Exclusive: Allegations About Adam Trombly Present Potential Credibility Crisis for Thrive. (UPDATED!)

This blog, originally published March 16, 2012, was updated on March 20, and again on March 22 and March 23. Scroll to the end for the updates.

A very serious issue has come to my attention this week regarding Adam Trombly—one of the people showcased in Thrive—which potentially raises very troubling questions about the movie, its message and the process used by the filmmakers to vet its claims. Simply put: a person has come forward stating that the machine Thrive claims was invented by Adam Trombly was not, in fact, invented by him, and that the machine shown in the film does not do what Thrive claims it does.

At 35:17 of Thrive, at the beginning of the section of the film where Adam Trombly and his supposed inventions are showcased, a photograph of an unfamiliar machine appears on the screen. At this point of the film narrator Foster Gamble is describing Adam Trombly and the dynamo he supposedly built, inspired by the “torus” shape that so fascinates Mr. Gamble. The same photograph of the same strange-looking machine, in mirror reverse, appears again at 36:29 of the film, as Mr. Gamble is talking about how Mr. Trombly’s machine was “taken” in a “government raid,” presumably ordered by the administration of the first George Bush, after Mr. Trombly demonstrated the machine to the U.S. Senate and before the United Nations.

Here’s the problem: an inventor named David Farnsworth has this week claimed publicly that Adam Trombly didn’t actually build that machine—that it was actually built by David Farnsworth himself. Furthermore, Mr. Farnsworth has presented, publicly on the web, evidence to support this claim. Further still, Mr. Farnsworth has stated that the machine attributed to Mr. Trombly in Thrive does not do in real life what the movie claims it does.

I will present these claims in turn. But first, some background.

Who Is Adam Trombly and What Does He Say In Thrive?

In the early history of this blog I ran an article entitled, “Who Is Adam Trombly?” which sought to present the facts about Mr. Trombly’s background and the machine that Foster Gamble asserts in the film that he invented and demonstrated before the Senate. Thrive maintains that Mr. Trombly’s machine is a “free energy device” which can produce unlimited energy for free that has the potential to power the whole world. The film strongly suggests that the inspiration of this technology comes from extraterrestrial sources, communicated to us somewhat ambiguously through crop circles. This technology, so Thrive tells us, is being suppressed by a “Global Domination Elite” for fear of what it might do to the profits of traditional energy companies. In my article, I demonstrated why all of these conclusions are incorrect.

What Is The Allegation?

The best and easiest way to summarize the claims made against Mr. Trombly is to quote a statement made Wednesday on the web page of Global Energy Systems, an entity with which David Farnsworth has been associated from time to time. (Update: this link may become unavailable, but I have been given permission to mirror the page on this blog). Here’s what they have to say:

A new movie has been produced by Foster Gamble, called Thrive. In it the filmmaker interviews Adam Trombly about suppressed technologies. Trombly talks about a generator that he and Kahn developed, but the generator that he shows in the photos (both on his website and in the film) are NOT of his closed path homopolar generator, they are photos of a device invented and built entirely by David Farnsworth in 1996. Farnsworth was also the man who invented, designed, and built the solid state generator with the 54:1 output ratio that was shown working by Farnsworth & Trombly to the U.S. Congress in 1989 right before Adam went and spoke to the United Nations.

How do we know this? Farnsworth is one of the consulting engineers who sometimes works with GES, and he has graciously agreed to allow us to post a few of the original photos of his generator taken with a Polaroid in his lab in Oregon. To help you compare them to Trombly’s photos, we have also included one of them below. There is a world of difference between those who can and do, and those who only talk and build their own egos. The GES team is real.

Adam Trombly has never requested, nor have I ever given, permission to use my photos in any way. Nor was my permission sought or given prior to my photos being used in the movie Thrive, or at any time since. — David Farnsworth”

On the same page is posted an open letter from David Farnsworth in which he expresses his thoughts both on Mr. Trombly and on Foster Gamble’s use of him in Thrive:

I’ve tried to no avail several times to contact Forest [sic] Gamble at the Thrive website. He will not respond to me. I wanted to explain to him that Adam Trombly and I were friends at one time, but at no time did we ever work together. We talked on the phone many times, and in person occasionally, but they were one way conversations, not collaboration. I was telling him how the things that I was doing worked, just to have someone to talk to as I processed ideas. Ninety percent of the time he never really listened, and when he did it was to copy buzzwords to use in conversations with other people….

I do find that Adam Trombly’s memory is not very good at all. Sadly, I think he believes the things that he says, as if hearing it or talking about it creates a false reality in his mind that somehow he actually did it.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a Polaroid must be worth a million, since it cannot be faked. That is why I gave permission for GES, and only GES, to scan the originals and publish my copyrighted photos.”

Due to the obviously sensitive copyright issues involved with the photos of this machine, I can’t reproduce them here on this blog. I suggest, however, that if you have a copy of the Thrive movie, fast-forward to 36:29 and freeze-frame the image. Then click the link to the statement on the GES website which includes the photos. You’ll see that not only is it the same machine, but it’s exactly the same photo. This is the only image of Mr. Trombly’s machine that ever appears in the Thrive movie. Mr. Farnsworth is unequivocal in his claim that Mr. Trombly did not have permission to use the photo, and that he did not create the machine that it depicts. It is my understanding that he’s contemplating legal action to cause the picture of his machine to be removed from the Thrive movie.

Who Is David Farnsworth and What Does He Do?

In researching this article, I interviewed David Farnsworth. He isn’t a scientist, has no degrees, and has never claimed that he has. He is an inventor, and for many years he’s been working on trying to develop a more efficient form of generator. The machines that he’s been developing do not violate the laws of physics as they are commonly understood. He does not, and never has, claimed that the machines he’s worked on are “free energy machines” or “zero point energy” devices. He emphasized to me, in a direct quote: “Free energy does not exist!” In fact he repeated this statement several times to make sure I got it. He told me that the machines of the types he’s working on cost millions of dollars, that private and government R&D institutions are sinking large amounts of money into developing them, and that they don’t actually create energy out of nothing. The claims of Adam Trombly and Thrive regarding the nature and capabilities of this type of technology, Mr. Farnsworth told me, are wildly inaccurate and exaggerated.

So What Is The Machine in the Photo?

The machine depicted in the photo is called a “mechanical homopolar amplifier.” This is a device that generates electricity using magnetic fields. It sounds exotic, and in some ways it is, but homopolar devices are not science fiction; they’ve been around since 1831. A homopolar generator works entirely consistently with the laws of science as we know them. You can read about homopolar generators here and here. The promise of these machines is that they can generate power much more efficiently than more conventional generators. However, they are by no means “free.” They are very expensive to build, they need fuel, and they break down just like any other machines. The way Mr. Farnsworth described it to me, these types of machines do hold the promise for significant energy savings. But what he described to me was entirely within the realm of science—completely unlike the magical machines that Thrive wants you to believe can solve the world’s energy crisis with the wave of a magic wand, and which are supposedly being suppressed by the “Global Domination Elite.”

What’s Adam Trombly’s Involvement With the Machine in the Photo?

According to David Farnsworth, not much. As you can see from the statement posted on the GES website, Mr. Farnsworth maintains that he did not collaborate with Adam Trombly, but merely described projects to him over the phone that he was working on, including the mechanical homopolar amplifier depicted in the photo. He repeated this assertion during my interview with him. Mr. Farnsworth is angry that Adam Trombly appeared in the Thrive movie as if the machine was his own—and stated again that what the machine actually does in real life is different than what Mr. Trombly and Foster Gamble claim in Thrive.

Obviously, we can’t tell from a single 15-year-old Polaroid photo who built what, when, or whose design it was. However, consider this point: if Mr. Trombly designed and built the machine himself, wouldn’t he be able to present a photo of it that isn’t controversial—meaning, a photo about which there is no question as to where it came from, who took it, or what it depicts? For that matter, why didn’t Mr. Trombly actually show the real device on-screen in Thrive, doing right on-camera what he and Mr. Gamble claim that it does? These questions are clearly not conclusive, but they do raise legitimate questions about the provenance of the machine shown in Thrive.

What Does Adam Trombly Say?

To my knowledge, Adam Trombly has not publicly responded to Mr. Farnsworth’s allegations. However, I have been told about an email exchange, purportedly between Mr. Farnsworth and Adam Trombly shortly after the release of Thrive which seems to indicate that Mr. Trombly’s involvement with the machine shown in Thrive is casual at best.

In my interview with him, Mr. Farnsworth issued a direct challenge to Adam Trombly. He said, “Adam, show us the generator you built. Show us anything that you have built.”

If Adam Trombly chooses to respond to this challenge, I’ll be more than happy to publicize his response right here on this blog.

What Does Foster Gamble Say?

This controversy is going public for the first time in this blog post. However, it’s been simmering for some time. Foster Gamble has, until just a few days ago, been a regular on a forum devoted to the work and philosophy of the late Arthur Young, who invented the Bell Helicopter. Some of the regulars on that forum—a few of which post frequent comments on this blog—asked Mr. Gamble about the allegations of David Farnsworth against Adam Trombly. Here’s Foster Gamble’s response in its entirety:

Mr. Farnsworth’s name was added to the picture of this device on our web site several months ago.

The detailed source and attribution for the device is being sorted out by the two inventors. When they achieve clarity, we will make whatever further corrections might serve the truth. Unfortunately, with Mr. Farnsworth there have been past incidents with Mr. Trombly where the truth has been challenging to determine.

We are dedicated to portraying the truth as best we can and that is why we spent a great deal of time and resources to fact check independently. Of the over 150 facts portrayed in THRIVE, there have been about three corrections which have seemed to hold validity and were posted on the site in the appropriate places.

Tom’s concerns actually seem to me to be only to undermine THRIVE or attack me, as evidenced by his continual stream of negativity.


Tom,” the moderator of the Arthur Young forum, has posted numerous comments on this blog since almost its inception. He is also a skeptic and has been consistently critical of Thrive.

As you can see from the open letter posted on the GES website, Mr. Farnsworth has attempted to contact Mr. Gamble and ask about the photo and the controversy. As of this writing Mr. Gamble has not responded to him.

What Does All This Mean?

The purpose of this article is not to adjudicate the objective truth of who designed the machine in the photo. I cannot do that. I’m not going to lead you to a conclusion. Mr. Farnsworth has told his story and presented evidence that he says supports it. I’ve tried, in this article, to present his story and direct you to that evidence so that you, the readers of this blog, can judge for yourselves whether his claims have merit. I do believe we should hear directly from Adam Trombly and Foster Gamble on these questions; I’ll get to that in a moment.

If Mr. Farnsworth’s claims are true, then I believe it presents a serious problem for Foster Gamble and the credibility of Thrive as a whole. The idea of these “free energy” machines is key to Thrive’s overall message, and for whatever reason Foster Gamble elected to present Adam Trombly as an exemplar of this phenomenon. Now it seems at least possible that Mr. Gamble did not do very much due diligence before inviting Adam Trombly to appear on-screen in Thrive. It would seem that at a bare minimum, Mr. Gamble should have asked to see Mr. Trombly’s machine in operation with his own eyes, and satisfied himself—from a legal standpoint, if no other—that the assertions made about both its creation and its operation are actually true. If Mr. Farnsworth’s allegations are true, it seems likely that Foster Gamble put Mr. Trombly and his machine into Thrive after doing nothing more than looking at a single photograph of the machine. This is from a person who claims, as you see in his statement above, that “We are dedicated to portraying the truth as best we can and that is why we spent a great deal of time and resources to fact check independently.”

Furthermore, if this criticism is apposite, one can argue that a pattern is emerging. There has already been considerable controversy over Mr. Gamble’s inclusion of David Icke as an important source in Thrive. This blog has run an article discussing that issue. I stated in that article that I believe Mr. Gamble is genuinely unaware of the serious difficulties and credibility issues that David Icke brings to the table. If Mr. Farnsworth’s allegations are true, it would seem a similar lack of vetting and foresight went into the decision to include Adam Trombly and the claims he makes about his machine. In short, viewers of Thrive have every reason to be skeptical that the film was well researched or that its sources were given any substantial vetting. Consequently, the overall credibility of the film is open to serious question.

I’ve already stated that my purpose in this article is to report that the allegations have been made about Mr. Trombly, and to present the tools with which you, the reader, may evaluate them. I’ll make two other comments that may be relevant to the general issue of credibility.

