or faggot, bundle of sticks the term of endearment that came from ages of the cult of judaeo-xtian-moslem rubble? was he given so much shock treatment he no longer remembered mom or his own name; lobotomized so he has no aggression? has he been made a prozac mummy of which 84% of school shooters, including newtown massacre where my wife once went to school… was? was he forced into ‘therapeutic castration’ last practiced in the USA in carolina w/express approval of one senator jesse helms on a young gay black man in 1979? if so, you should tell it loud. otherwise, fkoff, koff, koff. yall nauseate good mind. fkoff. eat drano to liberate your sorry excuse for mind.

      • Roger Knull says :

        That is the most singularly scrambled-egg answer I’ve ever tried to decipher. I’ve NO idea what you’re talking about, and I no longer care. I will respond no more. Have a nice day.

      • a rational person says :

        wait, taewell is a scientologist?


        oh man what a fucking nutbag
        he probably believes xenu blew up the world with h bombs 75 million years ago

        so yea tawell, what about that? how many body thetans you got hanging off your nut sack?

        l ron hubbard was a drug addict
        l ron hubbard lied about his wwii service
        l ron hubbard beat his kids
        i ron hubbard committed tax fraud
        theres no such thing as xenu
        tom cruise is nuts
        john travolta is nuts
        lisa mcpherson was murdered
        david miscavige is a fucking psychopath
        scientology kills people
        battlefield earth was the worst fucking movie of all time

        any questions?

      • taewell delaney says :

        no, delusional ones. i studied, due the genius beat burroughs my mentor, scientology in the mid 1970s & got booted for my MEDAL due unpermitted sex, drugs, insubordination. but neither of you can even read what is in front of your eyes. auntienull, you are brain-dead govt-style ‘debunkers’ of midget-mind. eat cyanide & relieve us of your vile, imbecilic presence. trollllllllll thou. garbage beings.

      • anticultist says :

        taewell delaneys head is a fucking mess.Those responses come across like gibberish of a drug casualty.

        Totally bonkers in the head.

      • Roger Knull says :


      • taewell delaney says :

        auntie nullvoid, fkoff thug shill trolls

      • a rational person says :

        “garbage beings” LMAO
        “shill trolls” LMAO

        i may change my handle to “garbage being”

      • Anastasio says :

        @Tazewell Delaney

        “see this and re-evaluate:


        “they are now letting the cat out of the bag. how it can be that this is not front page headline news worldwide?”

        Within a second of watching I was able to ascertain that the video you so joyfully link to is hosted by YouTube, not NASA, and could indeed be succeeded by anything remotely related to astronomy, including UFO videos or what ever happens to be in the user’s playlist. An excerpt from Star Trek for example.

        Well done. This has to be up there with one of the stupidest comments ever made on this blog.

        “antinull, bak in 1991-3, i subscribed to a NASA quarterly newsletter on crop cirles. these were physicists mostly, other sciences but largely that. they aren’t what most would call flakes, except perhaps folks like you.

        tehy pointed out that tru crop circles have curved, never broken stalks and no sign of anyone nor vehicle having been there. they noted that these appeared only at night & that farmers nearby reported no sounds were emitted and that they only saw it the next day.”

        Are you trying to tell me that NASA physicists dropped what they were doing in the observatories to interrogate farmers and make unqualified judgements outwith their domain?

        A plant’s elasticity relates to it’s moisture content, and even brittle canola can be bent at 90 degrees without breaking 2-3 weeks before it is ready for harvest. This what is known as ‘pushing’ by the people who farm it, and the process is often carried out with a vehicle weighing several tons.

        Only a flake would indeed contend otherwise – and I doubt very much NASA astronomers have performed any such studies that back up your claim.

        Still you, could prove me wrong if you’ve kept the newsletters.

        further, they put the designs through computer consideration and learned that they were of highly complx mathematics.”

        Woopee doo. Any examples? Is mathematics not of this world or something? What is your experience in highly complex mathematics?

        Long division would appear highly complex to anyone who is out of touch with what they learned at school. Is this your frame of reference?

        on was found to contain the language of music. another was thought to be a condensed theory of relativity.

        The language of music? What do you mean by this? Is this the wholly terrestrial phenomenon that has been around on our planet for hundreds of years. Transcriptions of Bach’s and Tallis’ music speak more to me than what can ever possibly portrayed in a crop circle.

        Where is this ‘condensed’ theory of relativity? Name just one person who figured this out.

        “several which had similar appearance were found to align to eeach other into even more complexity.”

        Wow, I’m sold. I just didn’t realise how complex these things were until you illustrated the phenomenon in such vivid, detailed prose.

        they reported that on a rare instance when a forming circle was found during daytime and elglilsh soldiers were sent into it, when they emerged, they had quote ‘strange mental disturbances.’ later they were found to all have been sterilized.

        English soldiers?! Tsk tsk Tazewell! And I thought a history minor would know better than to use such cute nomenclature – especially one who claims to be as well-read as yourself. Did the Act of Union never crop up in those ‘thousands of pages’ you’ve read about times gone by?

        What I can tell you with much certainty, that this story obviously did not originated from the UK.

        Your typically parochial understanding of Britain history garners no confidence in a man who is to accept your word as authority on anything that has happened here, 300 years ago or 20.

        Sterilized? I can only assume you made this part up. Way to go.

        meanwhile, the limey govt was getting more & more uptight and set outto , ahem, ‘debunk’ crop circles. so they hired these morons who made such idiocies as smiley faces, peace signs and the like; they trampled fields and invariably, as no eartly known tech can do otherwise, broke the stems of all wheat. the racket wasn’t what any farmer could sleep through. yet the tabloids all proclaimed circles wholly debunked anyway.

        You have simply regurgitated an unintelligible rehash of myths and lies that are continuously exhumed and resuscitated in order to fuel the £80,000,000 strong Wiltshire tourism economy every year.

        Believe what you like, but your arrogant mission to impress people here with your success and ‘learning’ has somewhat backfired I fear.

      • taewell delaney says :

        fave shill-trolls for a conspiratorial governmnt, psychiatry and such, auntie nullvoid… give yrselves, if you even truly HAVE souls… this new shoe size…

        i’m so deep in history, philosophy, w/honours… so deep into ABCs of ARTBizCauses i live fancy on broadway in only town that never sleeps or matters in the fallen west’s evil empire of spartan murder… you can’t catsup, eh?

        i delivered good by the score of admitted govt/corpse secrecy & admitted conspiracies that only theorizing cd plausibly query. you spammed it like dead pigs. you read i was introd to scientology by genius beat author, my mentor, bill burroughs (don’t even think about going there, fag me been happily married to a genius lady 30 fine years… though i still dream of pre-CBW AIDS st marks baths back in the day… & yal went idjit “LOL” that i was a scientologist as never see what is writ; only what you want to see thar… though i toldja i got my medal from basic training, having read thou pages of much smart therein, 1977… back when you, not being an old sol were just mold&wurm…

        wanna know? not. but here are some funny for the edification of those roaches actually like ‘debunker’ midget-mind…

        from a real funny new yorker magazine piece called ‘cruise control’… been reading new yorkers since 10… you ever rea a page of the fines magazine in america after CAQ, covert action quarterly (i got into DTP in ’87 & on web ’92 afore they was plundered to demise by CIA shits never say the word ‘conspiracy’?

        “a scientologist is just a mormon who has a hollywood agent.”

        “between ‘the hobbit’ & ‘Jack Reacher’ which to choose?” well both star who i call ‘tom crass.’

        once met a vicious shit name of david miscavage who LRH told his only living friend, 4E ackerman, who started scn via his world’s finest stable of scifi of mid-century (asimov, van vogt, ee doc smith, ellison, hubbard among others at a jersey resort post bombing of defenseless civilian unimportant hiroshima) what we write becomes the futre; so you’d best watch what you WRITE, prophets!” and yes, aleister’s boy ron was the wrong COB but… for years all of these geniuses hung tight & gained a whole lot by it, including increased IQ & lessened traumas via mix of buddha&freud…

        cruies’s best will always be w/his ‘blueboy buddy the very bi paul newman in ‘color of money.’ you can do better. but what is it about cruise&travolta, early fags back in the closet like that hilarious ‘south park’ sketch? keep having misery at home by way of very-bad-karma flix of ultra-amerikkkan-violence and think it don’t matter? what? it matters. newschool, baby!

        if tome were asked how the universe came into being? “ask john travolta.”

        trouble with you myopics is you never see the whole chess-board from above. don’t much matter if it is the govt, the corpses, scientology or spy-chiatry. just don get it; do you?

      • Roger Knull says :

        What on earth are you talking about? Really?

      • anticultist says :

        There are not many conspiracy theorists I come across who exhibit the level of mental health problems which you exhibit, but it should be clear to anyone passing through reading your comments that you have some serious problems.

      • Taz Delaney says :

        spychiatry is a mental ilness. look at stats… 21:1 more deaths from their drano-drugs than from all illegal drugs combined, per fla & michigan state govt studies… shock, lobotomy & still helping by APA 72:28 vote 2007 to continue rendition re-authorized obama february 2009. you are a shill for fascist govt, psy-ops, corpses and have rabies. fkoff.

      • Taz Delaney says :

        and have you any arts to offer of beauty, sonder?have you businesses galore being financed by silicon valley, silicon alley, dubai of great value to narure, man. to which causes have you donated a small fortune; raised a small fortune; done thousands of hours work for? you are n/g but a selfish greedhead typically brainwased western mouth cannibalizes mother nature & your own species. wake tfu, ignant idjit. this room is a disease.

      • anticultist says :

        Danger to yourself and to society you mate, if I ever met anyone like you I would stay well the fuck away from them.

        No shit you are one of the biggest whack jobs who posts here and that is quite a fucking achievement.

      • Roger Knull says :

      • taewell delaney says :

        this is soooooo funny! a while back the two of you, i was calling auntie null as you were both attacking me like wild dogs after a cat… now you’re at each other’s throats. figures. the debunkers debunked!

      • Roger Knull says :

        Uh, what are you talking about? Seems you’re a bit confused.

      • a rational person says :

        wow…just wow. this taewell delaney fuck srsly belongs in a mental institution.

        but that’s the target audience of thrive isn’t it? paranoid nutbags who believe in aliens. foster gamble knows how to pick em, don’t he?

      • a rational person says :

        oh, and we got another awesome nutbag insult here: “greedhead”!

        wasn’t that a monster from the cantina scene in star wars?

        GREEDHEAD! GARBAGE BEING! those srsly sound like the names of star wars action figures. this place is turning into a cheap science fiction movie.

        oh wait…thrive IS a cheap science fiction movie. my bad.

      • Frankie says :

        Taewell Delaney: you sound like a person with schizophrenia. Fucking disorganized speech (in this case, text), and delusions…

        Seriously, take some meds.

      • taewell delaney says :

        mini-minds herein are still having at me as if i am a scientologist. that is because they put there what they want to see there as just one aspect of their delusional state of being.

        i majored in philosophy and minored in history in which i’m some 20,000 pages deep or more. my mentor was william burroughs the genius beat author. no, i part company with him at the corner of guns & women. yes, he, as with ginsberg, wrote over 1 million pages on his namesake’s burroughs typewriters. in the late 1960s, burroughs got into scientology, another immensely prolific authors strange work. 1973 at a reading he did here at NYU w/paul bley on piano, burroughs advised me to study scientology as of great interest and some use but to watch out not to get caught up in the fascistic organization nor the worship of misanthropist, misogynist, homophobe, racist, slaver and gold-hound greedhead ron hubbard. i did just that.

        someone below posted a piece supposed to horrify about what scn did to their friend… well, boohoohoo. at least he wasn’t burned at the stake as a ‘witch’ right? at least he didn’t get dr hackencutt’s arcwelding treatments to the point of oblivion, eh?

        talk about cults… the US government that secretized 33 million documents in 2005 alone. the catholic church that executed vast numbers of gays and then ironically gets brought low by their own pedophile priests. it is just now starting to come out that in at least the northwest of europe the church was castrating perhaps thousands of young men with the excuse that it was to ‘stop them from being gay’ (though that won’t do anything like that), but what has been emerging is that these young men were castrated to shut them up. i’m uncertain how that worked but were it me, i’d’ve killed al those connected to the mutilation.

        one more thing… it was just 1921 when hubble first saw through the telescope (palomar?) taht those aren’t just stars out there but galaxies. now, due to the hubble space telescope, we know there are some 125 billion galaxies. these each have as many as billions of stars of which so far it seems that 1/4 or more have encircling bodies. if ours is an average, at the very least 1/5 of planets can sustain organic life forms of which many would have evolved to be intelligent. so we are looking at quadrillions of potentially intelligence-bearing planets herein.

        debunk the greatest american physicist of the 20th century if you can, but enrico fermi, after whom the chicago lab is named,, stated flatly in the mid-1950s before the true magnitude was yet known, that it is a positive certainty that extraterrestrial influence has always been here.

        now lowbrows, see if you can ‘debunk’ the genius british physicist stephen hawkings who has said for years that this planet is under alien influence and two years ago he said quote “the evidence we see here is that the aliens are not entirely friendly.’

        this place and all the other ‘debunking’ clubs i’ve ever seen are the sorts who would have continued believing the earth is flat despite the facts, just like the vatican did… took 200 years to grant pardon to galileo for his ‘heresy.’

        last summer at MIT a 3D printer made a workable human liver from the 4 basic aminos. in your cases, hope they dev a brain-maker real soon.

      • Roger Knull says :

        And just what city is it you drive a cab? Tennessee? How’s Bart Sibrel?

      • anticultist says :

        My previous post [the last one made by me above] was directed at you Taz you mental handicap, as was Rogers video post.

        You truly are retarded and unable to decipher information properly.

      • a rational person says :

        uh oh, the xenu worshiping nutbag who called us “GREEDHEADS” and “GARBAGE BEINGS” is back! wow! somebody call the asylum…i think we found their missing inmate.

        GREEDHEAD! GARBAGE BEING! SHILL TROLL! HAIL XENU! HAIL THRIVE! jeezus h christ, this guy is nuts…worse than pickle fucker.

      • taewell delaney says :

        hey, auntie, i’m calling your bluff, bay-beeee. do your homework and ‘debunk’ any datum of mine i ever presented herein. you cannot.

        your clan just got off the boat from some dismal land where there was lead in all the water. while i tend more to consider myself einstein’s “non-material particularity” my family line is almost 400 years of lawyers. my namesake was a major figure in the revolution; close friend of jefferson, franklin; 1st governor & 2nd senator of virginia; thought the natural successor to jefferson as president til health turned. my uncle john graduated jefferson’s University law school 1921 having missed just 4 exam questions in all grad school, a record still stood in 1970.

        is it true you recently got fired by IHOP as a dishwasher for sipping too much detergent?

        btw… i’m about to get my first commercial literary project published, 2 volumes of jasper, my mystery detective. having sent excerpts am told i’m to be nominated to win an ‘agatha.’ in my upcoming volume, i’m going to include an episode in which demented ‘debunker’ GOP lobotomized

      • anticultist says :

        Yet more crank bullshit from an absolute retard, you should go mix with your own kind back on the ward.

      • ab says :

        @taewell delaney – You seriously need psychiatric help. All of your comments are completely incoherent.

      • Zach says :

        I like your style, taewell delaney.