First, Mr. Farnsworth was completely open about his claims, and he invited and encouraged me to check them out in whatever way I saw fit. (I am, in fact, continuing to do research on this matter, the results of which will likely be published in another article). At the conclusion of our interview he even invited me to visit his lab in person and see first-hand what his inventions are and what they do—an invitation I may, in fact, accept. This is telling. Typically, people who claim to have invented “free energy” machines are very reluctant to show the world what their devices really are and what they do—often hiding behind excuses that disclosing what it is they’re doing will open them up to retribution by evil powers-that-be, etc. Mr. Farnsworth, however, has not invented a “free energy” or “zero point energy” machine; he was very clear and explicit about what his devices do and how they do it. What he said about these devices is markedly different than the grandiose claims made about them in Thrive.

Secondly, as this story has broken, I’ve become aware—from sources other than Mr. Farnsworth—that there are others out there who say they can make similar claims about Adam Trombly (not necessarily about claims specific to Thrive, though some are), as well as people interviewed in Thrive who feel that the filmmakers used their appearances in extremely misleading ways. I can’t be more specific until and unless these persons go public with their concerns, and I caution everyone against reading too much into this. But, if true, this does suggest at least a certain carelessness regarding how the film was put together and the vetting done of its major claims.

A Fair Resolution: Let’s Hear The Other Side.

I wish to make clear that I think it’s important to handle this matter fairly. If Adam Trombly or Foster Gamble want to comment on anything raised in this article, I will make the Thrive Debunked blog an open, fair and complete platform for whatever they want to say in response.

I would like to have heard directly from Adam Trombly regarding this matter before publishing this article. I’m simply not sure how to contact him; others have attempted to get comment from him but so far to no avail. Foster Gamble is similarly difficult to contact. However, as I suspect that he reads this blog, I venture a guess that he knows what’s posted here.

If the claims made in the Thrive movie about the machine purportedly created by Adam Trombly are true, it will be exceedingly easy to neutralize my criticism of them and my questions about them. I invite and encourage Adam Trombly to present his “free energy” machine in a public forum and demonstrate before all the world how it works and that it does what he claims in Thrive that it does. If Mr. Farnsworth’s concerns are meritless, it should be easy to demonstrate that as well: Mr. Trombly should simply produce the machine itself, in his possession and under his control, and show the world some documentation indicating that he designed and built the machine. I have no doubt that he can do this without jeopardizing proprietary rights or patent secrets to which he would be legally entitled; after all, Mr. Farnsworth is willing to do it regarding his inventions, by inviting me into his lab to see for myself, so why can’t Adam Trombly do the same thing?

If Mr. Trombly produces evidence demonstrating that he designed and built the machine in Thrive and substantiating the claims he and Foster Gamble make in the film about its operation and potential, I will be more than happy to present that evidence on this blog in a high-profile manner. It is true that I’m a skeptic regarding “free energy” or “zero point energy,” which I believe do not exist. However, it wouldn’t take much to change my view on this: merely reliable, verifiable, conclusive evidence of such a machine in operation, in such a way that its results can be replicated and explained by others. Show me that evidence, and I’m a believer.

My offer to give Adam Trombly and/or Foster Gamble the floor on my blog, which is obviously highly critical of Thrive, should demonstrate that I’m interested in facts that can be proven and evidence that can be examined. My entire approach to Thrive hasn’t wavered since the beginning: show me the evidence. If I was, as many of my critics on this blog have claimed, a “paid disinformation agent” or a “troll” only interested in presenting material critical of Thrive, I would have nothing to gain by offering to present the other side of the story. I can be reached at muertos@gmail.com.


David Farnsworth has raised questions regarding Adam Trombly and the machine that Thrive claims he built. At issue is whether Trombly really did build the machine, what it is and what it can do. If Mr. Farnsworth’s claims are true, I argue that there is room for serious doubt about the level of vetting that the makers of Thrive did regarding the people who appear in the film and the claims they make. This holds troubling implications for the credibility of the film as a whole.

I believe Adam Trombly and Foster Gamble should respond to these concerns. If the concerns raised are off base, let’s all understand why so there’s no further doubt about the issue. I would like to see specific, verifiable evidence that the machine shown in Thrive was built by Adam Trombly and that it does what he and Mr. Gamble say that it does. If they should choose to present such evidence, I’ll be more than happy to publicize it on this blog. Consequently, if they do that, this will be a long step forward to addressing the questions of the overall credibility of Thrive.

I’m sure more will be happening regarding these issues in the future, so check back again for more updates.

Update I: 20 March 2012

Foster Gamble has been in contact with David Farnsworth. Mr. Farnsworth has given permission for me to post the text of his exchange with Mr. Gamble.

I’m not leaving anything out of this quotation, and I am, for the moment, refraining from editorial comment. Here’s the words that went between them. Mr. Gamble’s questions and comments are in normal typeface; Mr. Farnsworth’s answers are presented in boldface.

Dear David and Adam,I had hoped that the two of you had worked out any disagreements about the validity of any pictures, devices and historical accounts concerning anything portrayed in THRIVE. When I added the Farnsworth name to the picture on our website, I thought the issue was resolved. The communications I am now receiving from David indicate there is still an issue.
I have no first hand knowledge of what went on between the two of you, so I have to depend on your accounts, or secondary witnesses, for my accuracy and the reputation of our film and movement..

Will you each please give me a brief written account of the pertinent facts I need to know?
1) Did you two work together on any energy devices? If so – when? and do you have any pictures of it/them? If not, what happened to them?
No we did not. I built a solid state system by myself with no collaboration from Adam Trombly, and it was Ambassador Jim George that set up a demonstration which Adam and I attended in 1988 almost 25 years ago. I paid for the motor home, the travel, and everything to get to Washington, DC and New York. Adam had no involvement in that design, he was just along because he enjoyed talking.  As far as the pictures are concerned, in that raid in 97 all of my original photos of the solid-state generator were taken from my lab, not Adam’s. (To this day I still suspect that Adam himself in a small way or otherwise had something to do with the raid in 97. I cannot prove it but my instincts tell me he did because of something that Jim George told  me back at that time and I will never forget it as long as I live.) That is also one of the reasons why I’m very bitter at Adam.
2) Did any of these devices have over-unity or super efficiency capabilities – if so, which?
Only the solid-state device. The device shown in your movie was not over-unity, at least not in the traditional sense. It produced mechanical energy that was over-unity, not electrical, so the claims that Adam Trombly made on his website were incorrect and not valid.
3) Did you take any device(s) to demonstrate at the UN and Congress.
Yes we did. We demonstrated the solid-state device that I had developed, that again Adam had no part of. And we did not show it to the whole Congress because Bush senior called a meeting and circumvented our demonstration.

4) Were these demonstrations undermined by the Bush Sr. administration?
5) Were any of your laboratories raided? When?
YES. In 97 the laboratory that I owned in Forest Grove, Oregon was raided. I was the one that got hurt, I was the one that they gave a problem to, and I was also the one that went to Federal Court and I have the papers to prove it. I even have the pictures of all of my equipment in the Federal warehouse that they destroyed before it was returned to me.
6) Were you personally ever threatened or harmed by suppressive forces?
Yes indirectly through the gov’t , IRS, and investors. There were several times when my family at the time and I got phone calls in the middle of the night threatening that I would not bring anything out regarding this technology.
7) Who built the device pictured in THRIVE?
I am the sole inventor and builder of the device that was shown in your movie Thrive.  Adam Trombly had nothing to do with it; no collaboration was conferred.
8) What were its capabilities?
The maximum capability of this device electrically was 5kw. Mechanically the device could produce over 30 kw of mechanical energy related to the homopolar effect. Adam knew this at the time when I told him; as usual he misunderstood what I said.  The unique part of the photo that you showed in your movie, just so you know; is that the whole device is not there, only part of it. I never showed that to people because I didn’t want anyone to know how it worked, but I would be more than happy to describe it to you and physically give you a demonstration of it. There was also something put in the picture for misdirection, which Adam could never identify; he wouldn’t have the foggiest idea of what I or you would be talking about, yet you can have my facts independently verified once you know what it is. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that this device was not built or designed by him.
9) Was that device or one like it ever seized?
No device that I’ve ever had fell into the hands of anyone. All of my devices were hidden – taken apart so that no one would get them. No device that I have ever built has been seized by anyone, only the things (equipment) that were in my lab.
10) What corrections would either of you suggest I make on our website? (It is too late to make changes in the film.)
That device belongs to me and solely me. I want you to take it off your web site, and I want it out of your film. Adam Trombly had nothing to do with it and in fact I see how Adam manipulated the opportunity to make everything look like as if it was his. It ain’t gonna work. This is a digital film that you made, and it is very easy to take several frames out of this film. I also asked Max Langenburg if you had permission to use his pictures, and he said you did not. Those pictures say that they belong to a another inventor who does not even know how to build an over-unity device.  Max is also a friend of mine. I talked to him as recently as two days ago, and he was shocked to see a his creations in your movie without permission. I also did all of the earthquake technology as well (not Adam), but these are things that you should already know because you claimed you checked them out. So why don’t you go talk to Elizabeth Rauscher, your friend, and find out from her what she thinks of Adam Trombly and what Adam has done to her. All he’s done is lie in all these years.  He takes credit for other people’s work and rides on the coattails of their success, or tries to take or steal other people’s information. If you doubt this then check it out yourself.
David – I am sorry for any misunderstanding or misrepresentation that might have occurred. My interest is in the truth and I will do everything I can to find and represent it accurately. Along those lines, will you state if you have ever created an over-unity device and are you still? And what is the sources of funding for the work that you are apparently able to continue now without harassment?
YES. I have created many over-unity devices which I have never shared with Adam and never will. And yes in fact I am still doing it; I have many now. I would never share anything with that pompous ass with all his wonderful love-talk.
My funding is private. (Just so that you know, I collect a lot of bottle caps and I take them to the store, and it’s very hard work but I’m able to fund everything I do myself. ) As Adam Trombly will tell you I’m probably one of the only people on the earth that can build a laboratory that is beyond NASA grade with next to nothing.  Well, you can tell him I’ve done it again, with bottle caps.
The only one here that needs a reality check is Adam, to start telling the truth. Otherwise he will go on preaching his brotherly love until it makes no sense; I’ve been there and listened to this. When Adam is caught in something that he can’t get out of he starts to show you a little self-pity, then starts crying, tears roll down his cheek, and he wants to make you believe that he’s the only one that has been damaged or hurt. It is simply not true. Yes, he’s gone through some very interesting things in his life; they are all things he caused himself. All he needs to do in his late life is to grow up. And quit acting like this unbelievable victim, and the only one on the planet that has ever lost anything…he’s completely full of BS.  I’ve lost 100,000 times more than he will ever lose.  And there’s no place anywhere where you have ever heard me say the things that Adam does.  You will never hear ‘”oh poor David, I’ve been beat up and knocked out so many times” to gain pity from people.  I’m sorry it doesn’t work with me. When he has lost the things that I’ve lost then he can complain, until then keep his mouth shut.  I have lost many of my things three times in life and had to start over, while Adam lived a nice beautiful life on the island of Hawaii with his rich girl friend Nancy, that by the way I introduced him to.  I’ve never had anybody that helped me in my life or gave me a home like Adam has, or been so lucky to fall into money (like a trust baby and he’s set for life). I wish him the very best, I sincerely mean that, but stop the BS. And no – he cannot have my photos and claim them as his own.

Foster, I would suggest that you call me at [number redacted]. You have given plenty of time to Adam on the phone and listened to all his B.S.  I’m curious why you would not want to talk to me on the phone, and do your due diligence. I’m sorry sir I am having a very difficult time in believing in you,  so until I see results otherwise, I will continue on the path that I’m going.
Adam – I know you have taken considerable risk to come forward with this story so publicly, and I know you have also told me you want the truth to be told.
David and Adam – Please help me get any mis-alignments resolved so that the emergence of these vital devices and the understandings they represent can proceed without being hindered by our own unnecessary conflicts. There is enough to deal with from the powers that don’t want everyone to have access to clean, cheap power. Let’s don’t help them by getting bogged down among ourselves.
OK Mr. Gamble if you want the un-conflicted truth then start with Adam Trombly, not me. I’ve worked my butt off all these years, while Adam sat in Aspen Colorado enjoying himself. The few times I had him come to my house he would hang upside down in my trailer (Adam will know what I mean) like a monkey and talk to me about complete crap. The only collaboration I ever had with Adam was one direction and one direction only. I have further proof of this in a letter from Tom Wright who introduced me to Adam Trombly. Tom, my dearest friend who I will love always, passed on this last Saturday. I’ve spent half the day crying over him and I probably will not be over this for a long time. But I have paperwork that will validate all of these things written in his hand, and these documents were shown before a Federal Court in Portland, Oregon.
Thank you very much for taking the risks you have and for taking the time to respond accurately to these questions and any others I might not have thought to ask.Sincerely,
Ps. In childish classic fashion Adam Trombly has blocked my e-mail so you can send this to him.

I assert neither the truth nor falsity of the assertions made by Mr. Farnsworth here; you can see some of my thoughts regarding his claims in the main body of this article. The purpose of this update is to present what has been said.

Update II: 22 March 2012.

To date, Adam Trombly has not responded to Mr. Farnsworth’s claims. However, Mr. Trombly’s daughter has posted a response in a comment to this blog on another article. Here is the link to that original comment. I reproduce it in its entirety here.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My father is Adam Trombly. I was physically present for many of the 11 years that my father worked daily with David Farnsworth. I answered the phone at my home when David would call at least once a day to have “conversations” with my father that were obviously very intense and technical and that from my end definitely did not sound “one-sided.” I was physically present when David Farnsworth showed up at our family home and stayed for over a week to work on projects with my father. David came to our family home after returning from a trip with my father where they did physical demonstrations of the Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator in New York before a speech my father gave at the United Nations, and in Washington DC at the Senate Banking and Finance Committee Hearing Room. That was June of 1989. The demonstrations were real and well received.

When I was touring Colleges in the Pacific Northwest with my father in 1995, we stopped by David Farnsworth’s in-law’s home in Forest Grove, Oregon where David Farnsworth tearfully apologized in person to my father at the dinner table in front of his ex-wife, and his in-laws. He apologized for abusing his relationship with my father, and not giving proper credit to my father, and he apologized for never sending the instruments that he was supposed to share with my father. David said that half of the equipment that he had in his possession should be with my father and he was sorry he had not sent it. He asked for forgiveness and asked for my father to work with him again. He asked me to be a witness of this conversation.

The claims that David Farnsworth is making are false. His contention that he and my father never worked together is absolutely a lie. David Farnsworth and my father Adam Trombly appeared numerous times side by side as partners on CNN and in numerous business negotiations and physical demonstrations of their technologies. David Farnsworth is a brilliant engineer, but paranoid– perhaps as a result of his substance abuse problems which I have witnessed with my own eyes. At one time he disclosed using crystal meth while I was standing in his motorhome/lab. David Farnsworth is not representing the facts correctly. His lies are an insult to my father’s work and legacy. This blog is an insult to a lifetime of work dedicated to providing the world with a clean and safe source of energy. This attack does not serve anyone’s future. I would be happy to testify to all of the above information in a court of law. In fact, I am considering calling my lawyer after reading this!
The last time I spoke with David Farnsworth he called me directly when I was College and he asked me for money because he couldn’t afford to pay the rent at the trailer park where his motor home was parked.

Please remove these lies from the internet and provide my father with an apology!

You can read my own response to this comment here. In the meantime, Mr. Farnsworth has asked me to post his response. I do so at his request, and as of now I’ve chosen not to make any editorial comment on this response.


Well, isn’t this interesting? Adam has decided to bring in his daughter who was about 10 to 12 years old when this happened at the United Nations. First of all, let’s correct the record, again and for the last time.
It appears, Adam, that you can’t tell the truth, and neither can your family for any reason, so let’s start the beginning.
1.  Did we go to the United Nations together?
Yes, we did. I rented the motor home with no help from you; it came out of my family’s pocket and Pete’s.  We paid for the trip and the equipment and everything to go back there. There were three of us that went out and came back; myself, Terry, and you. Your daughter was never present at that time.  You call this device a “Piezo Ringing Resonance Generator”.  This device had 32 coils in it, Adam. I never agreed with you on the name that you called it, just because you wanted to give it a name to tell people back east. This device was a simple electromagnetic resonant amplifier that used a very unique electromagnetic path and coils to amplify current and voltage; it had nothing to do with piezo-electric!  It was you that went around telling everyone that.  And to get it straight, the piezo-electric  phenomena that we both discussed on the phone was over the earthquake technology, not the generator.  If you remember we used to talk about the piezo-electric  effect that was in the earth and if you look in the CNN video the examples were even given related to the piezo-electric affect again not the generator.  I have the video if you’d like to have a copy.
2.  Did we talk on the phone a lot?
Yes we did. I only came to your Aspen home once.  And I brought you a 3561 Spectrum Analyzer from HP, which you then used to forecast earthquakes with me on the phone. I had to teach you how to use the instrument in absolute detail.
I also brought you the coils that I designed and built for my first earthquake instruments, and one coil from my second design which was built by Coiltron in Beaverton, Oregon.  I spent most of my time with you explaining to you in detail how it worked, and what the coils did and what they were for.  The rest of the time that I was at your place…well Adam, I’m not as low as your daughter – I will let everybody figure that out.
Just because a very young Jacqueline, with no technical expertise whatsoever, thought that your side of our phone conversations sounded impressive, does not mean that you significantly contributed to any of my technology except for the things related to the pattern recognition system only.
Also I do not want us to forgot one of the nicest people I ever met was William Randolph hearst the second and William purchased the first earthquake equipment that we used.  All the equipment after that I got.
3.  Your daughter also has the time sequence out of place as far as when I came to your home and when we showed everything.
4.  Did Adam come to my home in Forest Grove?
Yes he did.
Did I apologize to Adam for not having his name on the earthquake technology that we talked about for many years again related to the pattern recognition system only?
Yes, that is true, but in fact I apologized to him for a totally different reason than his daughter stated.  I was not able to put Adam on the patent primarily because all of the technology that was ever actually patented was developed by me and that was all the hardware not the software.
Did we confer on the technology as far as the pattern recognition system?
Did I ever patent that?
No, I did not, only  the electronics. If you go look, the pattern recognition system never got completely patented.  So in fact there was nothing to put your name on. To this day Adam, the technology works. If you would like to patent the technology related to the pattern recognition system with me I’m more than happy to do that. But I will have to explain it to you again because you still never understood how it really worked, and to be perfectly honest I have made it considerably better in all these years.
I threw out many olive leafs to you back then, but you never picked them up. I have many people to prove that, including my ex family that would be David, Kathy’s brother who I’m still very good  friends with you may call David if you’d like; also one of them is Kirk Hawkins. You remember Kirk, he would be more than happy to tell you that’s true.  He is a personal friend of mine and has been since we met at ISSO.  Just so you know Adam, if I abused our friendship in any way, I am truly sorry for that. I just wish you would come clean for the things you did to me.
5.  As far as the equipment is concerned; I would’ve been more than happy to help you with equipment, which I did. You know I’m one of the best in the world for putting together an incredible lab, but at no time did I ever say that I would give you half of my equipment, most of which was not even related to the earthquake technology which you and I talked about! Please, let’s be real about this. You did not know how to use equipment anyway. You barely knew how to use an oscilloscope, let alone a spectrum analyzer; I had to show you how to use one.  And that is the truth.  And if you’re so good at what you do, why don’t you have a lab now? Why don’t you have equipment? Why don’t you do all of these things now? You certainly have the money don’t you? I had far far less, so why am I capable of doing so much more than you? You know what I find interesting, Adam, is that you have had the money all along from your marriage and have been able to talk to many people. So why haven’t you been able to do all of these incredible things that you talk about? Can you explain that to me, and all of us? This is the reason why I stated that you are all talk, no reality.
6.  As far as all of the statements above, I am also more than happy to take a lie detector test to verify that everything that I’ve said is true, before God and everyone. So let’s hear from you now Adam, not your daughter.
7.  I have never claimed anything about Adam Trombly personally – this is all professional. The only thing that I’ve stated to anyone and all of you is that the pictures that Adam Trombly has on the movie Thrive do not belong to him, he did not have permission to use them, and he misrepresents not only his own involvement with those devices but also what they do. That’s how this started; let’s stay focused on the issue. Making personal attacks simply does not answer the questions or solve the problem.
8.  Did Adam and I ever appear on CNN together?
Yes, only once. I have the videos to validate and prove it and in the video anyone can see that they were talking about me more than Adam and when the video was taken Adam knew at the time that it was unbalanced and unfair but I could not redo it and I could never talked to him about it because he would get upset those things were not my fault he needs to talk to CNN not me we did the interview together he knew it was fair.
Did Adam and I ever appear on any other program together?
Never, and I can prove that because I have all the videos of everything that I personally ever did and Adam knows that. I can also validate and prove that I always mentioned him in every video that I was in, but for some reason the news reporters would edit it out in the final broadcast. And I was never able to convince Adam otherwise. We argued many times on the phone about that; I always told him the truth but when it came to that he never believed it. I’m sorry Adam but I always told you the truth.
9.  Ladies and gentlemen I would like all of you to know that yes, in my past I did drugs, tried marijuana and cocaine, methamphetamine and a few other drugs. Yes I did, and I freely admit that. I have never lied to anyone about anything I have ever done but I’m not the only one that did things like that – let’s see if my accuser can come clean as well. I have absolutely nothing to hide. Once again, I will be more than happy to take a lie detector test in a court of law to validate that I’m telling the truth, not only about my own drug use but also the abundance of use and abuse I witnessed on the part of others. Shall we, Adam?
I am deeply saddened that it has to resort to something like this, but I am not a person who is afraid of the truth. I don’t hide behind family, children, other people, pictures, and semi-accurate information to make myself look good.  Also back in those days, when I was slim and looked a lot better, just about everywhere I went I wore high heel boots with tee shirts and leggings, like jogging pants. Adam never liked that (he was always about appearances), so that is likely to be the next thing he has some family member bring up. I however am not a phony and cannot be embarrassed by his third-hand attempts at personal insults.
10. I would also like to bring up one more thing. Adam do you remember the Etheric Analyzer? Did you know that I won an award for my work in subtle energy research, given to me by the USPA? Elizabeth Rauscher was there.  When I tried to tell you about something fantastic related to that, do you remember asking me sarcastically “What are you gonna do, tell everybody that you see little devils on the screen?”  You missed out on such an incredible technology, Adam, as you have on everything I ever tried to talk to you about.  And quite honestly, you will never believe where and how far I took that technology.  But that was always the theme of our talks; you had to be the one that was right, and always tried to make me feel that I don’t know what I’m talking about.
I thank your daughter for the compliment and saying that I’m brilliant. I will return the compliment by saying that you are too in many unique ways, but Adam it is time (and time is running out for this world) that you state the truth as well. You talk about God and Jesus; well, isn’t telling the truth what they would want you to do?  Walk the talk, Adam.
And by the way, I am not “paranoid”; I’ve actually had my lab destroyed, but not for the reasons that you have stated.
Just so you know, this is not “David’s truth”, this is just the truth. I have stated it before, and I will say it again, I never cared what people thought about me, I only cared about my work. I always have. I wanted someone to share it with (at one time Adam that was you), someone that I cared for very much. It was not me that walked away from our friendship, it was you. Now that is a decision you will have to live with.  I have moved on and I have new friends now and the people that know me today know me as a very different person than you knew. I tell it the way it is and I don’t hide anything. I’m not proud of my past and the few things that I have done but I’m not ashamed of it either.  How about you, Adam?
Dave Farnsworth
I’d like to state for the record that, as between Mr. Farnsworth and Mr. Trombly, I don’t have a dog in this fight. Let me again state that the issues that most interest me in this dispute are: (i) who built the machine depicted in Thrive, (ii) can that machine actually do what the movie says it does, and (iii) what impact does this have on the credibility of the film as a whole. I’m presenting the statements of Mr. Trombly’s daughter and further comments by Mr. Farnsworth because I’ve been asked to do so. I’ll state that I believe there are serious questions about the machine depicted in the film, and I’ll leave it at that. That was, and still remains, the point I wished to make by posting this article in the first place.
Update III: 23 March 2012
Adam Trombly has responded to the charges of David Farnsworth. Here is his response, totally unedited. As I did with Mr. Farnsworth’s, I offer no editorial comment on the substance of this statement. The statement is addressed to “Tom,” who is Hollywood Tomfortas, a frequent commenter on this blog.