    • taewell delaney says :

      well, not as if i’m about to open my inbox again to this roomful of ill-informed arrogance, but…

      i was attacked by such dolts who actually deny the likelihood of extraterrestrial life despite 125 billion galaxies. denied link to NASA collection of select unexplained UFOs; ridiculed the greatest american physicist of the last century, enrico fermi, who flatly stated that this planet and our species has always been under alien influence; ridiculed the genius physicist stephen hawking for having said the same and warning “the aliens do not sseem entirely friendly.”

      the same will doubtless ‘debunk’ this report in today from MIT… “oh those MIT flakes again!”

      as for there being no ‘one world government’ do your own homework boys & girls but if you look into what is involved with becoming a member of WTO you will find that your own country’s courts, legislators nor executive branches have zero rights to disobey or even contest a ruling.

      onto ‘world domination theories debunked’… yawn. the AEI, american enterprise institute, rightwing ‘thinkless tank’ since post-WWII in 1999 published it’s notorious PNAC, project for the new american century.” when bush ran for president he said that “after the bible (sic), my second faith is in the AEI.” and rumsfeld loved to quote the PNAC. what is to be found in teh PNAC? that america is indeed no longer a true democracy as it is in its empire phase. dur. that with the rise of china (from whom ‘conservative’ bush borrowed $3 trillion…), among other changing situations, the US needs to show its global dominance (term used again and again), in its greatest remaining power – massive military might that includes space-based weapons systems and 770 military bases worldwide (now another 100 or so going up in africa..) of great interest is the section in which it states that “what is needed is an event like pearl harbor to galvanize the people behind wars we deem necessary.” sound like 911?

      last year total US DoD, extra war budgets and the costs of our 20-some secret agencies like NRO-NSA-CIA-FBI-TSA-DHS-ATF-DIA-AIA-NIA-AFIA-NASA-DARPA-ETC… (note that not even congress knew of the very existence of NRO until 1995. the national reconaisance organization was started in 1962 by NSA-kennedy admin) produced a total defense-related budget of $1.4 trillion. that figure is more than double what the entire rest of the world combined spends on these.

      sounds like the effort towards ‘global domination’ to me… but, hey, you know the old saying, ‘you can lead a horse to water but YOU CAN’T MAKE IT THINK.’

      • a rational person says :

        oh hey, the scientologist nutbag who thinks 911 was an inside job and believes in lizard people is back!

        how’s your buddy bud tom cruise? say hi to david miscavige for me the next time u’re hanging out on planet teegeeack and auditing xenu with your e-meter. but u better watch yourself, or cob will throw you in the hole with anne archer’s son and u’ll have to scrub dumpsters with a toothbrush. maybe u’ll find lisa mcpherson’s bones in there.

        oh but hey, what do i know? i’m just a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING, right? i’m a shill troll who doesn’t think 911 was an inside job so i must be eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevvvvilllllllllllllllllllll! like all those psychiatrists who blew up earth 75 million years ago! and killed l. ron hubbard who is the second coming of christ! right taewell?

      • taewell delaney says :

        so, you still have yet to learn to read what is in front of you, irrational.’ i graduated philosophy/history then my friend & mentor beat author bill burroughs who’d once done it all suggested there were tons of interesting or valuable material of certain uses (ask CIA-FBI whose files gotten via FOIA showed so), but to not get taken in by the fascism of the orgs nor by misanthropist-misogynist-racist-homophobe-slaver and hugely plagiaristic hubbard. i was, just like burroughs, expelled for sex, drugs, insubordination and i wore it like a badge. that was in 1976, mind you.

        if you could just read, you’d see that i did a fie job of both taking hubbard apart and putting him back together again above. rational minds look closely at both sides of an argument. partisans have myopia and low brows.

        thought i’d unsubscribed. will do so now.

      • anticultist says :

        Thought you’d unsubscribed yet you made two stupid ass posts, yeah you are clearly one stupid fucker.

      • a rational person says :

        oh wow, u’re such a hero! you saved scientology! so why is tom cruise jumping on couches and trying to blame everything in the world on psychiatrists?

        the fact that u got sucked into the ridiculous space alien ufo religion of scientology in the first place shows that you have picante sauce for brains to begin with. but that’s not surprising since you believe 911 was an inside job. i think you believe in reptile people too but are too pussy to admit it. after all what are reptile people except the overlords of xenu????

        beliving in scientology is just as nutty as believing 911 was an inside job.

        but i’m just a GREEDHEAD and a GARBAGE BEING and a SHILL TROLL, right, scientologist?

      • Zach says :

        I greatly enjoy the links you provide and the tenacity in your arguments. I believe you’re telling the truth about the NRO because I watched a PBS documentary on Youtube. I don’t feel I have the knowledge or drive to argue with the plethora of people who dismiss you as mindless or autistic. So I encourage you to continue expressing yourself on behalf of the many of us who might not have the time or wit to do so ourselves.

    • fads says :

      who paid you to say this?

      • Wyboth says :

        Who paid him to say “R.I.P. Thrive”? How about nobody?

        I’ve met countless people like you before who think that their opinion is the only opinion worth believing, and that people who disagree are paid government agents. News flash: people will believe what they want, and although there are some things which virtually everyone will agree on, conspiracy theories aren’t one of them. But since you’re already in the conspiracy mindset, and you think your “evidence” should sway everyone, it would make sense to you that everyone should agree after seeing the evidence. Wrong. Many people are critical thinkers, and realize that you can’t throw George Bush and the Bilderberg Group into a mixing bowl, sprinkle it with Rothschild seasoning, stir well, and come out with a tyrannical world government. You don’t think rationally, though. You are easily swayed by a few random coincidences, but don’t understand the behemoth of evidence against you. Because you cannot think outside of the box, you assume that everyone thinks like you do, which leads you to say things like “Who’s paying you?” to people of different opinions, because your reality does not allow for them.

        Whoever invented the self-reinforcing delusion was both genius and evil. Imagine how much less trouble there would be without it.

    • K says :

      when you say thrive is dead. how sure are you? take any latest movie alexa it, check it as you did before, then read the numbers, record it down then think again?

    • Ignitionem says :


  2. Mr. Anon says :

    Muertos, is there any way to access your old blog? The link to it was removed and I can’t find it on google searches. There were some articles that I’ve sourced to for information about Desteni and Zeitgeist cults (of the former I know you’ve done a lot of research on that I don’t want to go to waste).

  3. roger knull says :

    A smashingly wonderful article. “So Long and Thanks For All the Fish!”

  4. slice says :

    Good. Death to conspiracy theories. Death to Zeitgeist, Desteni, Venus Project and now Thrive. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog and the efforts of muertos. I directly attribute his blogs to me discarding the false ideas and ideologies pandered by the aforementioned “movements”. So long muertos.

    • taewell delaney says :

      jefferson said “any government which makes policy of long keeping secrets from the public is no longer working in the interests of the people.” more succinctly he said “only criminals & tyrants require secrecy.” what would old tom think if he knew that the USG includes some 20 secretist cabals like NRO-NSA-CIA-FBI-DHS-ATF-SS-DARPA-AIA-DIA-NIA-AFIA, for which work some 1.2 million pseudo-humans engaged in classified matters which in 2005 amounted to over 33 million documents of top secrecy and many more at lesser classifications.

      it took until 2003 for the USG to acknowledge what exposé professional seymour hersh said of my lai, that it was just one of many under operation hamlet.’ the DoD dept of human radiation experiments was kept completely secret from 1944-1994 when it burst into the news. the vile tuskegee syphilis experiment was secret from 1948 til the late 1970s. MK Ultra, the CIA-spychiatry technique which uses massive ECT, drugs, soft-beatings, light-dark heat-cold for weeks, months, years was kept secret into the 1970s. MK Ultra is the means to make ‘manchurian assassins’ as cameron ewing boasted. MK Ultra is the core torture technique used in CIA rendition torture network which obama reauthorized just two weeks after telling us so emphatically that “we don’t stand for torture.”

      again, jefferson… the prerequisite for democracyto exist are a well-educated and truthfully-informed public.” hence what we have is demockery. the US now ranks 26th in the world’s educational systems by one standard and 49 by another. 9% of french know global warming is a scientific fact while 48% of americans think it a hoax. as for ‘truthfully-informed’ that cannot exist at all in the presence of such massive secrecy as aforementioned.

      so in consideration of the blatant truth that we are kept in the dark like robert macnamara’s mushrooms and fed on manure all our lives… teh options are to either be a blind, deaf and especially dumB follower of whatever inventions or facts the PTB tosses our way like bone to dog.

      we live in new york city and did on 911. 10:45 NYC air quality testers state the air is deadly; will kill the early rescuers and foreshorten the lives of all that breathe it. at about noon, EPA head whitman tells us “the air is safe!’ 1:45 i go out to get us a bite & immediately the smell hits me i projectile vomit for the 1st time in my life.’ back in to wash up then out. to my shock, 1st & 2nd avenues are an endless mournful parade as fas as eye could see; families with kids, babies in carriages, walking straight into the crystalline-smoke plume which continued for 5 more weeks. two nights later i again am sickened by the pall and that night i become near-fatally intestinally ill. thin to begin, i lost 18lbs before began to recover. old jimmy breslin, only reason to read the daily news, reported that he too got that stomach poisoning and when he looked into it was amazed that it had gone wholly unreported that at least 49,000 other new yorkers did too.

      by day’s end 911 we felt like we’d been battered into fatigue with information-misinformation-disinformation and had observed a dozen or more blatant items of falsity. as it is often better to ask rather than to tell; we’ve put it together as 30 unanswered QUESTIONS regarding 911. like… ‘since the jets used indian point nuclear power plant as the landmark where they turned to head straight towards WTC; why not topple the west in a fell swoop instead of mere symbol buildings’?

      to our way of thinking, so long aware of the government’s secrecy & lies, anyone who bought the official story about 911 also likely believes that television wrestling is ‘on-the-level.’

      as humanity is factually kept in the dark; and as the evidence is immense regarding government secrecy and conspiracy… the sole way to conceive of what is really going on behind those very closed doors is to theorize as best can… isn’t it?

      btw… in 2006 i got a buddy of mine with a lot of dough to fund our working for months full-time doing webdev & organizational assistance to the anti-war/torture groups NION & UFJ. as a result, some 700,000 attended the UN rally that summer.

      two nights later, i was kidnapped into a waiting black van; drugged and professionally beaten by old techniques to increasingly harm health thereafter, not to kill as that could easily have been done from afar. my already archless soles were beaten to a pulp in such way as to damage neurology and soft-beating about the cranium giving massive concussion that led to labyrinth vertigo spins. results have included two very bad falls, broken knee and almost broken back.

      it wasn’t until over two years later that i ran into a fellow who’d also worked on those projects with amy and me. he asked if i’d heard what had happened to clifford, our supervisor in those tasks. no, i replied, didn’t hear. when leaving the UN rally, he was met at his car by the same black van.

      what’s your theory?

      • anticultist says :

        Is there anything that is too crazy for even you to find too stupid to believe or are you just completely gullible ?

      • anticultist says :

        No surprise that this lunatic interprets a few locals giving him a kicking as him being so important to shut up by the New World Orders agents of doom LOL.

        This one has the big delusions guys, be very careful of it.

  5. Wyboth says :

    Great job, Muertos. You’ll always have a special place in my heart.
    If anyone here has the “What do I do now?” feeling, I’m proud to announce that I have started a blog debunking the new anti-Obama movie, 2016: Obama’s America. I hope to have my first article debunking the movie up soon. Here is the link: (sorry it’s so long).
    Thanks for all you’ve done Muertos; good luck with whatever you choose to do next.

  6. Tom Cicconi says :

    Well Muertos, thank you, very much. I always liked reading your articles, slamming these stupid Conspiracy Nuts, and tell them in the words of The Rock: “Little Jabroni, Know your role, AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!”

    Besides that, it has been an amazing 7 years of debunking. It’s a shame that you got rid of your old blog: Where will we be able to find all of this body of work, that you and other people spent so much time to work on? I think people will need these articles in search for the right answer and to clear from all of this confusion. If there is something Conspiracy theorists are good at doing, is Brainwashing you: they put the theory in such perspective of a horror that someone (like me, when I was younger) really get scared. It’s sad to know there is more false information then debunking of these conspiracies.

    Muertos, you have my respect, and thank you for that great trip. It was appreciated.
    Your debunking will live on, even without that Bull Shark.

    • Vester V. Vercoe says :

      Vester V., A Conspiracy Nut Says: I just stumbled on this long, long Muertos diatribe against Thrive. And I was curious enough to read all of these comments agreeing with Muertos. I am absolutely flabbergasted at the unbelievable ignorance which the comments reveal about their authors. I saw comments about “free energy”, about “cancer”, and about “9/11”. Here’s what I know to be absolutely true. Free energy is indeed possible. Nikola Tesla already gave us free energy 100 years ago. His tower on Long Island, NY was destroyed by Big Energy. Go read about Nikola Tesla. Dr. Royal Raymond Rife already gave us a proven cure for all kinds of cancer 77 years ago. The cure is drug-free, painless, and short. Rife’s marvelous machine was blocked by Big Pharma. Go read about Royal Raymond Rife. The 2 Twin Towers were struck by high-jacked airplanes. Building #7 was not hit by a high-jacked airplane. Yet all 46 stories of it collapsed, due to internal explosives. Big Insiders covered it up. Go read the many proofs that are easily available from the 9/11 Truth Movement. Educate yourselves, so that you won’t look so stupid in the future.

      • Anastasio says :


        “Go read about Nikola Tesla”

        I already have done thank you, and by your claims, I can guarantee that you, and Foster Gamble, have not.

        If you had of read his autobiography or any biography about Tesla, then you would know that ‘big energy’ did not destroy the Wardenclyffe Tower, nor did Tesla give us ‘free energy’ in any way, shape or form. Tesla himself testifies to that fact in many letters of correspondence between Morgan and himself – many of which are cited and extracts copied into various biographies.

        Biographies, which we know for sure Vester, you have not read.

        What you have read, and not even correctly at that, is the contrived internet tripe produced by ill-informed conspiracy fuckwits, tripe intended to be taken as gospel by gullible people such as yourself – and the best part is that you now consider yourself ‘educated’.

        What a hero.

        (Of course, for me to accept that you have indeed read anything about Tesla, electronic or book form, is an act of magnanimity on my part. A skeptical man might wager your claims are in fact backed up by Youtube)

        “Educate yourselves, so that you won’t look so stupid in the future.”

        The best advice I can give to you, is to simply take your own advice.

        The rest of your claims aren’t even worth touching other than to highlight the fact that you are an insensitive asswipe with very little life experience and a lacking of deference for one’s intellect.

        What more can be said Vester?

      • taewell delaney says :

        anastasio, i’ve not only read his two biographies but also seen a 2-part BBC documentary on tesla. are you by chance aware that he had gotten major invesment by morgan to put up a center for R&D on long island where he erroneously thought he could hide some of his most important research into how to use surface static electricity to not only freely generate energy and move it as freely but to also make it the carrier-wave for all communications wirelessly?

        are you aware of how very strange he was? for instance, he claimed to be allergic to pearls. yes, pearls. and persons would think that a joke or hoax and try like fools will to debunk genius by hiding a pearl on their persons. he’d go up and tell them where the pearl was. he also claimed he was unable to have sex as he was allergic to the touch of human hair. his mother had a remarkable memory and read to him from MEMORY some 1400 volumes that comprised his early education. he says that when he could fuly read and followed his mother’s readings she was strictly verbatim.

        i’ve yet to find any debunkers had a decent mind or any grasp of fact, thought. all they are capable of is lowbrow insult and sullen denials. knee-jerk flat-earthers.

      • anticultist says :

        That proves fuck all about the reality or usability of Teslas work that never made it to the table.

        All you have succeeded in doing is providing a nice anecdotal back ground story about the possible severe autistic/photographic memory of the man and his mother.

        Are you even capable of providing a coherent debate or do you always wander off into stories that are of no use to any discussions ?

        Honestly, reading your posts to peoples points is akin to switching the channel over on the tv midway through the documentary to find out what happens at the end elsewhere.

    • taewell delaney says :

      33 million documents in 2005 classified ‘top secret’ and over 77 million at lower classifications of secrecy and ignant idjits still think there are no secrets, no conspiracies. you know nothing of what is done behind your back with your own tax money. you know nought of what goes on at morgan goldsacks that rapes humanity & nature. and you likely being GOP could care less. 23,000 nuclear bombs on a planet whereon just 700 2MT bombs rightly spaced would destroy all surface life and you sit there like a toad because you are toad. all debunkers herein are flat-earther republican who think global warming is a hox needs debunking like gov perry who’s texas had 14 raging fires, dust-bowl level drought and 129 degree heat when he ridiculed global warming as “a hoax cooked up by liberal scientists who hate business.” liberal scientists? that’s the way knee-jerks ‘think.’

      NASA put man on the moon with less RAM than i have on my iphone and voyager still works (due in part to a relative’s tiny lil dev for it that still works almost 36 years on), 14bln miles out in space. the ‘minds’ in this room couldn’t plough a field well. i’d gladly take the whole lot on for chess at the same time and win yawning.

      • anticultist says :

        Dude you have problem, you can’t stay on topic, and talk utter shit in response to peoples posts, always wandering off and talking about crap no one mentions. It seems to me that you are either a severely impaired autistic person and have problems with maintaining conversation points and conversation.