It is important to note that I spoke to Elizabeth Rauscher on Wednesday and she refuted David’s statements. She acknowledged we have known each other since she and Bill were in San Leandro, (1980’s) that it was she and Bill who introduced me to the reality of being able to use an ELF Spectrum Analyzer for earthquake forecasting. She is a wonderful scientist and I enjoyed a wonderful learning experience with Elizabeth Rauscher and Bill Van Bise. We were exploring a new frontier in science which they opened for us all. I am one of the fortunate ones who have been able to put thousands of hours into this science and I am be forever grateful.
You sir, have been duped. Just  the fact of Elizabeth’s refutation of David’s statements is sufficient to undermine a primary stantion of this illegal, slanderous and immoral attack. David falsely attempted to make Elizabeth the fulcrum upon which my credibility and reputation would be smeared.  His statements in his letter are such gross misrepresentations that it necessitates our counter response.
For David Farnsworth to say that he never worked with me nor collaborated with me is patently absurd. It pains me more than I can say to have write anything like this. But as they say in a court of law David, Muertos and now you have opened the door.
I will inform you that I did not ask my daughter to respond to the misrepresentations of David Farnsworth. She is testifying to a part of her factual experience. We never did find out how David got her cell number when she was at Colorado College but he called her for rent money (for the RV Park where the motor home he was driving was parked) and money to feed his son. My daughter called me and of course we helped. We are compassionate people and we were shocked and saddened to see the very bad condition he was in. So my daughter took time off from her busy schedule at school to lend a hand. To call her “childlike” casts you in a very strange light indeed.
I will also inform you that there is plenty of documentary evidence, including videos of lectures I gave at more than one university years before I ever met Mr. Farnsworth, including bonafide witnesses who are prepared to testify, should the need arise that I lectured about and was interviewed in Los Angeles before the Whittier quake and informed the public that there was a high probability of a major earthquake before it happened. I got that information through Elizabeth and Bill at their lab in San Leandro which I told every audience to whom I lectured. Since this is an original discovery of science there is no place else I could have been informed but by those who generously shared the discovery and the discourse surrounding the discovery with me. How else could I have known that the quake was to happen prior to the actual event? I cited them as the discoverers and the original inventors as any good scientist would do and I have all the witnesses and proof I could ever require in a court of law. The auditoriums were packed at UCLA and other venues.
David claims to have had patents regarding earthquake forecasting technologies prior to ever meeting me. Really? Does he think that the world will reorganize itself to substantiate that?
That being said, I doubt you are prepared for the fact that David has drawn you into an entanglement which unfortunately exposes you as well. For him to have falsely cited Elizabeth as his cohort is very problematic for him.
We are preparing a longer response, but we are reviewing our next steps. I have already covered many other details with Foster and we will soon release them in to the wild. Ambassador George also has sadly corroborated the details of what my daughter and I have said.
You have implied that I am a coward. It is an unfortunate error.
One more thing, as regards the famous photograph of the rotor. The yoke within which it rotates and without which it cannot produce torque is not in the photograph.That photograph was provided to me by Mr. Farnsworth when I requested it for the Project Earth website when we were friends and colleagues. He has acknowledged providing me with the photograph. One cannot retroactively declare “copyright” twelve years after publication. The fact he did so just prior to the release of the movie Thrive made me suspicious as to where the pressure was coming from on him or if this is just really him. David was once my friend and even sent me an email not long ago calling me “old friend”. The next thing I know, Voila! David is on the attack again. Very strange.
For you too imply that I made my daughter defend me and that somehow her defense is a tacit admission of guilt on my part is just pathetic. My daughter is a grown woman and hardly childlike. You, on the other hand, and not I will soon have some explaining to do.
Adam Trombly
PS You may come back and say that this does not address Foster’s ten points, but believe me, we ( he and I ) have discussed and I have addressed in writing to him and some of my other colleagues more than ten points. Believe it or not this is not the most important part of our lives. In the meantime, you might suggest some site deodorizer for your friend’s blog.
I apologize for any typos.
I wish to thank Adam Trombly for responding. I emphasize again, as I did in the last update, that I don’t have a dog in this fight. The only two issues that interest me regarding these matters have been stated several times before. As for the substantive dispute of the facts of what happened between Adam Trombly and David Farnsworth, you, the readers of this blog, now have as much information as I do, and, as I said in the original article, I won’t lead you to any conclusions. You must evaluate the substance of this dispute in your own consideration given the statements I’ve presented here.

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60 responses to “Exclusive: Allegations About Adam Trombly Present Potential Credibility Crisis for Thrive. (UPDATED!)”

  1. Mr. Anon says :

    This is a very, very interesting find. If Adam Trombly has been misusing another inventor’s machine, Thrive’s credibility is badly hurt. If this is true, then this marks two of Gamble’s key sources (the other being David Icke) that can be marked unreliable.

    • David Kennedy (@L_u_x_) says :

      Ok… so after reading all of this.. it seems they did make a machines… the solid state one was before the UN (if anyone in this is to be believed) His lab really was raided.. though they did not take the machines themselves because they were hidden… and David really has made “above parity/unity machines”.. I forget the term.. I’m no physicist and not going to go scanning to find it..

      Anyway.. the moral here is – in the quest to debunk the whole deal you instead have verified a large chunk of it to some degree. They really did create impressive machines (it appears) and really did get the interest of the UN (supposedly) and BY THEIR CLAIMS really were raided.. though the raiders failed to get the devices… The devices were not some perpetual free energy device.. but do seem to be on the right path towards possibly a very impressive new technology.. or at least one that drew the interest of the UN and the FBI… hmmm.. that’s what the film claims – I suppose the only thing debunked would be the idea that this technology will solve world hunger and we can all then hug each other endlessly..

  2. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    While we await the inevitable backlash of comments here from the THRIVERs, I found an interesting article about Facebook and narcissism that begins to shed light on the similar behavior patterns exhibited not only by the by Foster Gamble, Nassim Haramein and of course Adam Trombly as well as David icke — but also by their supporters who post here.


    Facebook’s ‘dark side’: study finds link to socially aggressive narcissism

    Although the study focuses on college students and Facebook, nonetheless, I think it applies to all ages and all Internet social media including this blog and of course the Thrive Movement blog and their own Facebook page.

    Here I quote what applies to THRIVERs who post here.

    Researchers at Western Illinois University studied the Facebook habits of 294 students, aged between 18 and 65, and measured two “socially disruptive” elements of narcissism – grandiose exhibitionism (GE) and entitlement/exploitativeness (EE).

    GE includes ”self-absorption, vanity, superiority, and exhibitionistic tendencies” and people who score high on this aspect of narcissism need to be constantly at the centre of attention. They often say shocking things and inappropriately self-disclose because they cannot stand to be ignored or waste a chance of self-promotion.

    The EE aspect includes “a sense of deserving respect and a willingness to manipulate and take advantage of others”.

    and . . .

    The latest study, . . . also found that narcissists responded more aggressively to derogatory comments made about them on the social networking site’s public walls . . .

    Since I myself am a master of GE, I easily can bait the supreme “Entitlement Narcissists” like Treok and Kurt Buehler. But I think it would be more appropriate to focus on the stars in the movie THRIVE and how they fall along the spectrum of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. (NPD)

    I think such analysis goes a long way toward explaining why, for example, the facts don’t matter to THRIVERs.

    And the king of all THRIVE Narcissists, Foster Gamble himself, of course, not only exhibits the grandiosity with all the wildly extravagant claims in the movie, he also plays up the EE angle of appealing to the entitlement need of the self-absorbed THRIVERs.

    • muertos says :

      Honestly I don’t know if the Thrive fans will be that interested in this post. They can’t minimize the importance of the issues raised here or kiss them off with a thought-terminating cliche, like comparing Nassim Haramein to Galileo or asking me for the hundredth time what my plan is to fix the world. Consequently, I think many of them will just try to ignore this post.

      Your thoughts on GE and EE are borne out by my own experiences, not only with Thrive, but with followers of the cult known as the Zeitgeist Movement. Zeitgeisters are notoriously allergic to even the slightest criticism, they think their ideology is airtight, and they also literally think they’re saving the world. To be sure, to some extent in these characteristics they emulate the leader of the movement, Peter Joseph Merola, who many people believe is a narcissist. But even setting him aside, it’s clear they do have a grandiose sense both of their importance and the merits of their ideology. I see a similar mindset from Thrive fans, though time will tell how they come to react to criticism long-term, if this “Thrive Movement” proves durable.

  3. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    Here’s my latest letter to Foster and his publicist in SF:

    Hi Foster,

    I have to make a correction to what I posted here last Sunday:

    You see, it turns out that what I was smelling off in the distance was not the
    essence of lawyers getting ready to sue you, but rather, the pungent aroma of
    the FBI on the scent of the case against THRIVE.

    You see, I just spoke with David Farnsworth and he is paying a visit tomorrow morning to his local FBI office to file a
    complaint of copyright infringement against you, Kimberly and Adam Trombly
    because you guys conspired to put the photo of David’s energy device into the
    THRIVE movie without ever asking for his permission, permission, BTW, which he would never have granted you.

    (Max Langenburg’s complaint is that 4 of the other 5 photos on the
    Thrive-Movement webpage and whatever appears in the movie itself are his own patented inventions, and for whatever reason, Adam Trombly chose to refer to them as “Bedini devices.” They are in fact “Langenburg devices” and Max also, would never have given you permission to put those into the movie either. )

    But hey, Foster, look on the bright side. It could be a real win-win situation
    for both you and the real inventors. You see, once the FBI starts investigating
    THRIVE and demanding that you delete the energy device photos from the movie, then you can parley that into persecution by a real big government agency. And hot damn, what better agency to hound you than the august FBI! Great Caesar’s Ghost, what conspiracy theories you and your THRIVE minions could construct out of that persecution!!!

    Now of course I don’t need to remind your publicist Karen Larsen of the First
    Law of Public Relations, but I think you need to be reminded, Foster.

    “The only thing worse than BAD publicity is NO publicity!”

    • Jim Mooney says :

      Let’s cut to the chase. Did the FBI Ever raid Trombly’s machine? Where there is smoke there is fire. It should be simple enough to see if this is on record. If there was no such raid it casts much more doubt than a case of a borrowed photo – that happens a lot on the net ;’) And logically, if the machine and all records were raided, there would Not be photos of the original. I’m impartial on this – query the FBI with a Freedom of Information request. Either you get proof one way or another or if there is a refusal, that’s a red flag that something stinks. That’s fair.

      BTW, the FBI is kind busy for such small cases, so I have to wonder why they would get involved in a lousy internet photo-borrowing. If they did that would almost make me paranoid ;’) As a webmaster I’ve often borrowed photos – nearly everyone on the net has.

      I wrote the FBI once when a Southern bank appropriated my mother’s small inheritance, thinking that with the proof I had and an obvious wrong, they would act. I was naive. They just fluffed me off as had most other government agencies, always saying it was someone else’s purview. (But apparently it was nobody’s purview since I wrote Everyone.) It really is true that banks can get away with just about anything and that’s no conspiracy theory. Look at the recent, and unusual, public exoneration of Goldman-Sachs, freeing them from any prosecution for vast and admitted crimes. But the point is, they saw it as a small beneath-them case. After all, there is a lot of crime and they have limited capabilities.

      But to get back to my main point – internet photo borrowing really seems like a tempest in a teapot. Querying the FBI about the “raid” charge seems to me, to be much more substantive.

      • xweaponx says :

        Jim: I only just got interested in this, and watched the Thrive movie. It sounds to me like stuff I can do, to make things better for myself where I live. I’d love to have a power source where I didn’t;t have to pay SDG&E almost 200 bucks a month just to have electricity. You think the power companies will let that happen? They’ll try to stop it in any illegitimate way they can, using any means they can. Usually this falls in the form of “debunking.” I would stand to one side of this debate and keep out of it but for one thing: I posted one link to Thrive on my personal page and was attacked within seconds by “debunkers.” WOW. I usually do not get responses that quickly from my Republican friends for my support of Obama! And the tone of the debunkers, and the negative comments about Thrive, are ALWAYS Hostile. That tells me, not that Thrive is bad, but that these people harbor a genuine HATE toward the movement. Hate, Anger, and Negativity – And not ONE suggestion as to anything that may be better.

        So I’ll go with my gut and just ignore the Debunkers, their very existence lends credibility to the idea behind Thrive. And I don;t care about Aliens, and I don’t care about One World Governments. All I care about is what can I do in my OWN area to make things better for myself and the people I know? Any debunking that comes at me with the level of negativity and real hate, only makes me more interested in getting involved.

        If I knew more, I would start experiments in my garage as to how to MAKE a Zero-Point Energy Device. But I don’t know enough. If I find someone who is MAKING such a thing, 1) It would be kept secret by me, and 2) I’ll help them in any way possible. The only way we’ll actually GET New Energy devices, is by making them ourselves and razzing the power companies and other people who will try to prevent it from happening. Eventually, it will happen and when so many people have the devices, the power companies will fail and LET them.. But that is just a dream, maybe it will happen, but not with all the “debunking” going on. If I could package the energy used up in debunking, I’d have power for 10 years.

  4. NonFiction says :

    As the Torus Turns!

    Thanks for the updates, HT, this is getting more interesting by the day. Gamble sure set himself up to look like an innocent victim, didn’t he, while he screwed those inventors?

    Your post about the GE/EE is quite appropriate,because any time I have questioned facts, as everyone should, I have been viciously attacked by those who want to “believe” even if their belief is based on the words of liars. Sad that so much of what is said in the movie is true, but sorting out the fiction is going to left to the individual – because Gamble shows no inclination to do so.

  5. Professor Pious says :

    Excellent points showing once again how poorly vetted the claims in Thrive are.

    Still, there seems to be some major inconsistencies in the claims Farnsworth is making. In your conversation with him, he emphasized that “free energy doesn’t exist.” Yet in his reply to Foster Gamble, he claims “I have created many over-unity devices…” As you quoted from the Global Energy Systems web site: “Farnsworth was also the man who invented, designed, and built the solid state generator with the 54:1 output ratio that was shown working by Farnsworth & Trombly to the U.S. Congress in 1989 right before Adam went and spoke to the United Nations.” Why the conflicting positions from Farnsworth?

    Just for laughs (or maybe not…) check out Farnsworth’s t-shirt in this photo:

    It’s for Alex Jones’ Infowars.com, perhaps the mother of all conspiracy/crank web sites. (Foster Gamble endorses Jones on the Thrivemovement web site’s Pioneers page for the “Global Domination Agenda.” Once again, we can see how “carefully” he vets his sources.)

    [Note: the Global Energy Systems web site has been edited extensively in the past few days. Given that this web site seems to be thew origin of Farnsworth’s recent claims versus Trombly, I’m including the following observations primarily for historical purposes.]

    This is Google’s cache of Farnsworth’s claims and letter to GES as of March 18, 2012:


    Nearly all of the text is now gone. I’ve saved a copy should anyone request it for reference purposes. The GES web site’s contact page has a new notice:

    “GES is being bombarded with requests to contact consultant David Farnsworth. From early March he permitted his personal email to be posted here in good faith, to facilitate contact. He reports that no one related to the movie Thrive has done so, and he now asks that we remove his email (and extended olive branch) as of March 18, 2012.”

    Honestly, what to make of it all? Battle of the free energy hoaxers, with Foster Gamble as referee?

    [Note 2: the remainder questions the credibility of the GES organization, and not specifically the claims of Farnsworth.]

    The Global Energy Systems web site’s contact page says Farnsworth is a consultant for GES. How credible is the GES organization? On the GES “About” page, it claims “We have also developed high-output electric motors, some of which are capable of running entirely without outside input” — a fancy way of claiming to have a perpetual motion device. It goes on to claim that “We have developed multiple techniques for exponentially increasing the output of thermoelectric chips far beyond the industry standards, including operating efficiently at zero differential.” A thermoelectric chip converts heat directly to electrical energy. There IS one way for a thermoelectric chip to operate efficiently at zero (temperature) differential: if its electrical output is also zero; anything else would either have to entail a chemical (battery) reaction in the chip itself, or would be a so called “free energy device.” The GES web site seems to imply the latter. As a consultant, does Farnsworth endorse these conflicting claims regarding “free energy”?

    The GES page titled “Products” sports this notice: “GES only licenses to qualified manufacturers, we do not manufacture or sell any products to individuals. Prior to being licensed, each specific application will be secured by world wide copyrights and patents, as well as independent testing, verification, and certification by UL (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.) for all applications. Certain technologies will remain company proprietary.” I’ve seen similar notices before on a half dozen or so now defunct web sites claiming to offer free energy devices or water fueled cars. One example that comes to mind is the now-defunct “Genesis World Energy” scam, which operated on a licensing scheme for its technology.” See:


    GES is also unclear on copyright versus patents: copyrights do not protect inventions, but literary, musical, or artistic works; patents protect inventions. The wording of their notice, “each specific application will be secured by world wide copyrights and patents,” appears to indicate they have no patents at present. If they did have any patents, why are they not listed on the web site? Why is there no physical address for GES, only email contacts? This is another red flag when identifying free energy scams versus credible companies.

    Under the “Tools” tab of the GES web site, we find a link titled “Philosophy of Physics,” which links to a documentary by Mike Adams of Naturalnews titled “The God Within documentary” – exposing the false philosophy of modern science. What “free energy” web site would be complete without a cliche attack on science? A rebuttal to Mike Adams’ scientific misconceptions can be read here:


    Esowatch also has some background on Mike Adams:


    Decide for yourself, does Global Energy Systems appear to be a legitimate company, or another Internet front for a free energy scam?

    • NonFiction says :

      Professor Pious, Farnsworth has replied extensively in several places about the utter fallacy of “free energy”. As he stated, there is either no such thing as free energy, or else all energy has to be called free energy, and only a moron would claim otherwise.

      All energy already exists, and is available. All energy needs to be converted to a form that is useful. There are methods of conversion that are not efficient, that are efficient, and that are hyper-efficient. In order to achieve hyper-efficiency, devices that you would call over-unity utilize multiple techniques simultaneously. No tricks, no violations of the laws of physics, no magic wands, no space aliens, just working smarter instead of harder.

      If you don’t like that Mike Adams video, it may be because you are stuck in the flat-earth kind of thinking that says that modern science already knows everything, and all that is left to discover are some minor details, and only people with PhD’s can do that. Have you ever read technical manuals from 100 years ago, when farm tractors were happily running on water? We have lost every bit as much as we have learned, because now people are trained to believe that “you can’t do that, it must be a scam, everyone knows that tractors can only run on petrol fuels”. That’s Dark Ages thinking, the exact flip-side of the nonsense offered in Thrive, and just as faulty.

      I run into this kind of thinking all the time in my own work. After the “experts” use every technique to which they have limited themselves, I walk up and do a couple little things and fix it, and the pious professors are still standing there with mouths open when I walk away again to go fix something else. It gets tiresome, and is the only reason why I am completing my PhD, just to roll my diploma up in little balls to use for earplugs against the meaningless pontification of self-styled experts who cannot actually do or produce anything except talk. I can only imagine how Farnsworth feels, when he is well known for producing consistent results with his technologies.

      When I have asked people at GES (see, I go to the source, instead of speculating), they have told me that their biggest time-waster is answering ignorant questions from people who are only “jerking their chain”, who want to be taught how to do what they are doing, don’t want to pay for that education, and have no intention or ability to do anything with the information if they did get it – like manufacture a product. Why don’t you criticize a pharmaceutical company for not offering you details of the new formulas they are currently testing? They must be hiding something, it must be a scam, it must not be real, according to your line of reasoning. (Perhaps a bad example, since pharmaceuticals in general do not impress me with their efficacy, but you get the idea.) GES says they are only interested in talking with serious companies who are capable of both verifying the legitimacy of their work and successfully bringing it to market. No pyramids, no licensing scams, only straight-up production (which requires that the technology be purchased or licensed, because it sure as hell is not free). They have better mousetraps, and each one has a price; it’s just that simple. They also said that some of their techniques are not available for buy-out at any price (will remain company proprietary) because they are still researching the use of those techniques in other applications. They are unwilling to sell all rights to a new development when doing so might limit further research. So they are not just all about the money.

      I asked about the copyright thing, and they say that in order to protect intellectual property as well as technology, it takes both copyrights and patents. Otherwise the patents have no teeth, and China will be selling knock-offs in no time flat. Go to any store and look on the shelves.

      I wonder; if they require all of their technologies to go through UL prior to going to market, how does that look like a scam to you?

      And it looks to me like what GES left up on their site was evidence for their attorney. 🙂 And that, folks, is as close to speculating as I am willing to get. I prefer facts.

      • Professor Pious says :

        “Farnsworth has replied extensively in several places about the utter fallacy of “free energy”.”

        Source? Can you cite a source (other than the interview by Meurtos) to back up this claim?

        Not even a month ago, Farnsworth was again claiming to have invented a “free energy” device:

        “I showed to the U.S. Congress a working generator that had 54 times more output than input, with my friend and then-partner Adam.”



        He even mentions Trombly as a partner, despite vigorous recent assertions documented in this blog to the contrary.

        “devices that you would call over-unity utilize multiple techniques simultaneously.”

        So, you just stated in a fancy way that it is possible to violate some combination of the 1st and 2nd Laws of Thermodynamics, yet claim this is “no violations of the laws of physics.” That’s called doublespeak. Show us such an invention. Give one example of working, verifiable machine that operates as claimed, that can be duplicated and explained scientifically. Where can anyone go and witness such a device in person working as claimed? And I don’t mean YouTube.

        “Have you ever read technical manuals from 100 years ago, when farm tractors were happily running on water?”

        Do you have a citation for this manual? Can you provide any credible, verifiable source to back up your claims? A working, reproducible model that stands the test of scientific peer review?

        Patents have no teeth without a copyright? That would be news to the patent office. Thank you for contacting GES about the copyright versus patent issue: you have confirmed that they are indeed clueless about copyright versus patent protection as I pointed out before.

        Farnsworth claims to be a consultant for GES, yet continues to make claims of having invented “free energy” devices, while being unable to produce such a device. I looked into GES to see if they could add any credibility (or not) to Farnsworth’s claims. If GES is indeed a legitimate company, then they have one of the poorest Internet presences imaginable for attracting serious customers.

        Can GES cite a single product of their that has gone through UL testing? Can they name a single satisfied customer? Are they incorporated?

    • NonFiction says :

      And by the way, Professor Pious, why are you attacking the credibility of Global Energy Systems and Mike Adams?

      GES did not offer photos of any other company or inventors’ generators or devices and try to take credit for them. Trombly did that.

      GES did not publish (FOR PROFIT) pirated copies of copyrighted photos and credit the devices shown therein to the wrong people. Thrive did that.

      Mike Adams did not offer photos of any other company or inventors’ generators or devices and try to take credit for them. Trombly did that.

      Mike Adams did not publish (FOR PROFIT) pirated copies of copyrighted photos and credit the devices shown therein to the wrong people. Thrive did that.

      So why are you changing the subject? Will you try to discredit Elizabeth Rauscher or Max Langenburg next? (I wouldn’t try that if I were you.)

      Questioning the credibility of third and fourth parties who have nothing to do with the copyright infringement (or any other part of this issue) does not answer the problem of the copyright infringement. At all.

      So again, why are you making such an effort to change the subject? What’s your angle?

  6. Hollywood Tomfortas says :

    I just sent this e-mail to Foster Gamble


    Greetings Foster! (Ccs: Joan, Adam, David)

    Just to update you on the latest situation, Muertos has moved J_________ Trombly’s comment letter of support for Adam to the present front page blog article here.
    And then, right after that letter, he added Dave Farnsworth’s long rebuttal that I sent you yesterday.

    So now let’s take stock of where we stand.

    Is it as obvious to you, Foster, as it is to me, that every day that goes by when Adam Trombly fails to answer your very fair Ten Questions, is a further confirmation of the credibility and honesty of David Farnsworth?