        Or you are just totally fucking crazy and don’t even know you are doing it.

        Either way you come across retarded.

  7. Foster Gamble says :

    One year later…still no picture or identification for the cowardly troll who calls himself appropriately Muertos – “the dead.” I guess the budget for trying to undermine THRIVE has run out, as have his blatant lies like:

    “No one cares anymore. No one should care. Thrive is dead.”

    Views are approaching 10 million, with now over a million a month seeing the movie and it is growing. Over 400 solutions groups in more than 50 countries. Packed houses all around the globe for screenings and solutions workshops.

    We hope you find something meaningful to do and a real identity, as this predictable debunking site predictably becomes, like its fake name…the Dead.

    Foster Gamble

    • Wyboth says :

      Foster, what does it matter who Muertos is? He’s done a great job debunking your movie. Of course, in your mind he’s a Disinfo. agent, but the real world doesn’t care. What matters isn’t who he is, but what he’s done.

      Also, please show me where you got your information that Thrive has ten million views. No, wait, let me disporve it. Let me link to your own video. According to this, Thrive has 2 million views. And that’s since it was published, so no, it hasn’t been getting a million views a month, otherwise it would have way more views.

      As Muertos has shown, your “solution groups” aren’t really doing anything. They aren’t led by anyone, and they are so few in number that the real world won’t even notice them. Here is Muertos’s article about your “solution groups.”

      So now, let me ask you, who’s the blatant liar? Nearly everything in Thrive has been shown to be false, and even in your whistle blowing about another “lie,” you lie. Unless I’m mistaken and you actually have proof that Youtube is lying about Thrive’s view count that shows that Thrive is growing in views, which you don’t.

      • Foster Gamble says :

        Wyboth – Your shallow research is ignoring foreign language views in over 20 languages, DVD sales, private and public screenings and so much more…”Those who don’t think it’s possible would do well to stay out of the way of those who are making it happen.” – Foster

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Mr. Gamble, do you have a source to back up the claim, then?

      • Wyboth says :

        Thank you for responding. I agree with Mr. Anon; show me the beef. I mean, you OWN Clear Compass Media. Show me some sales statistics. I’m sure that by reading this blog, you’ve heard about burden of proof. You’re the one making the claim, you provide the proof. You realize that, in one single swoop, you could prove me and everyone else wrong by showing us evidence that Thrive has 10 million views/sales, if such evidence exists. But I doubt you will do so, considering how little evidence you’ve shown in Thrive, and that no other conspiracy theorist I have ever asked for solid proof has ever delivered. So, if you want to prove me wrong, do it, if possible. If you don’t in your reply, I’m going to conclude that you made it up. I predict that you’ll come up with some sort of excuse as to why you can’t show it, but to me that would seem like you’re trying to dodge showing me the records, because they are probably WAY less than 10 million. Besides, how are you going to get around Alexa’s stats? The link is in the second paragraph of this article, and it clearly shows that visitors to your website have overall been declining. What’s your answer to this? Another dodge? “Faked” stats by the new world order? Or just that you’re inaccurately representing the views for Thrive?

        As to your quote, I’m not going to stop you from trying to make free energy devices. I will warn you that it’s a waste of time. The second law of thermodynamics CLEARLY states that energy cannot be created, which is exactly what free energy is attempting to do. I know what you’re going to say. “Not if it’s a torus! Tori are interconnected, and share energy!” Well, that’s a nice idea. Evidence? No? Nevermind. Of course, you can try it anyways. Physics and I disagree with you.

        “Trust your brain, not your gut.” -Wyboth

      • Wyboth says :

        Sorry, I meant the First Law of Thermodynamics.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        You were partially correct the first time, Wyboth. The second law of thermodynamics has been a thorn in the side of many inventors seeking perpetual motion devices, since it means that heat-based generators have to be inefficient. See here for more information:

      • Wyboth says :

        I guess that could also work. The reason I corrected myself was because I was specifically looking for “energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” But the second law could work as well. Physics: 2 Gamble: 0

      • Wyboth says :

        No response, Foster? I guess the only difference between you and the other hit-and-run trolls is that you have more money.

    • Joel T. says :

      Now be honest… did you intentionally create the very response that Muertos predicted “conspiracy theorists out there will invariably” make?

      Anywho, clearly if the houses are packed, then the venues themselves are shrinking along with interest in the thing.

      @ Muertos, I’ve greatly enjoyed this blog and your others. It’s a little sad to see you retiring from the field, but quite understandable. Hope your other endeavors are going well.

    • roger knull says :

      Oh, Foster dear, please do write back and let me know where I can attend one of your ‘solution workshops’.

      Particularly the ones that will be featuring a working ‘free energy’ machine, and how to build one.


    • The Locke says :

      Let me ask you this: If Muertos was promoting “Thrive” on this blog instead debunking it would you still be calling Muertos a troll and criticizing him because he wants to keep his identity private so he can have a private life away from conspiracy theories?

    • SlayerX3 says :

      Ah mister Foster, even though I appreciate your efforts into joining the discussion you utterly fail to deliver anything resembling a defense to your own case.

      It is true Muertos and I publish our articles under the anonymity of the internet, but if it makes you feel better most if not all of your central points in Thrive were refuted, debunked and addressed to by an american History Teacher and a brazilian Computer Science undergrad with a love for actual and verifiable science.

      Your boast of workshops and views ring the same bells Zeitgeist did years ago, when they had festivals, workshops and ministries all over the world. Yet they haven’t accomplished anything other than appealing to a rather youthful group of poorly motivated and dedicated group of fringe conspiracy theorists.

      Even though you make heavy accusations against groups a quite good number of people distrust and hate with passion, promoted life styles and government models specific groups believe in like Libertarians and New Age.
      You don’t enjoy some of the natural appeal others enjoyed like the Joseph Merola. First you have ties with the Procter and Gamble industries, the exact kind people your movie denounces as the part of the problem, making you suspicious of being “with them”. Second you,(this is by no means an offense) are old. Your generation will be seen as the generation who enabled the current situation. Lacking the new blood appeal you already lose a good chunk of the younger audience, for looking like their dads.
      Third you took too many instances, with clearly libertarian and new age tendencies even if your message ringed nicely to people who either support one or another, it sounded completely distasteful to people who don’t think libertarianism is a good system or think new age is non-sense.
      Fourth, your message was almost completely aimed at America, and by America I don’t mean the American continent but US of A only, again for this you lost much of the appeal for people in other countries and cultures who don’t share the same views and problems the average US citizen does.
      Fifth, by throwing several conspiracy theories, political ideologies and life style groups together in the same movie and message only served to slip it apart as this cause people with different beliefs to disagree constantly with each other (A truther may not believe in UFOs and a Organic supporter may not believe in Free energy).

      Be sure by the time Thrive Debunked becomes completely dead will be long after Thrive itself fades away in a sea of non-sense conspiracy beliefs.

      The Slayer.

    • dj says :

      saw the movie for the first time today then (as a good researcher will do) began “fact checking” and came across this pitiful site. How dark does your life and outlook have to be to denounce something as responsibly and openly produced as THRIVE if there is even a SHRED of truth to it — and there is far more than a shred of truth. It is clear to most of the thinking population that the very issues presented must be addressed and soon or we are doomed as both a civilization and a planet. I am not a conspiracy theorist but as far back as 1972 in high school I honestly believed that someone had found a cure for cancer and realized then without honestly CARING how devastating to the economy a “cure” would be and how advantageous to so many hiding that cure would be — I smoked a joint and moved on – I am now almost 60 still believe the same thing for the same reasons on MANY MORE levels – all of them addressed in THRIVE – only now I CARE and I do not take another toke and move on – I share what I learn, I write my representatives and demand answers and encourage others to do the same. I am not big on social media – but i do have a facebook page (previously set up for my canine rescue work) and links to THRIVE on youtube will be posted to it.

      I admire your work and appreciate that you took the time and spent the money to bring THRIVE to us. At worst it is intensely thought provoking but I believe it is much more than that – I believe it can be a precursor to dynamic change for our world – I disagree that energy can ever be truly “free” but I do believe it can be developed so that it is no longer leveraged by the few against the many and that it can be affordable by all. After all, energy is the essence of the universe – how can it NOT be harnessed, affordably produced and we KNOW if that happens it will change the world. But we have to believe, dream and WORK TO THAT END against all who oppose us

      deborah wood
      GA USA

      • a rational person says :

        dear deborah wood…u are a conspiracy nutbag. if u think there’s even a “shred” of truth in thrive, i really hope you are not having children and passing on your defective genes to the future…because it is people like u who are turning our entire country into shit. yes, people like you…same people like donald trump who thinks “obama was born in kenya”…people like charlie sheen, rosie o’donnall and ed asner who think “911 was an inside job”…people who see 2 aluminum pie plates and a flashlight in the sky and think “OMG THE ALIENS ARE TRYING TO CONTACT US!!!!”…you have totally abandoned rational thought…it makes me sick that people like you can vote…hell, u probably voted for ron paul, that sick fascist fuck…anyway, nobody cares what u think anyway, because u’re a nutbag. go to bed, little girl, and let the rational adults handle things, because if u believe in thrive, it’s clear u can’t be trusted to handle a single bit of responsibility. just sit there and suck up your alex jones, david icke and foster gamble propaganda, and put a wire pyramid on your head and sit there in yoga tights meditating, and the rest of us real people will move the world forward, m’kay? thanx bye

      • Anastasio says :


        If you hang around conspiracy theorists long enough you tend to become familiar with their various idiosyncrasies, and having been one myself years many ago I find it a particularly simple task to point them out.

        “I believe”, is the stock argument of conspiracy theorists. They don’t usually point you towards any acceptable evidence or use logic and reason to show you the other side of the coin.
        The simply tell you “I believe”, and if you don’t agree, then you are labelled narrow/close-minded, sheeple, a zombie, brain dead or some other derisive implication of inferior intellectuality.

        Don’t believe me? Spend some time reading through the comments on this blog left by Gamble’s supporters. It’s like most of the are written using the same template.

        Conversely, you will have a hard time finding any opponent of Thrive telling you what they “believe”, but rather what evidence they can link to in order to back up their argument.

        You have said “I believe” at least five times in your short post above, and you have labelled us all non-thinkers for disagreeing.
        For all intents and purposes, you sound and think like a conspiracy theorist; perhaps not in denial but very naïve and of little respect for the implication of your words.

        Take for example, your belief that cancer is a single curable disease – that a panacea exists to treat cancer in all its forms and guises. The notion, you should know, is completely wrong and somewhat insensitive.

        It’s hard to gauge what experience you’ve personally had with cancer, but speaking with some small degree of authority, I can tell you that acceptance is sometimes the best weapon.

        Coincidentally, on Thursday I shall attend a last supper of sorts for a friend who has weeks (maybe) to live because of cancer. His recent stem cell retrieval was a complete failure due to the poor status of his bone marrow, and recent scans have shown it to have spread aggressively to other areas – crushing his windpipe and bronchial tubes.
        The upshot is, that his radiologist has managed to reduce a large tumour his chest to allow his to breathe normally and give him hopefully until Christmas with his wife and kids.
        He always knew he was screwed without a donor, and sadly one is not available in his case.

        He has said that it is strangely relieving to finally see an end to his fight, perhaps not the one we would have preferred, but after five years of uncertainty and smashed hopes he can finally accept his outcome – and the real healing process can soon begin with the friends and family that are left behind.
        For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been a toker, and cannabis has done nothing to prevent the devastation caused to him, his family and friends by cancer (I take it you are connecting the two by confessing to smoking cannabis for the last 44 years?), and while it might be easier to vent our frustration and anger at someone or something for doing this to the people we love, there comes a time when you just have to accept that the people who care have done all they can possibly do.

        The very fact that cancer research, including that into the effects of cannabinoids, continues to exist proves that your beliefs on this topic mean absolutely nothing in the real world Deborah.

    • Anastasio says :

      @ Foster
      “Views are approaching 10 million, with now over a million a month seeing the movie and it is growing. Over 400 solutions groups in more than 50 countries. Packed houses all around the globe for screenings and solutions workshops. ”

      And of course, all this rosy success explains why you are so pissed at a single person out of billions that has taken the time to proof read some of the absolute horseshit you have peddled on millions of gullible minds.

      You owe Muertos for his services Foster. It’s a shame you didn’t enlist them before you released the movie, you know, save yourself a lot of contradiction and backtracking, that kind of thing.

      The whole identity thing is hilarious. You actually believe putting your name behind crop circles, aliens and your drastic misrepresentation of Tesla’s work gives them any validity.

      Your film doesn’t work Foster, simply because one year later people are still waiting for free energy, aliens, the NWO brought to justice, a revolution in the monetary system etc. to happen.

      Maybe it’s just me that can’t figure this out, but what has actually been achieved with Thrive? What are these solutions groups actually doing? Sitting around chatting about how crop circles are going to give us free energy eventually? When do we see results? What’s the deal Foster?

    • Jeffrey says :

      well, lookie here, baby gamble cant handle truth. go cry to your momma.

  8. Jeff. (@autistickyuubi) says :

    foster, I thought that thrive was, well, tacky at best and gay at worst.

  9. Tony says :

    What a load of negative crap this website is.
    Thrive is awakening people and getting them to take action.
    What’s this website doing?
    RIP this useless website.

  10. steiner lacey says :

    Thank you! Keep up the good work.

  11. a rational person says :

    i never heard about this thrive movie before i saw this blog…but i spent the last couple days reading through this…im glad this blog exists. these thrive people are fucking nutbags. i mean, free energy…aliens built stonehenge…illumanati…seriously you guys are nutbags. bravo to the guy who made this site. sounds like he deserves his retirement…if he spent 7 years dealing with nutbags like these thrive lunatics its amazing he hasnt gone fucking insane. srsly…good job on this site, u people busting the balls of conspiracy theorists keep right on doin it. this shit needs to be stopped before these people destroy everything we got…nuff said

  12. Mark says :

    I’m not surprised that an heir to the Proctor and Gamble fortune made a film that subtly pushes extremely anti environmental positions while ostensibly supporting environmentalism. P&G is a huge polluter, including creation of a dead zone in Gulf of Mexico (due to a paper mill in north Florida). P&G money going to promote denial about climate change with a “we can have everything” newage message seems like a cross of “The Secret” (the childish belief that you can have anything you want with the right attitude) with extreme libertarian anti-ecological messages.

    The consciousness shift we need to recognize is that the Earth is abundant but finite, and Spaceship Earth is the only home we have. Fantasies about flying to other planets should be left to bad science fiction stories and make living more in harmony with this planet much less likely.

    • Wyboth says :

      There is actually some sound science behind interplanetary and interstellar travel. It is certainly possible, but it will not happen anytime soon. Our current technology is insufficient to travel to another stap, but perhaps technology in the future will be capable. Besides, whether or not Global Warming ravages our planet, human population is rapidly growing, and eventually the Earth will no longer be able to support all of us. At that point, we will have to either enact population control or colonize another world. At first it will probably have to be local: perhaps the moon or Mars. But eventually, I think we may leave our own solar system. Sadly, I will not be around to see it.

  13. Raoul Duke says :

    Muertos and Slayer : will you be writing on a new blog? If so, please share. We need more people like you!

    Thank you for your efforts!

    • SlayerX3 says :

      Muertos is retired for this. If there is something that catches my attention almost certainly I’ll do another one like this.

      There is also Autistic Kyuubiand and Thomas to help too.

  14. jmy says :

    Comments ? Lotus guide states ……

    “I challenge anyone to honestly look at the evidence and not have some serious questions as to “who we are, how did we get here, and what the future holds.”

  15. dj says :

    for something that is worthless and not worthy of our time or consideration that has died writhing in pain like a salted snail, you sure have wasted an awful lot of “debunking” something that according to you was never even worthy of watching, reading or becoming involved with on any level. In my opinion, if there is even a microscopic shred of truth (and there is a lot more than a shred of proof) to the facts (yes facts) presented in Thrive then it is worthy consideration, thought, and discussion.

    Sadly you may be correct – interest may have waned because we are so easily distracted by the information overload available to us – we have literally lost the ability to focus on any one issue that might truly change the world or at a bare minimum might be important as a precursor to that change – Americans have lost not only the art of intelligent conversation but the ability to research for themselves the foundations for an intelligent exchange of ideas – we DO easily move on to the next “insane” idea – I wonder if our forefathers had had the internet to distract them if we would even have a Constitution or Bill of Rights or Declaration of Independence or if they would have been as easily distracted and moved on to the next interesting idea… leaving behind some extraordinary life altering ideas.

    You have not debunked any of Thrive for me and I am NOT a conspiracy theorist – I simply believe that we WERE created to do better, that somewhere along the way we lost our direction and that humanity’s direction was lost due to the at least some of the dynamics posed in Thrive. I do believe that we CAN change the direction we are headed and that we MUST if we are to survive as a civilization. Call me crazy, call me a dreamer but I absolutely do believe if we stand shoulder to shoulder and demand answers, demand change we CAN make the world a place in which we can all THRIVE.

    • a rational person says :

      sounds to me like you are a conspiracy theorist…or some other kind of nutbag…maybe you believe in “auras” or pyramids or stupid ridiculous bullshit like that…anyway no one cares because thrive has about as much worth as a ball of smegma i scraped out from under my foreskin with a rusty paperclip, and you know it…this movie is a bunch of bullshit and there is not a single thing in it even worth looking at…yeah, u read that right, not a single thing…u know how we “survive as a civilization”? u know how we “stand shoulder to shoulder”? by telling dishonest nutbags like foster gamble that we dont buy their shit and telling them to get the fuck out of our face with their lies and bullcrap…if u want a world to be ” a place in which all can THRIVE” the 1st thing we have to do is call out the bullshit artists like david icke and foster gamble who are turning our planet into a fucking toilet. yes, u heard me right…turning our planet into a fucking toilet. so if u think this blog has not debunked thrive, i say u are a nutbag, and no one should listen to anything u say. enuf said!

  16. d says :

    The author of this article, and its lil’ posse of followers, have the IQ of a junk of ice. Spread from one ignoramus to the other. But it is a natural thing, and a part of the natural order I guess, as there is one in every crowd. GO Foster !

    • Roger Knull says :

      Dearest ‘d’, Could you please explain to us just what is the average I.Q. of a ‘junk of ice’?

      I am personally not familiar with the term ‘a junk of ice’ in the english lexicon. But I am familiar with the intelligence associated with ‘proof reading’.

      Roger Knull

      • Wyboth says :

        Great comeback.

      • Roger Knull says :

        As you know, I am a Dis-info Specialist. Somebody owes me twenty bucks. But I will settle for a free energy machine.

      • Wyboth says :

        You know what’s ironic, the conspiracy theorists keep calling us disinfo agents, but they are actually the disinfo agent. I mean, a disinfo agent is someone who spreads false information, so the title suits them perfectly. Yet they keep wailing and griping about us when we’re trying to help them. Sad.

      • Roger Knull says :

        Just got my Million Dollar check! I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND! DIS-INFO ROCKS!

  17. Tables says :

    Muertos, not sure exactly who you are or what your intentions really are, but let me say that when you speak, or type, your tone and the position you come from is seemingly about as unbiased as any on Fox, CNN or any of the other mainstream manipulation tools out there. And your readers aren’t picking up on that, they might want to revisit their analytical skills. Don’t make false statements based on your intentional lies or on your ignorance. Free energy is 100% real, has been figured out in several different ways, by many different people. I do know of on specifically who was only 1 degree of separation from me. He was on 60 minutes and began to garner some attention. Then the oil companies started knocking on his door and threatening the lives of him and his family. He was ill with cancer. They bought out his patents and shelved them never to see the light of day. He is dead now, as is his discovery. This shit happens all the time. That game is real my friend. So don’t come off like you are any kind of authority on any of these subjects and use cheap linguistics to peddle your position on the minds of others. Whilst you had a few good observations, which I acknowledge and appreciate, my afformentioned statements remain. And they give you less credibility as well. So again, I question you and your background. No theory here, just call it how I see it. Talk straight. I am no tinfoil hat wearing, basement dwelling nutcase…And I’m also not like many of those who are easily mesmorized by your sea horse manure, easily impressed and persuaded just becaused you’ve posted an organized bunch of paragraphs that speak firmly in a downward direction at most aspects of the film.. I could go on, but I’ll leave it there for now. Care to do intellectual battle my friend?

    • Roger Knull says :

      “Free energy is 100% real, has been figured out in several different ways, by many different people. I do know of on specifically who was only 1 degree of separation from me. He was on 60 minutes and began to garner some attention.”

      Please provide a link to that episode and his name. And some names of your ‘many different people’.

      R. Knull

    • a rational person says :

      @ tables:

      1. you’re a nutbag
      2. free energy doesn’t exist
      3. thrive is bullshit
      4. muertos retired from debunking conspiracy shit months ago
      5. did i mention u’re a nutbag?

      any questions?

    • Anastasio says :

      ” Care to do intellectual battle my friend?”

      Muertos has not long retired from this blog but I would just love to fill his boots if you have no objection?

  18. Sam says :

    Wow, got the bit about zeitgeist completely wrong lol. Firstly the zeitgeist movement was proposed at the end of zeitgeist addendum. Zeitgeist the movie was about religion 911 and new world order conspiracy stuff.. Addendum is about designing a sociate with science as its reference and aligning with nature… How the hell did you manage to confuse he two films??? Lol that’s actually ridiculous. Especially when you state that thrive is trying to be like zeitgeist.. Maybe it is but did thrive talk about 911 or religion? Granted it talks about the nwo.. But is that it? Is that why its like zeitgeist the movie? Also zeitgeist didn’t disopate… It’s bigger than its ever been, you do realise you can actually track the number of its members yeah? I couldn’t read the rest of your review after the dishonest comments about zeitgeist. You shouldn’t be on a debunking site..

    • anticultist says :

      zeitgeist dropped off the map when it split up in an embarrassing public fashion with the venus project. Although it’s membership was declining long before that due to stasis and dogmatic burden.

      The reason zeitgeist is a fore runner and therefore similar to thrive is that thrive sought/seeks to conduct itself in the same way zeitgeist tried and failed. It wanted to collect as many conspiracy theorists, new age beliefs, and social misfits into one group and have them work together online for some wishy misguided goal.

      The fact you couldn’t even read the rest of the posts after your cognitive bias was offended shows your intellectual dishonesty. It also proves that you are incapable of rational thought without emotionally backlashing at evidence and points that dispel your belief.

      It is people who think like you that the zeitgeist movement itself is trying to remove from society.

    • Jay says :

      I agree with Sam, the characterization of Zeitgeist here is totally wrong. The Zeitgeist Movement is a social activist movement who hopes to change society thru adopting a systems approach. Thats all. Its not about “conspiracy theries”, whatever that means. It is about saveing the world. I mean we all agree that money is the root of all evil. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. Well we’re just going to take the money out of society. 2nd, how could you confuse Zeitgeist I with Zeitgeist Addendum? Sam’s right theres no possible way you could confuse those movies. It reallly is ridiculous. 3rd even if you could confuse them Zeitgeist I has not been “debunked”. I think maybe the author of this blog need to read the 220 page source guide that Peter Joseph released that backs up every claim in the movie. Every fact has been checked and re checked. It is not “conspiracy theroy,” but facts. I don’t know if Thrive has a source guide but if the person who wrote this blog is lazy about checking Zeitgeist then its obvius he did not check Thrive. I totally disagree with this blog and everything it says. This is not helping. In the time it took me to write this comment 15,000 children died of starvation in Africa and Asia. I would like to ask the people on this blog what they are going to do about this. Thank you

      • anticultist says :

        The person who wrote this blog was well versed in all the literature and media of the zeitgeist cult. Nothing about zeitgeist is separate from conspiracy theories, especially when we know the recruitment statistics based on the 3 movies.

        Your appeal to charitable emotion is a joke, when you consider only recently have zeitgeist tried to do anything charitable, and their motto for 5-6 years is/was charity is patchwork. I myself have scorned and humiliated zeitgeist for almost 5 years plus online now, and have dealt with all the façades of it, In short the writer of this blog and myself have been following zeitgeist since its inception, I would wager many years before you even heard about it. It is you who has the catching up to do.

      • Jay says :

        Anticultist I can tell the person who wrote this blog does not understand TZM because if he did understand TZM he would join TZM. If you understand what RBE is about and what the Movement is doing you can’t disagree, I mean it is that air tight. Is someone paying you to “scorned and humilate” TZM? and for yo info I was not talking about charity. You can do charity if you want I guess but is does not get to the root of the problem which is the money system. The money system must be destroyed. I don’t know how anyone could disagree with that. If you disagree you are probbaly benefitting from the money system and would stand to lose from TZM. You need to open your mind to new ideas my friend. Have you listened to Peter joseph’s lectures? or seen moving forward? And you still disagree?

      • anticultist says :

        You are deluded man, give your head a shake.

      • Frankie says :

        Dude, without being mean… if you used that intelligence for real science, you would be a very productive person, for the world, in the long term.
        One should be open to new ideas, as long as those ideas make sense, and are testable… if we cant test them, or worse, if they are proven wrong, there is no reason to cling to them.
        Like the writer of this blog said, its sad conspiracists waste their enthusiasm with this..

  19. Zach says :

    All this name-calling and so forth just makes both opinions of this movie, either for or against, look really shallow. What happened to the middle ground? It’s conspiracy theorist vs. rational scientist, democrat vs. republican, etc. It’s all black and white either/or with conspiracy theorists and scientists alike. Neither one of you is really reasonable at all. You both just resort to using catch phrases, labels, and name calling against each other. How very sad. So what are you guys going to call me huh? I don’t agree with conspiracy theorists or the scientific community. Both are unreasonable. So what kind of label do you have for me? I’m sure you’ll come up with one. Sad.

    • a rational person says :

      answer me this hoss, how can u have a middle ground when conspiracy nutbags are wrong about absolutely everything?

      look at their record.

      illuminati? WRONG
      nwo? WRONG
      911 inside job? WRONG
      global government? WRONG
      north american union? WRONG
      aleins built the pyramids? WRONG
      crop circles made by aliens? WRONG
      fed is evil? WRONG
      global currency? WRONG
      free energy suppressed? WRONG
      bankers rule the world? WRONG
      chemtrails? WRONG
      aids built in a lab by us govt? WRONG
      vaciines cause autism? WRONG
      climate change a hoax? WRONG
      ufos covered up? WRONG
      false flag attacks? WRONG
      jews run everything? WRONG
      rockefelers run everything? WRONG
      moon landing fake? WRONG
      obama born in kenya? WRONG
      haarp machine? WRONG
      shooting massacres faked? WRONG
      jfk conspiracy? WRONG
      queen liz secretly a lizard? WRONG

      when these losers get anything right maybe u can talk about a “middle ground”…but theyre always wrong.

  20. Miranda says :

    Thank you very much for all the information. But it is not over. Solar revolution is the new “Thrive” coming over to the States. Look here:

    The nonsense goes on and on….

    • SlayerX3 says :

      Ah for the fucks sake. More new age pseudo science.

    • Frankie says :

      those people should get to study some Solar science instead of wasting time in conspiracy bullcrap. If we want to change the world or contribute to that change(more accurately) we should concentrate on real things, things that we can show with SCIENCE, things that actually are real.

      • taewell delaney says :

        brookings institute thinktank 1962 advised kennedy admin to have NSA declare NAS to have the very highest level of secrecy of any secret agencies as, were SETI to succeed, could have catastrophic impact on society, idiot religions, panic in the streets.

        in 1993, the former head of CIA under gwh bush reported angrily that when even CIA askd NASA for information, they were usually summarily ignored. at aboutthat same time, NASA removed much of SETI from being available via FOIA. this was done again to an even further extent in aout 2003. why hide what isn’t there?

        jefferson said “any government that makes policy of long keeping secrets from its public is no longer working in the interests of the people.” and more succinctly said “only criminals & tyrants require secrcy.” so what would tom think were he to see that the USG now has some 20 secretist cabals like NRO-NSA-CIA-FBI-DIA-AIA-NIA-AFIA-DARPA-DHS-SS-ATF-NASA-ETC classifying over 33 million documents per year as top secret and double that for less secret docs?

        in 1968 seymour hersh exposed the atrocity of my lai put on by our good boys in vietnam, 908 defenseless ALLY men, women, children, babies. as wasn’t fully admitteed until 2003-4 by DoD, that was just one of at least 227 other villages hit under ‘operation hamlet.’. they learned from my lai to not leave bad publicity laying around and started digging mass graves, bulldozing & camouflaging the village. as 2.13 million viets died in that war senator frank church defined as th golden triangle war as his closeed hearings showe that it was really all about getting an enduring piece of teh heroin pie of southeast asia… if the other villages had similar population of my lai, this secret civilian genocide cost a quarter million innocents their lives.

        i could give at leeast a dozen other such examples of secrecy and conspiracy by just the USG, not to mention all the other evil empires. consider this, in the pentagon papers exposed by the brave RAND whistleblower, daniel ellsberg, a tape of macnamara telling LBJ to fend off the media & public by quote “treat em like mushrooms. keep em in the dark and fe3d em on manure.”

        in such a circumstance as this, it is virtually impossible to know what is going on in thos rooms with our money and honour on the line. only conceivable thing to do is to THEORIZE.

        as for extraterrestrial life? 125bln galaxies give or take a few; avg 4bln stars per galaxy; avg so far seen is 1/4 or more have planetary bodies circling; if this star is any example, at least 1/4 could be life-bearing. so that’s say a cool quadrillion or so planets w/life. and as enrico fermi, US physicist said in the 1950s, there are definitely civilizations of incredible ancience… the odds there is NO ET influence here, said fermi, is zero.

        this room of commentos has been mostly all filled w/tawdry, mean-spirited, insultiing trolls. they are who needs debunking. my guess is that many of them would’ve also ‘debunked’ galileo, darwin and likely think global warming is a hoax shd be debunked… very limited mindset.

      • anticultist says :

        Oh look the crazy, it’s back

      • garbage being says :

        u think global warming is a hoax? srsly? jeezuz h christ, u are totally fucked up.

        fucking nutbag. yes, i think u believe it all…lizard people, 911 inside job, illuminati, moon landing fake, everything.

        u probably believe the sandy hook shooting was a “false flag” too don’t u?

      • Wyboth says :

        Whoa, did rational change his name?

      • Wyboth says :

        Wait, I Ctrl + F’d it. I get it now. Lol.

      • Frankie says :

        You are wrong.. its not 4 billion stars in the milky way.. its from 200 billion to 400 billion!!! get your information right! and thats just an estimate! Andromeda has 1 trillion according to the web.
        Show me real evidence NASA is keeping a secret you nutter butter. SETI hasnt succeeded.. and there isnt a secret conspiracy to hide aliens. they just havent got any signal because maybe whatever civilization out there either hasnt noticed us, doesnt give a shit about us, or just blew itself up long ago! or moved somewhere else! They havent visited earth and they have no reason to. We are just a bunch of little ants for them and they wouldnt bother with us… again, there is no evidence they have visited us. SETI has provided hard data, and NASA is looking for evidences of past life on Mars, and if they find its just going to be fucking microbes! The same if they find it in Europa, Enceladus and Titan.
        So get real data to show me aliens are here on earth invading us and disguised as humans to controll us.
        Why are they hiding anyway? arent they more powerful than us? You amd your logic are just funny and deserve to be posted on some comical blog so people laugh at the sheer idiocy your words show.

      • Frankie says :

        Also, taewell, Enrico Fermi was italian! And, contrary to what your bastardized comment said, he believed there were no aliens, because none have come here. Why did you change what he said?
        Do you think we are idiots like you and we wont notice or what?
        Again, show me evidence NASA is hiding things. You cant, because thay evidence doesnt exist.

  21. Frankie says :

    Noooo!! dont close the website… at least, stay and post more debunking stuff. we really need more blogs like this tbh.. If you go.. more woo will be bothering people, like a gnat.

    • Wyboth says :

      Muertos isn’t closing the website, just not posting anymore on it. It’ll stay up.

      • Frankie says :

        Thats good.. I just didnt want the woo woos coming to my house at night to kidnap me… lol jk. I am glad that this isnt closing, I have learned a lot reading the blog, and i have a friend who is getting into Wooland.. and i want to rescue him.