    And then, how do you feel about the fact that Adam Trombly DID respond by enlisting his own daughter to defend him against the allegations of David? I have no problem with Adam’s daughter defending him — I actually find it both touching and admirable — but then I have to ask: why does her father Adam continue to leave her “hanging out to dry,” as it were, on the THRIVE-Debunked blog? So not only has Adam failed to answer your ten Questions, Foster, he has also not appeared himself on the Muertos blog where his daughter’s childhood and child-like reflections have been thoroughly rebutted by David Farnsworth? Where is her father to defend her from the humiliation she must be feeling now that David has set the record straight?

    Foster, you have grown children. Imagine if someone made accusations against you from the far past and instead of facing that person directly, you enlist your son to handle the accusations, even though your son was only 10 years old at the time of the incident and couldn’t possibly have a clear and complete memory of what transpired. What words would you use to describe such a father? Starting with “pathetic” I would enumerate: gutless, spineless, cowardly, craven . . . What would your word list look like?

    I mean, Foster, please wake up and smell the coffee!!! What more evidence do you need to see that David is telling the truth and Adam has been lying? If this were a boxing match, and I were referee, I would declare the fight over and David the winner because Adam has just thrown in the towel. Only the “towel” in this case is his daughter.

    I believe that this is the closest you will ever get to an admission of guilt from Adam Trombly, so why not accept it and start acknowledging that Adam has completely conned you? (Other synonyms: hoodwinked you, deceived you, sold you a bill of goods, bullshitted you, took you for a ride.)

    Foster, I’ll end with the line you used on me back on September 20, 2011, after I had first criticized THRIVE on the Arthur Young forum.

    Crickets! . . . Crickets! . . . Crickets! . . .


  7. Myles O'Howe says :

    NOBODY has demonstrated free energy. If it was real WHERE IS IT?

    In the time ALL THIS CHILDISH arguing has been taking place, BLOOD FOR OIL wars have been taking place. A fascist war on drugs that outlawed the most superior food and medicine source on earth that never kills or hurts anyone, yet water kills people. Obviously millions of victims dying every year from lack of food and medicine is more important than “free energy” when remedy has existed and THRIVE completely ignores history. Thrive followers call me a stupid pot head for trying to get the message across thrive has subliminal messages and disinformation I prove wrong. Goes to show how divided the world is over this one plant and thrive presents an idea people laugh more at (ufos, crop circles and aliens)

    Clear Compass Media are engaging in censorship and violating Freedom of Speech. Foster Gamble promotes the idea of “non-violation” in the movie Thrive while Actively suppressing free speech and cures for disease. Watch Thrive Exposed Part 6 on youtube and see for yourself there is nothing from Thrive in there, then ask yourself why Clear Compass Media are violating freedom of speech. If you want evidence click the links below.

    Thrive Exposed Part 1 http://vimeo.com/34351513
    Thrive Exposed Part 2 http://vimeo.com/34351815
    Thrive Exposed Part 3 http://vimeo.com/34352153
    Thrive Exposed Part 4 http://vimeo.com/34353484
    Thrive Exposed Part 5 http://vimeo.com/34355105
    Thrive Exposed Part 6 http://vimeo.com/35443652

    Youtube Playlist: Thrive Exposed

    Hemp Fuel can make America, and the world Energy Independent THIS YEAR, please share the truth, how can the world Thrive with all this censorship and ignorance towards one plant? Millions of lives are lost every year because of lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on Earth, the best food source, the best medicine, and so much more.

    So many lives could have been saved if Thrive presented truth. Disinformation serves the elite keeping the masses ignorant of the truth. Controlled opposition are preventing any real movement for justice or eco-peace from developing. Sharing truth saves lives and it is not hard.

    Foster Gamble, heir to the Procter & Gamble fortune said in Thrive “having a clear picture of our potential is as important as uncovering what stands in it’s way.” Foster Gamble sure missed on the important information that saves lives. By not presenting truth about Cannabis (Hemp) Thrive is part of the problem. Think about it, Thrive are selling expensive and slow change the whole time Hemp would solve world hunger and most of the world problems like the energy crisis, deforestation, disease, repair our soils and renew with vital nutrients and so much more it would take too long to list.

    Procter & Gamble is one of the world’s biggest, most toxic corporate polluters on the face of the earth that did business with Nazi Germany’s Third Reich. Procter & Gamble is one of the top contractors for the U.S. War Department. Thrive promote the idea of reducing the military budget ONLY IN HALF. DO YOU THINK THE FASCIST WAR ON DRUGS WILL STAY? Thrive completely ignored cannabis/Hemp and did not connect the dots. What is the fear of presenting the truth about the most Superior Resource on Earth: Hemp.

    If the hidden eye illuminati symbolism isn’t enough on the thrive movie poster, Of the infinite possibilities to choose ANYTHING to be their logo Thrive choose symbolism used by what is known as the new world order, illuminati. Check out my blog to see the subliminal message!

    All newer vehicles can easily be modified to use 85% ethanol. Diesel engines can run on pure pressed hemp seed oil, they already run on other vegetable oil. Wood pellets are now very common, however hemp pellets for stoves and boilers are a much better solution. We can grow hemp locally in virtually any location, and process the hemp locally into fuel pellets.

    Thrive is selling a slow and expensive change they ignore how the worlds problems can be fixed so easily, if only they shared truth. Anyone can grow hemp and convert it into different forms of energy, and be self sufficient growing their own food, medicine, fiber, and clean energy source.

    Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel was found swimming with the fishes! Wide use of Rudolf Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolf Diesel’s death.

    The first diesel fuel was made from oil pressed from hemp seeds. It’s non-toxic, a nitrogen fixer, grows well nearly everywhere, a renewable resource, makes food, fuel, paper, rope, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, housing and much more.

    The seeds can be pressed and used for diesel. Leaves and stalks can be fermented and used for fuel grade alcohol. Hemp harvests the most ethanol per acre compared to alternatives, 2-10 times more than corn ethanol. Low THC hemp plants produce less seed and ethanol per acre compared to other strains. Some strains mature in 60-90 days.

    The eTuber™ sweetpotato can produce 1500-1800 gallons per acre. (http://www.carenergy.org/CE/crops1.html)

    Anyone who does not think there is enough land to grow hemp for fuel and still grow food crops need to take a serious look at all the waste land that can be converted into arable land. 6 ways mushrooms can save the world Hemp would also be a great resource to convert land into arable land good for growing food crops.

    1800 gallons of hemp oil per acre=32 barrels of oil (55 gallons in a barrel)

    half of the arable land in USA 235 million acres x 32 barrels hemp oil (1800 gallons)=7,520,000,000 barrels of oil
    usa consumes ~19,150,000 barrels of oil per day (bbl/day) https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/rankorder/2174rank.html
    USA consumes ~7,008,900,000 barrels of oil per year

    Hemp also produces ozone while it grows. If the world switched to hemp for fuel, we could repair the southern ozone hole in less than two decades. Forests create oxygen. Ozone breathe in CO2, cool the air, attract moisture, create rain. We need them. Without them, we suffocate, are subject to droughts and weird weather.

    In the 1930′s, hemp was stigmatized in a smear campaign by the petroleum, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, paper industries to insure against the competition of hemp fuel and safe, non-addicting and biodegradable products. The blind prejudice remains. If we and the other animals on the planet are to survive, we must see through this ignorance and correct the problem.

    U.S. National Library of Medicine — 819 Worldwide PubMed articles on Cannabinoids including THC curing Cancer

    The U.S. Government owns Patent 6630507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants (real cannabis is superior)

    We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. Why is legalizing and limiting our ability to grow Hemp more popular than repealing the law to make it null and void so we are free to grow as many plants as we want?

    • muertos says :

      Hemp is the answer to all the world’s problems. You’re kidding, right?

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        Come on, Muertos, you know he’s not kidding. A lot of what he says about hemp is true. Plus you’re a historian. You must know that George Washington himself cultivated hemp and even wrote about separating the male from the female parts of the plant. Of course there’s no evidence he smoked the female parts but if he did, then he could truly be called the “First Head” of our country.

        But I’m surprised at your dismissive treatment of the guest, especially since he has his own set of critiques of THRIVE. What ever happened to the old saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend?” Here you have a potential ally in your “David vs. Goliath” struggle against Foster Gamble and the Thrivers.

        Plus I would imagine that there are plenty of pro-Thrivers out there who use hemp for more than rope or pajamas.

      • muertos says :

        I don’t know you well enough to pick up all the times you’re being sarcastic…

        Hemp was grown in the 18th century under entirely different circumstances than it is today. I always shake my head and grin at the various “George Washington was a pothead” theories that are still surprisingly popular today.

        I really do not care about legalization of cannabis for any reason. If it’s made legal, fine with me. If it’s kept illegal, fine with me. I really couldn’t care less.

        I don’t subscribe to “enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Plenty of people out there dislike Thrive because they think the poster is “Illuminati symbolism.” Those people are nuts. Pure and simple.

      • Hollywood Tomfortas says :

        On a very related note, I came across this news story this morning. I wonder how many Thrivers , both pro-and anti-hemp, plan to make the trip to the Pyrenees for their salvation this December?


        Hippies head for Noah’s Ark: Queue here for rescue aboard alien spaceship
        Thousands of New Agers descend on mountain they see as haven from December’s apocalypse

        A mountain looming over a French commune with a population of just 200 is being touted as a modern Noah’s Ark when doomsday arrives – supposedly less than nine months from now.

        A rapidly increasing stream of New Age believers – or esoterics, as locals call them – have descended in their camper van-loads on the usually picturesque and tranquil Pyrenean village of Bugarach. They believe that when apocalypse strikes on 21 December this year, the aliens waiting in their spacecraft inside Pic de Bugarach will save all the humans near by and beam them off to the next age.

        As the cataclysmic date – which, according to eschatological beliefs and predicted astrological alignments, concludes a 5,125-year cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar – nears, the goings-on around the peak have become more bizarre and ritualistic.

      • Myles O'Howe says :

        Wow that stuff about the new agers got me laughing. All this anti pot fascist mindset is why BLOOD FOR OIL wars and WHY THIS WORLD ISNT THRIVING. Some history on Du pont will clear things up. Dupont patented process for making paper from TREES and poison the SAME YEAR THEY MADE HEMP ILLEGAL 1937. Every year Millions of lives are lost around the world from the lack of food or medicine. Hemp is the best food source, and the best medicine. Hemp is the most superior resource on earth, why can’t ending cannabis prohibition be more popular than voting? People who don’t care about ending cannabis prohibition are just like the racist KKK bastards who DON’T CARE ABOUT particular “races”

        PEOPLE WHO DONT CARE ABOUT WEED DONT CARE IF IT GETS LEGAL OR NOT WE DON’T WANT LEGALIZATION. Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

        We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it. Thomas Jefferson was a hemp farmer. In early Colonial times people could pay their taxes with hemp!

        Repeal obamacare is popular why not repeal violation of human rights? it took 13 years to end alcohol prohibition, and its too many decades later its time to turn things around WTF no more violation of human rights and propaganda directed to divide society based on 1 plant get real!

        if smoking weed is so bad why does it heal my asthma? I hated weed smokers until I was almost 17 and did my own research and tried it myself. I used to attack pot heads I know what im talking about. Smoking weed is in fact proven by science to be safer than drinking water and eating food! Too much of ALMOST everything can kill you. Sorry to break people from BS propaganda and to look at reality but people are dying and I am reading people don’t care…controlled opposition follow me everywhere I post online and I make grown men look like children (because they act like children arguing about pot as if it were bad!) I have abundant evidence in my youtube channel and my blog Check it out yourself.

        Regulate: to govern or direct according to rule
        Control: to exercise restraining or directing influence over : (i.e. to regulate)
        Tax: to make onerous (troublesome/burdensome) and rigorous demands on

        Legalization sounds like the corporate takeover of the cannabis industry via government legislation
        (over-taxation, over-regulation and over-control)

        Definition of CARTEL:
        1: a written agreement between belligerent nations
        2: a combination of independent commercial or industrial enterprises designed to limit competition or fix prices
        3: a combination of political groups for common action

        Example of CARTEL: a cartel of oil-producing nations that controls production and influences prices

        Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel was found swimming with the fishes! Wide use of Rudolf Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolf Diesel’s death.

        Cannabis needs to be exempted from all laws practically everywhere, the only way to put the cartels out of business is to allow the cultivation, processing, transportation, distribution, sales, trade, sharing, possession, consumption and use of cannabis (hemp) for industrial, medicinal, nutritional and recreational purposes repealed. Nobody has any right to restrict anyone, any age, a harmless plant safer than drinking water.