  22. EEH says :

    Hi! Somewhat late to this, but I’d just like to say that I hope you’ll keep this site up for a while longer. An “alternative” newspaper that I read just published an opinion piece referencing “Thrive”, and with a site like this up and running it will be easier for people to realize what the whole thing is really about.

  23. Arch Stanton says :

    I just chanced upon the ‘Debunking The Debunkers’ blog. I love the way you cannot leave comments on their blog. Very convenient of them to avoid answering questions. Says a lot that.

  24. Steve says :

    I just learned about Thrive and support it’s concepts, information and called for, Plan of Action. This movement is anything but dead. There is always an ebb and flow to business, life and movements that shake society and the status quo. I am sharing information daily about Thrive because the Time for us to Act is Now!! We are the Ancestors of the Future….We need to be held accountable and take action NOW! Just my opinion.

    • Roger Knull says :

      So where’s the ‘free energy’ machine? You don’t have one and neither does your buddy Forrest. Just my opinion.

      • Taz Delaney says :

        steve, pay no attn to knull, a dim bulb. null&void, at stanford (do your own frigging homework), in about 1997, was built a perpetual motion device. works like so: a mostly nickel alloy was found that, reverse of the norm, expands when cooled and contracts when heated. put into a donut of which the alloy conflicts with the normal generates all the energy needed to heat & cool the water in which it revolves. 3 years ago, MIT reported that they work on a similar model but think they will manage to extract a bit of energy, whereas the stanford is precisely adequate only for its own mission.

        every debunker i encounter is either a shill, a troll or just blind, deaf and dumB with a capital B. most are mean. they’d debunk galileo’s round earth. they think that there’s no ET life in a cosmos of 125bln galaxies…

      • Roger Knull says :

        Then let’s have a meeting. I will give you ample ground to prove your claims. And if you do, I will apologize and support you. How about it?

      • anticultist says :

        This stupid bastard thinks debunking aliens visiting earth equates to doubting the existence of life in the universe. Typical stupid mentality, he can’t understand what exactly is being said to him due to his delusional belief system.

        “Don’t agree with me ? You are a shill, a government agent, a paid disinfo, a closed minded wah wah”, the list of stupid labels goes on and on by them.

        News flash taz, there probably is life elsewhere in the universe, not many skeptics or scientists doubt this at all, it is only conspiratards like you who make the empty accusations that we don’t. We just doubt that it’s visiting here, but dicks like you don’t seem to understand that or have any evidence to prove it. You just pile up the anecdotes and hope that the amount of them will impress someone. Sorry but you don’t win a scientific debate like that, and free energy and aliens visiting earth is a scientific debate. Have evidence then provide it, because your little stories and anecdotes are impressing nobody.

      • Frankie says :

        Yes, seriously. i dont doubt there is life somewhere in the universe.. but that doesnt mean i believe they have been here..
        Idiotic misinterpretations of what i said. These guys have a flawed way of thinking that makes them misinterpret logical arguments, and then use that as “evidence” of us being shills, disinformation agents and a bunch of crap.
        again, Taz, you never answered my request for evidence of alien visitation.

      • Roger Knull says :

        I’m not Taz.

      • Frankie says :

        I know, I just answered here because Taz made a comment here which i had to answer.

      • Roger Knull says :


      • Taz Delaney says :

        mindless roaches couldn’t think their way through tic-tac-toe.

      • anticultist says :

        Ironic you don’t realise how much projection you are using Taz, oh wait up that is too clever an insult for you to understand, never mind.

      • Frankie says :

        To Taz: look at yourself in a mirror. The dude that equates disbelief in UFOs as alien ships with disbelief in aliens in the universe altogether.

        If we have the intelligence of a roach, then you have the intelligence of a fucking cell, meaning NOTHING!

      • Taz Delaney says :

        as i wrote, stanford’s had a self-powering device since the mid-1990s & now MIT thinks it can do better tan that and devise a virtual perpetual motion machine that leaves a tiny bit of energy left over. make lots of those and… but you bunk have such limited minds and total lack of creative vision… i’m starting businesses plural with capital from various sources, including EDC, dubai and partnering with friends via kickstarter. i have over 40 businesses, small, large, urgently needed for nature, man. you? wife & i have made millions and a company we formed that was stolen by ‘old riends’ went on to make at least $370 million by 2008. you? you are roach-brains cdn’t conceive anything of value at all ever in your lives.

        and you blank ‘know-it-alls’ clearly no better than US physicist enrico fermi who stated flatly that the odds are zero there is no ET influence here and for a LONG time. and you, of course, know far more than the genius physicist stephen hawkings who recently advised “clearly, not all the aliens are friendly to the best of human interests.”

        On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 2:06 PM, Thrive Debunked wrote:

        > ** > Frankie commented: “To Taz: look at yourself in a mirror. The dude that > equates disbelief in UFOs as alien ships with disbelief in aliens in the > universe altogether. If we have the intelligence of a roach, then you have > the intelligence of a fucking cell, meaning NOTHING” >

      • anticultist says :

        This Taz prick can’t fucking read.

      • Frankie says :

        To Taz: Stephen Hawking did say something like that, but that doesn,t mean he believes in the WooFOs shit.

        Stop misquoting Enrico Fermi, because that makes you look really stupid. You are either really delusional, or really stupid, because you haven’t quoted him correctly.

        Another thing: Just because a genius says something doesn’t make it true. Stephen Hawking may have said that, but there are others who disagree, others who are equally intelligent as Stephen Hawking. If a genius or whoever makes a claim, that person still has to show evidence for what he says. Stephen Hawking just talked about a POSSIBILITY, not an actual fact.

        I know you are stupid, so I dont expect you to understand this at all. You may as well go and live your delusion without fucking people’s lives.

      • anticultist says :

        What kind of stupid fuck manages to have a business stolen ? That alone is evidence of how made up your claims are, no business person I know has a business worth millions where the shareholders and directors are so vague so as the business can be ‘stolen’. Yeah Taz I actually know a few millionaires and over 40 business owners personally you fucking mong.

        Taz I feel sorry for any of the people you claim are investing into your half kick starter crap, assuming that any of it is remotely true. I personally doubt you do anything remotely as impressive as you claim it to be, you simply come across as a profound delusional with the cognitive abilities of a teenager.You clearly have problems understanding reality or even what people are saying to you actually meant without reinterpreting it to fit your own cognitive bias. By the way lad kick starters are just you playing with someone elses capital and not taking any risks yourself and getting other people to invest in your delusions.

        I think it is highly likely that you have some psychological problems in the real world, and everything you claim to do is embellished or even a ruse to make yourself look and feel good about yourself to other people. It is probable that you are one of life’s casualties who is an underachiever and therefore feels the need to make grandiose claims so others see you as something important when in fact you are simply a nobody. The very fact you are putting yourself on a pedestal from your first post here,and claiming everyone here is inferior without even knowing a thing about anyone’s personal life styles helps my following case.

        Just a casual review of your posts shows you making all manner of wild claims, accusations, showing a lack of interpretive skill for other peoples posts. You exude what can only be described as self aggrandising and delusional beliefs, it seems to me that you are struggling with narcissism either knowingly or unknowingly.

    • a rational person says :

      thrive is a bunch of crap, u (steve) and your “ancestors of the future” are a bunch of new age wackos and conspiracy theorists, and you have nothing to offer anybody except brain clogging bullshit. but i agree, you need to be held accountable…for spreading stupid nutbag shit and encouraging people to believe in conspiracy garbage.

      • Taz Delaney says :

        ‘conspiracy garbage” well… 1944 DoD started the dept of human radiation experiments that not even congress or presidents knew existed til ’94. 1962 kennedy started the NRO that congress learned of by accident in 1995. even old strom thurmond said “guess my hippie greandkids are right about secrets running teh govt. 1948 the vicious racist ‘tuskegee syphilis experiments’ infected some 80 black men… only admitted in about 1978… guatemala where the US secretly backed teh junta’s genocide of 250-400,000 mostlly mayan natives for oil-rich, resort-ready lands and used those natives for grotesque CBW & pharma experiments yet the supreme court recently refused to pay a penny to the survivors as “that was a matter of national security.’ 70,000+ documents the US has kept in the national archives regarding material re JFK assassination it says will be released in 2030s… maybe… MK Ultra CIA-spychiatrists tech that uses multiple daily massive doses of shock treatments mixed with massive doses of drugs, ‘soft-beatings’ bright/dark, silen/loud isolation w/subliminal messaging… weeks… months of that & you have no memory… inventor ewing “boasted it is the supreme torture and also can make assassins who can’t even tell who gave the order.” MK Ultra the core of CIA rendition torture chamber network re-authorized by obama february 2009… only admitted 20 years later, the swine flu epidemic that hit philly in 1978-9 began immediately following a first chemtrailing thereabouts. 1962 NSA grants NASA the highest level secrecy in case SETI happened. 2003 DoD finally admits my lai was just one of 220-some other ALLY villages hit in ‘operation hamlet.’ 2007 a times article on 65 weapons R&D projects but a general quipped “oh, those are just the ones we don’t keep secret.” US 9,000 nuclear bombs avg 2MT each (40x what hit hiroshima), when 700 of those would destroy all surface life on the earth… only maniacal rogue trror states posses one such device, period. only doltish peoples allow it. 33 million TOP secret classified documents per year in 2005. jefferson “only criminals & tyrants require secrecy.” 1700BC egypt a favorite saying “if pharaoh or his men say it; it is not likely true. immersed in conspiracies from govt to corporate… any don’t theorize as to what is untold are brainwashed fools, puppets of the military-industrial-police-prison state they call freedom in this demockery. i have 30 unanswered questions about 911. anyone who believed that official line also thinks television wrestling ‘on-the-level.’ ‘debunkers are delusional and dim bulbs. bunk.

      • a rational person says :

        BLAH BLAH BLAH…more farting out the mouth by some tinfoil hat nutbag…you don’t have a butt nugget of evidence for any of this shit except retarded youtube videos and more farting out the mouth by other conspiracy nutbags. do us a favor hoss, put a sock in it. we’re tired of your bullshit.

    • Frankie says :

      Show me evidence that UFOs are alien spaceships, show me evidence that there is a global conspiracy to keep free energy suppressed.
      I spent a lot of time, a year approximately, reading UFO literature, from Jim Marrs, to Jacques Vallee, among others. I used to believe in UFOs, and went from thinking they are aliens, to interdimensional beings.
      It was on a winter in 2011 that i decided to look for actual scientific evidence of those things, and guess what? I found nothing, there was no evidence they were aliens or interdimensional beings. There were already a lot of reasonable explanations for the UFO shit, and i will admit I was clingy to it, but i eventually gave up from believing such bullcrap. I got saved thanks to the JREF forum and the sources they would provide, and credible ones.
      So, show me if there is new actual evidence, I want credible sources.
      But of course you are going to avoid my request and answer with more bullshit. You are just fooling yourself, and if you seriously want to keep believing this kind of woo, do so, but later dont blame your fucking reptilian idiots for the lack of information in the world, but blame yourself and the other retarded nitwits like you, who believe everything they are told and read.

      • Frankie says :

        Taz Delaney, spychiatrists? Seriously? Couldn’t you have chosen a more stupid and bullshitic name??!
        Even Justin Beiber can make a nicer nickname than that.
        And here I thought wackos were more creative, but i guess there are exceptions.

      • Taz Delaney says :

        ignant idjit thinks this be freedom & democracy when it is clearly fiedom & demockery. drink drano.

      • a rational person says :

        *drink drano* oh yeah nutbag, i absolutely love drinking drano!

        *guzzles a big ole bottle* OH YEAH…UMM, YEAH, YUM *SMACK SMACK* oh god i love drinking drano…OH YES, PLEASE, U FUCKING NEW AGE CONSPIRACY NUTBAGS, POUR DRANO DOWN MY THROAT, I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        u stupid fucks…u and your “ufos suppressed” and your “911 was an inside job” and “free energy exists” and ur “OMG lizard people!!!”

        jeezus christ…every single one of you fucks should have your dna cancelled so the human race can’t pass on more of your fucking ridiculous stupidity.

        “GARBAGE BEING!” yea fuck u buddy…i got 3 kids and every single one of em is smart enough to demand evidence before believing in anything…all you conspiracy fucks, you stupid bastards who believe in Thrive, your parents failed u…yea, seriously, ur parents totally failed…raising a generation of gullible stupid fucks who will fork over their money and donate their brains to nutbags like foster gamble…what is this world coming to…shit, we deserve to get nuked by fucking north korea…put us out of our goddamn misery.

        so yea, fill up my glass with drano, here hoss, let me add some vodka…oh yea that’s smooth! u fucking nutbag

    • Frankie says :

      You are really delusional. Thrive is dead, its days of novelty are over because people found out its ridiculously retarded. I mean, they feature all the woo circus: David Icke, Deepak Chopra, and others.
      If you support its concepts, then, well, support them with evidence!
      I cant believe in a free energy machine because a) none hasn’t been constructed
      b) free energy contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. Remember what it says: the amount of entropy(disorder) can only increase in a closed system. A free energy machine cannot work because it will eventually decay.
      So you see why nobody except the conspiracy “theorists” believes in these pieces of shit?

      The time for us to act against the spreading of woo woo is now!

      • Frankie says :

        Taz, the reason we mock these ideas is not because we are bored or because we don’t like them. It’s because they aren’t supported.
        I am a very open minded guy. I would say I am a different person with respect to certain tastes, behaviors, etc.
        I dont mock things out of prejudice or disgust, i hate doing that. I mock your ideas because you believe in delusions that have no basis in reality, even after being explained why they aren’t true, and not just that, you want to spread them around so others buy into them.
        All i personally want is people not believing in lies. Thats a very sad life, and to be honest, i don’t see why you would want to believe in this.
        When i call you guys retarded, i am not being literal. Your ideas are retarded, but i think a lot of you guys are smary, very smart. But somehow, your curiosity took you to the conspiracy world and wooed you into it. Thats why those ideas are called woo woo: They woo you into them.
        Curiosity is something i value greatly, but when someone wastes it in conspiracy theories it makes me feel sad and depressed, because there are other real and more awesome things to be curious about.

  25. Arch Stanton says :


    A senior Iranian commander says the United States planned the 9/11 terrorist attacks to use them as pretext to invade the energy-rich Middle East.

    “The US, looking for a pretext to invade the Middle East, masterminded the 9/11 incident and pointed an accusing finger at Muslim countries,” Commander of the Iranian Army Ground Forces Brigadier General Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan said on Saturday.

    Pourdastan added that following the fall of the Soviet Union, the US introduced itself as the world’s sole superpower and moved to instill the new world order to prove its supremacy.

    The Iranian commander noted that the US later found its geopolitical policies a failure and decided to follow a geo-economic policy and control the world’s energy resources, 60 percent of which was located in the Middle East.

    “To achieve that goal, they launched preemptive attacks on Afghanistan and Iraq, and Iran was their next target, but wise policies adopted by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei along with the unity of the Iranian nation prevented them from achieving their objective,” Pourdastan said.

    On September 11, 2001, a series of coordinated attacks were carried out in the United States leaving almost 3,000 people dead.

    The US, under the administration of former President George W. Bush, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 after claiming that the 9/11 attacks were carried out by members of al-Qaeda harbored by the then Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

    The US also attacked Iraq in 2003 claiming that the Middle Eastern country was in possession of weapons of mass destruction. Washington’s wars on Iraq and Afghanistan have claimed the lives of more than a million people.

    Good luck trying to reply on their website. Press TV remove comments which are critical of their “stories” or in some rare cases they will edit your reply to look good in this favour.

    However it’s pretty safe to post on their Facebook page but be warned that multiple intelligent and rational replies with no use of swearing or blaming jews and you will be banned.


    NB. – Here is my favourite Press TV story, conspiritards love this station.

    ‘US used nukes on Iraq, Afghanistan’

    The United States has used tactical nuclear weapons in its military campaign against Iraq and Afghanistan, a Middle East expert tells Press TV.

    “Tactical nuclear weapons were used, at least one in Iraq and several were used in Afghanistan –in the Tora Bora mountains,” Peter Eyre, a Middle East consultant, said.

    Eyre pointed out that the atomic bomb dropped on Afghanistan’s Tora Bora region was so powerful that it actually created an earthquake there.

    RT Facebook is a breeding ground young conspiritards as well as seasoned pro’s. The ideas of David Icke are strong with these.