        Legalized Medicinal marijuana is a scam because it discriminates and limits the public’s access to this harmless medicine that saves lives. Nobody dies or suffers injury from THC. Governments test hemp fields for THC as if it were dangerous, this is where disinformation causes more waste of time and energy. 0 deaths from marijuana and water kills i dont think anti cannabis people have open minds!


        U.S. National Library of Medicine – Growing database Worldwide PubMed articles on Cannabinoids including THC curing Cancer


        U.S. Government owns Patent 6630507 Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

        Cannabis (hemp) is the best food source on earth. Hemp fuel is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly reusable energy source on the planet. Hemp uses less water no herbicides or pesticides. The first diesel fuel was made from oil pressed from hemp seeds. It’s non-toxic, a nitrogen fixer, grows well nearly everywhere, a renewable resource, makes food, fuel, paper, rope, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, housing and much more.

        The petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel is very clever, and “they” will do anything to neutralize resistance to their genocidal practices. The best thing we can do is stay strong, vigilant, and support each other.

        You cant get high from industrial hemp, and George Washington did smoke Hemp with THC nobody smokes hemp with no THC. NO MORE DISINFORMATION (preventing people from reaching accurate conclusions) smoking cannabis is safer than drinking water. you paranoid anti cannabis people are deluding yourselfs with corporate fascist propaganda that is as real as the nazi propaganda The Nazis did not care about pot. The cannabis activist movement=hijacked controlled opposition I have proof! http://mylesohowe.wordpress.com/2012/01/14/cannabis-activist-websites-infiltrated/

        Du Pont were the main supplier of gunpowder during many wars, including:

        * War of 1812 (supplying the U.S. against Britain/Canada)
        * South American wars (supplying both Spain and Bolivar’s republics)
        * Mexican-American War, 1846 (supplying the U.S.)
        * Indian Wars, 1827-1896 (supplying Manifest Destiny’s genocidal westward expansion)
        * Crimean War, 1854 (supplying both England and Russia)
        * U.S. Civil war, 1861-1865 (supplying the Northern states)
        * Spanish-American War, 1898 (supplying the U.S.)
        * WWI, 1914-1918 (supplied all U.S. orders; 40% of the Allies’ needs)

        In 1897, when they agreed with European competitors to divide up the world, du Pont got exclusive control of gunpowder sales in the Americas. By 1905, du Pont had assets of 60 million and controlled all U.S. government orders. Du Pont bought out 100 of its American competitors and closed most of them down (1903-1907). In 1907, U.S. anti-Trust laws created two competitors for du Pont and in 1912 the government ordered du Pont to divest from some explosives production. Du Pont then diversified into newspaper publishing, chemicals, paints, varnishes, cellophane and rayon. WWI was particularly profitable.

        The du Pont Co., and particularly GM, was a major contributor to Nazi military efforts to wipe communism off the map of Europe. In 1929, GM bought Adam Opel, Germany’s largest car manufacturer. In 1974, a Senate Subcommittee on Antitrust and Monopoly heard evidence from researcher Bradford Snell proving that that in 1935, GM opened an Opel factory to supply the Nazi’s with “Blitz” military trucks. In appreciation, for this help, Adolf Hitler awarded GM’s chief executive for overseas operations, James Mooney, with the Order of the German Eagle (first class). Besides military trucks, Germany’s GM workers also producing armored cars, tanks and bomber engines.

        Du Pont’s GM and Rockefeller’s Standard Oil of New Jersey collaborated with I.G. Farben, the Nazi chemical cartel, to form Ethyl GmbH. This subsidiary, now called Ethyl Inc., built German factories to give the Nazis leaded gas fuel (synthetic tetraethyl fuel) for their military vehicles (1936-1939).

        Since WWII, du Pont has continued to be an instrument of U.S. government weapons production. Besides supplying plastics, rubber and textiles to military contractors, it invented various new forms of explosives and rocket propellants, manufactured numerous chemical weapons and was instrumental in building the world’s first plutonium production plant for the atomic bomb. It pumped out Agent Orange and Napalm, thus destroying millions of lives, livelihoods and whole ecosystems in Southeast Asia.

        With 2,000 brand names, 100,000 employees and annual sales of $25 billion in 1998, du Pont is one of the world’s biggest corporations. It’s 1939 slogan, “Better Things for Better Living…Through Chemistry,” belies a destructive legacy that will last thousands of generations. One of the globe’s worst polluters, it pioneered the creation, marketing and coverup of almost every dangerous chemical toxin ever known. It now faces countless lawsuits for the adverse health and environmental effects of its products, the unsafe working conditions in its factories and the foolhardy, disposal practices it flaunts as final solutions for its waste products. Here is a small sampling of du Pont’s gifts to the planet:

        * Sulphur dioxide and lead paint
        * CFCs: 25% of the world’s supply and almost 50% of the U.S. market.
        * Herbicides and pesticides: brain damage, hormone system disruption.
        * Formaldehyde: cancer and respiratory illnesses.
        * Dioxins: Leading the way to create these carcinogens, du Pont then suppressed data on their deadly effects.
        * Highly-processed, unnutritious products marketed as healthy food.
        * Genetically modified foods and “Terminator”/“Killer seeds” threaten food security for 1.4 billion people who depend on farm-saved seeds.
        * Patenting plant genes and stealing the Third World’s genetic resources.
        * Using U.S. prison labour and factories in many oppressive regimes.
        * Its oil subsidiary, Conoco, provided petrochemical raw materials and caused environmental devastation.
        * Du Pont is one of the world’s biggest producers of green house gases.
        * Sold for 33 years, the fungicide Benlate destroyed crops, shrimp farms and caused birth defects.
        * Since the 1920s, du Pont produced leaded gas which is responsible for 80-90% of the world’s environmental lead contamination. Besides fueling Nazi war machines that rolled and flew across Europe killing tens of millions, this product’s legacy includes retarding children’s mental health and causing hypertension in adults. Du Pont’s helped stop the U.S. ban until 1996, and then increased its overseas sales.

      • muertos says :

        Where did I ever say I was “anti-cannabis”? I’m not. I just don’t care about it. If you want to smoke it, go right ahead.

        I’m a Nazi because I disagree with you that this is an issue worth giving two hoots in hell about? That seems a rather extreme reaction to someone who doesn’t share your precise priorities.

        I’m not even going to bother debunking all the bizarre conspiracy theories you spin in this comment. Life is just too short. Enjoy your pot!

  8. Bob W Cain says :

    Have taken this link to emphasis a comment I am making … Hope you don’t mind.

  9. betty boop says :

    I found the movie Thrive fascinating. Though I did wonder why they didn’t “crank up” that device and show us all a visual on the theory presented. (noted)
    Im not a big believer in conspiracy theories as I think the majority of humanity is too vain, selfish and lazy to really put forth the time and effort it would take for such a mission. Though there may be a few out there who’s need for power may be great enough to inspire such a movement. I’m on the fence on that one.

    Alien beings? God I hope so! I want the crop circles to be alien messages. Can you guess why? Look around you, look at the news, FB, television shows. Almost daily I am ashamed to be human. We have learned nothing through the course of evolution. I’m still holding on to some faith that intelligent beings from other universes will rescue us from ourselves. I know….I did love star trek growing up.

    About this article….I don’t know that I would call that banter of ego in the email email exchange “debunking”. I am not familiar with you, or your work enough to believe that all of this isn’t just “hear say”. Though it reads like a teenage reality show. You however Sir, are an awsome writer!

    Thank you for your hard work in expressing the opposing views and possible misleading facts. Though, after seeing the movie, I really don’t understand the hype. It gives hope and some possibilites to ponder, but any reasonably intelligent person that watches that movie wouldn’t likely run around shouting its masterpiece to the world without more convincing evidence. (Like fire that gizmo up and let us see what it does) (grin)

  10. Rory & Sean says :

    How do we even know that the correspondence you posted is real? Sounds like you are a hater against Gamble and he could come after you for libel for posting that “supposed” text between Farnsworth and Gamble. Where are your sources? Oh wait, you dont have any. You just want to ride on the coattails – lame

    • NonFiction says :

      Rory & Sean:
      Gamble cannot come after him, precisely because that “banter” is real and copied here unedited. There was much more that preceded it, if you read the other threads. Farnsworth simply informed everyone that those photos were not what Trombly and Gamble claimed they were, and he proved it. They responded with outrageous personal attacks because they had no facts on their side. Very low-class. Muertos is merely exposing their unethical stance by posting some of that here.

      Gamble had to take the photos off of his website (I have saved both versions – before and after), but has such disregard for truth that it is going to take a court order to get the stolen photos out of his movie, now that he has profited from pirated material. He can’t sue anyone else when he is the guilty party, unless he just wants to pay the filing fee and attorney fees for a case that he will promptly lose, along with possibly the revenue he made from the movie.

    • NonFiction says :

      Rory & Sean; “Where are your sources? Oh wait, you dont have any.”

      You obviously were not here reading and watching when Farnsworth posted all of his original Polaroid photos of the device shown in the movie and photos of his labs online, along with other evidence – dates, names, places, court documents, and patents, all backed by confirmation of the facts with other serious scientists who were also misrepresented by Trombly. When Gamble took down the photo, Farnsworth took down those pages and resumed his private work, but they were copied and re-posted all over the internet.

  11. Antonio M says :

    5) Were any of your laboratories raided? When?
    YES. In 97 the laboratory that I owned in Forest Grove, Oregon was raided. I was the one that got hurt, I was the one that they gave a problem to, and I was also the one that went to Federal Court and I have the papers to prove it. I even have the pictures of all of my equipment in the Federal warehouse that they destroyed before it was returned to me.
    6) Were you personally ever threatened or harmed by suppressive forces?
    Yes indirectly through the gov’t , IRS, and investors. There were several times when my family at the time and I got phone calls in the middle of the night threatening that I would not bring anything out regarding this technology.

    I don’t get it… Whyy are these inventors being harrassed by the government? Raided and threatened? Really? Unless that’s more conspiracy theory bullshit… I mean, are we to believe that the government would actually suppress something that might help society? I doubt it… It’s not like these guys were running a drug lab… They’re inventors!!! The only way the government would care is if they see a way to tax it… So confiscating and destroying the technology seems so far-fetched, it’s laughable…

    • NonFiction says :

      Antonio M, you almost answered your own question. If the government sees a threat to existing revenue streams, or a technology that can make people more independent (harder to tax), then they are willing to make great efforts to suppress it. That is not new, and not a conspiracy theory, it is “business as usual”. They also LOVE to steal new technology – why do you think there are so many classified patents? (Classified = we stole it and didn’t pay you for it.) If you spent some time in the industry, you would understand. If you don’t believe it, why don’t you email Farnsworth and ask to see the court documents and federal warehouse photos of the broken equipment? He posted them once already…

      • Anastasio says :


        Just out of innocent curiosity, how long have you spent in the ‘industry’? By the ‘industry’ I presume you mean the industry of patenting? I mean, how else could anyone access to every classified patent in order to make such a bold claim?

        Out of the 5,000 (approximate figure) secrecy orders in the US and the 2,425 here in the UK, of what percentage of these have you had direct and exclusive access to in order to assert that “Classified = we (the government) stole it and didn’t pay you for it.”? (After being so rudely relieved of your invention the absence of redress from your assailants only serves to add salt to the wound I presume?)

        Can you furnish us with a figure pertaining to the amount of supposed ‘stolen’ technology and juxtapose it against a figure for technology developed by institutions (such as the military) and legitimately filed away from prying eyes as a small matter of national security? It’s just that I’m having a hard time believing that between the US and the UK there are some 7,425 cases of stolen (and presumably free-energy) technology.
        Given the currents of passion and vehemence that flow through your words, I have no doubt these figures are hidden under your twitching fingers in your holster, and you’re ready to draw and shoot some poor narrow-minded fool dead right? Well it’s high noon pilgrim!

        But failing that, can you at least provide just one example of the government’s (any government) suppression of technology that would have made people ‘more independent’ and why that technology would have been so difficult to tax? Though I can’t provide a cite (the link has long been removed) I remember PESWiki reporting the suspicious disappearance of a free-energy inventor as he had not replied to his emails for a couple of weeks. Lo and behold a few days later the missing gentleman replied to the story telling everyone to chill and that he had simply been on holiday and had been without access to his emails. Highly indicative of the paranoia that surrounds the free energy community and quite possibly one of the most amusing pieces of correspondence I have ever read on the web.