    • Taz Delaney says :

      they call those of us who disbelieve the official version of 911 ‘conspiracy theorists’… i have 30 unanswered questions. no theory, just questions. like that ‘safe air’ that almost killed me with intestinal toxins and put jimmy breslin & some 49,000 other new yorkers into hospitals… that safe air has so far cost $19bln in benefits for the ill or dead. i used to have a drinking buddy fireman alerted me to 911review.comand said he didn’t know a single fireman bought their line. 9 at his station died that day and by a year later he and half the others were there that day were dead or dying. if the onlly blatant lie told us that day was “the air is safe” by whitman who later said cheney ordered her to do that despite teh NYC air quality folks saying the opposite… cheney says it NSA told him.

      immersed in cabals of both governmental & corporate secrecy… what is there to do but theorize. think the machinery will just fess up if we politely ask? there’s nothing to do but try to topple this evil. if that is possible at this point in its empire stage. please, afghanistan, live up to the ancient reputation of being graveyard of empire. then we’ll have the new empire on the block to worry about, china.

      • a rational person says :

        there ya go, hoss…every single one of your questions answered. now you got no excuse for being a conspiracy nutbag anymore.


      • Taz Delaney says :

        you are such a fool you actually believe this government? oh, it has no secrets from you? dupe. as one 20,000+ pages deep in history; i just feel sorry for those like you. i notice most of the people here are vicious.

      • Frankie says :

        Dude seriously.. just give it up.
        rational person: this guys wont change anything they believe, doesnt matter the evidence you give them.
        They just keep repeating themselves so much, that one can predict what they will say already.

      • a rational person says :

        this is what i fucking hate about conspiracy nutbags.

        they say “i’m just asking questions” or “i got these questions about 911″…and then u answer their questions with absolute proof that it was NOT an “inside job”…AND THEY FUCKING IGNORE YOU.

        srsly…this is cowardice. it is nothing but cowardice. when the facts stare u in the face, to deny them is nothing but being a fucking ball less bastard.

        and it proves that conspiracy nutbags who keep whining “OMG I GOT 30 QUESTIONS ABOUT 911” are just fucking cowards. because they don’t have the balls to admit that their 30 questions have been answered, and that IT IS NOT A FUCKING CONSPIRACY except a conspiracy by osama bin laden and al qaida…but the nutbags will NEVER admit that.

        and then they have the fucking balls to come here and tell us that we are “close minded” because we dont believe their stupid conspiracy shit.

        every single one of these fucks needs to be sterilized so they don’t pass on their stupid fucking defective genes to the next generations. u know what really scares the fuck out of me? these stupid fucks can vote, at least the ones over 18…theres something wrong with that. anyone who believes “911 is an inside job” IS A FUCKING NUTBAG and should not vote or have children or have any sort of responsibility in life. because they can’t handle it. if u’re dumb enough to believe “911 is an inside job” then u are fucking retarded and belong in an institution. seriously…i am not kidding.

  26. Clock says :

    Guys, Muertos lives on in this new blog I created:

    Basically, it’s his first website, The Muertos Blog (that is now inacessable) , and I am re-uploading all of the articles, using all of the articles I saved (alot of them) and using the Internet Wayback Machine.

    I hope to see you there! 🙂


  27. jamsim67 says :

    I haven’t seen you answer any questions, unless you believe that calling people names who believe in (so called) conspiracies is answering questions. I don’t know if their is anything such as free energy, but I’d like to find out. Now if there is such a thing, why would corporations and politicians want to suppress it? You and I both know the answer to that question

    • anticultist says :

      Research all you want there is no such thing that exists in the scientific world.
      The corporate world have no reason to suppress something that doesn’t even exist, that would make them as crazy as conspiracy theorists.

    • Frankie says :

      We already answered your question, Muertos did answer it too. Just read the blog and you will see. And we will call names because you guys are a lost cause.

  28. Wyboth says :

    Yes! Thank you so much!

  29. Sofa King says :

    The writer of this article is so incredibly smug in his writing style, just another guy who thinks his shit doesn’t stink.

  30. Sofa King says :

    And no, I don’t support Thrive.

  31. seer says :

    i puked in my mouth up when i saw this blog, but realized it will be funny to see the writer of this blogs reaction when earth humans are finally made aware of our galactic reality.. and why are ufos suppressed? because once officially recognized the next question people will ask is what is their fuel source. and I dont need the movie thrive to know this reality, it came to me 20 years ago when i saw a football field sized semi transparent triangular ufo flying 100 yards above my head silently at about 5 miles per hr… i have a feeling bro who owns this site knows all this already, but he just gets paid to make sure no one else does 🙂 pie in hand ready to launch

    • anticultist says :

      No mate, it’s just that you are daft in the head and don’t realise it yet.

    • Frankie says :

      Dude, have you ever read about sleep paralysis? have you read about hoaxes, dreams, and forgery? what about simple lies? what about misunderstandings of natural phenomena, or thinking that a man-made aircraft is an alien spaceship?
      A lot of people see what they want to see, they hallucinate. Sometimes they lie about their stories. I dont know whats your case, but you need to realize that whole ufo business is a delusion.

  32. kthxgr8 says :

    Haven’t seen it, but after reading this, I’ll certainly watch it.

    Of course, the most obvious question is, if you weren’t a paid counter agent of some sort, why is God’s name would any sane person pour so much time or energy in creating a site such as this or write in the manner that you do?

    Go watch One Third of the Holocaust then explain how demonic gay alien rainbow-spewing unicorns came to exist, in an effort to debunk their nuts out of your mouth.

    • anticultist says :

      “Of course, the most obvious question is, if you weren’t a paid counter agent of some sort, why is God’s name would any sane person pour so much time or energy in creating a site such as this or write in the manner that you do?”

      It is called intellectual integrity and honesty. Standing on the side lines allowing stupid people the liberty to act knowledgeable and wise in topics they have no fucking clue about is simply despicable. Anyone who understands a subject has the intellectual and human obligation to correct and prevent stupidity relating to the subject. In this case the stupidity of thrive covers numerous topics and needs reducing to the dismal level it deserves.

      Hence why people spend their unpaid time correcting and ridiculing it.

      We owe it to our fellow human beings to show them real information and correct academic methods when it comes to these matters. Paranoia and conspiracy theories are no substitute for intellectual thoughts and evidence.

  33. kthxgr8 says :

    K. So I watched the first 12 minutes and came to the conclusion, although there are a lot of very serious design flaws with the system as it exists, wherever the hell he is going with the ‘torus’ at the center of it isn’t a viable solution. So yeah, I can see why it would be easy to debunk.

    Don’t ‘spose y’all would care to debunk the bible, the torah, and the koran all at once for me?

    • Tofufighter says :

      Plenty of people have put time into posts debunking the torah and the bible.
      Debunking the Q’uran… wellllll… this is a more tricky proposal.

  34. Don says :

    All movies gradually decline in box office, or attendance, even the very best classics.
    So now It’s time for Foster to introduce the next production, Thrive, Part 2., or perhaps another title that promotes the movement. He will potentially have a natural following of the 2 million who have viewed Part 1, (especially his critics), plus many who will agree that he is onto some things important to mankind and his general awareness. .
    He should survey his viewers to determine the best title for his next movie, which will necessarily require some focusing upon what is plausibly or clearly true. Part 2, whatever the title, will generate viewership of Thrive, Part 1, which is apparently a legitimate attempt to help us survive, and thrive, without war..

  35. Auditor says :

    Well I’ve spent some time looking at this site and I got to say there are a lot of mis conceptions and down right false hoods here not just in the blog but in the comments. I hope you can take my comments in the right spirit. I am not a “conspiracy theorist” and I don’t know what that means but you guys throw that term around without knowing what it means and that is worry some to a person with an openmind. 🙂

    1) I am very concerned that people on this board think questioning the official story of 9/11 means a person is a “conspiracy theroist” or a “nut bag”. There are many more people who think 9/11 was done by the USA gov’t or Isreal then people who still beleive the “official story” about cave men with box cuttars or what ever it was. I don’t know a single person who thinks a steel frame sky scraper can collapse from fire. how do you explain that Larry Silversain who owned the Trade towers and the Pantagon admitted on TV that he pulled down the WTC7? This is proof that the “official story” is bunk. And there is Bush sitting in the class room in Florida that proves he knew about it. And how do you explain that the hijackers are still alive?

    2) I do not agree with this “Thrive” movie so you can not herl your insults at me on that. But I am concerned that throwing insults like “conspiracy theorist” and “nut bag” are not making it easyer to solve problems. I saw part of “Thrive” and the free energy and the bank control parts are 100% true. Plus our food is controlled by the Rockefellars and fractional banking is a lie. I don’t have the informaton on crop circles but there could be a chance it is done by aliens. How do you know it isn’t? Or am I just a “nut bag” for thinking it?

    3) The real thing that worries me here is the bigotry in the comments about Scientology. It is just bigotry nothing else. Would you talk to Muslams or Christians like this? You have a lot of mis conceptions about COS. I have been in COS for 15 yrs and I have never heard of this “xenu” thing. I know it came from south park but they made it up. Say what you will about Tom Cruise but do you know how many people he has gotten off drugs? Do you know what he has done to stop the rule of the psychs? No ones asking you to like is movies. If you don’t like his movies it is fine. But Scientology really helps. Scientology is the authority on the mind. Its the only system that really works.

    I think maybe all you who throw around insults like “nut bag” maybe should try some auditing. I know you will laugh but Dianetics has helped millions of people. Including me. Maybe it will help you see the truth too. But can we stop throwing daggers please. It is not helping any one. We all want to live in a better world a world w/o crime or war or psychs. Cant we come together on common ground to make it real. This is alI I have to say 🙂

    • anticultist says :

      “2) I do not agree with this “Thrive” movie so you can not herl your insults at me on that. But I am concerned that throwing insults like “conspiracy theorist” and “nut bag” are not making it easyer to solve problems. I saw part of “Thrive” and the free energy and the bank control parts are 100% true. Plus our food is controlled by the Rockefellars and fractional banking is a lie. I don’t have the informaton on crop circles but there could be a chance it is done by aliens. How do you know it isn’t? Or am I just a “nut bag” for thinking it?”

      Got evidence that free energy is 100% tryue then?

      There are no single examples of scientifically verifiable and engineered prototypes that have are or have ever been considered real enough by any scientific body or group of scientists on the planet.

      You think Rockefellers run everything.

      You think aliens might make crop circles, no evidence for aliens, let alone that they travel billions of miles to draw asinine images in crops.

    • anticultist says :

      “3) The real thing that worries me here is the bigotry in the comments about Scientology. It is just bigotry nothing else. Would you talk to Muslams or Christians like this? You have a lot of mis conceptions about COS. I have been in COS for 15 yrs and I have never heard of this “xenu” thing. I know it came from south park but they made it up. Say what you will about Tom Cruise but do you know how many people he has gotten off drugs? Do you know what he has done to stop the rule of the psychs? No ones asking you to like is movies. If you don’t like his movies it is fine. But Scientology really helps. Scientology is the authority on the mind. Its the only system that really works.”

      That is because scientology is documented crazy and is nothing but a monetary grabbing cult. You have wasted 15 years of your life and money then. Scientology is not authority on the mind, it is nothing but an anti academic anti science cult.

      Yep any atheist would consider islam.christianity and other religions as delusional and childish. However not ever commenter here is atheist, I am though.

    • anticultist says :

      “I think maybe all you who throw around insults like “nut bag” maybe should try some auditing. I know you will laugh but Dianetics has helped millions of people. Including me. Maybe it will help you see the truth too. But can we stop throwing daggers please. It is not helping any one. We all want to live in a better world a world w/o crime or war or psychs. Cant we come together on common ground to make it real. This is alI I have to say ”

      Only you live in that world, you and your cult members. There is about as much wrong with psychology or psychologists as there is any other scientific established concept or field of study, so your hate for psychology is only predicated upon the fact they understand how the mind works and how to disenfranchise the cult member from his cult.

      Everyone here wants a better world, but that means removing crazy cults like scientology from the planet too.

    • a rational person says :


      omg somebody must have turned on a light because these nutty fuckers are scattering like cockroaches…exactly what we need around here, another fucking nutbag!

      listen hoss, tom cruise is nuts, l ron hubbard was a con man, there ain’t no such thing as xenu and “auditing” is a bunch of fucking bullshit. u pay some asshole $15,000 to talk to u while u sit there with 2 tomato cans in your hands. yea, that’s a religion…jeezus.

      and your bullshit about “hijackers still alive” and free energy…grow the fuck up, we’re way past that shit. get a fucking life, tom cruise. srsly.

      • Auditor says :

        I tried to come here on good terms but just as I suspected you all went into “attack mode” as your first resort and start herling insults at anyone who does not think what you think. I think this says a lot about you. 🙂

        The religious bigotry that you show is really crazy. I mean, calling COS a “cult” and laughing at L. Ron Hubbard. If you laughed at Jews the same way people would call you anti semitic. Scientology is my religion and it is just as valid as Christianaty or Muslam. I heard that all you “skeptics” are atheists who hate anybody who believes in God. So you are like the Soviets in the USSR then.

        I can tell also from your comments that this board is domanated by young men with little female contact. Anticultist I think you are an unmarried man in his 30’s with intimacy issues. I think you have problems opening up to womyn. I have watched the comments here for 2 weaks before posting and I see whenever anyone says anything posative you jump in to defend the status quo.. You are waiting like a spider to jump on anyone with a different view. This is what men do when they are threatened by feminist view points. Do you have a problem with expressing your feelings?

        There are no female view points on this board. No womyn would ever say the things that are said here. By reading this article I can tell that “Muertos” is a man in his 20s who is very aggressave toward womyn. This very male point of view shuts out anything that is not in line with the pefered belief system. I think “Muertos” is a man who enjoys bullying womyn. He probably enjoys pornography and defines himself in terms of his masculinity and how many womyn he has had sex with.

        I have now watched all of “Thrive” and the best element is the message presented by Kimberley Gamble which all of you have missed. She is a posative role model for womyn and girls showing how you should be open to other points of view. As a womyn I appeciate her point of view and you should not dismiss what she says simply because of her gender.

        I also notice none of you can refute what I said about WTC7 and 9/11. As usual you divert the subject. But this is not my problem. Some of us are open minded. You can be too 🙂

      • anticultist says :

        Listen up scientologist, it aint me with the problem here, I don’t spend all my money on a retarded cults dogma, nor do I believe in imaginary shit.

        Take your 2 cent psychology profile to one of your cult underlings, they might give your cult more cash for audits.

      • anticultist says :

        “I also notice none of you can refute what I said about WTC7 and 9/11. As usual you divert the subject. But this is not my problem. Some of us are open minded. You can be too”

        Actually I provided you with a link that debunks all 911 claims you cretin. I also debunked your retarded pull it point.

        I will post it again since you have a subjective reading problem.

      • Wyboth says :

        “I heard that all you “skeptics” are atheists who hate anybody who believes in God.”

        I am skeptic, and I am Christian. The Atheist skeptics here don’t hate Christians, they just think they’re childish.

        To me, any religion that has to advertise itself and has membership fees shouldn’t be taken seriously. That’s why I don’t respect Scientology as I do other religions.

      • Frankie says :

        I meant to say that I hate how he attacks anticultist rather than his argument.

    • ab says :

      Auditor, Scientology has messed up a lot of people since its inception to the present. It just amazes me at how many people are blind to this fact. The following link is just one persons experience with Scientology, and I can assure you, there are hundreds more out there if you take the time to look.

      “The real thing that worries me here is the bigotry in the comments about Scientology. It is just bigotry nothing else. Would you talk to Muslams or Christians like this?”

      You call it bigotry because the comments expressed are in opposition to your core beliefs concerning Scientology. You are a ‘true believer’, and therefore, will always be offended by any opposing views.

      • Frankie says :

        Auditor is an idiot. I hate how he assumes all skeptics are atheists (I am an atheist, but others aren’t) and all the comments you made about rational person. Assuming they are true, so fucking what?! You aren’t offering any good argument and are committing a lot of logical fallacies, like ad hominem, by not providing any evidence to show rational person wrong. Instead of saying bullshit about people, show us why should we believe in your dumbass religion, show us the evidence from a serious astrobiology journal that Xenu is a real alien. It’s easy, just google it, and if it exists just post it here.
        And what evidence do you have to support your claim that all people here are communists? None! because you are a nitwit, who cannot differentiate between attacking the arguer and attacking the argument. Just go to the mental asylum and fuck yourself.