        Therefore an example that doesn’t use PESWiki as a primary reference would be much appreciated.

        Here in the UK, working outside of the PAYE system does indeed grant one a certain degree of independence, given that it is left to your honesty/discretion of how much of your earnings paid to you in cash you actually declare for taxation.
        In fact, just the other day our fair Exchequer Secretary, David Gauke, declared those who paid tradesmen in cash to be of low moral virtue!
        I doubt a statement like that would bring a blush to the cheeks of our beloved Iron Lady, but it was Thatcher that raised billions by selling off state utilities and effectively installed taxation as the primary, and perhaps the only, revenue stream from these newly-privatised companies. Therefore as long as our government can levy taxes (on what ever it chooses) our government will always have a ‘revenue stream’ – and what a small relief that is for the people of Great Britain! (Schools, hospitals, emergency services can also breathe easy!)

        There is also an adage here in the UK that says something along the lines that the common man pays more income tax than most premier league footballers. Perhaps not strictly true, but given that tax avoidance by dishonest tradesmen and the ‘super rich’ in the UK is estimated between £35 and £120 billion a year, I’m sure free-energy inventors are the least of the UK Government’s worries.
        I’ve still yet to see an example of local plumbers and carpenters being suppressed or being held accountable for the tax deficit, which of course runs contrary to your implications. Even when a government knows its citizens are avoiding paying tax, acting on it is not as simple as some people think.

        As for new technology that gives us independence, the UK government offered grants to homeowners to aid with installing solar panels. This has been replaced with a ‘Feed In Tariff’ where the homeowner is paid £0.16 for every unit of electricity generated whether it is used in the home or not (excess electricity is diverted to the National Grid where it is rewarded with a further £0.03 per unit).
        The government still supports solar power finance by means of interest-free loans to homeowners and grants for whole housing developments or businesses.

        So there you have it, make money from generating your own electricity and all backed by the nasty government. Who would have thought it? It has to be misinformation right?

        And then we have another government-backed incentive to further reduce reliance on fossil fuels:


        An incentive that amounts to the tune of £5,000 no less.

        Here in the UK our government literally pays you to be independent (to some degree) of the oil giants/utility companies. Your ignorance of this tells me that either you don’t live here or you haven’t read a newspaper for the last 40 years.

        If you do live in the States I’m sure you know of the increasing activity in solar technology and utilisation there, if not, here:


        How about tax credits for owners of electric cars in the US?:


        And then there’s also the involvement and investment of the EU and the US in nuclear fusion research that goes under the name of ITER:


        (note the doughnut-shaped ‘Tokamak’? Perhaps Gamble is onto something with his toroid theory after all!)

        Exciting times lie ahead in terms of advancing technology and our governments are unarguably taking great strides in weaning us off fossil fuels.
        It’s a shame that those who narcissistically claim to be at the vanguard of this new age (and their followers) fail to see it that way too.

        I’m puzzled as to why you think the suppression of energy isn’t a conspiracy theory when, in light of the direction the world is taking, it is a completely wrong and unlearned notion to concieve in the first place?

      • Mr. Anon says :

        Anastasio, pointing to solar power and electric cars won’t help arguing with conspiracy theorists. According to them, renewable energy is also part of the conspiracy, though I still can’t grasp how. Remember, these are people who believe that a carbon tax is evidence of free energy suppression.

  12. Rodel says :

    WOW! is all i can really say… Any person worth two cents in their head should know not to swallow everything their given as base fact especially in todays society. Even with all the crazy talk there is much that can be taken from the documentary (if you wanna call it that). Focusing on the “debunking” and “fact checking” totally and completely misses the point of this one and the many others out there. There are problems in the world. The consolidation of money and power are real and alive the ever widening gap between the have not’s and the have’s is evidence for that. The continued destruction of wild life habitats the misuse of the environment and the drug induced food and people are real problems. These are facts and whether there is a hyped of conspiracy out there to back it all of up for debate. We should instead be focusing on how to solve these issues if nothing else these ‘documentaries’ tell us to do that. They give us leaders by example. Nit picking however fun will not plant a tree, feed any children or prevent an energy crisis… IJS out side of pointing out the flaws this complete detracts from finding solutions to our issues

    • a rational person says :

      hey rodel, u nutbag…why don’t you swallow this? thrive is bullshit…debunking this crap doesn’t “miss the point” of anything…the point of the “documentary” is to deceive people…it’s to gain more conspiratard followers and promote stupid bullshit like “911 was an inside job” and “the jews run the world”…i mean, come on, the guy who made this pos movie believes in lizard men for christ’s sake…yes, lizard men…calling out this kind of movie as the utter vomit flavored bullshit that it is isn’t “nit picking,” it’s doing a great service…who the fuck ever said there aren’t problems in the world? show me one place on this site where anybody debunking thrive says that…u know what? u can’t…instead all u conspiratards want to fart out of your mouths about “911 was an inside job” and “the illuminati are trying to kill us!”…sorry hoss, there’s no debate about whether there’s a conspiracy…only u nutbags think there’s a conspiracy…so fuck off and leave rational people to “find solutions to our issues,” because u conspiracy nutbags sure as hell ain’t going to find any solutions.

      • xweaponx says :

        I still find myself caught in the middle with this, I’ve gone through it again and I’ve pulled out all of the valid stuff I could find, there are a few things I can actually DO, without much trouble. I made it simple: Anything with Aliens? Anything with New World Orders and the Corruption of the Fed Reserve? David Icke? Trash Can. Paper Ballots? I can, and DID do that.- And I didn’t even have to get the ballots from Fox Mulder! They had them when I asked, and it was “real” not “provisional”

        I guess what saves me from stuff like this is my inherent skepticism, that always says “Show Me”- If ya can’t show me, then Buh-Bye.

        Now, I am sure there are aliens walking around, and conspiracies galore in the government, but until you can SHOW ME, I’m not going to be that bothered with it. In a way, to believe in conspiracy theories, you have to have more Faith than most people who have Faith in God, and that is the ONLY kind of Faith I will have, in a being that whose existence cannot be falsified, and I can do that because i grew up with it and I can keep it from getting in the way of my scientific method, because I don’t have to insist to myself that God make a whole Universe in 7 days. In fact, I don’t have to worry about “how” “He” made it, IF He did, at all. All I need to worry about is not trying to force my own belief onto anyone else, it makes everyone else happy as well.

        That is why this thing is semi-insidious, because it requires finding a huge group of other people who believe in batshit-crazy stuff – I Wonder if Michelle Bachmann “THRIVES?” It would suit her perfectly.

  13. kevin says :

    it’s no big deal. simple magnetics and electricity. waveforms. if I had a nasa lab, i could make a torus.

  14. Sparkster says :

    It amazes me how many people think the term “free energy” means it does not cost money – that is NOT what it means. The term “free” does not always have to relate to monetary currency. The term “free energy” means that the energy is generated using methods that do not rely on limited resources (ie fossil fuels) and which we can use indefinitely – NOT that it doesn’t cost anything.

    • Anastasio says :

      Amazing, and ironic, that after a rant like that, even you should get it wrong Sparkster, old chap:


      Like ‘false flag’, ‘free energy’ is a term that’s been hijacked by the conspiracy brigade to mean something quite different. Therefore, your definition, much like the definition tied to ‘monetary currency’, is both largely contextual and meaningless to a mechanical engineer.

      • Sparkster says :

        Rubbish. Your link confirms what I said.

      • a rational person says :

        anyone who believes in “free energy” is a nutbag.

      • Sparkster says :

        Funny, our Physics teacher taught us all about free energy in school – then again, I did go to a posh school

      • Sparkster says :

        “anyone who believes in “free energy” is a nutbag.”


      • anticultist says :

        aww how cute, it thinks free energy is what NASA is talking about on that page.

        Free energy infers that you get more energy than you need to put in to tap it Sparkster. Or better yet that you can just harness it with no expenditure of energy in the first place.

        That’s not what is being said on that page I am afraid, nice try though and thanks for at least posting to a reputable website.

      • Sparkster says :

        Excuse me, “it”??? So now you are putting yourself up on a pedestal, how derogatory and filthy, you’ve really shown your level of mentality and immaturity now. I didn’t even read past that word, your statement was that deroagatory. Someone who refers to other people as “it” are clearly narcissistic/sociopathic and do not deserve any respect. What a low and disgusting level to stoop to.

      • a rational person says :

        the term “free energy” means energy that springs into existence by magic from space, from pyramids or crystals, from fake machines built by loony cranks and conmen like adam trombly, or from purple spinning energy donuts like thrive says.

        anyone who believes in “free energy” is a nutbag.

      • curiousmuch? says :

        Hey there anastasio, remember me?

        I regret that I haven’t been able to respond to your last comment in our exchange on false flags and that my final reply was hurried because of time constraints I explain later. I left town on business for a couple of weeks (busy ones) before reading your reply and after finally reading it I wanted to respond, but it felt like I would be trying to one up you when you weren’t expecting it.

        So, now that I see that you have responded to a comment, I think it’s appropriate to assume that you’re still debating with people and I wanted to ask you whether you would be willing to do a recap and continue the exchange through e-mail?

        Despite being rude and aggressive, I was only trying to get my point across, if only getting slightly frustrated by overwhelming numbers of critics rushing my way to put me down. Your final response has given me reason to think that I am not conveying my thoughts effectively, as your perception of what I wrote and what I think I wrote seem to differ. For this purpose alone and to discuss without the limitations of a comments section format, I ask you to provide an e-mail address to continue the exchange.


      • anticultist says :

        Don’t be sad Sparkster, talking down at clowns is fairly standard round here. So don’t take it so personally that you are being treat like one. You shouldn’t be so surprised since you came in and posted shite about free energy, and showed yourself up to be utterly clueless about it.

    • Wyboth says :

      “The term “free energy” means that the energy is generated using methods that do not rely on limited resources (ie fossil fuels) and which we can use indefinitely – NOT that it doesn’t cost anything.”

      No, actually, that’s renewable energy, and that’s sound science. FREE energy is basically creating energy from nothing, and it’s what the pseudoscientists are pushing. Don’t get the two mixed up, or people will think you’re crazy.

      • Wyboth says :

        Forgot to mention, it’s impossible for free energy to exist, because it violates conservation of energy.

      • Sparkster says :

        Ok, thankyou for that but the term “free energy”, in general, can be interpreted in a myriad of ways, perhaps the term should be scrapped for something more appropriate, seeing as we were taught how to generate “free energy” in school. Having said that, different cultures and areas of the world clearly use the term differently. I never said that energy could come from nothing.

      • anticultist says :

        Actually Sparkster the only different usages of the term ‘free’ ‘ are the following.

        For scientific uses of free:
        There are various usages of the term free such as, Thermodynamic free energy, Helmholtz free energy,Gibbs free energy, however all of them boil down to the following paragraph.

        “… in traditional use, the term “free” was attached to Gibbs free energy, i.e., for systems at constant pressure and temperature, or to Helmholtz free energy, i.e., for systems at constant volume and temperature, to mean ‘available in the form of useful work.’ With reference to the Gibbs free energy, we add the qualification that it is the energy free for non-volume work.”

        For engineering uses:

        “Free energy device, a hypothetical “overunity” device that creates energy out of nothing (instead of using fuel), thereby contradicting the laws of thermodynamics, viewed as impossible by the scientific community at large and belonging entirely in the realm of pseudoscience according to skeptics.”

        Any other usage you claim being used is purely semantic or of no value to anyone outside of the scientific or engineering fields.

      • Wyboth says :

        Agreed, it would be better if they changed the terminology, but I doubt they’ll do so. The name’s already stuck.

        And I know you never said energy could be created. I was saying that the idea of “free energy” (wish they’d change the name) is to create energy. Renewable energy, although it doesn’t cost money to generate, isn’t created, it changes form (eg. solar energy comes from photons from the Sun). Just be careful not to get the two terms confused, or you’ll be seen as a crackpot.

  15. Sparkster says :

    Anticultists, if I am an “it” then YOU are a “dogsh-it”.

  16. Jeff says :

    I see many staements that support thrive such as “yes I have created over unity devices” and what not. You suck as at disproving things.

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