    • Frankie says :

      Crop circles possibly done by aliens?! are you serious?!!!!!!! TELL ME YOU AREN’T SERIOUS!!!!!! you are either ignorant, an idiot, or something else, and you haven’t even read about the fact that all crop circles are hoaxes done by people who think it’s funy to dupe idiots like yourself.
      And you also think free energy is real?! lol! please share whatever you are smoking! Free energy is a fairy tale. There are no perpetual motion machines, because they violate the second law of thermodynamics, which says that entropy stays constant or increases in a closed system. You also believe that Shrek is alive? because by using the same standards of evidence you use to believe in scientology or in crop circles can enable you to believe in him.
      Pranksters have already confessed throughout the world that they faked those crap circles. If that is the crap you buy into, I wonder what other idiocies do you believe in.

  36. anticultist says :

    “1) I am very concerned that people on this board think questioning the official story of 9/11 means a person is a “conspiracy theroist” or a “nut bag”. There are many more people who think 9/11 was done by the USA gov’t or Isreal then people who still beleive the “official story” about cave men with box cuttars or what ever it was. I don’t know a single person who thinks a steel frame sky scraper can collapse from fire. how do you explain that Larry Silversain who owned the Trade towers and the Pantagon admitted on TV that he pulled down the WTC7? This is proof that the “official story” is bunk. And there is Bush sitting in the class room in Florida that proves he knew about it. And how do you explain that the hijackers are still alive?

    How do you explain missing this website that debunks every conspiracy theory rgarding 911 there is ?

    ‘Pull it’ is not a demolitions term, and he was talking to a fire chief in the interview and was discussing with him directly about pulling the operation. IE pulling all the firemen away from the building as they knew it was going to collapse, and there had been enough death already for the day. So he let it fall.

    • AG says :

      You are retard that never shuts the fuck up about how wrong everyone is nor makign any proof of the opposite get a lfie dipshit

      • anticultist says :

        You don’t have any evidence to prove conspiracy theories are real so you just cry like a toddler. Figures.

      • Frankie says :

        Lol, here I thought you woo woos wanted peace for everyone. So much for your “enlightenment” and “love for humanity”.

  37. Gloop says :

    As Shakespeare said, methinks thou dost protest too much.

  38. Rehsab Thgir says :

    Wow, all two supporters of the movie are here trying to make the movie factually correct by attrition. Too bad reality doesn’t work that way.

  39. Jason Webb says :

    U seem to have made up your mind for all of the wrong reasons and I am certain foster is absolutely correct .. Who controls you?? Sell out illuminati is what your fearsome phoney ass seems to me.. You seem to be less smart than George bush .. He Is probably your hero.. Enjoy your status while it lasts … And when and If the truth ever becomes a part of your reality… Contact me… Meanwhile I think u r dumber than a box of rocks … I’d break your jaw if u were within my reach becuz u r more retarded than my downsyndrom brother… I’m angry cuz u r slower than a broke down car on the side of the road in the middle of a NASCAR race… I hope u wake your dumb fuckin up… I know u r a sell out peice of shit loser… I wish if sandy hook was real that it was u or your kids or your mother.. WHat pussy. ? You can’t get me! I manifest my own reality and your fake pussy life can’t touch me,,, your punk ass won’t even respond to me….. Prove me wrong duschebag pussy loser dickface

    • a rational person says :

      ooo, internet tough guy. hahaha. u gonna punch out everybody who doesn’t believe the bullshit conspiracy crap in thrive? u’re gonna be attacking basically the whole world, because only nutbags, conspiracy loons and new age crystal worshipers beleive this stupid shit.

      listen, hoss…u can come in here and try to slam your e-dick on the table, but the rest of the world is laughing at you. thrive is a bunch of shit and the guy who wrote this blog (who’s been gone for months btw) totally destroyed it. nobody cares about thrive anymore. all thats left are basement dwelling abortions like you. wanna see some more of em, click over to the page where the nutbags are raging about that lunatic nassim haramein. or the crop circle shit.

      you lost, hoss…deal with it.

  40. Guestperson says :

    I believe that free energy is real.. the oil companies, govt, and whoever owns it obviously doesn’t want the world to know and they have BILLIONS of dollars, so I cant see why they wouldn’t pay people to surpress other energy sources. but my point is, greed and money has poisoned men’s souls and it will always be like this, there will NEVER be a time when global togetherness will exist. there will always be someone or something always wanting more power.. ahem… america, its nature..

    • tazewell delaney says :

      never encountered any so-called ‘debunkers’ werent shill-trolls for rigid though also flaccid dogma of the lowbrow reactionary rightwing. thrive has gained more members in this year than it did in the last 2 years. dead? and what are the thrive group up to now? helping amnesty intl and other orgs get peace & anti1%er activists out of prison and US-backed rendition torture chambers ‘assisted’ by teh APA to carry out such as CIA-shrink origniated MK Ultra. as to these idjits claimes that there ‘is no new world order conspiracy of one governing secreted power? the latest news from EU regarding the largest of financial powers, IMF-worldbanc-WTO and other such, is that they are moving rapidly some 370 trillion bux round their electronic banking system and raking in offshore some $400bln per week thereby. meanwhile, UN says that since their conspired global econ crash since 2008, at least 7 million of the worlds poorest, aka africans and those in such hells as haiti or dacca, have died. holocaust ini which not one of the culprits ever do a day’s time. to contrary, make a billion in bonus this xmas at morgan chase, goldsacks. and how many know that the president, congress, supreme court ARE NOT ALLOWED BY TREATY TO EVEN DEBATE ANY RULE OR REGULATION FROM IMF-WORLDBANC-WTO! aka fiefdom & demockery. don’t wate your breath on this rooom, guy, aint able to play checkers much less chess or RISK!

  41. tazewell delaney says :

    i’m exactly one in 17,000 by raw testing but far more remarkable in all the arts, sciences, business, social, political, philosophy, history, the seriously spiritual and in terms of just being saintly kind to almost all persons, great or small. for years, easy here in our town new york, have policy of ‘put smiles on as many faces as can and help at least one person a day.’ 50 for profits and not-for -profits to be combined under two basic umbrellas. the profits will go on to make billions or more. the NPO will have at its top the church of art to replace the utter failure of the evil religions and their evil corporatist-state empire of endless war, torture and brutal oppression. the ark will save millions of lives and aid nature in astounding ways. you have never and will never accomplish in your whole vicious, wretched life what i will today. i mean, ever have a business meeting with yoko ono about what to do for teh most benefit at large with her billion dollars? you are nothing and nobody and all know it. i have a genius wife of 30 years and most of my dozen closest friends are also geniuses in either arts or business. amy & i have made $9 million in our years together but would’ve made 100s of millions had ‘old college buddies, including duponts, stole that goldmine years ago, wiped us out, nearly hit the strreet. managed not to have them hit by unsavoury fellow owed me a huge favor then… just turned the other cheek but learned of those shark-filled waters.

    hey, dude, is that a palmetto crawling out of your ear or your brain? do us all a big favor and bury yourself, already. you stink like one long-dead, anyway. is there one person alive who would say they love, even like you? how many have you beaten, hurt, defamed, slandered, libeled, insulted, cruelly and unjustly insulted in public. how do you sleep at night, shill-troll ‘debunker.

    love to see you discuss ‘thrive debunked’ with one of their core consulatnts, the astonishing genius stephen hawkings, cambridge’s finest physicist since newton. bet you didn’t know that 3/4 of isaac’s work was in mystic-occult practices that included the ancient rites of the aegaeans eleusinians and his mentor was the saome as that of will shakespeare and queen elizabeth 1, her vizier, the greatest of the ultra-scholarly alchemists, john dee. indeed, ‘the tempest’ is dedicated to dee and elizabeth addressed her court to say that “had it not been for the wise counsel of my beloved teacher, sage and vizier, john dee, i would not have won against the armada and all of our land would now be under the papist spaniard monarchy that wants us all dead or enslaved! i was the hand john dee had to use to save us all. we owe everything to his loving guidance and vision that sems from the beyond, but decidedly of divine predisposition!”

    back to hawkings, as with the greatest US physicist of the last century, enrico fermi, who famously said that “alien influence has always been present throughout the development of this planet and any other planet of life-bearing potential. there are certainly vast civilizations inn this immense universe that have existed for billions of years an dwhose technologies has them capable of anything, immortality, disembodiment, travel at the speed of light or the faster speed of thought.” hawkings two years ago cautioned that “the evidence strongly suggests that not all of the aliens among us are friendly. as to what it is that they want from us or from our planet; i know not the answer to that intriguing question.

    love to see one such as you attempt to ‘debunk’ the likes of fermi, hawkings, newton, dee. your mind is so severely limited it must be in a vice grip?

    i’ve said all i need or have to say in this mostly god-awful room. gow away. bury yourself alive so the rest of us don’t have smell your rotten stench.

    • anticultist says :

      Do you ever get tired of repeating this story about how fantastic you and everyone you know are ?

      Seriously, you should get that narcissism looked at, it looks like it could be dangerous.

      • tazewell delaney says :

        don’t you ever tire of being a pit bull attack dog alwyas snarling and threatening to bite others? and i just told you i was done w/all i have to say or do at this site of mostly fools, anyhow. so why not you just leave me the fuck alone. go drink some lye, or something useful like that?

      • tazewell delaney says :

        those know me well know me to be quite an humble and respectful man. but you have yet to reply as to your own life’s accomplishments, eh? hmmm wonder why that would be? is there a single person on earth wd grant you a good character reference. what in this lifetime have you done of any cultural value at all?

      • anticultist says :

        Doesn’t matter what I have done I am not here to brag about my cultural achievements, monetary accolades, or educational highlights. NEWS FLASH: This blog isn’t a place to put your references and life time best scores.

        It’s a debunking of cranks like you, now how about you fulfill your promise to us all and leave, no one is interested in your backstory for the tenth time this year.

      • a rational person says :

        you’re done, taewell nutbag? thank fucking christ…i was getting really tired of your shit.

        go take your 9 million (fake) dollars that you say u made (lie) and give it to tom cruise and the church of scientology. or maybe give it to foster gamble to make thrive 2.

        and you got einstein, fermi, hawking, newton and dee completely wrong, but who’s surprised by that? you think 911 was an inside job. that proves u can’t get anything right.

        don’t let the door hit ur ass on the way out.

    • Anastasio says :


      Christ; someone better phone the Syracuse State School and let them know one of their star pupils has gone walkabout..

      “as with the greatest US physicist of the last century, enrico fermi, who famously said that “alien influence has always been present throughout the development of this planet and any other planet of life-bearing potential. there are certainly vast civilizations inn this immense universe that have existed for billions of years an dwhose technologies has them capable of anything, immortality, disembodiment, travel at the speed of light or the faster speed of thought.”

      No Tazewell, what you are referring to is the Fermi Paradox, and it doesn’t read anything like the mess you’ve lovingly crafted above. Why do you feel the need to lie?

      Fermi famously asked “Why aren’t they here?” which of course implies that he did not believe that “alien influence has always been present”.

      “hawkings two years ago cautioned that “the evidence strongly suggests that not all of the aliens among us are friendly. as to what it is that they want from us or from our planet; i know not the answer to that intriguing question.”

      Wrong again, unsurprisingly.

      Do you honestly think that no one here has immediate access to what Hawking actually said regarding the hostility of supposed alien life?


      Again, it reads nothing like what you’ve written above, and again I ask you; why lie?

      Of course, your propensity to distorting the truth paints the rest of your inferiority-complex-ridden garbage as the true wage of a ‘limited mind’.

    • Frankie says :

      The only thing you are a genius at is having delusions.

  42. roofey says :

    it’s sad how blind most of you are…

  43. Frankie says :

    Dont listen to that idiot, because months ago I tried convincing him that all he said was wrong, a lie fabricated by himself. He won’t ever listen, because he has been bamboozled so bad that he cannot escape the deception. It has taken over him. People who have been bamboozle for so long, will refuse evidence, as Sagan once said, because the delusion is so powerful that they lost any power to get away from it.

  44. kthxgr8 says :

    Cheesus Christ what a flame war ya’llz haz (STILL?) going on here.

    I’m typically too busy to read all the follow-up essays, but if/when any of you are bored and have some free time to kill, watch ‘One Third of the Holocaust’ and debunk that for me. :/

    Damn aliens.

    • anticultist says :

      It’s a fucking holocaust denial video. It debunks itself.

      • kthxgr8 says :

        Not so much. Quite the opposite actually. It’s over 4 hours long and goes into explicit detail, so you kinda have to watch it first. It’s like watching Loose Change for the first time after only being exposed to the mainstream media’s 9/11 narrative.

      • anticultist says :

        I wouldn’t bother watching a holocaust denial movie even if you said you would pay me bro. Those kind of fuck heads who think the holocaust didn’t happen are scum neo nazi/anti semite types.

        Plus loose change was completely fucking debunked, and I can bet you if you wanted to honestly find a debunking of this shitty video you could find it.

  45. kthxgr8 says :

    Ooooh, so you’re one of those rockect scientist-types that forms ferociously one-sided opinions without weighing all the evidence first, and even goes so far as to blindly attack based on your own assumptions and definitions and even have the foolish gall to reference other examples that have been beyond proven as illegitimate.

    Well then, by all measn, your opinion and existence is certainly valid, please allow me to continue investing my time and energy in your

    • anticultist says :

      Nah mate you got it all wrong, I am someone who doesn’t listen to racist scumbags, try again at being open and balanced without the racist video promotion and I might think what you are saying is sincere.

    • a rational person says :

      kthxgr8 is a sick racist jew-hating anti-semitic nazi scumbag. fuck off, you piece of shit! holocaust denial is lower than crocodile shit. it is not possible for a human being to be more of an asshole.

    • Frankie says :

      By watching those movies and believing in that crap you are a nitwit. We have seen all the evidence, and it all points out to the fact that there was a holocaust… You are just wasting your time with those movies and by weighing the evidence between holocaust denial and an actual holocaust happening, Why? because There is plenty of evidence out there, and it should dawn to you that there is always a group of nutbags that try to contradict evidence that has been found. They either try to deny the Earth is round, or that men went to the moon. They are nothing but pretend skeptics who should go and fap to their aliens and leave the rational ones deal with the real world.

  46. anticultist says :

    For the record anyone considering watching this bulsshit he is promoting read this first.

    The last video segment, he says “the whole thing [the Jewish holocaust] is a lie, I only covered 1/3rd so I could cover it thoroughly”.
    However he then goes on to claim he could debunk the entire thing if he tried, but apparently he didn’t bother to do that.

    Now consider the following, the creator of the video just so happens to be Palestinian, which coincidentally resides right next to Israel where racism, anti semitism, conspiracy theories, hatred, political subversion, killings, terrorism occur from both sides of the fence.

    The person who made this movie is expecting you to ignore that he is a Palestinian, and take his word that he is unbiased and has only used the facts. It is nothing but a contrivance of his to use examples to whitewash the holocaust out of existence.

    the very fact that the holocaust happened and can be fucking proven is enough for anyone with a brain cell in their head. Whether there are some flaws in peoples interpretation of what happened, or if facts have been muddied, exaggerated is of no importance to the evidence that is piled up in support of it’s occurrence.

    This video is nothing more than Palestinian propaganda to promote more hatred and doubt of Jewish people, and only an idiot would be unable to see this.

  47. Paul says :

    there wasn’t one solid argument “debunking” anything throughout this entire piece: the author simply expressed his opinions as to why Thrive’s website has decreased traffic.

    the established causality between the decline in traffic and the invalid claims contained in the documentary is not convincing. Do not confuse causality and correlation. Furthermore, try to present the actual claims presented in the documentary and “debunk” them with evidence other than your personal feelings on the matter..

    As for FREE ENERGY, I highly recommend people watch this very informative documentary: If you are too lazy to watch the entire doc, at least watch the segment starting at around 34:00 presenting James Pantone’s invention, discussed by the great late Eugene Mallove.


    • anticultist says :

      “. Furthermore, try to present the actual claims presented in the documentary and “debunk” them with evidence other than your personal feelings on the matter..”

      Already been done all over this blog, if you had bothered to review all the other pages presented here you would have seen the presented evidence and logic that debunks the entire movies content and premise.

      But don’t let me burst your delusional bubble will you, carry on being ignorant to facts.

      Also laws of conservation, energy, thermodynamics. That is all that is really needed to debunk your perpetual motion, free energy bullshit.

      • Paul says :

        “Also laws of conservation, energy, thermodynamics. That is all that is really needed to debunk your perpetual motion, free energy bullshit”

        I agree. It’s very scientific to refute a claim without consulting the empirical data.

      • anticultist says :

        Empirical data you say ?

        “In science, empirical evidence is required for a hypothesis to gain acceptance in the scientific community. Normally, this validation is achieved by the scientific method of hypothesis commitment, experimental design, peer review, adversarial review, reproduction of results, conference presentation and journal publication. This requires rigorous communication of hypothesis (usually expressed in mathematics), experimental constraints and controls (expressed necessarily in terms of standard experimental apparatus), and a common understanding of measurement.”

        And you provided a youtube video ? Is that your definition of empirical evidence Paul ?

      • RichardMF says :

        Might I mention that the part of the law of thermodynamics that actually proves free energy cant exist is WRONG, and is proven so in nature.
        I actually have free energy all over the place in my house. Well, its actually everywhere on this planet. It’s called orgone, etherical, chi, animal magnetism, prana, zero-point, vacuum-flux, and a few other names. Everything is created by this energy that which is living and non-living. It is how things come to be. I can’t prove the last two claims, but that’s where this becomes a pseudoscience.

        As for proving that it actually exists, well that’s easy.

        Google, “orgone energy ice” or maybe “orgonite ice” or something to that extent. Or buy yourself some orgonite and freeze a container full of water next to one. See the proof for yourself. At the very least your are proving free energy…and the fact that torsion fields are not a pseudoscience.

        I like how your modern day science stuff likes to make up forces though.

        What is the “strong force”?
        Or how about “pseudo forces”? (in reference to the coriolis effect)
        Or “dark energy”?

        I’m not asking you to become someone you aren’t. I just want you to see things for yourself. You cannot claim to prove a theory of everything wrong, until you prove YOURS right. At this moment I’m pretty sure we haven’t proven one right to date.

        If nothing else will wake you up, consider the fact that you can, FOR SURE, no bullshit, have free energy. Just do some research on orgonite.
        If you cannot do that much for yourself, you have become lost in your dogma you call science.

        May you find yourself, and recover that which has been long forgotten.

      • boswell says :

        LOL Richard you debunk yourself. You are right you can’t prove those last two claims, however you are also wrong because you can’t prove any of your other claims too.

        I don’t have to debunk your claims bro, you have to prove they exist in the first place. However you are going to have a hard time proving that shite.

      • Joel T. says :

        Ow. Richard, that hurt. “Zero-point energy” energy refers to the general background energy level of the universe. Because this energy level is constant, it is impossible for anything to use it. Action is only possible when energy is transferred from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. Heat death occurs when all energy in the universe has been equalized. Even at that point, there will still be zero-point energy.

        This energy has been produced by everything that has come from before the present, but nothing has been created “by” it. The heat your body produces is contributing to zero point energy. Also, entropy. But your body heat doesn’t come from zero point energy.

        As for orgone ice, presumable you are referring to the fact that occasionally upward spikes can be created from water as it freezes. I’m guessing you are thinking that the upward flow of ice is evidence of free energy? Alas, it is not. The spike forms as the outside of the water freezes. Water expands as it freezes, and in an ice tray it can only expand inwards and upwards, thereby pushing the as-of-yet unfrozen water at its center inwards and upwards as well. That water breaks through the top, is now on the outside and so freezes quickly. There’s still liquid water inside being squeezed as the cube continues to freeze, thereby being pushed up again, and so on. Essentially this is like a reverse stalactites.

        To note, this happens most often with distilled water (as impurities in the water will effect how evenly it freezes). The energy for this is coming from the freezer and the water, but most certainly not “zero point energy.” The freezer has to work hard to cool the water, and actually increases the temperature by a higher degree outside the container more than it decreases the temperature inside (ah, entropy at work). That freezes the outside portions of water, which expand, exerting pressure on the still liquid water (which also raised its temperature slightly, making the freezer work just a little bit hard, creating just a little bit more heat outside, an increasing the point zero energy level of the rest of the universe by just a little bit more).

  48. Zach says :

    “two spectacularly embarrassing failures at running for president”?

    There are those who seek solutions, and those who criticize them. I’m sure there were many like you who counted Abraham Lincoln’s 8 election defeats as spectacularly embarrassing as well.

    • Wyboth says :

      Ron Paul was a fringe candidate. Don’t even think about comparing him to Abraham Lincoln. They’re not alike in the slightest.

    • anticultist says :

      Ron Paul, the dude who got caught out by Ali G in his hotel room being homophobic, yup the very same.

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Also the same guy who spent decades publishing racist, homophobic, and antisemetic material, then defending that trash when he ran for Congress, before finally acting like the “civil rights candidate” in 2008. He is a disgusting hypocrite, and an embarrassment to the nation.

  49. Mark Kane says :

    The moment i read the comments about Ron Paul i switched off. I think it was on the first paragraph. This is a lengthy article to do what…….discredit a video???? Now I`m going back to the video. and watch every minute…..

  50. Mark Kane says :

    …..and oh yes……over 5,000,000 views……..really…..Get a life bud.

  51. W says :

    You’re a sad person, if you are actually a person.

    • boswell says :


    • The Locke says :

      I want to know something: Why is it when someone posts something on the internet that you (by “you” I mean all conspiracy theorists) disagree with you believe that person isn’t a real person?

      • Wyboth says :

        In their minds, no “real” person can disagree with their arguments, because they believe they are self-evident, when they really aren’t. It’s much easier for them to call someone else a shill and be done with it than treat them as a real person and consider their argument.

      • Joel T says :

        In addition to what Wyboth said, conspiracy theory mentality focuses very much on an us vs. them mentality. On one hand it helps believers excuse themselves from any blame. They no longer have to care about their own carbon footprint, or being properly informed of politics so that they might vote responsibly, or striving to make a difference in their workplace, etc. But on the other hand, that is only possible if one demonizes one’s opponents. Therefore, the opponents have to be inhuman.

  52. skyride says :

    There is so much vitriole on this blog that the real conspiracy is who would spend so much time and rankled energy railing against a documentary…

    • Wyboth says :

      How about a person who knows the information in the documentary is wrong and wants to stop others from buying into it? Besides, it only takes a few hours to write an article like the ones presented here. It’s like saying, “Who would spend so much time and energy to learn to play an instrument?” Muertos enjoyed writing these articles, too (I enjoyed writing my articles on Skeptic Project, so I know what it feels like). So if you can possibly help some people out and enjoy doing it, why not write this?

      • skyride says :

        Because I don’t believe for one second that muertos wanted to help anyone.

      • conspiracykiller says :

        “Because I don’t believe for one second that muertos wanted to help anyone.”

        Well that would be where you are completely wrong, there are entries in another blog he used to run where he explains that if it only helps one person escape the paranoia and grip of Conspiracy theories it is worth all the effort he put into these places.

        There was a blog where a conspiracy theorist wrote to him thanking him for his efforts, and gave him permission to publish it. Of course in your little head you think everyone who disagrees with the bullshit conspiracy theories is some kind of monster with an agenda to kill, maim and hurt people or the planet, so likely won’t care or believe a word of this.

        Who actually cares what you believe though really ? I certainly don’t, I am never going to change your inhibited little mind.

  53. UrinatingPlanets says :

    These bloggers and all those who support/believe this blog are lonely and/or angry and/or close-minded persons. That’s all. 😀

    • boswell says :

      Yeah closed minded because we don’t believe fairy tales and conspiracy crapola.

      “Lonely and/or angry” Chances are the conspiracy nut cases are the ones neglected and hiding from the rest of society because they hate everything about it and the people in it. Projection is a bitch.

  54. Mother Nature says :

    Hello! I cannot find my original comments…All that was said was ” IS THE NSA A FIGMENT OF OUR IMAGINATION?” Also a comment about BP oil polluting our oceans, nuclear waste seeping into our rivers. Yet you want me to think global warming is a humans fault and not CORPORATIONS! Whatever!

    • Mother Nature says :

      Lol….moderation?? What is wrong with my comment. Like I said you took out my original.. I said that karma will come and stop killing the earth! I suppose I should say “please”?????

  55. Foster Gamble says :

    Hey, Muertos. If you are not entirely dead by this time, here’s a little wake up reading for you and the other guys at whatever agency used to employ you…

    • boswell says :

      Oh how ironic that you wouldn’t do your research on the subject and actually go to the source of the recent study by the UK students who I am actually talking with. The phd students have even refuted that very post on their own blog [which I have provided a link to for you].

      As is usual with conspiracy theorists such as yourself, this incorrect post you provided has gone out like wildfire, and it is insincere and dishonest in its assessment of the study. However that probably doesn’t even matter to you, and it is probable neigh completely unlikely you will even read the following link by the actual students, and most certainly wouldn’t have bothered reading the original study they conducted.

      • a rational person says :

        holy shit, boswell, you just pwned foster gamble!


        that could be the most epic beatdown ever issued on this site!!!!!!

  56. Randall Rhodes says :

    It appears your arguments are all an exercise in polemics. You’re claiming adherence to scientific principles, but instead of providing facts to refute the substantial written and historical testimony and evidence by the principal participants in the creation of the central bank…you are perhaps implying that you don’t believe there is a real Federal Reserve System in this country? Why did Andrew Jackson run for president on a platform concerning practically one issue: Destroy the private and internationally funded central Bank of the United States? Why did he divest all government money from the bank in 1832? Why was there a recession caused by a rapid shortage of currency which almost cost him the 1836 election? He survived a censure and an assassination attempt before he finally got a Treasury secretary willing to shred the bank’s charter. It was called the Bank War of 1832-1837. Was this all a conspiracy theory made up by by the newspapers or another “Old Hickory” legend? I think you fundamentally confuse the hidden information recovered by good scientific historical investigations….you somehow confuse this with conspiracy theory. These things did happen. Denial that the earth is round is not proof that it is flat.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      “you are perhaps implying that you don’t believe there is a real Federal Reserve System”

      Nope, it’s just not what you believe it to be. BUT I am not a US citizen, so I couldn’t give a shit about your banks or your paranoia about it.

    • a rational person says :

      wow. you got history WAYYYYYYYYYY wrong here, hoss. try reading a book instead of nutbag conspiracy websites.

      andrew jackson didn’t run for president in 1836. he retired that year. thats just the start of what you got wrong in this paragraph. it isnt even worth correcting the rest of your stupid nutbag bullshit because u’ll just start spouting ron paul garbage and how evil jews run the federal reserve, or maybe it’s lizard people.

      usual nutbag crap. yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnn

  57. Cheah Wenjin says :

    From all of the comments and the blog, I have finally concluded this….
    I will leave Earth and let you all fight each other and i will come back in a 100 years and see how are things going.

    If Earth and its inhabitants is still fine, low poverty, (almost)no war, violence levels low, world unity, good health, and is much better while still practicing the same system then, good, the Thrive Movement was wrong and the old system is the best system.

    If Earth is still dying and i still see people arguing over petty perspections and humans still having war on each other, porverty is everywhere, people killing each other over small reasons or for basic needs, sickness everywhere while still practicing the same system, then serve you right.

    In fact, why not try this:
    We split the earth into 2, and we give one half the the anti-Thrive, pro-democratic-capitalist-old system people and the other half to the pro-Thrive, pro-utopian-conspiracy nut-delusional people. Then we see who will come out on top.
    And the loser will die off,and they can’t complain, or apologise, or admit that they were wrong, cause they’re dead, just like natural selection.

    I plan to buy a large island/land and build The Venus Project and see how it works out, anyone wanna join?

  58. Roger Knull says :

    A recent video of mine further debunking Foster Gamble:

    • jld says :

      I believe that there are people with great power / influence and therefore control that DO NOT have a problem with people suffering and being kept down or down right being killed … and YES above the legal system, I don’t need proof for that, it’s kinda easy to deduce.

      Sad how the day before 9/11, it was made public that 2 trillion + dollars can not be accounted for … think about that for a minute. We must have been against a real heavy duty boogie man. Bbtw, i kinda lost track … which is the latest ? .. is it still the one(s) who plotted the twin towers to disappear ?
      You know .. the guys from the sand dunes that made the FBI, CIA, HLS and the U.S Air Force look like standing ducks watching American Idol or some other lame tranquilizer ? … hope they get’m lol

      I may not believe all that the movie has to offer … but my take on it is more truth than make believe. Here’s my free take … if I [they] are wrong then nothing really lost … however if you turn your back a great deal will be lost.

      … speaking of freedom ….YOUR’S IS DISAPPEARING AMERICA

      Take your shades off just for a minute … you may see things in a different and truer light.

      Roger, i wish you wouldn’t have ended it they way you did, as a brother walking this rock of ours that kind of tone i remember using in high school.

      Spark a dube … everything will be just fine

      • Roger Knull says :

        Bet you smoked a lot of weed in High School, too! No thanks, ‘brother’. But do show me a free energy machine at your first possible convenience. Unless you’re too stoned and forget.

      • Joel T. says :

        You know what is also easy to deduce? The fact that you have no idea how deduction works. Observe:

        1) Those who are capable of deductive reasoning understand that deduction is a top-down approach, wherein one argues from larger concepts to smaller ones.
        2) Even assuming that JLD’s reasoning is sound, he has mislabeled his reasoning as deduction, since he has not argued from the general to the specific.
        3) Therefore JLD does not understand that deduction is top-down, and therefore he is incapable of deducing.

        Here, let’s try inductive reasoning instead!

        1) 100% of all known valid positions are supported by some evidence
        2) jld’s position lacks any and all hints of evidence.
        3) Therefore jld’s position is likely an invalid one.

        Isn’t logic wonderful? It shows that you’re incapable of basic reasoning. Twice!

  59. fadingad says :

    Why are the struggles of the LGBT communities devoid from their discussion? Makes you wonder.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      Maybe because the creators of thrive are Christians who wrongly consider the bible’s version of moral truth to be more relevant to today’s moral landscape ?

      • fadingad says :

        The whole film smacks of born-againism. There are some relevant points within the film regarding the global power-structures. The repeating torus image never resolves into a practical use for future energy development and is used as a totem or symbol for their new religion. They also fail to point out the other patterns in nature (i.e. Golden ratio) that often are repeated and used by world cultures in their art over the millennia. Their approach is very much like Erich von Däniken or L. Ron Hubbard.

  60. fadingad says :

    Reblogged this on RantouRage and commented:
    The Thrive Movement are Born Agains in disguise.

  61. Esko says :

    I’m not a fan of the Thrive/Zeitgeist enthusiasts, but so far this article (I hope his other ones are more substantive) pretty much equates to: “Thrive never gained traction, therefore it’s core arguments are wrong”.

    Thrive is zany, but this article spends no time breaking down and invalidating the arguments, It is: “same old conspiracy nuts, nothing to see here, move along”. Which I find to be a tad dishonest.

    • conspiracykiller says :

      The other articles deal with specific claims if you go and check them out.

    • Sean says :

      This debunking relies less on facts than the actual documentary. Despicable writing and an attempt of a smear campaign against a noble cause. Regardless of the accusations it makes against the global elite, it makes an effort to propose solutions to the problems, which makes it a FIRST among the conspiracy crowd (with the exception of more recent Zeitgeist movies). This is positively the most important piece of film made in the past 10 years. One can no longer deny the problems in the world as being mere coincidence. The only
      way that we can move forward with this information is to not go back to doing what we were doing before. Its time to speak up about this kind of stuff, if that’s what you truly believe to be true. Its time to step out of the fear of what other people think.

  62. curtis nettleship says :

    “Thrive” was a great movie. These folks here attempting to poop on it probably just need to get out into the sunshine more often, and they could probably make use of a little more nutrition in their diets.

    • Dr C says :

      “They could probably make use of a little more nutrition in their diets.”

      So if a person eats more fruit they start believing in conspiracy theories?

    • Joel T. says :

      Alas, the USDA does not recognize acid, shrooms, crank, or other such substances as nutrition.

  63. vinnie says :

    Thrive is a bunch of shit and the people who believe in it are morons

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